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Black and White Twlight Zone -Video uploaded - 7/24/18 update


10 years ago

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#1 10 years ago

Ok Making two Black and White TZ's modeled after the black and white TV show. Cabinet will have Black and White decals, Black and White Translite, Black and White DMD, Black and White Plastics and speaker panel. One will have a color playfield and the other playfield will be Black and White. Trim will be black powder coat with silver flake. Game will have white LED's in GI No Color.


#2 10 years ago

Wow! This should be trippy! If I was rich I'd own both back to back.

#3 10 years ago


Tell Matt to use "speedway black"!!!!!!!!

God damn amazing color! Perfect for TZ

#4 10 years ago

That's gonna look awesome. Can't wait to see it when it's done!

#6 10 years ago


I had it at the show and people went insane for it.

P.s. it looks charcoalish in the pics. It's not. Dark with a white flake

#7 10 years ago

Cool idea GAP.

Might consider adding one of those various toppers in the B&W option too (Shatner Mystic Seer, etc.).

#8 10 years ago

Mike here is a better picture.


#9 10 years ago

Mind blown. Painting the gumball machine?

#10 10 years ago

yes Gumball machine will be painted grey, clock will have the prototype white face.

#11 10 years ago
Quoted from GAP:

Black and White DMD

Are you using a ColorDMD set to white for that? Or actual white LEDs?

This is a really cool idea, love to see how it comes together. The black and white playfield is a step beyond for sure.

#13 10 years ago

Looking forward to this! Good luck, Mike.

#14 10 years ago

Now if you could just change the music back to the original series, I might go for a TZ.

#15 10 years ago

If you tell me the playfield inserts and coin eject buttons are going to be in black and white, I'll think I've slipped into...

#16 10 years ago

Inserts would be two tough to do. Probably impossible. Coin eject buttons well that is a possiblity.

#17 10 years ago


Have Matt do the outside of the slot machine scoop, and street lamp when he powders and the wireforms (not the ramps they wont hold).

#18 10 years ago

Man that's alot of work. You b havin FUN!!!

#19 10 years ago

Hah! I've talked about doing this for a long time. I'm really happy to see someone doing it. I can't even remember now, but I think I mentioned doing this on an episode of the podcast. If not, it was something I just mentioned to Don before or after a show.

Can't wait to see how this looks!

#20 10 years ago

That's a really cool idea. Can't wait to see pics!

#21 10 years ago

good luck sounds really interesting

#22 10 years ago

Duh, just use black or white LEDs for the inserts....

#23 10 years ago

Dangit! I knew it! I called it, too. I don't remember the thread since it's been so long ago, but you hinted at something and I immediately knew that's what you were up to. I wanted to do this kind of thing myself, but time and money are in major short supply.

Please, please, please supply us with a new thread and plenty 'o pics when it's done!!!

#24 10 years ago

Inserts would be two tough to do. Probably impossible.

Might be doable.

The decal set is available, so as long as you can find all the inserts in clear or white, it could be done.

If there was one size not available, it could be easily CNCed from white 3/16" acrylic.

PPS-50-24-13.jpgPPS-50-24-13.jpg PPS-50-35-13.jpgPPS-50-35-13.jpg PPS-50-5-13.jpgPPS-50-5-13.jpg PPS-50-34-13.jpgPPS-50-34-13.jpg PPS-50-37-13.jpgPPS-50-37-13.jpg

#25 10 years ago

how are you doing the play field?

1 week later
#26 10 years ago

Cabinet artwork

IMG_20130519_155026_629.jpgIMG_20130519_155026_629.jpg IMG_20130519_155107_735.jpgIMG_20130519_155107_735.jpg

#27 10 years ago

more cabinet artwork

IMG_20130519_155423_213.jpgIMG_20130519_155423_213.jpg IMG_20130519_155502_948.jpgIMG_20130519_155502_948.jpg

#28 10 years ago
Quoted from GAP:

more cabinet artwork

Very nice indeed. Did you have to get permission license wise, or it being a one off no problems.

#29 10 years ago

I REALLY want to see this when it's done. Looks grear!

#31 10 years ago

will be interesting to see it completed, keep us posted.

#32 10 years ago

That's the way a TZ should look!
Looks fantastic!

#33 10 years ago

Going to apply the head decals tonight

IMG_20130519_181642_488.jpgIMG_20130519_181642_488.jpg IMG_20130519_181648_869.jpgIMG_20130519_181648_869.jpg

#34 10 years ago

Full head decaled


#36 10 years ago

nice, i'm surprised that nobody did that before.
can't wait to see the final result!

#37 10 years ago


#38 10 years ago

This is looking sweet. If you pop the inserts and replace them all with white ones I will someday tell my grandchildren about the time someone made a black and white TZ.

#39 10 years ago

Perfect choice pin to render Blacked-Out ... Looking forward to your pics .. Thanks for sharing your project..

Do Ur Metallica pro in gun metal black next .... Nice work GAP...

#40 10 years ago

Cool idea. Looking forward to finished game pics.

#41 10 years ago

Very cool. Excited to see the finished product.

#42 10 years ago

That tz looks sick. Can't wait to see the finished game.

#43 10 years ago

I like this. Not only does it pay homage to the old black and white series, you dont have to worry about fade.

#44 10 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

I like this. Not only does it pay homage to the old black and white series, you dont have to worry about fade.

And some day they'll invent the color version.

LTG : )

( am kidding, it looks quite nice for that title )

#45 10 years ago

"I think it moved...."

#46 10 years ago

Curious to see the B/W playfield. I think it'll really make the color inserts look interesting. Wish I ludicrous amounts of spare money so I could throw it at you and take the b/w one. Sadly, I don't.

#47 10 years ago

How much is something like this gonna be priced at when it comes time to sell?

#48 10 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

how are you doing the play field?


#49 10 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Curious to see the B/W playfield. I think it'll really make the color inserts look interesting.

I imagine it'll look a bit like Centaur.

#50 10 years ago

any updates of the cabinet or a sneak peak of a B&W playfield

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