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Black Rose Club: owners and fans welcome

By FlippinFantastic

5 years ago

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#320 3 years ago

Looking for a BR in the so cal area if anyone wants to let there's go. I'll hit her broadside! Pm me with any leads.

1 month later
#324 3 years ago

Looking for a cannon body shell. Prefer new, and I'll decal it. So if anyone is hording a spare they would like to sell, I would appreciate it.
Or, same thing Ill take the whole assembly off that shelf for you, or in a box.

Cannon Assmbly Black Rose Body 03-8566, Door 03-8565, Pin 02-4537

Part / Cannon Body 03-8566 Black Rose



2 weeks later
#342 3 years ago

Should this Pin have Black lighting Flipper bats?

3 weeks later
#348 3 years ago

BR gang, toppers, toppers, toppers.
What's your Black Rose topper?
I personally love them. I prefer pins with them. I just see it as a waste of acreage without them. It also discourages my cats from going up there. BR in the house a month now and I've looked and looked.
Post pics if you got one or went custom with Pirate props or such.
Thanks Eric

1 week later
#351 3 years ago

Nice toppers so far! I know there has to be more pics put there. Building mine now. I went with a model ship company in Florida. Sadly I will be carving into it and adding flashers and led for windows. Going with color changing led strip at 15 inches long. This way I always have options for lighting it up.

#352 3 years ago

Color DMD....we have a very strong chance of this being colored now. With the release of the LED panel and Circus Voltaire being colored, with enough support and interest, this can happen. I know I'm not the only one that would be willing to get this.
We need more support on the Color DMD threads. Go to the active Color DMD plans for 2016 thread and shout out your desire for Black Rose!
"Come on boy's, let's hit it broadside"

1 month later
#358 3 years ago
Quoted from Tykov:

Looking forward to hoisting the masts again soon!

Congrats Matty! Welcome aboard.
If you don't mind waiting till Monday when I have chance, I'll snap some pics and post here for you.

#360 3 years ago

Took some pictures for member Tykov of the lock switches and kicker....
In doing so, looks like my lock one is to close to kicker, and second switch doesn't line up strait.
What do the rest of you think for both of us?
Hard to get good photo , didn't have time to take plastic off.

IMAG3541 (resized).jpg

IMAG3537 (resized).jpg

IMAG3529 (resized).jpg

#362 3 years ago

Bally BLACK ROSE back panel trough assembly behind ship.
A-14825 trough assembly
Weight: 4.75 oz

Anyone have an extra one of these lying around they don't want?

#364 3 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

You already try the guy who was parting out a playfield a few pages back?

I did when he started posting. I tried to grab a bunch of his parts.

2 months later
#392 3 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

Does anyone have a spare "

The wire forms(ramps) both are slated to be made in New Year! One of many titles we are doing. Will be posting multiple threads in Jan for pre-order and market adds.
These will be in 3 colors. Gun metal blue, powder coated black, and chrome.
I can start the list now for those interested.
If you can wait a little while and a little patience should be done by April. Black Rose is the fourth title up, so it's a ways off.
This project has been months and months in the works. Will update in a month.
I'd like comments and suggestions on colors for those truly interested.

#393 3 years ago
Quoted from Ven:

whirlpool wire form to keep the ball from flying off the wire form.

I wonder what your playfield angle is at with glass off? If your not steep enough and game is a little flat because of leg levelers that could happen.
Or you could buy new in the spring. See above.
Let us know.

3 weeks later
#409 3 years ago

New Black Rose topper looking sweet!

IMAG0309 (resized).jpg

#410 3 years ago

Really hoping PPS remakes the translight. Could really need a new one.
Hey mates, question, serious question.
If Colordmd were to make this game, How many would buy it?
I know a guy who knows a guy....
This might happen is my point. But not worth the effort if only ten are going to sell.

3 weeks later
#418 3 years ago

Mark at Freeplay40 might make the whirlpool ramp in the extra strong PETG plastic.
We as owners of the game just need to express enough interest for a run. Usually to make it worth his while he needs 20.

#420 3 years ago

I've gotten 4 ramps from Freeplay40 now. The average has been about $100 shipped. My best comparison to date is the center Hurricane ramp, which was $115, bit this BR ramp is about 25% smaller. I'm just guessing here.

#424 3 years ago

Morning bump for whirlpool ramp.
Mark is considering making it if there is enough interest.. Say 20 guys. About six have expressed interest. Need more pirates.

