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Batman 66 Super LE Clone Mods and How To map to SLE

By Yelobird

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

Since we have Lots of time to gaze at our unfinished Batman 66 machines (thats code for code!) I decided to start my quest to create/convert my own Batman LE to the infamous ($$$$$) Batman Super LE! Maybe envy, maybe cheap, but I knew I Really liked some of the looks and features of the full blown SLE though the price seemed Very hard to swallow. Within this blog/diary I will log my process to replicate the SLE with simple items found local as well as many that yes I sell. I enjoy playing pinball but the hunting or producing of things that make my game (or others games) unique/special is always a joy to accomplish. So, if you have questions along the way. Go ahead and ask. If you hate something, its an open forum.... If you are interested in purchasing some of the custom pieces feel free to PM me or check my Pinside store under "The Mod Couple". I will start this conversion with what I thought was a must have yet Very simple add which is the Batman Red Pinstrips for all armor! I say simple but I must confess, I had my wife do this upgrade since she has the steady hand and she's an artist after all. I purchased the Red pinstrip roll from Amazon (pictured) for $10 shipped. I believe the 1/4" width I used is a spot on match but you can strip to suit. All in all the install took all of 30 minutes (for her, 3 beers for me). Clean well with alchohol as expected and take your time. Strip past the end points and simply use a Sharp Exacto blade to trim ends and corners. Overall a Very simple and Low cost upgrade to give your game a Great look and your first step towards the SLE!

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#2 2 years ago

Next up, you Need the Super LE Sound! Many have pinball preferrence so choose Your like. I used the Flipper Fidelity kit with Mega 10" Base and the install could Not have been easier!! Absolutely plug and play on BM66 in Maybe 20 minutes. As always I would strongly suggest Pinball Life on this. Great price, in stock, and service that is rarely matched. Overall a great setup and a Huge improvement over the stock metal dixey cups Stern uses.

I should have noted in my First post, virtually ALL of these mods or upgrades can be done on both the Premium and LE.

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#3 2 years ago

Next up..... The bat Toys! Cheap. For the Super LE Stern used the stock Hot-wheels 1:50 scale "Classic TV Series" toys. Most all can be found for roughly $10 each off Ebay. While I liked the Batcycle Stern used I personally did Not like how they mounted it. Covering the pop bumper and flasher just did not seem correct and it completely blocked the roll over lane view in my opinion. Also, (sorry Robin) I just don't get the Robin side car?? Sorry buddy, Walk! The side car on this Hot-wheels is mounted via 2 mini Philips screws. I pulled it off and mounted it with a single zip tie running over the clear portion of the pop bumper extension. I think it looks much better and the price is right! The Batcopter I wont go into much detail on because the How to was covered by some pin masters in the BM66 club thread. Basically a piece of wire coat hanger and some creative bending. Not very hard if you have a pair of side cutters and needle-nose.

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#4 2 years ago

More toys.... Cant have a Super LE without the Batmobil and Boat!! For this I liked the location but a simple boring piece of plastic just didn't seem right. Not on this game! As noted before, the Car and Boat can be found on Ebay for usually $10 each. I created a Custom cut mounting plate with detail logo and of Course all hand painted in red pin strip to give it the correct look. I offer the mounting plate shown With the stand off hardware for $24 each plus 5.95 shipping. Each one is precision cut and I think looks perfect especially when lit. The Batmobile and boat do Not come with my kit!! Buy what You like even one of those nice light up ones. You can PM me if anyone is interested. I will have these in full production in 2 weeks to ship from today.

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#5 2 years ago

While I give Stern credit for the Batsignal Spotlight there is just no way I could justify (or convince the misses) to spend $200-250 on a ceiling night light!! While cool for as often as you will use it there are Very decent solutions available and Very easy to implement. I chose the Batman Die cast Signal made by Running Press on Amazon. $20 and build like a steel tank! I feel like the original as shown on the backglass was Yellow not white so I think this fits pretty well with the theme. For the purists out there.....Yes that logo is not 66 season correct but as luck would have it, the logo is simply snapped onto the lense on this toy. Pop it off and print the one you like easy peasy. Now, for clarity, This will Not display in HD from 30 feet away! Its a simple gimick bat signal. Your not calling him for real and you'll feel better knowing you still have $200 in your pocket. To mount as shown I used 2 simple zip ties through the holes already in our cabinet. No drilling and maybe a 5 minute install. Since this Is a 5v lamp if you want to get fancy you could simply hard wire it to the machine without much effort. For as often as I use this (company visiting) the battery powered LED will last a LONG time.

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#6 2 years ago

We're getting closer to SLE land but much to go..... Next up is (warning sales pitch ahead) a mod that I just had to do to improve the look of this Beautiful playfield and add some protection to both the playfield and that dimpling magnet plate! I will call it the Sewer Mag Protector. Basically is a Gotham City laminated sewer cap cover along with a secondary custom oversized mylar protector. Both have clean cut center access to eliminate mylar shredding and faulty ball grabs. (Hmmm) I think it give the playfield a great theme look while protecting those ugly metal disk dimples and the top cover protects both while extending Over the magnet perimeter to protect the playfield to metal roll over. It really looks great, rather easy to install, and the price is very reasonable. I sell the Sewer Mag Protector complete for $10.50 free shipping.

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#7 2 years ago

Getting close.. Next up is the so awesome but in my opinion eye candy of the Super LE. The Illuminated Speaker setup! I will have These kits available in 2 weeks from this post. Just finalizing the installation documents which is longer than this post so far! To me this quest would Not have been complete until I had this feature. Just looks awesome and Stern had a good look here. My setup is a Very close recreation of the SLE setup though there are a few minor changes that had to be made since Stern creatively moved the speaker lower in the SLE (about .625") over the LE and Premium units. What this forced is I had to create the acrylic Bat logo approximately 1/4" smaller. Most won't notice but it pissed me off since I already made several big ones! lol Anyway, The LED illumination for both the Ring AND the bat are virtually spot on to the Stern setup. Everything is plug and play in the kit though I must warn unlike a plug it in and smile mod, this one requires some minor effort and common sense to install! Not hard but you are taking apart your speaker area so don't expect a just plug it in and done deal. lol. Overall I think it will take roughly 1 hour to install but YMWV. I really put allot of effort and detail into this kit so I Hope you like it and notice the exacting details made. The colors are matched as are the LED custom setup. I believe anyone interested will love it. In the next 2 weeks I hope to upload additional photos showing the complete kit installed and illuminated in every light. Also, I will be posting a How To including what to buy to paint and glitter your speaker panel so it is a dead match to the SLE. Can't have the lights and stop now........ The kits will be available in 2 weeks and at this time I am offering them for $140 plus shipping. I will post when they are available or you can PM me if you wish to be counted as interested. Thanks.

