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Black Knight - Sword of Rage Club - Honourable Knights Only

By NeilMcRae

1 year ago

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“Black Knight - Sword of Rage Club - Honourable Knights Only”

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Post #3 Black Knight Feature matrix. Posted by NeilMcRae (1 year ago)

Post #27 Rules card. Posted by NeilMcRae (1 year ago)

Post #539 remove upper Playfield Posted by Captainhook (1 year ago)

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#1161 1 year ago

Joining the club on Thursday with an LE! Love a good heavy metal pin.

Buying it used, he says he didn't order the upper playfield post because it's too easy as it is. I might still want one to make it easier for my wife. Will they still ship it? Did everyone here install it or did most leave it off?

What's everyone's speech vs music settings at?

#1164 1 year ago
Quoted from twenty84:

My distributor just sent the post, I didn't need to order it. I installed it but don't feel the game really needs it. If you think you might want it, it might be reasonable to have the original owner request it from his distributor.
Left the speech vs. music settings at stock.

I have a Polk sub under a JJ Pirates I think I'll have it share and see how it sounds. Also Pinstadium lights for the extra flashers. Can't wait, this is going to rock!

#1166 1 year ago
Quoted from Bagdad:

I had to order the post kit directly from Stern.
Speech +4 Music -4

Perfect! Thanks!

#1169 1 year ago

I have a nice framed printed poster of rules chart for a couple of my JJ games, are there any of these available for Stern games? I'd love to have one for BK and IM

#1171 1 year ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

It has been a couple months and BKSOR Premium just keeps me coming back for more.
Still need to install the Shaker Motor and pickup a couple mods. This game is in the long term collection for sure.

I haven't seen any must have mods for the Pre/LE on this one so far. Pingulp, cabinet protectors, Pinstadiums, but that's about it.

#1181 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

I've got a couple of the LE speaker light kits from Doug and I have to say they are freaking brilliant. Must have item on your LE

Nice! The instructions look complicated for LE install. Is it as bad as the diagram looks to take out those spacers?

#1198 1 year ago

This is a great game, but the code needs a bit more depth. Are they still working on adding to this game?
I'd love to see some more minions and monsters.

1 week later
#1249 12 months ago

Ok, need to check mine.....

1 week later
#1303 11 months ago

SR has said that he doesn't see a reason to add profanity to a pinball game, so that's out.

1 week later
#1348 11 months ago

That's cool, what figure is that?

#1362 11 months ago
Quoted from GrandFireball1:

Not gonna lie, this could really use another code update real soon... hopefully something will be announced at Expo.
I love the game, it’s just a bit too linear right now, and I’d like some more variety and strategy

Indeed, love the game but it's feeling pretty shallow right now. I play it a couple of times and go back to Maiden.

#1366 11 months ago

I need this...

#1372 11 months ago

Are Stern toppers bought through their online store or a distributor?

#1435 11 months ago

Do we buy the topper from the Stern store is a distributor?
Anyone know what the armor looks like?
Or the shooter knob?

#1446 11 months ago

Called Melissa at Cointaker and got put on the list for a topper. Nice!

#1449 11 months ago

This would be a one trick pony game without the upper pf.

#1477 11 months ago

Ok, Slight problem that started tonight. The auto launch isn't going all the way to the upper playfield half the time. This is also causing multi balls to build up in the lane. I've turned up the auto launch to max and no dice. It doesn't seem to be rattling in the shooter lane. Any ideas?

#1480 11 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Check to make sure its hitting the ball square. They come loose sometimes and get off center. Also theres a strength adjustment under the game adjustment menu to turn it up

It's the Menu item that says "Ball Launcher Strength" right? I cranked it up all the way and it didn't seem like the power went up at all. It's the first pinball I've seen that doesn't call it "Auto Launcher Strength".

#1483 11 months ago

Is this how other people's auto launch is? If not, is it the auto launch that needs to be adjusted or the shooter housing?

20191026_125551 (resized).jpg
#1485 11 months ago

Ok, the playfield had a little give, but adjusting the housing...

#1487 11 months ago

Thanks guys, between a little give on pushing the playfield over and slightly moving the housing over, my shooter is 100% again.

#1491 10 months ago

Thought I had my auto launch fixed and it started happening again. In slow mo it seems to be hitting this on the way up the ramp when it doesn't make it. Is this supposed to be sticking out like this (even if it's just a bit? ) Seems the metal would be flush with the wood.
20191101_181755 (resized).jpg

Edit: I got out my pliers and bent it to flush. That seems to have been the culprit.

