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Black Knight - Sword of Rage Club - Honourable Knights Only

By NeilMcRae

1 year ago

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“Black Knight - Sword of Rage Club - Honourable Knights Only”

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Post #3 Black Knight Feature matrix. Posted by NeilMcRae (1 year ago)

Post #27 Rules card. Posted by NeilMcRae (1 year ago)

Post #539 remove upper Playfield Posted by Captainhook (1 year ago)

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#491 1 year ago

Seems there is only one multiball in this game. Which is a three ball multiball, plus one add a ball for a total of four balls. The game holds six balls. Am I missing something?

#493 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

You can stack catapult and shield multiballs for a 6 ball frenzy! It’s my favorite


#495 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

You playing a pro or premium


#513 1 year ago
20190612_081520 (resized).jpg
#516 1 year ago
Quoted from John_I:

While unpacking, I was surprised to see how sturdy the cabinets are now. Even the bottom board is super nice 3/4 inch plywood. In comparison my Star Wars has 1/2 inch particle board. There are plenty of corner braces now too.[quoted image]

Noticed the same thing. Stern made a lot of improvements with the new construction of these cabinets.

#517 1 year ago

When is the new code going to be released for the pro?

#530 1 year ago
Quoted from SDTMinSTL:

Don't mind the goofy excitement. Courtesy of the "Zach Attack" ( zmeny ) at Flip N Out pinball, she arrived. 60 games already. Can't stop playing. It is one of those games that just begs to be played "one more time."
Only issue I have noticed is a sudden clicking in the flail mech when it is spinning. Anyone notice this? I searched and couldn't find anything and 530 posts is a lot to wade through. Yet to pop the hood and investigate. Might be something simple, but thought I'd ask first.
Great game. Lovin it.
[quoted image]

I find myself continuously coming back to play this game as well! Going to update the new code on mine today.

#531 1 year ago
Quoted from SDTMinSTL:

Indeed. I was fortunate enough to tour the factory a week or so ago with Dwight Sullivan and they showed off the new cabinets. Melamine style coating over the wood is prefinished and ready to apply the decals, decreasing the labor to prep it and giving a consistent finish. This may have started before Black Knight, but I thought I would mention it. I know it is a somewhat recent development. They were churning out BKSOR and DP's at a staggering rate when I was there. Come to find out, ironically enough, my machine was on the line while I was there.
For the record, the tour is great if you haven't been, and Dwight, if you are lucky enough to have him give the tour, is a class act.

What model of the BKSOR were they making at that time?

#541 1 year ago

Just updated to the new code. This game rocks!!!

#543 1 year ago
Quoted from pinupgirl1975:

Guys... a huge shout out to darcangeloel for sending these amazing photos of our BKSOR Pinblades! I knew they were gonna look sick in the game! Literally looks like they were made for the game! Am I right???? joeraptor2003 check this out!!!
Let me know if you want me to post the direct Link to buy![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

What is the link?

#555 1 year ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Can you add an external sub to these game just by alligator clipping onto the existing sub posts?
Just put the game in the basement yesterday and this is the first thing I'm thinking about.

Added the Polk Audio PSW10 10" to mine and it sounds great. I used the alligator clips.

#563 1 year ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Where did you feed the speaker wire out of the cabinet? The sub hole?

I used the screen at the front of the cabinet. Just pulled a small portion of it up.

#565 1 year ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Minus $2,000 if you ever sell the game now.

Not a pin I plan on selling!

#577 1 year ago
Quoted from darcangeloel:

What is your favorite mode? I think wicked cavern is the most fun. The hell hand is a neat albeit cheesy character but I love it. I also like how the shots move from the left to the right and the psyic type of moves it uses on you during the mode

Hell hand!

