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Blackout Club... (Fans Welcome)

By mof

3 years ago

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#442 1 year ago

Joined the club several weeks ago with a project...

Where is the best--closest to the original--backglass replacement from?

As I understand it there are some less than great one out there...

3 months later
#462 10 months ago

Look familiar?

Nick_Fury_006_03 (resized).jpg
#465 10 months ago
Quoted from Chuck_Sherman:

yup[quoted image]

same story, just reprinted? I was thinking of getting the original and somehow using it as a topper...if I can find the reprint, I'll just get the whole story arc.

#467 10 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Why buy a reprint? Original is only.worth about $20 l think

That's a fair point.

#468 10 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

I'm printing these Blackout cards for $10 per set, including US postage. I print these on a photo printer using OEM ink (no cheap third party) and OEM ultra gloss photo paper. I then cover in 3 mil clear gloss laminate, and razor cut to size.
Please PM me if interested.[quoted image][quoted image]

I just got some of these apron cards and they are great.
Thanks @ Mr_Tantrum

3 weeks later
#472 9 months ago

Speakers! Sound!
My boards are almost done which means that getting my Blackout up and running will start in earnest soon.
I have played a few different Blackouts and the callouts are muffled.
I'd like to upgrade/replace the speaker.
Has anyone else done this? Does it make a difference?
At this point, I don't have an interest in dumping TONS of money into a new and improved pinsound anything.
I know that some people have added tweeters and woofers and I think that might be overkill at this point.
(Not sure that in this era of pin, it would make a difference since the sounds are so "eighties").

Is there a simple one to one speaker replacement recommendation?
It seems like going from a 40 year old paper cone to a new plastic cone would be huge!
I have heard that with a simple upgrade like this people have started to hear sounds that they were not able to before.

#473 9 months ago

By the way, I'm planning to use an original, rebuilt sound board.

#478 9 months ago
Quoted from Robotworkshop:

I've ordered speakers on Amazon and you should be able to find some that use the exact same bolt pattern so no mods required. The one in my Blackout was fine but replaced one in my Meteor.
One thing I've noticed is that some speakers are intended for a cutout opening and you also need to order the additional spacer (often 1/2") so the cone doesn't hit the bottom of the cabinet. An easy upgrade for a worn out or torn original speaker.
If the sound doesn't improve then it may be time to install fresh caps on the sound board and reflow and bad solder connections.

The boards have been rebuilt--this has been the first step with both of my pins so far. Seems sensible and it preempts lots of other weird problems.

Good call on the spacers. I was going to order a new grill/hole cover for it as well. Seems like a decent idea, I mean when doing a project pin, what's another $25-30?

#487 9 months ago
Quoted from Impzilla:

The speaker I linked to is a full range speaker, the other linked unit looks to be a mid-range unit and is designed to have other speakers handle other parts of the audio spectrum.
I like the sound of the larger full range but the mid range probably works better than the old factory one too.
Any full range speaker is going to be better than the one that is in there now.
I put the larger speaker in Gorgar first as I wanted the heartbeat to be deeper.
If you want a better drop in replacement without cutting, I used this one in a Williams Flash and it was much better than the old original.

I just ordered two...they'll be here in 5-10 days. It'll probably be Thanksgiving by the time I get Blackout up and running--maybe later depending on the hardtop availability. I may see if the second one will work in Firepower 2...I was actually hesitating to place the order due to an internal struggle over "woofer" vs "mid range"....full range seems like a win.

Thanks for all of the suggestions!

1 month later
#489 7 months ago

Hey kids!
the link below is for the Official hard tops thread.
Apparently the hard top people care how many votes there are at the top of the thread for each pin.
If you haven't voted, or need to change your vote to Blackout, please do!


#501 7 months ago

Looks like my boards are on their way back this week!
I joined the club back in March on St. Patrick's Day.
I hope to be up and running by Thanksgiving.

Planning to use warm white LEDs for GI...anyone have any minor mods they like?
(I'm thinking that the drain could use a light, the Blackout hole could use a light and that some LED strips under the cabinet would be excellent when one achieves Blackout. Maybe some lit flipper buttons and coin drop windows).

#506 7 months ago

has anyone ever attempted a shaker motor in this machine?

too much trouble? just over the top?

#508 7 months ago

Several folks have gone to the hardtops threadand voted for Blackout in the last few days...thanks for doing that.
If we keep it up, we'll have a hardtop available sometime (soon?).
Blackout seems to be the only title with any new added votes, at least 4 this week.


#520 7 months ago

Blackout currently has 66 votes.