#429 3 years ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

I'd be up for a new ramp as well,

Quoted from jrockne:

I would pick up a new whirlpool ramp!

It's important that you both, and whoever else wants one goes to the Freeplay40 ramps thread and tell Mark. He writes down your name on a list. When we get 20, he makes the ramp.
Average price has been about 70-100 for this size.
I've purchased 4 ramps now for different games, best quality you will ever see in a ramp.
My Hurricane center ramp is bulletproof now.

#432 3 years ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I do wonder why there's no auto-launch in this game (multi-ball, ball save, etc.) though, does anyone know why they left it out?

Good trivia...
I do know like Zacaj said above, they weren't invented yet. Many firsts on this pin, the cannon assembly center field was very innovative. Video mode, this was the first pin.
I believe auto launch came out a year after BR with teenage mutant turtles.

#435 3 years ago

It appears Turtles was first pin with the plunger and auto launcher combined. Horrible mechanism. Mine was always breaking and was the weak link on this pin. Thankfully stern improved design and they work flawless now. When mine was breaking all the time the solution was to install new modern assembly from stern.

#438 3 years ago

Your high score remains?
Have you had any display/dmd issue's at the same time as resets?

#443 3 years ago

Good work gang. I'll check this and Freeplay40 thread and get a count.

1 month later
#502 2 years ago

Yes, lighting flippers are shorter.
I bought normal blacks.
I suck too.

1 week later
#507 2 years ago

Rick told me the same thing over the phone a couple weeks ago. Need this cannon plastic and door. I also need the diner coffee cup. They are being made by the same people. Who, i have no idea. This could take awhile.

#509 2 years ago
Quoted from mrgone:

Sounds like we all need to email Rick to get the point across that many are ready to place an order.

Mr gone, i asked rick if he thought he could have some by pin a go go.He said maybe, hes trying. Will see, hope so.

1 week later
#512 2 years ago
Quoted from ColinLuxford:

Any luck with this?

Its going to happen....
This i know. Im not making excuses, but the guy in charge has been busy with martians.
The tooling was being done last i heard 2 months ago. So give it 4-5 months and they will be available. Ill ask him again in person at PAGG show in late may. You can only bug a person so much.

4 weeks later
#528 2 years ago

I have a spare, used, complete center cannon assembly fully populated for sale.
$350 shipped!!
The whole metal housing with motor. Lights switches, and shell and cannon door with decals.
Used...the shell is pretty beat, but the the whole unit functions.
Pm me for pics.
PPS is making the shells and door again. They will be for sale later in year. I repeat, later in year, should be available by say Oct.
Dont hold me to that, but they are coming.
Thanks Eric

#531 2 years ago

I forgot, if your coming to pagg...
The cannon assembly is $300, shipping on this 10 pound unit is expensive.
I will bring to swap meet at pagg Saturday morning. See you there.
Pm me for pictures.

#533 2 years ago

That is the knocker!!
2 pieces of 8 Matty!

#534 2 years ago

149503680228115500073 (resized).jpg

#536 2 years ago

Yes, when you have more than one mode going, say millions for ramps, and you hit another point value..cpu doing more than one thing....no knock will happen if you just past reply value.
What code or rom are you using?

1 week later
#547 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I forgot, if your coming to pagg...
The cannon assembly is $300, shipping on this 10 pound unit is expensive.
I will bring to swap meet at pagg Saturday morning. See you there.
Pm me for pictures.

Bump for cannon, $300 shipped.

2 weeks later
#549 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

Has anyone replaced or rebuilt one of the pop bumpers ?? My top left pop bumper light was out and found out there was a cold solder joint that I needed to fix (course it was BIATCH to get to) and I had to unscrew the whole switch stack to make this happen. I CAN NOT get this switch stack screwed back into the white plastic from underneath the PF.....I've been fiddling with it for 45 mins to no avail. Any tips to get me on with this ?

Theres a little backer plate, sort of brown in color, it actually recieves the threaded screw. Same size as back of switch.
Ive done this and your post sounds like i was that day.
Finally found it in bottom of cabinet, has 2 screw holes.

#559 2 years ago

Been offline...
Good news its fixed..
Ive had them go sideways to.
Sorry i wasnt more clear, hope i didnt make it worse.

Thanks for jumping and helpjng out.
Ive always said and known...
You have to break it sometimes to learn to fix it.

