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Black Knight - Sword of Rage Club - Honourable Knights Only

By NeilMcRae

6 months ago

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#1187 35 days ago

Well boys, I joined the club tonight courtesy of an amazing wife, for my 40th bday. She got me a Premium BK!

It’s 2:30 am now and I started messing with it at 9 pm. Haven’t played a game yet, lol.

The game came with 0.94 so it took me a while to go get a USB and download, unzip, install. Worked fine with a 64GB SanDisk 3.0 drive formatted to FAT32.

Some questions/comments/complaints:

- Is there really no “auto” ball save setting?! I LOVE that feature on my AC⚡️DC. Instead of being a fixed number of seconds for a ball save, it analyzes how the game is going and adjusts for you. For example, if the ball is bouncing all over after you launch it, ping ponging on the slings, etc, then dumps down an outlane without you ever touching a flipper, you’ll get a new ball. In BK, all I see are pure timed settings for ball save!

- holy crap that fan in the backbox us loud as hell and annoying.

- the speech seems WAY loud to me compared to the music. So far I have the speech attenuation at +30 and it’s helping a bit, I think. Music is at 0.

- I took the glass off and opened it all up to check for issues. Only notable thing I found so far is that somehow the CN9 board connection was MANGLED from the factory. I carefully unmangled all the pins with the machine off. That’s where my speaker lights will plug in, so hopefully I fixed it enough.

- that Mylar protector that came in the bag doesn’t look particularly fun to apply

- mods on the way: shaker, FF speaker kit, speaker lights, gray and orange titan flipper rubbers, orange start button, orange flipper buttons, orange plastic protectors, “wood” flipper-top decals, the lockdown bar graphic (makes me appreciate my AC⚡️DC metal lockdown bar accent)

Ugh, there’s that fan again. Maybe tomorrow I have to order that quiet fan mod. It’s almost louder than my Raven helicopter attract!!

13D9F346-C267-4900-A69A-36402D6C17F0 (resized).jpegF846867D-E3B7-4897-A22F-FE530C20E9C9 (resized).jpegD131123B-2208-4262-9616-458AE02D5B85 (resized).jpeg
#1188 35 days ago

Got a few games in. So much fun with the 6 ball multiball.

My only gripe is that I’d say about 40-50% of the time on a SOLID right flipper shot up the flail lane, the ball “rejects” when it hits the scoop where it should go onto the upper field, and rockets back down (often draining SDTM). Seems unfair and not right. I saw SR’s post about checking for screws sticking up, but I don’t see or feel any doing that.

#1192 35 days ago
Quoted from TheRudyB:

I’ve gotten my ration of those same rejections. Nothing seems to be affecting the ball on my game. Checked the ramp and it all seems smooth. No alignment problems that I could see on the scoop end. Even played it with the sound turned way down to listen for any signs of the ball rattling or hitting something. Every time it happens to me, it at least seems to be because my shot ultimately didn’t have quite enough oomph to make it - like when I used to play miniature golf and the ball wouldn’t make it up a loop-de-loop and then would come zooming back to the tee mat.
I’ve also gotten at least as many flail ramp shots in which the ball “vanishes” for about 3-5 seconds and then slowly comes back into view up top and finally plops onto the upper playfield like a dead weight - as if I shot it at the precise minimum speed that would still get the ball up there. It always pleasantly catches me off guard as I prepare for the drain rocket that doesn’t happen.
I’ve concluded that it’s all a combination of intentionally “evil” game design (you know: the good kind of evil) coupled with the Black Knight using his magic powers. I used to think that it was just the Black Knight’s sword that had magic in it but then I realized that he has magic powers himself: it finally dawned on me that I’ve watched him conjure up extra balls out of thin air right in front of my eyes on many occasions but never connected the dots.

Thanks for the info and experience. I dunno...seems like something isn’t quite right. I mean, my right flipper shots are SLAMMING up there. Plenty of force. To me it almost seems like the ball knicks or spins into something from having tTOO much force maybe? Or there’s just something it’s hitting that I haven’t seen yet. I played with the glass off for a half hour and manually tossed the ball up the ramp but couldn’t conclude anything. I’ll explore some more when I have time and it isn’t 4am lol

#1194 34 days ago

Well, after playing for serval hours:

- Really love this game. So many nice details, and the visuals on the field are really impressive as far as the lighting, knight, etc. So happy I went with a Premium. Played both on location and felt a little thin on the Pro. Loving the Super Skill shot and catapult multiball, and maybe most of all, Last Chance. What an awesome mode that is so unique.

