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Black Rose Club: owners and fans welcome

By FlippinFantastic

4 years ago

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#129 4 years ago

I'm finally finding motivation to work on my black rose. I just put led's in it, did a complete rebuild of the flippers, cleaned and waxed the playfield, and it is playing better than it has in a long time. Just two issues to sort out.

1. Trace down electrical issue with the left sword flasher socket.

2. My cannon is very level with the playfield, and doesn't disrupt the flow of the ball at all. However when launching a ball out of the cannon the ball gets too air-born and hits the wire form ramp on most shots. Does anyone know how to remedy this?

This was the first pin I bought more than 10 years ago, and I don't see myself ever getting rid of it.

5 months later
#153 4 years ago

Thanks for the link. I just ordered a set as well. They made no mention of it on the PPS forum.
Now if someone would just reproduce the ramps....

2 months later
#183 3 years ago

No foam in mine either. I did buy foam to put behind the targets, so it's good to read gac's recommendation. I'll try that setup first. Thanks!

1 month later
#206 3 years ago

Yeah, Black Rose Multiball, 5 seconds of awesomeness! Glad you're enjoying your machine.

3 months later
#299 3 years ago

Have any of you installed pinballbulbs.com's double spotlight kits in your game for added light? and if so where did you end up mounting them?

I just got a couple towers, and the flipper illumination kit. But there seems to be limited spots to mount the spotlights on this game....
Right now I've got one mounted to the right sling and I've installed the flipper strip. I was thinking of one up by the parrot, but there's no holes to feed the wires through the playfield up there.

Post some photos if you got 'em

1 week later
#310 3 years ago

So I just finished rebuilding all the flippers (including coils), installed some pinballbulbs.com playfield illumination lighting, and topped it of with some fresh glass! She's looking much better now.

~It doesn't look as purple in person~


4 months later
#354 3 years ago
Quoted from Paddypaws:

I'm still getting balls drop off the return ramp after the whirlpool, any ideas what could be wrong?

Mine did this for a while, I took the ramp off and twisted it till the ball did not fly off anymore. It took more than I would have thought, mainly the transition from the first curve to the two rails that cross the playfield. Sorry, hard to describe.

4 months later
#427 2 years ago

I would pick up a new whirlpool ramp! Mine is in ok shape, but I'm going to clean up the machine in the coming months and a fresh ramp would look nice!

#442 2 years ago

I sent my request too! Although, I had already posted a year ago, asking him to consider it...
Here's hoping they get made!

2 weeks later
#454 2 years ago
Quoted from Charger500:

I'm a novice to middle of the road player.

This is a fun machine. The rules are not complicated, so when I've got non-pinballers over it is very easy to explain what to do.

If you are looking at one in particular, make sure the middle "cannon" wire form is in good shape, as these seem to be pretty unobtanium...
As well as the cannon plastic. PPS use to stock them but have since sold out, and may be a while if they even make more.

#456 2 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Heh, really? I have more trouble explaining this than almost any wpc game

I guess I'm comparing it to most of the newer titles. But essentially you're just trying to sink ships...
Skill shot is self explanatory, hit the three bank to open locker /or two ramp shots, and load cannon. There's more to it but that will give most people some idea of what's going on.

1 week later
#458 2 years ago

Not sure what the ultimate back panel mod is, but I wired a 12v led strip to the bottom of the glass plastic. It works pretty good to illuminate the back section. Now I just need to swap the spots on the playfield with something less purple...

IMG_2384 (resized).JPG

#466 2 years ago
Quoted from mrgone:

I just picked one up last week. Working, dirty, faded cab, but still nice and 800 bones

Wow, You got an awesome deal!
That Playfield looks like it's in near perfect shape! I paid $600+ for a NOS playfield alone for mine, not to mention your ramps look to be original and not repaired like a lot of BR's

#472 2 years ago
Quoted from fishbone:

Great idea. I am going to add a small yellow strip under the apron. Might as well do the back panel. Why did you go with 12V? I was looking to hook mine up to the GI. Would you recommend otherwise?

I just went 12v for convenience.
I should note that I put black electrical tape over some of the LED's in the middle because the reflection off the playfield was too much...

#478 2 years ago

Here's a photo I pulled off the Black rose photo gallery.
It looks like your motor assembly is backwards. Not sure if that would solve your issue though...
I don't have it handy but I think the owners manual covers the cannon assembly fairly well.
Hope you figure it out!

pasted_image (resized).png

1 week later
#489 2 years ago

Does PPS have the mold to make more cannons? Might be worth a try, I know I would buy a spare...

