Batman 66 - What's your impression?

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Batman 66 - What's your impression?

By Barakawins1

2 years ago

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#97 2 years ago

Looks dull and code is square one bare bones. For the price they're asking, bad first impression.

Lyman rules, tho - so ...ill be interested in what the game is like in a few months to a year.

#166 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

When I hate on a game, it's because I've PLAYED it. I spent dozens of hours on Ghostbusters en route to bitching about it...these people watch 100 seconds of video and come up with 300 words about why it sucks.

Stern is asking people for $15,000 for a game before they've played it. This is all anyone has to go on at the moment - and this is a forum where people tend to buy games for personal use vs. playing on location before purchase. So, yeah - people are gonna dissect the fuck out of the one gameplay video available.

#197 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Stern is asking $7500 actually, right?

$15,000 for SLE and $10,000 for LE. Some are paying more, and this is the first time they've seen it played.

Quoted from CrazyLevi:

And "dissecting" that video is stupid. It's just a short clip and people are making all sorts of stupid assumptions about the gameplay and declaring it sucks. You know that's moronic.

This is a pinball discussion board. People will discuss. This video is all there is. If it showed something mindblowingly cool, opinions would be different.

Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Merry Christmas!

Happy Chinese Food Day to you, too!

#207 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

It shows a new pinball machine with a big color screen and that awesome brassy batman theme being cranked with you hit pinball shots.
If you don't find that mind-blowingly cool enough it's time to find a new hobby.
If you saw enough in that brief video to come up with any kind of criticisms that you think anybody should actually take seriously, you need to find a new hobby.
Basically, a bunch of joyless husks of humanity need to find a new hobby.

One can enjoy the hobby and also have an opinion on a new game based on the one video that has been released. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

Quoted from smassa:

Maybe to those people 15k or 10k is like a few hundred to me or you. Its amazing why people are so concerned how other people spend their money.

What does this have to do with concern for others? We're all potential customers. We will have an opinion based on the information we have. What information do we have on Batman 66? Price, pics and one video. Discussion ensues.

#274 2 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

, because there is only so much you can do with a recycled playfield design. A color screen and new code will not fix the TDK or the game weaknesses.

Look at Austin Powers & Iron Man - a few tweaks and new code make ALL the difference. Same with Space Jam & NBA ...not that anyone has played NBA, but I guarantee it's far better than Space Jam.

Now, this game is far more redesigned from its source than those two. Main toy is completely different. Ramps are completely different. Only a few minor elements remain, and one is the part everyone loves (Crane) all new code.

The bottom line is, to the end customer, it's a new game and will be judged on its own merits. BDK is irrelevant at this point.

#290 2 years ago
Quoted from John1210:

You've brought this AP/IM comparison up in another thread. Doesn't cut it and isn't the same deal as this, but I respect your opinion.

How so? Both games started as an existing game and were tweaked here and there to make a new one. IM started life as Austin Powers. The ramps are exactly the same (except the left no longer has the magnet divertor). Monger is the same idea as Dr. Evil ...both rise out of the playfield to be bashed. War Machine kickback replaced the toilet, Whiplash magnet replaced the Austin scoop. Shot up the middle to the pops replaced the time machine....all new rules = different game. If you weren't around in 2010, people were saying the same thing about IM as some are about B66: "It's just an Austin Powers retheme but cheaped down and costs more"

#308 2 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

Hey guys,
Sorry about no game play video I am currently not staying at the house with the pin. I'll be back there on Thursday but I can't imagine that someone with more video talent wouldn't have their pin by then. How exactly do you guys mount your iPhone to video the game play?

Get a cheap tripod and an iPhone tripod adaptor

#313 2 years ago
Quoted from zeddex:

So, its safe for me to assume then that your statement of 'fact': "This 30th Anniversary game may have brought Stern fortune, but not glory on this title.
As a matter of fact, in terms of glory, it was the polar opposite, their efforts now have caused more enthusiasts to turn their backs on their company than at any other time in the past 15 years out of disdain."
- is simply mammoth projection on your part. Totally cool if you don't like Stern or Batman'66 - but wild hyperbole pretending to be fact is where I have to call people out. Sorry.

It's absolutely true. 2016 represented a turn in enthusiast perception of Stern from "the guys we support to keep pinball alive" to "the company that crossed the line into arrogance and pure greed". From the GB insert issues, to the growing list of unfinished code, to their Expo party that was about them and not the fans, to shunning Martin from Pinball News and others for criticizing the company, to asking customers to beg for their massively overpriced retheme....this is the year they sought to take advantage of their supporters, it was transparent, and many of their usual supporters have tapped out. I know so many collectors who pretty much buy every new game ...and almost all of them have said "I'm done".

#319 2 years ago
Quoted from jkashani:

On the heels of the later posts, why would anyone buy a NIB other than bragging rights? To me a HUO with mods that you can see and play is the best way to go. Wait for a mature code and you wont have to complain about codes not being released. Why take a risk of things slipping by Sterns quality control? Why not save some money? Have we all gone mad?

If no one buys new, no one can buy used. People like buying new shit. The QC and code is another issue entirely. I don't want a used game if the inserts are fucked and the code is buggy.

#323 2 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Proof is in the pudding. By proof I mean that actual sales numbers of Stern pins goes down fairly significantly (that's what it would take to have any real impact). People bitching on a forum saying that they are done buying NIB pins from Stern is meaningless if Stern continues selling nearly the same number of pins.

