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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

4 years ago

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Post #366 Adding the Batsignal to LE Posted by docquest (4 years ago)

Post #402 Very detailed review Posted by MT45 (4 years ago)

Post #457 DocQuests Helicopter comparison. Posted by docquest (4 years ago)

Post #463 Docquest's vehicle comparison Posted by docquest (4 years ago)

Post #501 Version 0.65 Code released Posted by PiperPinball (4 years ago)

Post #564 Docquest's helicopter install. Posted by docquest (4 years ago)

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Post #1322 Version 0.68 Code released Posted by ATLpb (4 years ago)

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#4545 3 years ago

Well I Finally joined the Batman LE club today thanks to an Amazing local Pinsider #Kklank. He is letting me relive my childhood entertainment with one of the cleanest (not sure he ever played it) examples I ever seen! My kids and even my wife Love the theme and we are proud to make Batman LE #97 "Bat Jets" part of our collection for a Long time!! Minor coincidence, I get Bat Jets and I sell Water Jets for a living.... Anyway, within the next month I hope to have this converted to a 100% SLE-clone to finalize my vision. While waiting for the machine I have collected every toy, waterjet a mirror copy of the SLE speaker acrylic parts, and the pin striping goes on tomorrow! I do feel a bit guilty joining this group so late in the game with all that you have waited on software wise. For me the first code drop counter is only day one! sorry... Learned a lot on this group and plan to share my modifications etc with the group as I progress. Same Bat Channel!!

IMG_8999 (resized).JPG
IMG_9001 (resized).JPG

#4553 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Welcome to the club! But isn't that the Batman Returns bat signal?

You may be right but as Doc may concur that logo is simply a easily removable profile. I can change it with a simple sticker or even waterjet the correct one but for me this cost a mere $18 and took 5 minutes to install. Personally I think the signal in the show was never precision focused. They were shooting it into the Sky! Plus its yellow which I believe matches the back glass and looks good. Again, it's a nice feature and I applaud Stern for coming up with it but for $200 plus dollars I do Not believe its a Must have OEM make or break need. I only use it when company is over but everyone has there own taste. My taste is Cheap when it comes to do dads like this. Lol.

#4554 3 years ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

Kevin doesn't actually play his pins, he just turns them on and shoves them!

All I can say is he is a Great guy and this was probably the smoothest buying transaction I have ever had. Not to mention everything in his collection looks like a museum which is important to me as I know he knows how to take care of his toys! I would say Never fear doing business with him!

#4558 3 years ago

Whats the rush with everyone wanting code? JUST KIDDING!!! I got my machine Yesterday even after following this thread! I feel for you early adopters truly. Especially if you have a smaller selection of games. Odd question since it appears we have Lots of time to analyze this game.... On the far left side of the playfield toward the top just past the entrance to the ramp is a Long playfield plastic strip that just kind of floats there without a fastener? Is that correct or am I missing a piece of tape or something? Not an issue just seemed like a Long plastic barely fastened. Thanks, still new to me.

#4563 3 years ago

OK sorry clearly my description was not accurate enough. I already have the ramp upgrade (not installed yet since I have yet to have a single ball issue one day! lol) I am talking about the Long plastic that runs up the Side wood rail of the machine Left side almost touching the cabinet. Toward the end I can lift up that plastic with one finger almost 3 inches with no fastners. There is only 1 plastic along the left side. If this still doesn't make sense I can always just post a pic if that helps. Again, not an issue just never seen a plastic That long with only 1 or 2 fasteners holding it.

#4565 3 years ago

This would be the plastic in question. Not prying, just simply flops up. Is this ok?

IMG_9006 (resized).JPG

#4567 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Are you talking about the batgirl plastic that starts over the gadget targets and then ends by the start of the left orbit? If so, the plastic tapers and is too thin for fasteners at the end. It's not going anywhere unless a piece breaks off.

Thanks. If you say this is good I will just ignore or possibly stick some chewing gum under there to make me feel better. Noticed it waxing the lane and flipped all the way up with the rag. Need to have better rag control.....

#4583 3 years ago

But This time they signed it with a Heart!! That has to mean Something no? lol

#4606 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Thanks for the info and the pics! I decided to get off my butt and install mine this morning. Here's how I installed it and my mini-review of it.
The crane mod I got was free from a fellow pinsider but it was an earlier version of the mod and was modified in a few ways. This version was originally taller and was cut down a little so it wouldn't protrude lower than the existing front of the crane. The current mod you can buy is the proper height and doesn't need to be cut down. The top of this one was a bit rough from being manually cut down but all of that is hidden once installed. I think my install approach could still be used with the current crane mod available at Mezelmods. Here are 2 side pics of it installed on my machine.

