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Black Rose Club: owners and fans welcome

By FlippinFantastic

4 years ago

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#730 1 year ago

New to the club, bought my BR pin about 3 weeks ago Most stuff worked (except some lamps and a switch or two) but boy were it dirty and really in need of some love.

After cleaning everything both on PF and below, replacing rusty screws, rebuilding flippers, changing all coil sleeves, all new rubbers and replacing lots of broken posts the pin are now in nice condition and ready for playing

During renovation I found an "unused" hex post to the left of the Jumper Bumper and below the Whirlpool ramp. It looks like it could have been used to support the Whirlpool ramp but I don't see any suitable screw hole above it. I also tried googling for Black Rose pictures but I haven't found any pics from straight above the bumpers looking down. So, do you have this hex post and what is it used for? Perhaps support for an extra spotlight?

It looks like a part of the plastic has been broken (marked in red) as the edge is a bit uneven there, should it be an extra ramp support there ? The thing is, the plastic is not right above the hex post so not sure how it would help.
1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg

#733 1 year ago

So Puffdanny had the same empty hex post as me, that means it's not some previous owner that just slapped it into the game for some custom mod (like extra lights or whatever).

Thanks for all the pics Ericpinballfan, it's interesting that you don't have it at all, make me wonder what's there on an 100% original game; post or nut.

#734 1 year ago

I found a loose connector with nothing to put it into, its located near the ball launcher inside the cab. Some cables in the connector seem to go to the nearby right flipper button card, while some other cables looks like they are crossing the cab and going to the left flipper button card. As far as I've seen everything works as it should so don't think its really needed, just curious what it could be for.

cable (resized).jpg
2 months later
#820 1 year ago
Quoted from OTRChief:

The correct parts are: 12-6971 Gate, 10-434 torsion Spring

I'm also having problems with the ball bouncing out of the center hole. I've always assumed the wire gates purpose was to hold the ball in but didn't realize it also should have a spring attached for faster "closing" (a spring which my game is missing of course). Great post above for mentioning that

Just ordered the part from Marco but now I'm planning on how to actually mount the actual spring. I've never removed the whole playfield on any pin and I assume this must be done to get proper access to the backside of the PF (the backside of the wooden board at the back). I tried googling on the topic but all responses was either some video there they used expensive carts to lower the pin first or raise the PF with hooks in the ceiling, both options not available to me.

My plan is to have a friend help me and we both stand at each side and lift the PF out, but at what angle should it be ? I've seen posts mentioning lifting up PF from normal play-position, at 75 degrees up and also from a standing ~90 angle and all these different answers confuses me.

Edit: Also, is the cables long enough so that I can put the PF on the floor beside, alternatively on a table standing beside the game or do I have to unplug them all first?

Any help is welcome.

1 month later
#869 1 year ago
Quoted from OTRChief:

The correct parts are: 12-6971 Gate, 10-434 torsion Spring
[quoted image]

After a lot of hassle removing the PF from the cabinet I finally got access to the backside and could add this missing spring. Boy does this spring do a lot of difference; a few shots are not able to enter due to the springs "hardness" but almost all balls to the broadside now enter and stay put in the hole instead of always bouncing out again, yay!

1 month later
#892 1 year ago
Quoted from lanfeust:

I found the original musics a bit boring and very... arcade from 80'. This pin deserved a better sound, so with a pinsound board, I made a new remix from pirates movies. That gaves a new "pirate ambience"...much more fun.

It's a fun idea and sounds ok, but I have to say I prefer the original music.

1 month later
#921 11 months ago
Quoted from nitrojcrawf:

My stock targets never had any. Added after restore

I added a soft (light-grey) foam to my targets while cleaning it after initial pin purchase but immediately realized that the targets no longer registered hits reliably after that; balls with low force couldn't press the target deep enough. I removed about 50% of the foam with a knife from each target and now it seem to work properly.

I'm still not sure that 100% of all hits registers so I might actually remove all foam in the future, back to what it was from the beginning. I guess the saying "if it work then don't fix it" still is accurate

2 weeks later
#949 10 months ago
Quoted from Axl:

If you hard plunge, where should the ball go? Up davey Jones locker?

Yes, up the locker and around the back. At least that's what it does for me. If I remember correctly the game is supposed to use the hardest type of spring (the red one?).

2 weeks later
#975 10 months ago
Quoted from zh2oson:

Actually, the manual calls for the blue one. Part number 10-148-3.

I was doing some other BR maintenance today and verified that it is indeed the blue spring in the manual.

While wondering why I currently have a red spring installed I suddenly remembered that I previously had problems with the original blue spring not making the ball go all the way up the locker, but instead return back down the ramp and then drain directly through the right outlane. That behavior obviously sucks, so a red (harder) spring solved it and now a full plunge always goes up the locker and around the back for me, as I think it was intended to.

#980 10 months ago
Quoted from DrMadd220:

Hi Guys, I have a hole in my play field up by the pop bumpers. Is there supposed to be another post there?
[quoted image]

As Allsportdvd also mentioned (but didn't show pic), you are missing this post:

BR (resized).jpg

#981 10 months ago

To all having trouble entering the broadside hole consistently, make sure a) the wire gate has the small spring and b) the white rectangle insert at the entrance is leveled properly.

I added the missing spring a few months ago, and while it made the shots stay inside more often, many shots still failed to enter. I thought the problem was just generally too much "bouncing around" at the entrance (that I tried to fix with some self-adhesive dampening foam). But it turns out that my white lamp insert was raised about 1.5mm, which made many of the balls fly up and hit the top entrance part and then go back down the PF again.