- my concern about the flail ramp shot rejecting a lot has decreased a bit. Maybe something broke-in, or I don’t know what, but now it feels like only 10-20% of the solid right flipper shots get wrongly rejected back down that ramp by the U shaped loop up top.

- regarding the physical playfield, I am only noticing a few dimples from air balls. My AC⚡️DC had hundreds of dimples after the first night. Wonder if it’s just different play physics or if the play fields differ that much in hardness?

- love the speed of this game. And while certainly shots are brutal, I do feel like it’s no where near the mean-ness of AC⚡️DC, and I had much longer average ball times on BK than I can manage on AC⚡️DC.

- still can’t believe there is no “auto” option for the ball save like AC⚡️DC has (and I presume other Sterns). Maybe hope for this in a code update, or do new Sterns not allow this?

- just FYI, so far I’ve managed 148M, and in that game I achieved KNIGHT, but then my ball immediately drained, so I still haven’t gotten to see retro mode yet!!

#1196 34 days ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

What auto ball save option are you referencing? The factory ball save setting is 9 seconds and you can adjust it as you want.

On AC⚡️DC you can set it to “auto” instead of a specific time. It’s so much better. As an example, maybe the ball launches, bounces off the pops for 6 seconds, comes down and bounces from one sling to another for 5 seconds, then fires back up into another area and bounces around, then comes down the center and drains. 25 seconds went by and you didn’t touch a flipper and pretty much got screwed. AC⚡️DC on Auto would realize you did nothing to mess up and make a bad shot, so it would do a ball save. Similarly, maybe the ball is fired and goes right down to the flippers. You hammer away, hitting it off some close drop targets 5 or 6 times, then it drains to an outlane. It would NOT give your ball back in that case. Basically, it sense how your ball is going and accordingly adjusts a proper ball save. Never have I felt that it was too short or too generous, it works incredibly well.

#1199 34 days ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

Hmm. I’ll have to look at that when I get home. I don’t ever remember seeing auto or understand how the machine would know when to activate that feature.
I do know that the pops stop timers for ball saves and sometimes hurry ups and mode shots. Could this be what you are seeing?

No, I’m not seeing anything. It’s just that BK has no “auto” option in the Ball Save setting menu. Just “no ball save” or time specific selections 5-15 seconds. AC⚡️DC has all of those as well as “auto”.

3C8B9023-61CD-4022-9702-3089293E9CC2 (resized).jpeg
#1201 34 days ago

Odd technical question for you guys. Considered posting in a general tech forum but in case it’s oddly specific to BKSOR, I wanted to ask here

Messing with the settings again, I noticed it showed me a “TECHNICIAN ALERT: Left Flipper EOS switch”. I googled this a bit and learned that the EOS is the switch that changes the flipper button from the high voltage of the initial press, to low voltage when you hold the flipper.

Sure enough when I went into the menu for Diagnostic->Switch Menu->Switch alerts, then cycled through til I got to Left Flipper EOS, it showed OUT OF SERVICE when I selected it. I was simply able to change the setting to IN SERVICE. Now the “Technician Alert” is gone.

For what it’s worth, I checked the right flipper EOS and that is set to In Service.

Is this really odd? I assume that BKSOW isn’t supposed to have the left flipper EOS set to Out of Service?

#1203 34 days ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

Did you physically inspect the EOS to make sure it didnt break off or anything?

Well, thank you for making me double check. I think it is NOT CORRECT! Look at the permanent space between the two contacts, when the flipper isn’t pressed.

You think they’d test these things. I’d imagine this is not a healthy problem to have, as its messing with low and high voltage.

Also a WARNING for you guys with premiums and LE’s. CHECK YOUR CATAPULT PLASTIC little black screws. I played a Premium at the arcade before I bought mine, and while playing it, both screws came out and the plastic went flying. Now MINE just dropped the darn right screw and I can’t find the stupid thing anywhere. This is only after about 20 games. I’d advise everyone to remove and dab some blue locktite on them and reinstall before it’s too late.

BD8F5537-70D3-43AE-BDCD-6C9785D17828 (resized).jpeg79635C88-4B0B-47E3-B19D-CDA1DA4687E5 (resized).jpeg
#1204 34 days ago

Got the EOS fixed up like a charm.

While hunting for my missing tiny black catapult plastic screw (can NOT find it anywhere), I found this random loose screw in the cabinet bottom. It was totally missing from the apron/catch. Ugh.

Another question. Anyone apply the playfield protector sheet that Stern included in the bag? I’m tempted to do it but it looks like a huge pain where the one part curves under the shield and back by the VUK.
2FAF59E5-A351-4259-8767-98AE3BDBE8E5 (resized).jpeg

A138FC4D-8F6F-4FD9-9F63-B0CF57F43682 (resized).jpeg
#1205 33 days ago

Never found the catapult screw. FYI, they are 4 size screws, coarse thread, pan head. Had to spray it black. Locktite is your friend.