#591 1 year ago
Quoted from newtoit:

Straight from the Kings mouth.
I hope someone will post the following onto the BKSOR thread. Thanks.
Hey Guys, I have some fixes for a couple problems you guys have mentioned on Pinside:
For JeffsPinballPalace:
Your Minion/Monster modes are set on difficult, and that's why you are frustrated! Go to game features adjustments. Adjustment #'s 21, 22, 23. 24, and 25 adjust the Worm, Hydra, Hell Hand, Magma Beast, and Lich Lords. Set them to Easy or Medium. I am not a good player and just completed 4 of them on Medium. There are not 3 levels to the modes. The modes are simple to achieve when set to factory Medium. Now we can calm down and enjoy some pinball!
To Anaraf, and anyone else who is having trouble shooting up the Flail lane to the upper playfield:
Power off. Take the glass off the playfield. Get a ball out of the trough. Level the Flail horizontally with your hand and rub the ball along both side walls and the floor *simultaneously* in the flail lane up and down from top to bottom. If you feel a click on the ball passing over one or more of the screws securing the flail lane floor, grab a #2 Phillips screwdriver and tighten them until you don't feel the click anymore. Screws sticking up too high will make it difficult to get the ball up to the upper playfield. The ball will slam into stuff on the the bottom of the upper playfield.
You could be having other problems with the flail lane, since you removed the upper playfield, which is no crime, but perhaps it didn't get fastened down correctly. Get a flashlight and see if you can see any obstruction in the ball's path up to the 180 degree scoop. You may have to take the playfield off again to see if wires or anything else are hanging down in the ball's path. Good luck!
Someone wrote that the Upper Playfield Cables running through the back panel don't all fit in the holes. Not true. If it were true, how did we ever build games and connect the connectors? The biggest connector goes in first, then the smaller cables on the left side. Form the wires coming out of the big connector to lay down parallel with the long edge of the connector a bit before you try this.
BKSOR definitely has flipper and other coil power adjustments! I suggest you use them before you alter your games.
Whip out your manuals and find all the adjustments you can make. There are more in BKSOR than ever before. Our engineers, Mark Guidarelli, Chuck Bleich, Tim Sexton and others have worked their butts off to advance our software and hardware. Put it to good use. Make your game fun for you, eliminate cranky posts, and enjoy your games as you like them.
Most of our games now have interlock switches on the coin door. When you open the door power is disconnected from the playfield. The interlock switch can be defeated for service by pulling it out (towards the coin door) a click. Voila! You can now enter diagnostics and make adjustments. Be careful.
Please read your manuals!
Steve Ritchie

Did you email him?

#597 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Modified LED Backbox...[quoted image][quoted image]

That looks good!

#598 1 year ago
20190620_112539 (resized).jpg
#599 1 year ago
20190620_112526 (resized).jpg
#616 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

great job from Stern last night on showing the new code and for Steve/Tim and the other team members to give us his feedback directly, its so refreshing to see that! Looking forward to playing the new code tonight.

Will they add one for the pro?

#634 1 year ago
Quoted from ercvacation:

Truthfully I love the game. Lots of haters out there but I own the premium and can't stop playing it. Extremely well done. Great shots! Great rules! Multiballs are easy to achieve but tough to master to get the big jackpots. Mode stacking is excellent. Its a tough game with some brutal drains but you need to learn the game and the shots. Once you do you realize how well this thing was put together. This game is the total package. The music fits this game so well. No complaints on this game from me.

Same thoughts as this is great game and one I will be keeping.

#639 1 year ago

Is there another new code coming out for the pro?

#646 1 year ago
Quoted from Olaa:

My neighbor who is over 95 Years old playing black knight.[quoted image]

Does he enjoy it?

#667 1 year ago

when is the new code for the pro coming out ?

#669 1 year ago
Quoted from tilted81:

I’m pretty excited for some backbox animation man. Breath some life into it back there. Just going dark between lighting effects would be killer. This games so awesome...

That would be nice. My pro turns all red on certain shots, which is visually pleasing.

#693 1 year ago

Does anyone have a good way of collecting the knights letters to achieve retro multiball?

#711 1 year ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

I think it looks better, but I ran out of 44s, so didnt get to finish! It did make me realize that they used the Red only at times.[quoted image]

Looks good, but I still like the red better.

#724 1 year ago
Quoted from tilted81:

Cut this out of some of the remaining decal and put em on the spinner bracket. Kinda torn what do you guys think Leather or wood?[quoted image]

Did the blue rubber ball deflector come that color when you ordered your game? Mine is black.

#734 1 year ago

Lol...ok so I thought the rubber on mine was black. After checking it is the same blue one that is on your game.

#755 1 year ago

I need that on a cd.

#767 1 year ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Just made it to retro black knight mode. That is awesome! Im wondering if i spell knight again its bk2000? Either way, really cool

I recently did as well for the first time.

