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Batman 66 - What's your impression?

By Barakawins1

2 years ago

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#4 2 years ago

I think I would rather watch paint dry than play this hunk of cheap plastic toys.

#316 2 years ago

On the heels of the later posts, why would anyone buy a NIB other than bragging rights? To me a HUO with mods that you can see and play is the best way to go. Wait for a mature code and you wont have to complain about codes not being released. Why take a risk of things slipping by Sterns quality control? Why not save some money? Have we all gone mad?

#330 2 years ago

Okay bad hombres keep on buying new shit and I will gladly buy your old shit.

#377 2 years ago

Thanks for the video and affirming my thoughts that this appears to be a dud.

#529 2 years ago


#934 2 years ago

Holy dimpling Batman, That sucks.

#1094 2 years ago

The above mentioned evaluation is what I expected. What pinball is really worth 10-15k anyway? If it is clunky from the start than how much better can a mature code make it?

1 week later
#1362 2 years ago

Im going to play and LE on Tuesday and initial reports are consistent with a flop, cheap feeling game that code cant fix. After seeing all the posts I wonder if it will even be working and how much damage it will have by then....

#1374 2 years ago

I need to experience the carnage first hand.

Quoted from cooked71:

Wouldn't bother if I were you. Sounds like you've already made your mind up.

#1459 2 years ago

Seems as if the little Stern cheerleaders got their pinball pantyhose in an uproar and cant seem to deal with Stern criticism without using using defamatory language and condescending remarks. Maybe they are Stern imposters that work for Stern and are downplaying Sterns lack of quality control and response to issues. Stern is obviously rushing through production and releasing games that are defective.

2 weeks later
#1534 2 years ago

Finally got a chance to play a BM 66 premium at Rock Fantasy. My first impression is that the colors were nice and the screen was nice and vibrant. However, the game felt stripped down, even much more than any stern pro version i can think of, and the game play was mediocre at best. The play-field was sparse and the lazy susan did not provide any satisfying shots. The fluttering of the ramp was annoying and the characters in the screen would move their lips and you could not hear them talking. At one point, it kept on playing a scene and my friend thought it was broken. I think that Stern not only rushed this game into production, but also did a disservice to what could have been a great theme. The crane just seemed to become active on a random basis and was more of an eye soar than a cool toy. When I read about the problems that people are having out of the box, I cant see how any one can defend Sterns lack of quality control, or be told to be patient and Stern will make it right. If any high price item, outside of pinball, had quality of issues similar to Stern, they would not be in business for long. The picture is the large dimples, worse than any thirty year old game that I have, on the BM 66 that is about two weeks old.

IMG_2492 (resized).JPG

#1564 2 years ago

Where does that f&^%ing screw go?

QC (resized).jpg

#1601 2 years ago

The comment about if the game had an LCD it would feel like a budget game hits it on the head. It feels and plays like a Costco bargain game not a hyped up 30th anniversary theme. Stern needs to start doing the right thing before they lose more and more customers.

#1773 2 years ago

BM66 does not look like a wal mart piece of shit, it is a wal mart piece of shit. My condolences to any who have purchased this game, especially those who spent countless hours waiting for fixes and trouble shooting their machine. Any one who defends Stern is either on their payroll or content with spending money on junk.

Quoted from kpg:

Which is why my money HASNT been going to Stern.
In the last 3 months I've spent money on other machines that would have went to NIB Sterns.
Instead, this is where my money has gone:
MMR: $8K
TZ: $6K
Jim McCune & HEP restored MB: $12.5
That MB I got for $12.5K makes BM66 look like a wal mart piece of shit. I'm over Stern's Chinese built motorcycle quality machines. Defend them all you want, but they are shipping garbage and people keep blowing their money on these things. So many better pins out there at these prices.

#1785 2 years ago

Its an impression thread and as such we give our impressions, my impression is that the game sucks. But maybe some of the people who bought it would not know that because it was delivered not working

#1790 2 years ago

Its only pinball and its only fun. I am glad you guys are enjoying your game(s)

#1850 2 years ago

I think lighting it on fire is the most likely fate if decided by TNT

Quoted from sevenrites:

I'm wondering what the TNT Amusements crew's impression of this game is... Will it be worthy of repair, or more suited for the roof toss?

#1853 2 years ago

BUMP! BM66 (bowel movement) is a polished turd

Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

Wanna sell that I500.. I know a couple of people that would snap that P.O.S up

Yer. I didn't miss out, I turned it down

#1952 2 years ago

Colsond3 for president!

#2125 2 years ago

I think most can look at a video of game play and judge is they like a game or not, or at least be intrigued enough to want to play it. Putting aside any of people opinions or judgement of others opinions, there are some serious quality issues surrounding the release of the game that I need not reiterate. Stern has done a great job of pissing off multiple consumers and all we really want is a game that we feel is worth the money.

#2127 2 years ago

This seems to be the case. But I played it and it was lackluster at best, but that's my humble or feeble opinion

Quoted from sevenrites:

Not everyone is allowed to think like that in here without repercussions. Be careful, tread lightly.

#2132 2 years ago

All good Taz, yes virtual ratings would be good. We are all opinionated and this forum is a place where we can express it, virtual or not. Your references to karma points, retribution to Stern and priced out shows the depth of your thinking. We all want Stern to succeed but they have ruffled more than a feather. If you chose to vehemently stick up for Stern and disregard the issues as of recent, than that is your choice. BM66 to me is a load of garbage, but aesthetically pleasing garbage, that Stern put together hastily to capitalize on consumers that have now spent numerous hours applying playfield protectors, troubleshooting and trying to figure out where the loose screws belongs.

Quoted from taz:

But why would you do it, and under what motivation? Seriously. I've never played KISS but I've read a lot about the "cities" not being coded. What value would my negative rating of KISS be to the pinball world when I can add no first-hand game play nuance, and why would anyone take their valuable time to rate it without playing it? More karma points, sabotage Stern, retribution for being priced out of a NIB game? I guess under this approach people could watch YouTube videos of the Top 100 pins and rate them all without ever touching them, but there wouldn't be much credibility to it.
Do we need a virtual ratings section of the Top 100 for those who watched videos or played Pinball Arcade simulations and feel obligated, for whatever the reason, to rate the game(s) as a result?

1 month later
#2188 2 years ago

Played it again with the updated code and it was just as bad as I remembered.

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