#1208 30 days ago

Spelled out knight for the first time tonight. Even hit the drop target that had KNIGHT MODE blinking at it. Then of course draino. GuessI also would have had to hit that same shot again and get the castle VUK. Some day I’ll get it.

Put the shaker motor, Flipper Fidelity, and speaker lights all on now. The shaker motor helped me out by rattling free my lost catapult screw! Bonus!

Not overly thrilled with the FF speakers. I can hear good amounts of bass if I lean down or walk away from the cabinet, but it’s a bit flat and tinny while playing. Set everything to their recommendations except I put some bass back into the backbox speakers. It was just way too sharp and thin. Needs more tweaking I think.

1310DA4F-B17F-4995-98DD-2CAD92E71F6F (resized).jpegBEDB54AC-A3A1-454B-95BB-64D65DC58A7D (resized).jpegF4B2AC55-02F9-477E-A46A-C391E9683A4F (resized).jpeg
#1210 29 days ago

Rule/bug question. Today I had a situation where the machine went fairly dark (ie like some special mode or something) and just the lightning bolt in front of the shield was blinking green. However, the shield was down. I smacked it numerous times and it did nothing. No shot anywhere on the game seems to change the situation.

It seemed almost like a bug, since it was just blinking at the shield but it wouldn’t lift. I did repeatedly hit the lock (mini shield) target to the right of the shield and it did nothing (as expected since no light was flashing for it).

Once the ball drained, the machine came more to life and seemed to be normal and have lots of shots available to do stuff.

Was I in some sort of odd mode, or is this likely a bug that needs addressing?

#1212 28 days ago
Quoted from newpinbin:

I have had this happen before on mine, not sure what shot causes it to happen. Also the entire playfield will turn on all the red lights only, which I actually enjoy at times.

I did notice the red looked nice lol. Anyway, hopefully Steve/Tim/stern reads this, or maybe we should submit the official bug via email?

#1213 28 days ago

Anyone have Flipper Fidelity and sound settings they’re happy with?

Installed the Flipping Fantastic Big 10” kit and initially set it to his recommended sound settings. To me, it felt supper tinny and “thin” out of the backbox with very little noticeable bass from the cabinet.

All of the “grunt” from Steve/BK’s voice disappeared as all the bass was filtered out of the backbox speakers, but the frequency of the vocals also gets filtered out from the cabinet sub. It was very sharp and crisp but not thick and full, of that makes sense.

Played with a few settings and put the cabinet sub back to 240 hz which allowed me to perceive noticeably more bass. Also took the backbox bass from 0 to +6 to stop it from being so cuttingly thin.

Overall still not thrilled. One thing I noticed is that I hear/feel very little bass from the cabinet while playing, but if I step a few feet away from the machine, the bass is a lot stronger. Naturally poor acoustics and speaker positioning in the game causes that, I suppose.

#1219 27 days ago
Quoted from applejuice:

My first thought on ideas for the next code update would be to make more use of the optos up on the upper playfield. I see and have shot fairly often 3 different loop shots. Would be nice to have some reward/rule layering for these types of loops aswell as the traditional one .
On my diagram (sorry for the quick rough drawing!, need to get back playing, lol!) The white and blue arrows are loops without code (other than 30 points!) the yellow one is the regular loop.
[quoted image]
Also, it would be good to have some reward/alternative use for cycling a ball in the castle lock when lock isn't lit and i'd also like more use of the lock down bar button. Different colours for other stuff aswell as magna save. Nothing feels better than hitting that button!

Definitely agree on the “top loop”. Annoying to bang that shot out 4-5 times in a row and have it give you 0

#1247 23 days ago

Another quality control thing for people to check.

Kept looking through the rule guide for why the black knight target only counted one out of every two or three hits, but couldn’t find anything.

Finally looked up close and sure enough, the target was mounted so that the right side was jammed into the post rubber just to the right of it. So the target could only physically register if you happened to hit it hard and way on the left side.

Corrected the target and much better now! It actually counts when I hit it.

Before and after pics

DF721CD4-17A4-488A-A284-36B6B251EFB9 (resized).jpeg64E7CBE5-8E1A-455D-AFBE-3CA27C96A3CB (resized).jpeg
#1255 22 days ago
Quoted from jbigdoggf:

Myself and another LE owner both had this issue... easy fix and higher scores !!

As a follow up, played a BK on location (and beat my home high score on the first game..DOH), and that machine ALSO had the target issue. Seems like a definite theme!