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#9 2 years ago
Quoted from Macca101010:

Wow, you've done a great job with these mods, well done. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for everything when they formally become available.

Thanks! While not a Real Super LE, other than the cabinet art most will be able to completely clone one for a few hundred dollars which Beats the 5K up charge to get the real deal. Plus you can simply do the things You like, not pay and accept the setup. Many more items to come but I hope this consolidated post helps those still in love with this BM66 theme to build their dream. If only I knew how to write code.......

#10 2 years ago

Almost forgot a few thank you call outs. I installed the paint correct and Awesome looking Batman playfield spot lamp from #Docquest and it looks Perfect!! His attention to detail Far exceeded my expectations! If he is still offering them I would hunt him down! Plug and play perfection!! Also, while I didn't purchase them (came with my game from previous awesome owner) I also installed these sick custom cut back box arms! I think they came from #Pinball-Metal. Perfect paint match and while not Easy to install they Really give the game a unique and custom look. Really love the skills and efforts found in this forum community. Thanks!!

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#13 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Love the idea but is there any chance you could do a variety of designs? As the magnet is Joker fighting you during his mode could you do one with the fight text (KAPOW, EEE-YOW, BIFF etc) I would be really interested in something like that specially if you could carry the playfield design in to it with the pink and purple swirls!

We appreciate you suggestion and interest! In an effort to stay on track with production release dates and additional products your suggestion will be considered when we catch up. The Sewer Mag Protector really does fit the theme and does a great job of hiding the out of place mechanical metal disk in the intensive art Playfield. Consider it a place for the Penguin to hide! Lol Today I will document the drab speaker panel paint upgrade complete with matching chrome pixy dust! Thanks to all that responded with interest.

The Mod Couple

#15 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

The Riddler has been known to use sewer man holes as a means of escape.
Nice mods!

Thank You Doc! Your spot light was the Much needed cool feature I was looking for! Just finishing the speaker panel paint upgrade post to publish for anyone interested in giving it a try. Lucky me its 95 degrees in Chicago today!! Umphhhhhh Not a great day for a outdoor photo shoot or paint DIY. Will post soon and I will say the look, simplicity, and finish are Spot on!! Thanks again to all that inquired via PM, I will update all in order as the items are completed. We appreciate your interest and I Hope some of these write ups inspire others to make their game their own personal expression!!

#18 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

These mods look awesome!! The talent here on Pinside never ceases to amaze me. Few questions: Will the pinstripe hold on the hammered finish of the PRE armor? How are you securing the Batmobile and Batboat to your mounting plate? Will the Sewer Mag Protector be available without the additional mylar? I want the sewer decal but don't need the mylar as I have a playfield protector installed. Any possible way of eliminating the fasteners on the Bat logos used on the speaker kits? Again, super job on these mods! Attention to detail is obvious. Please count me as interested when these become available for sale.

Love the questions and interest. Starting with the pin-striping. I won't give a 100% guarantee as preparation (alcohol, Naphtha) is key. From my view the pin strip roll I mentioned is for outdoor sun beaten, rain, hail, high speed car use. If it can hold up to that I feel comfortable it will outlast a few wet beer hands etc. It does recommend 24hour set time for the adhesive to bond though. For the offered Batmobile mount plate I chose to not force my mount option as others may wish to mount a cycle, boat, Barbie, whatever. I personally used the Gorilla Glue double sided thick tape. Not sure but I think I can pick up the machine with it.... Others may opt to zip tie, tape, wire, glue, etc so I thought leaving that option open was the best direction. The sewer Mag Protector is offered as a set though the 2 pieces are separate so you can opt to not use it if you wish and the image is also protected for additional security. Personally I think its a simple yet very effective way to help protect the wood/metal transition for years to come. Plus, if you simply apply (recommended) a fresh coat of wax Prior to install removal is fairly simple. The Illuniated speaker kit fasteners are very similar in mount to the Stern offering. Note that when illuminated it is rather difficult to see them similar to Sterns. I prefer a solid mount versus sticky tape as long term I see that as a fail point. You can however paint the screws, add a black decal "Dot" or whatever you think looks better. Thats what Most of our mods are for, to let the user define Their game and make it their own. We simple provide some of the more difficult or less attainable components. We do appreciate your feedback and questions! Thanks.

#19 2 years ago

Since the illuminated speaker kit will be going in soon this seems like the right time to get rid of that drab flat black stock speaker panel look and improve it to look more like the Super LE option. Overall I would say this is actually a rather simple and low cost upgrade to do. Even with minimal painting skills such as myself. I am logging what I did and what worked for me with images of the results. There are Way better more knowledgable paint folks on this forum that I am certain would offer other options but for me this worked and you can judge the results for yourself. I started with off the shelf Rust-Oleum Gloss black pain ($5.95 HD), Varathane Gloss clear (not sure $$ had it for years...) and the secret pixy dust extra fine silver glitter (Michaels hobby 2.99). (Power Off First) This new Stern panel is insanely easy to break down. Maybe took 5 minutes though as always take lots of pictures. Just remove and set everything Carefully in the back box and always note where they put shims and washers. You will need a Torques head to remove your badge so be prepared. The only item I masked off was the top rubber strip just incase I went wildman with the paint can. Clean All surfaces and fingerprints with alcohol or Naptha. I used cut ends of a Q-tip to screw into the small badge holes from the back so I didn't plug them with paint. I applied a Light first coat to start, let set for 15 minutes, then a second more even coat. After a 30 minute wait, I applied what would be the final Black coat slightly heavy but Not puddly. (If thats a real thing?) It is important to dust the glitter in as soon as this coat is applied!! To apply the glitter, I kept my hand roughly 2 feet over the panel and Slowly pinched along like I was salting a potato. I let the air of falling slowly and evenly distribute the flakes and moved across evenly. Not really rocket science on this. Kind of like seasoning to taste and slow is best. When it was to my liking I let the panel set for close to an hour. While waiting, I decided to modify the Internal speaker mount panels as the Super LE does not have the griddle work like the LE and Premium have. Since I will be cutting out the foam later for the illuminated speaker set and lighting the speaker I wanted to have the full effect and not see the bars. Note, this is Not necessary for the kit I simply had time and 15 minutes with a Dremel cut off wheel and problem solved. Plus, I already had the black paint out so why not? Super easy and you can Really see the awesome Flipper Fidelity speakers now! I let the entire panel setup for 2 more hours and assembled everything in reverse order in maybe 15 minutes. All in all this upgrade took maybe 1 hour in labor (not wait time) and cost roughly $20. Worth it to me and I hope it motivates others to give it a try. You will love the result. Good luck!!

