Batman 66 - What's your impression?

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Batman 66 - What's your impression?

By Barakawins1

2 years ago

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#43 2 years ago

What's your impression? How can you have one until you actually see and play the damn thing? Whatever.... I'll let you know after mine arrives and I play it....ALOT!!!! From what I saw in person, theme, who's coding, etc., I'm excited to have one coming.

Public forum, open for all comments and much it affects my buying decision....ZERO!!! bash or praise away.....

#45 2 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Not a home run, unless you are a fan.
The only thing I dont like about the Music, is it is more background, than pulling you in and an adrenaline rush.
TWD, MET, AC/DC even GB, IMO, does the music better.
Its a Stunning Game, and those that are happy, Congratulations!
For me, even as A 6 year old in 66, and a Bat Fan, Ill wait.
So Expo has left me with..... A Wait for a used Dialed-In, and Batman, and Leaning towards Alien.
What a believe for sure, maybe just for me, is that Wait and Play.......No longer believe there is a Rush, or Urgency to get NIB.
Batman Fans.....I hope its all you want! Enjoy!

Hey, I was 6 in '66....does that make me an old pinball guy too????

#63 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

I think it looks like fun. And am patiently waiting for it. I think my customers will love it.
I'm still thinking on having a little soiree for it when it arrives.
LTG : )

I would be there in a heartbeat...but too far away......I'm sure it will be a blast ( as the pin)!!!!

#73 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Looks like another winner from stern. Not sure why anybody would start a whole thread just to bellyache about a couple minutes of crappy footage on a game they aren't buying. Pettiness and jealousy, the name is pinside!

Man, I'm 100% with you on this......fuck the public forum justification, what is the purpose behind this....enough already!!!

#74 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

I'll bet a dinner that GB outsells 66

I'll take that bet...revenue and sales wise.....I think 80 SLE's and 240 LE's have been long gone, with pinsiders openly asking for anyone that drops out to pm them.....branding? Shit....Batman vs, Ghostbusters...really? I like steak, btw, heard there are some good places close to TPF.....

#76 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

With no pro, I'll go with that bet too. GBLE/pre is a blast to play. Derek has just made it his sacrificial lamb
Is it perfect? No, just a lot of fun. Code is really good but not great. Needs another MB and mini wizard mode or two

So are we both eating Steaks at TPF? Linguine on the side..

#257 2 years ago

Man, leave this thread for a day with family........machine pics still look great, but machine still looked better in person.

Even if the service rails are cheaper, gotta be better then those pegs. Speaker grills were metal, and I kind of like the hinge thing. Gameplay? .6 code....I'll see how she rolls when mine is setup later this week ....Merry Christmas, everyone....I'm sure many more gameplay takes by this time next weekend......

#258 2 years ago son in law ( and future) in the pin room today. They only played 3 of my titles all evening...Tronle, IMVE, and SM. One of them stayed on tron the entire session....kept pushing the button, and it kept beating the hell out of him...he was uttering profanities and sweating at the end...job well done. 2nd guy played IMVE, shit kicked out of him for about 2 hours ( that's a gazillion games on IM)....convinced him to move to SM, and he never got the flow going.

They looked whipped as they left the room....another successful night!!!!

#265 2 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

There's a phone hurry up mode so far.

The game will ship with the topper but I grabbed this one as it was right off the line and forgot to grab my topper.


Great info and updates, given it's Christmas Day....thank you.....

#269 2 years ago

Drafts....seems like cliffys would be a no brainer for those 2 scoops....

#295 2 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I also use removable Mylar Everywhere on a new Game.
I dont like the depressions and Cut lines left by Cliffys on a New Game, and this works fine for Home Use.

I use both......mylar around pops and ball drop areas, but man, a lot of the scoops and other large ball entry areas..I gotta have Cliffys.....lots of action, and the mylar never seems to stay in place...

Guess I'll have to check this machine out to see where my worries are....

#297 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I'm gonna try the very thin adhesive felt in scoop area this time. Cling vinyl in other spots. It does have to be replaced over time as it comes up

I like that enough if it comes off..will give it another whirl on this one....

#327 2 years ago

I've only bought one NIB my entire (all be it short, 5 year) pinball collector life (WOZECLE). This will be my second (BM66LE), and have committed to a third (AlienLE).

This was only due to the theme (grail type for me), and availability (zero in my area) relative to quantities produced. I play, work on, and modify ALL of my pins, and have been fortunate enough at this point, to fill my lineup with "used" pins (screw the HUO designation, pretty hard to be absolutely definitive). Generally, I've paid on the high side of the market for mine, but the value was there for me (because the quality of the used models was high).

If there is a title (NIB or USED) that I can afford and believe I want, I will buy it....period.

Summary - I can't speak to the guys that have to have every new pin..I'm not one of those. Can't speak to the guys that have one machine and are satisfied, a route owner/ operator, nor a flipper. I'm simply a pinball enthusiast who wants what I want, and have yet to purchase a "dog". In this regards, if Stern (or any of the other manufacturers) make machines that people want and can afford, they will buy them. QC and price ARE important to me, so regardless if it's new or used, I have thresholds. Choices are good, but not at the expense of quality. Price gouging ALWAYS takes care of itself.

#350 2 years ago

Some of this stuff blows me away....

Certain threads- Say an ill world about MET or AC/DC and you'll be crucified ( best pins ever made in their opinion)
Certain threads- Say B/W older titles rule- instant flaming ( even though they stay at the top of the ratings)
Certain threads- Say JJP sucks, yet some of the most beautiful and great machines out there ( say some)
Now- BM66 sucks- no gameplay yet, putting Stern under ( even though everything offered already sold out) because Stern makes crap(?)

It just doesn't add up...maybe venting helps I take? It's all because there hasn't been a TRONVE thread in awhile...

#353 2 years ago
Quoted from fuseholder:

» YouTube video

Whoa!!! Looks like a blast!!!

#383 2 years ago
Quoted from GAP:

Here is Video #2. 6+ min, showcasing 2 modes completed, Extra ball and Multiball. I don't like the angle of this video, because its straight on and washes out the colors on the LCD. nothing wrong with the LCD, its the angle the video is being shot. arrows have color changing leds in them
» YouTube video

Thanks for the second video....even in early code stage and tough video angle, machine has a lot going on. Looking forward to mine ( fortunately, I'm not an " expert" as some on here, so I'm still impressed with what you've shown)!!!

#384 2 years ago

I'll see your ditto and raise you one....

#429 2 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

Code can and likely will change that.

I think he's kidding.....

Side mentioned you forgot to pickup your topper....was it ready ( and in a separate box, I would guess), or forgot to ask about it?

Just curious, as others have mentioned they were told toppers weren't ready yet ( my LE arrives tomorrow)....thanks..

#432 2 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

So a friend of mine mentioned that they were not ready yet. Which makes sense. I just thought I did not remember since mine never made it into the box/final stages of packaging.

No biggie....thanks for the insight....I'm sure it will make it shortly after if not w the game...

#436 2 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

What's more annoying, the beeping of the Batphone, or the ringing of the phone in Dialled In? It's a tough call...

Not close for me...BM is a toy....dialed in takes f**king selfies, AND majority of theme is around a phone ( HUGE one on the play field) Batphones don't count as real....can't dial out....

#439 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Thanks for explaining that dude. We couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic.

Was he being sarcastic? It's all good.... I played that machine a fair amount of expo....great machine....just not for me....ever...

#446 2 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

I vote we add the 66 in there.

Agreed.....I was tired....BM66 it is ( of course)...and an awesome toy!!!!