Well that's the thing - if they can remain in business selling a handful of games to the mega wealthy hoarders who buy everything because "it's collectible" (let's face it....these are the types who stare at the shiny pretty and don't actually play) ...then ok, that's their business plan and it works....but is it worth losing their most passionate customers and players who love THE GAME and not the dick measuring? Maybe it is. Maybe we don't matter. Maybe they can be massively profitable by selling expensive, low run, low quality LE's & Pinball Arcade apps/tables.

Gary always said if pinball dies, a bit of the fabric of life goes with it. I submit that what they're doing right now isn't that different. I don't feel the "fun" coming from them right now...more like predators picking off easy prey.

#324 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

I have to de-purple a lot of games...

Thanks for saving games from the Portland grape juice menace!

#332 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Why are you bitching at Stern about this instead of all the Johnny Come Lately pin manufacturers who started the price raising war in the first place? Why not blame JJP, the Dutch, spooky or anybody else for the death of pinball?

I know you like trolling me, but facts make for better discussion. Here are my options since you are judging me without context.

-JJP is clearly putting more $$$ into their games, hence higher prices....which I have bitched about. $9k and $12k are insane for Dialed In. The wait for Hobbits is nuts. I bought my Hobbit used.

-Dutch is boutique until further notice. They're making a high quality, low run niche title that no one else would dare bother with. $8500 seemed fair for that. I'm upset mine hasn't shipped yet, but is has been built....the nature of an overseas production and shipping containers.

-Spooky is also boutique, but priced fairly ...but their games aren't good yet, and I've been vocal about that.

-Stern is mass produced. Pros are priced fairly. QC and code have been terrible lately. Prices, artificial limits, and "try outs" for B66 models are ludicrous.

#336 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Stern makes the cheapest pinball machines, yet everybody is bitching at them about raising prices.

You're in the Batman '66 thread. There is no "cheap".

#339 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

$7500 for a Batman premium is still as good a deal as any in pinball right now, right?

Is it? My Met LE was $6800 NIB shipped. STLE was $7300 if I remember correctly. Premiums are now more than LEs...I don't trust the QC yet, and code is early....doesn't seem like a good deal.

Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Have you seen that LCD screen?

I have Batman '66 on, yeah, kinda...I have seen it.

#347 2 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Where does this "mega wealthy" thing come from? It's like people are so hyper pissed about the fact that Stern had the audacity to offer a super limited edition of a pin for a high price at $15k, that they assume that this is what every single pin that they are going to sell going forward will cost.

It's just the fact that they did it at all, especially in the midst of crumbling GB playfields and F'd up code. You used the right word: audacity. Even if the 2017 pins aren't priced like B66, there will still be "cornerstone" price hikes while they still
have so many issues to work out in regards to quality, code and communication. I'm not buying that kind of product from a company that acts like they're doing the customer a favor.

#366 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I just watched the 4 minute video once and I am now an expert on this pin
That said, game looks cool but code is very very bare. I was hoping Lyman would stray away from BDK crane programming and do something a little more creative like BBH. Hard to tell in that video, but looks a little more like BDK crane. But like I said, code looks very very bare. Will be interesting to see if it's progressed come Friday for the deadflip stream.

In BDK, Multiball started after hitting all the crane positions. That didn't happen here....seriously though, this code is mega early - who knows what it'll turn into.

Curious though - what was wrong with BDK crane logic in your opinion? Each time it came out, it had a different set of movements and timing. Seems like he gave a single toy multiple personalities each time you battled it - that's something you don't often see with pinball toys.

#368 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

it's been awhile since I owned BDK, I just remember it not being random and being very predictable.

It's been a while for me, too...but I remember the first crane mode being predictable, like the one in this video...but each one after that becomes harder. The 3rd one barely stops for a moment and moves pretty randomly as I remember.

#375 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballOsp:

That looked god-awful (boring) to me. Not much on that playfield for $15,000....

That's not what they're paying for. $15k lets you say "I have one of 80" (Even tho there are 240 of sorta the same thing and then unlimited of also sorta the same thing)

#413 2 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Looks like a fun pin to me. Strange there are no callouts - just a bunch of the same sound effects. I would think that would be one of the easiest things to code in.

Nah, think of all the variables with voices. Which ones play when, what events cause them to randomize, which voices take precedent when you hit a bunch of switches in quick succession, which ones take precedent when modes are stacked....not to mention sifting thru thousands of voice clips from the show to find which ones work perfectly for gameplay events, and mixing in the custom callouts.

This game will most likey be callout city, but Lyman's gotta get the core gameplay programmed before they're peppered in there.

#434 2 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Just watched GAP's videos (thanks!), and as a huge Batman fan when I was growing up (ask me about my Pez dispensers sometime), it looked like a fun game to play, but I'd never want to own one. What I thought was cool in the 60s just seems annoying to me now.
And here's what I kept thinking as I was watching it: What's more annoying, the beeping of the Batphone, or the ringing of the phone in Dialled In? It's a tough call...

Until they get the voices in there, the audio definitely comes off as annoying.

#649 2 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Just loving the stupidity of everyone saying people spend 15K. No, 80 people spent that. 240 spent 10K. Everyone else spends 8500.

For prototypes!!! Lol

#732 2 years ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

This I find so strange. Why is it that a game is depending on the programmer to be any good. For me it seems the designer should just tell the programmer what he wants te game to be and the programmer just programs it.

Programming is an art. Lyman is an artist. Some artists are just better than others.

