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Batman 66 - What's your impression?

By Barakawins1

2 years ago

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#108 2 years ago

mods can't we merge this whinging thread into the other one?

#182 2 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

Brought my le home yesterday. It's a nice looking game and have only had a chance to play a few games. My initial thoughts are that the game is okay at this point, running .6 code on it so a long way to go. The LCD animations are very well done and looks better than other pins out there.

PicturEs or it didn't happen!!!

#188 2 years ago

Lovely mate, lets get some gameplay video please


#281 2 years ago

My batman is on its way but won't get it here until Jan. Can't wait!

#401 2 years ago

It looks epic, roll on delivery!!!!!

#507 2 years ago

i emailed Gary and they lined a SLE up for me - but stuck with LE in the end.

#518 2 years ago

new code on tuesday.

#519 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

This game is looking spectacular on dead flip. Lyman clearly knows his stuff. Can't wait to read what all the whiners have to say now or are they going to start changing their tune.

agreed - its fantastic. so much potential for cool rules stuff!

#521 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

First impressions:
Playfield art looks less chaotic than I thought it might.
On a game with a massive price premium, it's hugely disappointing not to have full RGB LED inserts in the playfield, or at least a few more of them. ST Premium and LE were over 3 years ago and they still haven't matched them in subsequent titles. Light show is pretty much non-existent at this stage.
The backbox LCD is really, really lazy. Almost everything is static and completely non-animated. Things pop up over the video / cityscape background, or move across, but virtually nothing's been animated beyond these very simple transitions. Very, very little original art. Not much information tying the modes or what's being shot to the video or stuff being shown on screen. Video clips from the shows seem very random at times. Huge improvement cosmetically over their red-sludge DMDs, but at this stage effort is seriously absent - and since they didn't say it was place holder, one has to assume it isn't.
Crane implementation seems rather lacking, especially when compared to its sister machine BMtDK.
Mini LCD (TV on pf) doesn't really seem to do anything yet except say POW! BAM! or KAPOW! No comment on whether it will.
The wheel mech with all the bits on looked absolutely enormous and very complicated when George held it up. Given all the QC, build quality and basic design issues with Stern lately, I'd be seriously worried about it functioning properly and durability. He even said it was the most complex thing he'd ever designed.
George also said at the beginning of the stream that they'd release new code every 2 weeks and wouldn't leave it alone until it was done ... if true, brilliant, but who actually believes that? Notable that he said that whilst Lyman had exited briefly.
Number of musical themes are fairly small in number ... the constant NANANANANANA Batman refrain will probably get old really quickly.
At the moment, BMtDK looks way more fun than this does .... not much evidence of flow or objective based modes.

lol, you need to swallow a happy pill dood. just about everything you say I disagree with!

#537 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

You can like something that I don't like, but how can you disagree with objective rather than subjective things like almost total lack of animation. Have you actually been watching? I guess perhaps some people will prefer that but I can't see it comparing well to JJP machines when sat next to a WOZ, Hobbit or DI - and this equals or exceeds JJP pricing.
Also, come on ... that rotating island after the GB / GoT debacles and QC generally. It has to be a major question mark.

I saw LOADS of animation - capturing the villains, scoring, lighting targets and other stuff - as much if not more than WOZ and tons more than Hobbit!

None of the pinball manufacturers can claim any high ground on QC. They are all as bad as each other.


#541 2 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

It's denial. If someone has committed to $15,000 and had to make a video begging for a chance to own it, they're going to do everything in their power to defend their decision, regardless of if it's a hit or not. Meanwhile another camp has a game ready to play that looks way more polished, has more action, more flow, didn't break down at expo, didn't break during videos, isn't a theme done over and over again, and hasn't put me to sleep as I try to sit through gameplay videos and the collectors edition is $2500 less. But you can't say that in here because RobT and Iceman will be offended.
And those same JJP haters who trounced all over the phone are suddenly fine with the BatPhone. Interesting times. What's even more ironic is I'm not a Stern hater, my whole point is that they're capable of much, much more and this was an underwhelming letdown when you factor in their experience in the industry and the price increase and quality control issues as of late.

