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Best-looking (or most beautiful) pinball machine?

By Trond

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

Hi folks! I was just wondering which machines you guys think are among the prettiest as far as artwork goes. I have to say I was impressed when I saw the Phantom of the Opera (I have only played the computer version though). I also like Theatre of Magic. I'm a newbie, so there are probably plenty of good-looking pinball games that I don't know about.

#2 4 years ago

Bally "Class of '81". Video games were booming like crazy,and it forced the industry to focus on artwork to make pins more attractive.

#3 4 years ago

Agreed and at the head of the Bally class of 81 is yup you guessed it Fathom

#4 4 years ago
#5 4 years ago

hobbit, prettiest machine ever made!

#6 4 years ago

Yeah, hard to argue with Fathom. If I could make a separate modern category, I might pick Houdini. That machine is just stunning to me.

#8 4 years ago

Most of them are great to look at
remember, the backglass is the first thing to draw your attention to a game, so it is in the interest of operators (distributors and manufactures) to have art that gets your attention

#9 4 years ago

A well modded ECLE WOZ is one the the prettiest sights in pinball

#10 4 years ago

Everyone has an opinion!

#11 4 years ago

TOTAN with unfaded cab artwork.

#12 4 years ago

Damn near any pin you want to pick from the 80's.

#13 4 years ago

No way that there is a correct answer to this question. Todays games really look amazing but there are alot of old EM’s that look amazing as well. To me the games that have the most “interesting” artwork (not saying best looking) that really makes me want to look at the artwork all over the entire machine would be the old EM’s. All eras of pinball are great truthfully. Art is a HUGE and important part of pinball.

#14 4 years ago

Though this topic is subjective, I'll narrow it down to one of the many machines that we've had in our collection. GB was the most visually stunning pin, but it only lasted a month in the lineup. The gameplay was decent at first, but the linier rules became repetitious. "We've Got One & Who Brought The Dog" was always the same old stale initial mode progression, w/ no way around it. Those phrases permentally echo in my head & I'll never be the same. But w/ the acquisition of other great & "good looking" machines (MET, WD, ST, etc.) > the voices have subsided.

#15 4 years ago

Ballys lost world and paragon are pretty high on the list for me. Beautiful games

#16 4 years ago

Anything with a nice mirrored back glass. Most of the new pins just don't cut it when it comes to that part of the machine.

#18 4 years ago

For me it would be the Ballys from the 80s, Paragon, Fathom and Centaur.

#19 4 years ago

Stle is pretty high on my list. Classically, black hole gets my vote

#20 4 years ago

Tron: Legacy LE is gorgeous...

#21 4 years ago

Another vote for xmen le magnito version.

#22 4 years ago

Strictly artwise, Ghostbusters for a newer machine. Escape from the lost world for 80's era.

#23 4 years ago

Gottlieb Strange World. Gordon Morrison at his best.

0a04232a053258c0b8135b375e48d4114bca086a (resized).jpg1762104-playfield (resized).jpge8a55cbc3834ac294d0ec79de54cebe3961ee32a (resized).jpg
#24 4 years ago

Bally Paragon for solid state.

1169659176 (resized).jpgparagon_1 (resized).jpg
#25 4 years ago

For recent pins...Ghostbusters, Aerosmith, GOTG

For older pins...TOM, TOTAN, CV

#26 4 years ago

I recall being captivated by Xenon when I would see them on location and still love looking at them today.

#27 4 years ago

Although I wouldn't call it "beautiful", Space Invaders had an artwork package that really drew you to the game. Way cool backglass artwork made exponentially cooler by the infinity mirror and strobe light effects, a playfield with tons of amazing detail on it, and one of the most intricately detailed stenciled cabinets ever.

#28 4 years ago

Someone brought a Zacarra "Farfalla" to Pintastic that was simply lovely.

image-30 (resized).jpg
#29 4 years ago

Sometimes the "best-looking" machine to me is the one I just loaded in the back of the Jeep to bring home.

#31 4 years ago

Pretty much every Atari machine is stunning. I also really like Cybernaut, PinBot, Black Knight 2000, and Sorcerer, but generally speaking every 80s machine visually appeals to me (with the exception of those photo-backglass games).

#32 4 years ago

Magic Girl

9B9D141A-7D58-4BAF-B930-1CC1D151183E (resized).jpeg
#33 4 years ago

I am sorry to say this but...Magic Girl. ZY killed it

magic_girl_prototypes (resized).jpg
#35 4 years ago


#36 4 years ago

What no Xenon, or Pinball Magic.

#37 4 years ago

Dragonette 1954.

Classic artwork of a bygone era.

Good game as well.

IMG_9771 (resized).jpgimage-10 (resized).jpg
#39 4 years ago

TOTAN or CV. Such beautiful works of art. I have never seen MG live but I expect that I would vote for it too.

#40 4 years ago
Quoted from Crispin:

For me it would be the Ballys from the 80s, Paragon, Fathom and Centaur.

Flash Gordon

#41 4 years ago

Its too hard to pick just one, but I have a few I think are top of the line

Cabinet. Creature / Medieval
Back glass. ETPM/Haunted House/ Paragon
playfield. Mata hari/ Devils Dare/ SS

#42 4 years ago

Lost World, Embryon

#43 4 years ago

Any pin done by Chris Hutchins. . .

#44 4 years ago
Quoted from bonzo442:

Agreed and at the head of the Bally class of 81 is yup you guessed it Fathom

Quoted from snappahead:

Yeah, hard to argue with Fathom. If I could make a separate modern category, I might pick Houdini. That machine is just stunning to me.

Played Fathom for the first time today. Yup, that is one good looking machine

Among older games I also really like the looks of Genie and Eight Ball. But I guess I do have that tendency to fall for the pretty girls.

#45 4 years ago

Man how do poeple not say Creature from the Black Lagoon? I just always thought that game looked so awesome, especially the way it has the light waves ripple over it.

#46 4 years ago

CV and Hobbit. Totan in there as well.

#47 4 years ago

Bad cats.

#48 4 years ago


#49 4 years ago
Quoted from Frippertron:

Bally Paragon for solid state. [quoted image][quoted image]

I can't believe anyone could down vote this post. I mean look at that beauty. I totally want to buy a Paragon one day. As the art work and backglass are just amazing and remind me of Frank Frazetta. However, the gameplay is what puts it down on my must own list. Just doesn't excite me... I've only played digital version of it, and watched papa videos. Just seems a bit boring. But, when I amass my epic collection it'll be there and it'll be fantastic!

#50 4 years ago

Thanks for all the responses but uh.....do we have a list of abbreviations somewhere around?

I looked up Farfalla and it looks pretty interesting (and I am guessing rare?), is it any fun to play?

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