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Black Knight - Sword of Rage Club - Honourable Knights Only

By NeilMcRae

1 year ago

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“Black Knight - Sword of Rage Club - Honourable Knights Only”

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Post #3 Black Knight Feature matrix. Posted by NeilMcRae (1 year ago)

Post #27 Rules card. Posted by NeilMcRae (1 year ago)

Post #539 remove upper Playfield Posted by Captainhook (1 year ago)

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#114 1 year ago

I was going to check out the mech, send like there should be an adjustment one way or another but I couldn't find a manual on stern's site (I am on mobile though so could be something wonky). Maybe just some screws that hold it to the bottom of the playfield need to be tightened or something?

#119 1 year ago

Rgb matching the insert? You'll sell 1000 of these.

1 week later
#148 1 year ago
Quoted from WonderMellon:

My first new pin. Loving it so far. Noticing a few things and wondering if I am the only one.
When the ball goes through the R in the W A R lanes up top, if it does not have significant speed, it stops at the bottom of the slot cut in the playfield. A slight nudge will dislodge it. Not a huge issue, but it does stop the flow of the game.
When the ball comes down off the right orbit, about 75% of the time it falls into the right slingshot instead of the right flipper.
Anyone else have the same issue?
The knight toy is awesome, but I think it is the call outs and taunts that really make this game great. So glad I have it in the game room where this is the only game playing. I think you will miss a huge part of the game with the sounds being drowned out on location.

What does your leveling bubble look like?

#150 1 year ago

Well played.

#189 1 year ago

Put a playfield protector on today. Very easy.
Remove: Flips, slingshot plastics, wireform, backboard (yes, the whole backboard). This will allow you to bend the pf protector into place. No hangup issues on this one.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Whoa. I def. Didn't remove the backbox but I did remove the entire ramp, the lower part of which was a PITA.

#191 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Playfield protectors SUCK

Pinside shitposters suck.

#195 1 year ago
Quoted from Cobray:

Unless you're putting your pin on location and that location gets a ton of traffic and the pin a ton of plays, playfield protectors are a waste of time IMO.

Mine is on location. They're only a waste of time if you don't care about playfield wear or resale value. Rolling metal ball is going to win eventually, it's just a question of how long it will take. If you want to debate it please find one if the PF protector threads and keep this one on BKSoR.

#199 1 year ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

I'm afraid this is a bogus newb fallacy. I have sold tons of well-kept pins over the years and never once had to discount for lack of playfield protector.

You are bad at logic.

#231 1 year ago

Got just over 150mil today. Almost 3x my previous high. My first time in classic mode, what a blast!

#246 1 year ago

There is a rule sheet in progress at tilt forums. You get knight letters for different accomplishments, such as getting to a certain number of shots in a mode, collecting super jackpots, war hurryups, etc.

#266 1 year ago

Damn dude that sucks. I hope stern gets you back up and running in short order.

#273 1 year ago

How many of your 80 games were on the pro vs premium / le?

#275 1 year ago

You may consider it worth mentioning, while you declare the prem/LE to be the best version of the game, that you've never even played a pro.

#278 1 year ago

Knight mode is awesome! Took me many games before I got there.

#282 1 year ago

Retro (spelling knight). Haven't gotten to castle yet!

#302 1 year ago

Full set protectors:

While they are spendy, I might hold out for a colored set. They look really good on my IMDN.

#333 1 year ago

Like 6 inches up from where it's sitting maybe?

#336 1 year ago

What's your raw material & source? Looks great. Did you have to flame polish the edges or anything or does it cut clean?

#349 1 year ago

Total break out game here. Still didn't get to the black castle! Drained right after qualifying. GC at our location was 252 mil and I didn't think it'd ever get beaten, nevermind by a scrub like me.

This game has a crazy "just one more game" factor.

#395 1 year ago

I feel like I hit the blue lit sword shot and nothing happens to show me I'm in an advanced scoring mode or anything. Is it off during multiball or certain times or something? What's going on here? So far I havent seen a reason to aim for the right side drop targets.