Blackout seems to be the only title to be gaining votes on the Official Hardtops thread.
If you haven't voted for Blackout yet, please do.
(and if you voted for something that has already been produced, it really doesn't matter anymore--you can change your vote to Blackout!)


2 weeks later
#538 6 months ago

Currently at 73 votes at the top of the page.
Blackout is the only pin adding votes at this point.
If you want a hardtop, we need to let them know!
If you voted for a different hardtop that they are currently making, change your vote to Blackout!


2 weeks later
#549 6 months ago

I know the real answer is "whatever I like" but...what color lighted flipper buttons?

Also wondering if anyone has a more modern looking lighted credit button on their Blackout...if so, do you have a link?

#552 6 months ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

I purchased blue lighted flipper buttons, but I haven't installed them yet.
You can probably create a light for your credit button using the Comet pinball website.

I wanted Yellow flipper buttons but am going with green, I think.

Last year someone had a black Friday special for lighted flipper buttons but I don't see anything about that this year

Maybe a color changer for the credit button...

#555 6 months ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

I put lighted flipper buttons on mine, looks cool.
I went with red and I think it looks good (IMO), and seamless with the rest of the cabinet colors and overall lighting.

My original thought was yellow flipper buttons...but of course I didn't see a kit for them...I think your red ones would look great too.

post #503 has a blue cop-like gumball on top....what does everyone use for toppers?

I just bought my chop saw stand for a rotisserie (based on the Canadian Arcade video)...final components (the 360 plates) for that will arrive Saturday, at which point I need replace some inserts, do some playfield touchup and then deal with a couple or wires that seem to be snipped in multiple places in the harnesses.

4 weeks later
#559 5 months ago

My playfield is on my rotisserie...I've tracked down a few things.
Getting ready to replace the 2x, 3x, etc inserts at the bottom of the playfield along with the arrow inserts.

Does anyone have a source for the number stickers in the correct font for those inserts near the flippers?

I've seen those things for other pins but not Blackout.

1 week later
#565 5 months ago
Quoted from ThatOneDude:

Does anyone have a link to a restoration album or thread? I'm putting a basketcase Blackout back together right now, and some pics would be very helpful. Thanks!

MOF's is awesome.


#566 5 months ago

Let's talk insert replacement.

I'm having trouble sourcing clear inserts...I have some jewel inserts and some "starburst" (the "standard" ribbed/ridged ones).

I have since decided to replace all of the inserts...where are you guys getting your clear inserts?
Failing that, what are you using?
Also, (it is tough to distinguish between red and amber for me) I suspect that the triangles/arrows at the top are "amber" and not yellow...not sure if this machine has had inserts replaced before or not. I'm thinking about making them yellow. Are the four circles in the orbit--near the spinner--on the left hand side amber?

#568 5 months ago

I read every entry on this thread last night (and drained all of the "I just joined the club" posts).

Lots of good info here.

By "clear" I have meant "colored but not textured"--

2 weeks later
#569 4 months ago

Getting ready to reassemble my playfield this week (it was purchased disassembled).

Any suggestions about where to start?

Any pitfalls to avoid during reassembly?

Any links to detailed photos?

#572 4 months ago

I recently ordered the Blackout plastics protector set from Pinball Life...they seem pretty thick. I ordered a bunch of the PETG washers to protect plastics on another pin and they were too thick to use. This set is thicker than the washers.

Has anyone else used this PBL product?

1 week later
#579 4 months ago
Quoted from srcdube:

Bump for backglass options in or around ottawa Canada?

I'm about to Triple Thick on my very crazed Blackout backglass.
Of course, I seem to only be able to find a clear product, not an opaque off-white one...so it has me wondering.

Maybe an advertisement on marketplace would yield something?

1 week later
#591 3 months ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

Hi all, finally in the club! Played two examples of this at various shows over the years and loved it. Finally snagged a project nearby for a good price and after a couple hours of fiddling and troubleshooting (had to debug a few wiring and switch shorts and clean the drop mechs, reseat some ROMS and connectors (rebuilds are pending once GPE gets the kits in stock) it's 100% functional. Love the sounds from this era and it's a nice companion to my Firepower. My playfield has some very minor, easily-touched up wear near the bonus inserts. The arrows of course are all cupped and prone of the pf and should be replaced and I'll probably attempt that soon...
but how are the rest of you handling your cupped round inserts? All of mine are cupped and it looked fairly shallow, but man does it do some weird things. I keep changing my opinion from "ha that's kinda cool, like the unpredictability of space" to "sonuva, can't even trap a ball cuz it gets hung on the bonus insert".
Personally, I'd like to try and wait for a hardtop and spare all my rebuild time for then... but I might have a minor incentive to get this game playable for a possible location, so I'd like to flatten the inserts if possible.
Catch is, I don't want to buy a protector just to throw it away once a hardtop is released. But don't want to go through the process of replacing a bunch of extra inserts either for the same reason. Has anyone ever filled with clear to level out flat, and had them survive for extended play? I keep thinking "spot fills" of clear would just pop and chip out over time. Sure, you can seal the whole pf on top the inserts but: why bother if hardtops, etc around the corner (maybe?)?

