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BEST OFFER?Buy It Now Sale #18 - Pinball Driver Bds-ARcade Stuff-TNT

By toddtuckey

1 year ago

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    #1 1 year ago

    it was another success --thanks for joinging us!

    We are up to SALE #18 now! SIXTY items will be sold both ways--either the BEST OFFER (you make bids right on the screen), or BUY IT NOW---suddenly we flash the price and whoever hits the button first gets it! We then can average about 15 items per hour...we start at 7pm Saturday Jan 16th Eastern Time and will end about 11pm!
    Our LIVE CHAT is on too...so you can follow and laugh along with all of us too!

    We will have a PREVIEW of the items you can watch FRIDAY on YouTube on our regular YouTube channel.

    Thanks for your support from Todd N. Tuckey and our TNT volunteers and staff

    Below is a partial list but you can see the FULL list NOW at sale.tntamusements.com

    Item # Name Description Sale Type
    1 SNK SKY SOLDIERS Arcade Video Game SIDE ART set of two--original, not repro Best Offer
    2 Namco CLASS OF 81 Ms Pacman & Galaga Arcade Game PCB Licensed and working fine Buy It Now
    3 SNK NEO GEO MVS Cartridge SUPER SPY arcade works great! Has marquee too Best Offer
    4 10 Different POP BUMPER CAPS from various pinball machines! Best Offer
    5 Konami X MEN Arcade Video Game Logic Board PCB powers up-double image & buzz in sound Best Offer
    6 Konami SUPER BASKETBALL Arcade Video Game PCB works fine! Buy It Now
    7 Ten Assorted Arcade Video Game MONITOR Repair Manuals Covers Electroholme, Wells Gardner, etc...plus VECTOR games Best Offer
    8 FIVE Pinball Machine Advertising Flyers-Original Embryon, Elvis, Corvette, Countdown, and COngo Best Offer
    9 Williams POWER SUPPLY with overvoltage board for Defender-Moon Patrol-Make Trax clean and working Best Offer
    10 FIVE Williams 7 Digit Displays for pinball made between 1980 and 1987 These work, but 4 of the 7 digits are somewhat "bloated" Buy It Now
    11 BLOOD BROTHERS Arcade Video Game PCB Works, good pix, no music Best Offer
    12 Four Gottlieb SYSTEM ONE Pinball Logic Board PCBS for parts or repair- we will show them Buy It Now
    13 Bally BLACKWATER Pinball Machine Backglass MYLAR Original New Old Stock-RARE Buy It Now
    14 Thirty 33rpm Records--like new with sleeves--from Todd's Collection- Cher, Heart, Genesis, Diana Ross, will show them all Best Offer
    15 Taito ARKANOID Arcade Video Game PCB Board works fine Buy It Now
    16 Nintendo HERO IN THE TEMPLE OF DOOM Arcade Video Game This is a working kit for any DONKEY KONG or DONKEY KONG JR Best Offer
    17 Gottlieb 1987 PINBALL MACHINE bound PARTS CATALOG-thick Covers 16 games-Rock, The Games, Chicago Cubs, Rack Em Up, Raven, Bounty Hunter, Touchdown, Ready Aim DFire, Jacks To Open, Eldorado City of Gold, Tag Team Wrestling, Hollywood Heart, Alien Star, Ice Best Offer
    18 Ten Williams DEFENDER/STARGATE/ROBOTRON PCB Logic Boards ten assorted non working boards--we will show them Best Offer
    19 9 Bally COIN DOOR coin slot INSERTS-for all coin doors for the silver doors Best Offer
    20 Ten Assorted plastic MONITOR BEZELS for Arcade Games assorted in good shape Best Offer
    21 BOX of assorted Arcade Video Game JOYSTICKS--take a look! A Hodge Podge of used Joysticks and parts! One price buys it all Best Offer
    22 Capcom STREET FIGHTER 2 CHAMP Arcade Game PCB Board Working 100% "Accelerator" version Jamma classic 2 player fighter Best Offer
    23 Namco SKY KID Arcade Video Game PCB --clean sound and picture-but in test all the time Best Offer
    24 Stern DOT MATRIX DISPLAY for the newer SAM machines 2010 to 2014--red color-LIKE NEW Buy It Now
    25 Capcom STREET FIGHTER II The New Challengers CPS2 PCB works great Best Offer
    26 Universal MR DO! Arcade Video Game PCB works great Buy It Now
    27 Atari AR 1 POWER SUPPLY for Asteroids-Deluxe Asteroids-Kangaroo-Pole Position and others cklean and works great Buy It Now