#489 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

What, am I in the running for the Supreme Court? Get so sick of people saying posters here are "biased." That's the whole point.
And I'm one of the only "positive" voices in this thread which is mostly filled with whiny pinscrooges.
So kiss my black ass! (and happy new year! )

LMFAO!!! I've enjoyed your posts...add me to the "positive" list on this one.....

#490 2 years ago

I forgot what we were talking about.....

#498 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Something about Batman, interest in someday buying pinball machines, or Jpop.

Killing me!!!!! hopefully not about Jpoop, or I'm out....

#499 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

One more here, that's about it I think on the positive list, but hey, who cares? Gonna load up the cooler, watch some twitch livestream today and anxiously await my BM66LE!

Your wait will be worth it!!!!!

Spoke w Mike @ Automated this morning.... said to let the community know he has PREMIUMS IN STOCK RIGHT NOW!!!! just a heads up, as I told him I would post (I didn't ask the price). Didn't think it was right to post in GAP's thread.....

#506 2 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

How does he have premiums? I don't have my LE yet.

Idk.....but he does, said in stock, ready to ship

#509 2 years ago

Some updates ( got to play about 20 games today at the office):

The good:

a) translite brightness IS adjustable, now looks great
b) Got a grand champion score of 219.4 million.
c) Multiball opened some great windows...Batman and Robin had audio with video on big screen " ready to do this Batman" ( robin), "Let's do it!!" Batman...something like that...very cool
d) Mini screen spun into position, and hitting the targets during multi ball brought the phrases up on it ( "Wham", "kapow", etc.) along with the cool, campy band audio " hits" just like the TV series. A total blast
e) found the super skill shot ( hold left flipper to disengage the diverted, launch, then hit the rgb arrow shot. A blast!!!
f) Ball times have been long enough to engage and find things...not a " beat down" machine, more fun and mode based ( at this point). Shots all fun.

The challenges:

a) Set the machine to 6.5 today, and allowed setups pretty easy ( doesn't mean I hit them, I'm an average player)
b) The turntable will evolve with code tweaking, had a few trapped balls ( ball search saved them, never had to pull the glass).
c) There is ALOT going on and potential with this toy, suspect coding to speed certain things, slow others, etc. will result in a more predictable experience up there.
d) couple of minor ramp jumping, and air balls, but overall very manageable.
e) not a " flow" machine at this point, much more bashing the crane, exploring what is in play, and enjoying a fun game.
f) going to deal with the scoops this weekend, ordering something. My instinct tells me I HAVE to put a Cliffy on the front one, as it gets hit on all sides regularly. Are these identical to BMTDK, so I can just order these?

Enjoy, pinsiders!!!

I'll quit posting for a bit about experience, as I'm sure the video will reveal a lot tonight. This early in the code, there's no way this isn't going to be a fantastic pin.

#510 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Getting a little twitchy. Time to tank up and enjoy the show. All the boys (pins) are lit up right now in honor of BM66!
Making the rounds on them pre game show in 20 minutes.
Fireworks later. Artillery shells.

I'm with ya Ice ( at least the drinking part)....blow up something for me!!!

#560 2 years ago

New code Tuesday? Impressive....there's going to be glitches...EVERY machine I own gets stuck balls, etc...get over it ...the machine is fun, and deadflip convinced me I'm a terrible player....huge potential with so many elements, and I had a blast today playing it . If you don't like it, your not buying or finding any good in it...period, even if it spit out $100 bills and ran on solar power. It's your right to post it on a public forum, but far, far, far from gospel. Enjoy the holiday!!!

#563 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Looked great to me, it shot like I was expecting and hoping, an improved BDK I brought and LE for that very reason it kept all the stuff I loved about BDK and replaced all the stuff I wasn't thrilled by.
I'm sure with code revisions this is going to be great, I like the fact it's not a flow monster, BDK wasn't particularly high in the flow department but I have ironman, Star Trek and avatar for flow, BM is my variety and so far it looks great, can't wait for my LE.

You are spot on, and won't be disappointed....FACT.....this game fills a great niche for me...

#567 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Some of each, but most of all there what "I" want. Enjoy your 66's guys.

That's a great statement, and thank you....

#628 2 years ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

This stream was Stern doing me (and the community) a solid. They let me show off, to an audience, a game still being tweaked.
That's huge.
Video game companies do this all the time to get feedback on a game close to completion.
Like was mentioned above, the production playfields are spoken for, so we got the one we played on that only had insert differences.
Overall I think it's generous for Stern to keep letting me do this before the games are finalized. It's a step in a new (and awesome) direction to allow tons of feedback before full release.
We'll for sure be revisiting the game soon, Lyman even asked when I'm coming back to do this again.
Thanks again for everyone tuning in!

Really appreciate you and Stern doing this....I have my BM66LE, and was proud of my 218 million score, until you scored 10 bazillion points that one game...I think they said new code update dropping Tuesday in your video anyway, so we're all back to zero.

I really enjoy the game so far, especially knowing it's only going to get better w code. Hard to get why so much hate except the price ......Thanks for your enthusiasm regarding this title ( and others)....on to the bat mobile viewing gadget ( my TV)....mark

#633 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

After seeing the stream I'm more excited than ever to get mine. BTW did anyone else hear Gomez say that there will be updates to BM66 approximately ever 2 weeks until complete? That was awesome to hear! I just wish Stern had this same commitment to all the other games they have lacking in code.

Don't believe the negative bullshit on here regarding the game should be excited!!!! I did hear them say new code on Tuesday, and hope you're right on the " every 2 weeks until done" part.

I can say George, Lyman, and Gary rally seemed genuine in their excitement over this title....I have one, and no reason to believe this thing won't rock when code is baked ( even I, a non gaming programmer, thought of some basic timing change fixes, regarding the ball getting stuck in the turntable).

I overpay for a lot of shit because I HAVE to ( insurance, gas, groceries, etc.) least there is a CHOICE in how much to spend on your hobby ( RobT...think we need your dead horse thing...about 20 times in this thread)

#646 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

The "every 2 weeks comment" by Gomez is around the 10:10 mark.

Sweet...went back and heard it too!!!......sorry for my continued typos....I go back and fix when I spot them, iPads..

#674 2 years ago
Quoted from tktlwyr:

A lot of it comes down to a dick swinging contest with those who purchased supporting their decision with a mixture of constructive criticism and haters being thrown into the same camp. The truth is that this happens daily on Pinside. If I made a list of games that were the greatest thing since sliced bread when released and where they are now, there's quite a few mediocre games as they sit.
I am not and have no interest in buying this game. I'm happy I didn't plop down a deposit because the initial videos left me feeling "meh" about it anyway. Factor in the issues Stern has had over the last few years along with the price increases and I have made a decision to speak with my wallet and not buy NIB until Stern can get their shit together. HUO, 6 months or longer down the road, is fine and will allow time for me to see how the game has fleshed out. The games will be available. They always are.
Good luck to all who purchased!

So everyone that did like this ( or any other new theme) is just buying it to impress others? We all need to be damn glad people are buying/ making pinball period, as the hobby is pretty much non existent.

You didn't buy or want this game ...good for you....others might have a different take.

Last time I checked, I buy all my games with my wallet, and news flash....ALOT of older titles suck and had ( have) issues too.

There are many new games that I will never own, but to berate people that have spent their own money to buy one is just, so tired of hearing it

"Good luck to all who purchased!" ? Thanks for the life is now complete.....

