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Best Sport Related Pinball?

By allsportdvd

8 months ago

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“Which is the best sports pinball? ”

  • Stern NFL 0 votes
  • Data East Monday Night Football 1 vote
  • Data East Royal Rumble 3 votes
  • Stern Wrestlemania 0 votes
  • Bally World Cup Soccer 36 votes
  • Bally NBA Fastbreak 18 votes
  • Stern NBA 0 votes
  • Williams No Good Gofers 6 votes
  • Gottlieb Teed Off 1 vote
  • Gottlieb Frank Thomas Big Hurt 1 vote
  • Bally Bobby Orr Powerplay 7 votes
  • Gottlieb World Challenge Soccer 0 votes
  • Stern Striker Extreme 1 vote
  • Gottlieb Wipe Out 1 vote
  • Something else 12 votes

(87 votes)

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#1 8 months ago

There seem to be a number of topics about best Music pin but what about sports related pinballs?
I currently have 6 pictured, love my sport games - keen to hear what people think is the best sports pinball?
My vote would go to World Cup Soccer

IMG_0060 (resized).jpegIMG_0060 (resized).jpeg
#2 8 months ago

I was hooked on NBA Fastbreak when it first came out. Just so fast and fun…trying to score buckets with the hoop on the playfield. It’s video game counterpart, NBA Jam, was also a blast to play.

It was also at the height of the NBA’s popularity and I was really into the NBA then, so theme interest was strong.

#3 8 months ago

WCS all-day!!

#4 8 months ago
#5 8 months ago

No Rollergames? Shame!!

#7 8 months ago

I actually liked Big Hurt on location and when I had it here. Great layout, decent rules, and lots to do.

But like most System 3s, it had to go eventually.

#8 8 months ago

I think NBA Fastbreak doesn't get enough love. I've had both and WCS and NBAF are equally fun but I think I'd put Fastbreak just a hair above WCS. That being said, I'd love to have both in my collection as long term keepers.

#9 8 months ago

Williams Olympic Hockey

#11 8 months ago

Skateball, Radical!, No Fear, Pit Stop, and Williams 4-Bagger bat game are ones I have now.

Obviously none are in your poll.

#12 8 months ago

I have not played every game on that list but for me it is World Cup Soccer in solid first place. Followed by Data East WWF Wrestlemania

#13 8 months ago

WCS #1 easily
Silver Slugger and Rollergames tied for 2.

#14 8 months ago

Bally surfers, Gottlieb surfer / champ, Gottlieb ice show, Gottlieb criss cross, Williams ski club, Gottlieb snow derby, Williams wing ding

I’m partial to EMs and sports in which I participate.

#16 8 months ago

NBAFB but I may be biased as I own and love one.

#17 8 months ago

Obviously, pinball is the greatest sport of all, so Pinball Magic. Second place is Flipper Football, clever in that it really has nothing to do with football.

#18 8 months ago

Had WCS, not for me. Life long football/soccer guy too, probably the fastest pin I ever sold.
Maybe it is the best out of the list though.

#19 8 months ago

harlem globetrotters.

#20 8 months ago

It's not listed, but I really like Shaq. It's the original "jump the ball into the basket" game and that's one of my favorite shots in pinball. And the rules aren't bad for a Gottlieb either.

#22 8 months ago

Hardbody Beeyautches!

edit-runner up. Hotdoggin

#23 8 months ago

No fear.

#24 8 months ago

No Fear Dangerous Sports. It's right there in the name.

Is Banzai Run a sport?

#25 8 months ago

Fish Tales!

#26 8 months ago

NBA Fastbreak is absolutely killer, by far the best true sports title. The scoring makes the game way more fun than other sports titles.

I love No Good Gofers but I wouldn’t include that in this category. WCS is amazing too and Radical is worth mentioning. Stern stuff is better than people give it credit for but not in the same league as the rest on this list.

MNF is another one I enjoy but need more time on one to rate it.

#27 8 months ago

Ice Fever!

#28 8 months ago

Gee there are more sport pinballs than I thought and the poll is long enough as it is lol

#29 8 months ago

NBAFB is one of my favorite games.

Btw @allsportdvd, awesome game room!

#30 8 months ago

Space Jam

I'm only partially joking.

#31 8 months ago
Quoted from AFM95:

NBAFB is one of my favorite games.
Btw allsportdvd, awesome game room!

Thanks mate much appreciated
NBAFB is a close 2nd behind WCS for me

#32 8 months ago

IMO, NBA Fastbreak is the “best”, however it’s understandable people like WCS. I have had both and honestly WCS is the best pinball design, but NBA Fastbreak is the best experience. WCS gets repetitive. NBA FB is faster, harder, and more of that competitive arcade experience anyone can enjoy. Which is what sports are all about.

An underrated game is also Sterns NASCAR.

#33 8 months ago

NBAFB is fantastic. Sold mine to make space; really miss it.

#34 8 months ago
Quoted from vikingerik:

Is Banzai Run a sport?

Yes. As is Blackwater 100.

#35 8 months ago

I know it's not a true pinball machine, but Slugfest is a blast to play as well, especially with two players. Great party game. Let's call it an honorable mention.

#36 8 months ago

No Fear?

#37 8 months ago

No Fear isn't 1 sport specific but not a bad game

#38 8 months ago

Highest rank sport theme on the top 100 is the Big Lebowski

#39 8 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

Highest rank sport theme on the top 100 is the Big Lebowski

Big Lebowski is a movie, not a sport hence why I didn't add it here

#40 8 months ago

Fastbreak&Slugfest. 90ies charm is off the charts on both.

#41 8 months ago

Radical! Should be on the list. It's far better than many games that were included.

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