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Black Knight - Sword of Rage Club - Honourable Knights Only

By NeilMcRae

6 months ago

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#827 80 days ago

Joined the club yesterday (Premium) - loving the game....

One issue keeps happening - My spinner doesn't want to spin. even with very clean shot it can almost trap the ball or .... kills the momentum and it most often never makes it up to the WAR section. Anyone else with this issue ?

When I touch it seems to not be physically stuck but not ever having a newer game like this before I don't know what to expect.

#980 74 days ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

This has to be one of my favorite games of all time. Especially after latest code update. Last code update has made this
machine sing.
SOUND! I am having a Helluva time fixing my sound issues. The callouts are so loud they typically overdrive my speakers.
Additionally I find the callouts "Come At Me bro" and a few of the more abrasive callouts a bit to much.
I've been thinking of "Tweaking" the sound with the Pinball Browser app to soften the blow to the speakers and fix what
I feel is mishandling of our Lord Steve Richie's voice.
I noticed this changed why?
Other than that I have no quarrel with BSKOR. Other than combatting all the h@ters on this game.
Find me at Pinburg and I'd love to challenge you.
Granted I have the Premium model and simply love it. Will play PRO this weekend I hope to see what's
Additional. I've given some thought into adding some Monty Python sounds in the mix. While I love the mix
there are some Amazeball Tracks from Sir Ian I'd like to add.

TS - I agree ! Game is frigging awesome ... however I am an audio guy and I hear major distortion around call out / bass type sounds.
I bought the headset adapter and it does help but not 100%...

I am even looking at upgrading all the speakers but want to know if that helps or if it’s just garbage in garbage out.

Game is so fun and core update is fun... example - I am loving the challenge and speed while my even my youngest child loves it with last chance mode etc.

#1000 73 days ago
Quoted from Lord_RyGuy:

I set my speech attenuation to 5 and it sounds great. I equate it to lowering the "preamp" so it stops distorting and raising the volume of the "power amp" (by raising the main volume from the coin door) and it should be loud and clear.

This worked very well thank you both !!

#1017 70 days ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

OMG the BKSOR Pro with lightning flippers at Pinburg was off the hook.
I gotta do this to my Premium it was Insano

What/where are lightning flippers ?

1 month later
#1153 39 days ago

My Experience so far.....

Facts- I am new to Pin... bought Space Jam (played as a kid a lot) last Nov and it got me started/hooked....

Started taking my kids on weekends to play at places with tons of pins, had a blast. Place we go has 90+ games but no BKSOR.....Next step was buying a South Park (love the theme) and then I was just hooked.

Convinced my self BKSOR and metal theme was awesome.... also convinced myself I could do a pro and it would be 'Less expensive' - but then pulled trigger on premium at last minute. NEVER PLAYED THE GAME BEFORE PURCHASE!......

#1. BKSOR is so damn fun... so fast, amazing music and fantastic animations and simple to grasp rule set. Just really love this game.... I am no pro not scoring billions or anything but love the 'attack' feel and way you can start a monster, beat it and move on.

#2. Black Knight History - I am new to pinball and never played the original BK.... at one point played a few games on BK2K but that was in 2019. So I think its cool people have expectations but to me BKSOR is 'its own thing'... No disrespect to the old school folks but I entered with no baggage and perhaps that is why I like it so much.

#3. Not sure why people have said bad stuff about it..... Even F2F local people said (too many bricked shots etc). Again no I am pro but spend some time and its a glorious shooting gallery.

#4. Here is an observation..... pretty much promise first time this was ever said in the history of the interwebs..... BKSOR is one hell of a lot like space jam. Look as shot layout!!! Sure shots do different stuff / no upper playfield on Space Jam but the angles of the shots and open lower third are incredibly similar.

#5. Community around BKSOR has been great / answered questions and seem like 'good people' - really that is my favorite part of the hobby so far.

#6. Watching my kids and their friend come over and play PINS for hours not just video games is awesome... Nothing wrong with gaming just nice to see kids take to the kinetic joy of pinball.... and compete

Overall just love this game. Wonka is fun/still learning there as well but it totally a different game / feel / speed / flow etc. Its actually a good combo with BKSOR for HOU play IMO. Wonka has rule set I am just starting to get but it has a more random/advantageous feel to it. In BKSOR each ball has a mission..... you are there to beat monsters and the black knight himself and that is bad ass....

Not sure anyone really wanted to read this but might as well post it in the endless complaint fest that pinside can be at times. Pinball is in a renaissance and we should all be about one thing.... positive pinball .... Pins up / playfield pooling down.

[Mic drop] ...I'm out

#1157 36 days ago

Modded up flippers from @hooked look nice !

Recommend !

C4A35763-ED6F-4C2C-91FE-6C0243C1DE88 (resized).jpegF837D205-C454-43EE-885F-8BE334D3E55A (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#1254 18 days ago
Quoted from ezatnova:

Another quality control thing for people to check.
Kept looking through the rule guide for why the black knight target only counted one out of every two or three hits, but couldn’t find anything.
Finally looked up close and sure enough, the target was mounted so that the right side was jammed into the post rubber just to the right of it. So the target could only physically register if you happened to hit it hard and way on the left side.
Corrected the target and much better now! It actually counts when I hit it.
Before and after pics[quoted image][quoted image]

Myself and another LE owner both had this issue... easy fix and higher scores !!

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