Dood that was only for SLE - stop overblowing that - and frankly I think a good thing as it kept ownership mostly in the pinball community - any one can pitch up to a stern distro and smack 8500 moolahs on the table and walk away with a machine - that plays identically to the LE or SLE.

Let's try to be fair:
JJP has a process to get a CE that if you don't email them by tomorrow you are out - I don't see how that's any different.
Dialled in broke down several times at expo and one of the machines was turned off for atleast a part of one of the days as was Alien too!

So I think we all have denial to some extent -
For me I don't give a stuff about animations or LCD screens I want the ball and flippers to be spot on and I saw loads of that on both Batman and Dialed in. And does anyone know when dialled in is shipping? No I didn't think so!


#542 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

I'm not looking for 100s of man hours into even the tiniest of elements ... but just some signs of life and subtle details.

You know that the first machines were received by paying customers pre-Xmas ...

Yes but at the start they clearly said that they were running alpha code on a proto machine!

#577 2 years ago

Just loving the stupidity of everyone saying people spend 15K. No, 80 people spent that. 240 spent 10K. Everyone else spends 8500.


#608 2 years ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

You said earlier that they wanted to sell you a SLE, so did they indeed sell them all ?? How can they offer you this if they are all sold ?

was just after expo... I turned it down and Gary said they had waitlist for them so I guess so - although I think might be regretting turning it down!


#610 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

80 x 15000 = 1,200,000
240 x 10000 = 2,400,000
320 game for 3,600,000 Holy Christ !
3995 BDK price
901 games... GREEEEEEEEEEED !!!
300% cost increase in 7 years WTF

what about the raw material differences and the fact that the game is 95% different!
Requires a lot more work for the LCD, and look at the turntable toy, its freaking massive and very complex. The SLE and LE's have much more to them also.

Its like comparing a 2009 Honda with a BMW M4.


#611 2 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Wow, you just tried to normalize an 8500 dollar Premium? While saying other people are expressing stupidity? That's crazy man. Sure, the 15k is the lightning rod, but the 8.5k PrOmium is just as stupid.

fair challenge but its really easy, if you don't like the price, or see the value, you don't have to buy the game Here in the UK the price is actually higher for many because of exchange rate changes.


#613 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Yep ...... and new Hondas haven't gone up 300% since 2009 even with options and new touch screen displays

yup, lucky for us that Batman 66 is no honda!

#644 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Yep.....new BMWs haven't gone up 300% even with new touch screen displays

can't you read? try again!

#730 2 years ago

Maybe Lyman doesn't want to manage people and just likes writing code? And coding for a pinball machine looks non-trivial to me - show some respect.

He's a superb chap though - autographed my Medival Madness

#764 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Got another hour on the machine today...focused more on shots/ flow as opposed to obvious early code omissions.
Easily the most satisfying session for me yet...both ramps flow well, and fast, but different length, so making combos with them was a lot of fun.
Finally started making sense of how the modes are working ( now)...and color direction / purpose were lots of fun.
Using the crane bash to complete Penguin is super fun.
Rotating table makes for great fun with spinner, batphone , and multi ball tv....got stuck a couple times, but ball save released it early....it then hit me....what better machine to put a rotating, complex " gadget" on than Batman.
Overall, a great hour of play...really got into the layout more, and am still very happy with it.....

Keep the reviews coming in. They are excellent thanks,

#971 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I imagine ours will be arriving at the same time, are you planning on getting a Cliffy set for your BM66 - shooter lane, drain hole, VUK, kick out? Thinking of a joint order as I have a set as well as another BM66 owner.

yes they should! - I'm up for a order of cliffys - btw I'm heading to the US in a couple of weeks so will get some stuff delivered locally and bring back to save on shipping costs.


#1041 2 years ago

Magnet is probably one of the stern doods on the line whacking it in with a hammer.

2 weeks later
#1513 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Shit, sorry to hear that calprog & the issues you have had out the box I genuinely hope Stern make it right for you asap!
I'm dreading the arrival of my LE, Sterns overall quality has hit rock bottom, what the hell is going on, I have always had solid products from Stern and suddenly it's gone to rat shit on every aspect of the line, doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

I felt the same for my Ghostbusters Premium mate but its been bulletproof (touch wood!).

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