IMG_9229 (resized).jpg
IMG_9230 (resized).jpg
IMG_9231 (resized).jpg
IMG_9233 (resized).jpg
IMG_9234 (resized).jpg
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IMG_9238 (resized).jpg
IMG_9268 (resized).jpg
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IMG_9274 (resized).jpg
IMG_9276 (resized).jpg
IMG_9279 (resized).jpg

#20 2 years ago

Opps, slight omission to the previous post. After waiting 1 hour for the finished panel to set I followed that with 2-3 coats of the gloss Varathane. More, less your choice. I did three light coats and it shined to the finish I was looking for and sealed in the glitter for a uniform finish. Didn't want anyone to think I bought the Varathane just to show it off....

#22 2 years ago

I appreciate the compliment thank you. To be honest I have Never actually seen an SLE in person and hoping he won't mind I will confess I studied Every picture #MT45 (TN) posted on the BM66 club forum during his unboxing to get perspective and scale. Other than that mostly general thoughts. Many of my past job opportunities involved reverse engineering or work flow analysis so solving problems is a goofy fun job for me. I don't have any criticism for any of the other mod makers since they are simply trying to offer something that they think people will like. Like myself, if you don't like my creation, rendition, or process you are free to not buy it. Yes some are better than others but there are many people that are more satisfied simply buying a solution (enjoying Life) rather then sitting in the basement painting or LEDing toys. They like them they simply have better things to do which I respect. I laid off of creating mods some 8 years ago as my kids and work (supporting them) was my hobby of interest. Now, I have free time to create again and rather enjoy it. Anyone creating or supporting this unique hobby is ok by me. Thanks again for your interest!

#27 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Yelo. Are you making the Batmobile and boat platform for sale?
Awesome job on everything

Yes the custom platform with pin striping as shown will be available in 2 weeks possibly sooner depending on how fast my wife can paint! Lol The Sewer Magnet protectors will more than likely be ready this week early and the illuminated speaker kits are on track to be available in 2 weeks for ship. Thanks again to all for your interest, I will update as things are available. I personally hate to sell anything or take sales until items are ready to ship. Managing expectations so to speak. We thank everyone for their interest and hope some of these updates inspire you to detail your own game to your personal vision.

The Mod Couple

#29 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

i just wanted to chime in and let fellow pinsiders know that I've met Yelobird in person (He bought my bm66le) and he's NOT some whacko making crap mods. Yelobird is a good guy with access to some high end equipment so he can definitely make some high quality mods. Nice work YBird.

No thank You kklank for a great deal on a pin so well cared for it looked new in the box. Without it this post and reliving my Batman childhood would not be possible! Other than TBL this to me is a Dream title wish. If only I could write code.... There must be an app for that!

#34 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Quick question. When you dremel out the "griddles" do you need to make absolutely perfect cuts so when lit its looks smooth all around? Or will there be some kind of trim piece that goes around to hide any imperfections in the cuts? Thanks!

For the Dremel, I used the simple 3/4" cut off disk. Go slow and after cut used the same disk to slightly blend it for a smoother (not sharp) edge. Yes, the illunination ring does pretty much hide that edge so not really that critical just don't want to cut a finger if possible. I personlly like the look without the griddle and the effort really wasn't all that hard. My guess is you could use a simple pair of side cutters to snip the small 1/8" legs if you didn't have a Dremel but it would leave a sharp edge which would need to be filed or sanded. Look at the first photo I presented which shows the speaker with the griddle still in and decide for yourself if that extra effort is worth your time. Note, you will be taking this plate out for the light kit install anyway so your call. You could finish the cut edge with a simple Sharpie marker as nobody will see it.

#35 2 years ago
Quoted from MattS:

I tried to take the picture with the same amount of speaker panel in frame for comparison sake, nice work!

Thanks you #MattS for this photo comparison!! Thanks to your input and a previous inquiry from #Thundergod76 I can see closer that Stern is using a Pem insert for their Bat mount that is less obvious. With this feedback we have decided to also include a "dot" decal mask to now hide the screw faces for a more seamless and less mechanical look. I will update as production continues. All products are on track as promised or ahead of schedule at this point. Thanks again for the feedback and interest.

#37 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Are the speakers and Bat logo lit up in this photo? I'm just trying to see what it looks like lit and unlit. Thanks again!

No in these photos the kit is not lit. There is a photo of what the Bat logo looks like lit (Post #7 above) but the final complete illumination photos are still to come. I am still finalizing the dimming option for users to set their own personal effect. Should have those posted within a week and production is still on track for ship release on 10/7 as promised. I realize waiting is a pain but I am a firm believer in offering a product and accepting payment when it is Done, inspected, and ready to ship. I personally hate ordering a product only to wait weeks or longer for them to be created. I will have an confirmed update availability release on the Sewer Mag Protector and Batman logo mounting plate later today as those are well ahead of forecasted schedule. Thanks for your interest.

The Mod Couple

#39 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I think @yelobirds speaker upgrades are actually better than Sterns SLE factory originals! @yelobirds bat emblem has a more defined shape and the finish and quality looks a step above the Stern.
I thought the speaker upgrades where great but seeing a side by side comparison makes them look even better f'in awesome work yelobird!

Thank you kindly for the compliment! Feedback from others (which is why I presented this 2 weeks early) helps refine the product even better. In fact, now that #MattS posted that SLE photo I now need to add one additional missing detail that I think looks nice. The painted speaker center cone. Like that small but refined detail. I will do a minor write up on the how to (paint, brush, done, lol) and show the finished result for others to review. Thanks again!

#43 2 years ago

Update. Always positive in production we are ahead of schedule. The Sewer Mag Protector is now available and packaged to ship starting today! You can PM me direct if you wish though it would be best to use direct checkout via our Pinside Market store under "The Mod Couple"! I will update on production status of the Speaker Illumination kits as well as the Toy mounting custom plate soon. All still on track as promised. Thank everyone for their interest.

