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Big Valley (1970) Goes straight into Game Over - Where to troubleshoot

By Olphare

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

Hey all!

I just started getting interested in pinball machine's and have bought 2 pinball EM's.
I bought a Bally - Big Valley (1970) EM that worked for 2 games, but suddenly stopped working.
The problem is when I press the start button, it looks like the machine is checking everything, but goes straight into game over. The Ball doesn't come out either. (See video)

I'm a total noob here so no experience at all :/

Thanks for all help in advance!

Best Regards


#3 5 years ago

Okey, I have manually pressed the ball count unit and it looks like everythings fine there. I can press it six times and then resett it.
About cleaning the contact points, what should I use, Flexstone? I have just ordered a Flexstone so I'll have it in about 2 weeks I think

And actually right now, all the lights in the back box have stopped working, no light at all...

#5 5 years ago

Okey. I will try that and hope some of my problemes will be fixed

#7 5 years ago
Quoted from wizardblom:

Most of the time you have to replace de fuseholders on Bally machines.
The original ones are very bad most of the time.
Reset? Check:16 scorereels, one ball in play, coin and player unit for proper operation.

Aaaand now did I order fuses for the machine.... Thanks alot Wizardblom! xD

#9 5 years ago


I have now tested a few things on the Big Valley and found out 1 new thing (Not sure if it will help tho)

I found the Ball count Unit and when I manually push the wheel (NOT the coil, but the wheel itself) and press start, the game starts at ball 1.
But when the ball drains I get a new ball and I'm still on ball 1. And it stays like this forever..... So not sure if it is the ball count unit that is rusty or something?

#12 5 years ago

When I push start, the ball count unit barley move, it don't advance to the next hop. Even if I manually try to advance the ball count with the solenoids it doesn't advance. I HAVE to move the wheel itself, not with solenoids. So I'm thinking I need to put some grease or something like that somewhere?

#14 5 years ago

Okey. Thanks so far.
I will come back to you when I have done that

#15 5 years ago

Okey, I have now (atleast I think so) cleaned the gearwheel and greased it with light oil....
The problem is still there
The gear won't move what so ever when I put it back in. It's almost like the gearwheel is 1 size to big or something :/
Anyone got some tips for what I should do?

#17 5 years ago

Hey Rolf,

Lots of good information

About the Ball Count Unit (As I think that's the problem ), I can manually press the coil to move it 5 times, but when I press the Total-Reset coil, the gear don't move at all.... It never resets, so I have to move the gear itself to get it back to start because it's kind of stuck...

If you want I can record it tomorrow so you can watch if you want to?

And yeah, I alwayus unplug the power

Thanks for helping so far Rolf

Best Regards,

#19 5 years ago

Hi Rolf!

Yeah, it's like that on the Bally EM.
It's true that the plunger un-hooks from the gear, and I have the spring that's connected to the wheel. I tried to tightened it really hard this morning, but it didn't help (Maybe I didn't tightened it hard enough?) After I tried to tightened the spring I took the wheel of again and it spinned like crazy( but that was after I took the wheel of the unit!!!)..... I think at max I took the spring 2 turns around!

If you have no other tricks I can take a fast trip to the EM and record what's happening if you want to?

Best Regards,

#21 5 years ago

Okey Rolf.
As the pinball machine is at my work and the clock is 00:10 midnight time here in Norway I will check the Player- and the Coin Unit tomorrow and have some feedback
And again thank you so far for helping me Rolf!

Best Regards,

#22 5 years ago

Hey Rolf

I have now checked the Player- and Coin Unit and they do what you say... I can manually press the coil to advance 1 step at a time then press the "Total-Reset-Coil" for the "Wraaam" and back to zero. It's not like this at the Ball Count Unit. The Ball Count unit doesn't move at all when I press the "Total-Reset-Coil" :/


#23 5 years ago


The Ball Count Unit is now working manually Rolf
But it doesn't move when the power is on.....


#25 5 years ago

Hey Rolf!

I have now tested to see if the Player- and Coin Unit reset's after I set them to 2,3 or 4 and YES they do
The Ball Count Unit does also reset's itself when I start a new game! But it won't advance when I drain a ball, BUT if I tilt the machine then the Ball Count Unit advance to the next level...


#27 5 years ago

Well... I can't really say that I'm good at testing, just random beginner luck maybe? xD

But yeah, I have now tested what happend's when I score points.
The Ball Index Relay pulls everytime I get point's, except when I score the 1000 point's on the outlane's (Maybe normal?).
The 3rd-Ball-Relay does NOT pull at all when it's supposed to go to the next player / ball :/


#29 5 years ago

Hey Rolf

Not quite sure where to look to be honest :/
The Ball-Index-Switch is closing everytime I score point, but it doesn't stay pulled, it just go in and straight out again.

And the Self-Hold-Switch? Not sure what you mean by that :/ I can see that there is a small wire that goes from the Ball-Index-Switch to the Out-Hole-Switch and that goes on to 3rd-Ball-Switch which go over to Tilt-Switch.
So the wire goes Ball-Index -> Out-Hole -> 3rd Ball -> Tilt and stops there.


#31 5 years ago

Hello Rolf

I have noe located the wires

And yes, I have both the White-Brown wire that goes from the Coil to the switch and the Orange-Green that goes from the switch into oblivion with many other wires

I don't see any other loose wires or anything like that.

I haven't cleaned the switch yet, but as I said in an earlier post I have ordered a Flexstone that I'm waiting to get

And still when I score the relay gets activated /lock's in for 0.2 seconds or something like that. It does NOT stay locked in permanent.


#33 5 years ago

Hey Rolf

I don't have a bare wire atm, but can get it later.
And take it easy, I have a Bow and Arrow pinball machine I'm having fun with while fixing Big Valley

So you got any clue's on what to do next in the troubleshooting?


#35 5 years ago

Hey Rolf

A co-worker of mine helped me with a jumper-wire.
Not sure if we did it right, but now when we start a game it start at ball 1, BUT jump's straight over to ball 2.
When we now drain the ball it goes over to ball 3 and then over to GAME OVER as normal.
So I can play now, but it start's at ball 2.


#37 5 years ago

Hey Rolf

We have made progress.
We used a jumper-wire to connect 2 wire's from the Ball Index to each other and now the ball's count correctly.
The wire's we connected was Yellow-Black to Red-Green (Atleast we think that's the colours)
And as you said we don't get the save ball when we don't score point's


#39 5 years ago

I think I'm going to resolve this for now and maybe open a new 1 if I want to fix the problem.

Anyway, thank you so much for all your help Rolf!!!
Much appriciated

Best Regards,

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