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BEST OFFER -BUY IT NOW Sale #20 - Saturday Feb 6th, 2021 TNT Amusement

By toddtuckey

8 months ago

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    #1 8 months ago

    GREAT new titles added tonight...Guzzler, Ninja Emaki, CLOAK AND DAGGER, Skull and Crossbones, Terra Burst, Food Fight, Virtua Racing, Warlords Overlay, Playchoice 10 carts, Renegade and lots more Boardsets to be sold to BEST OFFER!
    MORE fun awaits! Please join us on Saturday Feb 6th for our 20th sale...Sixty Items to be either sold instantly or to the BEST OFFER made
    It will be 7pm Eastern Time. Last Saturday's Sale #19 was a huge success--our best one since the first sale a year ago! We will have some interesting things as usual, and lots of fun on the chat even if you don't want to make offers.

    You MUST be registered at sale.tntamusements.com and be there to participate in the offers, but you can also watch on YouTube, Facebook (in the ARCADE EXCHANGE group page), and the TNT Amusements Twitch account.

    LOOK...list is complete!
    Item # Name Description Sale Type
    1 3 Screw Terminal POWER SUPPLIES work fine Buy It Now
    2 3 Atari MILLIPEDE Arcade Video Game PCB's for parts or repair Best Offer
    3 Taito RENEGADE Arcade Video Game Logic Board PCB from 1986 works fine Best Offer
    4 Bally Midway XENOPHOBE Arcade Video Game Logic Boards--TWO One fully complete, and one missing some socketed chips-Untested Best Offer
    5 Bally CAMELOT original Slot Machine Glass colorful..thick glass Buy It Now
    6 Konami CONTRA Arcade Video Game Logic Board PCB works fine! Best Offer
    7 Nintendo DONKEY KONG original FLYERS Three Different--One of them is RARE!! Best Offer
    8 Ten 25 cent COIN MECHANISMS- working fine assorted styles--tested Buy It Now
    9 Sega BLOXXED Arcade Video Game--like Tetris works but no sound Best Offer
    10 Nintendo VS TENNIS Arcade Game kit for the VS System in black travel box chips and top marquee, instructions, and clear plexiglass for marquee Best Offer
    11 Atari FOOD FIGHT Arcade Video Game PCB missing 68000 socket and a couple other p[arts Best Offer
    12 Nintendo PLAYCHOICE TEN "GOLF" Cartridge tested and working Best Offer
    13 8 MS PACMAN/JUNIOR PACMAN/PACMAN Logic Board PCB'S for parts or repair Best Offer
    14 Atari AR1 POWER SUPPLY for Asteroids-Pole Position_Deluxe Asteroids-etc clean tested and working fine! Buy It Now
    15 5 Bally Midway Arcade Video Game Manuals- nicely bound Bosconian, Gorf, Kickman, Demolition Derby, and Midway General Instructions Manual Best Offer
    16 Technos WRESTLEFEST Arcade Video Game PCB--works perfect Tested and Working 4 player Best Offer
    17 2 Technos WRESTLEFESTArcade Game PCB's One powers up with sound and pix but graphics blocky--and second just white Best Offer
    18 Capcom COMMANDO Arcade Video Game PCB works fine! Best Offer
    19 CInematronics DRAGONS LAIR/SPACE ACE PCB Logic Board clean and complete except for a couple ROMS-new style board Best Offer
    20 5 Williams Pinball Machine 7 digit DISPLAYS for 1981 to 1988 machines Plug and lay..4 of the 7 numbers are somewhat "bloated" but are still perfect readable Buy It Now
    21 Nintendo PLAYCHOICE TEN "DOUBLE DRIBBLE" Cartridge tested and working Best Offer
    22 Sega VIRTUAL RACING complete board cage and PCB;s marked "Missing graphics but passes all tests Best Offer
    23 Taito ELEVATOR ACTION Arcade Game PCB Board works perfect Best Offer
    24 32 assorted ARCADE GAME BUTTONS--brand new 4 different colors-new old stock from 1981! 2 different lengths Buy It Now
    25 Konami DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION 3rd Mix top plexiglass sign Light up plexiglass colorful sign you could light uop...very large Best Offer
