Batman 66 - What's your impression?

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Batman 66 - What's your impression?

By Barakawins1

1 year ago

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#28 1 year ago

I'm shocked some of you can make a final determination based on a 3 minute video clip. Wait, no I'm not, this is Pinside.

The Danger stream should be fun to watch and revealing.

What the 3 minute video did do is give us a glimpse how cool the LCD and its implementation will be.

As usual, and just like my GBLE, I'll wait until I get to play it a few hundred times to really judge it. In Lyman I trust.

So far, I think my $$$ is well spent.

#34 1 year ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Hopefully you won't have any playfield clear coat issues.

Me too. I'm happy with my GBLE.

This one is getting the extra special 30th anniversary coat

#59 1 year ago

TWDLE got no love straight out of the box except by me

Now it's a masterpiece.

BM66 will be another masterpiece. I figured that out based on the video

#69 1 year ago

My other impression is that I'll have my game very soon, even though delayed a bit, its NOTHING compared to the JJP experience.

Lived through years of Woz delays and deception by Jack, still love that pin though, then TH delays, dropped out because I couldn't take it anymore.

Now we have DI, and they are still trying to figure out what is going into the "CE" that they are closing out on 12/31. More of the same old BS from JJP. Don't worry though, you'll see the green, blue and purple CE editions later on.

They won't sell more than a few dozen of those yet BM66SLE has a 400 deep waiting list and BM66LE at 240 sold out day one with a waiting list.

What happened to "we will announce games and then be ready to ship them like Stern from here on out", Jack G? The one thing that is 100% guaranteed is you can't believe a word they say with respect to when they will actually start building DI.

Stupid title and theme.

#70 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Pettiness and jealousy, the name is pinside!


#75 1 year ago
Quoted from hoby1:

I'll bet a dinner that GB outsells 66

With no pro, I'll go with that bet too. GBLE/pre is a blast to play. Derek has just made it his sacrificial lamb

Is it perfect? No, just a lot of fun. Code is really good but not great. Needs another MB and mini wizard mode or two

#96 1 year ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Star Trek and KISS. Steve Ritchie even admitted that the Star Trek code was broken before Dwight fixed it. KISS speaks for itself.
I can say for 100% certainty that I would not have bought Batman 66 LE if Lonnie were on code. I have a hard time believing that I would be the only one.

I realize Lonnie has done some excellent work but Star Trek and KISS always come to mind for me as well.

Lyman isn't always perfect but if I'm spending $10k on a pin I want to feel like its a given that the code will be awesome, especially with the new LCD implementation.

I would buy any pin after the code was complete and it was a proven winner but Lyman is a slam dunk for me up front.

I don't think I would have bought BM66LE day one either if anyone other than Lyman was on code. However, I can't see Stern letting the 30th anniversary pin get slighted under any scenario.

I think GBLE/premium is fantastic too. I hope Dwight will finish it off like Lyman did TWD style.

#123 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

The issue here is that people like barakawhines who AREN'T spending any money at all aren't having the game meet their expectations.
How is it even possible for people who are spending $0 on a game to have expectations that aren't being met? So far all the actual buyers seem pretty jazzed.

You said it in another post, "pettiness and jealousy" for the most part. It's running rampant this time of year!

I'll go with what Gomez and Lyman say here until proven otherwise. I give them the benefit of the doubt as to what they say about the flow, re working the game and how it plays now, NOT some of the petty and jealous Pinside whiner brigade complaining about a video and price.

Merry xmas whiners! Lumps of coal for you in your stockings.

#124 1 year ago
Quoted from musketd:

How can you a judge a game before playing it and from that one video;
For example
I was dying to play dialed in and it left me feeling blah and bob the builder on a stick; wanted to love it but hobbit is light years better. I'd wait to judge it till you play it; that toy looks way cool and very innovative and differnt and not to mention the crane which is already awesome

You can't judge it now and Sevenrites is a Stern hater, look at his collection, owned in past and wishlist.

While bashing Stern over price here, he's raving about the DI CE in that thread.

#136 1 year ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

Can someone explain to me how the crane comes into play with the '66 series? I don't remember seeing it in any episodes.

:zzz:Jonathan Crane the Scarecrow

#143 1 year ago

I'd say my favorites so far have been Metallica, Iron Man, LOTR, POTC, TSPP, STLE and I'm sure I'm missing a few others. I thought they knocked it out of the park with GB, too bad the play field issues are still there but that's resolvable. Because I thought GB was so good, maybe that's why I'm not feeling BM66 quite as much, because I thought GB would be hard to top.

GB is hard to top, a blast to play.

If Lyman can top TWD code BM66 should be great too. If only GB and TWD had the LCD.

#154 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I spent dozens of hours on Ghostbusters en route to bitching about it

So have I. It's a great pin, you must be playing a Pro you crazy bastard!

Merry xmas everybody.

#168 1 year ago

nvm. ignore reinstated

#189 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Lovely mate, lets get some gameplay video please

Looks like a bat gadget LE? Sweet looking pin for xmas! Happy to see side art added. Congrats.

#202 1 year ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

One thing is for sure, as much as I dig the 27" large LCD and I do like DP's lcd as well I think Stern has the nicest look so far, that screen is a perfect size and u retain a good portion of backbox art.

Me too, I'm digging the screen size and placement.

Seeing some of the border changing background for the tv clips is really cool too. Not just a static background.

By the time Lyman gets through with this should be great. Part of the fun is the progression of code with Lyman as he updates. With the Lcd it will be even better this time around.

#203 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Really like the lcd size but man i really dislike the speaker panel.... looks very very generic and dont care for speaker grills .I'm sure the after market peeps will come up with something great but for the price i think stern cld of did something much nicer.

I agree, speaker panel is terrible, they saved the good stuff for the SLE, which those guys deserve it anyhow.

After market mod for sure. I think Gomez mentioned you'd be able to buy all of the extra crap that goes on the SLE, toys, grill, bat light, etc.?

#206 1 year ago
Quoted from musketd:

Saw the speaker panel at expo and it looked great in real life and the sound system is a better one too

Cool. Stern sound has gotten so much better. Can't wait to experience the new upgrade

#217 1 year ago

It's one thing to critique a game and have criticism. Pinlawyer had a good point about the "should be drops", said his peace and then moved on.

I like to hear differing opinions despite how wrong and stupid they might be.

Its another thing for the obnoxious pricks to constantly bang the same stupid drum over and over again. Posting the same shit 24/7, just to be a dick and troll out of nothing more than jealousy, pettiness and dickishness.

And if you don't like that comment then you can F off too!

Merry F ing xmas! Bunch of whiny biatches

#236 1 year ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

Hi! My name is Nimble and I absolutely love Stars by Stern!

Don't tease us NP. Are u back or not?

