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Best or worst call outs in all of pinball

By Lamboo27

7 years ago

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    #51 7 years ago
    Quoted from desertT1:

    "Kaaaahhhn." It's pretty weak and emotionless. ST.

    Yeah I dislike that one also

    #52 7 years ago


    "Meow meow meowwwwww" (Bad Cats)
    "Pinbot stranded" (Taxi)


    "Ohhhh Yeaaaa (Royal Rumble)
    "Lion man!" (We all know...)

    #53 7 years ago

    Worst: wambat or whatever it says in Rocky n Bowinkle or however you spell it. best all MM quotes and Adams Family quotes, example it's not plugged in yet. Oh and inlove the laughing in TFTC does not bug me at all.

    #54 7 years ago

    Can't believe nobody's mentioned "bad move human" from Centaur as one of the best callouts

    #55 7 years ago

    What Me Worry?

    #56 7 years ago
    Quoted from Jackontherocks:

    Worst: wambat or whatever it says in Rocky n Bowinkle

    LOL! It's "wrong hat" and yeah, I think that's the worst. It even interrupts saying it to say it again! (And again! And again!)

    Someone said the Cryptkeeper's laugh, but didn't specify whether that was for Best or Worst. I love it, I think it's hilarious! (Subject to change if I ever find one to buy.)

    More DE repetitiveness:
    JP: You didn't say the magic word! (Newman!)
    LAH: Come back latuh.

    #57 7 years ago

    I like just about everything on MM. "I'm Lord Howard Hurtz, who the f*ck are you?"

    #58 7 years ago
    Quoted from DanQverymuch:

    LOL! It's "wrong hat" and yeah, I think that's the worst.

    Well at least they don;t say it a lot

    I agree...so bad.

    #60 7 years ago

    Best: RFM: The Martian asking Abe Lincoln "Other than that, how did you like the play?"
    JD: "One year for flatulance."

    #61 7 years ago
    Quoted from LarryMac:

    I like just about everything on MM. "I'm Lord Howard Hurtz, who the f*ck are you?"

    It's more like "I'm Lord Howard Hurtz, who the f(beep) are you?"

    For me, the self censorship made it funnier than if the word had been said.

    #62 7 years ago
    Quoted from Stones:

    The crypt keeper laughing over and over on TFTC

    I actually like this one. All the audio clips are good, not to mention the killer dots.

    #63 7 years ago


    When you drain with the Air Lock open in Space Shuttle

    #64 7 years ago

    How bout... even Kennys family has a quarter...when hitting start sp with no credits. Also... cheating makes baby Jesus cry ...when you tilt it.(tspp) wiggum kid

    #65 7 years ago

    Shoot the Death star! on de sw grinds my gears.

    Focus! from creature is the most effective and irritating call out i hear,

    The monster fish roar on FT makes that spinner 200% harder to hit

    #66 7 years ago

    not good one: anything Beast says in X-men...

    good one: "rrrricochet!!" Dirty Harry

    #67 7 years ago

    Not sure if it really counts as a callout or just part of the music, but the chicken clucking the 1812 Overture in Class of 1812 is hilarious.

    #68 7 years ago

    Best: Anything from scared stiff

    #69 7 years ago

    Scared Stiff definitely has some of the best.
    My fav is He always wanted a little head!

    #70 7 years ago
    Quoted from got-pin2:

    Scared Stiff definitely has some of the best.
    My fav is He always wanted a little head!

    After TAF, SS is my favorite.

    #71 7 years ago

    + Stay Cool Daddy-O (CFTBL)

    #72 7 years ago

    One of my favorits. This is how we say goodbye in Gormany. Whack!
    MB: I hear he has a monster organ.
    Worst: LW3- OK OK OK
    Another was whatever the guy says in Hook when you shoot the ramp. I stopped playing that game because of that.
    And I cannot stand Riddle me this! from BF either.