#797 1 year ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Joined the club this past weekend. Love this game! Just put in the Stern art blades tonight and I think they look awesome and really help fill in the vertical space on the pro. Love them![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Where did you get those?

#803 1 year ago

Anyone have photos with the mirror blades installed?

#825 1 year ago
Quoted from Asael:

Making of!!!

Came out great

#831 1 year ago

Downloading the code now!!!!!

#837 1 year ago

New code for the Pro made this game even better!

#838 1 year ago

Mine had the same issue. I was still able to drag it to a zip drive and it loaded.

#841 1 year ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

It's great! The new callouts with BK trying to talk you out of fighting when you are qualifying the modes are freaking hilarious! "Can't we talk about this?" "Let's lay our weapons down and have a discussion". LMAO!
Got to the Black Castle and fought BK for the first time. Did the modes get a bit easier with the update? I hadn't even gotten close before. What a great mode. Loved that Intro! That is how you make a mode feel special! Unfortunately I didn't defeat him, so no Rage for me, but can't wait to see it. Wasn't close to Ransom though...probably going to take me awhile to see that one.
Awesome game all around. Both Steve and Tim (and the rest of the team!) really knocked it out of the park in my opinion. The combo from the ramp into the shield lock with an on the fly backhand is one of the most satisfying shots ever. Every bit as good as the warp ramp, Picard maneuver, etc. Lich Lord start animation is my favorite animation ever, and the entire game is just amazing from an A/V standpoint. Just beautiful work! I am so in love with this game..

The new callouts are great. The modes were changed to easy (new factory setting).

#842 1 year ago

I wish they would not have changed the light effects when collecting the extra ball. The playfield would be completely dark and then all the lights would come on when the black knight let go of the ball from his hand. Not sure why they changed that effect. Does anyone know if there is there an email for Steve?

#868 1 year ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

For the pro the easier modes are going to be a big help for enjoyability, especially on location I believe.

It already has for me!

#892 1 year ago
Quoted from newtoit:

How is everyone liking the new code??

So much better of a game with the new code.

#920 1 year ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

Pro vs Premium. Is premium worth the extras?

Never played the prem. I really enjoy the pro though!

#970 1 year ago
Quoted from mandelbloom:

And I will say at $250 it’s tempting but I am not gonna do that when someone does something nice to get it for me

I just saw the $250 price. NO WAY!

#979 1 year ago

Looks real good.

