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Boards from Pascal in France

By Blackbeard

12 years ago

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#1 12 years ago

Fellas: I'm looking at a really nice, colorful Spidey gottlieb. The seller seems to have made some of his own repairs to the boards... which makes me nervous etc and i'm not positive things work 100%. Electrical repairs are not my thing.
If I can get the pin for cheap, I was thinking of buying the Pascal "all in one" board for it for appx. $330.

Anyone try these out? They seem easy enough to install.. what about working them?

This spidey pin is so nice looking!


#2 12 years ago

I've got one in a Joker Poker and just got another for a Pinball Pool.
The boards are well made, and well labelled.
They come with lots of extras including, additional rules (eg. skill shot) and attract modes.
You can even hook up a huge digital display to it for tournament play etc.

Highly recommend.

#3 12 years ago

I bought one, it's so easy even a blackbeard could do it! (j/k)

I've never heard anybody really have to fix them, to be honest. But if you do, everything is socketed, all components are readily available and Pascal will help if necessary.

A new X4 won't solve all the connector problems you are likely to encounter though. Just be aware of that. Not a hard fix, just a time consuming PITA.

#4 12 years ago

Haha! Thanks guys. If I can get that spidey cheap I'm in.

#5 12 years ago

Here's a video of one installed into my Joker Poker.

I put some annotations in to show a few features of the PI-1X4 board.
I forgot to mention that it allows you to have high scores recorded as well.

#6 12 years ago

All Pascal's PCBs are fantastic.
I believe for Spiderman it is a System 80 game.
Pascal has System 80 CPU available, I think.
Ni-wumph I think has one as well.

I have used Pascal's System 1 CPU, All in One, FX sound PCB etc.
All are built with high quality and the CPU and all in One have so many new features that it breathes new life into the System 1 games.
I cannot highly recommend enough the Pascal line of PCBs!!!

#7 12 years ago

Thanks guys. I've yet to hear back re the spidey pin. Cosmetically the pin is gorgeous all things considered. I think there has been some work done to it though, which is why i'm wondering if it may need a complete overhaul via Pascal.

#8 12 years ago

How much for Spidey?
If the price is right buy it and go from there.

1 year later
#9 11 years ago

Does anyone who put in a Pascal board know if you have to do any of the ground mods when using the new board or if it's already set up with a new ground?

#10 11 years ago

I do have in stock the Rottendog System 80 MPU board for $199. Good reports from the feedback I've received so far. http://www.bigdaddy-enterprises.com/ProductPages/RotDogBoards.html#MPU080

4 months later
#11 10 years ago

Hey ninjedi!

Which Pascal board did you use on the Joker Poker?

The P1-1 or the all in 1 P1-1X4?

Can you describe the differences between the boards?

Pascal's site is a bit vague:

I want to keep the bells (so I don't need the sound board part), but I want to add the skill shot and would like to be able to track high scores.

Any suggestions?



#12 10 years ago
Quoted from ninjedi:

Here's a video of one installed into my Joker Poker.
» YouTube video
I put some annotations in to show a few features of the PI-1X4 board.
I forgot to mention that it allows you to have high scores recorded as well.

Kenny Rogers, yeah!

Nice pin.

Pascal rocks, great features.

I considered getting one for a system 1 I got but I was able to repair the board.

Good to have options.

#13 10 years ago
Quoted from Prmailers:

Pascal rocks, great features.


#14 10 years ago

I'm also looking to purchase a pascal board in the near future most likely the all in one it seems great would love to hear more from pinsiders who have used one.

#15 10 years ago

I also recommend these boards.

#16 10 years ago

They are very popular in France. Although I never used one, I often heard of them, always with positive comments. Often advertised for a FS add when the pin includes one. Pascal may help you install yours if you have problems.

#17 10 years ago

I bought one for my Genie, and it was amazing. All of the added features really brings new life into these games. If I ever get another Gottlieb from that era, I will definitely get another Pascal.

#18 10 years ago

Thanks. The one I picked up today has a ni wumph hoping its effective but plan to upgrade to pascal in the future.

#19 10 years ago

I got one for my Joker Poker P1 - 1X4. Its solid and Ill vouch for Pascal. Whats also nice is that any SYS1 that im playing with i can drop that board into and rule out MPU / PS issues

That being said i did still have to repin everything

#20 10 years ago

Every one of Pascal Janin's products are 100% top notch. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The guy is a genius. He's also got new boards coming out.. he's got some replacement sound cards and a pop bumper driver board.

#21 10 years ago

I just ordered 3 sound boards from him

#22 10 years ago

Great news. Will probably be ordering in the near future.

#23 10 years ago

And if you have a Haunted House, make sure you add the multiball and speech :


#24 10 years ago

I wish I had a haunted house and a black hole

#25 10 years ago

BTW Pascal is back from vacation. He just emailed me. See below.

bonjour Lee

I am just back from vacation

both boards will peacefully drive any kind of sound system that your
pinball game has installed: chimes, 3 tone or advanced sound board.
there is no need to change anything.

both boards embed the same additional features like skill hot, high
scores, chance ball etc..
the PI-1 X4 embeds additional hardware protection against coils faults,
but from software point of view, they are otherwise identical.

if you feel like fixing the driver and power supply boards yourself
(which is no big deal), you can take the PI-1 board.
I never push the sales

take care,
Pascal Janin
Assoc. FLIPPP! - Tullins - France

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4,200 (OBO)
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Washington Township, NJ
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