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Black Knight - Sword of Rage Club - Honourable Knights Only

By NeilMcRae

6 months ago

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#628 3 months ago

Is it normal that my flail look a bit rough? I thought it would look polished like a pinball, but it actually look a bit like rough material?

P1030827 (resized).JPG
#636 3 months ago

Quick question: Should I install the playfield "mylar" that was included in the box if my pin is for HUO?

#653 3 months ago
Quoted from Captainhook:

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, the wrong text on page 8 in the Black Knight LE owner's manual

Haha, yeah I notice the same yesterday.

1 week later
#703 3 months ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Definitely white.

How does it look overall? Do you have complete playfield picture?

#712 3 months ago
Quoted from Manic:

Maybe clear (lexan,polycarb,etc) washers to protect the slings? Work great and look much better - hardly noticeable.

I would also like to see what the game look like with something else than black rubbers. ...Maybe couple of pink GI in the back too ...

2 weeks later
#799 87 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Joined the club this past weekend. Love this game! Just put in the Stern art blades tonight and I think they look awesome and really help fill in the vertical space on the pro. Love them!

Looks great.

I'm really hesitating between art blades or mirror blades. I have a Premium tho. I wonder if the second PF and other stuff on the Prem will hide too much of the art. Plus, I really like the "lighting reflection effect" that the mirror blades create…

Any thoughts?

#810 86 days ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

I just installed mine, coming down the bottom it throws it right to the flipper, definately keeps the ball up there longer.

How does the nylon nut's installed under the new post? Is it just sitting on the second PF? Can you show a picture?

#817 86 days ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:It doesnt hit the upper pf, it just hangs down forcing the rubber out a bit. Im about to try to fix the ironing board plastic so i will grab a pic of the physical game enhancement

Thanks for the clarification, and pictures. Where did you get the replacement part? Stern directly or Distributor?

#859 84 days ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

Premium Catapult Update[quoted image]

What's the update? Pink lights?

1 week later
#1006 77 days ago
Quoted from mandelbloom:

[quoted image]

Where is that from?

#1034 72 days ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

We are doing a soft launch for our flipper toppers. We will list them here in our pinside shop today. The web site will have them by Sunday night. Kits come with the black flipper cover and our metal cast swords. Black mask overly install is optional but it really makes the swords pop.

How do they attach to the flipper?

#1041 71 days ago
Quoted from Grandnational007:

5) If a ball is stuck behind the upper right flipper on the white plastic “ironing board” shaped plastic, you are missing the metal washer in the “flipper stack” consisting of a 2” long clear small diameter spacer, a fat white nylon spacer, a metal washer between the fat spacer and the ironing board from bottom to top. Some games got out without the metal washer. Use a metal washer (with a ¼” inner diameter, and just about any outer diameter under ¾”) and insert into the stack on the flipper shaft between the fat nylon spacer and the ironing board. Here’s how to do it:
* You do not have to remove the plastic upper playfield.*

I hope someone post a video of this. It would be less intimidating than reading that wall of text

#1045 71 days ago
Quoted from Grandnational007:

“Crawl home to your mamma, maggot!”

Haha, yeah what do you want, I'm a visual.

1 week later
#1092 61 days ago
Quoted from Draegermeister:

I changed all of the GI bulbs to warm white, because I thought the red really hid a lot of the art, and the cool white didn't look "Black Knighty" enough.

Can you post a picture of the "whole" playfield?

#1109 54 days ago

Anyone changed their rings for Titans or SuperBands? How does it play?

I've seen a complete kit of red superbands on marco. Curious to see what it would look like with all reds.

Also curious to see how it looks with other colors.

#1111 54 days ago
Quoted from Jesder:

I went with orange Titans on mine.

They are more bouncy than the black.

Interesting, do you have a picture without the lighting?

#1116 53 days ago
Quoted from TheRudyB:

On first glance, these also look pretty "thick" to me ("wide" is part of that look, but there's something else I can't quite put my finger on that's making me say "thick" for some reason.)

Same here.

If you look at DeadPool or Munster side armors, the shapes are way better imo. These ones feel like they hide way too much of the art.

