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Batman 66 Super LE Clone Mods and How To map to SLE

By Yelobird

2 years ago

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#12 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

We're getting closer to SLE land but much to go..... Next up is (warning sales pitch ahead) a mod that I just had to do to improve the look of this Beautiful playfield and add some protection to both the playfield and that dimpling magnet plate! I will call it the Sewer Mag Protector. Basically is a Gotham City laminated sewer cap cover along with a secondary custom oversized mylar protector. Both have clean cut center access to eliminate mylar shredding and faulty ball grabs. (Hmmm) I think it give the playfield a great theme look while protecting those ugly metal disk dimples and the top cover protects both while extending Over the magnet perimeter to protect the playfield to metal roll over. It really looks great, rather easy to install, and the price is very reasonable. I sell the Sewer Mag Protector complete for $10.50 free shipping.

Love the idea but is there any chance you could do a variety of designs? As the magnet is Joker fighting you during his mode could you do one with the fight text (KAPOW, EEE-YOW, BIFF etc) I would be really interested in something like that specially if you could carry the playfield design in to it with the pink and purple swirls!

#21 2 years ago

yelobird have you seen a SLE in person? You must have or have really studied some photos as your level of detail on these mods is pretty impressive even more so if you haven't seen a SLE.

And it's refreshing to see someone taking their time developing mods to ensure a high quality finish and not just 3D printing or rushing out any old piece of shit with an LED in it like 95% of mod makers on Pinside do these days. Bravo

#30 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

i just wanted to chime in and let fellow pinsiders know that I've met Yelobird in person (He bought my bm66le) and he's NOT some whacko making crap mods. Yelobird is a good guy with access to some high end equipment so he can definitely make some high quality mods. Nice work YBird.

Well said, but it's is clear from this thread yelobird and his wife take pride in the stuff they put there names too unlike a lot of the mod hacks that have popped up on Pinside over the last couple years.

Like i said a couple of posts above it's great to see another mod maker putting some genuine thought into mod/s and not just 3D printing a tonne of clutter for the playfield or sticking an LED in any random piece of crap.

These mods are already looking very high end, well thought out/developed and made with quality clearly a top priority. I rarely buy mods but this thread is going to cost me money

#38 2 years ago
Quoted from MattS:

I tried to take the picture with the same amount of speaker panel in frame for comparison sake, nice work!

I think @yelobirds speaker upgrades are actually better than Sterns SLE factory originals! @yelobirds bat emblem has a more defined shape and the finish and quality looks a step above the Stern.

I thought the speaker upgrades where great but seeing a side by side comparison makes them look even better f'in awesome work yelobird!

#41 2 years ago
Quoted from MattS:

No problem
Let me know if you need any other pics.

Any chance you could post up pics of the SLE pinstriping? Would love to be able to see how thick/thin the factory stuff is, I have a pinstriper locally who is going to paint up my armour and clear over the top, some decent reference shots for him would be great. Apolgies for asking in your thread yelobird, hope you don't mind, also curious for another comparison factory vs yours, see which looks better in the pinstriping category

1 week later
#58 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Yeah us, we made our deadline of 2 weeks with 2 hours to spare on the Batman 66 SLE Premium illumination kits! (Central time!) As promised and written above the Super LE speaker light kits are now complete. Maybe a few more lines of instruction but packed and complete. One note of Positive change in production and the slight ($4.00) price edit from original estimate was the addition of replacement precision waterjet speaker foam inserts. Originally the kit was going to require the user to use a template to cut holes in the stock foam. This turned me off as that would not classify this upgrade as a plug and play and completely reversible. Not to mention, cutting the foam in the Exact profile with no room for error did not seem like a worthy gamble to the end user or us. So now the kit comes Complete with Instructions, a set of illuminated rings And bat logos, foam inserts precut, and a plug and play wiring harness. Everything included except your effort and basic use of a nut driver. Lamps are also dimmable to the users personality. I personally like them at a low flicker similar to the original Super LE version. So without delay, below are some Complete pictures of the kit installed both illuminated and off. Looks Great and I am certain all will be pleased with the quality. I realize this is a higher cost speaker lighting kit but there are a Lot of custom fabricated parts and assemblies! The first run is not huge but I wanted to stick to my commitment and deadline. Send me a PM and I will let you know how to complete purchase. Kits will be leaving Monday or Tuesday worst case if I have to travel with my daughter. Thanks again for your interest and viewing our products!! Kits are $144 with $6.95 US shipping. Let us know what you think!
The Mod Couple


2 weeks later
#92 2 years ago

Huge improvement, saw it first in the BM66 club thread and it looks awesome.