#242 1 year ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

On that note Ice,
Ghostbusters actually turned out to be a fantastic game finally, after the ninth day of tweaking on it...
It even rewarded me with just over a billion in bonus the other night after starting from just 4 mil on my third ball.
Even the mighty Stars is sitting idle for the moment!

Good man, one day I'll have Stars in house to see what all the fuss is about!

GB really is great, easier to tweak than that temperamental TWD.

#245 1 year ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

The side rails of the playfield are metal now instead of wood. To me that's a nice upgrade.

Very nice upgrade.

Two wizard modes, that instruction card is loaded.

#291 1 year ago

No Cliffys for me

Mylar or thin self adhesive felt in shooter lane. Works great, installs in 2 seconds and costs about a nickel.

Same thing for scoops

#296 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I use both......mylar around pops and ball drop areas, but man, a lot of the scoops and other large ball entry areas..I gotta have Cliffys.....lots of action, and the mylar never seems to stay in place...

I'm gonna try the very thin adhesive felt in scoop area this time. Cling vinyl in other spots. It does have to be replaced over time as it comes up

For HUO it works for me. If I had a pin on location? Prob not

#303 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I like that enough if it comes off..will give it another whirl on this one....

Comes right up. Hobby Lobby sells it. I first learned about it from a guy who used it in the Shire drop area on Lotr.

The only thing about the mylar on shooter lane is if its a pin that has the pin striping it will pull it might pull it up, did that on my Ac/dc prem

Felt for non pin stripers, cling vinyl for pin stripes and just have to replace more often.

#329 1 year ago

I'll say it once again.

Wtf do you expect them to do with NIB LEs when people climb all over themselves to get a GBLE for $8k and flip it for $9-10k?

Look at how many flippers have backed out of RZ once that gravy train ended

So Stern should have just sold BM66LEs for $8k and watch people fight it out to get one to flip and make a buck. That's asinine thinking

The problem is not just with Stern it's with the scalpers. And that game is over now. People that really want the pin will be the only buyers

#346 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

100% agree.
Stern is dead to me, let them fix the code on the games I own (I mean bug fixes as well as improved gameplay rules where necessary) and I *may* give them another chance.
Pride goes before the fall and believe me, Stern is full of it.

I'm curious Rai, you have a ton of great Stern games with complete code. What exactly are you unhappy about?

#348 1 year ago

I honestly don't know wtf some of you guys are looking at and/or playing?

My last two Stern pins, a TWDLE and GBLE are not just really good but really phenomenal!

That means QC, coding, fun factor etc. And throw in an Ac/dc premium before that. Top notch.

The "ghosting" is the most overblown bunch of BS i've ever seen. They are fixing the issues, good lord, some cars have issues off the line, some pins have issues off the line. If you can't handle the process of getting shit fixed then pinball and most of life isn't for you.

As for the crybabies that "won't buy a HUO pin with buggy code or overblown PF issues" then i've got a baby bottle for you to suck on.

Bitch about price? Don't buy? Same guys have a Star Wars LE on a wait list. Guaran..F ing...tee it!. I can see the cheap suits folding now.

The Schlep rock, naysaying negative nellies will never get me down!

#351 1 year ago

Stern can't even produce pins fast enough to catch up with demand.

There are a few whiners that are moving to Canada because of the price hikes oh wait, that was BS too.

#354 1 year ago

That bat light on the turn table looks cool.

LCD super duper.

For the flow festers it's flowy

#382 1 year ago
Quoted from John_I:

Game looks awesome. I hope to play one this week. The crane and that epic rotating toy all on one playfield! Lyman coding and two LCDs. Great theme and sound integration. This is going to be a great game when all is said and done. I feel confident in saying that.

Ditto that.

#412 1 year ago
Quoted from RobT:

I used to make posts when WOZ was being released talking about how I would miss the creativity that goes into making great dots when all the manufacturers go to LCD. I was always in a minority and even accused of just being an obvious Stern defender and JJP basher for saying it.

Ahhh yes, the good old days!

I get the nostalgia feeling now of the Dmd dots but for me its way past time to move on. So many possibilities as it evolves. Cartoon animations mixed in on certain pins like Skb suggested with Dirty Donnie and ZY.

How cool would that have been with TWD too, mixing in the comics? I still just can't get over not being able to see heads being lopped off from the show scenes

LMS and Terminus are some great dots scenes. Overall I guess TWD is really good on dots, its just not a big deal to me whereas the Lcd is.

Anyhow, i'm thrilled the Lcd is here, love the size and placement for Stern and can't wait to see what Lyman does with it given all the content they have to work with.

#455 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

can someone translate this for me? I've read and re-read it about 10x and still don't understand what iceman was trying to get across here

Hobby Lobby sells sheets of very thin "self adhesive felt", $1.50 a sheet. I use it as a shooter lane protector primarily and experiment with it in different scoop areas. I don't like Cliffy metal everywhere, just me.

I love it! For example, SM and Ac/dc have the "pin striping" paint in the shooter lane. Cling vinyl will never pull that up, mylar will.

And I use clear "Cling vinyl" in drops and high traffic area. Unlike mylar, it comes right up, like a static cling to pf without any damage. Need s to be reapplied every now and then.

#462 1 year ago
Quoted from kvan99:

I dunno, but judging from the clips Stern is not even in the same zip code as JJP when it comes to video to game integration.

Since JJP had a few extra years to develop TH because of all the delays, it should be a lot better at this point Kvan!

I agree, TH is amazing. Maybe give it a little time to get some polish going here. A ways to go to catch up with TH, DP? Not so much.

#468 1 year ago
Quoted from Nevus:

Got any pics of that? Mind throwing in a pic of the package too? Not sure I have seen the cling vinyl before. Sounds pretty handy.
Thanks link »

Here you go. Rounding off the edges when you are cutting sizes seems to work better for me.

#485 1 year ago
Quoted from GGG:

Simply send a "video" PM to the owner of the Beautiful CCC for sale on the classifieds and save $100 and actually end up with a game that is well-crafted...

Which one? There are a couple for sale including Teekee's that he just archived that nobody wants at those prices.

You'll be able to pick up beautifully crafted CCC when its remade for half the price of the ones that don't sell now.

#492 1 year ago
Quoted from teekee:

Wrong again Ice...

You had yours up for $12,900 or trade? Now archived. I know because I was looking!

The 2 at $15k will sit and rot now.

#497 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

LMFAO!!! I've enjoyed your posts...add me to the "positive" list on this one.....

One more here, that's about it I think on the positive list, but hey, who cares? Gonna load up the cooler, watch some twitch livestream today and anxiously await my BM66LE!

#500 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

An old friend of ours in NYC told me he sold his BMLE for $11,000.

On eBay, yep. I think Teekee was confused about the CCC comment I was responding to by one of the other naysayers.

