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Black Knight 2000 Wall Art

By SirMachismo

89 days ago

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#1 89 days ago

I picked up a Black Knight 2000 playfield several months ago. The pin is so beautiful I just wanted to hang it on my wall. Just looking at it I can hear “I am the Black Knight”. The longer I looked at it the longer I decided I needed to do something for this work of art. So, it has begun. It really took shape this week. The playfield, lighting is done. The sound is almost done. The frame is cut and in the “first coat of paint” stage. So close yet so far…more to come. I will post a video of it in action, soon.

DD3B56F5-0A08-4FAD-AA2F-5F863BFD9B39 (resized).jpeg8B2C9474-5F09-4F3B-A002-6F7D4F9BD555 (resized).jpeg1A282D28-5096-4FD1-B1FA-BD863A3FB36E (resized).jpeg64CD873B-3633-4D96-B1A1-D0DB1B68DBF2 (resized).jpeg56D67C1B-1DA7-4647-9EAC-90AC7B2D4101 (resized).jpeg707B045F-E7AA-4E31-8D16-7B91A2D7D9C7 (resized).jpeg5B531771-85F2-43F4-B89D-45CEAB46465B (resized).jpeg2886D56D-7290-4441-8B3A-27EE16324A68 (resized).jpeg87E03F5A-0B6C-4DC1-93F4-F614356E83E4 (resized).jpegBDBE50D0-0EC7-44AD-9439-53BC069B7EF5 (resized).jpegA86C1F71-08C9-4345-88A7-1CB3BC088AB5 (resized).jpeg
#2 89 days ago

Hurry up with the video

#3 87 days ago

Cut and fit the cabinet/frame today. Installed the faux flipper brackets, and painted the first coat…I am a little out of my league with what is next. Taping and painting.

3FE7639B-1B90-4270-A0CA-DF52F08195DC (resized).jpeg3AAC863D-4A7E-4A29-8851-797953793135 (resized).jpeg6AD06215-D3B5-4E1D-85B5-FDEA6B5E05DF (resized).jpeg93C91976-B4F9-44C5-87CA-46B23BC4BE16 (resized).jpeg
#4 86 days ago
Quoted from ToucanF16:

Hurry up with the video

It is at least 90% done. I am currently painting the frame and itching to add the push buttons and T-Molding to it. The right push button will have 4 tracks and the left will also have 4 additional tracks from the game that you can listen to. I used an Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board - WAV/OGG Trigger with 16MB Flash to run the audio.

#5 86 days ago

Very cool! Lots of work has gone into this!

#6 86 days ago

That's awesome! Very nice pf also! One of my favorite games, great music and artwork. Alot of work while will get alot of compliments from your friends, guests etc. Would be cool as a coffee table also.

#7 84 days ago
Quoted from Multiball33:

That's awesome! Very nice pf also! One of my favorite games, great music and artwork. Alot of work while will get alot of compliments from your friends, guests etc. Would be cool as a coffee table also.

That is a great idea! Now i have to get another old playfield and make a coffee table.

Hopefully i will be able to do some of the painting/pin-striping on the BK2K frame this weekend.

#8 83 days ago

Lots of taping and lots of waiting. Maybe tomorrow I can do the white rectangle.

413B608A-FEB8-4D6F-BDF0-0F5EDFA554BF (resized).jpegE51E0402-07E4-452F-ABCF-B5EE32E9D102 (resized).jpeg09508ED2-7500-4AEA-AF0D-9B31BDA77301 (resized).jpeg
#9 81 days ago

Tape then paint…repeat.

84EBF81E-8A83-403F-87C4-D5FAC7684A68 (resized).jpeg9DA0EBAF-E32B-4B9A-A5AA-3F296E8E4405 (resized).jpeg
#10 78 days ago

Not my best work, but ok for my first time doing detailed painting. It is good enough to hang on my wall. Next, wait 48 hours and spray it with a layer of clear.

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#11 71 days ago

All done and on the wall.
The Keychain is from http://tiltcycle.com/
His work is the inspiration for my project.

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#12 71 days ago

that is awesome!!! great job on this!!!

#13 71 days ago
Quoted from Bax1:

that is awesome!!! great job on this!!!
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Thank you! What was originally just going to be a playfield that I was going to hang on my wall as is…Snowballed into a wonderfully fun project. I kept expecting to screw it up every step of the way, and when I did I pivoted to make it work. In true pinball fashion I do have some minor clear coat ghosting where I over tightened the screws on the fame/cabinet It seemed fitting, so I left it. I even waxed the playfield.
Here is the video of it finally on my wall.

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