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Batman 66 - What's your impression?

By Barakawins1

2 years ago

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#970 2 years ago
Quoted from Texasff78:

The dimpling is over almost the entire middle area of the playfield. Looking at a few more games I don't think this is normal at all. I have reached out to Stern support. We are looking at purchasing a Walking Dead Premium but this is concerning.

Forget the wood PF... you must be having some SERIOUS airballs because even the metal magnet is already all chewed up. Now these things are soft metal and will eventually get some marks but that is ridiculous.

As an example...my March 2016 TWD Prem has two of those magnets and both are still relatively mark-free.

Somehow even your magnet has fairly deep and noticeable divots. The magnets are not cleared but are pretty resilient overall to marks and dimpling. Your magnet shouldn't look like that for a loooong time.

So it's not the wood PF's fault or the clear...it has to be some extremely hard hits from airballs doing this damage.

#972 2 years ago
Quoted from MT45:

I'm in the camp that dimpling happens quite a bit on new playfields BUT not all of them. I believe it's as simple as: a hard steel ball, running and bouncing on top of soft wood and fresh clear coat - steel ball wins. BUT ... I have an MMR LE and it has zero dimples and hundreds of games.

No offense but I find this hard to believe. Even if you angle and bulletproof the targets to prevent airballs the trolls WILL occasionally pop up with a ball on them and that slams the ball up against the glass and back down hard on the PF. That alone would HAVE to leave some dimples unless your game has magic wood. (or REALLY slow-rising troll assemblies).

Kudos for keeping the game in shape but once again... with the troll issue I don't see how the PF could have "zero dimples". Makes no sense to me.

#1062 2 years ago

If there is an option to turn down the power of the flippers on Spike games I would do that too. All HUO games should be lowered as they are clean and will still play fast as hell. For some of the WMS titles like AFM and MM you swap out the ridiculously powerful blue coils and put in the orange. Stills plays full speed but much easier on the PF and plastics.

All wood will have different density as it's an organic product but there may be some truth that the "old growth wood" was indeed a bit more dense. They may have also had the luxury or allowing the wood to dry longer before selling it and using it.

Probably a combination of all the things discussed: bright LEDs that highlight the dimples - *maybe* slightly softer wood - Stern's brutal flipper power - games rushed out the door without fine tuning the layout so you get an absurd amount of airballs (see GB).

#1080 2 years ago
Quoted from Texasff78:

I checked and the magnet is definitely level with the playing field. Any lower and the ball would catch the wood of the playfield if it rolled across. Also noticed my back cabinet has the wrong decals on both sides. I know that some people had received Batgirl instead of Robin but mine is missing Batman too. Two Batgirls.

I'd take two Batgirls anyways...more than enough Batman everywhere else.

Also when Stern tells you the *somewhat* deep dimples are "normal wear and tear"... ask them for at least a new magnet assembly.

Tell them you think it must be a batch made of a softer alloy or something as it shouldn't look beat to holy hell in a week. They'll be glad to send you one of those and you could eventually swap out the magnet and pretty up that area in the future.

Good luck with it.

#1118 2 years ago
Quoted from Texasff78:

It isn't like I am down with a magnifying glass staring at them. Just standing there playing it is obvious. Did get a closer look just now when I took the glass off to fix the screw that fell out of the ramp.

Back in the day pinball makers used to put their titles out to an "undisclosed location" to see how they held up in the wear and tear dept... usually some barcade somewhere.

Stern always seems to be in such a rush that this doesn't get done anymore. On THIS particular title we KNOW they had no time for any extended testing so it's possible that rotating mech will eventually make all owners machines look like yours.

#1188 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

I have no idea how to contact stern as I was banned from their FB page. And they don't answer their emails unless it's a tech related issue.

When you're in a better mood simply call them at 1 800 kickers I think... you'll probably get Chas and he's the nicest guy you'll probably talk to all day. Just tell him your concerns and why you wanted the Prem and he'll most likely offer to send you the set you want to apply IF you decide to do it after you see your machine.

