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Black Rose?

By PinWiz17

10 years ago

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#1 10 years ago

Does any one own or has played this game enough to give a good insight of it? Never played one, looks kinda fun. Not great but fun. Just watched the promo video of it and I am kinda interested. What do you guys think?

#2 10 years ago

My buddy Dave has one, I like the layout of it, you can shoot for a right or left ramp, plus it has the upper loop ramp as well. Has a few different DMD minigames. The canon is a real bitch to adjust, so look for wear around the Canon on the playfield, it can really screw up your shots. It's a decent game, I'd give it a 7/10 or so. I'd buy one for the right price...

I wish they would have designed the canon differently, it can really ruin a machine because it can affect your shots straight off the flipper...and the leveling adjustment for it is horrible..

#3 10 years ago

Yeah, this one is pretty fun, I like the way the ball comes straight down the middle ramp and at the last second kicks off to the side. Pretty cool ball cannon. I just have a hard time getting over the hot chick pirate captain, she doesn't really fit into the whole pirate thing.

#4 10 years ago

I did have the Black Rose on my wishlist for quite a while, purely because of its looks, theme, reviews and videos.

I have changed my mind about wanting to own one now after having played 2 of them recently at a show, don't get me wrong it Is a great game, but just not right for me long term.

Always good to play a machine for the first time, and then a few more times and make your own mind up.

One of the excellent examples I played on recently was lit with LED's, and looked damn good, absolutely beautifull.

Also one of them, I can't remember which, was using black pinballs. How cool they looked and fit the theme perfectly. I just found a site which sells them and lots more, many, many designs.


#5 10 years ago

Well, we've had Black Rose for a little over a year. It's true that it isn't the most complicated play. It does have 3 video modes that are very easy, so it's more fun for folks coming over just to casually play. (I'm not counting "killing Polly" as one of the video modes.) We've been lucky in that the cannon on ours has given us no trouble. You'd want to fire it up and make sure Davey Jones' locker opens by hitting the skill shot, you can load the cannon and then you can fire the cannon all the way to the hole in the back- that's how you sink ships. If you can't aim the cannon, or ball hits playfield edge on way out of cannon, it does not bode well for game fun. I can hit the back hole with our cannon just about every time reliably.

Of all the pirate machines, I consider it the most "piratey". It has lots of "aaargghs" and "aaayyes" and I like the back ground music to it the best of the 3 modern pirate machines (Hook, Black Rose, POTC). Yes...... Black Rose does seem to be wearing a strapless leotard to plunder and pillage in. And I do think the "Fire" button takes some abuse due to the video modes, but we haven't had much trouble with it besides basic adjustment. Of the pirate machines, it's the most basic. POTC and Hook have more going on. Hook's almost too cluttered. POTC has best multiball. But for around $1000 it's a really fun little novelty machine...... and it has a lot of cows if you enjoy cows mooing and fencing, etc....

#6 10 years ago

Cool thanks guys for the info. Hopefully they will have one at the Chicago Pinball Expo this year so a can check it out. Its not a the top of my wishlist but if I found one for $1000 i may have to get it. "bugray" cool find on those pearl pinballs those are sweet. I may have to pick up some of those even if I dont put them in any of my pins, just to have them.

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