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Best shots in pinball

By alienpoker

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

I’m interested in the kinetic pinball shots that just feel ‘right’ to you. When you hit them they give you a feeling of satisfaction.

I’ll start with a few:
Firepower - Left lock chip from left flipper. Top ball lock from right flipper.
AFM - Loop to light ball lock, when the ball returns to right flipper, shoot firmly to lock.
TZ - There are a quite a few. For me ‘Fast Lock’ on the first try. Of course if you keep missing you get all the call outs to great Lawlor games:

Your turn.

#2 3 years ago

CV: the magnet on the left ramp when you get “Voltaire’s multiple jackpots”

#3 3 years ago

Insanity Falls especially when it taps the glass.

#4 3 years ago

ramp shot on TOTAN to collect a jewel

#5 3 years ago

Any 4 way combo on a Lawler game is an instant tent pitcher.

#6 3 years ago

Hitting the smart missle shot in JP2 requires a change of pants every time

#7 3 years ago

Subway ramp on Ghostbusters prem/le. Not a difficult shot but you still have to hit it solidly up one of the steeper ramps in pinball, takes a right turn and travels on subway tracks over the "city," goes down under the playfield like a subway going underground, then pops back up in your inlane. Wicked shot.

Richard & Mortimer portal shot is a neat one, too. A long shot at the top right, travels along the back, gets to the garage and "teleports" down to your left inlane. Clever.

#8 3 years ago

- getting 4 balls in the hyperloop in Star Wars
- Iron Man kickback
- Any lit spinner on a solid state game

#9 3 years ago

Johnny mnemonic orbits

#10 3 years ago

STTNG Picard maneuver

#11 3 years ago

Volcano ramp through the pops, NGG hole in one and Deadpool's Snikt!

#12 3 years ago

Quicksilver 4-bank drop target sweep into the left spinner.

#13 3 years ago

Multiple shots consecutively on the warp ramp in Star Trek.

#14 3 years ago

Gobble hole on Gusher

#15 3 years ago
Quoted from mrossman5:

Multiple shots consecutively on the warp ramp in Star Trek.

This . Getting 3 warps in a row ( my best ) is an amazing feeling ! How many have you guys gotten ? Anyone hit 4 or 5 consecutively ?

#16 3 years ago
Quoted from Crispin:

Volcano ramp through the pops, NGG hole in one and Deadpool's Snikt!

Good choices. +1 NGG ‘hole in one’ shot up the skip ramp. That shot is so steep.

#17 3 years ago

TWD all three drop targets one shot Best!

#18 3 years ago

Super jackpot on TAF

#19 3 years ago

I really love the Tower shot in the new Stern JP. Especially after a slower shot on the pteranodon helix ramp.
The changes in flow and the movement of the ball are great.

#20 3 years ago

That one time I hit the Gem shot (on purpose) on Tron was pretty sweet.

#21 3 years ago

sim card hole in DI when a Dialed In letter is flashing

#22 3 years ago

3 way combo on Whirlwind. Right flipper through the pops, around the orbit, upper flipper through upper loop, upper flipper to left ramp. Oh and the air raid siren that goes with it.

#24 3 years ago

Best feeling...

Completing Final Frontier on STTNG

Leaning down to aim for cannons on Battle Simulation on STTNG

Destroying Death Star on Star Wars

Getting multiple balls in Hyper loop on Star Wars

Hitting three or more consecutive Warp ramp shots on Star Trek

Hitting Hole in One on No Good Gophers

Hitting Nuclear Reactors on Total Nuclear Annihilation-gets better with every reactor

Building up on alternating Fish Tales ramp shots

Getting in the groove on Ghostbusters listening to Cleland remix

Getting all the multi-balls for Metallica

Solving multiple puzzles on Wheel of Fortune(Torture)

Battling Iron Monger on Iron Man

Hitting combo ramp shots on Jurassic Park

Reminds me of a great song...

#25 3 years ago
Quoted from BigT:

Super jackpot on TAF

Raul Julia really captured the excitement on that one! I love that jackpot too.

#26 3 years ago

BSD- smacking the moving mist ball into the coffin lock, especially the last lock to stack multi-balls

#27 3 years ago

Getting multiple balls in the supercharger during multi-ball in Getaway.

#28 3 years ago

Casting and immediately flipping into the ball lock for a fast cast in Fish Tales.