#1256 22 days ago

Had a ball get stuck up behind the shield. The ball finder did nothing to help. This was a glass-off situation and reset my game (oddly it launched two balls at the same time after the ball finder failed)

EAB9553A-A379-400D-9AEF-FA431B46873D (resized).jpeg
#1259 19 days ago
Quoted from Bagdad:

I didn't had that issue with the Black Knight target, but I noticed the upper playfield Light Locks Target was touching the rubber post. I moved it to the center using the 2 screws on the light locks plastic but it seems after a couple of games, it's starting to lean back toward the rubber post. Still, it's not touching yet. I noticed some screws holding the whole thing located Under the upper PF. It might be worth investigating, maybe they aren't tight enough.[quoted image]

thanks. I’ll be sure to check this, too. I do feel like a lot of times I hit that target and it hasn’t registered. Maybe that’s why.

I’m surprised you could move it via those two screws above it, at all. I’d think it would be the screws mounting the target from below, like most targets.

I’m imagining this is a huge pain to access the below ones though, since this is on the upper playfield?

#1272 16 days ago

Think my mods are all set for now until something else fun comes along. Have not installed the quiet fan yet since it involved more than I had hoped, after reading the instructions.

Unseen are flipper Fidelity 10” kit and shaker

Speaker lights
Orange plastics
Orange flipper buttons
Yellow start button
“Wooden” flipper toppers with gray bands (going for a catapult look) on the two main
Lightning bolt and orange band on the upper
Lockdown bar accent addition
Printed cards
FF19699E-1303-40C7-9F2D-16479FE091D0 (resized).jpegD546B08A-B5BA-4772-9938-115A07005C3E (resized).jpeg3E53BB34-F424-468C-9383-3E57F1725301 (resized).jpegB3183F94-F65B-4DB9-BEF1-95A734396CE9 (resized).jpeg

#1276 16 days ago
Quoted from Bagdad:

Are they the one from PBlife? I want to order them too, but the shipping is Killing me. (37usd to Canada....Seriously)

They are. I think the orange looks fantastic on this machine, which is why I went with them. Shame that shipping is so crazy to Canada.

#1286 15 days ago

FYI their part (although “from stern”) is totally missing the new hole for the post. You have to estimate where it goes and drill it yourself. Also it doesn’t have the washers you need to prevent it from cracking when you torque it down. Luckily I had them handy. I also got the drill location almost spot on so mine is working decently.

#1287 15 days ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Already got mine. Stern requires you to go through your distro to get replacement parts. The kit is free. Just call your dealer.

I just called them directly and they sent it with no issues. Figured I’d get the real deal since I had to drill the PBL part myself.

#1307 13 days ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

SR has said that he doesn't see a reason to add profanity to a pinball game, so that's out.

This would be the same SR that put F bombs and other profanity deep into AC⚡️DC code lol

#1329 11 days ago
Quoted from John1210:

I like around half the call outs. Most are fine... and I like the acdc homage ones also. I do agree some are a bit lame though but that’s par for the course really. I think the Winston callouts on gb are extremely lame... and that’s from an actual ghostbuster.

What are the AC⚡️DC homage ones?

#1332 11 days ago
Quoted from John1210:

Play better, give me your money

Ah cool, thanks. I had assumed SR did that in all his games

#1338 9 days ago

Anyone really make it to King’s Ransom? I’ve had several really solid games but never get past the K of the second round of KNIGHT. A) by that point you’ve probably had one or two Triple Knights, meaning you have to hit the light lock multiple times to open each shield. B) the second time around you don’t get any spotted letters, so it’s that much harder to complete KNIGHT.

Also, unless I’m missing various other ways you can get numerous letters, realistically, to get 10 letters (4 on the first time and 6 on the second since they aren’t spotted), you’re also going to get to Black Castle.

#1340 9 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Been to Black Castle multiple times. Defeated the Knight once. Best I have ever gotten was to the G the second time. I really think this needs to be dialed back a bit in the next update. It shouldn't be significantly harder to get to Ransom than to Rage.

Yeah, not sure what could be done but something would be nice. Your experience puts it into perspective.

Hmm, wonder which of my Wizard Modes I’ll never see more, AC⚡️DC or BKSOR!? Lol

#1342 9 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

There could easily be more thresholds for collecting letters:
-Half way through monster
-Defeat monster
-At least one hit during WAR hurry-up
-Complete WAR hurry-up
-Successful MagnaSave use?
-Super skillshot
-Cash in a certain size (1m+?) Super Modes Jackpot
-X number of U-turns
-X number of jackpots or super jackpot in Triple Knight Challenge and Catapult
(I know some of these are already how you earn them, just putting together a potential full list)
I like that idea better than just spotting more letters. Of course you don't want to be handing out RANSOMs like candy, so likely can't do all of these, but adding a couple more letter earning opportunities could go a long way to making it more obtainable. RETRO seems just right...I wouldn't want that to be easier. So if this was done I would eliminate the initially spotted letters. Or...maybe some of these could only go into affect after RETRO? Lots of possible solutions.

