Bingo Backglass Photos Needed

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#1 11 months ago

Hey everyone, I am writing a computer-controlled bingo that will emulate all the classic Bally and United bingos, but there are no nice modern digital photos out there of some of the games.

I'll update this thread with some games I would like to have nicer photos of, and if anyone has them, I would love the help. I can credit you in the game software if you like, or if you have something else in mind, I'd be happy to discuss.

I would ideally like two photos of the backglass, game off, straight on if possible (but don't worry about that too much). Flash on is fine, just move your camera a little to the left or right with your second picture. I can stitch two photos together. If you're able/willing to send me one with the GI on so that I can verify 'tilt' placement and illuminated figures, that would be very much appreciated.

To start, I need a photo of United's Stars backglass. I've got the illuminated artwork complete for Stars, but the backglass image I'm using cannot be touched up because it is such a low resolution. It is a beautiful glass, too!

#2 11 months ago

What do you need from us. We have a great Stars backglass

#3 11 months ago

Thanks fellas! I just need a couple of straight on pics of the Stars glass with the game off, using a flash, and then one with the game on and tilt displayed so that I can render that. The angle doesn't have to be perfect, but if you can provide a couple of pics, it will help with color correction with the flash.

You can post em here or email me at

Thank you again!

#4 11 months ago

To be clear, I don't need pics of the glass outside of the game. I just need straight on pics in the game. Thanks again!

#5 11 months ago


#6 11 months ago

will send more with in an hour

#7 11 months ago

Thank you! What a beautiful game.

#8 11 months ago



#9 11 months ago

Thank you so much - I have what I need now on Stars!

Another request: would you be able to post some pics of the Circus Backglass?

Game off
Game on
And tilt


#10 11 months ago

Yep I'll get on that today for you

#11 11 months ago


#12 11 months ago

Would scanning the glass help? or is the picture fine?

#13 11 months ago

Northvibe: In an ideal world, I'd have a scan. Unfortunately, the hassle involved with getting a scan of a backglass is pretty big, and I don't want to be the cause of paint loss, etc. I can work with photos no problem. I've done that for over half of the ones I've worked on thus far!

Butch: thank you so much! That's a great shot of Circus. Looks like Circus was the first to use the white replay counter reels. Triple scoring with the spotted numbers must make for a really fun game!

#15 11 months ago

You need anymore United pictures. I'm here in the showroom now

#16 11 months ago

Yes, please! I need one of the Circus lit up (showing Tilt if possible)

Show Boat unlit and lit, and if you have Mexico, Nevada, Cabana, Havana, Hawaii, Monaco, Pixies, Playtime, Rio, Rodeo (3 card), Singapore, South Seas, Stardust, Starlet, Manhattan, Tahiti, Triple Play, and Tropicana.

So almost all of them, haha!

I don't need them all at once, but I will need them over time, and I'll be coming to you on here if that's ok.

Let me know what I can do for you.

#18 11 months ago

Where were you in Allentown you could have came right here to the showroom

#19 11 months ago

Excellent - this will be incredibly helpful Butch. Very, very much appreciated.

#20 11 months ago

I didn't go to Allentown this year, unfortunately. Otherwise I'd have loved to have met you.

#21 11 months ago


#22 11 months ago


#24 11 months ago

Thank you Butch. Gorgeous lineup!

1 month later
#25 10 months ago

Hey Butch -

Enjoyed the photo of your games. Are those all Uniteds? They look to be in great shape. The United brand isn't as well represented as Bally, so I'm wondering how you assembled such a nice set. Were you an operator at one time? (My first bingo was a United Rio.)


#26 10 months ago

The picture shown is all of my United bingos plus on the other side of the room is also a row of more Uniteds need only 3 more to have everyone. Funny how it all started.... Loved playing the bingos when I was a kid so my friends and I had a club house so I went out and bought one that turned into 3 or 4 to put into our club house next thing you know I started putting some bingos out in bar rooms. As the 60's rolled around the police started picking them up and really couldn't put them out as easy as before. I still remember them picking up a Yacht Club and a Ice Frolics that I owned and smashing them so I just started collecting a few that I liked well.....All I can say it snowballed...I now have every Bally bingo ever made and almost every United..

Bingo Butch

1 month later
#27 8 months ago
Quoted from BingoButch:

.....All I can say it snowballed...I now have every Bally bingo ever made and almost every United..

That's one big snowball, my friend! Thanks for sharing your history.

3 months later
#28 4 months ago

Update on the list of needed glasses:

I would like a very nice photo of Starlet, a complete Stardust (if possible, but I can work with what's on Phil's site), and a nice South Seas. Any help is appreciated. Starlet in particular - I see that there are some low res versions available, but almost all of the detail is lost when I straighten and enlarge them - the little guy on the camera lift would all but disappear if I used the small versions available.

I've implemented all the games up to Triple Play thus far.

In my journeys, I've found out that there are two different versions of Triple Play! Butch, do you have them both? Early production had pennants in the stands where the odds are in the later production. I'm not sure what the pennants display. I can implement both games, but I am not sure what those pennants show (I assume two sets of odds a piece).

I've not played a lot of the United games until now - I have to say that the middle-era select-a-feature games offer some GREAT decision points. Incredible games. I only wish they were more common!

#29 4 months ago

One other - a nicer photo of Rio would be really great. I have a low-res copy, which blurred out a lot of the fine detail.

#30 4 months ago

Nick will take pictures of both Starlet and South Seas sometime today for you. I do remember Triple play having the pennants will have to look at what I have laying around here. Can remember which one I have put together in our showroom.

#32 4 months ago

starlet (resized).jpg

#33 4 months ago

south seas (resized).jpg

#34 4 months ago

Butch, thank you! May I ask you to take a few pics of each game - one of the left side of the backglass and one of the right?

This should allow you to get a little closer (physically) to the game, possibly.

As it stands, these are workable, but getting a bit closer will help reduce bluriness when I englarge the photos. I can stitch multiple photos together, if that makes it any easier.

I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me.

#35 4 months ago

Ill do that tonight for you

#36 4 months ago

Thank you very much!

#37 4 months ago

South Seas .. likely the best looking backglass in all of bingoland.

#38 4 months ago

I agree - it's gorgeous.

#40 4 months ago

will get the others later today

uss1 (resized).jpg

#42 4 months ago

You're the best! Thank you!

#43 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Muggle:

South Seas .. likely the best looking backglass in all of bingoland.

I've always been attracted to that one because of it's looks. Some of these bingos are just gorgeous!

#44 4 months ago

Beautiful! A George Molentin masterpiece. I've always loved the way he places the odds in the landscape. Looks great when they are flashing.
Everyone should have at least one United bingo.

#45 4 months ago

Have two South Seas both are Mint. I'll take pictures of the head and cabinet let me know what you think

#46 4 months ago

Butch, I got the South Seas implemented over the weekend. Thank you again. Those were perfect.

#47 4 months ago

What else you need ? Starlet ?

#48 4 months ago

A broken up set of pics of Starlet, Rio and Stardust would be excellent.

#49 4 months ago

I'll get on it a little later on tonight

3 weeks later
#50 3 months ago

Hey Butch, I've got a photo of everything I need now, thank you for all your help!

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