If he doesn't offer simply ask him if you'll be able to get a set as it means a lot to you... "if you don't ask you don't receive".

He's real easy to talk to - just give it a shot.

#1259 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

One of the jokes you didnt see as a kid but appreciate as an adult. There a lot of these I missed but have since discovered since rewatching the recent bluray release.

Holy homo-erotica Batman!

#1261 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Alrghty, I got some pics of the TWD LE on routr I was talking about earlier in the thread - now, if anyone tells me these are going to smooth out over time ...ain't gonna happen!

That's probably as "smooth" as it's gonna get. Now the question: Is the wood that much softer than say, AFM (I have one with a good amount of plays and it has "smoothed" down into more of an elegant subtle orange peel look) or is because of the brutal power of Stern's flippers?

These flippers have to throw the ball hard to make it up those large ramps so at standard power they have a lot of kick. On mine I set the power down and it still makes it up the ramp fine but I doubt if it will make much of a difference in beating up the PF. It's a shame as when I got the game it was mirror smooth. Really hated to play it if you know what I mean.

This will be GB's fate too as it needs a lot of oomph to make it up the steep ramp in the back.

Speaking of dimples... Stern must test the machine by firing it up using the test menu as there was NO evidence a ball ever traveled on that TWD field... even a quick run through hitting the prison or well walker would show at least a *tiny* dimple. Absolutely *none* when I got the machine. I doubt if they would have time to roll a ball on each machine before they ship it anyways...

So we're probably lucky these play as good as they do right out of the box.

#1296 2 years ago

Hey wait 'till your Batmobile flies off its mount and drains straight down the middle! That actually could be a feature

#1358 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

yea, but 50+ year old not worth a shit without chemical additive....

Speak for yourself there buddy!

#1359 2 years ago
Quoted from Texasff78:

Anyone else have the clear starting to chip a little in their shooter lane? Could be dumb luck but the software update seemed to lessen the flyers somewhat. I have noticed the ball getting caught in the left orbit on the wire/zip tie that is on the ramp. After another week there are a ton of dimples. As others have mentioned the gloss definitely brings them out. I recently purchased a BDK from another Pinsider and there are nowhere near the amount of deep marks on that game. Plays completely different and has a lot less flyers than 66.

Jesus shooter lane chipping in 2 weeks?? Man they have NOT figured out their PF issues and it's -buyer beware- time.

My 19 year old MM doesn't show anything like that and it's never had a protector or mylar in the shooter lane. Doesn't help that a lot of Stern's SLAM the ball into the lane with absolutely more force than needed. It's like they have their highest powered coil being used to feed the shooter lane. Not sure why they think this is necessary ...??

And is that the same magnet we saw before with the deep pitting? I don't understand that either.

#1375 2 years ago
Quoted from Texasff78:

I updated the software and believe that resets the game count. But it is a home use only game that maybe has 75-100 plays on it and many of those games were 1 ball restarts.
No promises from Stern yet but Chas was very helpful and it seemed like they are willing to work with me. It was not the "that sucks be we can't help you" that I was expecting after hearing some of the feedback on the boards.

Yeah Chas is a good guy and if he can do something for you he will...

So you have balls hitting the glass? What do they hit that causes them to fly up into the glass and smash down on your PF? Is it the targets on the rotating turntable?

Because if they are making it all the way to the glass and slamming back down on the PF that really will cause some dimples.

#1379 2 years ago
Quoted from Texasff78:

I am the one who uploaded the magnet pictures before. Also some people were saying before it was just the lighting I was using or the angle. This is the lighting from the game itself. No flash and no other light. Also from quite a few angles and heights.

Yeah your pictures are fine. The pictures certainly aren't the problem.

Is it possible the entire rotating PF is a tad high and the ball hits the edge and goes airborne? After it shoots past the magnet?

#1497 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

My TWDLE built in Nov '14 has little dimples all over the magnet cores. I don't think it's a big deal.

It's not. But the BM66 cores look actually worse after two weeks compared to your two YEAR game.