#508 1 year ago

Getting a little twitchy. Time to tank up and enjoy the show. All the boys (pins) are lit up right now in honor of BM66!

Making the rounds on them pre game show in 20 minutes.

Fireworks later. Artillery shells.

#543 1 year ago

Gomez says code updates every two weeks until its "right".

#546 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

You're hallucinating. Been watching for 2 hours now

And looks NOTHING like BDK btw, except for Crane

#548 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Let me know how many frames of animation you see on the pop-ups

About 6.7 frames per second or so?

#551 1 year ago

LCD phenomenal

Picks up the best elements of BDK like the Crane and discards the bad

Lyman is the King

Pin looks like a F ing BLAST to play

Code updates every 2 weeks

Can't wait for my LE

Blows away that POS Dialed In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#554 1 year ago

And BTW, just played me some RS tonight.

If only DI was as good.

Lick that crybabies

#559 1 year ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

[edited by moderator]

Adios Seven"wrongs"

#566 1 year ago
Quoted from hoby1:

For me when I buy a new machine thats just what I want to see. For me games like GB and TWD are miles apart from this in style , innovation ,and layout.
Kind of speaks for my collection. Some of each, but most of all there what "I" want. Enjoy your 66's guys.

That's what is hard for me to get for Hobiecat, I've got and/or had a lot of pins you own. GB and TWD 2 of my all time favorites, but hey, like you said, sometimes its just different with a certain pin!

And so much more to come with this pin.

#620 1 year ago

Great job once again on the stream JD! Nice Batman outfit

The haters and crybabies that flood a Stern thread don't and won't ever suck the enjoyment out of getting a great looking pin like BM66 for me.

I still like seeing the comments, good or bad, some constructive some very stupid, its just not gonna change a thing.

#621 1 year ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

I refuse to let Stern getaway with questionable business practices and have all of us just be grateful. Oh how lucky they are to be the only game in town.

That's why we have JJP, the pillars of truth, honesty and beyond reproach business practices.

#627 1 year ago
Quoted from hoby1:

I love my 100 % Stern lineup. But I refuse to pay stupid money for a semi rehashed game with unfinished code.

I too love my Stern lineup and I don't refuse to pay stupid money for what will be a great pin! There, I said it again.

#629 1 year ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

After seeing the stream I'm more excited than ever to get mine. BTW did anyone else hear Gomez say that there will be updates to BM66 approximately ever 2 weeks until complete? That was awesome to hear! I just wish Stern had this same commitment to all the other games they have lacking in code.

Every 2 weeks per Gomez, Lyman looks like a man on a mission!

#637 1 year ago

"Every 2 weeks until it's right. "

Btw, I thought it was very cool to have the game designer and coder playing the pin and describing the layout, mechs and vision for the future.

If you can't enjoy that part of it and appreciate what JD and Stern did for us then it's YOU that have a F ing problem.

If you love pinball you had to love that interaction

#653 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I don't want to sound like a party popper but G.Gomez has made similar statements about code updates every 2 weeks 'til we get it right' before and not delivered. But him saying this is admitting the game needs work, and from the stream - it needs lots of work, is just another reason not to be on the early buyer train (unless that's your thing); for any pin, not just BM66.
That said, I have more faith in lyman than I do Gomez, no offense to George.

Agreed, Lyman just looks like a dude that is passionate about what he does. You could tell he was peeved when things didn't go perfectly.

A couple of moments when he noted areas of the game scoring that needed to be fixed.

That's why I buy from Stern right there. I've had great experiences playing his games, not that everybody else sucks. Keith is right up there with him, maybe JJP#4 will excite me? DI does NOT!

Theme is a big deal for me. BM66 checks that box big time

As for Gomez statements, it's right there on the stream. Let's see if they live up to it.

#663 1 year ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Can we all just agree that all of the new games coming out are way over priced and move on. If you have the money and want the games have at it. Not sure why that upsets some people.

Stipulated to that fact from the outset as other have.

Here's the issue though. And people need to really think about WHY its happening.

Is it greed? Maybe. Is it greed when a flipper buys a GBLE and flips it for $9500?

Why on earth should Stern give away the "flipper profit" to anybody? That would be stupid on their part.

80 people paid for the SLE and 240 people paid for the LE and everybody else is pissed off about it.

Judgment day is coming soon enough. When you raise the price of the premiums like they are to correlate with the LE's, then let's see how many of those sales they cannibalized to get the LE's and SLE's.

It's just a matter of time, a lot of these NIB buyers are gonna get tired of losing big $$ when they go to sell their games. That's when the feeding frenzy dies, and its coming.

I have always expected and/or not cared about losing $$$ in the secondary market, but most people don't feel that way.

Current NIB buyers are guaranteed losses the minute you open the box. Ops are balking at new pricing altogether. Judgment days are coming in 2017.

#677 1 year ago
Quoted from hoby1:

GB Premium and TWD premium

But these two are two of the best ever!

TWD is a freaking masterpiece, its a workout, just got off a decent 1.7 bill game, felt like I was playing MB for 20 minutes straight between, Prison, Blood bath, WW and LMS. Needed CDC to get to Terminus.

Cooler is reloaded, time to plow the frost off, enjoy some pins and then get ready for the festivities tonight!

#680 1 year ago

What did you guys think about the size and complexity of that monster rotating turntable mech?

Gomez was proud of that one. Makes that game a little different from what's out there. Something I like!

I'm moving my RS to the back of the man cave. TWDLE, GBLE and BM66LE will be side by side

#682 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

From the live feed it looked like both ramp returns are lightning fast, every time a solid shot was made to one of the ramps I smiled seeing the ball race back to the flippers

Reminded me of SM ramp fast.

#693 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Faster and shorter ( windy a bit) than SM....a blast !!!

Maybe more like Indy500. Hard to time those shots. Fast and furious.

You are having some of the same snags They were having on stream? Lyman was aggravated

That right scoop is like Gollum on Lotr? Mine survived great without a cliffy!

#697 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

About time to take off those training wheels

True that Skb Gonna wax it and take training wheels off!

#698 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

That's why you can trust games with Lyman on code, the guy takes a lot of pride in his work and is a perfectionist.
What did you use on your LOTR Ice?

I would have put the felt down like I did in shire drop. But sold it. Looked the same as the day I took it out of the box. The CC on that LE was something else

#700 1 year ago

It looks like the target integration has a long ways to go.

Love the capturing of the villains video

Not enough cat woman in there yet for sure

#711 1 year ago
Quoted from RobT:

Yep definitely looks to shoot better than either of those pins. Lyman took an average shooting pin in TWD and still made it great, so there may be more potential for BM66.