#675 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Can we just put the bitching about pricing to bed, yeah this game ain't worth 10k in hardware but I'm buying one because to me it's worth paying up for & so do others, would I personally do it if all Sterns releases where 10k? Hell no! But I was in a position to buy this one and loved (the right) half of my BDK.

You don't have to justify your purchase to me or anyone in this thread!!!...Congrats, and I mean that....YOU wanted it, and could afford it...that's all that matters....Whatever is driving this persistent bashing of not only the machines, but now the people that are actually buying them has got to stop.....


#676 2 years ago

You're apparently new, and unaware that common sense has nothing to do with most of the posting lately. Welcome, however!!!

#688 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

What did you guys think about the size and complexity of that monster rotating turntable mech?
Gomez was proud of that one. Makes that game a little different from what's out there. Something I like!
I'm moving my RS to the back of the man cave. TWDLE, GBLE and BM66LE will be side by side

It's really cool, but very mysterious at this point, there are targets, ball stops, and spinners in it. The only thing I really understood was the phone's timed, and really cool. Another neat feature about it ...the spinning batmobile seemed to register for spins as well as ability to shoot through it to get to back ramp.

The snags shown on the video are what I experienced as well..if the ball gets behind that mechanism ( there were 2 spots), themachine didn't " see" it, so the ball sat there....ball search got it back in play every time, and seemed like a switch sequence or timing issue.

The mechanism itself is going to be an integral part of mode advancement, I believe, with future code releases. Watching the bat phrases on mini screen during multi ball tells me it will be very interactive.

And yes...ramps were very smooth and fast...shorter times than SM or Tron ramps though, so you have to pay attention.

My best times so far...timing the crane hits with ramp shots, and multi ball interaction. There is going to be a lot going on here.

The right scoop gets massive ball action from all sides, so I've gotta go Cliffy for me to sleep at night...

#689 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Reminded me of SM ramp fast.

Faster and shorter ( windy a bit) than SM....a blast !!!

#691 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

From the live feed it looked like both ramp returns are lightning fast, every time a solid shot was made to one of the ramps I smiled seeing the ball race back to the flippers

Yes...definitely yes

#692 2 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

Been playing the hell out of my gadget LE. It's a ton of fun to shoot.
The left ramp is surprisingly fast. Very satisfying.
Can't wait for the code drop on Tuesday.

Which gadget did you get? I'm going to post mine in the club thread....

#696 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Maybe more like Indy500. Hard to time those shots. Fast and furious.
You are having some of the same snags They were having on stream? Lyman was aggravated
That right scoop is like Gollum on Lotr? Mine survived great without a cliffy!

Similar, but mine weren't as's not mechanical...the whole disc on mine was perfectly level, and slightly higher than playfield.....seemed way more code related, as it " confused" itself a few times...the thing seems robust enough, but definitely a lot going on up there ( spinners, targets, posts, interactive screen, phone, magnet in the front...I never had to pull the glass once, so was happy.

Spot on with the right scoop being sized like Gollum...except in this case, it gets balls coming in from the top and 3 sides...scares the shit out of me, wear wise....the back one is much more isolated and safer...

#701 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Not enough cat woman in there yet for sure

Agreed, but she looks SWEET on the backbox sides on the LE...very hot!!!

#746 2 years ago

Got another hour on the machine today...focused more on shots/ flow as opposed to obvious early code omissions.

Easily the most satisfying session for me yet...both ramps flow well, and fast, but different length, so making combos with them was a lot of fun.

Finally started making sense of how the modes are working ( now)...and color direction / purpose were lots of fun.

Using the crane bash to complete Penguin is super fun.

Rotating table makes for great fun with spinner, batphone , and multi ball stuck a couple times, but ball save released it then hit me....what better machine to put a rotating, complex " gadget" on than Batman.

Overall, a great hour of play...really got into the layout more, and am still very happy with it.....

#747 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

This is news to me. I thought the SLE and LE toppers were the same. Only the Pre are to have a different topper sold at a late time...right?

LE and SLE toppers supposed to be identical, except SLE will have interactive bat beacon to shine on ceiling, wall, etc.

Being they haven't shipped any of them yet, I'm gonna try to get the SLE topper for my LE. Premium has a different design.

#751 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

That's right, now I remember. Does anyone know if the Bat signal topper mod will be sold separately from Stern?

They said it would.

#758 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Thank you for your review.
LTG : )

Thanks post I make might be me smashing this iPad ( 4th one I've owned).....when I read my initial post, it takes me 10 times to edit and fix the grammar.....blaming the device, but probably operator error.....

#759 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinball_Freak:

Lyman completed Metallica on his own time.....that why I'm confident he will see this through whether supported by Stern or not. Although I expect Stern to give him full support...time will tell.
I like the look and potential of this pin so I've ordered knowing code will be in early stages. All cool.
Before all the trolls get in, I'm not rich, just like new pinballs. Now let's focus on the pinball not cost F'n sick of hearing about it! It is what it is move along please........further.....further....ah better lol

Man, a great post!!!...thanks for the positive light, and breath of fresh air around here...mark..

#780 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Is it just me..... 66 has a feeling of the PF being totally bare except for the last 10/12 inches.
I know the crane has a long swing and needs room so it limits the amount of STUFF that can be done.
Also lets not forget Lymon did work on the coding for BDK. Its not bad but its not great either. Not every title can be a hit.

You mean like IM, except the bash toy moves left to right (crane) as opposed to up/ down (Monger)? IM is a "hit" btw.

Seriously, are you ever gonna stop here (we get it, we get it)? Isn't there another pin you can constantly degrade on another thread somewhere. Some of us are going to like (maybe REALLY LIKE) it, regardless of your logic (?), personal opinion.

If you're continuing to gain some sort of personal satisfaction by bashing, please continue (I don't block anyone). But if all this horseshit is meant to "educate" us poor, misinformed pinheads, you might as well stop.

If the game turns out to be a monster or pile of shit, that will be up to the about it?....find another title...plenty out there...thanks

#784 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

It's not about being positive or not... it's about having something to contribute. Beating the same dead horse... does not.

Thank you

#786 2 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I dont think they are saying they need to be positive.....Negative is welcome.
Just repeated negativity, with no playing experience on the game gets hard in any thread on
a new game, when many are excited.
We want your opinion, absolutely, just not repetitively, sometimes with the same content.
No biggie.....we are all here in this together.

And Thank you

#787 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Not bashing..... but why the heck would a topic be started if first impressions were only supposed to be positive
If thats what you wanna hear. Its great man, best game ever, I can only imagine how cool its gonna be.
Thats my first impression weather you agree with it or not.... WOW

We've heard your first impression 27 million (or close) times. WE GET IT!!!!

#788 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I don't think anyone has a problem with people expressing a negative opinion. I think he's referring repeating the same view point over and over again but someone without anything new to the discussion. The whole beating a dead horse thing.

You even expressed concerns over the turntable "hoping I don't ever have to fix that thing" THAT is constructive criticism, and I completely agree with it. A valid point. "Open Playfield"? Really. Really, REALLY!!!!!

#803 2 years ago

Some pics of inside of backbox. Speaker grill is metal, btw.

Man, seems laid out pretty clean, very easy to get to everything...really like how the speaker panel hinged down, without touching the glass!!!

I'll take some other pics if anyone interested in certain areas tomorrow ( have to leave it now) a few more great games in!!!!