Direct Link to "The Mod Couple" Pinside market store:

IMG_9220 (resized).jpg

#44 2 years ago

Thank you for your orders. All are received, packed and shipping tomorrow. We appreciate your business and interest.

Thank you
The Mod Couple
Dave and Darcy

#45 2 years ago

Product update. Another positive in production we are ahead of schedule. The Batmobile/Boat Custom mount kit with pin strip is now available and packaged to ship starting today! Note and apology my original price estimate was off by 1.25 after Lexan purchase. Updated price is 25.25 plus shipping. You can PM me direct if you wish though it would be best to use direct checkout via our Pinside Market store under "The Mod Couple"! I will update on production status of the Speaker Illumination kits soon which are still on track as promised. Thank everyone for their interest.

Direct Link to "The Mod Couple" Pinside market store:

956E0F11-F924-4BF1-BAE1-D52F542D2ED3 (resized).jpeg

62A1041B-51B0-4676-B4F7-38101E3DFC59 (resized).jpeg

#46 2 years ago

All received orders for the Batmobile/Boat mounting kit have been prepared and shipped. Thank you all for your interest and orders. I should have updated progress photos of the Batman Illuninated speaker kits posted this weekend for everyone’s review. Still on track so far for deadline. They will definitely be done before the next code release!! Lol

Thanks again
The Mod Couple
Dave and Darcy

#47 2 years ago

Time for the update promised on the Batman 66 Speaker Illumination kit. The kits are in final assembly and test for safety. Still some additional writing to complete the installation guide but all is still on track for a Saturday (promised 2 weeks) completion ready to ship. At this time the bill of materials is done and the price is pretty close to my initial estimate within a few dollars and cents. Below are a few photos showing the illumination and pretty much final product installed on the Right speaker assembly. Few notes, I did (and do recommend for anyone that upgraded speakers) paint the center cone with simple silver paint to highlight that pretty big speaker Very similar to the Super LE example. The left speaker was left blank as a comparison (stock) and I am currently using that side for my tutorial and photos for the instructions. One note for review, remember as outlined above this is After I painted the speaker panel. Really looks nice and if you were going to follow my guide posted above Now would be a good time to do it since you are half way to full panel strip. Also, I made my light kit illumination adjustable so you can dim/brighten to taste. All and all I would Estimate this complete plug and play (no solder or alligator clips) install would take roughly 1-2 hours depending on your comfort level. On the plus side, you will notice (thanks to some great feedback) that the Bat screws now include gloss decals to hide the screw heads. Really improves the look and I thank the individuals that suggested it. If anyone has questions feel free to ask or PM. I hope this mod/upgrade is worthy of this wonderful title. May not play great now but it sure will Look Good! I will post up when price and availability are complete. Thanks for reading!!

The Mod Couple

IMG_9317 (resized).jpg

IMG_9326 (resized).jpg

IMG_9325 (resized).jpg

IMG_9323 (resized).jpg

IMG_9324 (resized).jpg

IMG_9318 (resized).jpg

#50 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Looks great! I'm assuming you hand painted the center speaker cones? What kind of paint did you use? Also I have a PRE. Do you know if the stock Stern speakers have a similar cone which could be painted? I haven't disassembled mine yet. Thanks for any further info.

As noted in my previous how to post, I upgraded my speakers to the Flipper Fidelity brand for more Bam-Pow and a similar but greater offering that the Super LE offer from Stern. Nothing much to paint in the Stern stock speaker cups. Regarding paint, simple silver paint for any type of plastic will work fine for this application. Even Testers model paint nothing fancy. I strongly recommend the speaker upgrade, easy to install and decent price at Pinball Life. Good Luck!!

#52 2 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

ok ordered the mod couple bat mobile and boat stand, the helicopter from hallmark and the bat mobile and boat today. The code update better be good!

Your order is packed and shipping today. Thank you again for your purchase!

The Mod Couple!

#54 2 years ago

Yeah us, we made our deadline of 2 weeks with 2 hours to spare on the Batman 66 SLE Premium illumination kits! (Central time!) As promised and written above the Super LE speaker light kits are now complete. Maybe a few more lines of instruction but packed and complete. One note of Positive change in production and the slight ($4.00) price edit from original estimate was the addition of replacement precision waterjet speaker foam inserts. Originally the kit was going to require the user to use a template to cut holes in the stock foam. This turned me off as that would not classify this upgrade as a plug and play and completely reversible. Not to mention, cutting the foam in the Exact profile with no room for error did not seem like a worthy gamble to the end user or us. So now the kit comes Complete with Instructions, a set of illuminated rings And bat logos, foam inserts precut, and a plug and play wiring harness. Everything included except your effort and basic use of a nut driver. Lamps are also dimmable to the users personality. I personally like them at a low flicker similar to the original Super LE version. So without delay, below are some Complete pictures of the kit installed both illuminated and off. Looks Great and I am certain all will be pleased with the quality. I realize this is a higher cost speaker lighting kit but there are a Lot of custom fabricated parts and assemblies! The first run is not huge but I wanted to stick to my commitment and deadline. Send me a PM and I will let you know how to complete purchase. Kits will be leaving Monday or Tuesday worst case if I have to travel with my daughter. Thanks again for your interest and viewing our products!! Kits are $144 with $6.95 US shipping. Let us know what you think!

The Mod Couple

IMG_9360 (resized).jpg

IMG_9376 (resized).jpg

IMG_9389 (resized).jpg

IMG_9391 (resized).jpg

#55 2 years ago

Got another New toy in the workshop to let our creativity venture into the 3rd dimension! What an addictive toy! Printing in carbon fiber today, yesterday even printed in Wood! Technology is helping creativity go any direction. Fun stuff, and some Great cool pinball mods/improvements on the horizon. Thanks for reading!

IMG_9392 (resized).jpg

#57 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

LOVE the addition of pre cut speaker foam. Fantastic job! PM sent.

Thanks Thunder! Yeah, after trying to make paper templates and bumbling though trying to cut mine I said No way is that going to come out right and not worth saving a few dollars. Cut to perfect tolerance by myself and the kit is truly complete now. Plus, I found a speaker foam that I feel is far superior in texture and color to what came stock with the game. I'm glad others understand why I needed to make this change.

The Mod Couple

#62 2 years ago
Quoted from Macca101010:

Looks awesome
When do you think you will have all the mods available to buy together on your site, noting the overseas shipping costs?