#997 1 year ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

I fully acknowledge that I am still in the honeymood stage with my pro, but at this point I honestly can't see it leaving my collection. It has so much personality and an addictive nature. It is brutal, but not unfair. Adrenaline rush from start to finish. I find the code to be great. It isn't the deepest code in the world, but it is well matched with the brutality of the playfield, if that makes sense. If it was much deeper, only the elite players would ever see the end. The battles are each unique with a feel and personality of their own. I love the "supers" system, with its risk/reward strategy and accidental cash-ins. The sword / power is a much more interesting take on the Star Trek Away Team / GOTG Upgrade idea. The risk/reward of having supers and power start from the crazy dangerous Black Knight shot is genius. Knight retro mode is amazing as a fan of the first game. It is very obtainable during a decent game and is a really nice mid-point mini-wizard to break up the battles. The Black Castle is the perfect difficulty in my opinion. It takes a great game, but it's doable. I've only gotten there once so far, and I didn't beat BK, so I have yet to see Rage. I also haven't seen Ransom yet, so that is another challenging yet obtainable reward waiting for me. This game definitely can't be breezed through (at least for me), but I do not think anything is too difficult or impossible for mortals to reach. Great balance.
I will admit, I do wish there was one more stackable multiball available in the pro. Catapult could have been implemented and tied to the left VUK, but I get that it was kept as something special for the prem/LE. That said, it doesn't really feel like anything is missing, it just would have been nice to have.
As for the layout, yes, it is a simple layout, but every single shot is so satisfying. I have only played a handful of games on the premium, but the upper playfield just didn't grab me. Then again I am (oddly) not a big fan of BK2K, especially the upper playfield, so I guess that's not a surprise. The catapult is a very cool mech and difficult yet satisfying to hit, but I found it to distracted me from the rest of the game too much. If all you are doing is concentrating on the upper playfield and getting catapult going, it is going to get repetitive fast. It also killed the flow of the ramp. The pro ramp is simple and shallow, but man it feels so good to hit. And comboing the ramp into the shield lock from an on the fly backhand has quickly become one of my favorite combos ever. It just feels so good...even better somehow than an upper flipper ramp Picard maneuver type shot. I feel sorry for the prem/LE guys losing that combo. Sure, you can do it when you drain from the upper, or by letting it just pass through, but it will never be the same as off of a silky smooth ramp. Nearly every shot is backhand-able which is always fun. The light lock target can even be backhanded, which is a cool shot. Yes...this game even manages to make stand-up targets feel good, LOL! It would be nice if Magnasave was a little stronger or better positioned to be as effective as the older machines were. My old BK could suck a ball half way out of the outlane. This one is more of a preventative measure than a real save. I probably use it on a fair number of balls that wouldn't have needed it, but better safe than sorry. As long as it's above the post it will usually catch (unless very fast moving), but once it's a hair down the outlane, forget it. Still, I love it, have gotten used to how to use it, and am very glad it's here. And I personally love it being on the lockdown bar. Nothing more satisfying than smacking it and watching the ball snap onto the save with that awesome sound and shaker effect firing. Good stuff.
As for the Black Knight himself...what a great "toy". Tying three different shots into one highly themed and great looking toy was just genius. The flail is wicked cool and used in great ways. The body target is such a sucker shot, but so valuable when supers or power is lit. The shield lock is awesome. I love that the shield not only blocks the lock lane, but can smack the ball back at you like the old Gottlieb kicking targets. Top it off with the bling of the face LEDs changing color based on what he's saying to you! So fun, so well theme integrated, and great looking to boot.
All of the art assets are second to none in my opinion. Just a beautiful machine all around. The animations are killer. Lich Lords mode start is my favorite animation of all time...just so intense. Every mode start feels special and like the start of an epic battle. It just pulls you in like few games do. I just can't say enough good things about the animations. Kudos to the team behind them...they killed it! I would like to see a little tweaking done to when WAR hurry-ups start, are going, and are finished. When in the middle of a battle, half the time I do not know WAR is happening (other than the insert lights, which are very well done). I'd like a little more fanfare to call more attention to it, but that's a nitpick. Maybe just a "THIS IS WAR" callout at the start? The lightshow overall is amazing. Sound, speech, and the killer music are all awesome. My only gripe is I never EVER, EVER want to hear the Black Knight call me "brah". I appreciate the humor added, including the "waivering confidence" stuff as you get closer to him, but BK should never say that word, LOL. (Yes I know...i'm too old...get off my lawn. ). I might even change that one using Pinball Browser as it's the only one that actually makes me cringe, and not in a good way. Other than that...everything is spot on. I do get some distortion from the speakers at a fairly low volume, so I think some audio levels could probably be tweaked, but that's minor and there are some adjustments in the settings that could probably help. Also, the shaker motor integration is of the best I've played.
Sorry this turned into a bit of a full review (actually I may copy paste it into the review section). I just am really in love with this game and can't say enough good about it. I feel sorry for those that have dismissed it as being stripped down or too simple. Steve Ritchie once again proves that a great game doesn't have to be too complex. This is a pure battle, flowy, and brutal, with a fun and fitting ruleset, wrapped in amazing art and A/V assets.
As for the comparison with DP...that's a tough one. I actually sold my DP pro to fund my BK, however I only let it go because I intend to upgrade to a DP premium at some point down the road. I would say they are very close to equals in my mind. DP is a bit more lighthearted fun, BK is a little more intense and adrenaline pumping. BK shoots better, but DP has more interesting, though sometimes clunky, shots. DP is probably a bit deeper, which is appropriate as it plays longer. DP is a bit more unique in both layout and code, but that isn't a knock on BK by any means. If forced to choose, at this point I would say BK as I love the intensity and adrenaline, but DP is right there with it. Once I manage to bring a DP premium home, they will both be long term keepers for me, so you can't go wrong with either.
Good luck with the choice!

What a review!!! You are right on with how adrenaline pumping this game is. All the shots on this playfield (pro) are very satisfying indeed. Have had the game for awhile now and still enjoy playing it just as much when it first arrived.

1 week later
#1053 1 year ago
Quoted from hank35:

Running .97. Is it worth updating to the latest code or should I wait for the next update?
Better callouts? Besides the easier game settings, I just need to know if this is worth updating now.

I think it is much better than the older one.