IMG_1413 (resized).JPG

IMG_1414 (resized).JPG

IMG_1415 (resized).JPG

IMG_1412 (resized).JPG

IMG_1411 (resized).JPG

#804 2 years ago

IMG_1416 (resized).JPG

#805 2 years ago

IMG_1417 (resized).JPG

#811 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Can you take a pic of CN5 on the node 8C board (thats the node light board that has most of the crane inserts on it).
CN5 pin 3 orange/red is the playfield batsignal control line on the SLE machines. I'm curious if that wire is there on the LE/Prem machines. If its there it should end with a 2 pin female connector.

Will do....I noticed a 2 pin molex connector on a cable up top , probably intended for the topper. I know the LE can handle the SLE topper ( supposed to have one coming instead of my LE topper)....not sure about the premium.

#812 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Awesome to finally see this thread get back to talking about pinball instead of pricing
Great photos MK, the whole Spike 2 looks extremely clean and low maintenance, fingers crossed we don't see the same issues that Spide 1 saw.

I'll get some close ups tomorrow too....I was amazed at how clean and seemingly well laid out it was...doubt there will be any repair of the boards...looks amazingly easily to swap out defective units.

Anxious to update code for this bad boy tomorrow!!!

#830 2 years ago

Looks great!!!....still waiting on my topper too!!! Realized yours is an SLE...may have to wait longer on the LE ones...

Side note- my distributor said he was told they couldn't upgrade my topper from LE to SLE....the bat signal would be offered as an option at a later date....guess they only made 80 of those bad boys!!!

#836 2 years ago
Quoted from marspinball:

Is there a difference between the SLE and LE toppers other than the bat signal add-on??


#839 2 years ago

Played mine again tonight...more fun every time I engage...even w early code....shot lane TIGHT on the right side for mb...just a fun play!!!

Was ready to update code today worries...maybe for the weekend...

#842 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Yep im same way on any new game i get... bought a restored funhouse and i csnt stop playing it now.. such a great pin and theme.

Agreed.....addicts, we's a sickness, I say...

#851 2 years ago
Quoted from RocketPin:

Got my LE today!
episode #81

Sweet!!!...and an episode!!!....very cool...enjoy!!!

#852 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Can you take a pic of CN5 on the node 8C board (thats the node light board that has most of the crane inserts on it).
CN5 pin 3 orange/red is the playfield batsignal control line on the SLE machines. I'm curious if that wire is there on the LE/Prem machines. If its there it should end with a 2 pin female connector.

I will get it done tomorrow, promise!!!...supposed to take pics for another pinsider too.....freakin work gets in the way....

#855 2 years ago
Quoted from RocketPin:

Iceman wait till you see the finish on the legs and armor. amazing!!

No doubt...Armor rocks!!!...I want my topper, dammit ( figured I might as well bitch about something)...

#862 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I will get it done tomorrow, promise!!!...supposed to take pics for another pinsider too.....freakin work gets in the way....

IMG_0159 (resized).JPG

IMG_0160 (resized).JPG

#868 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Dont you hate it when work gets in the way of your hobbies.
Thanks for the pics. I think you might of thought I was asking about the connectors for the batsignal projector in the topper. I'm actually looking for what connectors might be in the LE/Prem that would support the mini batsignal that is in the upper right corner of the SLE machines. See pic below for what I mean.

Ahhh!!!...will be at it again this afternoon...I shall investigate further....

#889 2 years ago
Quoted from RocketPin:

this is on the LE. yes the connector is there.

I could have answered easier if I understood the original question...apologize. The bat signal on the back panel LIGHTS UP in it's current state on the LE. It's at the start of the game and at various other points (couldn't keep track while playing).

from tonight's session (short) - the game likes to have a slightly higher pitch to stuck balls, and the left ramp becomes crazy fast (as does several elements of play. I'll put my gauge on the playfield tomorrow (hopefully) to see where it's sitting now (probably closer to 7.

#891 2 years ago
Quoted from RocketPin:

I continually have problems with the ball sticking on the riddler saucer. the ball goes to deep to the right, so it does not set in the saucer correct.

hmmm...I don't have that...wonder if the table is level left to the rotating table even all the way around ? (not too high on one side).

shoot a pic of where it gets stuck, if you can....

#896 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

That was a problem on mine & others BDK's if the table had a slight lean to the right and was not level left to right, soon as I checked and levelled my BDK I never had trouble with that issue again.

That was the problem with my BM66...I set it up quick, and was leaning ever slightly to the was causing ball hang ups in the rotating table. Once I leveled the game left to right, she smoothed right out.

#897 2 years ago
Quoted from RocketPin:

The metal ball guide extends into the saucer hole. this prevents the ball from settling into the hole. I took it apart to see if I could bend it. not enough room to make a difference. so I'm putting some padding in the ball stop to keep it from going all the way back. when you look at the hole it is egg shaped to cause it to roll into place.

Are you talking about the saucer hole at the very back right of the game? I don't think my ball guide goes over that hole, but will be sure to check in the morning....

#963 2 years ago
Quoted from Cserold:

We had a bunch of balls flying off the back of the left ramp's wire form. Did you see that too? Often these balls would get stuck on top of the spinning disc and a ball search would clear it. Problem is the ball search spins the disc and it will dump all your balls locked for multiball back onto the playfield but the game doesn't know it happens so the first ball you drain ends your ball. Then your next ball will always eject multiple balls into shooter lane. So weird.
Nice score btw. Guy playing earlier today got score #1 st 500M

I've made 400 million so far...magnet did get some dimples, and a few on the playfield, but nothing unusual ( thought it was odd on the magnet, but it's in a pretty volatile spot). Very few air balls though.....

Only thing I see of any concern is the ball search dumping your locked balls, and the game doesn't know how to recover properly. Quite sure this gets fixed in codeland , as many machines ( WOZ and TZ come immediately to mind) that keeps " virtual " count of your multiballs, then just launches required amount from trough when multiball mode achieved. I'm not worried about that.

Pitching the game up a bit kept the balls on the left ramp ALOT more than down at 6.5...suspect some tweaking there...still really love the game.

And I'll only reference once..comparison of BM vs AS LCD: I'll take TV footage all day over cartoon likeness, Lyman will make this thing amazing, and no way is it inferior to the MET style art LCD cartoony look. BM is a classic...freakin love it in this Dept. The tweaks will be dealt with...

#1030 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Here's an example of "acceptable dimpling". You pretty much can't see them unless you're really searching for them under bright lights. Here's a pic of Iron Man Vault, "normal point of view" and some dimples that I'm really trying hard to photograph but you can still barely see them.

And this is EXACTLY what is happening on my BM66, WOZ, TRONLE, etc. right down the line, except my old TAF, TZ and WCS, which dont seem to dimple, but not nearly the sheen as on the Stern, JJP games.

These are very, very hard to see under game conditions (I use a flashlight occasionally to look).

I have been over my BM66 playfield with my super bright led flashlight, and a fucking magnifying glass (paranoid after all the GB reports). My inserts are clean, no ghosting, sheen is gorgeous, and dimpling easliy within "acceptable standard" when compared to my other Stern, JJP machines.

There has been very, very little air ball activity, and as Greg points out, if I don't have to pull the glass, the ball is not stuck...simply pinball...

#1047 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You really inspect your playfield with an LED flashlight and a magnifying glass? Please tell me that you are joking lol. Just play your machines and enjoy them! I am probably more picky than anyone on this forum about my machines, but if I can't see the dimpling without bending down and shining a light just perfect onto my playfield I could care less. I wouldn't be happy with ghosted inserts I won't lie, but dimpling that you can't even see I say who gives a F*#*

Confess..this is my only game I did it on ( but truly did) .....all that ghosting shit that was posted ( I never had that happen) made me super worried after dropping 10k on my first nib Stern.