Exactly the way I feel regarding Retro (1 KNIGHT) being the right amount of challenge (granted it’s two letters spotted)

#1343 8 days ago

Can we not post videos to this forum? Got retro KNIGHT mode tonight and the ball just sat in the VUK and it played the fantastic retro music with the “WAR HURRY UP” screen stuck up there. Shook it. Mashed it. Nothing helped. Finally after two minutes it decided to flash the proper black knight retro screen up and eject the VUK. Ugh.

#1345 8 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Have to upload to YouTube then post a link.

Sorry, just realized that this morning and was processing it while you posted!

Here’s the video with description.

Not sure if it was just too much going on that I caused the code to freak out, or if it’s a physical bug or what. I was having Node 9 overcurrent protection but removing and replacing bulbs seems to have cured it for me, so I don’t believe it’s that.

Just FYI, when I was getting red Upper GI overcurrent errors, not only would the upper red lights obviously go out, but also the flame panel and then more mysteriously the shield would act up and not raise when it should be (ie Lock was lit). I don’t understand how that was impacted by node 9 upper GI (CN15) at all.

ANYWAY, check out this oddity

1 week later
#1360 1 day ago

Another heads up and suggestion for preventative maintenance...playing last night and a tiny unpainted round head screw appeared on the center of the play field. Killed the game so it didn’t drop down into the ball return.

Took a good 15 minutes of scouring the field for where the heck this one could have come from and finally found it. It was one of the four screws (two per side) that hold the opto boards for the catapult loader trough! The front two are completely covered by the decorative plastic (ironically one of those is what also fell off on my machine and another I played, when the screws holding that vibrated out). The back two can be seen if you pull the play field out a bit and just look from behind. That’s where I noticed a very tiny threaded hole and a hole in the opto board that looked suspicious.

Took off the plastic over the catapult and sure enough there were the identical screws still in place in the other three spots. I removed all the others and applied loctite and replaced. I’m sure it is only a matter if and not when all those little screws were going to come out. Suggest others do the same.

#1368 1 day ago
Quoted from Bagdad:

I had one screw and one washer hanging around on the upper playfield. Never found where they are supposed to go. Any ideas?

first post a picture of it

#1389 19 hours ago
Quoted from John1210:

ive noticed an issue with my Le just seeing if anyone else has had this problem or maybe its a code/bug thing.
Whilst playing, the game randomly seems to starting flashing (like a boot up node sequence when game is first turned on) not anything to do with normal lighting effects, sometimes after it does that I'm missing a row of red gi and sometimes the shield optos stop working. Weirdly enough when I start a new game the issue goes away. the shield optos always work in test mode as do does the lighting. I'm thinking a bum node board. Any ideas would be welcome?

Oh wow. This has been exactly my problem for weeks. Please call Pat in tech support at stern and talk to him tomorrow. Make sure to get him and not another tech. He will know about this as I’ve had about 50 emails and a couple hours on the phone about it.

Next step we are trying is to replace ALL upper GI bulbs but I have my doubts that it’ll fix it.

Mine fails anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes. 90% of the time the red upper GI goes out and the shield fails. 9% of the time the lights just flash but they don’t fail, but the shield does fail. 1% of the time the white upper GI will fail along with the shield.

Like you said, a new game, or even a new ball will fix the shield temporarily. Also holding the ball in a cradle in one flipper for 30 seconds and hitting the other flipper will reset the shield node signal.

I’ve found that when the GIs fail, it does store and Overcurrent protection. This can be seen under Tech Alerts in the service menu, and also under the Node bus test on Node 9 (it flashes to tell you there’s a problem). When you run the test, it flashes the lights and clears the problem. Obviously you need to pull the 48v safety switch when you open the cabinet door to be able to see the Overcurrent error.

For what it’s worth I already swapped node 8 and node 9 boards and it didn’t do anything to help. So it’s not a node board issue.

I don’t have the replacement bulbs yet but my distributor is coming over tomorrow to try and see the issue and see if he can fix anything.

FYI I started a thread about this under the tech forum for modern games, too.

Please report back with what you find out from stern and what path you’re taking.

So frustrating as it’s really ruining the fun of this awesome game for me.

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