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Best STAR WARS pinball machine

By insertcoin

6 months ago

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“What is the Best all-around STAR WARS pin?”

  • The Empire Strikes Back (Hankin, 1980) 3 votes
  • Star Wars (Segasa-Sonic, 1987) 0 votes
  • Star Wars (Data East, 1992) 22 votes
  • Star Wars Trilogy (Sega, 1997) 0 votes
  • Star Wars Episode I (Williams, 1999) 2 votes
  • Star Wars: Pro (Stern, 2017) 3 votes
  • Star Wars: Premium (Stern, 2017) 20 votes
  • Star Wars: Home Edition (Stern, 2019) 5 votes
  • Star Wars: Comic Art (Stern, 2019) 6 votes
  • Star Wars: Comic Art Pro (Stern, 2019) 6 votes
  • The Mandalorian: Pro (Stern, 2021) 3 votes
  • The Mandalorian: Premium (Stern, 2021) 1 vote
  • The Mandalorian: LE (Stern, 2021) 5 votes

(76 votes)

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#1 6 months ago

Played the Data East STAR WARS (1992) for the first time in a long time, and I think -even after 30 years- it's still the best, ALL-AROUND, Star Wars-themed pinball machine ever made. It's the complete package for me: it focuses only on the original trilogy, it has a terrific art package (backglass and playfield), it has great callouts, music, layout and replay value. SW games have come before it and several have followed, with better technology and more material to pull from, I know, but I don't think any are as strong in as many aspects or will stand the test of time that the 1992 DE version has stood. However, that's just MY opinion. What's yours and why? P.S. Did I miss any (didn't include hombrew games)?

#2 6 months ago

Current Stern version

#3 6 months ago

I had two DE SW pins. Sold the first for needed money. Buying the second was a regret. Game is OK but gets old fast. Don't miss them.

#4 6 months ago

People like the Stern premium because hey more stuff but I think the pro shoots better.

And yes I had a totally dialed in fully working premium for a while... switched to comic pro.

game is a bitch either way though so if you dont like hard games or suck at pinball I would avoid it.

#5 6 months ago

DESW has the best layout, Stern has better, more modern, deeper rules. If only we could combine the two...

#6 6 months ago

DE is more fun! Stern is deeper.
Depends on what you looking for. I rather have 10 minutes of fun than 20 to 30 minutes of frustration.

#7 6 months ago

I've had my DESW for close to 20 years, my only complaint is the artwork, looks like a 7 year old did it. But the sound effects and fact it's from the original trilogy are the reason it's still here. It has the updated code but to be honest it rarely gets played and will be one of the first to go when I finally clean house.

#8 6 months ago

People are kidding themselves/caught up in hating Stern SW. Pro or Premium, comic or original, it destroys the previous titles IMO.

#9 6 months ago

Trick question….there is no good Star Wars Pin. I own the Stern, and there isn’t anything that can be said that hasn’t before. With all it’s flaws I think DE wins. Someone had written a great (and funny article) why Data East is the best one https://www.nudgepinball.com/articles/data-east-star-wars-beats-the-ass-out-of-stern-star-wars

I will say the Data East with a Pinsound board does up the whole experience. I added some things to another mix previous.

#10 6 months ago

I owned the premium and now own the pin

I prefer the pin

#11 6 months ago

I have a comic art premium and mando premium. Star Wars premium is the better game to me, code is awesome. Mando I like but dont love, but its still newish to me. Well see

#12 6 months ago

Spooky should do a “Tatooine” pin with the bar ,Jawas, sand people etc .SW is too vast to try to cover 3 movies in a single pin .

#13 6 months ago

I actually enjoy SW Trilogy more than Stern SW.

2 months later
#14 4 months ago

Williams SWE1 sucks however....the DCS sound on both pin2k machines is amazing. I would argue the sound on Ep 1 is likely the best 'version' of star wars sounds etc. For that, I would put the machine #2 behind Stern. Its a poor shooter with a suspect theme, but I often wonder why DCS sound didn't make it way into more platforms.

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