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Black Rose Club: owners and fans welcome

By FlippinFantastic

5 years ago

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#623 2 years ago
Quoted from Whitewater:

Here is my Queen of the High Seas. I have installed an illuminated blue shark with red eyes and a flashing octopus for fun

I like the Shark! Where did you get it?

#624 2 years ago

I purchased my first Pin last week. Yep it's a Black Rose. Great game, lots of fun for everyone. I plan on doing an Led kit when it arrives (hopefully today). Everything seems to be working just fine. Love the idea of a Cliffy... I will wait until mine is a bit more worn. Apparently the seller I got this from told me he got it from a Bally employee who helped design the game. I have my doubts but its a cool story if true.

Black Rose (resized).JPG

black rose without the glass (resized).JPG

side art (resized).JPG

#626 2 years ago

So I installed Cointakers LED kit... which for whatever reason didn't have enough of the 44 bulbs for the GI. I put in an order for more leds, however once I installed what I had, I have now noticed my GI doesn't light up during play. It will flash on occasion and I can get it to light up in test mode, but during the game it will flash from time to time... including the pop bumpers. I see others on youtube and the GI is nice and bright, where I have complete darkness in the back corners.

The lamps installed perfectly and work great, the flashers too. but that damn GI. Should I wait to install all of the GI? Did I put a wrong led bulb somewhere that makes the GI do nothing but blink from time to time? Are there settings I am not aware of?

Any help would be great.

#627 2 years ago

Please ignore... wire got pulled out of a molex connector. Got it fixed now.

#629 2 years ago

Just out of pure curiosity... Has anyone out there installed the Inner Cabinet Decal Mod? I am asking because I honestly would love to see an example with it installed.

ebay.com link

#633 2 years ago

I dig them! Thanks for posting! Something I may end up doing for sure!

#634 2 years ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

I contemplated them, but ended up getting black mirror blades instead - they're pretty awesome.

Mind posting a pic?

#637 2 years ago

That is a clean looking machine! I do like the side decals... I may have to hit up tilt graphics.

#640 2 years ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

I reached out to the ColorDMD guys a week or so back as I reckon I could give BR a crack. I've got a software engineering background and a decent eye (I think). We'll see what they say... but no response in over a week.. so just pinged them again.

The research I did, sounded like Black Rose would never work with the current ColorDMD. There is no space to actually fit it. Don't get me wrong, this game screams for a nice colored DMD. I would buy it in a heart beat.

3 weeks later
#661 2 years ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

I'm overseas for work currently so a few thousand kilometres away from my machine. Will try remember when I'm back.

Any chance on posting a pic of the Mirrored sides?

2 months later
#671 1 year ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

Are you allowed to share any details on your progress? If so I'm sure a few of us would appreciate some news.

He told me that there were some difficulties with some of the animations. "Yeah, I'm working on it for ColorDMD. It's got some unexpected problematic bits that are slowing things down a bit. Like when you sink a ship, those explosions are entirely random, so detecting things can be a b****". But that was a few months ago, hope he got that worked out!

2 weeks later
#696 1 year ago

Loving the Color DMD! Looks great... I just purchased some Pinstadium lights and mirrored sides!

pinstatdiummirrortop (resized).jpg

pinstadiummirrorside (resized).jpg

mirrrorside (resized).jpg

pinsidemirrortop (resized).jpg

#698 1 year ago
Quoted from Whitewater:

Very nice...love the shark

Yeah thanks... I got a hook up for plastic sharks if your interested.

#700 1 year ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

Love the shark! Could you not run the wiring on the other side?

Yeah, I could. I moved the shark when I was installing everything and quickly reattached for pictures. Wires are now hidden.

3 months later
#755 1 year ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Has anyone made a custom translite? I'm not a fan of the stock one...

Yeah, it's pretty ugly... I would buy a custom one today if I knew they existed. I mean the Translite doesn't even match the rest of the Artwork!

3 weeks later
#798 1 year ago

Just wanted to price check Black Rose here with you guys... I put mine up for trade recently and got back some interesting offers. So for starters I know I put in a lot of mods on mine and I will never get that value back. I get that. I accept that, but some of the offers I got were kind of insulting and it stung a bit. Has the market for this pin dropped?

My Black Rose
Coin Taker Non Ghosting LEDS
Mirrored sides
Color DMD
Pin-stadium Lights
Cannon Cliffy
Good-Great condition regarding the playfield
No color fade on the side of the Cab.
Everything works as it should.
Battery pack mod

My offers where $1500 (I have had multiple offers for this), $1800, $2000 (about 6 offers), Straight up trade for a Jokerz, Straight up trade for a Sharkey's Shootout, Straight up trade for an NBA Fastbreak (in rough condition).

I am not ashamed to say I bought the game for $2800 and put in a pretty penny on the mods. So I was a little taken back. Are these people just low balling badly? I assume its worth is still around $2400-$3000 depending on mods and what shape the pin is in.

I don't know what do you guys think???

#805 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

If you really plan on trading it, I would pull out all the mods I can, especially the ColorDMD. Removing these items likely will not affect your trade value under normal circumstances.

Good point,

I'm not trading it anymore. But if I ever do want to I will have to take you up on it. Thanks for the responses guys. Now I know I am not losing my mind.

2 weeks later
#810 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

I hope you are still enjoying your game, especially with the ColorDMD. My game is on loan 2 hours away and I would not be able to appreciate color if I was to get one for the game.

Yes I love the game... the main hang up I have is those damn worthless sdtm shots I get when the cannon isn't 100% level. I mean that thing could be level one day and then just be slightly off the next. The ball hits the bottom rim of the plastic and boom it throws the ball way off. It is enough to drive a guy mad. Plus it's such a pain to get that canon leveled just right to then lower the playfield and notice it moved slightly.

Anyway, I was just curious about my trade options. Then people started throwing prices at me. I must admit my pinball obsession is real. Looking for pin number 2 and I think I know what I want I just need to get my funds built up a bit. But no I am not selling my Black Rose and the color dmd is cool, but those Pinstadium lights are what really brought that machine to life.

2 weeks later
#826 1 year ago

Mine goes from the left ramp (not the ball lock) to the whirlpool.

#833 1 year ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Mine goes ball lock to right orbit (barely). It has to go to the ball lock, that's where the video mode shot is.

I noticed that last night while I was playing... I just shrugged my shoulders because the cannon doesn't move that far. I don't know. Does anyones cannon hit all the shots?

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