2 weeks later
#561 2 years ago

Ive mentioned it before. I have a complete cannon playfield assembly fully populated.
$250 shipped pinside price. Firm. Already loosing money on this one.
Pm me if interested and pics.
Thanks Eric

#562 2 years ago

Ive been working on my pins all weekend, espeacially Black rose.
The list grows....need a translight, new preferred.
Has anybody installed the Led OCD board on BR yet? Review's please.
Not getting clean led transitions.

2 weeks later
#563 2 years ago

Arrrr....no one wants that cannon?
250 shipped.

#566 2 years ago
Quoted from jrockne:

I have not put one in mine, but I think the LCD does not work due to the design of the back box. I thought I read on the Color DMD thread that the LED version will work for BR.

Correct, you have to use LCD for Black Rose and Gilligans Inland. If you can hold off i will test fit one after the 15th Aug, wont have a chance till then.

#569 2 years ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

You mean LED right..?
So it seems like this is the one: http://shop.colordmd.com/led-replacement-display-sigma/

Opps, yes LED, even meant to put that in.

#571 2 years ago

Ive never gotten that many points, wow.
Ive only broken 100 mil once. My games are set up pretty hard. Ya that's it.

1 month later
#582 2 years ago

I had an email from Rick last Friday.
They are still being made...this time last year they were in the cue. Hopefully we should have them by christmas.
The problem i think, from what been told to me....the best way to do this was get about 30 parts made. This shell and cannon door part of a very large run of parts. Diner coffee cup, who dunnit upper ramp, few more subways, etc..
This will help keep costs down for rick that realisticly is not a bunch of popular parts. He makes cannon shell, 20 will sell fast. The other 80 will sit for a year or 2 till needed.
Pinball is hard, and expensive.
We are actully very lucky that Rick at PPS is even bothering to make these.

Quoted from chiwi:

I'll wait for some news. Is it possible to buy ramps or the same problem to get it? Thanks.

The cannon shell assembly i had sold quick.
Ramps are in the cue from starship fantasy. Middle next year my best guess there. Larry and i talked in May about those. Wire forms will also be available in 2018.
Keep waiting gang.

#586 2 years ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

I have plenty of cannon doors if that helps

Dont see them on your website. Looked a few minutes after you posted yesterday, checked again today.

#587 2 years ago
Quoted from jrockne:

Who makes the wireforms? PPS?

No, they dont make them. I believe they use the same guys as stern uses in Chicago, sorry i forgot name.

#589 2 years ago

Exercise the catapult arm by hand with playfield proped up. If stiff, probably the coil sleeve, clean, look for build up of gunk. Pretty easy part. Check in solinoid test to.

1 month later
#643 2 years ago

Led fits in great. Lcd wont work. On the led panel you remove control board and install on back of white board, just enough cable length.
Heres my gilligan in color. Same style.

20170830_201708 (resized).jpg

#645 2 years ago
Quoted from Duvall:

Here is ColorDMD (LED) installed in my BR hopefully and patiently waiting for colorization.

Just me but i would go with red till color.

#650 2 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

That would be because I'm working on it.

That's awesome news!!

2 months later
#666 2 years ago
Quoted from Berty:

New to the Black Rose club. My machine needs a new translite but I've had some issues trying to find one. Does anyone have any leads?

I could use a translite to. Been looking awhile.
Also need the cannon hard shell assembly. I have the door. Need the housing.

1 month later
#675 1 year ago
Quoted from Duvall:

I *thought* the cliffy is supposed to be installed on the top of the canon to protect that leading edge of the PF?

Ive seen it both ways, top and bottom. Depends on where you playfield wear is.
I also seen one top and one on bottom on same machine at show.
I always thought it would be cool to have 4, one for each side.

#684 1 year ago

Whaa Hooo pirate's!
Colordmd released!!!!
Led display is an easy install.
This is a game changer for Black Rose.
Looks great in color.

#688 1 year ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

Already got my display installed... just need the ROM now...

Friday, sat evening for you. Couple small things to clean up. Looks awesome. You will be very happy.

#693 1 year ago

This is an amazing colorization by Eric P.
Makes it a whole new game.

3 weeks later
#709 1 year ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

Nope - the other machines that use the same part don't have a middle shot.

Ill check tonight when i get home. Considering ive had all those titles mentioned except HD, for the life of me i cant picture the difference. GI and BR are sitting next to each other, now i have to look, to curious.