I have been looking at it all morning, showed it to a couple of friends as well and they where equally impressed.

But could the blue be tonned down a little to look less plasticky and more painted metal dull metallic finish almost. Also depending what reference you use the Pile uprights are either blue or a much duller blue/silver. And could you add the control panels that are on the pile between the uprights?

Attached photos below plus a photo of a spare playfield and circled the Bat Analyser as that's one of the only blue/greys on the playfield if you could match that colour it would really tie everything in, I'd happily pay a little extra for any alterations you maybe run with. Truely an already awesome mod!

IMG_6144 (resized).JPG
Uprights are not as blue as rails and the screens/control panels would be a cool little extra detail
IMG_6145 (resized).JPGIMG_6146 (resized).PNG
Just a reference to the blue "metal" used on the playfield

#94 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Great suggestion on the "less plasticy" coloring !

Just to clarify yelobird, my post above is in no way a critisim of your prototype it's awesome and makes the Stern original look like a joke.

Simply a little constructive feedback on how to knock it right out of the park!!

If the blue on the rails could match the blue metal colour that is used rarely on the playfield specially the "Crime Analyser" insert that would be perfect and really tie the colouring into the playfield.

The upright supports of the Pile vary from source to source but they tend to be a little more tonned down and grey/blue compared to the brighter blue of the rails.

Those additional control panels on the Pile would also just be icing on the cake, hell I would pay you for a custom one if it wasn't something you wanted to mass produce!

#97 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Thank you All for the comments, suggestions, and feedback! It feels great to know your concept and direction didn't take a left turn so to speak. With that said there were a few Appreciated comments I wanted to cover. First, I failed to note that this was my prototype assembly so I did not miss my commitment to display by weekend. In making the first product the first thing that hit me was I did not like the color or finish of the blue parts. They were a touch to "plasticky" and the powder blue just did not do it for me. I am going with different color on the blue parts that I feel many will like much better. (plus it will calm my OCD lol) Second, while not called out I did decided to have the Core lens image of the Pile professionally printed to give it darker and more defined detail. I enjoy rushing to meet deadlines but not sacrificing the best possible result. These are very Minor edits and should not delay us (Amazon is open 24/7)! Thank you all again for your interest, feedback, and support!! We will update soon with final results/edits as well as availability! Minor tease... I think everyone will like what we are doing (not done) with the Batmobile spinner table!! I think the results look Awesome but these are Not done and will take a while do to the Atomic interest.

Thanks for addressing and responding to everything can't wait to see the new colours and the final "production" version.

Hats off to you and the wife, I have been pretty down on modding recently and have felt it has taken a creative nose dive! What with the mod market being flooded with simple 3D prinited shit & $1 plastic toys stufffed with an leds.

It's awesome to see the creativity and skills this hobby used to be known for still exists and high quality mods are still being produced! This is easily up there with Tron arcade cabinet, Red smoke WOZ witch, JP t-Rex.

Can't compliment you enough for your dedication to quality product and avoid rushing stuff out that is good enough or close enough, look forward to seeing the final version and appreciate you and your OCD taking the time to get these mods perfect!

#99 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

And no need to rush just to show us something. We Batman 66 owners are a very patient group ... we've had a great deal of practice waiting for code.

That made me laugh and cry at the same time.

2 weeks later
#112 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Please let me be your buyer! You would Absolutely make my clone conversion complete!!

Ideally whoever buys them, if they could reproduce them, sure there would be a big market for them.

#114 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I'm sure Stern would object.
Not sure the market would be all that large either. I doubt many LE owners would want to cover their art, so the potential market is essentially Premium owners.

Good points, I’m just surprised to see a set of these out there, I heard a SLE owner damaged his cabinet decals and it wasn’t a simple process to get them replaced.

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