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Batman Forever - Help, My DMD goes mad !

By jimy_speedt

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago


I have a new problem with my Batman SEGA, the DMD starts blinking during the game, then becomes dark, then displays the software version, dark again. And the game goes on but with a totally uncontrolled display.
Same when I go to diagnostics. I get the main maintenance menu. Then any button I press does not affect the screen (although it might does it in reality).

Except when is starts going wrong, the screen behaves normally as expected from the game.

Does someone have an idea for me ?

Thank you in advance

#2 7 years ago

Not much support I found that the 5Vdc might be a problem. I only measure 4,88 vdc on the board connector. On pinball repair guide, such behaviour might be the consequence.
I ordered the BF manual with schematics ... In the meantime, what can I have a look to ? I am absolutely not Sega litterate


#3 7 years ago

4.88 is a problem. It must be 5V. Does your game have the recommended connector fix?


You can buy the fix here:


Also, you may want to change the connector on the DMD power supply board by unsoldering the old connector and soldering in a new one.

Other recommendations are to change the bridge rectifier BR1 on the power supply board and the bridge rectifiers attached to the backbox (there are three, I believe BR3 is the one pinrepair recommends).


#4 7 years ago

Hi jsalce,

No the kit is not installed and worse the connectors were hacked.

Thanks a lot for your valuable input an links, this pin is a piece of art for me

#5 7 years ago

If you do eventually buy a power board replacement, I highly recommend this board:


I recommend fixing any and all hacks. My Frankenstein hack on my power supply board was so bad, I just decided to replace the power supply board.

Hopefully your DMD display controller board is not hacked. Those can be pricey and difficult to find.

#6 7 years ago

thanks, Is the bride rectifier a standard part or do I need a specific ref number ?

#7 7 years ago

4.88 is a problem. It must be 5V. Does your game have the recommended connector

Had the same problem did the connector fix display rock solid.

#8 7 years ago

No, I ordered from Marco. Takes a bit of time to come to Belgium. As advised above I wanted also to replace the bridge rectifiers, but I do not know whih reference to order. thanks

#9 7 years ago

This is a very common issue from DE-> new Sterns. Repin the 5v connector to the DMD controller on the back of the display, and remove this board and reflow the headers.

#10 7 years ago

I received the kit this morning from Marcos. I have executed instructions. I get voltage on the display board, but still too low.

Here are the pictures. Measuring voltage between the newly added loop wires (red circle) on the power supply board, I get 4,88Vdc. On the back of the display board, 4,84vdc between pin 1 and pin 3.

1. I have a loss between the power supply board and the display board.
2. On the power supply board, I still do not have 5vdc.

Suggestion for a next testing step ? Bridge rectifier, any other ? I read in the baywatch schematics that 18Vac goes to BR3. Where is this part ?





#11 7 years ago

This was just posted a few days ago. A very good guide that covers everything you should try.


#12 7 years ago

thanks a lot for the info.

1 week later
#13 7 years ago

I am coming back with my problem. After I read the thread carefully and analysed the schematics, I tested the DC voltage on the test Points (not the connectors) of the power supply board. I put the black lead of the DMM on the ground strap in the backbox and red on +12, I get +11 and for the +5 I get +4,90.

I measured lugs of DB1 (bridge rectifier) but I am lost in the interpretation of what I read on DMM.

Thanks for further help

1 week later
#14 7 years ago

Only to keep you updated, I am not proud of myself.

When replacing the BR DB1, I removed the metallic tracks surrounding the holes into which lugs come. As a result, no more soldering point for the lugs. I hate this, it happens sometimes with common male connectors.

What am I doing wrong ? Using a desoldering pump, the temperature of the iron is 400° briefly on the board

I will go for a new XPIN PS and see if 5vdc goes to the display board

#15 7 years ago

You can use some wire to jump the ripped traces to the BR, Just fallow the trace to the next solder point and use some beefy wire.

New psu is always nice to have on hand.

#16 7 years ago

A new power supply might not hurt in this case, but I can't recommend the Rottendog one that was posted. I would suggest an X-Pin, I have used several of these with very few problems.


#17 7 years ago

thanks, I have placed an order at Xpin and waiting for the price incl shipment outside of the US.

#18 7 years ago

You may want to reconsider using that Xpin power supply in Sega Large DMD games. I went through two different revisions of that same board. Revision A gave me speaker noise. Revision D (which I was told would fix this issue) immediately locked my coils upon power up. This was in a Frankenstein. As I stated above, I used this power supply (which is actually modeled after the 520-5047-03 power supply boards only found in Sega Large DMD games):


My Frankenstein now works with no reset issues. Maybe Batman Forever will be okay, maybe I had a different underlying issue (not saying all Xpin power products are bad, I've used plenty in the past). Just posting my experience with that particular Xpin board.

#19 7 years ago

Well I've seen a couple of small issues on Sega games but Brett always kindly shipped me a replacement board, and later another free one for my trouble. Hope yours is trouble free.

#20 7 years ago

Yes the guy is 100% ok. I purchased once a pin with a defective Xpin board (did not purchase myself), he sent me a rep'acement one for the shipment fee only. Great!

#21 7 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Well I've seen a couple of small issues on Sega games but Brett always kindly shipped me a replacement board, and later another free one for my trouble.

Same experience. Brett was very generous with his time and it was much appreciated. Again, I have used plenty of Xpin products in the past. I just put a Green Xpin DMD in my Cirqus Voltaire. Really don't want my comments interpreted as an attack. Just wanted to relay my experience so you can look for the same issues if they arise.

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