All the mods are currently available and yes we will combine international shipping. Thanks again for your interest!!

The Mod Couple

#64 2 years ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Prior posts show Flipper Fidelity speakers . . . a related question is whether the with or without speaker lights version should be purchased given these are not traditional speaker lights.

Yes you are correct and my forum thread (link again below) shows I installed them with the Flipper Fidelity speaker upgrade. And highly recommend their product. As for buying the light kit with or without the speaker upgrade. Thats up to the individual. The kit does Not require you to upgrade the speakers. You can keep the stock Stern cans if you wish. The lighting is (as is the true Super LE) for visual appearance on the exterior, not to light up the speaker cone. It Does however make your speakers look great but that is your choice. Below again is a link with all the photos and How To for all of these upgrades as well as what we offer for sale. PM me directly with availability or how to purchase. Thanks!


The Mod Couple

#66 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

I purchased the ones with "speaker light kit installed". They are not quite as deep as the regular but with identical sound. The standard speakers have trim material around the speaker fronts in red. The "speaker light kit installed" ones are all black around the edges. I noticed that those are the ones that Yelobird used. I went with the 8" woofer as I live in a condo and don't wanna piss the neighbors off too much. Haven't installed yet. But will post pics and info regarding the install. I purchased direct from FF as they gave the "speaker lights/no speaker lights" option during checkout. I didn't see an option on PL's site.
Standard "deep" speakers with red trim...

Shallow speakers with black trim(light kit installed)...

Thunder, Totally agree on your choice and recommend. While I installed the 10" Flipper Fidelity kit I would have preferred to order the 8" kit simply because of the red cone in the upper speakers. Anal preference but every detail counts I think. Plus, while size matters..... I will Never be playing this game loud enough to take advantage of the 10" base. I'm more of a quite home player. lol Strongly recommend their product and Pinball Life (Terry) seems to have the best pricing. Thanks.

#67 2 years ago

All orders received and kits are packed for for shipping Monday!! Thanks again to all for your interest. It's been a Busy Sunday for sure.

The Mod Couple

IMG_9406 (resized).jpg

#69 2 years ago

Because we just couldn't wait for the code we decided to throw out one more new MOD for Batman 66. As simple as it looks is just fits the look and theme Perfectly! The KG Bird crane mod! A Penguin purple translucent umbrella complete with hand painted details and 3D penguin emblem! 1 minute install with no parts to remove from your game. Looks great and color matched to both playfield and KG Crane. These will be available this coming weekend (sorry need to get some Expo in!) shipping Monday. Appropriatly scaled to protect his fiendish feathered head. PM for interest. Price at this point has not been calculated as Ms Mod Couple hasn't calculated the hand painting time.... Thanks for looking, hope we provided a new theme spin.

The Mod Couple

IMG_9411 (resized).jpg

IMG_9416 (resized).jpg

IMG_9417 (resized).jpg

#70 2 years ago

Illuminated Speaker kits packed and shipped today as promised. (Not a fun Sunday) First production run sold out in a few hours though our second run is set to complete Wednesday so there is minimal delay to buyers. Thanks to everyone for your interest and purchases. We love what we do and appreciate your business! Thanks

The Mod Couple

#71 2 years ago

The Batman 66 "KG Bird Crane Umbrella" mod is Complete and ready to ship!! We made several fine adjustments to make the appearance, strength, and translucency even better than the original prototype. The 3D penguin figure is now more pronounced with additional hand painted detail!! The translucent lens was also strengthened to give it a more rigidity and a smoother finish. Looks Amazing and the install is Extremely simple without tools. 1 minute install. Looks great illuminated or off and matches the theme and coloring of the feathered fiends crane perfectly. Have a look at the pictures, I hope others like the upgrade as much as we enjoyed creating it. PM for purchase. Available for $24.75 plus $4.25 first class shipping. Thanks for viewing another Mod Couple Bat-Exclusive!!!

The Mod Couple

IMG_9430 (resized).jpg

IMG_9428 (resized).jpg

IMG_9425 (resized).jpg

IMG_9423 (resized).jpg

#72 2 years ago

All KG Bird Penguin mods orders as well as other mod orders All shipped and in route. Thanks to All sincerely for your interest and business we very much appreciate it.

The Mod Couple

#73 2 years ago

Minor update and apology to a few Speaker Illumination kit orders that shipped in the first batch. In our rush we shipped the kits with (3) bat dot stickers and you needed (4) to cover the screw heads. We are sincerely sorry and a new set of (6) dots is already in the mail to each of you (we know where you live! lol) to arrive soon. Note that this is the Absolute Last item to install and should not delay your install or upgrade. Just wanted to be proactive and hope everyone understands people are human and mistakes can be corrected. Your dots are on the way!! Sorry again,

The Mod Couple

IMG_9434 (resized).jpg

#76 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Noticed my CN6 pinout is empty, but I’ve got an LE. Believe that spot is used for topper 12v for premiums. Is your connector a pass through, so he can just piggyback the connection? Saw there was a standard, 3 pin Molex as an alternate way to get the 12v in your kit.
How long is the supplied cable? The other, easy grab at open 12v on these things is a 4 pin , but at the front left board location. Just trying to insure you don’t run into connection hassles w this kit. (i’m not getting one, just concerned for you and others)..

MK you probably already seen my other post but for anyone viewing this post... It was learned later that the secondary market Stern plexi topper (for the Premiums) is also using the 12v plug for an LED purpose. I will have an edit for this with a simple "Z" splice and secondary plug shortly. Thank you for helping us improve the product for All. I will be in touch shortly with the part and get it out to you asap. Very glad you like the upgrade!

The Mod Couple

#78 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Great customer service!!! Just wanted to get you in front of this...thanks...mark

Thanks Mark! And we Sincerely appreciate your support in helping us make the best product possible for All. Thanks!!

#81 2 years ago
Quoted from tatman9999:

Installed mine today. They look awesome.

Tisk, tisk, you installed your right bat one hole to high! Did you not count the holes? lol Easy to lower but that would get my OCD in overdrive lol. You got the left one correct though! We appreciate the feedback, thank you sincerely!

The Mod Couple

#84 2 years ago
Quoted from JimB:

When are you getting more kits in stock? Will they have the power connection mentioned above for the premium?

Kits are in stock and shipping this week. PM for order. ALL kits moving forward will include the "Y" wire harness even if you don't need it to ensure no future conflicts. Thanks for your interest!!