The thing about TWD is once you dialed it in, and its not easy, it shoots like a dream to me. Best MB pin I've ever played shot wise, like a symphony of greatness. It can be a clunky brick fest too, I just loved the unique layout from day one, but that's just me.

Lyman made that pin into something special.

I really love my GBLE but the code and ways to play it are so inferior to what Lyman did with TWD its hard to believe. Still, its really good too.

IF Lyman can take an awesome theme in BM66, integrate that LCD, and work that magic again, then its gonna be another special pin. You could be right Rob, maybe even much more potential there.

Btw, who is Little Doggie down voter?

#752 1 year ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

That's right, now I remember. Does anyone know if the Bat signal topper mod will be sold separately from Stern?

Yep, sold separately

#754 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

It's not that Dwight is that much worse of a coder than Lyman, it's likely the fact they are tightening the coding budget because more profit.

Which is about the dumbest thing Stern could do from a sales standpoint going forward. Rising prices and competition demand fully coded games. There is no telling the amount of sales they lose by not finishing off code.

It only takes one time getting burned to say F U. Most people here have given them a long leash and now that the prices keep going up the patience meter is running on empty. Not sure any of them really get that yet.

Absolutely zero concern with Lyman. In Lyman we trust!

#850 1 year ago

Talked to Game Room guys today. I'm in next batch of 5 coming shortly!

Love seeing these pins getting delivered.

#854 1 year ago
Quoted from RocketPin:

Iceman wait till you see the finish on the legs and armor. amazing!!

That's a very cool episode! And card.

I can't wait.

#906 1 year ago
Quoted from Musketchick:

This game is awesome NOTHIN BUT LOVe!

Chick love? I love it.

#952 1 year ago
Quoted from Cserold:

Exactly. Makes me think it's the clear being dimpled. That magnet is coated, right?

My Lotr LE had the best PF I've owned by far. Why? Who knows.

It looked nearly the same when I sold it as the day it came out of the box.

Thought the same thing, how did that magnet get like that?

#990 1 year ago

I'm in the don't care about dimples camp. I don't see ever being able to wear out my Huo pins.

If I do, that's what micro is for. Problem solved. Less stress that way!

If you think Stern is going to answer dimpling issues when they are having to deal with PF clear defects, serious issues, then you might be disappointed

#1054 1 year ago
Quoted from gearheaddropping:

You start selling pinball machines that are within a couple of grand of a brand new Chevrolet, you need to answer questions about issues whether perceived or not....

I realize that. I'm just saying if anybody thinks they are going to get any answers from Stern on one dimpled PF versus another they are gonna be disappointed.

#1060 1 year ago

I think DC is right Texas, it looks like your magnet core is slightly raised from that pic.

#1087 1 year ago

I'll take the Batgirl decals

Maybe we could get an alternate set to change out? New one clings to head and is removable

#1115 1 year ago
Quoted from Texasff78:

The magnet is now more dimples that flat space I think.

You are gonna drive yourself nuts. Stop looking and just have fun playing it.

#1132 1 year ago

That's real clever by Rare if that's what he's calling GB

Rare doesn't really believe what he said about GB. Just says it for effect and annoyance. That's why it's a pleasure to use the ignore button

I don't have Corn on ignore, no comparison

#1141 1 year ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Mitch, what didn't you like about your GBLE?
I have a friend that thinks its the best game ever made by Stern.

It really is an excellent game in most people's opinion. I love it. It's different and unique.

And I'm talking about the Le/premium version

But like always, not everybody is gonna love every pin

#1221 1 year ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

Alien is only $6300-6500.

$6k is your limit Neo. Don't give in

#1295 1 year ago
Quoted from cavalier88z24:

Ill keep my basement full on williams games any day

#1328 1 year ago

Walletfuckers. Love it. New pinball term

#1419 1 year ago

And yet pinball rolls on.

If my BM66 PF ends up being defective I'll play the crap out of it and get a brand new one whenever it comes. 6 months? A year? Whenever.

How many thousands of Star Wars pins will they sell? Not to mention Pulp Fiction, Elvira, Iron Maiden and Aerosmith?

My GBLE is the most fun pin I own. Right there with TWDLE.

Here's to a great pinball 2107!

#1423 1 year ago
Quoted from jar155:

Ugh. Seeing recent complaints and concerns bubble up makes me sad. My GBLE is a fantastic game, but the headaches and frustration that I've dealt with because of this machine aren't anything that I would wish on anybody. I really hope that issues are few and that those affected owners get taken care of quickly. I'm still waiting for resolution on my playfield, and I had to do a TON of fixes on my own. For the B66 owners, I hope that they're much more aggressive in fixing things.

Yes GBLE is a FANTASTIC games. Congrats to Stern for making great pinball. It's a shame a few people are having to deal with issues. I'm fortunate, I've had none.

Now let's tighten up the QC and communication.

On that front, go to the petition thread and get a Kpg update.

So bring on some more great pinball in 2017! Count me in

#1427 1 year ago

Wow, the overly dramatic end of the pinball world for Stern is at peak levels.

Meanwhile, they will continue to crush it in 2017

I'm gonna have a blast playing my BM66, the vocal minority can continue to bitch and whine like a bunch of F ing crybabies

#1434 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

Iceman, we know dude - you are totally fine with everything- Gary has already put your Size small Stern Army shirt in the mail

Kpg, we know dude, you are on a crusade and mission to nowhere. And my size is XXL, get that right please.

#1436 1 year ago
Quoted from Cserold:

Iceman built this game up so much in his head and on these boards he would found greatness in a pile of horse dung if that's what showed up in his box.

How did you know! Didn't you see Tommy Boy? Stern could take a dump in a box, mark it guaranteed, and all you really have is a guaranteed box of shit! Does that give you a warm and fuzzy?

#1439 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

You are so wrong brother.. so wrong... and to bet against someone trying to make find resolution for so many people who have been sold defective products is just not cool.

Going about the wrong way. Really wish i hadn't signed that petition. Sorry, my opinion.

Never been a time in their history where they haven't stood behind their products.

End of comments in this Batman thread re Kpg, per Jim

#1442 1 year ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Seems like that's the consensus now.

Of a few people?

Quoted from hoby1:

I can live with dimples as I don't feel it devalue's a game.

Really? No complaints there, good to know.

#1449 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

I still believe the clearcoat is not hard enough as I can drop a ball on my HSA cleared Skatebal and it is still smooth as glass.

If only all PF's were HSA cleared right? I don't understand why guys like Vid say its the wood and not the clear? I don't get it either.

Quoted from musketd:

Guys make sure you have your game set up at the right height in the back; because I like mine set a little high and then it flows like butter my batman 66 that is

What's your pitch?

Quoted from hoby1:

Are you being sarcastic about the dimple comment.

Of course.