I admit, after doing it, and realized it was a gorgeous playfield with no defects ( and man, I looked) the whole process felt pretty stupid. But it's out of my head now. I buy my machines to PLAY, so dimples are part of it...all is good in BM66 land...

#1053 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Unfortunately most issues come after a fair amount of play especially on pins with lots of airballs..... keep a eye on her.

I will....think I'm lucky to a degree...playing the hell out of it, experienced most of the issues mentioned here to a minor degree, but very, very few air balls.

Definitely convinced this thing plays better jacked up beyond 6.5, btw....the ball doesn't jump off the left ramp nearly as much with this higher pitch, btw...

#1056 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I understand believe me lol, I just pictured that in my head and thought it was funny. I wish the dimples wasn't in my games believe me, but as long as I don't see them when I'm standing there looking at it or playing I can live with it. I guess the reason it was so funny to me is because I'm sorta like that. I obsess on almost everything, you don't even want to go grocery shopping with me believe me lol.

Lol...yea, I did it with no one around...... still at my office, as some of my employees are really digging it at the end of the day. Have to get it home soon though....have some key clients coming by, and may be hard for them to take me serious with that obscenely bright, color fest in there. This is going to be a classic, in its own way, when Lyman finishes it.

#1137 2 years ago
Quoted from fuseholder:

The one at Logan Hardware has Batgirl on the side.

That would be an LE.....glad to see these showing up on location....

#1237 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

There is some of that for sure there's been some really interesting positives and negatives from people who have got a chance to put some one on a BM66, however there are a few who keep saying the same old stuff over and over again and take any opportunity to put the game and owners down.
Works both ways if someone loves a game I like reading why just as much as reading why someone hates a game, just trashing a game over and over without any real justification is lame and there seems to be more with this title than any other previous Stern release.

I do agree with your post except I'm not sure it's exclusive to this title. The sticker shock is hard for people to swallow, and added incentive to be hypercritical (rightfully so) on this one. This is truly a "forest for the trees" view imho, as it's still Sterns first LCD (dual, actually), 30th anniversary pin, etc. Doesn't justify the tag, but can help define the rational, to a degree.

People bashed the shit out of WOZ for late delivery, poor theme, etc. for YEARS...end of the day, many of those bashers own one, and realize how cool the pin is. On the other side, many fanboys abandoned after endlessly defending the title.

I think this applies across the board....don't take any of it too seriously..I don't. It's just bandwidth (sometimes useless).

This IS a special pin, and with polish and tweaks will be sought after by many (not all, no title is) pinheads.....fact.

#1331 2 years ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

Rare hate or not, I'm pretty sure at it's current price-point "Walletf*ckers" is more appropriate.
(Served with a side of rogue Batmobile...)

LMFAO!!! on....( wait, I bought one AND am in on wallet has already been f**ked)..

#1341 2 years ago
Quoted from taz:

Same here, not a problem so far.


#1356 2 years ago

yea, but 50+ year old wood not worth a shit without chemical additive....

#1394 2 years ago


Just did the exact same thing ( mines still at my office, so drove back) even though I had just looked at it, glass off, closely, a couple days ago ( added 10 games on it when I was there) cracks in clear at shooter or anywhere, minor " meh" dimples in magnet area, but so far, it looks like normal minor dimpling, and 0 ghosting.

I'm going to keep playing it ( that's why I bought it) but will be paying very close attention moving forward.

#1397 2 years ago
Quoted from taz:

Apparently those pictures got all of us in an urgent investigative mood. After seeing them, without passing go, I pulled my glass, put a drop light on the game and spent nearly 10 minutes looking closely for playfield damage and rechecking nuts/bolts. Fortunately, it looked good minus a few small dimples on the magnet. My heart goes out to the owner of that game.

Agreed, they gotta take care of him....electronics and loose hardware don't scare me ( can be dealt with), but the Playfield? Whew, that's no easy fix....

#1457 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

My plan is to play it until all dimples are in place and then send the playfield out and have it properly clear coated by an expert.
I'll have it all back together and ready to play before the final code drops.

I like how you think...personally, having a blast with the game, a little extra pitch is the key. If the qc comes through, this game is NOT a dog, I could rag on many, many titles for brick shots, long games, etc. that rotisserie is going to iron out with code...just gotta speed it up, and make that target areas meaningful...suspect Lyman has some magic in his head for this....

#1474 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Me too, mine's arriving mañana.
What's the pitch you have yours at Mark?

Ice...mines at a nice 7....very few air balls off the left ramp ( none in last 2 days after pitching up), and gameplay is very good....mark...( you must show a pic of batgadget plaque, and card....hooray, the wait is over!!!)

#1476 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

I think this is far past the point of random issues. It's been a pattern since the first SM VEs went out, nearly a year ago.
But that dimpling ... I'd call it cratering. Some of them are huge, and the biggest ones look like the clear may have actually fractured.

It's a much more prudent decision, I think.

Mines fine...not meaning to demean those with problems (the ONE pin I saw posted in all this looks terrible) but many have also stated they didn't have pf issues. Not denial, or fanboy, just fact. Loose hardware seems to be the only true common negative denominator ( along with early code) ....." prudent decision" would have been to never commit to an excessive priced pin to start with....

Appreciate your wisdom, does yours look?

#1477 2 years ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Some BM66le owners I know personally are having no pf issues. Maybe its a random issue with some play-fields?
I know about mine on WED.

Congrats...tighten the screws on ramps and batspinner toy, and ENJOY!!!

#1479 2 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

They all dimple to some extent. Nature of the beast.
Today's games are so fast, and magnets are flinging balls everywhere at 90 miles an hour, shits gonna happen!
I can't say I have ever seen one that looks like the one pictured after 100 games though. You'd need the lunar buggy to drive around that playfield!
As for the magnets dimpling like that ... ooooffffffff! Somebody stuffed up the alloy mixture somewhere back in the supply chain.

Completely agree...that pf looks like shit, but it's the only one posted like it so theory on the magnet- that's a very tough spot for that thing to live....balls banging hard and fast around there...still some air ball action up there...agreed, now that they know, a harder alloy in order ( we're obviously part of the beta test), but man, I remember all those SM magnets mushrooming on the playfield. At least, this one has a big ass ring around it, protecting the playfield...

#1480 2 years ago

I know this thread was started with a negative vibe before the f**king game was released ( due to price...rightfully so), but can we move on to bitching about something else..maybe code updates? This pin is NOT GB.....

#1482 2 years ago

I thumbed you least that's your way in my book ( lol), BM66 rules for me, but that's the beauty of pinball...choices...careful if you say too much positive in this thread though....the waters are murky...

2 weeks later
#1713 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

One thing you CAN judge currently is the poor geometry of lots of the shots, leading to dead balls everywhere. The left orbit from the factory is a DISASTER. Moving the pad on the ramp to the inside almost completely fixes it, making it what I would call acceptable - I HIGHLY recommend this fix!
The software will make the dead shots tolerable (or even reduce them, hopefully, by changing rotisserie timing), but it won't fix it completely.

I can testify that moving the left pad makes the left orbit fun again. I have witnessed code change the entire feel of a pin. Initial WOZ code was an absolute disaster, now I challenge anyone on how strong the gameplay is. There are FAR more positives than negatives on BM66.Remember the WOZ shooter lane rattle bitchfest, ....over, they fixed it.

The rotisserie will be deployed better, along with more callouts, features, etc. Time to face facts...vast majority of people that actually bought the game love it, those that didn't will propagate negatively. Time to move on.