Katana_Armor_REVComp_072418_1070x1070_crop_center (resized).jpgMunsters.Pro.Armor_1070x1070_crop_center (resized).jpg
#1120 53 days ago
Quoted from TheRudyB:

- something with the MagnaSave yellow and red ringed circle with the blue/white lightning (could ring the flipper buttons on both sides)

I thought about that idea too.

They could also cut into the black area around the sword "a la Deadpool", but I'm not sure that the shape would be nice.

#1121 53 days ago

Found this on YouTube. (Video of upper playfield removal)

Might interest some.

#1129 49 days ago

Installed Stern Art Blades in my Premium this morning, using the wet method.

Left side went like a charm, but I managed to make a freaking 7cm fold line on the right side while lifting the playfield during installation.

"Luckily", the fold is totally hidden behind the ramp, making it impossible to see when the playfield is down. When the playfield is lifted tho that's another story, it looks pretty bad.

I'm hesitating on ordering a new pair and replace the blade on the right side, or just accept that there is an ugly monster hidden under the playfield and carry on with my life.

P1040002 (resized).JPGP1040003 (resized).JPGP1040006 (resized).JPG
#1137 47 days ago
Quoted from CodeMonkey:

Any idea where this plastic goes ?
I found it loose under the mid-playfield ball launch chute exit.
Also why does the manual not include the plastic parts location map ?

Right Under the ramp.

P1040010 (resized).JPG
#1138 47 days ago
Quoted from Jesder:

I had the exact same issue over the weekend. The game continued to play fine, but inserts were not matching the gameplay. I noticed it once or twice a week ago, but brushed it off as a code bug. On the weekend however it was present across multiple games in a row. I also had times where the WAR inserts wouldn't light.
I went through checking connectors in the headbox and under the playfield. Checking everything was seated and also reseating the ethernet connectors.
Nothing looked out of place, but I haven't seen the problem since. I may still have an issue there, so will be keeping an eye on it.

Haven't noticed anything related to inserts but something that happent to me a couple of time was the addition of player 2 while I was playing. (At least 3 times since last code update)

#1139 47 days ago
Quoted from newpinbin:

Same method I used/ water/soap. If you can't see the fold I would leave it.

Yeah, I'm still on the fence about that. I was thinking of maybe ordering a new pair, just for the tranquility of mind, and keep them as spare. If at some point my installed blades get scratched or anything, I'll replaced the folded one.

1 week later
#1165 39 days ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Will they still ship it? Did everyone here install it or did most leave it off?
What's everyone's speech vs music settings at?

I had to order the post kit directly from Stern.

Speech +4 Music -4

#1189 36 days ago
Quoted from ezatnova:

- mods on the way: shaker, FF speaker kit, speaker lights, gray and orange titan flipper rubbers, orange start button, orange flipper buttons, orange plastic protectors, “wood” flipper-top decals, the lockdown bar graphic (makes me appreciate my AC⚡️DC metal lockdown bar accent)

Please post some pics once your Titans are installed. I want to change mine, but unsure what color to choose.

#1206 32 days ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

I'd love to see some more minions and monsters.

You know I was thinking about that too, but I had little hope due to the amount of work involved.

Then I had this idea: They could use the good old videogames/boardgames tricks of having variations of the same monster using a different color. You know when they have a green goblin (easy), blue goblin (medium), red goblin (hard) etc. They could re-use the same animations & models, but re-render the video using a different shading/color for the monster. They could have a "master" hell hand (Green), or a "master" Lava Beast with Cyan Lava, etc. They could have matching inserts color that pulse and you have to shoot only when it's lighted. I think it could be nice to add "levels" for monsters using those kind of tricks.

#1239 26 days ago
Quoted from TheRudyB:

Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere here that I recall, so I'll just ask (and ask advance forgiveness if I missed it): does everyone's Knight raise and lower his shield three times at the new game start .

Mine does that. I never noticed it before latest code update tho. I thought it was only when you first boot the machine and start a game. But yeah, pretty sure it's intentional so the knight look intimidating.

#1257 21 days ago
Quoted from ezatnova:

Another quality control thing for people to check.
Kept looking through the rule guide for why the black knight target only counted one out of every two or three hits, but couldn’t find anything.
Finally looked up close and sure enough, the target was mounted so that the right side was jammed into the post rubber just to the right of it. So the target could only physically register if you happened to hit it hard and way on the left side.
Corrected the target and much better now! It actually counts when I hit it.