#1466 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

My plan is to play it until all dimples are in place and then send the playfield out and have it properly clear coated by an expert.
I'll have it all back together and ready to play before the final code drops.

Boom, drop the mic, problem solved.

#1467 1 year ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Some BM66le owners I know personally are having no pf issues. Maybe its a random issue with some play-fields?
I know about mine on WED.

Me too, mine's arriving maƱana.

What's the pitch you have yours at Mark?

#1470 1 year ago
Quoted from MT45:

FYI Ice ...set mine at 6.8 and no airballs at all ...

Thanks MT, I'm looking forward to joining in on the fun!

#1472 1 year ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Can't see how putting some more clear would fix the moon craters on those playfields ...
It'd be like putting new paint on your car after you've hit a lamp post.

Show us pics of your non dimpling PF's RD. How do you do it!

#1485 1 year ago

This little dude has it figured out, future Stern QC guy in training!

Sorting-and-Stacking-Discs-Pure-Play-Kids-300x285 (resized).jpg

#1490 1 year ago
Quoted from Texasff78:

I feel that Stern will do something to make it right. Certainly don't feel like the playfield issues we are seeing are something that Stern cannot eventually correct.

Hopefully being a new member here you maintain that great attitude and don't let the negativity get you down. Happy you and your son are enjoying the pin.

#1514 1 year ago
Quoted from Chrizg:

If you have played 1 game, you have dimples.
Here is a mag core from a TWD with over 70k plays. The older style cores last about 10k plays and need to be replaced due to mushrooming.

Dimples are part of life.

70k plays already on twd. No f ing way.

#1519 1 year ago
Quoted from Chrizg:

I have other Sterns with more plans than that

So what are you complaining about. You've made a fortune on routing Stern pins!

#1521 1 year ago
Quoted from Chrizg:

Not complaining. There was talk of how the new mag cores hold up and they hold up nicely. Was providing an example. Should of been more specific. The old cores suck and get trashed often
Also, don't assume I have made a fortune just with a play count. 28 of my 38 pins on route are .25 with tokens mixed in. Parts and labor add up quickly.

Wow. A quarter? That's cheap

1 week later
#1580 1 year ago
Quoted from robotron:

amazing how this really expensive and special pin needs the buyers to repair factory defects.

Kind of reminds me of TBL and Woz

#1592 1 year ago

"However, Stern Pinball has been around for 30 years and is having major playfield issues and is communicating poorly about the whole matter while charging more money then ever for games. There's no excuse and it's a crappy way to treat customers. Stern should at least let customers know what the situation is and be more transparent."

I know you know how many times I've said
The exact same thing.

EVERY release by every pin maker is gonna have some issues.

It doesn't bother me, didn't with Woz either at the time, when I was a huge JJP supporter

And btw, your comment about Andrew taking his time so he can deliver the perfect error free pin is crazy. He could delay another 5 years tweaking it and it will still have problems

Despite what everybody is saying, the PF issues will pass and Stern will keep selling a ton of pins in 2017.

Why? Because pinheads are some of the most fickle people on earth, myself included

#1608 1 year ago

Very satisfied. Very happy with my purchase

Thx for asking

#1616 1 year ago

The turn table will be awesome when fully integrated into the game.

The code will obviously be Lyman awesome

The theme is great

The new LCD is spectacular

And the artwork is second only to my GBLE

Fun times!

#1627 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

So, reading between the lines:
The turn table is not awesome, but you are hoping it will be eventually
The code sucks right now, but since it's Lyman, you are hoping it will turn out great
The photoshop artwork isn't as nice as the Zombi Yeti artwork of GB (no surprise)
I'd like to hear whats so fun about it in its current form?

That's another way to put it. Certainly the way you view things in general obviously

Like I said. I'm very happy with my purchase

#1634 1 year ago

You don't have to apologize for buying what you like or the reasons behind it Xfassa.

You have a kick ass BM66SLE 1 of 80 super pin

Who gives a F what anybody else thinks

#1641 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Did you get your game fixed already iceman? I'm not trying to be funny or a smart ass either, just curious? If so, how do you like it? I am gonna play one in about two weeks from now, hope it's worth the long drive.

Replacement parts being sent Monday.

I'm finding customer service to be excellent and very prompt

#1642 1 year ago

I wonder why Rare left out his TBL Nib purchase?

What a hypocrite. I would never spend $15k on a game that isn't even a game yet.

But $10k is fine on a game that may never be finished

#1647 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I've had to call them once and I gotta say that (Chaz?) or whatever his name is, is the best customer service that I have ever gotten before. I would guess that it is just his nature and work ethic rather than the company demanding that he be that way based on everything thing else I've seen out of them. Customers are lucky to have him and the other guy working there both. They deserve a raise, I don't care how much money they make!

Yeah that dude Chas is happy go lucky. He must be on some feel good drugs to put up with this crowd and maintain that great attitude

#1649 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I would say that most people treat him fairly because A. He doesn't jack you around and B. Most pinheads have already dealt with him in the past and have a lot of respect for him. A person gets the respect that they earn, and he is a perfect example of that.

We get that don't we

I tried to explain that to poor Kpg. All he really did was F himself and delay getting his issue resolved. Just human nature

Does anybody really think Stern was just ignoring Trent? No

Maybe try reading between the lines

#1651 1 year ago
Quoted from BC_Gambit:

What's your theory, then? I doubt you think they were minutes away from shipping out the replacement playfield they promised, when golly gee he really started making noises?
Respect goes both ways, and they didn't exactly try to earn his.

Don't need to relitigate the whole thing. Gary personally called him and assured him it would be taken care of. Respect

They have/had PF issues. There is a process to resolve it. He then went on a scorched earth campaign that got him a buyback

I have my parts coming next week. Been great. I didn't whine and throw a hissy fit.

And life goes on

#1658 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

Really? Did you get a bad playfield and get promised half a year ago it would be replaced, then get completely ignored for the past couple months?
You might not whine, but I refuse to get on my knees for people I pay thousands of dollars to for products I expect to be built with pride and quality. Your cheerleading is much louder than my whining, that's for sure.
Hope you don't have stretch marks on your lips

Sorry Kpg, the Stern pinball world doesn't revolve around you.

The point is the issue obviously wasn't fully resolved with the Pfs until recently. All the whining in the world wasn't gonna change it. You should have listened to Vid

Why would I say that? Well, because I have a couple of issues on BM66 and they got resolved promptly, not a half year later. They aren't trying to F me?

i def know you have stretch marks on your south side cheeks!

#1665 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

iceman44 & kpg you fellas are never going to agree on this issue, but I'm sure you can agree Sterns communication of the process was piss poor. A little simple communication would have stopped a lot of the drama and fallout following Sterns playfield disaster.

1000% agree.