    #73 7 years ago

    "LIONMAN! " swords of fury .
    "Get a job" Millionaire
    "Let's say it's bad luck shall we " Devil Riders

    #74 7 years ago

    I really like "Don't let Maverick reach the game." When your about to win a poker hand in Maverick.

    #75 7 years ago

    Best - MM Multiball, Jackpot, Super Jackpot callouts are the best IMO. That and anything Elvira says...

    I was only just getting into pinball when I first played that game and it really had an impression.

    Worst - Jokerz, and I own one

    #76 7 years ago

    My favorite call out on Addams is when you get the second multiball and you lock the last ball in the electric chair. Fester says "It has to warm up.... SO IT CAN KILL YOU!!"

    #77 7 years ago

    WOZ double Toto save "worst spear throwers ever" as he jumps the draw bridge, makes me laugh every time.

    #78 7 years ago

    I don't know what it is..maybe the fact that you load the cannon so often in gameplay...but T2 and arnolds "load da cannon" gets pretty damn old, I believe it will be imprinted in my memory until the day I die.

    #79 7 years ago

    Best- Paul Stanley jackpots in New KISS. I love Paul and him yelling "boom boom boom" in his on stage accent is awesome. The gene callouts are good also "Dont shake the game"

    #80 7 years ago

    Worst: "ride the flying turds (turns)!" RCT
    Best: anything on scared stiff

    #81 7 years ago

    Even though it usually pisses me off, the best in my book is "Worst ball ever" by Comic Book Guy in TSPP.

    #82 7 years ago
    Quoted from pinballholder:

    "You pay your money, you take your chances" - Cyclone

    This. But I think he says, "...payS yer money..."

    I also like the WNBJM callouts.
    Also, "They call me an underachiever," (or something like that) from DE Simpsons.

    #83 7 years ago

    Worst: everything in TWD
    Best: everything in TWD + Cleland upgrade

    #84 7 years ago
    #85 7 years ago

    LOTR has the best callouts

    #86 7 years ago

    24 has the worst call outs

    #87 7 years ago

    Tin man gets me feeling awkward when he tells me that " I'm all oiled up and ready for action!" WOZ

    #88 7 years ago

    I like Mystery Castle, everything is said with an English accent and it sounds pretty cool, but the best is when the skull comes on the screen and screams AAAAAHHHHHH DOOOOOOMMM..........sick

    #89 7 years ago

    one of my favorites is Police Force when jackpot is enabled...... "Hey gumshoe, over here" directing you to hit the right ramp

    #90 7 years ago

    Best: BAO! Interflip Dragon.

    Worst: Karl Urban (Bones) saying Jackpot on ST during klingon multiball. It sounds like they took a clip of him reading while half asleep.

    The klingon voice jackpot callouts are nice though.

    #91 7 years ago

    "My wifes having a baby and I'm scared!" Was funny the first few times I heard it, but gets annoying after a while! On Rescue 911.

    My wife plays that game every night.I play it too occasionally, but have more fun working on them. The operator talking gets annoying too. I guess I heard it too much already!

    Until I get and play more games, It's the only phrase that got annoying so far!

    1 week later
    #92 7 years ago

    "Bad Kitty" from Bad Cats
    The moans on Xenon.

    #93 7 years ago

    Suuuuuuuuperrrrrrr Jaaaaaackpot!!!! Woo hoo hoo!
    By salah in Indiana jones.

    #94 7 years ago

    Worst: Anything by Gene Simmons in Stern Kiss

    #95 7 years ago

    Best: "Multiball" by Two-Face in batman forever

    Worst: "Multiball, Multiball" by Two-Face in batman forever.

    #96 7 years ago

    "EARTHSHAKER!" is the best callout ever.
    Anything Tanner Foust says in Mustang is awful. I hate that guy.

    #97 7 years ago


    #98 7 years ago

    When the Ferengi, who doesn't sound like a Ferengi, asking for duranium Spheres says "We need them NOW!"

    #99 7 years ago

    BOP "My Good She's Alive" is great

    #100 7 years ago

    Worst: you've been exposed to Elektra's radiation!
    Shadow: you are boring me!

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