Maybe it was so rushed they didn't care about PF angles and geometry so constant airballs are the norm? Don't know - haven't played it.

2 weeks later
#1712 2 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

You are so full of shit, you need to wipe your eyes with toilet paper.
I went MONTHS without saying anything, and praised Gary for calling me. I was silent here for many months without raising hell. It's only when I was getting ignored about my PF request after almost 6 months did I start up again about it.
Also, unbelievable - as much as I want to say "I told you so" to Iceman about his BM66LE, it's pathetic his machine is unplayable right now. Seriously how fuckin sorry is that a product that costs that much is having that many problems. The ironic part is that Iceman himself got a dud. Sure, he's fine with it now- imagine waiting 6 months to make it right!
Total garbage from Stern, yet again. Which is why I'll never buy a NIB from them anymore and I'm not alone.
Ice I hope your machine works 100% very soon and don't have to go through what me and many others went through.

Yeah some people act like they *don't know* what a huge Stern supporter you were until they sent you that complete POS.

You actually spent hours and hours making one of the most well rounded and modern soundtrack for TWD... even including Negan's whistle, etc to help bring the machine closer to these latest seasons. It was your enthusiasm and constant positive posts that made me even check out and play the thing as I had never bother to watch TWD until then. Yeah real Stern basher

That's 100% more effort than most of us who only drain our wallets on these things... and then post endlessly about it online.

So you have every right to complain loudly and repeatedly - you heaped praise on them when they deserved it so why should you keep your mouth shut when they quit returning your emails? ... especially after being personally assured by GS they would take care of you.

Stern has always treated me well and Chas is great guy but I'm no mindless cheerleader... when a company screws someone over (usually not intentionally) and doesn't communicate you LET THEM KNOW. Not just for your own satisfaction but to let others know of the situation and to *hopefully* help the company learn to handle these things better.

Maybe this has helped Stern realize a little communication with their customers might be helpful in the future... but I doubt it.

#1747 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

You insensitive b*stard. I had to sell my first born child to pay for b66.


#1903 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Of course I wouldn't be happy if this was the end of the line for code. Who would? People would be screaming bloody murder.
I have my parts, very big box, waiting to get installed. Then I can really say whether I agree or not

Wow...cool that Stern is finally gotten into sending out pinball KITS to people

Nahh good luck with it dude. Send Stern the bill for the tech that you said you were going to have come over. Seriously.

Then you can actually give us your "informed" opinion of the thing. I don't like all the whining either as people knew what they were getting into but you waving pom poms without ever even playing a game is almost as bad at the other end of the spectrum.

Personally I don't think the game is worth the drama you're putting into it. I think it'll shape up fine and if you're a fan of the theme you'll be good to go.

But expect bored people to post over here for the next year or two... knowing this will keep your blood pressure under control.

1 week later
#2113 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

People are buying pins that cost nearly three times of a normal pin without ever playing it.... and you guys are worried about a guy rating the game he hasn't played? This is place is pure comedy sometimes

"comedy sometimes"? Maybe MOST of the time.

I chuckled at the one where a guy was describing how he had to swipe his young kid's Batman toy so he could put it in his 10 grand "adult" Batman toy.

I could just picture the Dad and son fighting tug of war over the toy..."Sorry son - it's for the good of the FAMILY"!!

Do we guys EVER grow up? lol

#2115 2 years ago

Yeah I've genuinely enjoyed seeing older guys like myself get silly over Batman. Being a military brat I spent my early years in Athens, Greece and TV over there consisted of B&W Man from UNCLE reruns in what appeared to be a raging snowstorm (standard Greek TV reception). So when I returned to the States and saw color TV for the first time the Batman thing must have already peaked.

So I don't have the nostalgia for it (which I suspect may be mandatory for proper enjoyment) but I've had a chuckle or two watching guys regress into little boys. Like you inferred... not necessarily a bad thing

1 month later
#2168 2 years ago
Quoted from gd2go11:

They didn't pull it off. They are still for sale.

Is this true? If so then there is some justice in the world

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