Shit happens Seven if you own pins, my BM66LE isn't playable right now, but will be soon enough

That turn table mech is an engineering feat unto itself under the PF

Let's have a beer KPG. We are just having some good natured fun bustin balls

#1672 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

All they had to do was communicate with him and touch base once in awhile with him and none of this would have ever happened

That's all they have to do with EVERYBODY. He handled it his way, he's happy and has to live with the results. We don't know the private communications he had with Trent and Stern employees either. How do you think that went?

#1674 1 year ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

Yeah I understand that but usually the shit happens on older titles that need restored, not NIB. I can understand a few minor hiccups and adjustments but that nonsense that happened to your game would have me furious. It's as if there was no quality control at all for all of that to happen. It sucks people who support the hobby's growth w/ NIB purchases have to deal with it. Good luck in getting up and running, hopefully it exceeds your expectations. I do like the work Lyman did on Iron Man, so I have faith in the code but it still should have been a bit further along.

I mean i'm not thrilled about it. I still can't figure out how it really happened. What i can safely say is my pin was def never play tested, otherwise that would have been caught immediately.

But then people would complain about the PF arriving with dimples!

Thx Seven, it will all work out soon enough hopefully.

#1684 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

Also, unbelievable - as much as I want to say "I told you so" to Iceman about his BM66LE, it's pathetic his machine is unplayable right now. Seriously how fuckin sorry is that a product that costs that much is having that many problems. The ironic part is that Iceman himself got a dud. Sure, he's fine with it now- imagine waiting 6 months to make it right!

I told you it was my turn to get F ed! I'm just not a complainer Who dey. Doesn't do any good. I just get it done. Plus, if i cared about what people thought i wouldn't have said anything. I'm trying to help others if i can and Stern for that matter with pics and descriptions of what happened.

All you have to do with the GB PF replacement is pop it out, send it off, pop it right back in.

Let's see how this turn table mech goes back in for me. Maybe I'll be singing a different tune IF it doesn't go smoothly. That thing is like a Nasa space ship and hooked into everything. Gonna require many beers.

I've owned LOTRLE, SM, now own TWDLE, GBLE, AC/DC prem and WPT. Yes i love my Stern pins.

And btw, my first NIB was a LOTRLE with a pallet jack hole in the bottom of the cab. And when the Ring magnet blew a fuse i thought the F ing world was coming to an end! Had to run to radio shack in total crisis mode. I've since learned to chill out.

#1691 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I'm not a complainer either, but if I'm being screwed I'm not gonna bend over and take it.

What if you had a jar of vaseline to go along with the experience?

So i don't know what all the answers are. My turn table wasn't leveled properly to begin with so I was going to have to adjust it anyhow.

I've been dealing with Carl at Game Room and Chas to figure it out.

They took my pics to the line to see what they thought and make sure it doesn't happen again on future games. They think the wire shearing is all tied to the mech and just part of it so i can repeal and replace it easily. Hopefully.

Meanwhile, man that GBLE is an insanely fun pin with the new code. That will keep me busy in the meantime.

#1693 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

I'm not much of a complainer. My Batman works great! No problems at all. This ones going to be all broken in by the time we get some real code.

You lucky bastard! That's ok, RD tore up your house so you deserve a break with that pin Odiner.

#1704 1 year ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

Played BMLE and a SMVE tonight. The SMVE was the superior VE. BM felt cheap and was hardly any fun. I kept dropping quarters into the SM, left the BM alone for the rest of the night

#1708 1 year ago
Quoted from markmon:

of course people that own it will like it. Why else would they own it? People don't blindly buy games then pretend to like them. They buy games because they like them. That's why owners tend to talk up their games. It's not bias.

And jealous dicks will do what they do.

The THEME is what we love along with the rest of the package. Yes, we F ing like it.

#1714 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

This is Sterns 30th year anniversary pin. No way they don't nail the code and address potential issues with hast. Is what it is,,,,,mark


#1741 1 year ago

So F ing what about why anybody bought it.

I love the self righteous know it alls popping in here once again trying to tell people how to spend their money. Hypocrite Rare H and the rest of the jealous crew

Now we can make an informed decision, we got to see the layout, the fact that the theme is a home run, Lyman is on code and it's a true LE and anniversary pin. And got to see the dead flip stream

So to the people that don't like that you know what you can do. Fill in the profanity laced blank

#1743 1 year ago

Kaneda PG can't help himself guys.

Just an angry hater.

99% of BM66 owners like it despite the status of current code

#1744 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Lol this thread is awesome! No offense but the DeadFlip stream is what made me know that I didn't want one. They had the glass off of the game like 3-4 times trying to get balls unstuck from the merry go round, and actually had to end the stream early because the damn game wouldn't even work lmao. You could just see that OHHH F*** look on all of their faces!
I hope Batman turns out to be awesome though for real dude but I have my doubts.

You don't have to worry about then Who Dey do you?

Some people have the ability to think long term and big picture. As in Lyman, TWD, AC/DC, MET etc

If you were watching that stream hoping to see finished code then I'm not sure what to tell you

Same old same old BS. Wash, rinse, repeat. Code has a long ways to go

#1748 1 year ago

Who Dey, the code is nothing at this point. It's terrible and totally agree it shipped with least amount of code ever.

For me, so what. It matters not one iota. I like going through the progression of what guys like Keith and Lyman do.

I just can't play my pin right now so it matters even less

If they don't deliver on the potential then I'll be highly disappointed. But that's not gonna happen with Lyman

#1757 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Also, when I look at the layout of the game, I honestly don't know if code is gonna be able to save this game, I absolutely hope that I am wrong though. I'm not trying to argue iceman and i do not wish this game to be bad in no way shape or form. I have friends on here who have bought this game and I hope it ends up being a great pin for them. I don't think it's funny when people get ripped off believe me, not my style.

It's all good my man. Whether we got ripped off remains to be seen. For me, it's a great theme with LCD and the layout is different with the turn table. I agree its not awe inspiring. I loved TWD and GB from day one, still do. They are a blast to play.

Either way its going to be fun. Doesn't have to be the greatest pin ever to enjoy it. There is a lot of material for Lyman to work with and he and George have a vision for it.

So I'm happy with it, knowing he will finish up the code right and whatever that does to the pin overall.

It's Lyman and Keith only for me on Nib. Maybe Dwight now too.

#1778 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

BUT, B'66 in its 0.68 very incomplete condition is almost as deep as Monster Bash already.

So true. But MB is a cool game

Come on Kaneda PG, are you sure your $$ isn't going to Stern? I've never heard that before from you?

#1780 1 year ago

I love it how people come into a BM66 thread to bash Stern over and over again, like it really matters because nobody gives a F what you think, and they talk about how much they play and love your "other" Bally pins.

Good for you. Sell your Stern pins you don't play.