1 week later
#1108 1 year ago
Quoted from GrandFireball1:

After owning the premium for a few months now: Here’s what I would like to see in future code updates:
- Another Knight mode (preferably single ball) that you can get on your first Knight spellout. Gets a little boring playing the Knight mb over and over
- More rules in Knight mb. Right now all there is a playfield x and every shot is lit for a small amount of points. Needs to be more interesting.
- Higher scoring in the Hydra mode
- Higher scoring in the Deep Freeze mode
- Catapult mb needs to be harder to get on the 3rd+ attempt.
- implement combo rules
- Setting to disable “Nice Knight” speech
- Rage wizard mode is cool, but super unclear what’s happening or what to do.
- implement the short plunge into some secret skill shot
- After the first Black Castle, only allow 1 spot shot hit from the upper playfield target
- After the Sauron mode on Deadpool, your next Battle modes are that character + Sauron. Playing the modes again after Black Castle should have a similar rule.
- When Knight is spelled, but another mode is started and played out to get the Knight letter, the game doesn’t actually roll over the letters like it should, and you get screwed out of a letter (or more)
- Some big bonus for running all the super features at once
- Lights to indicate super features (like pulsing pops or sling GI to indicate it’s super)
- more points for the right drop targets. Never really go for them
- When the game says “super level increased” I want the screen to show me numbers next to each super feature icon to show me the level. Not just different colors on the lightning wheel
- A mega wizard mode for completing the lightning wheel. (This is a stretch)
- The “hurry” light on the left ramp flashes sometimes but does nothing
- The “Realm” insert light does nothing
- More switching on/off the different GI colors
- After the first set of WAR hurry-ups, I want to hit other shots besides the center 3.
- Add a reason to hit one of the other 3 center shots to light a mode instead of bashing the same one.
Overall, I love what the team has done on this game. Animations are the best in pinball, and sounds and lighting are incredible. Just needs some more code work and polish to bring it to an A+ pin.

For the pro as well

1 week later
#1132 1 year ago
Quoted from Bagdad:

Installed Stern Art Blades in my Premium this morning, using the wet method.
Left side went like a charm, but I managed to make a freaking 7cm fold line on the right side while lifting the playfield during installation.
"Luckily", the fold is totally hidden behind the ramp, making it impossible to see when the playfield is down. When the playfield is lifted tho that's another story, it looks pretty bad.
I'm hesitating on ordering a new pair and replace the blade on the right side, or just accept that there is an ugly monster hidden under the playfield and carry on with my life. [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Same method I used/ water/soap. If you can't see the fold I would leave it.

#1142 1 year ago

I found two chips on mine, next to the right sling.

1 week later
#1184 1 year ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Finally got to play a Pro BKSOR on route and the game was brutal. I like it!! They had it set up to play fast and each rebound sent the ball back to the flippers like a rocket, really kept me on my toes and I broke a sweat lol. To me it definitely seems like a shooters game where every shot has to be precise. The music is outstanding and really got me into the game as a metal fan.

Feel the same way. Thats why I bought one!

1 week later
#1211 1 year ago

I have had this happen before on mine, not sure what shot causes it to happen. Also the entire playfield will turn on all the red lights only, which I actually enjoy at times.

#1228 1 year ago
Quoted from monte_:

I noticed in the video from post 1216, Tim states they programmed the knight so his eyes change color. Mine is always red when his eyes light up. Does anyone have the eyes changing color?

Make sure you are using the new code.

#1233 1 year ago

Any word when the next code update will be?

1 week later
#1293 12 months ago

Any word on new code? Hope they add some more multiball modes.

#1313 11 months ago

Agree, would enjoy seeing a more aggressive adult mode speech from the black knight! The black knight is such a badass, would be great if he used profanity!!!

1 week later
#1355 11 months ago
Quoted from pinwaz:

All I want is big bigger biggest
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]BK SOR LE #87


#1410 11 months ago

That topper is unreal. Hope it comes out soon along with the new code.

#1432 11 months ago

Does anyone know if the new code will be out soon?

#1434 11 months ago

I hope so.

#1445 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

Lookin to join this club. I see lots of LE's and Prems for sale. I'd like to buy a used pro if anyone wants to upgrade.

