(Updated with video)Big Indian Won’t Reset or Start a Game

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(Updated with video)Big Indian Won’t Reset or Start a Game

By jdoz2

5 months ago

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#1 5 months ago

I’ve made a little bit of progress on this game but I’m stumped by this issue.

When I push the start button:
- V pulls in
- Hold relay holds (R)
- PB2 pulls in

If I push the start button PB3 pulls in and the start button again pulls in PB4. After that the start button does nothing which makes sense.

Could any of the Gottlieb EM Gurus point me in the right direction? I can take a photo of any part of the schematic if it helps.
D0D0B7B9-324A-4492-9C94-9C4D671E89AA (resized).jpeg

#3 5 months ago
Quoted from HowardR:

Your thread topic says it "won't start a game". If the playfield isn't active, inspect and diagnose this circuit with Alligator clip jumper wires.
[quoted image]

I guess saying it won’t reset is more accurate. Thanks I’ll check that out

#4 5 months ago

Checked that path and it’s doing the same thing.

#6 5 months ago

When you push the start button, it does what I mentioned in my original post and that’s it. It doesn’t go through the reset cycle, doesn’t kick a ball out, no pf switches or solenoid power.

#8 5 months ago

I’ve done a quick check and nothing seems out of place. I’ll keep checking and report back

1 month later
#9 4 months ago

I’ve gone through the whole thing again and I’m still at the same place. Hopefully the video can clearly show what’s going on.


#11 4 months ago
Quoted from MrBally:

The video won't play for me. That said, is the score motor rotating? If not, is the service plug for it unplugged or in the "off" position? Are wires connected to both tabs on the motor coil winding?
Can you slightly rotate it with power on (Game over does not matter); does the motor continue by itself for a bit and then stop? If not, troubleshoot and figure out why. Standard electrical troubleshooting techniques apply here.

Sorry, I’ll take a look at the video to see if i can get it to play.

Yes the score motor turns when I push then replay button and when it’s turned.

#12 4 months ago

Video should work now, sorry

#14 4 months ago
Quoted from HowardR:

Does the Replay Button (V) relay activate?
Does the Start (S) relay activate?

Yes to both. It’s doing the same thing as described in my original post.

#17 4 months ago
Quoted from HowardR:

Here's the reset sequence from the Big Indian manual. How far does it get?
[quoted image]

It gets to #4. The sb relay never pulls in but it looks like the play meter tries to rotate but never makes a full rotation.

#19 4 months ago
Quoted from rolf_martin_062:

Hi jdoz2
theory later --- look here https://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=257&picno=30529 - the huge bank of relays - it is called the Control-Bank. See (in the ipdb-picture) that some of the relays are moved / actuated / dropped. DANGER - there is 110 VAC / 24 VAC / 6 VAC in the pin - Current can kill You. Please toggle off Your pin AND UNPLUG the Main Power Cord. Now hold the plunger of the Control-Bank and move it (in the ipdb-picture) back, towards the Score-Motor. See how all the relays are moved / resetted.
Now hands off, plug in the main power cord - stare at the Control-Bank while You toggle the main power switch. When we toggle-on a fully running Big Indian: The QB-Game-Over-Relay plunges / actuates (in the Control-Bank) - AND the ZB-First-Ball-Relay plunges / actuates (in the Control-Bank) --- what do these relays do in Your pin ? Greetings Rolf
P.S. Watching Your video - I am not certain - thats why I ask about the two Relays.

Thanks for the detailed instructions that helps a lot. When I follow your procedure only the QB actuates

#22 4 months ago

Ok, I followed your directions.

When I do that and turn the game back on, QB AND LB actuate. If I press the replay button SB actuates and the score motor keeps spinning.

1 week later
#24 4 months ago

Sorry it took so long to do this.

So I followed your procedure and the z2 engages and tries resetting the score reels. After some tweaking the 3rd and 4th players reset and then the 1st and 2nd player resets.

The reset bank then actuates and then the game shows player 1, ball 1.

Seems like we are close! Thanks again for helping me through this.

#26 4 months ago
Quoted from rolf_martin_062:

Hi jdoz2
great - You could fix some Reset-Problems. I rewiew - You toggle off the pin and unplug the main power cord. You manually make the ZB-Relay in the Control-Bank to plunge, You manually put some points on some Score-Drums. You plug-in, toggle-on, press the Credit-Button --- the pin starts up and does Start-up / Resetting procedure. See the JPG in post-15: Your pin does the 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6. By now do not try the "7." - procede with 8. You wear rubber gloves (Safety Reasons), You have lifted the playfield so You can watch the O-Ball-Return-Relay. Manually close the Outhole-Switch below the Outhole (Gottlieb calls this switch "Ball-Return-Switch") --- the O-Relay should pull-in, the motor should turn - then the Outhole-Kicker (Gottlieb: Ball-Return-Coil) should kick. If the pin does nothing when You manually close the Outhole-Switch: Manually activate the O-Relay - what happens ?
By the way - here https://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=257&picno=7435 we see the Bonus-Ladder - none of the Bonus-Lights should be lit (this pin starts with ZERO Bonus) - in Your pin ? Greetings Rolf

I’ll put the playfield back in later today and report back. Thanks!

#27 4 months ago

When I manually close the puthole switch, then I relay pulls in, score motor rotates, and the pothole kicker fires

#28 4 months ago

The ball kicks to the shooter lane and it seems like the game is scoring and the coils work as they should. The balls don’t advance though.

#30 4 months ago

The game counts bonus when when the outhole switch is closed. After bonus is counted, it then kicks a new ball over to the shooter lane which closes the ball through switch. The ball/player stepper in the backbox does not advance when a new ball is kicked and the trough switch is closed.

#32 4 months ago

Ok I followed the procedure. After the ball drains, bonus is counted, and the ball is put in the shooter lane, I manually activated the P relay. Nothing at all happens when the P relay is activated

Side note: when the ball trough switch is activated the O and P relay Activate. It sure if that tells you anything or not

#34 4 months ago

When I manually activate the P relay the game doesn’t do anything.

If the ball trough switch is closed by the ball, the P and the O engage and the score motor turns 120 degrees, then they de-activate

That might be what you just said but I’m making sure I was clear

#36 3 months ago

Yes mine looks exactly like that photo after the game resets and the balls is kicked out to the shooter lane

#39 3 months ago

I followed your directions and when I step up the player unit 4 times and arrived st player 1 ball 2.

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