1 week later
#716 1 year ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

The part is 03-8230-3, and is also used on Harley Davidson, Party Zone, Radical!, Gilligan's Island, Bugs Bunny along with Black Rose. Any hints or leads appreciated...

Sorry for delay. Not sure my info helps or not. They are currently not available. However, I would send a email to Rick at PPS and ask for an eta when this bottom mold trim would be available. GI and BR are identicle, infact all 5 titles are Identicle. There is no special cut out or trim difference with BR.

2 weeks later
#720 1 year ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

Sent a message but nothing but silence after a week or so...

Did you try your 2 parts suppliers on Australia?

1 month later
#732 1 year ago

Mine is different. Made me look.
Was thinking your blue plastic was broken. But no. Mine caps off with nut.

20180621_133457 (resized).jpg20180621_133501 (resized).jpg20180621_133522 (resized).jpg20180621_133539 (resized).jpg
#737 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

I have a diamond plated playfield what about you guys?is there a link?

Yes, mine says Diamond Plate above right flipper.

#739 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

What about everyone else?if you don't have diamond plate maybe they did them in runs with slightly different hatdware.

Id say at least 95% of this run was Diamond plate. One of the first titles to trully use it. Terminator 2, And Gilligan's before it were the beginning, by Black rose it was full steam.
Humm, paused for some fact checking. Some Dr dudes had diamond plate to. May of been when they started and Fun house as well. Leads me ro believe my 95% of Black rose.

2 weeks later
#763 1 year ago
Quoted from Mikonos:

Thanks, Pinballerchef!
Don´t worry, I´m determined to show all about Black Rose Pinball from me here!
I have taken a picture of this translite´s damages to show you what I have to repair.
Best regards!

Im ok with pin appropriate updates in game threads. Thats what these threads are for.
PPS aint making Black Rose Translites!

#765 1 year ago
Quoted from Axl:

Not canon bodies either it seems (he said with an angry fist )

I know, almost 2 years of promises for a cannon shell and still nothing.

1 week later
#769 1 year ago
Quoted from ViperVS:

Hi guys. Just joined the club with a slight project.
Could someone be kind enough to show me a picture of broadside hole (where you are supposed to shoot with cannon). I think I’m missing something there, since it rearly catches the ball. It only catches it when ball slowly rolls there. Most of the time it just bounces back down.

Tough for me to get picture today. But i know there's a wire gate up there that helps catch ball. Do you have a manual yet?
If i knew part Id suggest marcos.

#779 1 year ago
Quoted from dudah:

Marco has one listed here for reference. Definitely has a spring. I don't see why a one way gate with roughly the same dimensions wouldn't work.

Great post. If these were in stock id pick one up. Im going to see Marco Sat, going to bug him for about a dozen parts.

1 week later
#789 1 year ago
Quoted from skyrex:

Great game. I just bought one last week. My first ‘older’ pin. Quick question. I can’t figure out how to turn the knocker off. It terrifies my dogs and there is an adjustment in the menu of all my modern games. Can’t seem to find it in this menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your going to have to pull translight to backbox and unplug it. Don't recall knocker in menu.

#802 1 year ago
Quoted from Captain-Flint:

Just wanted to price check Black Rose here with you guys... I put mine up for trade recently and got back some interesting offers. So for starters I know I put in a lot of mods on mine and I will never get that value back. I get that. I accept that, but some of the offers I got were kind of insulting and it stung a bit. Has the market for this pin dropped?
My Black Rose
Coin Taker Non Ghosting LEDS
Mirrored sides
Color DMD
Pin-stadium Lights
Cannon Cliffy
Good-Great condition regarding the playfield
No color fade on the side of the Cab.
Everything works as it should.
Battery pack mod
My offers where $1500 (I have had multiple offers for this), $1800, $2000 (about 6 offers), Straight up trade for a Jokerz, Straight up trade for a Sharkey's Shootout, Straight up trade for an NBA Fastbreak (in rough condition).
I am not ashamed to say I bought the game for $2800 and put in a pretty penny on the mods. So I was a little taken back. Are these people just low balling badly? I assume its worth is still around $2400-$3000 depending on mods and what shape the pin is in.
I don't know what do you guys think???

Very Fair pricing! Stay the course, they all sell eventually to the right buyer.

1 month later
#827 1 year ago
Quoted from Captain-Flint:

Mine goes from the left ramp (not the ball lock) to the whirlpool.

That is the movement. Left ramp to whirlpool. No more.

