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Black Knight SOR - How deep is the code?

By Twiedel

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Hello all,

looking for some info/advice on BKSOR. Really like music and design on this pin (had the opportunity so play three games at a distributor), but I'm wondering how deep the code is. Potentially interested in picking one up, most likely an LE - but I don't have space for many pins and can't easily swap out pins. So my main concern is that a table keeps me busy and motivated for quite some time, and that usually means a lot of things to achieve and see, and at best an elusive wizard mode that serves as long term motivation.

Maybe some of the current or past owners can give me better idea of what this pin offers in that regard!

Thanks in advance,

#2 1 year ago

Not deep, but not really intended to be deep.

The goals are fairly simple... kill the monsters, work your way up to defeating the Black Knight. Along the way, you’ve got the Triple Knight’s Challenge multiball and retro multiball, hurry ups, etc.

What keeps you hitting start is the challenge of working your way through the journey. There’s great music, lights, callouts, etc.

#3 1 year ago

I usually enjoy a game with a lot to see too, and I'll agree BKSoR isn't really that. However, off all the games without a lot to see, it's one of the few that I still keep coming back to.

#4 1 year ago

It's meant to be a fast game and doesn't have complicated rules like others. It shoots great and gets your adrenaline pumping for sure. It is a great compliment to a collection that has 'deeper' rules. I have a TWD ACDC and JP which make you think a lot more when you play. But BKSOR is just plain fun.

I like the wizard modes in BKSOR because getting there rewards shooting skill and not having to remember 3-layer deep rules.

Looking at your collection, I don't think either of your other machines are considered deep games, so are you looking for something more than those?

#5 1 year ago

I see houdini on your list. Waaaaay better game. I own both.

#6 1 year ago

It isn't super deep, but still has plenty to do. You have the five main modes (the monster battles), each with their own distinct behavior and atmosphere. The SoR "Power" feature is similar to a bulked up Star Trek "Away Team" where the shot pattern changes and shots become worth more.

Then there is Triple Knights Challenge multiball, and in the case of the prem/LE only (sadly), Catapult multiball, which can be stacked together and on top of a mode.

WAR hurry-ups add a nasty bit of risk/reward and break things up a bit.

Doing well in the modes and hurry-ups collect KNIGHT letters which lead to the Retro and RANSOM modes based on the older games in the series. The first one serves as a nice, very obtainable mini-wizard mode and a nice "break" from the battles. I still haven't seen the second one...

The super modes are a very cool side objective, add nice risk/reward and some cool strategy. Is it worth hitting that nasty dangerous center shot to start another super? Should I concentrate on boosting them instead of going for my mode shots? Oh crap I want to use my magnasave for a safety net, but if I do that will cash in my supers early! It's a great extra layer, and can be very lucrative.

Finishing all the battles gets you to the main event against BK himself. This isn't terribly hard to get to, but beating him is another story (at least for me) as it requires a lot of super dangerous center shots. Very intense and satisfying to reach. But that's not the end. If you manage to beat him, get ready for the big payoff, RAGE multiball. I've only managed it once, and it was awesome.

In all I guess I would consider it average depth. There is definitely more to do than say Iron Man, Munsters, most '90s games, etc, but it's no where near TWD, BM66, JP levels of depth. I would put it somewhere around Spider-Man's depth level I guess (but nowhere near as long playing).

#7 1 year ago

Thanks for the replies guys! Really helpful to get some of my impressions on BKSOR confirmed.

Quoted from Black_Knight:

Looking at your collection, I don't think either of your other machines are considered deep games, so are you looking for something more than those?

I just started with Pinball about 1.5 years ago, so I'm looking to dive deeper as I'm becoming better at playing. Just confirmed a deal for it, Houdini is on the way for the slot of pin #3. My lineup will be MM, DP, Houdini next week. Looking for a potential fourth one, and there I was thinking about Black Knight as an option, mainly because of the theme and the "wow this is totally different" factor. On the other hand, I'd love to have one "spare" slot in case some killer theme comes out at TPF (some really cool stuff being rumored!)

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