The pro is a great table

#1459 11 months ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

To me, it's more of a one trick pony WITH the upper PF. Why would you ever bother with the lower pf shots when you can progress battles with one target in the upper (thereby sucking all uniqueness out of the battles), and start multiball up there? The upper completely takes over the game, and just isn't much fun to shoot in my opinion. Plus you lose one of the best combo shots in pinball...the ramp to shield lock backhand. Sooooo good.
Great game either way, but I'm glad we have options!

Glad I went with the Pro all the way. Not a fan of the upper playfield.

#1482 11 months ago

Great video

3 weeks later
#1585 10 months ago
Quoted from boogies:

I just joined the club, bought a pro.
It came with a non-installed mylar for in front of the knight. Any opinions on installing or leaving off?[quoted image]

Do you have a picture of the mylar? Mine did not come with this.

#1591 10 months ago
Quoted from boogies:

[quoted image]

And this came with your game? I wonder if Stern will send me one.

#1594 10 months ago

Are most people using it?

#1610 10 months ago
PB060048 (resized).JPG
#1611 10 months ago
PB060052 (resized).JPG
#1612 10 months ago
Quoted from John1210:

Are there any owners experiencing pooling/wrinkling/splitting on their playfields? if so, any pics?

Only the first one is of BK

#1632 10 months ago
Quoted from tilted81:

Nope. St, AC/DC, Deadpool, Maiden, Munsters, bk, jp, or anything else that was produced from basically the beginning of 2018-now.

Metallica LED and Iron Maiden both have these issues!

#1633 10 months ago

Where is the new code???? Hopefully it will have "adult" language to go with the theme this time.

#1647 10 months ago

New code today?

#1649 10 months ago

Nothing on their site yet.

#1661 10 months ago

Where is the new code????????????????

#1664 10 months ago
Quoted from Midway-Man:

Stern does not release code updates on Friday. Has been said in the past. In case something blows up someone has to deal with it.

How about Saturday?

#1667 10 months ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

Stern never mentioned new code was coming today.

What was today going to be? Just the topper?

#1671 10 months ago
Quoted from applejuice:

Yeah, how is releasing a vinyl record already available on eBay anything worth shouting about???Really expected new code and the topper yesterday otherwise don’t say anything.
Wasn’t pissed off before but now I’m annoyed! But, I’ve still got an awesome bk premium to play!

Same here. The code was to be released yesterday but it never happened.

#1689 10 months ago

What am I to do with a record??? Put the thing on a CD or Youtube.

#1692 10 months ago
Quoted from TheRudyB:

It's not about advertising a product they’re selling that’s not been released to the mass public - it's about them setting expectations in the minds of their customers. Whether they realize they are/were doing it or not, something touted as a "Black Knight Friday" announcement/sale for the traditional Black Friday elevates expectations in their customers - particularly when those customers have been waiting for announcements of enhancements and additional products to go with what they have already purchased.
Exercise: Imagine if you've been waiting until the holidays to buy a new TV at WalMart. Then when you get to the store/website on Black Friday, you discover that instead of insanely good doorbuster prices on TVs, they opt to sell their TVs at the regular price, but throw in an exclusive limited edition R2D2 or Darth Vader (your choice!)-themed universal remote with every TV sold for free. How would you feel? But point taken: Star Wars collectors might very well buy two TVs from WalMart that day just to ensure they get one of each of the limited edition remotes.

Exactly!!! The new code should have been out yesterday!!!!!

#1694 10 months ago
Quoted from John_I:

Cool! Thanks, I will certainly download the digital copy.

And post it on youtube.

#1705 10 months ago

No way!

#1717 10 months ago

finally someone put at least one black knight song on youtube!!!!!

#1718 10 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Aaaand, nothing on Stern of the Union. :/

Where is the new code????? Nothing last week and now nothing this week!!!! Hopefully an adult mode will now be on it.

#1722 10 months ago
Quoted from gkralicek:

Steve Ritchie clearly stated during pinball expo conference that they hope to release the new code along with the topper in time for x-mas (he never said it would be available end of november or early december).
He also confirmed during the same conference that the new code will contain new sound modes in order to customize the way the black knight is nagging the player (harsher way or softer way) and that they were back in the studio to record some new callouts. Nevertheless don't expect an adult mode (per se) with the F*** word as Steve stated a while ago that he didn't see the point to add rude words in order to make the black knight sounds meaner than what he already is.
I had posted it earlier but in case you missed it here is the youtube link :
Talk about the sound modes is at 4:58 mark

Thanks for the update

#1748 9 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Don't ask me how I know, but don't expect the topper by Christmas. The Star Wars topper has taken priority in the production queue.