A pinball playfield is a finite physical object. Lyman looks at that and thinks of on fire posibilites. Imagine creating a new version of chess each year. Some people would hair scratch their head and make checkers.

Let's look at Metallica for example. Another programmer might have just made each shot light up an insert until they were all collected. Lyman came up with this (as far as I know) completely unique rule set where shooting a shot "selects" it and then shooting another feature (like Sparky or the Snake) lights the insert on the "selected" shot - and then when all the inserts of a shot are lit, it pulses to let you know you can shoot it to light the captive ball hurry up - and then if you make THAT, that shot becomes "completed". THEN if you complete all those shots, Seek and Destroy starts and then that's got its own cool rules! And that's just ONE thing on that game...there are a ton of crazy fun things to do.

Ok that was probably boring to read - but Lyman's gift is this: he makes games that a newb can play and have tons of fun without understanding Pinall that well...seasoned pinball players can also have fun by discovering really interesting and fun rules.....and super Pros can find crazy nuance and "chess like" strategies. Bottom line - ART that everyone can's more than a box of lights for quarters.

#741 2 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

I don't really feel like it needs a lot, but if they did something interesting with the cities they left in

This is the most fascinating thing to me about Kiss. Knowing how vocal people are about code, why on earth would they include something on the DMD like "choose a city" that does nothing? There are no cities on the playfield. Had they left that out, people would think the code is done!!! They should release an update that just removes the city choice

#748 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

This is news to me. I thought the SLE and LE toppers were the same. Only the Pre are to have a different topper sold at a late time...right?

I thought they were the same except for the SLE having the bat signal light.

#832 2 years ago
Quoted from marspinball:

Is there a difference between the SLE and LE toppers other than the bat signal add-on??


#919 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Welcome to pinball!
Pitting (aka dimpling) is normal. It's most noticeable on a new playfield, but once there's a lot of dimples, it evens out and looks fine. Totally normal.

Not always. Just saw a TWDLE on location that looked like the surface of the moon. Location games get more play, so the dimples should have evened out right? Not in this case, it was the worst Stern playfield I've ever seen. A friend had an STLE that also looked like lumpy clay after 100 plays. I had an X-Men that was going the same way. I've also had Sterns with playfields that were just smooth as glass and un-dimple-able (WOF, BDK) and some that dimple a little...but not too much...usually only noticable if you shine an overhead light on it. If someone's brand new $10k-15k Batman is looking like swiss cheese already - that's a problem. There are dimples and there are PITS.

#921 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Don't think they were saying it was as bad as swiss cheese...and *generally speaking* it's a normal process that evens out over time.

Not on recent Stern playfields. It's not a given that it will even out. Some are great, some are pretty good, some turn into Deadpool's face.

#930 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Aside from the February-October 2016 "lets make cheap playfields" abortions, the Churchill ones (which they're using again) are fine. There are WAY more that are fine than are "swiss cheese" in the big picture. Yes, 2016 was traumatic, but don't blow the playfield thing out of proportion. Stern made a big playfield mistake and I hope they learned their lesson.

Wrong. TWD, ST, Xmen were not bad 2016 playfields. Churchill isn't perfect.

#969 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Wow, that does indeed seem more like pits than dimples.

That's what I've been trying to tell you and the others who say it's normal and will even out. There are "dimples" and there are "pits". Stern playfields have been relatively inconsistant about this...but "pitting" will NOT even out. Again - I just saw a TWD LE on location that looked like horribly lumpy clay. That is NOT evening out. Most of my games have dimples if I go looking for them. From the player perspective you don't really notice them... if I shine my gameroom lights bright and look at the right angles - I can see them. Those are acceptable "dimples", IMO...but "pits" that you can just see under normal circumstances - NOT GOOD and won't get better.

#979 2 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

I know that dimples can be made to look much worse by taking photos with specific glare and light reflections on the playfield. Not dismissing the complaint for sure, but seeing similar dimples on the magnet was strange.

The TWD LE that I saw with the horribly lumpy playfield also had lumpy magnets as well. I thought it was odd.

#983 2 years ago

Here's an example of "acceptable dimpling". You pretty much can't see them unless you're really searching for them under bright lights. Here's a pic of Iron Man Vault, "normal point of view" and some dimples that I'm really trying hard to photograph but you can still barely see them.

image (resized).jpeg
image (resized).jpeg
image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg
image (resized).jpeg
image (resized).jpeg

#986 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Strange really as I have heard all the arguments regarding dimpling even out over time.
I remember my 2003 LOTR that had a few 100 plays on it.
Just no dimples. Well, nothing noticeable anyway.
Suspect wood has too much moisture in it maybe in these latest games.

When I had WOF and BDK, they were the most perfect "sheet of glass" playfields I'd ever seen from Stern. You could throw a ball at them and they wouldn't dimple. Avatar LE was spectacular too, but that had been advertised as having extra clear.

#1019 2 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

Are you sure it is not just the bright lights of ST highlighting the dimples?

I'm not sure why you won't believe my observations. My friend had an STLE that looked like lumpy clay after 100 plays. I had an STLE that had some dimpling but it stopped - and the rest of the playfield stayed smooth. I've seen some Pros that looked dimple free. It's a crapshoot. Some are good, some are bad - if someone has a legit bad one - don't tell them it will improve over time. It won't.

#1023 2 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

I don't doubt there have been some (possibly most of them) bad playfields in the last two years. It is the same reason I quit considering a MET Premium NIB in the last year.
Could the bad ones (the ST you describe) have been from the other playfield manufacturer? It seems the last 1.5 years the playfields have not been as good. The early ST were likely from the old/good manufacturer. Also games like ST and TWD have a lot of severe airballs as compared with a lot of older Sterns.