#86 2 years ago
Quoted from tatman9999:

Guess I can’t count. Will need to change it. Thanks

I was giving you grief but you Know now that I mentioned it that will be All you see now! lol Looks great.

#87 2 years ago

Update to ALL Illuminated Speaker kit customers and future interests. We shipped out a retrofit plug and "Z" connector (with instruction sheet) to ALL orders received and ALL new kits have been updated to include this pre-installed connection point. Reminder, this is only needed if you are also using the Stern aftermarket LED topper on Batman Premium units. Just remove the "Z" extension if you do not have the topper! We Sincerely apologize to all customers for overlooking this connector on the first batch of kits and do Very much appreciate the support and heads up so we can make these kits perfect for all in future kits. Thank you!

The Mod Couple

IMG_9538 (resized).jpg

#89 2 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

HI Yelobird,
got the speaker kit and the mounting plate and the dots! Super quick shipping.
How did you attach the car and bat boat to the mounting plate? And the boat to the trailer? I'm thinking hot glue...

Hot glue would be a real simple and rather strong solution for the application. I personally just used some of that Gorilla brand double stick tape. Holds more than enough for a decoration. Thanks again for your purchase and interest!!

The Mod Couple

#91 2 years ago

How about a "Atomic Pile" Mod style to wake things up! As promised, the prototyping, design, and Endless test runs are now done and the Batman 66 Atomic Pile is now DONE! (not for sale yet but Very soon!) I think the design came out Very nice and Much better fits the theme, scene, and Class this pinball machine is in. While Stern made a very nice attempt our creation we feel really compliments the Batcave as it should be. All kits are currently being designed as a plug and play. You remove only the plug and 2 screws holding your Stern Atomic plastic and your done. The fit of this setup as you can see is like a Glove! I did have to make one concession and raise it .25" to accommodate the Stern squishy dog toy phone. If you have the slimmer aftermarket one you can simply remove my provided spacer though I actually Really like is just a bit higher so it covers the TV when the Batcave mode is running. (rotated) Also, with it raised it nicely shows the upper deck and applied warning stickers. I did need to keep it slightly still a Pinball theme so the silicone rings are used instead of the steel rings seen on the actual Atomic Pile. These rings also act as the replacement buffer behind the TV perfectly since the old ones will now be gone. Have a look at the pictures, we would love to know what you think! Love or hate, we do this because we enjoy it and love the 66 theme. (plus theres no code anyway!) I am Hoping to have these available in About a week. Please note that this mod takes an Insane amount of time to fabricate, assemble, paint, detail, etc so they will not be a shelf item but we will build them as fast as we can if there is interest. I will update all on pricing and availability for anyone interested. Thanks for all your interest!!
The Mod Couple

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.05.09 PM (resized).png

IMG_9567 (resized).jpg

IMG_9563 (resized).jpg

IMG_9565 (resized).jpg

IMG_9566 (resized).jpg

IMG_9573 (resized).jpg

IMG_9577 (resized).jpg

#95 2 years ago

Thank you All for the comments, suggestions, and feedback! It feels great to know your concept and direction didn't take a left turn so to speak. With that said there were a few Appreciated comments I wanted to cover. First, I failed to note that this was my prototype assembly so I did not miss my commitment to display by weekend. In making the first product the first thing that hit me was I did not like the color or finish of the blue parts. They were a touch to "plasticky" and the powder blue just did not do it for me. I am going with different color on the blue parts that I feel many will like much better. (plus it will calm my OCD lol) Second, while not called out I did decided to have the Core lens image of the Pile professionally printed to give it darker and more defined detail. I enjoy rushing to meet deadlines but not sacrificing the best possible result. These are very Minor edits and should not delay us (Amazon is open 24/7)! Thank you all again for your interest, feedback, and support!! We will update soon with final results/edits as well as availability! Minor tease... I think everyone will like what we are doing (not done) with the Batmobile spinner table!! I think the results look Awesome but these are Not done and will take a while do to the Atomic interest.

#100 2 years ago

We promised a few days ago due to Many requests to update a second Batmobile custom mounting plate to accomidate the Awesome but scaled differently Eaglemoss replica cars. First a Huge thank you to #Docquest for his recommendation to consider their cool Batman 66 villian cars. They are Incredibly detailed and offer several really cool and affordable options. While I originally went with the original Stern SLE hotwheels look there just in no sense to have another Batmobile on the playfield! Following the theme of the game the Eaglemoss villan cars look Awesome. I went with the Penguin Stolen Batmobile and the Joker Beach car. They are extremely authentic to the show and look great. The new Mod Couple option is the "Batmobile Custom Eaglemoss mounting plate". The plate is slightly longer and the shape is changed in width and other variables. Also, since the plate is longer do notice the slight offset towards the top should you already have the Gotham City post sign. (Can't have mods fighting mods!) Hand painted mod kit is hand painted and includes the standoffs needed like the other kit. Unfortunately my material layout yield was off with the additional sizing so the the Eaglemoss kit will be $2 extra sorry.... Cost for the Eaglemoss kit is $27.25 + $6.95 shipping. PM for interest, both sizes are currently available!! Minor cool note, the Eaglemoss cars include mounting screws in the bottom so install is as simple as picking a car(s) and drilling (2) 1/8" holes for a permanent mount. Thanks to all for the request and interest.
The Mod Couple

IMG_9581 (resized).jpg

IMG_9583 (resized).jpg

#101 2 years ago

As promised.....The "Batman 66 Atomic Pile Custom" is officially DONE! As previously mentioned, we took a few days to review the prototype from top to bottom, consider feedback, adjust specs, fitment, lighting, color appearance, end user installation, and we feel confident the time was well spent! The biggest change was the hunt for the Exact slate blue accent color to make the mod(el) a perfect match. I think we found it and it looks WAY better then the original test part! Many improvements especially in the wiring and installation documents which I noted earlier. I present now the Finished Atomic Pile!!!! We are collecting orders now in the order received from this point for the first batch of 12 units which will ship Monday AM! This kit is 100% plug and play to the Stern connection. Also, the original Stern Pile is Not effected or harmed so it can be replaced should you decide to reverse (WHY) your decision or sell the game. There really is a Lot of components, art, fabricating, hardware, & time that goes into each of these hand crafted Atomic mods so please understand we did what we could with the price. Complete kits are $163 + $7.25 shipping US. PM me Directly for payment and availability. We Sincerely appreciate Everyones input and support!! We love this hobby and we are Batty for the Batman 66!! PM for interest and availability and Thank You!
The Mod Couple

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.08.48 PM (resized).png

IMG_9612 (resized).jpg

IMG_9610 (resized).jpg

IMG_9606 (resized).jpg

IMG_9600 (resized).jpg

IMG_9613 (resized).jpg

IMG_9615 (resized).jpg

#103 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

deleted. Question answered in club thread.