#492 2 years ago

Planetary Pinball

Quoted from zacaj:

They used to sell them, so I assume so. Then again the repros aren't quite the same as the originals...

I know the quality of the cannon wasn't top notch, But it's probably the only option... The one I got was actually pretty nice, but I know others had posted otherwise.

#503 2 years ago

I just posted on the PPS forum's "wish list", asking if they would be making the cannons again.
Hopefully I will get a response!

1 week later
#505 2 years ago
Quoted from ColinLuxford:

Did PPS respond to the Wishlist ?

Not yet, I'm sure they have been busy with AFMr and Texas Pinball Festival. If I get some time today I'll send them an email.

#506 2 years ago

Talk about quick response! I just went ahead and emailed Rick and he got right back to me. Here's what he said:

"The supplier has about 30 or so injection parts that they are running, they
are trying to get similar plastics and colors together, so they will be run
(assuming there are no issues with the tool), but exactly when is difficult
to pin down."

So it sounds like they will be remade at some point, but just not sure how soon.

1 month later
#517 2 years ago

Give me a few minutes I'll go grab mine right now.

#518 2 years ago

Here you go!

I need a new seal...

IMG_3045 (resized).JPG

IMG_3046 (resized).JPG

IMG_3047 (resized).JPG

IMG_3048 (resized).JPG

IMG_3049 (resized).JPG

#520 2 years ago

Made this up, should be close enough.
pasted_image (resized).png

1 month later
#551 2 years ago

I think he's talking about the plate nut:
large (resized).jpg
If you were working above the bottom speaker, see if it isn't stuck to the speaker magnet...

Can you post any photos of what you're working on? maybe this isn't the problem.

#552 2 years ago

I think you are looking for that plate...
It's part number 4 in the diagram:

IMG_3141 (resized).JPG

#555 2 years ago

Maybe the plate is still in the white plastic, just sitting cockeyed. But there should be a plate-nut it threads into.

Ha, I was just typing that...

#556 2 years ago

I believe they come out as a full assembly, so hopefully it isn't too bad!

#558 2 years ago


1 month later
#565 2 years ago

I have not put one in mine, but I think the LCD does not work due to the design of the back box. I thought I read on the Color DMD thread that the LED version will work for BR.

1 month later
#575 2 years ago

Anyone here know what the part number is for the one way gate that's located at the end of the shooter lane is? Mine is missing the gate there, and I can't seem to find it in the manual...

#577 2 years ago

The problem is, mine doesn't even have the gate itself... so I need the wire and the bracket...
I swore I found the part number a while back, I guess i should have wrote it down!

1 week later
#585 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Wire forms will also be available in 2018.

Who makes the wireforms? PPS?

4 months later
#664 1 year ago
Quoted from Berty:

New to the Black Rose club. My machine needs a new translite but I've had some issues trying to find one. Does anyone have any leads?

The best person to ask would be Rick at Planetary pinball (PPS). They have made the replacement Black Rose translites in the past. I was looking for one a while ago, but everyone was sold out back then too. Hopefully they will run some more soon.

#667 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Hey all! Just curious what a players (let’s assume minimal playfield wear) BR goes for? I really enjoy this game but have been foolish enough to go for other titles instead of this great one

Hard to say with the current pinball market, but the pinside estimate of 2200-2500 seams pretty reasonable based on the crazy prices pins are selling for these days...

If you are looking at one, be sure to look at the cannon body for cracks or damage, and check the end of the center wire ramp by the flippers they are often repaired (not a big deal just make sure the repair is nice). These parts are currently hard to find if they have issues...

1 month later
#686 1 year ago

Just placed my order for a ColorDMD! The preview looks really nice!

10 months later
#931 11 months ago

Nice job!

6 months later
#1036 4 months ago

I think it was Little shop of games in Florida. At least they had one listed on their site for a while... I don't see it in their updated page.
They also had a cool topper for BR that I also don't see anymore.

Quoted from nitrojcrawf:

Somebody had a complete NOS cannon assy. I could try to find who it was if interested

1 month later
#1057 89 days ago

You might get enough access by folding the head down...

4 weeks later
#1078 61 days ago

Looks great, and really makes me want to order those tilt graphics blades!

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