The only new playfield manufacturer was Fun, which made the shitty SMVE & Ghostbusters playfields with the ghosting inserts...they had nothing to do with ST or TWD. The horrible STLE I saw was one of the first off the line...I forget what number mine was, but it was pretty early. One bad playfield, one decent playfield. I've played a ton of TWD's...most looked like they had good playfields, but just telling you - the one I saw the other day was horrid. Please stop trying to come up with excuses for why dimples occur. I've seen THE SAME GAMES sometimes look good, sometimes look horrible. It's a crapshoot! If a game is turning LUMPY...that will never smooth out. Never.

Quoted from DCFAN:

One example of the bad playfields was the obvious giant craters forming between the Pop bumpers where the ball drops from Sandman in the mylar area of SMVE. That indentation is usually not nearly as noticeable in original SM games.

You might have a shitty Fun playfield.

#1026 2 years ago
Quoted from spidey:

2) Balls get pinned to the right side by the crane. Obviously this has been going on since BDK and was never addressed, so I guess too bad. Have to wait for ball search.

IMO, anything that can be solved by a ball search isn't really a problem.

#1029 2 years ago
Quoted from spidey:

Like Hulk's arms? Speaking of which, I still need to order the tourney button so I can do that mod to manually lift the arms.

Haha, OK that one kind of sucks. Not sure if you want to attempt it, but if you heat up his arms and bend them "up" a can get them to where the ball won't be able to get stuck on them.

#1035 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

The last run of STs were definitely not Churchill ... the ones where some had washed out colours and alignment errors. They lacked the Churchill stamps.

Oh yeah, I remember that thread...that looked terrible. But yeah, hands on with Star Trek was back when it was released....none of those were the new guys.

#1083 2 years ago

I'm pretty sure I saw Gomez say on FB that they changed which model got Batgirl on the backbox for production.

#1092 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Was that a text comment or was it from one of the videos?

Text. Someone asked about it and he replied.

Hey, I just played the game a buncha times at Ayce Gogi, so now I can post some impressions!

-It looked very nice. Colors were nice and vivid - it really popped. Not sure if it was due to the nice detailed art or the print process, but the playfield almost looked higher res than normal.

-LCD looks very nice and crisp, although there were some compression artifacts during the cartoon into sequences in attract mode.

-The very first shot I made was to the left ramp, and the ball flew off and got stuck on the turntable mech lol. Ball search gave it back. I had a few airballs get stuck back there and a few stuck in the crane's home bay

-There's a long clear plastic on the left ramp that's really floppy. Every time you hit the ramp, it wobbles.

-I wasn't really feeling the turntable toy. Feels clunky when you hit it, the ball often seems to hop and airball in that area. Lots of times the bat phone targets weren't registering, but eventually did with enough shots.

-Aside from that new toy, game played pretty smoothly. Doesn't play remotely like BDK at all, for those still making hat comparison. Unlike Ghostbusters, it actually plays like a pinball machine that wants you to enjoy yourself, so that's nice

-Man that Batphone ring is ANNOYING!!!!

-Modes seemed pretty straightforward. Shoot the villains shots, shoot the Batphone, then shoot the colored shots (or crane) to defeat the villain. I'm sure there's more nuance than that, but for a new player it's simple enough to figure out that part.

-Mystery Award doesn't seem to do anything. On past Lyman "early code games", Mystery was always 500,000. Not sure it even did that, as there wasn't a Mystery animation sequence when you collect the shot - the insert turns off and ball kicks out.

-I collected some "Season 1" and "Season 2" villains like King Tut and Mr. Freeze & nothing seemed to happen. Season 3 and 4 weren't selectable. Not sure if that's due to progress or them not being in code. Should I assume that in future code, they'll all have some mode or mini-mode associated with them?

-Almost no voice clips in this code which is a shame. I want tons of personality and voices when I play this game. I know they'll be there eventually, but kinda blows at the moment. I heard Adam West say something about "taking care of pinballs" during attract mode and Robin said "Holy Extra Ball!" during gameplay....those might be the only custom clips implemented at the moment.

-Noticed playfield dimples and magnet dimples. Going back to the earlier discussion in this thread - I'm not quite sure I'd call them "pits" though, on this particular game. The rest of the playfield was really glassy - so these might end up being "normal" dimples. Still sucks to see them on such an expensive title.

-I got the Grand Champ score! Yay!

After handful of games, a big group showed up to play it, so I played a few games of Ghostbusters LE, which once again confirmed its a garbage dumpster masquerading as a game

As for Batman...conclusion - it's OK. I know the turntable mech is huge underneath, but from the players perspective it kinda felt like a Stern Pro, honestly...definitely not worth $10k-15k. If you're considering a Premium, I'd recommend waiting for the code to be finished. No reason to reward Stern with that much money for a game in this shape, code wise. I currently don't feel an overwhelming need to play it more on its current code. That being said - I'm really looking forward to how the code changes this game...if anything, just having voice callouts in there will make it much more fun!

image (resized).jpeg

#1095 2 years ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Rarehero, thanks for the review and your honesty.
Question: Why do you dislike GB???

