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Been using this over Novus 2 for playfield cleaning.. and it is better!

By balboarules

10 years ago

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    #1 10 years ago

    For the 10 years or so that I have been cleaning and shopping games, I always used novus 2 to clean the playfields.. Then I dug around and found an article stating that Novus 2 was not best used for a playfield, but more for plastics.. So I dug and dug.. came across this..


    Now, I can only speak for the 90's and newer games, as I have used this on 4 machines, and on 4 machines the results have really impressed me..

    This stuff goes on like a wax... you rub or buff it in, let it sit and dry to a haze, it is a liquid not a paste.. then wipe it off..

    FIrst game I did was Star Wars trilogy with original DULL factory mylar, I put it on the mylar with my drill pad, and did it SLOWLY.. as it will spray everywhere.. Let it sit with a freestanding fan on the playfield.. it hazed over, wiped it off.. and BAM there was shine again! I then buffed it with the drill and buffing pad, put a coat of wax, let it haze again, wiped off and buffed again.. REALLY good results.. did not know if it was this stuff or the playfield was just not that dull as I though.. so I have used it on 3 more games... Maverick, Demo man and JM.. and all 3 times a very nice shine coming off the playfield BEFORE any wax..

    I took a shot in the dark with this stuff.. and it really did an amazing job for me so far..4 for 4...

    Now I have not done this on an older playfield, so I cannot speak for the results on games from the late 80's and back..

    Just figured I would give this tip to all who might be interested.. since the site has really given me a lot in terms of repairs and help and advice..

    If you do happen to try it.. Please PM me your results.. I would love to hear if it worked as well for others as it has for me.. and I put the link above where you can get it..

    If this is old news and I missed a post about it.. not my intention to post about something that was covered, I had never seen this on RGP or on this site.. so wanted to share with everyone!


    #2 10 years ago

    bump in case this got lost, I think I posted it at 2am

    #3 10 years ago

    Going to try it on my Star Wars the pf doesn't shine no more so am going to see if this works

    #4 10 years ago

    I have been very surprised at the results

    #5 10 years ago

    So youre recommending this for pf, and novus II for plastics ? And can I buy these cleaners at Auto Zone, etc. ?

    #6 10 years ago

    Yes, this is just for the PF, and still using Novus II for plastics..

    As far as Auto Zone, I cannot tell you.. I posted a link where you can order it online.. The site is a high end auto detailing site that deals with all kinds of higher end cleaners and wax..

    #7 10 years ago

    Thank you sir. Appreciate the advice.

    #8 10 years ago

    Glad to help.. I hope others get the same results.. I was a skeptic about it, figured at 9.00 a bottle I will order 2 and see what happens.. First was SWT.. dull factory Mylar.. so tried it.. got the shine back.. still skeptical.. was the dirt not that bad on the Mylar I was thinking... so went to the second game... same results.. a very nice shine.. then the 3rd then the 4th.. and same results.. games were JM, DM and Maverick..

    But again, I have not tried it on anything prior to the 90's machines as I do not have one to try it on..


    #9 10 years ago

    Thanks for the info. Treasure cove is too expensive and their ordering system is unnecessarily difficult. Someone should step in and offer a product like this from a major distributor like marco or PBL

    2 weeks later
    #10 10 years ago

    Just got it today. Can't wait to try it !! Can you apply by hand or does it have to be put on with a drill pad ?

    #11 10 years ago

    ** CAUTION*** Collinite Liquid Sapphire PreWax Cleaner #840 is formulated for single stage, enamel, and lacquer paint finishes. For clear coat paint, use Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion.

    #12 10 years ago

    You can do it by hand. I just did a.fifth game jurassic park..came out beautiful....dont forget to let it dry to a haze before removing it.

    #13 10 years ago

    Just an FYI, one of the reasons that Novus is recommended, especially on mylars is it does not contain any petroleum distillates which can attack the adhesive used to apply the mylar. Many car products work great but do contain petroleum distillates so you must be careful when using them around mylar and plastics (like posts or ramps).

    #14 10 years ago

    Cool thread Steve. I remember you telling me about this great new product you were using on PF's that was really nice stuff. I'm definitely going to pick up some.

    Thanks again bro!

    #15 10 years ago

    I've been getting good results from armorall's tire gel for clean shiny and slippery, much moreso than just wax.
    after wax, avery small amount of the tire gel as if it were also a wax. white playfield bands stay cleaner too.

    #16 10 years ago

    Ok am going to try it on my freddy and star wars data east tmw I'll keep you posted !!!!


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