    28 5 Classic Arcade Video Game MANUALS---clean originals Lunar Lander with separate schematics, Jump Bug, I Robot with schemetics,, Fire Truck, and Breakout Best Offer
    29 Sega HANG ON Control Panel COVER with gauges plastic good condition too! Buy It Now
    30 Sega BAYWATCH Pinball Machine New Backglass Mylar Perfect and NEW---WOW! Best Offer
    31 32 Assorted Arcade Video Game Buttons 8 Long GREEN, 8 short Clear RED, 8 long BLACK, and 8 short WHITE Buy It Now
    32 2 Electroholme G07 Monitor Chassis--both marked bad complete with no missing parts Buy It Now
    33 Konomi HYPERSPORTS Arcade Video Game PCB hard to find--WORKS Best Offer
    34 Nintendo DONKEY KONG Arcade PCB with ROMS from a kit Licensed kit but unknown game--frozen picture Best Offer
    35 Book: PINBALL! by ROGER SHARPE- Over100 pages Large coffee table style, 1977 and great shape Best Offer
    36 Gottlieb BARB WIRE Pinball Machine new Backglass Mylar Pamela Anderson again...NICE---and NEW! Buy It Now
    37 Bally Midway OMEGA RACE Vector Arcade Video Game CONTROLLERS w/ control panels & Transformers/wiring 2 complete controllers & all the red LED Buttons and harness for cocktail table Best Offer
    38 Atari GAUNTLET LEGENDS Arcade Video Game POSTER colorful and very large--a couple tears Buy It Now
    39 50 assorted DART FLIES colorful ends for DARTS-new in individual packages Buy It Now
    40 Konami SUNSET RIDERS Arcade Video Game Jamma PCB powers up Bad 2F & 3F Best Offer
    41 3 Bally Pinball MPU Logic Boards for 1979 to 1984 for parts or repair These could be fixed Best Offer
    42 3 Arcade Video Game mylar marquees--used but useable Class of 81, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and ? Best Offer
    43 Williams bottom TRANSFORMER ASSEMBLY for Styargate/Robotron/Joust/Defender/Moon Patrol clean and working fine Buy It Now
    44 TEN Bally/Stern SOLENOID DRIVER BOARDS - 1977 to 1984 assorted conditions for parts or repair Best Offer
    45 Five Bally Stern LAMP DRIVER BOARDS 1977 to 1984 assorted-for parts or repair Buy It Now
    46 Three Williams Pinball POWER SUPPLIES for repairs used 1980 through 1985 Best Offer
    47 Two Data East PINBALL MACHINE PCB's for parts or repair 1987 through 1996 Buy It Now
    48 TEN Working 25 cent COIN MECHANISMS assorted...clean and working Best Offer
    49 Williams STARGATE Complete CONTROL PANEL with nice overlay that's unique has buttons and all wiring and switches Buy It Now
    50 LOTS of arcade game buttons with microswitches many assorted--all different colors! Best Offer
    51 Working WELLS GARDNER 4900 Monitor Chassis tested, clean and works fine Best Offer
    52 2 Nintendo VS Kit for VS TENNIS and VS BASEBALL- you get TWO Tennis kit is complete with marquee--Baseball is just the chips Best Offer
    53 Complete TESTER with controls and montior (tube bad) for MEGATOUCH POKER Games and others we will show you---a home made tester Best Offer
    54 Bally Midway MS PACMAN Bottom Transformer and Harness clean, new fuse blocks--replace your rusty bottom transformer Buy It Now
    55 Technos WRESTLEFEST Arcade Game PCB Logic Board-plays perfect Jamma board..with Marquee, buttons, manual and Partial Joysticks Best Offer
    56 Williams PINBALL MACHINE Steel Cash Pan with lid will fit all Williams pinball machines 1975 and on Buy It Now
    57 Taito ZOOKEEPER Arcade Video Game complete set of PCB boards on metal tray--CPU has battery damage-has HARNESS! Best Offer
    58 Taito GROWL Arcade Video Game Kit with PCB and harness-Unique 4 player game Two marquees-for two monitor cabinet! RARE---blocks on screen though...game plays Best Offer
    59 Two Taito ICE COLD BEER PCB Logic Boards marked bad and missing socketed chips Best Offer
    60 SPECIAL! BRAND NEW NEVER OPENED Nintendo PLAYCHOICE 10 GLASS Conversion Kit we will open this on camera for the first time since 1986 when it was shipped! Best Offer

    best18 (resized).jpg

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