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Black Knight - Sword of Rage Club - Honourable Knights Only

By NeilMcRae

7 months ago

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#111 6 months ago

Still deciding, to buy BK or not. I played a pro yesterday on location here in Germany and I have to say I like It. Mr.Knight himself is a brutal heartless asshole. But I think I can get used to it. I am daily fighting against my Ghostbusters so I think I can stand that
I have seen DeadFlips stream and I think Pro is the way to go? I have Ghostbusters Pro also and like it.

#134 6 months ago
Quoted from Duex:

Just received mine for the weekend. Little gameplay from Germany

Check your shield, it seems to be a bit loose?

2 weeks later
#292 6 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

There really isnt a correct answer on this game. I agree i see the argument for both games. If you fell in love with the pro you prolly wont love the prem/LE. If you played it and craved something just a little more than youll love the LE. I got the LE and love the lock shot and with coding hoping they add more value to it. Stacking both multiballs is satisfying though

Well. Pinball in general is not cheap. So that’s clear. But a piece of plastic, with just one loop, 3rd flipper and another ball lock. Do not justify additional 2000$. I mean there are not even some inserts on this upper field. Except for the 3 indicators on the lock assembly. So no one knows when the loop shot is doing anything.

I know there are other changes. But the pro is the way to go. Well if I won the lottery and don’t care about the money. I would take the high end model as well. But if someone has to look at the bank account it’s a wise decision to take the pro on this one.

3 weeks later
#552 5 months ago

Hey guys, can someone take a look in the coindoor and see if your game is fitted with a interlock switch? Since some recent made BM66 Catwoman editions seem to have this switch again. I just want to see if Stern is adding them back to all new games.

1 week later
#603 4 months ago

LE V0.97 - June 19, 2019
- Fixed a timing issue which prevented players from getting credit for another
lock or super jackpot when the ball was released from the catapult lock and
quickly re-locked.
- Fixed an issue which could infrequently cause the flail to move at a slow
speed when it should have been in the open position.
- Fixed an issue where catapult multiball would not award KNIGHT letters.
- Fixed an issue where the Ball Saved animation could show when the ball was
not saved.

- Improved handling of outlane ball save during situations where multiball
ball saver is active or in grace period.
- Modified the Extra Ball light show to keep all the GI on.
- Modified the Triple Knights lock light shows to include backbox lamp
- Changed the relight shots in Lich mode to the same color as unfreeze shots.
- Changed the rules for WAR and RAGE lanes to keep the same lanes lit for a
player on their next ball in play.
- Reduced the amount of time the flail stays in open position after being hit
in Catapult Multiball.
- Volume Adjustments and Tweaks.
- Install Competition Mode sets

- Added RANSOM Wizard Mode
- Lit by spelling KNIGHT a second time in a single game.
- Started by shooting the left VUK.
- Classic Black Knight 2000 Sounds, Speech, and 14-Segment Display.
- Timed 60 Second 3-Ball Multiball. The ball saver does not expire.
- +5x Bonus
- ORBITS = 750,000

- Added LAST CHANCE feature
- To Qualify Last Chance:
- Player must be on their last ball in play.
- Player cannot have played a Catapult Multiball.
- Player must drain down the left outlane with no ball save lit OR
- Player must drain down the right outlane and press the magna-save button
before the ball drains.
- Timed Mode where the goal is to re-lock balls in the Catapult Lock.
- Lower Flippers are Disabled.
- Player gets unlimited balls served for the duration of the mode.
- Player controls the launching of balls into play.
- Completing RAGE lanes adds time and builds jackpot base.
- Shooting the Light Locks target adds time and builds jackpot base.
- Player must lock 3 balls in the Catapult Lock to start SUPER MULTIBALL.
- Time remaining gets added to the jackpot base.
- If the player cannot lock 3 balls, their game ends.

- Added SUPER CATAPULT Multiball
- 4 Ball Multiball, with new display art and lamp effects.
- Base value of multiball jackpots set during Last Chance.
- Locking a ball in the Catapult Lock sets jackpot multiplier to 2x until
the ball is released.
- Locking 2 balls in the Catapult Lock sets jackpot multiplier to 3x until
the balls are released.

- Added light shows for War Hurryup shots and War Hurryup Complete.
- Added speech for Extra Ball, Extra Ball is Lit, and Shoot Again.
- Added additional speech calls for mode intros.
- Added light show for Match sequence.
- Added shaker motor to the game intro when the Black Knight screams.

Moved to System 2.30:
Update Italian translation of "ENTER INITIALS" to "INSERISCI LE TUE INIZIALI"

1 week later
#676 4 months ago

Hey guys yesterday I played a LE on Location and suddenly put up a very high score Grand Champion 1.122.492.750.
I made over 740Mio in catapult multiball alone. So I wonder if this is a bug related to the 0.97 software? Anyone experienced this as well?

3 weeks later
#826 3 months ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

Lack of code updates is not encouraging for a pro owner. Hopefully they're working on some good stuff and this game hasn't fallen to the wayside.

Quoted from Yokimato:

Anyone have an inside track on an update to the pro code?

Pro owners... ITS HERE!!!

1.00 code is out. Even for the Pro!

