black knight cpu rom chips

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#1 7 years ago

forgive me for sounding like a n00b.

i'm looking for some cpu chips for black knight (the actual game roms). what are some good reputable sources for these? is it possible to buy blanks and write them myself? (i am nerdy enough to try)

#2 7 years ago

Action pinball and amusement, has Black knight rom chips.Good luck

#3 7 years ago

Yes you can burn them yourself if you have access to a eprom burner. You can download the latest version files here :

The files with the .532 ending are 2532/2732 eproms.
The files with the .716 ending are 2516/2716 eproms.

I use my Xeltek programmer at work to burn things. These chips can be bought as blanks although they are no longer made. As said though you will need someone with a eprom programmer hooked up to a pc to load the files and burn them. If you have the originals they can also be erased under ultraviolet light and re-burned.

If you have trouble finding what you need send me a pinside mail and I will help you out burning some and mailing them to you. Many of the major pinball stores sell them as mentioned.

No question is a noob/stupid one. Not asking is the biggest mistake. Welcome to our forum.

#4 7 years ago

thanks for the help, guys.

by the way, any idea what chip is missing on this board? notice the chip in the left corner is absent. i think i am going to need one of those, too.

#5 7 years ago

Here is a picture with IC numbers of all the version 4 eproms it uses. There should be four eproms on you CPU board. IC14,IC17,IC20,IC26

Check the list below and see if you find them all on the CPU, Sound, etc boards.


#6 7 years ago

thanks again.

i found a shop locally with the chips and they are also going to test my boards for free.

i'll definitely document this project and post up some pics. this is my first pin, so i am pretty excited.

#7 7 years ago

Guys... the picture shows a Soundboard

BK soundboard has 4 roms you are missing one.
See for the manual.

#8 7 years ago

thanks ben. i didn't post the picture of my system board. that has 6 empty sockets, but i've been told it only needs 4 chips.

the soundboard i posted is missing one rom. i wasnt sure how many i needed, but i guess i'll be trying to track that down, as well.

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