#397 1 year ago

Where is the 2x multiplier shown?

The other thing I dont have a handle on is the orbit inserts. I know the gates are open when they are lit red but I dont know what controls it.

#473 1 year ago

Those are pretty dope. Animated ones on the way?

#497 1 year ago

Those balls reserved for future expansion. Probably.

Maybe balls 5 and 6 will turn out to be our "are you a god?" Lol

#508 1 year ago

I called stern and they sent me one for free. They said they stopped including them with munsters.

1 week later
#567 1 year ago

Modes are worth a lot of points but it seems like you can get a lot more with supers at the current code.

#576 1 year ago
Quoted from darcangeloel:

What is your favorite mode?

Hydra, the biggest lizard he could find. (Bog?)

It's a simple mode but it's really fun. I've had 3 different occasions where I sealed 4 heads and sliced the right orbit only to run out of time. One of those times I extended on the left standups like 6 times before running out, it's maddening and has become my white whale. Usually I drain way before then, though.

#588 1 year ago

You can adjust that switch to a hair trigger to decrease the reduction in momentum if that's hanging it up at all. You may have a small amount of olay in the posts and can loosed the screws and justify the posts outward if the lane is too narrow.

#620 1 year ago

I have a pro but I will say I was surprised how quickly the stock pinballs started to look dinged up. Take a look at yours and see if they need changed out.

That said the vivak or whatever is likely less durable than the lexan.

1 week later
#701 1 year ago

You know GD well I've never seen it!

#725 1 year ago

That's pretty dope. I like the leather.

My pro came with a blue post, it was from early in production. Black would have been cool.

1 week later
#759 1 year ago

I wish they would give us peasant pro owners a code update.

1 week later
#816 1 year ago

Lack of code updates is not encouraging for a pro owner. Hopefully they're working on some good stuff and this game hasn't fallen to the wayside.

#828 1 year ago

Lots of good stuff in the pro update! Yay! Looking forward to seeing how the modes and war hurryup values change the game.

It says multiball stops super timer, I assume that is to say supers are not eligible in multiball? Or is it a super free for all in multiball?

#867 1 year ago

For the pro the easier modes are going to be a big help for enjoyability, especially on location I believe.

#905 1 year ago

Re: spinner not settling. Make sure the spinner arms are square as well as the bracket and that nothing is binding. I put a little bit of graphite lube on a q-tip and applied sparingly to the two arms as well as the flat of the switch lever where it contacts the activating arm and my spinners are super juicy.

#911 1 year ago
Quoted from Guidotorpedo:

You know what we need...... adult mode callouts. Make it so, Tim and Steve. Instantly makes it a cult classic

Bahaha this is a much better idea than mean knight mode.

Rage over the knight getting progressively less confident is a pretty bold take. Just get pinball browser and copypasta the mean sound files you want over the other ones.

1 week later
#1024 1 year ago

The lightning flippers actually shot really well. I played it once and got over 60m which I felt like was pretty good. Not sure why they felt they needed to make the game even more of a bastard though!

1 week later
#1051 1 year ago

Update now. Changes the game for the better.

2 weeks later
#1130 1 year ago

I had some funky issues with insert lights a little bit ago but didnt have a chance to troubleshoot. Is there anything with this system like loose connectors or anything? For example extra ball was lit when it shouldn't be, and the "lock" and "light lock" inserts were both lit (they should be mutually exclusive). The hell hand inserts were also blue instead of purple. Weird stuff.

2 weeks later
#1202 1 year ago

Did you physically inspect the EOS to make sure it didnt break off or anything?

3 weeks later
#1320 11 months ago
Quoted from TheRudyB:

I was about to bolt my BKSOR to the floor when they activated these call outs in the code release.
If indeed he blesses the wussy Black Knight as the knight's permanent and only persona, then it's quite clear that Steve Ritchie has irrevocably gone full-George Lucas and created his pinball version of Greedo shoots first. Very sad. Because we all know that's just a gateway to him creating his pinball version of Jar Jar.