How about the new code???

#1767 9 months ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

Damn 16 new posts I thought we had a code update or topper info

I thought the exact same thing!!! Was ready for the new code.

1 week later
#1810 9 months ago

Where is the new code???

#1816 9 months ago
Quoted from newtoit:

And the topper!

Right on!

#1817 9 months ago

Should have been released by now!!!

#1842 9 months ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

WTB updated code

Should have been out by now.

#1848 9 months ago
Quoted from applejuice:

No code for christmas then....

BIG TIME!!! The new code was due out on thanksgiving, which never showed. Now we all thought it was going to be here by 12/25/19.

#1861 9 months ago
Quoted from newtoit:

As far as code, dont get your hopes up and you wont be let down. I was a big advocate for this game but my enthusiasm has died. It is the best looking game stern has put out but the gameplay is lacking. It could be a great game if the code had more to offer. I own an LE and havent played it in atleast a month but i do enjoy looking at it.

You have that right. Especially when everyone thought the new code would hit by thanksgiving. Then it turned to 12/25 and still no code!!!!

#1923 9 months ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

Dammit. So many new posts and they're all about adhesive.

When I saw the new 43 posts, I said finally the code is here!!!! It's now 2020 and there is still no code update. For the amount of time it is taking to release, the code better have everything we are all wanting.

1 week later
#2014 8 months ago
Quoted from Postmortem:

[quoted image]

I'm ready!

1 week later
#2053 8 months ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

What happened with the Topper. Still Crickets told it would be November. Is this going to be Distro only.

Same with the code. Nothing as of yet.

#2061 8 months ago

Someone posted prior that the new code was already out on a demo game at a recent show. If this is true why has the code not been released? There were only going to be a very select few updates. So what is the hold up??? With as long as it has taken, I hope the new code is full of different callouts, graphics, rules and features.

#2063 8 months ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

Tim said more tests & few things he sees & need to improve...

Good news hopefully!

#2082 8 months ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Dial the flippers down to medium instead of strong.

What is the factory setting on?

1 week later
#2130 7 months ago
Quoted from ezatnova:

Next month they’ll put a link to new code but it’ll go to a rickroll video

Would be nice to see them add some more multiball modes to the game.

#2145 7 months ago
Quoted from Postmortem:

The pro technically has 4 multiball modes, but I'm only good enough to get to 2 of them

I have only been able to acquire the first two multiballs. What are the other two?

#2157 7 months ago

Code must be soon.

#2191 7 months ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

I just tried the alternate soundtrack. I like it. Either or Soundtracks are fine. Extra Crispy or new Original. Just like Chicken.
The alternate track is kind of like a good movie type soundtrack if I had to describe it. Neat you can switch back and forth. I will try out the alternate for awhile, but thinking I am liking it.
Nice there are now choices. You can always switch back or change for the crowd that's playing. Cool idea.

Glad to hear you can switch back.

#2192 7 months ago
Quoted from gkralicek:

For the ppl willing to check out the new soundtrack, you can get it here :

Good video.

#2207 7 months ago

Updated the new code, but don't see where you can change the music. Does anyone know?

#2209 7 months ago

Found it # 99 in audit. Didn't think it would be that good, but I really enjoy the new soundtrack. Who took part in it? Still wish there was an adult mode were the callouts were more rate R.

#2210 7 months ago

Just found this: Black Knight: Sword of Rage Pinball-Behind the Curtain

#2220 7 months ago
Quoted from Asael:

Great update, but:
+bring back the menacing beast roars!!!!!
+make soundtrack selectable

Great code, even better if the soundtrack was selectable.

#2232 7 months ago
Quoted from mandelbloom:

Can we order the topper yet ?

Should be soon

1 week later
#2281 7 months ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

Makes me want a bksor pro actually.

The pro is a great machine.

2 weeks later
#2347 6 months ago
Quoted from schudel5:

Just pulled my premium off route after 9 months and 7000 plays. Replaced the upper playfield as it was pretty cloudy and had to reweld the catapult ramp as 6 welds (3 on each side) were broken towards the entrance. There is a small divot in the ramp directly under the spinning flail. That pretty much started right away.
Other than that, it held up pretty well.[quoted image]

On you going to put it back on route now?