#1501 10 months ago

Seriously in need of some new code at this point. It's gotten repetitive.

#1533 10 months ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

Those are sweet!! Are you going to sell those?

I really want those, but I'm not sure I'd be willing to take off the upper playfield to install them.

#1538 10 months ago
Quoted from November:

I don't sell this sorry, should be too expensive to make and to ship

Did you make them with the 3D printer? You could just share the file if so.

#1553 10 months ago
Quoted from TheRudyB:

IMHO, if you’re a player with good nudging skills and/or you don’t mind the game playing tougher on the upper playfield, then leave it off. Otherwise, swap it in.
But because it is such a simple thing, you can easily switch it either way whenever you want. So maybe you like it always playing tough upstairs, but when you have a pinball party at your place you want to make the game a smidge easier for players at a more modest skill level.

Do you have to remove the upper playfield to put it in? I got mine in the mail but haven't really looked at it closely yet.

#1562 10 months ago

Dang it, I want my topper and code update! Rarflflarghle.....
Getting impatient over here.

#1577 10 months ago

I can't wait for the topper. I hope it integrates with the shaker so that it feels like he's throwing a fit and shaking the machine.

#1582 10 months ago
Quoted from boogies:

I just joined the club, bought a pro.
It came with a non-installed mylar for in front of the knight. Any opinions on installing or leaving off?[quoted image]

Put it on. That's a brutal spot for the pf.

Mylar up!

#1584 10 months ago
Quoted from John1210:

Mylar the pf is a big call... once it's on its on and some people dont like Mylar on their pfs so just thinking resale.
I have an LE with quite a number of games. That area gets it a bit but not so much as to Mylar it. I would summise that the Mylar was included as an operators option. I would only ever consider it if I was throwing it out in the wild where it would cop a beating...
If I were buying a second hand one I wouldn't get one with Mylar... just my personal choice. For better or worse Mylar looks shit and it's a big area that it covers.
in short your call but my suggestion is don't do it.

Huh, I light up my games real bright (pinstadiums) and I never notice mylars except the old ones on my South Park. They peel off just fine if you don't want them though right? I've never removed them.

#1598 10 months ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

So my “ball launch” coil seems to be a little lazy all of a sudden. I cranked the coil power to 255 and it is now working, but anything shy seems to put me half way up the ramp. Anyone know what could cause that?

Had the same problem. For me it was a bolt coming up under the ramp, making it lop sided. Tightened it down and it fixed. Took me forever to figure it out.

#1666 9 months ago

Bah, how is this Black Knight Friday? Disappointing

#1706 9 months ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

That's not how much it is, that's the star wars topper. BKSoR is $430ish.

That's what I read also.

#1714 9 months ago

Aaaand, nothing on Stern of the Union. :/

#1743 9 months ago

Ok, so to get the topper by Christmas it HAS to drop within the next few days right?

#1750 9 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Don't ask me how I know, but don't expect the topper by Christmas. The Star Wars topper has taken priority in the production queue.

This pisses me off more than it should. I'm having a pinball party two days before Christmas and told everyone it was coming. Also having friends in from across the country that week and it would have been cool for them to see it. They shouldn't announce things they can't deliver.

4 weeks later
#1981 8 months ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Of all the things this machine could benefit from, tougher monsters wasn't one of idea who thinks the game needs to be harder.
Nice scoring tweaks though. So there's that at least.
What we really need is more ways to earn KNIGHT letters. And at least one more multiball or interesting side goal would be good. Especially for the pro. Just port catapult lock to a different shot even!

It needs more modes and more monsters IMO. Even if they just add more monster colors with different shots to hit it would be great. Something about the game is just repetitive. I love the light show, the personality, and the music, but the depth and variety is lacking.

#1989 8 months ago
Quoted from newtoit:

Theyll be livestreaming the new code on a pro at INDISC 2020 this weekend, maybe tomorrow. On twitch.iepinball

I wonder why they chose a pro to do it on?

1 week later
#2038 8 months ago

Still waiting on final code, then I'm going to try and DethKlok this machine.

3 weeks later
#2176 7 months ago

Good timing, listing my LE for sale this weekend.

3 weeks later
#2331 6 months ago

Just left the club today. Was fun but not a keeper for me.

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