#1323 11 months ago

You all are so dramatic. If it's so offensive to you just use pinball browser and dupe / change / delete the callouts you don't like.

It can't just be "I don't like the callouts" it has to be Steve Ritchie ruined my childhood and has IRREVOCABLY used humor in a way that makes my eyes rain because the black knight belongs to all of us and when he used to say give me your money it was funny scary not funny haha.

How dare he alter the rich and deep canon of the world of the black knight.

#1328 11 months ago

Your logic is bad.

1 week later
#1384 11 months ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Not really a topper guy but Damn.

Same. This is the first one that's tempting.

#1433 11 months ago

Probs line up with the topper release

#1462 11 months ago

That could be pretty dope

2 weeks later
#1509 10 months ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

Just rebuilt my flippers yesterday as they had the dreaded coil stop disintegration issue.
I was hoping it would help with the weak right flipper, but it didn't.
Can't make the center ramp on my premium after a long game.
What are people doing about this issue?

Are you positive it has the correct amount of up/down play?

#1530 10 months ago

So who tries to light the outlane save vs. Trying to hit the black knight mode qualifying targets during ball save?

2 weeks later
#1630 10 months ago

Has anybody gotten an ETA on topper production / shipping?

#1639 10 months ago

My prediction:

This game needs a 2nd set of monsters and more mode content, but we will get topper integration and a few tweaks and fixes.

#1642 10 months ago
Quoted from John1210:

Games with good momentum/sales get regular updates, games like munsters, wrestling, even aerosmith and guardians, code takes a lot longer to flesh out for weak selling games. just one guys observation

This is the basis for my hypothesis.

#1644 10 months ago

How do they not have an animation for the hydra showing which heads you have cut off?! No brainer!

#1701 10 months ago

That's not how much it is, that's the star wars topper. BKSoR is $430ish.

#1734 9 months ago
Quoted from newtoit:

Sterns asleep at the wheel with this one, topper and code.

You mean just not shipping the topper yet? Cuz it looks like the best topper in modern pinball.

As far as code I'll say two things. I don't know if he's in charge as far as these things but Tim hasn't released incremental code updates with this game in the way it happens with most stern titles. We've gotten what, 3 big-ish code updates? 4? Most titles get semi-weekly updates the first few months they're out. So maybe he's saving up for a big one.

Point two: less popular games get less attention. There's plenty of options for animation updates, additions, and code expansions but with the way people just don't seem to be digging this game as much as myself and many of you I am a bit pessimistic as to how much more they're going to put into it. I hope I'm wrong and there's going to be a lot in there along with the topper update. As somebody that loves the classics I think this game is an A-1 top titties marriage of classic brutality and modern smoothness but the rest of the pinball community ignores it and is enamored with generic dinosaurs I just can't seem to get into for some reason.

I really want to love JP3 but it just doesn't click. At all. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills the way people are throwing praise at it.

#1766 9 months ago

Damn 16 new posts I thought we had a code update or topper info

#1798 9 months ago

Reportedly going into production around Christmas. See like 5 posts up.

#1806 9 months ago
Quoted from tilted81:

I remedied it by throwing them in the trash.

Some might characterize this as unwise

#1826 9 months ago

Looks like a screw from the middle flat part of a ramp, possibly from a plastic.

#1832 9 months ago

Here's an odd request... can anybody get me a close-ish photo of the black knight mech with a tiny Santa sat on? Like stolen from the elf on a shelf or something? Need it by noon. Reasons.

#1845 9 months ago

Was really hoping I'd get the damned topper already!

#1901 9 months ago

Dammit. So many new posts and they're all about adhesive.

#1927 9 months ago

Dude I'm looking right at your photo and don't see where it goes so good on you

#1931 9 months ago

That's not completely underwhelming but I'm not feeling very whelmed over here.