I didn't had that issue with the Black Knight target, but I noticed the upper playfield Light Locks Target was touching the rubber post. I moved it to the center using the 2 screws on the light locks plastic but it seems after a couple of games, it's starting to lean back toward the rubber post. Still, it's not touching yet. I noticed some screws holding the whole thing located Under the upper PF. It might be worth investigating, maybe they aren't tight enough.

P1040022 (resized).JPG
#1258 21 days ago
Quoted from John_I:

Yes, everyone check your BKSORs carefully.
No chipping here, but my BKSOR LE has some of the pooling of clear around the posts. Shows up as a ripple around the posts. Not bad compared to the Wonka and JJPPOTC games as I've seen and it is only on a handful of post and not on others. I have contacted my distributor and sent a bunch of detailed pictures. Basically the clear has not fully cured. It is soft. I went ahead and put clear washers underneath the two worst of the posts.

I noticed that my game has some "lifting" Under the war lane posts.

What's the best way to fix this? What were the clear washers that was used?

I spotted theses, would that be usefull?


P1040025 (resized).JPG
#1271 18 days ago
Quoted from SmasheyBashe:

I've seen it mentioned before that people are getting pretty short life out of their balls on this game, specifically the factory balls from stern, as people say they are generally lower quality than what people are replacing with. Mine are looking a bit dinged up so I ordered some shiny new balls for all my machines from ball baron. Side note - this was my first time buying from ball baron and the entire transaction was great. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for balls.

Yeah, I changed mine too for Ball Baron, just remember to order the Carbon Steel balls because of the magnet.

Quoted from NeilMcRae:

which model and date build?

I have one center post with "bubbling", and one war lane post with "lifting".
[Premium April 2019 Canada]

#1274 17 days ago
Quoted from ezatnova:

Orange plastics

Are they the one from PBlife? I want to order them too, but the shipping is Killing me. (37usd to Canada....Seriously)

#1290 16 days ago
Quoted from pballjunkie:

Does anyone know how to order or the part numbers for the upper playfield enhancement for the ball to bounce to the upper flipper like in sterns last video?

Had to deal with Stern Tech Support directly, my distributor did not had the parts.

#1291 16 days ago
Quoted from John1210:

The lifting (which is barely even visible) I have around some of the posts to me anyway is not a concern and falls well within the boundary of what I expect. My distro explained Stern doesn't consider it grounds for replacement.. and I agree. I was told if it ever cracks or breaks etc then its a new populated pf....

Yeah, I don't really care for the bubbling/lifting too, since it's barely visible. But if it chips over time, I'm gonna be really offended.

#1299 15 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

I would love to see a second monster for each realm. I am guessing (and just a guess) that was planned, at least in the beginning. Otherwise it doesn't make sense that they labeled the inserts with the realm name instead of the monsters name. That said, I realize that is a huge undertaking and am not holding my breath. Sure would be cool though since the character designs in this game are freaking awesome...I'd love to see more.

I think they could just add a "level 2" of the same monster. Changing his color and a bit his appearance and then re-render the animation.

Quoted from Jesder:

- Extra Ball lit / Extra Ball awarded play out of sequence. If you get the ball into the lock behind the shield before the extra ball is lit animation plays, it will play the extra ball awarded screen first. In this scenario it doesn't make sense to play the extra ball is lit animation at all, but at a minimum they should play in the correct order.
- On occasions the game will add a second player on a single press of either the start or lockdown bar buttons.

I've seen the second player bug a couples of times.

Also the extra ball award callout, and then extra ball is lit callout.

1 week later
#1361 2 days ago

I had one screw and one washer hanging around on the upper playfield. Never found where they are supposed to go. Any ideas?

#1391 1 day ago

Have you seen or heard anything on the side armors?

#1422 2 hours ago
Quoted from TheRudyB:

I'd like to see a pic of it installed on all three models. But right now I'm not feeling it.

Same here, I think they are way too "large". But never know, I'd like to see installed picture too.

#1423 1 hour ago
Quoted from ezatnova:

first post a picture of it

These, they were lying between the catapult and the curve metal rail.

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