After leveling the raised insert the game feels like a completely new game; I got two new high scores in the first 4-5 games after the fix

2 weeks later
#989 9 months ago
Quoted from Secondplace:

Need a little help with my Black Rose cannon flasher.
My flasher quit working & discovered the red/white & blue/red were disconnected.
I attached these to each side of the flasher bulb & when I switched on the power nothing happened.
I checked the fuse on the power box & it was fine.
Where did I go wrong?
Attachment shows the wires.
Thanks[quoted image]

I checked my pin and I have the same connections as you, but mine works as it should.
To activate the flasher you have to load the cannon catapult with an actual ball (might be other ways too but that's the one I remember right now).

5 (resized).jpg
#990 9 months ago

I saw these awesome black standard size pinballs (http://www.pinball.center/en/shop/pinball-parts/pinballs/1662/pinball-27mm-black-pearl-high-gloss-low-magnetic) a while ago and as they would fit perfectly as cannon balls in my Black Rose I couldn't resist ordering them.

They arrived today and while I've only played like 20 minutes or so, I have to say they look really cool in the game!

The pinballs are a bit hard to see if not playing in a decently lit room though; the black balls are very hard to see properly if I turn off all lamps and play only in the light from my pins.

Will give it some more time/plays and see if I keep them in or not, but they will stay for now.

It looks awesome when the ball returns from the broadside shot and exits out of the "cannon" in the back

I did take some pictures, but as I was alone and tried to both play and hold the camera the photos are so-so. Anyway, they give you an idea of how it looks.

Edit: I have no idea how they will hold up over time regarding damage in the surface. Website doesn't recommend them in games with easily hit protruding metal parts, should be OK with this game I think though. Time will tell...

1 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg4 (resized).jpg

#991 9 months ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

Can anyone photograph or explain how the Davey Jones Locker ramp is supposed to sit?
I reassembled mine and the ramp stays up even when the solenoid fires. I’m not sure how the metal guide underneath is supposed to sit

This is how it looks below the Davy Jones locker for me. The metal pin at the right side is connected to the coil below. In normal play the pin is located as in the picture and the locker metal plate simply rests upon the pin, making balls able to go up. When the coil activates the pin slides upward and backwards, lifting the locker metal plate and giving access to the cannon hole. Hope this helps.

20190228_162349 (resized).jpg
#993 9 months ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

Thanks. I realised the bracket under my ramp is not original, problem solved.
On the subject of black balls, I put those balls in mine and after 30 mins of play they had scratches on them.

Playing over an hour total now, still no visible damage/scratches to the pinballs. Will see how they develop...

#998 9 months ago
Quoted from nitrojcrawf:

Here is what mine look like. Make sure to bend wire so the tail is below slit cut out.
As you can see by my pic I had same problem.
[quoted image]

Omg, that playfield is literally screaming for a bottle of Novus

1 month later
#1007 8 months ago

Gosh, I've never opened a single power box in any of my pins, completely overlooked this one
Guess I should open them up and at least clean them with the vacuum next time I'm working on a pin.

#1011 8 months ago

Just had a fun experience today. My youngest kid (5yrs old) was playing while I was fixing another pin in the same room. Suddenly I hear my kid mention something about the ball vanishing and sure enough, the game goes into ball search mode. Curious I started to look after the ball but couldn't find it anywhere. Brought a flashlight and checked the movable cannon, multi ball lock and the broadside hole, nope not there. Looked over the rest of the PF and couldn't find any ball anywhere.

Tried to tilt the game up/down to possible shake loose a ball somewhere but no result. Finally I decided to raise the PF and while trying to empty the tray I realized there were only ONE ball there, this game is using three balls so actually not one but TWO balls were missing, wtf?!?

Stumped I asked my kiddo where did you see the ball last? and he pointed at the area around the upper right flipper. Used the flashlight and looked carefully around there and BAM, there they were, two balls stuck behind the flipper and hidden below the big parrot playfield plastic The wire metal guide located directly behind the flipper had loosened and made space for both balls getting in there and stuck.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture but it did look darn funny having not one but two balls stuck side by side in the same place.

1 month later
#1016 7 months ago
Quoted from m0nty:

Is someone able to take/post a picture of the entire cannon assembly from the underside of the playefield and how it's aligned? I'm curious to see how the 3 large posts align to the rotating parts and how that aligns to the playfield. Even more amazing would be a video showing the underside of it moving back and forth so I can use it for reference.

This is the best pictures I could find from my teardown/cleaning after buying it, hope they can help you out.
I don't recall my cannon "pausing" noticable at the end of the arc. I did add a few tiny spots of lubricant on the metal edge of the platter that moves through the slit in three support legs and it feels like it is actually rotating a bit smoother (less clunky) after that.

The cannon assembly is a nightmare to level though, darn those legs, its always one side that isn't completely level with the playfield

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg4 (resized).jpg5 (resized).jpg

4 months later
#1069 78 days ago
Quoted from PinNewb:

Here is the solution on the cannon rotation. I circled the set screw in blue. Question to all, is your motor shaft welded in place too? See red arrows. I'm not sure if this was from the factory (which doesn't make sense if they put a screw there to adjust, but the weld is so clean that's why I'm asking) or if this was done afterwards.[quoted image][quoted image]

Mine is welded too. I remember thinking this was rather odd first time I saw it.

2 months later
#1133 4 days ago

Great news, lots of people need these parts.

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