There are threads for those other pins to spread your love fest on! Why not post there? Because nobody gives a F

#1788 1 year ago
Quoted from jkashani:

Its an impression thread and as such we give our impressions, my impression is that the game sucks. But maybe some of the people who bought it would not know that because it was delivered not working

You can say it 100 times. Again and again and nobody cares

#1817 1 year ago
Quoted from jar155:

C'mon, dude. It's not the club thread. This is for impressions and opinions on a wider scale. It's not like you aren't running your trap all over the Dialed In threads. I've seen you call people hypocrites. Careful now...

It's different when it's hammered over and over again by the same people. I mean whatever floats your boat AND

It's another thing to say hey dude, my IMPRESSION is your house sucks, why do you buy your clothes from Wal Mart, your car is a worthless POS and you are F ing ugly

In other words, just being a dick about the IMPRESSION over and over. Despite how wrong or stupid it is

#1819 1 year ago

Trust me Kpg. I agree with some of what you are saying but I'm plenty relaxed and don't care what you or anybody else thinks

When you act like a dick and say your pin is a Wal mart pos it obviously affects you a whole lot more to say something so stupid. Just anger and hate.

I think it's you that needs to chill out and get over your hard on for Stern and everything about it

You want to comment, I'll counter it. That's it

#1821 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

I don't see that BBB or some of the other higher end games for sale flying off the shelf right now either. Glad I got a premium as I really don't need all that other stuff that has nothing to do with gameplay. Don't need any of it.

You know why? Because it's just a bunch of Wal Mart shit that isn't worth squat. All those relic games blow.

How do like that impression?

You got royally F Ed on that 12.5k MB Kpg. Half ass coded piece of garbage

#1830 1 year ago

Wtf, I thought Rob was never gonna get rid of that MB!

It's great eye candy for sure and actually MB of my favorite classics. I've got a gorgeous restored WH20 from Mike D and had a chance to buy his restored MB a while back. I should have.

#1834 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

I hope he's not thinking about trying to buy my Batman just yet.

I'm thinking its a keeper for you Odin. Especially if your 18 yr old really likes it! Rob is gonna try and scoop it up when the code is done, don't let him.

#1887 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

Man! I must have the only Batman that works perfect. $20k by x-mas!

No you are just hearing from the whiners and complainers in the extreme minority

You know, the impatient crew that expected a fully coded game from day one

Everybody else is having a blast with pin

#1893 1 year ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

I think just the opposite is true here. It looks people seem affraid to lose some money on their machine by saying it is not what it is hyped up to be. I cannot believe there are people really happy with the BM as it stands now. Just way to barebones especcially for the price paid.
And I am not being unhappy about the machine. It works fine, no mechanical problems except for the design If it can be helped with doing modifications myself that stays true: bad design and/or bad execution.

You just can't believe that somebody else can disagree with you and have another opinion?

That's funny

#1902 1 year ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

No, i am perfectly fine with that. I just do not believe that the BM66 as it is right now makes anybody very happy. Let me put it this way: if you would know that no updates were coming, would you than be happy with the machine ?
btw: does your BM66LE work already, or still waiting for parts ?

Of course I wouldn't be happy if this was the end of the line for code. Who would? People would be screaming bloody murder.

I have my parts, very big box, waiting to get installed. Then I can really say whether I agree or not

#1909 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I agree Manic. Iceman has turned this thread into a drama filled sh*t storm. He's causing more trouble around here than KPG ever thought about!

Only because you love it! Quit trying to rile me up.

Just waiting on the wiring harness and I'll have Catwoman purring soon.

Meanwhile, I'm on GB and TWD to keep me busy.

#1911 1 year ago

Every NIB pin here on out is going to take a dump on the after market at these prices. Good, bad, or ugly.

RZ is selling for below cost. So is AMH now.

Wait until DI starts shipping. TH, Woz, etc.....

So what, the get your money back days are over. If you actually play your pinball machines who cares?

#1914 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

Sounds like a bubble is popping to me

It's the too high price bubble right? And a ton more of the same high priced NIBs hitting the market?

I bought LOTRLE for $5200.

#1921 1 year ago

Here is another impression of mine. I put $8k value of the BM66LE to just the fact that Lyman is coding the pin!!! Boom boom

#1924 1 year ago
Quoted from PW79:

Has Panzer itemized the BM66 toys yet?

Yep, the Panzer toy check for BM66 is VERY low on the value scale. I like toys but I don't inventory them on a pin like he does.

#1925 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Indeed....or even worse.....actually work on them ( yep, last I checked, they ALL break)....I've cursed every one of mine on occasion.
Thread getting boring....Doug....get yours running, and we shall compare notes while enjoying some decent bourbon...

I'm sitting here looking at Catwoman on the cab art in the man cave, drinking a brew after a long day and seminar, and yes, I can't wait to chime in on the notes.

Glass off play isn't satisfying.

#1929 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

I currently put a value on your BM66 as $0
Because the motherf*cker was dead on arrival and is still not playable! Straight up lemon from the factory.
Stern saw you defending them every 10mins here on Pinside then Gary literally squatted, and shit out a BM66LE into a box and they put a shipping label on it addressed to Iceman.
But in all honesty I'm kidding and feel bad your BM66 is dead right now. I won't point out the irony or anything like that. I'm not that kind of guy.
But it's ironic as f*ck!!

I have to admit, it's pretty F ing ironic. I knew you would put your negative stink on my BM66LE!

Yes it's kind of funny KPG, no need to apologize, I'm laughing myself.

I'm playing the long game though.

Like someone said, we are a bunch of grown men idiots.

#2003 1 year ago

BM66LE up and running beautifully!!! Love it.

Go Lyman.

#2011 1 year ago

If JJP could produce the thousands of pins that Stern does and the sheer number of titles they do I'd love to see the amount of "location testing" JJP would do.

Come on man. They have their hands full with Woz and TH, can't move very fast on production and don't have the DI line ready to go, what else are they going to do?

#2024 1 year ago
Quoted from Banker:

Many plays on BMLE, great fun. Everyone that plays it , without exception , likes it.

I agree Banker, great reviews from my skeptical kids as well

#2053 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I agree 100%, and icemans game won't be worth 5k this time next year! Man they really boned him good and he loves it!!!

That's not funny man! My feelings are hurt

The only value I care about this time next year is my Apple stock and how much more $$ I'll make

#2055 1 year ago

How do you rate a pin 4.7 never having even played the F ing pin? Much less any rating

I can't stand BS dishonest ratings

#2056 1 year ago

Make sure you get one of those headband magnifying glasses so you can Ck your PF after every ball

Set it up and have fun. Great pin!

#2097 1 year ago

So i finally have gotten to put a few games on my Batman.

Note that i haven't rated this pin despite owning it, like it matters anyhow!