    26 Two Pinball Backglass Mylars- WATERWORLD & GLADIATORS brand new--nice colors Buy It Now
    27 Sega QUARTET 2 rare 4 player Arcade Video Game PCB clean but dead as a doornail Best Offer
    28 Dart Flights---our last batch of them Brand new in packages--very colorful! Best Offer
    29 Bally Midway RALLY X Arcade Video Game PCB clean and works great! Best Offer
    30 Centuri FIREBIRD (actually PHOENIX) Arcade Game PCB Different ROMS, but plays identical to Phoneix- Works fine Best Offer
    31 4 Williams System 4-6 Pinball Machine CPU PCB's for parts or repair Buy It Now
    32 Midway MORTAL KOMBAT Arcade Game PCB Powers Up but stuck in Test mode Best Offer
    33 Taito OPERATION WOLF Arcade Video Game PCB Perfect picture...board is marked that sound is "low" Best Offer
    34 Atari SKULL AND CROSSBONES Arcade Video Game PCB Rare two player game--clean and works perfect Best Offer
    35 4 Bally/Stern Pinball Machine DRIVER BOARDS - 1977 to 1984 for parts or repair Buy It Now
    36 Sega OUTRUN Arcade Game PCB'S --two sets untested but complete Best Offer
    37 Fitty 45rpm RECORDS from Jukebox use Assorted from all eras--Todd will read artists Best Offer
    38 Nichibutsu Ninja Emaki Arcade Video Game PCB--rare Powers up with blocks..we can see some rust on one area of one board Best Offer
    39 Konami TERRA BURST Arcade Video Game Board Cage PCB's complete with sound cage too...untested but clean Best Offer
    40 Taito POWER SUPPLY -tested and working fine Fits Crazy Climber, Stratovox, Lunar Rescue, Lock and Chase, SPace Invaders Part 2 Buy It Now
    41 6 Susan B Anthony COIN MECHANISMS - for standard Coin Doors 3 are tested and working and 3 are complete but do not work Best Offer
    42 Atari POLE POSITION 2 Arcade Game set of PCBS Super Clean, no battery damage, not working Best Offer
    43 Gottlieb MACH 3 Arcade Video Game Laser Disc PCB Logic Board also includes video board--not tested Best Offer
    44 3 Arcade Game MARQUEES--Pacman Plus, Match Em Up and good condition too! One is brand new Best Offer
    45 Bally Midway SUPER PACMAN Arcade Video Game PCB logic Board Works Perfect! Clean! Buy It Now
    46 Two Bally Midway SUPER PACMAN Arcade Video Game PCB's One is dead and other has wrong colors Buy It Now
    47 Bally Midway RAMPAGE Arcade Video Game logic board Clean...marked "resetting, almost works" Best Offer
    48 Gottlieb OPERATION THUNDER Pinball Machine Backglass Translight Good used condition...features fighter jets Best Offer
    49 8 Arcade Video Game Flyers--from early 80's-from Todd's COllection Eliminator, Eco Fighters, Elevator Action, Dark Stalkers, Whirley Bucket, Dambusters, Cyber Cycles Football Champ Best Offer
    50 Sega WRESTLE WAR Arcade Video Game PCB works fine Buy It Now
    51 Bally Midway Galaga Arcade Video Game...clean chips comes up ram 2h Best Offer
    52 Nine Williams Defender/Stargate/Joust/Robotron Logic Boards for parts or repair Best Offer
    53 Tecmo NINJA GAIDEN Arcade Video Game PCB works with sound and picture, but amp is red hot--sometimes graphics get blotchy Buy It Now
    54 Atari ASTEROIDS DELUXE control panel overlay willis version...brand new Buy It Now
    55 Namco GAPLUS Arcade Video Game PCB works but no sound Best Offer
    56 Bally Midway SATAN'S HOLLOW Cocktail Table monitor artwork used...okay shape Buy It Now
    57 Tehkan GUZZLER Arcade video game PCB Clean and works great! Kids LOVE it Best Offer
    58 Atari WARLORDS cocktail table overlays new...both sides Best Offer
    59 Two Sega ZAXXON Arcade Video Game PCB's both play fine but have no sound Best Offer
    60 Atari CLOAK AND DAGGER Arcade Game--2 board set rare and complete (Board says Agent X) I cannot test, but boards are clean Best Offer

    best 20 (resized).jpg
    1 week later
    #2 8 months ago

    thanks to all who participated!

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