Poor design, cheap-o airballs, lane hops, and drains, stupid flipper gap of doom, , stupid flipper droop, linear modes, lack of funny voice clips, lack of creative use of clips, poor writing/direction of Winston's custom clips, lack of personality on DMD (you only see the backs of characters or their hands), "guess the card" is the worst video mode ever (although Don't cross the streams is decent), Skoreli Bros target airballs, Multiballs aren't that fun....the flipper-switching one sucks. My favorite theme ever, wanted to love it, played it a ton trying to force myself to love it, and I've just never had one game on it that was fun. It was always frustrating, annoying and repetitive....and I try to find the good in every game if I can. I'll defend f'ing Rolling Stones, Avengers and Austin Powers and shit lol. GB LOOKS amazing...but I can't play looks.

#1099 2 years ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

So if you had to own one or the other BM66LE or GBLE? (for the record I haven't played either. However, my BM66LE #66 arrives Monday/tuesday)

Oh Batman for sure. While I think the game is kinda "eh" as it stands, I also thought ACDC was "eh" at first, and then a few months later Lyman dropped a code bomb that COMPLELTEY bought it all together and now it's one of my favorites. Metallica too. Lyman factor makes B66 the winner. I think GB's code is baked in the cake and nothing will change the physical nature of it. While I don't think B66 is worth $10k - if I take the price out of the equation, Lyman's code can make this game stellar.

#1103 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

GBLE for me. To me, Batman 66 is like that girl you always dreamed about. She's the hottest girl that you've ever seen and you finally get with her (know what I'm saying?) and she ends up being kinda boring and nothing like you expected.

Hah! But with a little time in the sack with Lyman she could become fascinating and amazing. GB is the girl who looks incredible, but once you get to know her, she's annoying as hell & crazy as F!!!

#1109 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Wow. I didn't realize he had a RZ and AMH. AMH I can give a pass on, but dogging on GB so hard when you have a Rob Zombie, one of the crappiest pins in recent memory, pretty much destroys all credibility. I would take a GB Premium all day long over that (unfortunately) ugly, boring mess of a pin. Like RZ a lot, hate that pin.

Are you talking about me? You're having a conversation with someone I have on ignore so I'm assuming someone is slandering me. I do not have an RZ. It's a piece of shit. The location near me has one. Playing it once was enough. I'll be looking forward to your retraction on my credibility, Vic. Thank you.

#1111 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Haha! I had no idea what you did or didn't have. That other person said you had a RZ and AMH, which is what I was responding to. I understand now why you had him on ignore...sorry about that. I was incredulous that you had a RZ and were dogging on GB. This makes a lot more sense!

No prob. There's a great location near me called Ayce Gogi. They have LE/rare games on location. They have GBLE in between RZLE and AMH. They just got Batman66 LE so I went to check it out. They've also got a Pabst Can Crusher next to it - I prob should have tried it but didn't. Maybe next time!

#1127 2 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

I'm sure one game was enough to form an opinion on.
RZ is a great game. It mixes 1980s Black Hole SS type gameplay with 2016 modes.
If you don't like getting your ass handed to you, RZ may not

Jesus, it's just like with Ghostbusters - if I don't like a game, it must be because I'm not good enough. That has nothing to do with it. I found RZ to be dull, ugly, and just plain not fun. Early 80's style games generally don't hold my interest, but if I'm going to play one, I'll play a real one. I hate the display's chunky Atari 2600 graphics that make Stern's red DMDs look superior - and for whatever reason, the sound on the Ayce game was extremely muffled, so I didn't even get to enjoy nice sounding music. Glad you enjoy the game, but RZ is not for me.

#1129 2 years ago

Next time I go, I'll play it some more just for you.

#1139 2 years ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Mitch, what didn't you like about your GBLE?
I have a friend that thinks its the best game ever made by Stern.

Ask them if it would still be the best game ever with different theme and art. Ask them how many other Stern games they've played.

#1154 2 years ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

I guess I'm taking back that invitation for Rarehero to come play my GBP just as a precaution.
I'd hate for my sweet baby to get infected by some weird "Goatf*kers" virus that's making the local rounds.

You've seen the virus. You've applied your Nimblemeds to treat the symptoms.....but are they the CURE!?!?

#1160 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I tell ya, if he called my favorite pin Goatf*ckers I probably wouldn't let him come over either. What a rotten thing to say!

We've called each other worse. it's all peace & love, baby!

#1202 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Some of the problems being found on the SLEs are mind boggling given the absurd premium pricing.

The problems on $5k-$7k games on Sterns has always been mindboggling. Even more mindboggling is anyone spending $10k-$15k on a Stern and expecting the quality to be any different than the past.

#1206 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

True, but it's possible that (a) buyer's aren't aware of past problems or (b) have a reasonable expectation that Stern would correct quality issue from game to game (code notwithstanding).

True, I don't expect every buyer to be a hardcore hobbyist....but I think it's safe to say since Batman was marketed toward hardcore hobbyists....many people who bought one knew the drill. They knew the problems with GB playfields as they placed their orders.

#1215 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Actually, I didn't know about the GB problems until after I committed to a BM66LE, but I've not been following things closely the last year or so.

What about the unfinished code on the last ton of games? Off your radar?

#1220 2 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

Alien is only $6300-6500.

...and currently doesn't exist and won't be shipping any time soon.

Say what you will about Batman and it's baby beta can send a check and have one now.

#1224 2 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Go say that in the Alien thread like I did and wait for the thumbs downs to fly!

It was brought up in a Batman thread so I'm saying in a Batman thread. Not gonna go over there and poke the bear too's up to the people who've spent money on the game to push for the truth.

Quoted from vireland:

What's the new target date? The original late 2016 has come and gone...

