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Big Hurt club step up to the plate!

By jorro

3 years ago

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#129 2 years ago

Joining the club later today. I played a few games on Big Hurt yesterday and I like the shots and flow a lot. Looking forward to shopping it out and having it join the lineup.

#130 2 years ago

I shopped Big Hurt today and added white LEDs to the GI and also added two spotlights on each sling to better illuminate the middle of the dark playfield.

Anyone have a link to the manual? Or at least can someone tell me if the attract mode sound can be turned off? That announcer every 30 seconds is ANNOYING!

Super fun game though!

2 months later
#136 2 years ago
Quoted from SB2020:

1. Center ramp does not lift. Fuse23 (1.5A Slo-blo) was actually missing. A replacement (1.6A time-delay, closest I could source) blew first time the coil fired. Looking at assembly it has A-26646 coil (blue) installed. There is a handy coil chart tucked in an envelope in the body. Center Ramp Lift Coil (Q12) is listed as 27642 (yellow), sleeve 5065. Could it be as simple as replacing the coil with the correct part? What else should I check?

How is the center ramp supposed to work? I see the Raise Ramp inserts lit above the inlanes but my ramp doesn't raise when the ball hits those switches. Mine will raise during other times of the game but I can't figure out the how and why of it.

2. The top left upkicker is erratic. It can take many attempts to make it. This appears to get worse as the machine heats up, after an hours play it gives up and displays "call service" message. It had been working fine in the dozens of games we've played since setting it up yesterday. A small washer fell from that area when I opened it up, I guess I should find out where that came from!

I had to rebuild my VUK. New spring, sleeve, coil stops and mine works perfectly now. My VUK used to start out working strong when the game was first powered on, but then during the first game it would get too weak to eject the ball and an error would appear on the DMD and disable the VUK.

#138 2 years ago

How is the center ramp supposed to work? I see the Raise Ramp inserts lit above the inlanes but my ramp doesn't raise when the ball hits those switches. The ramp will raise during other times of the game but I can't figure out the how and why of it.

2 weeks later
#141 2 years ago

So I figured out the issues I had with the center ramp - solved one issue and need to order a coil for the other issue.

My right inlane return (Raise Ramp insert) was saying "Out" when triggered, just like the right outlane does. In switch testing I saw the inlane switch also triggering the outlane and several unused switches. I looked up the lamp matrix and saw that L95 and L96 were on the same lamp/switch line and I had LED strips connecting to both of those sockets. Removed the LED switches and the inlane switch worked as normal only triggering itself.

During the coil test of the center ramp, the plunger isn't being pull all the way into the coil and barely lifts the ramp. Coil 25959 is incorrectly installed and I'll need to replace with the correct 27642 coil. Hopefully that is the issue, but I did replace the coil sleeve since I had one and no change.

#143 2 years ago
Quoted from SB2020:

Just a suggestion to check to EOS, it may be opening too early?

I'm going to check that, thanks. Weird because last night the ramp was raising fine, but I don't think it's doing it all the time when it's supposed to.

2 weeks later
#146 2 years ago

20171207_171256 (resized).jpgBest mod for Big Hurt - DIY "Pinstadium" lighting. This game is so darn dark even with the spotlights I added to the slings and experimented with small LED strips here and there. I had the Metallica Creeping Death UV strips that I had used on TFTC, but since TFTC is tore apart right now I tried these out. I removed the UV LED strips from the angle plastics and replaced with white LED strips for $8.

What's funny is the creeping death lightning decals on the plastic strips perfectly fit Big Hurt. Matches up exactly with the lightning on the backbox and playfield. Very nice to be able to see the entire playfield evenly lit.

Here is before:

20171207_171249 (resized).jpg
20171207_171307 (resized).jpg
20171207_171256 (resized).jpg

And after:

20171207_171324 (resized).jpg
20171207_171328 (resized).jpg
20171207_171334 (resized).jpg
20171207_171343 (resized).jpg
20171207_171650 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#152 1 year ago
Quoted from Electronmagic:

I just bought a Big Hurt so I'm in the club. Got it all apart now. The large center chrome piece behind the "warning track" on mine has the chrome peeling off from the ball hitting it. wondering if anyone has a spare sitting around?

You're just missing the rubber pad that goes in that spot. Should get one on there ASAP so you don't get that area banged up. Luckily you just need a pad and not a new piece or something $$.

4 months later
#164 1 year ago

Make a set of Stadium style lighting with warm, white LEDs and the gameplay is vastly improved. The playfield is so darkly colored and needs more than a few spotlights, which I tried. Big Hurt is a very fun game, loaded with great ball interaction toys and has great flow....IF you don't trap & catch the ball with the ridiculously easy Gottlieb flippers. Play the game on the fly or at least a No Catch Rule and it changes up the gameplay.

At some point I'll swap over to Williams flippers to eliminate this, but when playing alone it's not an issue. I also prefer using the Runs scoring vs the pinball scoring when I play 2 player against myself.

20180529_212434 (resized).jpg

20180529_212440 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#176 1 year ago
Quoted from slowmojo:

1. During 4 ball multi-ball (not 2 or 3) the center ramp occasionally chatters like it is trying to raise up?

Check that the correct coil is installed for the ramp. Mine has some issues raising and at times does not raise, but the wrong (weaker) coil is installed. I have the new coil but haven't installed it yet. Will report back when I do with the results.

1 month later
#184 1 year ago

Would anyone be able to take a scan or good close-up photo of the playfield area shown below? I'd like to make a decal to cover those wear spots and since it's only on the grass and tan area that it would come out fine. Thanks.

20180720_123149 (resized).jpg
5 months later
#192 11 months ago

Last night I replace the random cool white LEDs I had in the GI with warm sunshine bulbs. When I first got Big Hurt I just used the white LEDs I had on hand, and at that time they were mostly cool white rejects I didn't like. But they were brighter than the dim regular bulbs, so it was an improvement.

I also waxed the playfield, ramps and wireforms and HOLY CRAP the game is wicked fast now. I don't think many pinheads know how fast and flowing Big Hurt is.

20181220_214742 (resized).jpg
3 months later
#195 8 months ago
Quoted from Queball:

During the skill shot, two targets drop while the skill shot remains standing. I'm assuming this is correct and the way it should work every time - every ball.

That's correct, one of the targets will remain up for the skill shot and not the same one every time.

Quoted from Queball:

Is there EVER a time when all 3 targets could be dropped without all three resetting?

Yes, the drops can all be down without resetting during some gameplay. I can't recall what game situations this occurs, but it does occur.

#196 8 months ago

Playing Big Hurt tonight. Drop targets can all remain down during the Steal Home mode.

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