#1944 8 months ago

You guys are unnecessarily brutal. Not just critical but mean spirited. Take a walk in a park today or something. Maybe put some extra non-dairy creamer in your coffee.

#1996 8 months ago

I think that's a good thing to balance out just going for MB and stacking supers. If you can't keep enough control, you dont get the stacks / points. Also helps that it's the add a ball shot. (Pro)

1 week later
#2033 8 months ago

Haven't tried it but you should be able to get all the music from the game through pinball browser right?

#2044 8 months ago

Thunderhorse by Dethklok

#2064 8 months ago

Drained in the last mode before black castle! Aaargh! Never even came close before. What a fun freaking game.

#2096 8 months ago

The angle will change with speed so you cant really have both right?

#2109 8 months ago

Wowowow! HUGE game on a pro! Where did most of your points come from?

#2111 8 months ago

The timer is so short it's what gets me

#2147 7 months ago

I thought the bad rap it gets is from it making the game too easy.

#2161 7 months ago

IIRC there are nuts under the score / price cards on my pro. There may also be screws in the front. Those should be obvious when you lift the PF but the fasteners under the score cards are sneaky. I was thinking about sending my translite to be signed but effort.

#2203 7 months ago

The way I was reading the update log super values esp during multiball should be a game changer.

#2208 7 months ago

I vote for beginning game selection of Scott Ian, alternate soundtrack, or C&C music factory

#2222 7 months ago

I might be the only one that likes the manga save as a super collect but it is partly because the manga save never works if the ball is actually on it's way out. Need more powah.

Anybody hear word on projected topper ship dates?

1 week later
#2260 7 months ago

Same thing on my ramp posts. Give em a wiggle / hand turn test next time you have the glass off for sure.

#2269 7 months ago

Your right flipper may have too much (or possibly too little) play if the coil stops are good. If you pull the flipper up it should only move the thickness of a credit card. You can also compare it to the left.

#2283 7 months ago

I gave my dizzy money in November and he told me a few weeks on delivery.

#2291 7 months ago

What was the installation like? Pretty easy bolt on job?

I just had to stop myself from annoying my distributor about when mine would ship.

1 week later
#2322 6 months ago

Ordered mine in fucking November and crickets.

#2350 6 months ago

Got mine in the mail yesterday! Hopefully get to install it soon (on route) been crazy busy.

#2356 6 months ago

Installed the topper and started it up. Only one eye came on, no movement or flames, and the game got wonky with this weird stuttering issue every ten seconds or so. The node board on the topper (access under the right flame gate thing) had all dip switches set to off when the first needed to be set to ON. Chas got me straight but be advised. You may want to take a peek before installing as I'm concerned it might have jacked some other stuff up as it was also giving me a node board 8 error in the menu. Only 3 screws to remove to look at it might be worth it for yall. After getting it straight the topper is awesome!!

3 weeks later
#2435 5 months ago

Try to restore factory settings just in case the shield was disabled or something goofy as a first step I'd say. I think it's in adjustments > resets. The conditions that should open the shield are lighting the lock and qualifying a mode. Neither of them lifts the shield?

1 month later
#2550 4 months ago

For the upper flipper look at the coil stop being loose / broken first. Thia has been a big problem with the last few releases.

2 weeks later
#2607 4 months ago

I'd check the alignment and make sure it is centered on the ball when it strikes. If it doesn't rest on it in the shooter lane you can shove it forward a bit and tell where it impacts.

(My BKSoR is at a closed location or I'd look at the color spring for you. Someone else will have to help with that but it shouldn't have that hard a time getting to the top.)

1 month later
#2686 76 days ago

My pro started having a ton of airballs as a few of the posts got slightly loose. Make sure all of yours are tight. In general this or an uneven playfield surface will cause them.

1 month later
#2937 20 days ago

Love it, nice work. What was your method?

#2945 18 days ago

Maybe. Verify the dip switches on the right side. The correct settings are somewhere in this thread. If that fails call stern.

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