#2361 6 months ago

Never noticed this....will have to look at mine now

2 months later
#2614 3 months ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Any good tutorials on YouTube of the pro with a good high quality camera and angle? Thanks!

Hopefully PAPA will put one out.

1 month later
#2683 76 days ago
Quoted from Looprunner:

Hey folks, please don't hate on me for asking this question. Lol. I'm close to buying a premium for my family. The question is....can I shorten the post on the outlanes to make it easier? If so, does it actually make it easier? My family want it but my concern is that might be a little too tough for them.

Why not go with the pro?

1 week later
#2713 69 days ago

When is the new code coming out?

1 week later
#2746 62 days ago

The new code needs to add another multiball for the pro.

#2765 60 days ago

New code is needed for this game.

#2772 59 days ago
Quoted from rockrand:

Is there talk of forthcoming code ,do we think there will be more code to come or is it like Munsters where it is unlikely?
I Don’t know it that well and games could always be improved but it seem pretty good to me!

I don't know of any new code coming out. The game is fun but would be much more enjoyable if there were more multiballs, especially on the pro model. The game does not have any mini mode objectives and is too repetitive.

#2779 57 days ago
Quoted from Jesder:

I think the issue around the multiballs on the Pro is the fact that Ransom and Rage are so difficult to reach, very few people ever experience them.
Being close to 1500 games on my pro now I've never experienced Ransom and only reached Rage once.
That leaves most people on the pro with just Triple Knight and Retro multiball. The fact retro mode has no real rules for the shots and relies on a lot of set up before starting (that can be wiped out and not recoverable), you're not left with much of a mode. Triple Knight is good though and is enjoyable to play (although I think the shot values could be increased).
I would like to see another smaller 2 ball multiball mode added on the Pro as there's room for it. That requires additional code, sounds, call outs, music and art. Maybe there are assets that were cut that could be repurposed here? But it is a little bit of work to coordinate all that to implement, so I understand if there's reluctance from Tim to make that happen. I think at a minimum though, the multiball feel of Black Knight can be improved by:
- Fix Retro mode rules so the mode is rewarding to shoot.
- Make Ransom much more accessible to players (Knight letters are currently too difficult to come by and most will never spell it a second time).
- Remove the silly 1 shot chance at Black Castle to help make Rage more accessible. It's crazy that you can fail this mode from your first shot off the flipper and be sent back to the start. This also allows people to enjoy the Black Castle mode more which is one of the most enjoyable boss battles in the game.
That increases the achievable multi balls to 3 (Triple Knight, Retro, Ransom) and brings Rage more within reach if you can make it to the Black Castle. Fixing Retro and making it a properly fleshed out multiball will give it a rewarding feeling when playing and help negate any need for an extra mode. I'm not sure what the rules are like in Ransom - if this is bare like Retro, then it too needs addressing.

Excellent post. Triple Knight and Retro multiball are the only two somewhat achievable ones.

1 week later
#2835 47 days ago

Let's get the new code out already! We have waited long enough.

1 week later
#2864 38 days ago
Quoted from ezatnova:

Probably not a big deal but watching Tim’s interview, at 40:10 he mentions flipper code to show the full credits.
Anyone know what the code is?
Perhaps other codes of sort of Easter egg stuff like Munsters, etc?

thanks for the link.

#2868 37 days ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Joined the Topper club! It is totally worth it.
[quoted image]

How long did you have to wait?

#2892 32 days ago

With all the new posts I thought the much needed new code was out.

2 weeks later
#2957 16 days ago
Quoted from Mathazar:

Found this #-37 plastic in the shooter lane of my Premium this evening, wedged between the right rail and the ramp. I've got no idea where this goes - I've eyeballed the game a half dozen times and don't see anything missing, and the otherwise-really-nice manual doesn't have a layout guide for the plastic pieces (yet my older Star Trek Pro manual has a plastics layout guide, go figure).
Anyone know where this goes? Wherever it goes, I likely have 2 screws missing as well as there's no evidence that this piece has broken off of anything. [quoted image]

How difficult was it to replace the decals on your other machine?

2 weeks later
#3008 1 day ago
Quoted from Loganpinball:

Shout out to Stern for new decal and automated services for getting it to me for the front cabinet one that was bad. And I might be nuts, but this is my favorite Stern game that they have made.
[quoted image]

How long did it take to put on?

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