1 week later
#859 1 year ago
Quoted from Axl:

I got hold of a NOS cannon body complete. it cast me an arm and a leg. Looking forward to play the game.

Nice! Congrats. I think you needed it more than me. At least my game is playable.
Anyone, anyone, the pm button is right there to left by my avatar. Or touch my avatar and its there also.

3 months later
#899 1 year ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

Thanks! It also seems I have the wrong pop bumper caps on mine. Which ones are supposed to be there & what color?

Search Black Rose parts, Little shop of games. Pop bumper caps. Top 2 are blue rings and blue cap, bottom is a white jet bumper cap.

3 weeks later
#924 1 year ago
Quoted from dudah:

Had some extra blue plexi so whipped up a replacement for the top of the Whirlpool ramp. Engraved the whirlpool text on top. I've added a blue LED strip hooked up to the associated flasher. I'm currently shopping mine out, excited to see how it looks lit up. Thoughts?
[quoted image]

That looks awesome!
Nice Job.

#933 1 year ago
Quoted from dudah:

If I get enough interest I'll do a run.
Here's another photo with that same thin blue LED strip on the side.
[quoted image]

I will take one Whirlpool cover when you do a run. And Ill patiently wait for Freeplay40 to make the ramp.

#939 1 year ago
Quoted from dudah:

Finally got my torsion spring from Marco.
Is this right? The tension to open the gate is much more than I would expect...
[quoted image][quoted image]

Perfect, the ball will move it. Overtime it will loosen up a little. The idea is to grab that ball amd prevent a bounce out.

#943 1 year ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

Has anyone put a Color DMD led screen in their BR?
How do you deal with the USB part when the DMD mounts onto the front of the backbox door?

Yes, colordmd is awesome in BR. The chroma board comes off easy and you screw into back of white board.

#946 1 year ago
Quoted from Jon9508:

Has anyone tried to put a color dmd LCD screen in? I have seen that the led screen fits with removing the board. I just have an extra LCD laying around and was thinking maybe

It will cover GI lighting at top 4 inches. You could remove bulbs and try.

#952 1 year ago
Quoted from Axl:

If you hard plunge, where should the ball go? Up davey Jones locker?

Yes, up and all around back unless the locker is open, then to cannon.

2 months later
#1004 10 months ago
Quoted from Whitewater:

Hi guys
I have a mystery problem with my Black Rose.
flippers not working
column 2 switches not working
one coil firing randomly (when a game is started)
1. When I turn the machine on it comes up with error - check left flipper switch, check right flipper switch, check right upper flipper switch
2. When I start a game the flippers do not work and the 'davy jones locker' coil starts firing (about 10 seconds between firing)
3. When I go into test mode (solenoids) all coils work fine
4. When I go into test mode (switches) none of column 2 switches register
Things I have done
1. Tested all switches in column 2 for continuity to back of CPU board (no issues)
2. Replaced all diodes on column 2 switches
3. Swapped out the U20 chip
4. Swapped the whole CPU board into another game (no issues)
5. Sent the power driver board away for checking (no issues)
Now I don't know what else to do or check
Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
[quoted image]

Varistor and Thermistor in power box.
Especially if never replaced.

#1006 10 months ago
Quoted from Whitewater:

Hi, interesting would you mind posting a picture of the power box you are talking about please.

If varistor is old it can cause odd problems. Most piinball people never even look in this box. There's a line filter in there to.
This picture is from pinwiki.
Ist thing when ever a game comes in house is i check every fuse, then power box. Then I start working on game.
I came up with this based on your trouble shooting list. Other thoughts are properly seated Asic chip, ribbon cables.

800px-WPCPowerBoxInside (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1008 10 months ago
Quoted from Lhyrgoif:

Gosh, I've never opened a single power box in any of my pins, completely overlooked this one
Guess I should open them up and at least clean them with the vacuum next time I'm working on a pin.

Its always best. Even wall sockets I've rebuilt for pins, checked power cord, power cord insert, then power box, then transformer connectors. Just a good physical check of power all the way up the line to power board. Then all of those connectors,cpu, audio etc...

1 week later
#1013 10 months ago
Quoted from Brich:

Is anyone holding a whirlpool ramp? Any condition considered! Reward if anyone has a lead on one.

I like one to if you find a box of them, lol.
Need cannon shell to!
I have a rather nice example of game and these are last piece of my puzzle.
Been looking for 3 years.
Many promises from PPS and rick, nothing yet.
Freeplay40 makes ramps and has said in past whirlpool is on the list.
You should go post interest/wanted there.