#29 3 years ago

Deadpool katana. Or even better hitting it through the right orbit having it quickly come to left flipper and hitting right into the katana. Feels so good

#30 3 years ago

* Combo skill shots on the new Jurassic Park premium feels pretty good followed by that single shot to the smart missile...man, Keith really did an amazing job on this game.
* Getting multiple balls in the hyperloop on Star Wars also is great but I'll admit, just hitting that right ramp to start the hyperspace hurry up and then immediately slamming it straight up and into that death Star ramp for a spin feels pretty damn good
* Sure, sometimes so simple, other times evading you like an impossibility, hitting those in line drop targets on the left to start Grave multiball on Metallica always makes me feel good... gives you those few seconds afterwards to watch the screenplay and makes you feel like you know what the hell you're doing and then a few seconds later you get to jam out to more Metallica with the light show for that mb...always satisfying.
* Hitting center drop targets when that dude is doing that stupid Elvis dance to throw cans and tomatoes at him on the Judge Dredd is pretty freaking fun and satisfying, haha.
* Spelling B-I-G and then getting the last of those far left drop targets on the Big Brave to get that special light on always feels great to me too.
* Getting that last card that has been evading you the whole game on Hit the Deck, haha...

#31 3 years ago

Guile shot on SF2

#32 3 years ago

Satellite shot on Goldeneye.

#33 3 years ago

The Shadow

Completing vengeance in four shots.

Making consecutive shots on shadow loops to light the extra ball.

Hitting the scene/mode shot

The Sanctum shot

Completing the final battle

#34 3 years ago

^^ this, and the Start Mission KLOINK!!

MM, damsel shot!

#35 3 years ago

Hitting whatever final shot you need for White Water Vacation jackpot

#36 3 years ago

Super Jackpot- Williams IJ
ST-Warp Ramp
War Machine Shot- IM

#37 3 years ago

- The R-shaped spinner shot combo’d into the side ramp on Baywatch
- Backflipping the low Laguna Beach ramp on Baywatch
- The Baywatch tower shot and right ramp
- Double ricochet into Baywatch’s center VUK
- The... oh, wait, that’s the whole game.

#38 3 years ago

LOR - final Ring shot in wizard mode

DP - Katana ramp, and (on purpose) Snikt!

Bad Cats - 5 straight L orbits on ball 3 for the Bonus collect

#39 3 years ago
Quoted from onemoresean:

The Shadow
Completing the final battle

You lost me on "completing" the final battle. I've gotten to final quite a few times but just a target or 2 to finish

#40 3 years ago

SnikT. Either on the fly, or from a cradle.

#41 3 years ago

Bally Solid state games:

SBM- ripping the horseshoe from the left flipper and then catching with the right flipper. Nail it again with the right flipper and catch with the left. Repeat again and again.
Xenon- Rip the tube shot with the right flipper.
FG- pretty much anything that doesn't cause a drain.
Paragon & Centaur- completing the inline drops- really tough

#42 3 years ago

Sounds like Deadpool is winning this one with the snikt shot and Katana shot. Both are 2 of my favorites also.

#43 3 years ago

Flash Gordon: Ripping through a lit spinner in 5x playfield multiplier to the shooter lane for bonus collect.

#44 3 years ago

TWD- Just hitting the left orbit spinner during Barn. Maybe it’s the sounds incorporated in that mode? I don’t know, but it feels amazing.

#45 3 years ago

Hitting the Queens Chamber in Centaur

That final valley of demons shot in Paragon

Everytime I trap a mermaid in Fathom

#46 3 years ago

Completing the Picard Maneuver in STTNG and the Hole in One in NGG are favorites.

#47 3 years ago

Star Wars Premium , shots into the hyperloop for the Hyperspace multiball , what a rush

#48 3 years ago

Best shot hands down is the satisfying "clink" when you nail the mini left flipper piano shot in TZ. 2nd place has already been mentioned, the WH20 jackpot shot, especially with the glass tap.

#49 3 years ago
Quoted from truemagoo102:

Best shot hands down is the satisfying "clink" when you nail the mini left flipper piano shot in TZ. 2nd place has already been mentioned, the WH20 jackpot shot, especially with the glass tap.

Agreed the “clink” as I’m playing TZ now

#50 3 years ago

The Stark ramp on GOTLE is nice when hit on repeat.

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