This is Sterns 30th year anniversary pin. No way they don't nail the code and address potential issues with hast. Is what it is,,,,,mark

#1721 2 years ago
Quoted from John1210:

Little bit of a difference that with woz you got plenty of pin for your money. And unfortunately B66 shoots like crap. Left ramp is ruined with the perspex hokey pokey dance after every shot. Just looks straight up cheap and nasty. The left orbit jams up evey time with the cleanest shot. In fact the faster you hit the left orbit the worse it is and it still has the bdk no joy problem at the kick out. The turntable is not satisfying and again gives you the 'so what' feeling when you shoot the plastic crap on it. Right ramp is as boring as batshit and the crane is about the only good thing which works better on bdk.
Yep code is gonna fix this box right up!

Meh....I love my WOZ, and could be blinded with theme, gorgeous game, and a great, dual LCD system begging for code...I'm keeping them both...the kick out already has been enhanced in .68, and suspect Lyman has something in store on several levels.

Many, many, many people buy " blind" and keep or dump ( deny all you want), this one no different, except ( for me) an unbelievable theme.

Truthfully could give a shit how many drool over AC/DC, MET, etc. These are titles I couldn't own regardless how good they play ( no music pin lives with me). I appreciate many love these, and other titles that I don't...I like BM66LE, even early on. Have several heavy hitter main stream favorites that play different...some people loath TRON, WCS, TZ,WOZ etc., but in the end it's up to the individual shelling out the cash.

Public forums are great places to voice opinions. The above is mine, just as relevant as anyone's.

#1751 2 years ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Can you post a pic of the left pad moved to inside the ramp please?

Will do in the AM...machine still setup in my office ( kinda cool, actually)....

#1753 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

It's not different? At all? In any way?
*cough cough price cough cough*

Sadly, compared to my WOZ price tag ( late adopter, but still nib) the price for my ECLE was very close, and gameplay absolutely sucked out of the box....remember all the bitching about single ramp, no code back then. Turned out to be an unbelievable machine.....just sayin.....BM66 is NOT BMTDK, much more capable of being a stellar title....and ALL of these damn things are too expensive, period......

#1759 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think it's going to be a good game in time, i really do. I don't think it's going to be TWD or GB Premium good but even if it's not that's ok as long as it's fun. It's definitely the best looking pin ever, I'll give it that already. I think the game shipped too early is really my only complaint about it. I don't want that to become the new norm for pinball. As far as Dwight goes, he's looking pretty good man, GB is awesome and GOT is super super good! Didn't he have a hand in Star Trek also? That's a bad azz game as well.

Good to hear positive comments.....for me the theme of TWD or GB will never be as good as BM66. I'm quite sure once it's done, it will more than meet my hopes for gameplay ( I'm not an amazing player)...I like different experiences, from themes that I love....BM hits this for me, spot on...

#1765 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Agree 100%! Batman66 is a dream theme for me for sure. I'm talking more about the gameplay itself, I don't think it will be as good as TWD or GB Premium. That's just me though, everyone's opinion is different and I understand that. That doesn't mean it can't be great by any means though. I just think WD and GB is the Chit

Just good to hear constructive take once in awhile...much appreciated!!!...My " grail" is actually Alien"....hoping that fills my dark, sci-fi horror fix w another timeless title. BM66 just really does it for me in other areas, mainly nostalgia, and compares to nothing in my lineup...

#1832 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

My 18 year old daughter who is a darn good pinball player came up a week ago and played Batman. She doesn't really care much for the newer games but couldn't stop pressing the start button. I told her she used to watch the show with me when she was little but she didn't really remember it. But she thinks this machine is cool as cool gets. And I agree.

THAT, is priceless right there!!! Super excited that you found a title which connects like that....I find it quite fun as well...knowing it's only going to improve is very, very cool!!!

#1904 2 years ago
Quoted from metallik:

The game is pretty boring as it sits now, but then again so was Walking Dead on release. I'm confident Lyman will make game as playable as possible despite the layout and toys. Well-written rules and software should make it pretty fun.

Logic not allowed!! pretty much spot on, and agree...except...I actually enjoy the pin and am playing it quite a bit. For me, the experience of the video clips, some of the (sparse for now) callouts (heard "Holy super Jackpot Batman!!" last night), and the gameplay (yes gameplay), make for a nice game, which will only get better. This is not a flowmaster, but it has little nuances to it, that I enjoy, and am sure will get better over time.

Believe everyone is underestimating the rotisserie, as once it's coded up, and the TV becomes interactive, it's going to be quite a different story.

A guy dumps one cheap? that's happened on EVERY title...the guy had his reasons....doesn't mean the pin sucks by ant stretch.

Play it...know that new code will make a definite change for the better.....if you don't like it (or do)...who really cares?.....on to the next!!!

#1918 2 years ago

Absolutely!!! I like beta code? NO.....wish it was perfect, with completed code right out of the box. I guess for me, if there is something I really desire ( toys only being addressed here), the hunt/ adventure is half the fun. I really like tinkering with these things.

Buying a NIB WOZECLE was quite an adventure....just about unplayable out of the box, many bugs. But working with JJP, and experiencing the game transform into ,what I believe, still their masterpiece, was quite a fun ride. The code got insane, the bugs fixed, and a single ramp "dog" turned into a landmark pin, period. Like it or not.

BM66 has the same appeal to me. The theme is timeless. It's a little buggy, clunky, and needs code work. But it's going to be worth the effort ( for me) to stay the course with this one, as it possesses a certain character that separates it from " just another pin" . Stern has been very easy to deal with ( had an LED staying on in my topper, they made another one, as it's an LE and didn't have a spare, shipped to my door in a week). I have no reason to believe this pin will not live up to my expectations.

It's simply not as bad as many portray here in its current state, and anxious to see and play it's final form. Just me, though.

#1923 2 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

i wonder if some of you ever play your pins?

Indeed....or even worse.....actually work on them ( yep, last I checked, they ALL break)....I've cursed every one of mine on occasion.

Thread getting boring....Doug....get yours running, and we shall compare notes while enjoying some decent bourbon...

#1979 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Got a chance to put some good time in on an LE version of the game. The game was obviously rushed to get out for the 30th anniversary milestone, and it suffers greatly for it. Some of the problems will get cleaned up over time via code updates, but some are permanently baked into the design.
First of all, the LCD integration and presentation is nearly perfect. The size of the screen, and the placement of the screen, is far better than what anybody else has done so far. It's nice having it lower on the backbox, so you can glance up easier. You have to look too high and take in too much screen space on JJP games. Stern absolutely nailed the screen. They just need to clean up the moments when it's displaying the old DMD dots, which will obviously happen with updates.
The art looks fantastic as well. I wish that the artist could have used the machine as his canvas instead of providing a file of clip art, but they did great with what they had to work with. I really hope that they give the artist a shot at doing more art for a future title. While the colors look oversaturated in pics, they look great in person.
I have mixed feelings about the music. There's good variety there, the melodies are solid, but the jazz style is a bit rough. It could grow on you over time or get more annoying, but that's just a personal preference thing. Probably not a deal breaker for most people.
I'm not even going to critique the code, because there was so much missing. Certain things do absolutely nothing, and there's obviously a lot of things that are going to change. The game is surely still in beta, and it has a long, long way to go. Ran into quite a few bugs, but again, that's all WIP at this point.
The real bummer is the actual geometry of the game. That left orbit is awful. It's partially blocked by the blue nub, but even if it wasn't, the angle of entry on it is bad. The ball enters sharply, so you rarely get a smooth transition form the main area to the orbit, and you get rattles. It's just poorly laid out and the orbit entry needs to be lower.
The left ramp is nice when the ball stays put, but it flew off often during play. Moving the nub from the outside of the ramp to the inside seems like a bad idea, as that ramp shouldn't be tightened up any more than it is. I love the shape of the wireform. Very pleasing to watch the ball roll along. I know there are fixes for the ball flying off, but that's insane that it left the factory as it is. That ridiculous nylon tie also got the ball stuck in the left orbit more than once. WTF IS A NYLON TIE DOING THERE?!