2 months later
#1022 7 months ago
Quoted from dudah:

The effect is very cool even without pinstadium. Stick to the red/white scheme!

Is there a bulb map for the white and red GI?

#1024 7 months ago
Quoted from dudah:

There's a "R" screenprinted on the playfield next to the red bulb sockets

Omg, Thanks!

2 weeks later
#1034 7 months ago
Quoted from njgsx96:

Hey everyone. It is with some regret, but I am selling my BR. Time to switch around the lineup. If you know of anyone looking, it is a great pin!

Got a spare cannon shell?

2 months later
#1061 5 months ago
Quoted from JMWRainwater:

Were you able to find a spare piece, ericpinballfan? I'm on the same search right now.

I've been on the hunt for 2 years. Just saw your post in another thread.
Every once in a while one will pop up for top dollar. Had a few pinsiders say, Let me look, then nothing.
That's the closest I've gotten.

3 weeks later
#1080 4 months ago
Quoted from OTRChief:

I recently completed putting new side art on my Black Rose pinball. The new decals were a Christmas present from my children. The factory art was decals which made the preparation much more time-consuming than if it had been painted. Removing the decals required a heat gun and a lot of scrapping. Make sure you heat and scrap all of the glue as removing it later with Mineral Spirits is messy and very time consuming. I used the dry method of decal application which is fairly easy if two people work together. A couple of items of note are I used metal leg protectors to protect the decals and used Pinball Universe Protectors to protect the inside side art during the many times I raised and lowered the playfield. During reassembly I had a CPU board problem so I sent it to Pinball Cauldron for repair. I then had a flipper opto board problem which was fixed by cleaning the optos and reflowing the soldier. It is nice to be able to play Black Rose again.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Beautiful! Well done, looks Amazing.

#1082 4 months ago
Quoted from Axl:

Should there be a spring under the fire button?
I can’t seem to find anything about it in the manual.

No, spring is apart of the button itself.

#1084 4 months ago
Quoted from Axl:

That is strange. The button is very slow and sticky. Will try to clean it. Maybe that helps.
The game is for sale. I am starting to regret that decision.
With the new NOS cannon and all, it plays beautifully

I think you beat me to that last cannon shell.
You know, dont have to sell it.

1 week later
#1105 3 months ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Pinsider Freeplay40 jusst announced that he's going to start producing Black Rose ramps.

Yes, everyone that needs a whirlpool ramp should jump on over to Freeplay40 thread and chime in soon.

#1108 3 months ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Çolordmd. LCD installed... no dots[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Nicely Done, Looks Great!

#1110 3 months ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

I would love a decal set

Which One? Set?

2 weeks later
#1120 3 months ago
Quoted from v8racefan:

Hi collectors,
I've just sold my BR pinball and found today a complete new set of plastics including the backboard plastic. Will upload photo's over the weekend. These are difficult to find. Asking $200usd + postage. International postage is fine. Please message me.

Wouldnt happen to have a cannon shell would you?

1 month later
#1130 69 days ago

Thanks Rick! I knew it would take awhile, but its finally here.

1 week later
#1147 56 days ago
Quoted from sebasbuenosaires:

hola desde argtina me compre el br hace 1 semana saben donde conseguir el decal del cañon lo tengo despegado ,, muchas gracias


1 week later
#1156 48 days ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

I changed the sleeve on a flipper coil and now my game resets when I press both the flippers. So odd. Wonder if I messed up a diode on the coil or something.

I'll never forget what an old pinball legend told me many, many years ago....
"Whats the last thing you touched or fixed?"
IE, you bent a lug, or bumped, bent, broke something.
Check the flipper coil in detail.

#1158 46 days ago

Not crazy. A locked pop skirt can cause this, IMO, seen that before on my Fish Tales.

2 weeks later
#1189 28 days ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Now I guess I have to clean stuff and put it back together. Why am I so slow?[quoted image]

We all are, Pinball takes time.
I'm building a big list as I wait for Mark to finish the Black Rose Ramps.
Got my Canon shell from PPS to.

2 weeks later
#1210 10 days ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Does anyone else’s BR have lightning flippers? Was it designed to use them? Maybe the previous owner of my game just wanted to up the difficulty?

The answer is no, Not designed with lightning flippers.
Lightning flippers first came out on Fish Tales, which the European Distributors demanded because the game needed to be harder.

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