Original date was April 2015 lol

#1235 2 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

I have one myself and all the haters on here should stop hating and play one before they judge it at all.

Is it hate? ...oooor properly judging and criticizing an expensive game with early early code?

#1238 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Works both ways if someone loves a game I like reading why just as much as reading why someone hates a game, just trashing a game over and over without any real justification is lame and there seems to be more with this title than any other previous Stern release.

You don't see the justification over previous titles? Really?


#1240 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

People's opinions doesn't bother me and no pinball machine is gonna be liked by everyone, not even TWD, MET, AC/DC or whatever. Everybody doesn't like Covettes, Lambos, and Porsche either and that's ok. Rarehero did cross that line a little though when he called Ghostbusters Goatf*ckers. That kinda pissed me off I won't lie!

Damn, it was just a joke...I was actually calling it that when I still had it on pre-order. It makes me laugh.

#1249 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yeah it was all funny until you made every GB owner out there cry!

Aw, it's never my intent to make GB owners cry. The GAME is already doing that! OOoOOoooOOOOooooOoooOOOOOooooOOooooOooooH!

#1260 2 years ago
Quoted from taz:

Daaaam! You've got some serious moon craters there. From what I can see, your playfield seems far outside the mainstream for dimpling. Mine doesn't look anything like that, but I'm going to do a close examination of it before I play again.

Alrghty, I got some pics of the TWD LE on route I was talking about earlier in the thread - now, if anyone tells me these are going to smooth out over time ...ain't gonna happen!


#1263 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

I really dont feel dimpling or even crazing i an issue. Would I like a PF that looks like glass...... Yes . But then I might as well just wax and not play any of my games, As long as there not wearing, chipping, and delaminating I am totally fine with it.
Never had a buyer say, " knock 500 off as that PF is dimpling ". I would tell them go pound sand

I have games with 1000's of plays that look like glass. I had an Elvis with 40,000 plays that cleaned up and looked brand new. Around the time X-Men came out, we started seeing some "softer playfields". Not all of them, but some. When a playfield looks like the one I posted - it's not "normal". This game was next to a GB and an IJ4 that that looked pretty smooth and glassy in comparison.

Quoted from Manic:

because of the brutal power of Stern's flippers?

Funny - people used to complain that Stern's flippers were weak lol. No, flippers have nothing to do with this. TWD is a SAM game...same flipper strength since World Poker Tour. The Spike Ghostbusters near it with airballs all over the place had a smooth playfield.

That's my point - if you get a moon crater playfield, it's just a luck of the draw shitty one ...soft wood, I guess? It is what it is - and if I had an expensive LE that looked like this, I'd request a new playfield.

#1265 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Ive seen new cars, same make and same model. One with orange peel and one smooth as glass. Just the way it is.
I also think your forgetting about many of the old playfields having the planking look to them. Have not seen a new one look like that in eons.

I remember those. I hated that "ribbed" look - but again, it was a crapshoot if you got a smooth or ribbed playfield. Just like today with a "hard" or "soft" playfield.

#1279 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

I don't know the specs of Spike 2, but I wonder if compression is necessary to avoid any sort of lag for those clips. I would be shocked if that was an actual issue with solid state media, but I don't know for sure. Maybe down the line those assets can be updated to be higher res. Could storage space be an issue as well?

Only the scenes with solid blocks of color show the compression artifacts...all the live action stuff looks perfect. I wonder why that is...but wouldn't be surprised if that's something they can fix.

#1300 2 years ago
Quoted from cavalier88z24:

Ok I thought I would post my first impression here after I already play it. I mean really feel it, touch it, have a beer with it. With nobody around standing in line waiting to play it. Just real one on one time with it. So a local operator put bat66 premium on location today! Pictures speak for them self. Someone told me about it and i went to go play on location. Heres' my first impression
Remember this is coming from someone who has a BDK. As a shooter it's just like BDK. Ball can barely make it to the skill shot. Crane felt the same, commissioner gordon target same place. Did not like the catwoman ramps they felt difficult to shoot. Like they are angled wierd or something. When you hit it your like finally. I love the rotation mech. Plenty of cool toys and features.
Things i liked opening the orbit loops more flow. The left drop targets pushed back more room. Love the LCD screen but long over due so theres no wow factor. Same skill shot clips over and over. See it all after 3 games. Needed a liitle getting used to. Differently makes my BDK feel dated.The bat phone noise started annoying me. Because it wont shut up. But they put alot of drop targets in wierd places. I love that. But if you have BDK this game is a slam dunk for you. Shoots the same. I almost felt like i knew what i was doing. Also the flipper gap is wider. See pics
So as far as stern's "quality control" and the argument about dimples. FIRST day for batmam 66 premium in location. I put 5 dollars in played great but honestly after that since i own BDK I had enough. But still, new game and im a junky. got a refill beer put 5 dollars in. No real price break except 5 dollars for 1 free game. Hit the batmobile turn table the batmobile came flying off screws went everywhere. Just exploded. See pictures. Just crap quality.I also noticed dimples in the playfield. Mainly because on the reflecting off the glass. I saw how deep they were and took notice. I went back home and looked at my 10 year old stern Dark knight and it doesn't look like anything from that day one todays's stern. I own one stern game Dark Knight. Ill keep my basement full on williams games any day

LOL....I'm happy with my $299 Nintendo Switch pre-order. F new pinball

#1314 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

improve over time with the repetitive animations. The crane was not as exciting to me as it is in BDK for some reason?