Ignored, since there is no Question! lol

#104 2 years ago

Holly Atomic Piles Batman!! The march of the Piles is on track and actually Ahead of schedule!! While we ended up Doubling the production goal for batch 1, Mama Mod Couple was a trooper and painted/assembled by my side all day all weekend. We should have most every Atomic Pile order out Monday as promised as well as moving several of the group 2 orders Up! Full color instructions with photos are included for a seemless installation. I would Estimate (depending on how big your fingers are) they install swap will take around 30 minutes. Thank you ALL for the feedback and your interest in our products!! We are hoping to catch a breath this week and be back on production schedule. Thanks again, we appreciate your business!
The Mod Couple

IMG_9626 (resized).jpg

#105 2 years ago

Holly Stalagmites Batman!!! The "Batman 66 Batcave Spinner" is finally Done!! This mod took me a bit longer because it introduced Several variables that I needed to consider for All interested. As we know the Batmobile Car (toy) mounted on our stock disk comes in MANY flavors, colors, makes, etc. Add to that Stern had a revision which implemented Permanent mounting of the car to the plate via a set of non removable rivets! With those variables in consideration I believe we came out with a solution that supports everyones needs and I personally think looks Darn Cool!! The kit as shown includes a diamond plate Translucent mask decal for the top or base of your Existing spinner disk. So if your car is mounted, custom, or other this will still work! The mask really accents the Batmobile parked on a mechanical type platform while still offering a clear view of the turntable below!! Then to highlight the Batcave look we have a Hand Painted set of rock walls (cave stalagmite forms) accenting the turn table similar to the Real Batcave. In Mod Couple fashion Please also notice the Very subtle raised and detailed Bat Logo in both walls of the Batcave for that Finished look!! Reminder, NO 2 rocks are the same! Each rock is hand painted and unique. While not the most extreme mod upgrade the simplicity in our view fully completes the Batcave look Especially if you have the Awesome Atomic Pile in the background! Minor note, we did not like the shiny stock screws so Black replacements will be included in every kit. Kit includes (2) Custom Batcave walls, (1) platform diamond plate decal, (2) Black finish screws, and of coarse my Detailed color instruction manual! lol If interested we are selling these Today for $29.50 with Free US shipping. Note that they will be shipping in the order of order receipt and first batches will go out Next week Monday! Thanks again to all for your interest, we appreciate your support and business!!
The Mod Couple!

IMG_9724 (resized).jpg

IMG_9729 (resized).jpg

IMG_9728 (resized).jpg

#107 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Order sent.
My checking account isn't empty yet. I have all your Batman mods now - what else you have in mind?

Lol. We Appreciate you! Thanks

The Mod Couple

#111 2 years ago

Please let me be your buyer! You would Absolutely make my clone conversion complete!!

#117 2 years ago

I wanted to provide a product update from The Mod Couple. Due to many feedback requests (and Appreciated!) we have decided to also offer the Custom Batcave Spinner with hand Pinstrip as an Ala-cart. The Batcave Spinner upgrade is still offered as previous and if you wish simply add the Clear Custom pinstrip disk as an upgrade if that is your preference. The Batcave Spinner upgrade kit is still $29.50 free shipping. If you wish to add the Custom Clear disk option that would be $12.25 extra. $41.75 total for the kit. If you prefer to Only purchase the Spinner Disk (includes the Diamond Plate decal!) the cost is $17.25 free shipping. With this setup you can choose what you like. Thanks to All again for the feedback and interest in our products. It is wonderful to know your efforts are appreciated and we hope to continue to impress as we move forward! PM for interest or purchase. All items are currently IN Stock and ready to ship.
The Mod Couple

IMG_9746 (resized).jpg

IMG_9724 (resized).jpg

#118 2 years ago

A few have requested an updated photo showing the Complete Batcave Spinner kit with the upgraded Clear pinstriped diamond-plate disk installed. Hope this illustrates the kit better. Thanks again for all the interest. PM for availability or purchase.

The Mod Couple

IMG_9769 (resized).jpg

IMG_9773 (resized).jpg

#119 2 years ago

The Batman 66 "KaBoom Bar Badge" is Done! After receiving our Awesome LE the one Stand out what the &^% for us was the boring lockdown bar sticker with elevated button. Just seemed out of place and a last minute detail addition. Sooo, in Mod Couple fashion we decided to create our Own theme correct variation! The KaBoom Badge is Completely plug and play as always. Goes Over your existing Stern sticker to keep your games purity (or SLE value) and fits like a Glove with the Exact same button and bar socket profile as the original black spacer. 5 minute setup tops. 3D profiled with random raised lettering each hand painted to Batman styling. Badge is also angle shaped to match the lockdown bar profile on all sides! For the final small touch, a clear print "KaBoom" decal is included to accent your existing mechanical button for a uniform authentic look! The plastic used was Translucent though the badge only slightly glows in a darker room. Really turned out nice and we hope others will like it as well. The are available now for sale and begin shipping Monday AM! Price is $29.25 Free US shipping. PM for availability and purchase. Thanks as Always for everyones support and interest in our products. We Appreciate you All!
The Mod Couple!!