I've been waiting for that hardtop for almost a year and am moving forward.
I hate the way those guys simply give no updates.

If your triangles look like my triangles did, simply bite the bullet and re-do them now.
You won't find "clear" or unpatterned triangles. I did mine with "starburst" triangles and my "yellow drop target" arrows are actually yellow, not amber.
I don't know that I'd bother with mildly sunken or cupped inserts at this point.
I've been looking for the insert stickers (or a printable file) and have been having no luck.

Welcome to the club.

3 weeks later
#623 88 days ago

Looks like a drop in replacement.
I haven't had the time that I need to put my damn machine back together.
It is screwed into the bottom of the cabinet...waiting for me.
I wish I could answer your question.
In another week, It'll be my Blackout 1 year project anniversary...it's kind of a badge of shame...

#628 87 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Just curious what people think a Blackout backglass in decent shape is worth and if anyone here wouldbe after one? Some spider webs but very little actual flaking on the one. Heavier on the other but still pretty good.
Im trying to justify a purchase. He wants too much for the game but has 2 backglasses (maybe 8/10 and 6/10 quality)
I would be selling both to buy a repro since I plan to get the game up to collector quality.
I'll attach some pics of the 2 backglasses.
A repro is about $400 though? Hot damn lol
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

depending on the condition and price, I might be interested if you are headed to the US sometime soon.
Shipping it wouldn't make sense.
My backglass has extensive flaking in the red at the bottom.
We have Pinball at the Zoo coming up.
Typically a pretty good time.

1 week later
#631 80 days ago

I'm looking for an early Williams (system 3-6) backbox as well for a possible Firepower project...anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

#636 80 days ago
Quoted from danczaz:

It might be awhile before I get mine but you can have my old one... need some work but if you are going to have to repaint then you could do a little wood working.

Thanks...this machine is a coin toss at the moment...will be in touch if it happens.

1 month later
#649 45 days ago

I messaged the seller two days ago. No response.

How would this differ from a hardtop?

What's the deal with Outside Edge anyway?
I get that we're shut down now...they said 4th quarter 2019 a year ago...we're pushing 6 months late AND they are releasing product for titles with lower numbers of machines out there? How smart is that?

And, of course, like some others in the replacement part pinball world, they never respond to questions, rarely give updates and are generally pretty vague about commitments.

#652 45 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Hard tops are an amazing product. You are always too hard on them though. Blackout is a dirt cheap game. Abundant but cheap. They are rolling out titles that are more likely to have collectors willing to drop money into restoring. Yes, you and I love Blackout and want to see it get the Hardtop love but more expensive/popular titles like Pinbot, High Speed, Black Knight and SoF are more likely to have fans that are willing to drop the money and effort into the restore. Idk about down there but the titles I mentioned are all about 3k cdn. A blackout goes for $1,800cdn if it is great and doesnt need a Hardtop. I can get one for 1k to restore. It's a business move. Your patience will pay off. I've been assured more than once that Blackout IS happening......eventually.

But of course the problem is that I've got a disassembled pin sitting there waiting because "it is happening"..on the one hand that isn't their problem BUT it was supposed to be here 6 months ago.

I've been sitting on this disassembled project for over a year because "it is happening"...that's not cool.

Do they have a licensing problem? OK, thanks for letting me know...I'll put it together now.
Are they just not getting to it because they don't personally own one and they still need the art? Ok, I'll put mine together now.
Everything is all set to go but we are installing new machines and it'll be out in Q4 2019...I'll wait and wait and wait...

It isn't a state secret. When? I understand that they have "day jobs" and that this is a sideline.
I'm not even asking for a daily or weekly update.

I'm just asking not to be treated like a mushroom (meaning they keep us in the dark and shovel shit on us).
I understand that it is a lower end pin but it too has fans.
Firepower and Mata Hari are lower end pins too.
Collectors will spend to have a nice Blackout.