Yeah I felt the same. I think maybe it's the audio. When you start the crane on BDK, the music becomes very dramatic ...and each hit has a really cool and intense sound effect. Then - the final hit takes your directly into multiball with another intense music change. The associated sounds make the hits and events more satisfying.

#1325 2 years ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

Hold up guys,
I think he might need jusssst one more explanation of what's going on with that plastic on the ramp before we continue on here!

It floppy.

#1329 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Is this machine going to be a future Batf*ckers you think?

No, a floppy plastic doesn't affect gameplay.

#1361 2 years ago
Quoted from Texasff78:

Anyone else have the clear starting to chip a little in their shooter lane? Could be dumb luck but the software update seemed to lessen the flyers somewhat. I have noticed the ball getting caught in the left orbit on the wire/zip tie that is on the ramp. After another week there are a ton of dimples. As others have mentioned the gloss definitely brings them out. I recently purchased a BDK from another Pinsider and there are nowhere near the amount of deep marks on that game. Plays completely different and has a lot less flyers than 66.
I finally made contact with Stern and they were receptive and seem willing to work with me on a solution. I am sending more photos and speaking with them again this week.

Well, you know you get what you pay for. Shoulda gone for the $25k "Clearcoated like a 90's game" edition.

#1381 2 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

No dimpling whatsoever. Top or bottom. 30 + year old wood is hard. And believe me, Sorcerer takes a beating.

I have a new BOP Mirco playfield that I haven't installed yet. I'm tempted to just drop some balls on an area that's totally covered - like the apron area, to see if any dimples happen. For that matter, they might be interesting to try on some of my Stern games under the aprons.

#1445 2 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

Guys make sure you have your game set up at the right height in the back; because I like mine set a little high and then it flows like butter my batman 66 that is

I think the playfields are made out of butter.

2 weeks later
#1546 2 years ago
Quoted from bhwolf:

So many of these issues seem immediately obvious, it makes you wonder why they didn't spend more time playtesting.

Why should they? People were willing to beg them to give them $15k for the privilege to own one.

As long as people do this, nothing will change.

#1549 2 years ago
Quoted from gearheaddropping:

There are reports coming out that Aerosmith seems to have pretty much completed code (integrated animations, multiballs, etc). How did THAT happen with what is going on here?

Scheduling. Word is that game was supposed to launch a year ago but got pushed back due to the playfield issues and the desire to release Batman first.

#1556 2 years ago
Quoted from JY64:

When you look at the price of DI BM66 and The Jetsons I don't know what collectors are thinking

They're thinking like COLLECTORS, not people buying games because they're good GAMES to play. "Rarity" sets off something instinctual in the collector brain...they don't think logically. If they're wealthy enough that these prices won't affect their day-to-day, they bite. It's the "high" of getting something before it's gone forever, even if you don't necessarily want it.

#1570 2 years ago
Quoted from trunchbull:

What was special about the super LE? I can't imagine paying $15k for this. I mean, it's your money if you bought it, but it feels like paying an extra six grand to confirm that you do, indeed, enjoy Batman.

-Manufactured rarity
-Metallic cabinet decals
-A batman flashlight on top
-Red stripes in the trim
-A handful of $5 Hotwheel toys on the playfield
-The ability to say you're one of 80 people who had to beg to give Stern $15k for an untested, uncoded pinball machine.

#1598 2 years ago
Quoted from trunchbull:

If this were a DMD instead of an LCD pin, I'd think it was a budget machine.

Have you seen that pic of the turntable mech? It's huge and complex. Unfortunately - the player never sees that, so it seems like an empty and mechanically ho-hum playfield. Players want to see the mechanical fun up top if possible.

#1609 2 years ago
Quoted from xfassa:

Thank you for speaking on behalf of all SLE owners on why we bought the machine.

I did no such thing. I was answering someone's question about what you get for the extra money on the Super LE. My list was factual, and had nothing to do with why anyone bought it.

#1610 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Just bc that lazy susan is complicated mechanically dont mean its a good toy rigjt?

Exactly. A toy's value is all in how it feels to shoot and how it interacts with the player. This turntable might be the most mechanically innovative toy Stern has done - but the player doesn't "feel it". Meanwhile, look at Ironman - its main toy is a $5 Hasbro figure, an up-down motor, and a magnet...but when you combine that with brilliant audio choreography, killer light show, and "magnet attacks"...a cheap toy suddenly feels like an incredible battle!

#1614 2 years ago
Quoted from xfassa:

Yes we did. A ride in the best looking Batmobile cabinet!

You can't play a cabinet. How's dat code?

#1618 2 years ago
Quoted from xfassa:

Coming along quite nicely. XM was horrible code at the start but evolved into to some pretty great code. Patience my friend.

Well if you consider that "great", you'll be easy to please I guess.

Also Xmen was less than half the price.

#1628 2 years ago
Quoted from xfassa:

Hopefully, BM66 will evolve into a machine you can enjoy playing someday.

Id never pay $15k for something where I have to hope it evolves into a playable game. Video game buyers would never accept this on games that sell for $10-$60. Imagine if the new Street Fighter came out with one playable chracter and the punch buttons didn't do anything...and no timeline for completion. That's the equivalent ...but at an insane price. It's just unacceptable to release a game that isn't a game yet. It's Lyman so I'm sure it will get there ...but again $15k for something that needs to "get there"? F that shit forever. Never doing it. Ever. That's rewarding bad behavior.

#1632 2 years ago
Quoted from xfassa:

Have you ever bought a NIB?
If so, was the code complete?
If not, what did you pay for said game?