IMG_9795 (resized).jpg
IMG_9794 (resized).jpg
IMG_9802 (resized).jpg
IMG_9805 (resized).jpg

#120 2 years ago

Holly Bat-Thrusters another Button Mod? I had this in the "Back Burner" for those interested in a more Extreme button statement! Our previous KaBoom button was focused on the purist collector that doesn't mind an improvement but does not want to remove factory assigned decals or make modifications. The "Bat-Thrusters-Button" is the Other direction! lol While I like the previous logo I also like the Batmobile so why not Both! "Atomic Batteries to Power" as we know it! This custom variation offers the Batmobile scale rear end (anyone ever try to draw a Batmobile?) complete with pin-strip, Bat logo license plate, top and side and trunk pin-strip details, emergency Bat-parachutes, and of Coarse an integrated (your button) lighting bat thruster! And of coarse a very subtle provided bat thruster decal for your button to help it look just a bit less pinball (ish). As usual this is all of 2 minutes installation. This mod will cover most of the stock Stern Bat decal though as noted I would recommend just loosing the bat! Peel, alcohol, and a paper towel and gone! This is Not meant to please everyone we simply enjoy stretching the boundary a bit to make each machine unique and allow people options. I will have these available next week to ship and pricing should be finalized in a few days. Thanks as always for Everyones support and interest in our products. We love try new concepts and we love your feedback! PM as always for interest and Thank You!
The Mod Couple

IMG_9843 (resized).jpg

IMG_9844 (resized).jpg

IMG_9831 (resized).jpg

IMG_9841 (resized).jpg

#122 2 years ago

A few have asked for a detailed instruction on how to Drastically improve commissioner Gordans phone from squeaky dog toy to a Proper phone appropriately themed for this amazing game. While we have No intension of making a kit for this the process is fairly simple though you have to do a little shopping! Using all the provided info from #Doc on where to buy the phones etc (refer back to thread) my journey begins! As noted there is no simple way to get the correct setup for parts. They do sell the phone Cake container separate but the only phone I found is with the ToysRus batcave set. The phone in this set is very athentic and more importantly for our application very translucent! The one that is sold separate (see picture on right) is almost a Snoopy type rubber phone that does not allow light through at all. The translucent phone found the the ToysRus set is a perfect match and slightly larger. Second picture shows proper phone in cake dish. Start by removing TV. 2 screws and one cat5 plug. Remove Atomic pile, 2 screws. Now you need to unplug (3) plugs from the underside of the playfield. (1) for each bat computer, and (1) for the phone itself. Fairly simple just watch the sharp edges down there!! When done you can now carefully remove the base plate (2) screws (2) 6-32 nuts. Finish by removing the actual chewy dog phone. To prep the New phone you need to drill a 3/8" diameter hole completely through the cake base. Special note. When drilling big holes like this in plastic it is best to predrill say 3/16" then high speed drill the 3/8" in Reverse!! This keeps the bit from biting and ripping it out of your hand! The phone base positioning is VERY important! To far back and it hits the TV or Atomic Pile, to far forward and it hits the ramp in rotation!! Look at the pictures Carefully to ensure you only drill the mount 1 time correctly! The cake base is positioned Exactly on center and roughly 1/16" back from Black line into the yellow!! Absolutely perfect. In the next picture I put a piece of painters tape on the plastic to draw on and protect while drilling. Drill a 3/8" diameter hole in the Center with 2 small 5/32" holes positioned as shown but actually put them Closer to the perimeter then I did!! Reason being the board you will mount next is Very close to the screws! The hole Stern already put in the plate (shown in photo at Roughly 6 o-clock position from tape) is used to Remount the prewired LED board you removed from the old dog phone. You will need a 6/32 x 3/8" screw and 1 nut to install the LED board to bottom as shown. Center LED on hole in plastic. Center phone cake disk base over hole making sure it is 1/16" back and fasten from bottom with (2) 3/8" lg self tap wood screws like used on the bottom of Every playfield. At this time I also drilled an additional 1/8" hole to mount my BatPhone statue as shown since I was in there!! To install the Cake base and phone I used a few small dots of Gel Superglue and it worked great. Put everything back together in reverse order and don't forget to share the Old phone with your daughters favorite Friend who should have had that toy from the Start!! Actually a fairly simple project Anyone can do. The result is Absolutely AMAZING looking! Hope this helps others take the leap. Ask if you have any questions!!

IMG_9820 (resized).jpg

IMG_9823 (resized).jpg

IMG_9848 (resized).jpg

IMG_9850 (resized).jpg

IMG_9851 (resized).jpg

IMG_9852 (resized).jpg

IMG_9853 (resized).jpg

IMG_9855 (resized).jpg

IMG_9857 (resized).jpg

IMG_9856 (resized).jpg

IMG_9858 (resized).jpg

IMG_9854 (resized).jpg

IMG_9865 (resized).jpg

IMG_9863 (resized).jpg

IMG_9860 (resized).jpg

#124 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Thanks for posting this! I just received my parts yesterday.

Good luck! Fairly simple just take your time! If you have any questions just let me know!

#125 2 years ago

In between 3 hours of beating the new code out of my game I decided I just couldn't accept that cake dish mini phone. It hurt spending close to $60 on all that crap to hate the result but live and learn.... So we decided we would offer a lower cost spot on solution for those like us that hate the dog phone. The New "Batphone" is a completely scale translucent ABS phone with a full 6 LED board custom inserted into the base. The internal area is purposefully cored to allow even light through the phone for a full lighting effect! Looks Awesome though taking a picture of it flashing was a challenge.... The phone is completely plug and play with a direct wire harness attached. No drilling is required as the wire harness goes through the existing hole and removable Gorilla double side clear tape is used to mount. As a final detail each phone dial is hand painted with silver dial and red Button for that final touch!! These will ship next week. Cost per Batphone kit is $26.50 with Free US shipping. We hope you like this improvement and thanks as Always for your support. PM for availability and order.
The Mod Couple

IMG_9896 (resized).jpg

IMG_9892 (resized).jpg

IMG_9897 (resized).jpg

IMG_9875 (resized).jpg

IMG_9881 (resized).jpg

#127 2 years ago
Quoted from Sutol:

I like the phone mod but the Shakespeare bust at $6 works out $51 Inc shipping over here. Crikey...

Yeah, shipping can be a bust overseas. Look around I am certain there are other vendors out there in your area! It does look cool though! lol

1 week later
#129 2 years ago

The new Bat-Analyzer says code is to drop Soon! Until then, the New "Bat-Puter" set is complete and shipping Now. We have created a set of computer housings to finish off the Batcave look and hide those pesky wires. Complete with Bat identification logos (Batman Loved his label-maker!) and finished with a woodgrain rear panel (per Docs suggestion!). A 3 minute topside install and as always completely reversible. Kit comes with a Set of Batcomputers both "Batcomputer" and "Crime Analyzer" to match the playfield and complete the look. PM for interest, shipping Monday. $24.25 (free US shipping) for the complete set with decals mounted and mounting adhesive applied. Thanks as always for everyones interest!! Back to the bat-cave to wait for code from Commissioner Gordon!

The Mod Couple

IMG_9948 (resized).jpg

IMG_9947 (resized).jpg

IMG_9956 (resized).jpg

IMG_9949 (resized).jpg

IMG_9950 (resized).jpg

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