The turntable is a mess. Not a good shot on any side. On the magnet side, you get really goofy action, and there's too much dead space. The sides with the targets have dead space around them too. The spinner side is the worst, as the clean shot just dumps with a thunk into the orbit, and a spinner hit barely spins the Batmobile because of the dead space around it which causes the ball to deflect back into the spinner before it dribbles down the middle of the playfield. Often times it would tell you to shoot the phone and not have the phone facing you. The phone is also ridiculously loud and annoying. The ball often got stuck on the lip of the turntable, and it causes airballs too. Neat idea, but bad implementation.
The right ramp is weak. it's this tiny little climb up, which often gets made by ricochet (a ramp should never be a ricochet shot!). Feels ok to hit though. Feels good to combo from the left ramp and vice versa.
The right spinner is really poorly integrated. That target right behind it often stops the ball and causes it to roll back through the spinner. Other times you get just messy action as it bounces around up there as the ball has to make a sharp direction change right after hitting the spinner. Feels like it was just tacked on for no real good reason.
The half scoop on the right was a little odd. Feels like a full scoop would have been better. We had a screw fall into the spot and had to pull the glass to get it out.
The right orbit is the best shot in the game as far as entry goes, but it's still not as smooth as most orbits should be. I noticed that a lot of orbit shots fed into the slings often rather than coming reliably to the flippers. I hope that was just a problem specific to this machine, because that would be an unforgivable design flaw.
The gadget stand ups should have been drops. It's a shame that they went cheap there. Oh, well.
The game just geometry problems that aren't going to be fixed by code. Yes, the game will get MUCH better as the code evolves, but it's never going to be a smooth or great shooter. Gomez has really struggled to get a smooth game out the door in recent years. Transformers, Avengers, and now this are all rattly and kind of janky in their flow. I don't know what happened after Lord of the Rings, but everything since then feels pretty much half baked. Maybe he's not getting enough time, or maybe his attention is divided, but B66 definitely feels underdeveloped in many ways, mostly on layout. Had to pull the glass off often throughout the night.

I fear that this might be a casualty of just hurrying a game to production. It's not Avengers or Transformers bad, but it's not going to settle very high in the rankings of modern Sterns. Do your magic, Lyman, because this game needs it badly.

Oddly, alot of what you address (beyond qc and obvious rush in release) are what intrigue me when I play this game.

a) People who call this "just another fan layout" are dead wrong.

b) The tight left ramp is easily addressed by moving the blue nub (that ramp entrance has a huge opening, btw). A non issue for me, as I can hit it pretty smooth now.

c) the left ramp "flappy plastic" should have been handled with a better habitrail to contain the ball...definitely QC, and suspect I will eventually get one made for mine. A nice, flowy shot however.

d) The right ramp shortness, with spinner behind the u turn is quite interesting....allows for several ways to get around that area, I find it alot of fun.

e) The airballs causing early dimples (mine have not been crazy with over 200 plays now) are also caused by the crane bash toy, which I love.

f) Turntable - once the pitch was set to just over 7 degrees, I've had almost zero hung balls there, with a slight nudge freeing them.

g) Left and right side of rotisserie are definitely tight, but then again, somewhat mysterious in behavior. No stuck balls there after pitch adjustment.

h) Music and callouts are fine now, and code WILL help in this area, as well as ball lock, and other aspects.

The game is stunning, in it's campy way...freakin love looking at the thing.

I guess my point - I like it BECAUSE of it's different, sometimes clunky type of play, as it's so different than my other machines. It's going to really be a nostalgia hit with finished code, and always be a viable choice for a few games in the rotation.

Hell, I spend time on it now just to hear the clips I've missed...and i'll point out (for a final time)..once the TV becomes truly interactive, the rotisserie is going to be quite relevant and enjoyable.

Would have preferred having it "done" before I received it, but glad I've got it.......

#1993 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

He's done buying NIB Stern products. Doesn't mean he's done sharing his unsatisfactory experiences with Stern so others may learn from them.

He can share his experiences all he wants, as all of us can (negative, positive,etc.). "Learn from them"? A subjective statement. I've "learned" that initial impressions, opinions formulated by others, and overly negative or fanboy reactions don't mean shit when I decide to purchase a game.

#1996 2 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Just be glad you got lucky w/ your BM66 .. not so many purchasers as of late have shared that luck.

And I truly feel bad for the ones that have had the issues (honestly)....QC was spotty at best.....I really don't have a metric to use on "good" vs "bad" games regarding QC.....really was focusing on gameplay experience. I hope you get your replacement machine (as I think you had stated they agreed on awhile back) and are able to potentially enjoy this machine.....mark

#2029 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

BM66LE up and running beautifully!!! Love it.
Go Lyman.

Bam!!!...congrats deserve some great games after your wait....mines coming home from the office tomorrow...bourbon weekend, bourbon weekend!!! Enjoy!!!

#2067 2 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

You guys probably don't really want me playing the game before I rate it, because it's likely to bring my previous rating down even more. Keep up the down vote brigade and I'll buy something like and really blow it up there, here, and everywhere else. To pretend this game wasn't one of Stern's biggest disasters out of the gate is just ridiculous, but I understand it must not be too comforting to be one of the suckers who bought into the hype.

This post is fucking ridiculous....just got done with an hour on the machine...still enjoying it, and my family thinks it's the coolest title in the game room. You're overrating your opinion, and can assure you, it's not shared by call "us" " suckers"? Get over something you like....the stupid shit that gets posted here....

#2091 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Lets be honest here. No one really gives a sh*t about your opinion. We only downvoted you because we want to visit "" and cant wait to see you "really blow it up there, here, and everywhere else."

This pretty much sums it up. These comments haven't been "what's your impression?", but rather " what f**king idiots you were to buy one, even though I didn't even play it yet". That's not an opinion, but rather a blatant, combative statement, hoping to bring attention to himself. I guess everyone gets their kicks from something......

I don't care if anyone likes or doesn't like a title (I don't like AC/DC, who really cares), but never insult someone or a group that does. Useless trash, period.

I'm more sorry for those that had problems with the game, QC wise...Stern will hopefully get things sorted.

#2105 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

So i finally have gotten to put a few games on my Batman.
Note that i haven't rated this pin despite owning it, like it matters anyhow!
I'm on .65 code hoping that we get an update tomorrow and haven't had time to update to .68.
As we know, VERY basic code and a LONG ways to go.
Left orbit is smooth as butter.
Left ramp has no rattle and plastic ball guard. Smooth.
Turn table mech is really cool, I love it. LOVE the LCD.
Flows great, like i give a shit, but love long shots though like WPT.
Fairly easy shot making? Yes. No cheap drains and longer game times for me.
Bottom line, its FUN to shoot and theme integration is great. It's now just a Lyman waiting game.
And i think it will be such a unique and fun pin. I'm thrilled with it considering the code and where its going.

You are spot on, my friend...enjoy!!!

#2120 2 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

Iceman and the crew sent me some pills, I totally love this game now. About to go rate it a perfect 10.0.