#655 45 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

They've been communicative whenever I've had an inquiry. Sounds like you jumped the gun on a project that the desired parts weren't ready for yet and now you are getting a little overly invested in the grief its caused you being the fault of Outside Edge. They didnt make an official announcement or anything. They tried to give give your (and my) inquiry the best answer they could at the time. If its causing you anger I say drive the sucker up to the border. I'll meet you for coffee and pinball and take her off your hands
I've been fortunate the other way where I'm still looking to replace my Blackout so I'm glad there isnt a Hardtop out yet and only us true Blackout fans are looking at them.

The issue is that I bought a pin that was disassembled because it was the pin that I wanted the most and it was the only one available after 9 months of waiting. THEN, rather than just cleaning it and putting it back together and playing it for the last 13 months I listened to them when they said "It'll be out in the 4th quarter of 2019" so I sent out the boards and bought a bunch of parts and have done a fair amount of work on it...it is just still disassembled and waiting for the damn hardtop.

I owned a business for 15 years. The trick to having a lasting business is underpromise and overdeliver.

These guys simply aren't doing anything.
You ask them a question and they don't respond.
They get testy on the Hardtops thread.

The problem is that they seem to be the only game in town and they know it.

I'm not taking it personally, just like they shouldn't take my annoyance with their business practices/communication personally.
They are a monopoly and they should continue to not give a shit what those of us who will someday buy their product think.

Er wait, what?

My biggest problem is that I have limited space. I have a deal set up for the next project (assembled. Just needs some board work, which I would do anyway) and my wife is going to be testy about it given the delays that I've had getting this pin together. Not their problem but they are impacting the situation and not in a positive way.

I'd like to play some Blackout.
I've already overspent on parts--seems to be the norm with this title.
I'd like to get on with it and finally be done with it.

Will I ever buy a disassembled pin in the future? No.
Will I ever buy a partially completed project in the future? Probably not.
Buy just a playfield? Hard pass.
Buy something with cabinet problems? Likely no.

Will I try to focus on titles that will not require a hardtop in the future? Yeah, that's a no-brainer.

#657 45 days ago
Quoted from Robotworkshop:

Any pictures of the current Playfield? Is it savable?

the issue is that the previous owner started an insert replacement (it had loose, cupped, cloudy and raised inserts). There is some sanding and touchup that needs to occur. I also need to get on the stick and get my prepared inserts inserted. I just do not want to start this and then stop and then start again. I also don't want to put it all back together and then two weeks later have the hardtop get released. As I understand it, the hardtop will solve several problems and save me a few days of work for a bit, wait to dry and cure, work a bit more, wait, blah, blah, blah.

It would have been a great candidate for Kruzman if the previous owner hadn't sanded it.

With what I've spent so far, I'd like to continue to do the pin the right way, not just half-ass it for now with the idea that I do more later...tearing everything apart. Again.

I should have just put it together a year ago. Got it running asap in "players condition" but because I needed to send out the boards and the a hard top was due "in a couple months" I didn't.
It is my fault that I didn't put it together then.
But that doesn't mean that I need to be cheerful about not having an expected hardtop release time frame. It's annoying.

#659 45 days ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

Then do that.
And then assemble it and play in player's condition to work out any mech bugs, etc.
And then when the hardtop is finally released, just tear down the topside (Blackout is not complex or difficult, you can tear it down in less than an hour!), loosen the sling and target mechs, etc... and go about the Hardtop install as you would if you had it today. There's no real need to dismantle the bottom side, or the boards, or cabinet, or anything else. Therefore no need to wait on the hardtop for those.
So just go ahead and get it running! What's really stopping you? The only time you'd be truly out is top side reassembly and disassembly, but that's only 2 or 3 hours tops: a small price to pay if it means you can enjoy the game over however many more weeks or months it takes for OE to get their act together. They only just now released Pinbot, so Blackout is not the only delayed one... and Pinbot was far more potentially lucrative.
Besides, what if you wait for the hardtop to put it all back together and then discover you have to keep waiting even more because the boards still have a problem, or you're missing X parts, or some other issue you could have figured out meanwhile beforehand?
I say this as someone who also just serviced the boards, replaced all the triangle inserts, and leveled the round ones in his own game in the past few weeks, not for perfection but just to get the game prepped and playable to enjoy while we all wait.

The one thing that I do know is that the boards are solid now.
Tested for a couple of days in my tech guy's Blackout.

#661 45 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

I wasnt joking if you want to meet up

I'm so upside down on this pin I need to play it for a year at least before anything like that happens.
And even then of the two I have, this is my favorite.

But as I said, it is a race against the clock...I need this pin up and running by June because that is when my Meteor guy shows up.

2 weeks later
#667 25 days ago

Now that we have the teaser, does anyone have any idea it'll be?

#670 25 days ago

Kayso...general question...pristine cabinets or do you leave the scuffs and scars?

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