OK, here's my NIB history:

-Family Guy (didn't really pay for it, but it was selling for about $3700 NIB). Code was relatively complete on the sense that the vision behind the game was all in there, all modes were there. Updates were quick and often, and was mostly scoring tweaks, new audio, typo/font fixes. Minor things. No one who bought this game complained about the code.

-Wheel of Fortune. I bought it on clearance NIB for $2450, knowing it had incomplete code. Still - WOF's "incomplete" was way more complex and complete than most of the games these days. Still a totally enjoyable game...and for the price I paid? Not worth complaining about.

-Iron Man. I believe it was around $4000 or less. Complete on launch...there were updates, but very minor

-Batman Dark Knight. Also around $4000. I bought the 2010 later run after Lyman did a huge code update. Game originally came out in 2008...I waited for code.

-Avatar LE. I think it was $5100. Complete at launch. Think it had minor updates.

-Transformers Combo LE. I believe it was $5300. I'd say it was complete at launch, even though the "Optimus Roadblock" ruined the game IMO. There was eventually an update that added an option to fix this.

-AC/DC Premium. I think it was $5800. I bought it after a big update hit that was a game changer. There were still more updates after that, but I bought it when the code was in a place that made the game really special.

-X-Men LE. I think it was $6200. WORST code EVER at launch. Updates made it even worse and buggier. This game was a f*cking NIGHTMARE. It finally got to the point of being playable...some people love the game...I can't stand it. It's dead to me.

-Metallica LE. $6800. Now, this one's like Batman 66 sorta...launched with pretty bare code, all the Crank It Up stuff wasn't there...I think it was 6 to 8 months until the big update hit that turned it into the game it is today.

-Star Trek LE. $7300. So ST is where I started to finally burn out on being a beta tester. Notice how the prices keep getting naturally I have higher expectations. Like X-Men, there was a lot of "stuff" in the code...lots of modes...but none of it really it had a lot of bugs, missing features (the Asteroid flashers had no code...not sure if they ever got fixed), and other annoying aspects. It finally got a major update when Dwight jumped on it...and it seems some people are happy with it. To me, it's like was close, but misses the mark.

So there you go...I've had ups and downs with NIB games and code. All the Sterns I still have are Keith and Lyman coded games. Lucky for you - you've got a Lyman!!! That being said, for me - spending that much on a single game that's in early early beta mode...just can't do it. It's rewarding a company with big riches for not delivering on a very basic principal: This is a game. Game's have rules. Rules have to be in the game.

If I ever consider B66 for my collection, it'll be a Premium when the code is done.

#1692 2 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Lyman didn't touch the IM code...

He absolutely did. All the stacking nuance is pure Lyman. Avatar, IM, Tron, and BBH were Lonnie and Lyman working together. That's when the games had similar layouts and code bases during the "lean years".

#1700 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

BDK final code update was pretty good, certainly not Lymans best but like usual I bet he wasn't exactly given much time plus he did the best he could with the design George gave him.

They kind of got boned by the attempt to get the game out at the movie's release date. WB wouldn't give them any Two-Face stuff as that was supposed to
be a big surprise. They also didn't get any Maggie Gyllenhaal clips. I had the game and never knew when I had started/completed a Harvey Dent or Rachel just happened without really realizing it.

#1715 2 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

People don't blindly buy games then pretend to like them. They buy games because they like them. .

Are f*cking serious? With this game? EVERYONE who bought it blindly bought it!!! 100%!!! There was no video of gameplay & no one could play it at expo. Blind as a bat!!!

#1722 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Many, many, many people buy " blind" and keep or dump ( deny all you want), this one no different

It's not different? At all? In any way?

*cough cough price cough cough*

#1768 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

The only bummer is that Adam West sounds REALLY OLD in the callouts already recorded and waiting in the code to be used. Like Mr- Burns-does-Batman-level old. Burt Ward's Robin doesn't sound bad, but I wish they had used an impersonator for a younger batman sound that matches the time of the game.

They could try a 5 or 10% speedup on his dialog...might help give it a bit more "youthful" bounce.

#1777 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

It's not the speed so much as the wavering vibrato-ish delivery. Pretty much unfixable.

Well, he's being doing voiceover for Family Guy for over a decade - I think he's just used to recording a little goofier as "Mayor Adam West" vs. Batman.

#1784 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Yes, I think that probably has a strong influence, but the director should have pulled him back a bit for this project to get a more even reading. they did with Fake Optimus, Karl Urban and Shitty Beast? Stern doesn't really have great vocal direction...I think if they get a good performance, it's because the actor really brought it.

#1787 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Haha, point taken. Spiderman WE voice direction was awful, too, now that you make me remember (thanks for THAT!).

Oh yeah, awful!!! Most of the Marvel stuff has been....but J.K Simmons on original Spider-Man? Fantastic! Cuz, ya know...J.K Simmons! ...and all the other voice clips were from the movie. OMG, remember Chloe in 24!?!? Jack. Pot. Jack. Pot? LOL

#1854 2 years ago
Quoted from jkashani:

BUMP! BM66 (bowel movement) is a polished turd

Oh come on's not polished.

#2032 2 years ago
Quoted from JY64:

If I were Gary I would make things right just not for KPG

If Gary had taken care of KPG in the first place, he wouldn't have had to vent in the way that he does. Don't blame the messenger or the victim. There is only 1 fact that matters: They sold him a lemon, promised 2 different solutions to remedy the situation, and haven't come through on either.

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