LE V1.00 - July 24, 2019
- Fixed an issue where the catapult lock light show did not always play in
sync with the display effect for the lock.
- Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented a player from starting super features.
- During ball search, the right drop target bank would always try to reset 3
times. This has been changed to try up to 3 times if the bank fails to reset.
- Fixed an issue where the Loop Champion high score could not be above 5
- Fixed the formatting of high score entries that did not show score on enter
initials screens.
- Fixed an issue in Hell Hand mode where players could sometimes have an
incorrect number of shots remaining.
- Fixed an issue in Lich Lords mode where when multiple shots were collected
at once they would not always advance toward a KNIGHT letter.
- Fixed an issue where adjustment "Attract Flipper Speech" would not control
flipper speech.

- Refactored Black Castle mode.
- Increased scoring for all shots.
- Timer set to 99 seconds.
- Black Castle mode requires hitting all 3 center shots, then hitting a
remaining outside shot.
- After hitting an outside shot, the center 3 shots are lit again with
added difficulty to hitting the flail and shield devices.
- Once 4 sets of inner shots are completed, as well as 4 outer shots, the
shield will raise for a shot to start RAGE MULTIBALL.
- Final shot scoring includes a bonus for time remaining.
- If Black Castle mode times out, or is not completed, the Black Knight
survives and all modes become available once again.

- Changed default mode difficulty to EASY for all modes.
- After every time playing Black Castle mode during a game, all modes will
increase by 1 difficulty level up to the max difficulty level.

- Modified super feature timer. Timer now pauses during multiball.
- Default super feature time is now 20 seconds. Max time is 30 seconds.
Starting a new super feature adds 15 seconds.

- Increased the base scoring for WAR Hurryups to 2,000,000.
- Changed display effect priority when WAR Hurryups were running so you
can see the value of collected hurry-ups when a higher priority mode was
- Changed the WAR Hurryup final shot display effect to show the value
collected at the final shot before going to mode total.

- Changed extra ball display effect to wait for other display effects.
- Changed Extra Ball is Lit display effect to allow flipper buttons to

- Changed KNIGHT Spellout display effect to wait for mode shot display
- Modified POWER rules. POWER will only last until end of ball, mode
completed, or mode timed out.
- Changed Black Knight's Eyes to pulse throughout the game.
- Boosted the vocals in the Retro and Ransom multiball tunes.
- Increased volumes of RANSOM sound effects.
- Raised the left drop target any time the player goes into the castle VUK in
single-ball play.
- Changed rules so upper playfield loops are only added to bonus on that ball
and do not carry bonus value throughout the game.
- Changed add-a-ball so it can now be awarded on the left drop target.
- Changed Black Knight's mask color to green when he announces a ball lock.
- Changed Hold Bonus so it cannot be chained together from a previously held
- Added Millions PLUS scoring to Flail and LOOP during RANSOM Multiball.
- Changed Macin' Loops display effect priority so it would not show during
RANSOM multiball.

- Added RAGE Wizard Mode.
- Started by defeating the Black Knight.
- Frenzy-based scoring.
- 6-Ball multiball.

- Added scoring increases to the base value of modes.
- Each mode completed boosts a new mode's starting value by 200,000.
- All modes boosted by 950,000 after Black Castle is played.
- Additional shots to the flail before starting the mode will boost the
starting value of the mode.

- Added U-Turn scoring. U-Turns are lit by shooting an orbit shot. U-Turns are
started by making another orbit shot and will open the gates. Making
U-Turn shots in succession without hitting another shot will increase scoring
and progress toward Extra Ball (Default 25 U-Turns.)

- Added Catapult Lock difficulty adjustment.
- On Hard setting, a player can only light 1 more lock than they already have
- Competition install sets Catapult Lock difficulty to MEDIUM.
- Added an adjustment to keep left drop target raised during multiball.
- Game Adjustment #29 DROP TARGET UP IN MBALL defaults to YES

- Display Effects
- Added text to mode award display effects showing shots remaining for KNIGHT
letter and shots remaining for mode completion.
- All modes when completed now have a (monster name) defeated display effect.
- Added a Triple Knights lock status screen to instant info.
- Added the pending super jackpot value to the game interface.
- Added Black Knight Sword of Rage game logo to power on display.
- Added U-Turn high score entry.
- Added a Black Knight icon to diagnostics menu.

- Lamp Effects
- Added a light show for building Sword of Rage power at the right drop target
- Added additional light effects to indicate when POWER is active during a
- Added skill shot and super skill shot lamp effects.
- Added KNIGHT spellout letter award light show.

- Sound Effects
- Added mode complete and mode timeout sound effects.
- Added new Black Knight speech to mode progression after a few modes
have been completed.
- Added speech to KNIGHT spellout display effect.
- Added sound effect for upper playfield lock kickout warning.

- Score balancing has been updated for this release. Scores earned on previous
releases will be reset when moving to v1.00.0.

Moved to System 2.31:
Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.49.0

Added Service Menu selection UTIL->ENDGAME. This selection is only available
when there is an active game. When selected the operator will be prompted
to confirm that they wish to end the current game. Once confirmed and upon
exiting the Service Menu, the game will be in attract mode.

Added Standard Adjustment "ALLOW LEFT+START TO END GAME". Values are:
"NEVER", "FREE PLAY ONLY", and "ALWAYS". Default value is "NEVER".
During an active game, if the LEFT FLIPPER+START BUTTONs are held for
two seconds, the game will be ended.

Added Standard Audit "TOTAL PLAYS ENDED", which will track the number of times
a game is ended via the Service Menu or FLIPPER+START BUTTONs.

Added Standard Adjustment "CREDIT FORMAT". Values are:
For a USA coindoor when inserting three quarters:
"REDUCED FRACTION" would display "1/4", "1/2", "3/4"
"ACTUAL FRACTION" would display "1/4", "2/4", "3/4"

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