Man, you need a new hobby. Life is too short for this crap, it's only pinball!!!.....maybe golf or checkers or something.....geesh....a pill might not be a bad idea in this case..

#2124 2 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

I thought it was an addiction, not a hobby.

This, I agree with 100%!!!

1 month later
#2181 1 year ago

Ok...jumping on the negative BM66 thread long enough to remind everyone that Ice is right...there are many people (including myself) that really like this theme, title, machine, whatever you want to call it.

Non satisfying shots, poor layout, plays like shit next to other machines? I call bullshit. The pin actually is more fun when you get used to the shots, and can start putting combos together w some consistency (actually experiencing the entire package). I've been playing it almost exclusively since .69, and the game, combined with the overall theme (yes theme) is quite fun. I have ass kicking pins, flowy pins, single ramp, and classics. BM66 fits right in wher I hoped it would.

When BM66LE code is completed, it won't be just a "polished the best they can...not all titles can be homeruns", it will be a classic.

Believe it or not, seeing and playing the "latest/ greatest" music themed pin doesn't do shit for me...I can't stand them.

Nice to have choices..BM66 is a great one for me..I'll take it over AM every day of the week...not even close......carry on w the negativity. Hopefully, some day, I can be as wise as some on here (pure, blatant sarcasm).

#2182 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I don't get why people like Rai can't understand that a lot of people love BM66
It's not about the $10-$15k or premium price whatever it is.
If I didn't like it I'd sell it. Get it? Fact is i and many others love it and it will only get better
And yes, THEME is a BIG deal

No they don't get it, and never will.

#2196 1 year ago

That's my problem w "the experts" (or "rest of us" as they like to be called). State your opinion...move on. I like the game...could give a shit about anyone else's opinion. If you bought one (yes bought it) and dont like it...sell it. If you've dropped some quarters your money and play something else.

Same shit comes up w every new title...good news for the experts...there's only 240 LE's, 80 SLE's out there to ruin the pinball world for you. And based on your insight, I think the premiums might actually implode, as they are so embarrassed of how crappy they play.

Get over yourselves...go bitch about the code not dropping or being shitty some more (oh wait..they already do that)....whew..we are doomed...

#2216 1 year ago
Quoted from jar155:

For many of us, the shot geometry on Batman '66 is bad. That's not going to change with more time, because code won't change that. It didn't for Avengers, and it won't for this. Sometimes a layout is a miss, it happens.

Fair enough...and for others it's fine. For me, the layout is fun because it is different than many of my other pins....not a "miss". But as you said this is a thread about opinions of the game....that's just mine.

#2220 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

No need to get into hostile arguments defending the fact you like the machine. In fact, I'm stoked there are people who are enjoying them! That's what's great about pinball.. there's always something for everyone. If someone says they like sushi, and I say I don't - no one is going to sit there and tell me why I am wrong and try and change my taste buds. We get it, BM66 is your flavor and you enjoy it. Right on! Flip away and have a good time, that's why these machines exist. Glad BM66 puts a smile on your face. Just because I have no interest in it shouldn't offend anyone.

Agreed ( I hate sushi, btw....ate a bad piece one time...that's all it took)....

#2225 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

The last thing is it isn't "clunky"
Just put an hour on the new code. Muy bueno.

The new code is a nice upgrade, and machine definitely not "clunky" I've played it a lot over the past few evenings, and it just has a lot going for it, mainly, it's just pure BM fun!!!

#2227 1 year ago
Quoted from limelime20:

No , It's not clunky in the all, its smooth shots, just a little funky around the sides of the turntable a little bit.
And always love the crane shots. Great toy.
But overall, Have to love the theme, the LCD is a game changer in pinball, and Stern did nail that.!!
I grew up on old school batman, and love the nostalgia of the show.!! it can only get better.!
!!Zloop!! !POW!! !!SWISH!! !!WHACK!!

Spot on , sir!!!

#2243 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

I don't need to justify my enjoyment of this game to anybody. The amount it cost me should be evidence enough though.

Ditto!!!! (glad you changed your headaches going away....)

#2244 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

As much as buyer may feel like they need to rationalize a particular game purchase, I think non-buyers also need to rationalize why they chose to purchase one game over another or wait for the next release. For example why they chose not to purchase B66, but instead decided to purchase AFMr or to wait for Dialed In.
I am guilty of criticizing both AS and AFMR (which I won't buy), yet defending B66 (which I did). I feel my criticism is justified, yet I'm probably more critical than I would be if I hadn't recently purchased a b66.
I think most pinball collectors are constantly in a state of evaluating their next purchase. It's the addictive nature of this hobby - we're always shopping for our next game. Looking at every new release and deciding whether to go in or wait for the next game. If you decide against a particular title in favor of waiting for the next release I think you are likely more critical of the game in order to justify why you didnt buy it. This is especially so for LE buyers (due to the limited nature and fear of missing out).

Very well stated!!!!!!

#2264 1 year ago

I suspect the scores will eventually stabilize to the lower side, as the game is very comfortable to get around. I also think the rotisserie becomes a major part of the game, and far from boring, once the Villains get on the screen and interact.

Think this will always be a fun, beautiful pin, and easy on the nerves. I'll never sell my TRONLE or IM, but they have a different appeal. While BM66 brings a nice smile to my face every time I play it, both TRON and IM are short, brutal games, which make me create new profanities every time I play them.

Probably one of the reasons I like BM66 so much....SM and WOZ are looong games, TRON and IM short, BM66 " just right" in between. Perfect fit for me.

#2267 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

The software will have to be optimized to "hide" the stupid constant waiting for it to rotate into position to accept ball locks (maybe using virtual locks while it's out of position). When the dumb phone rings and I have the locks lit it's nothing but annoyance while you wait for the phone, then wait for it to rotate back so you can lock balls again. The lazy susan doesn't really add anything at all to the play experience currently, and is mostly an annoyance that slows down game progression.

The virtual locks definitely help, and have to believe the rotisserie will be sped up w future code to get the phone in position quicker. Hoping there will be eventual modes that brings the tv into play more, maybe timed to hit the targets underneath to quiet the taunting, and contribute to game progress ( nothing to prevent coding to have a villain trigger a magnet grab to punish you for trying to knock him out, as well.. It has 3 stops, and currently only one ( phone) actually tie directly into a noticeable mode progression. No way Lyman leaves it that way. The bat mobile spinner is sort of just a random's definitely going to fit into something.

I'm actually shocked how fun it is to play with such early code. The rotisserie ( think I'll change my reference to " large turntable" moving forward) is a long way from being implemented totally....of this, I'm sure

#2276 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I wondered wtf was going on.
Time to unstack till future updates

Yep...figured that out pretty quick. Unstack, until later code, and the virtual, along with real locks work fine...this way you can still pursue villain modes, but doesn't screw w mb

#2286 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

There are no problems with stacking a villain mode with multiball. What vireland is referring to is an option where you can stack multiple villains before starting them. This option may be a little buggy and is why it's a menu option and not default.

That's what I was referring to in the menu " normal" stacking, no issues

#2318 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Lyman definitely has his hands full with BM66. It will take a masterful effort on his part to save this game.

Ummm.....nah...Odin's pic sums it up my response to this.....

#2330 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

Does that mean we can no longer own these games and enjoy them for a year or two for free? Or even make a profit on them?
Why, I'm shocked and appalled at that very notion.

WHAT!!! I thought this was my ticket to becoming wealthy....I'm out....back to collecting stamps...

#2337 1 year ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

You know stamps can be much more expensive than pins

I've heard that!!! least they will be lighter to move, and no modding required (?).....

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