I'm on .65 code hoping that we get an update tomorrow and haven't had time to update to .68.

As we know, VERY basic code and a LONG ways to go.

Left orbit is smooth as butter.

Left ramp has no rattle and plastic ball guard. Smooth.

Turn table mech is really cool, I love it. LOVE the LCD.

Flows great, like i give a shit, but love long shots though like WPT.

Fairly easy shot making? Yes. No cheap drains and longer game times for me.

Bottom line, its FUN to shoot and theme integration is great. It's now just a Lyman waiting game.

And i think it will be such a unique and fun pin. I'm thrilled with it considering the code and where its going.

#2099 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

Best part of all, you actually possess the machine!

And its F ing fixed finally! But you are correct Odiner, I can actually flips some balls around and drink some beer. Thanks Stern!

#2103 1 year ago
Quoted from zucot:

Iceman, did you swap the blue rubber on your left ramp?

Haven't really done anything yet. Shot seems to work well but that's on my list to fix! Thx

#2107 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

Nimblepin just called and is coming on over. I bet he wants to play a new game that actually exists.
Well come on down buddy! Batman is the only game in town.

#2111 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

People are buying pins that cost nearly three times of a normal pin without ever playing it.... and you guys are worried about a guy rating the game he hasn't played? This is place is pure comedy sometimes

You should know, you provide some of the amazingly dumb "pure comedy" yourself.

1 month later
#2175 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

Maybe Gomez has lost it? What was his last great game?


#2177 1 year ago

The code isn't close to being done as if it isn't obvious and hasn't been stated a million times

The LCD placement and use by Stern is much better than JJP and Woz, speaking of limited repeated video clips.

I love my Woz but what Stern and Heighway are doing with the LCD is just better

After several hundred plays, I'm confident This will be a great pin when it's done

#2179 1 year ago

I don't get why people like Rai can't understand that a lot of people love BM66

It's not about the $10-$15k or premium price whatever it is.

If I didn't like it I'd sell it. Get it? Fact is i and many others love it and it will only get better

And yes, THEME is a BIG deal

#2183 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

No they don't get it, and never will.

I heard the same BS with "The Walking Dud" when it first came out. Knew it would be great when finished just like BM66

Like you said Mark, it will be another classic

Meanwhile, you and me and plenty of others will keep playing the shit out of out BM66 and loving it!

Finally getting chance to update code tonight

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Anybody that has been on here, owned pins, played pins for any length of time knows you can't fully appreciate what a pin is or isn't on a handful of plays.

Anybody that buys a pin on here and seeks advice on a purchase its ALWAYS from people that have owned it and have significant time on the pin. Makes sense right?

Certainly wouldn't take seriously the opinion of someone who has a handful of plays on a pin, on location especially. Not that you aren't entitled to your own opinion, absolutely, but its basically of very little value to everybody else.

On the other hand there are certain guys that review a pin out of the box that are excellent players, been around a long time and actually know what they are talking about, that i would respect what they say without any sort of bias.

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It's a whole lot about the nuances of the game right?

I bagged on XMENLE too because I didn't like it based on the handful of plays I had. Hated the large Wolvie head and left side of the PF

There are plenty of people that own it and swear by it. I defer to them. Doesn't mean I'll buy because THEME is big and I don't like the theme

Are you playing a finished BM66 Vireland? Because the rest of us don't seem to have one?

I love the shots and see the potential. You don't I guess. I wouldn't bet against Lyman

But if you really think it will continue to suck why not sell it now?

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Quoted from vireland:

Are you defending a finished BM'66? Then why put down other perfectly valid and on-target criticisms because those people only played it on location or at a show? There's almost nothing to the game as it sits. A handful of plays on location is PLENTY to form a reasonable opinion

No i'm thinking you have wrongly pre judged it but its your opinion and your game and you seem to want to keep it for now.

And i 100% disagree, a handful of games is nowhere close to being able to form a reasonable opinion on most pins played on location.

A few players, like Eskaybee, go into a full pro and con review, are really good players and have a lot of experience.

If there aren't pros and cons then the review is probably worthless.

I also disagree about how the game shoots, I think it shoots great, but then again I'm a numbers guy and hate geometry.

Same thing is/was said about my two favorite pins, TWDLE and GBLE and its crappy geometry. Different is a good thing for me.

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Seriously, if anybody can form a solid opinion on a pin after a handful of plays and be right all the time then you must be Elwin.

The only pin i loved on the first handful of plays on location was SM and its gone, along with my LOTRLE, only two pins i've dumped

BM66 will have the immersion and theme going for big time when Lyman is able to finish it.

I agree that it is WOEFULLY under coded and by far the worst release of any Stern I've ever seen.

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Quoted from vireland:

Batman'66 clunky shots make GBLE feel like a work of art. That's baked in and will not (cannot) change. Software may help BM'66. We have about a year before we find out.

One last comment on that. The shots are nowhere near being "clunky", they are smooth as a baby's ass if set up right.

TWDLE was and is "clunky".

When you miss shots and it punishes you it becomes a clunkfest. BM66 is an very easy pin by comparison.

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Quoted from jgentry:

All of my friends at TPF felt the exact same way

You must not have any friends JG?

The turn table is/will be a very fun and unique toy. Crane is much less fun with current code but will get better.

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Quoted from jgentry:

Sorry Iceman, I'm glad you love yours but all 5 of us at tpf felt the same way on this one. Like I said though, Lyman will find a way to make it interesting, can't fix the layout though.

I respect that. I just updated code and getting a few games in. You see the pins i have, i really like this one a lot!

One thing I'll agree with, the layout on TWDLE and GBLE is simply unique and awesome.

BM66 has the "different" feel, uniqueness, immersion, etc. going for it. It's NOT the greatest layout but it has other intangibles going for it.

I also think that the Stern LCD is going to make a HUGE difference going forward. Already seeing it with AS.

#2221 1 year ago

The last thing is it isn't "clunky"

Just put an hour on the new code. Muy bueno.

Right now i have Kpg on ignore because i don't want to be aggravated by dumbass comments but I'm probably gonna reload for entertainment value!

I'm assuming Kpg has nothing better to do right now?

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The pricing is F ed. So is all of pinball right now.

When did a $6500 pin become a bargain? That's what i paid for Woz years ago.

Now it's a fire sale price at K mart.

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Quoted from limelime20:

No , It's not clunky in the all, its smooth shots, just a little funky around the sides of the turntable a little bit.
And always love the crane shots. Great toy.
But overall, Have to love the theme, the LCD is a game changer in pinball, and Stern did nail that.!!
I grew up on old school batman, and love the nostalgia of the show.!! it can only get better.!
!!Zloop!! !POW!! !!SWISH!! !!WHACK!!

You got it, a little funky around the sides of the turntable.

Boom boom spot on

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