There are two wires (green and white) that run along the length of the crane and interfere with biasing the crane mod all the way forward. I cut the 3 cable ties holding the wires to the side of the crane and 2 more cable ties holding it to the other wires and to a plastic before going down the playfield hole near the pop bumper behind the crane. Under the playfield the white and green wires go to a 2 pin connector which you can disconnect. Once disconnected you can pull the 2 wire harness up through the playfield hole.
At the front of the crane the green wire terminates to a ground tab that is held by a screw/nut at the front of the crane. If you want to bias the crane mod right up against the front of the crane you need to rotate that ground tab. Just loosen the nut a little bit (8mm wrench works) so you can rotate the tab 90 degrees. Then re-tighten the nut to hold it in place. you can now push the crane mod right up against the front of the crane.

I added some double side foam tape to the top of the crane mod so it would stick to the top-underside of the crane. I then ran the wire harness through the center of the mod. To ensure the mod didn't fall off over time I also added a cable tie to the front corner of the crane. There was an empty hole there so it was the perfect spot to secure it.

I added another cable tie on the back end of the crane using the existing middle hole that previously held the wire in place. This cable tie is just holding the crane mod to the crane. Its not holding the wire harness here since the wire harness at this spot is above this hole.

I added another cable tie on the last hole to hold the wire harness in place. I pulled the wire taut before tightening the cable tie so that the wire wouldn't droop into view under the crane. I then put 2 more cable ties in the same places as the previous ones were to secure the wire harness to the other wires and the plastic
just below the crane. You want to make sure you have a little slack here since the crane needs to move freely. I then ran the wire down through the playfield and reconnected it.
My approach takes a little longer to relocate the wire but I like that the crane mod is centered under the crane. If you don't move the existing wire harness the mod will still fit under the crane but it won't be quite centered. You would need to bias the mod to one side so it fits alongside the existing wire harness.
I like the extra bit of detail this mod adds to the crane and think it looks great. Since this one didn't come with the dome light cover for the top of the crane I'll have to ask Mezel if he'd sell that one separately. You can buy the crane mod from the great folks at mezelmods here:

Dam you Doc with all your write ups and mod ideas, your costing me a Fortune!! Thanks for the Awesome lamp and detailed write ups! Now I have to take mama shopping so I can calm the house and get back to pin upgrades.....

#4613 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I doubt Stern will have the game there, but someone will.
In all seriousness- if there is no code update, what's going to happen? Not like enough Batman owners are going to be there to make a difference.

Not saying to do this But if someone wanted to make a point to Stern one Could bring their Batman 66 to the Expo, keep it turned off, and put a sign on it that says "Display only as Stern sold them." lol. Have to say That would be a slap in their face with a pin unveil soliciting new customers. lollol.

#4732 3 years ago

For anyone interested, I started a new post covering a step by step process to Clone your LE into a Super LE along with Speaker light kits and other items I will have available in the next 2 weeks. Can't stare at a machine with no code forever, time to start building my Own SLE army! I will continue to update that post with additional items and how-to steps including repainting the speaker panel to SLE it. Thanks.


The Mod Couple

#4734 3 years ago
Quoted from Zdoor:

Some progress pics. Still playing with the striping and messing around with the coin door. Wanted something different. Getting there.
Still need to finish speaker lighting and playing round with options to put a toy near shooter lane. I wasn't a huge fan of the additional batmobile there. Seemed odd to have two batmobiles on the playfield, might light the bat cycle and add that there. played around with some custom painted text to match the text on the side cab. Not sure I'll leave that. Added some art to the legs also. Still debatunthat one too...

Love the look of the pinstrip on the coin door! Thanks for sharing, I was looking for nice simple detail like that to dress up the front end! Thanks!!

#4735 3 years ago

Since we are sitting around waiting for software to play Batman I have a question. Batman liked to label everything in the entire batcave as if he had a labelmaker addiction including the bat poles. What would happen if they accidentally went down the wrong pole??

Batpole (resized).jpg

#4749 3 years ago
Quoted from RobKnapp:

Thank you. Do you have to take all the stuff off the Batman 66 to put on the playfield protector ? I'm not skilled enough . #2 Where or whom did you purchase your Batman 66 Playfield protector from I would like to look at there products . Thanks a million.

No, only a few minor items need to be removed for a proper fit. Trust me, even with minimal skills it is a very DIY project. Just take your time and Pictures! Good Luck!

#4750 3 years ago

Update. Always positive in production we are ahead of schedule. The Sewer Mag Protector is now available and packaged to ship starting today! You can PM me direct if you wish though it would be best to use direct checkout via our Pinside Market store under "The Mod Couple"! I will update on production status of the Speaker Illumination kits as well as the Toy mounting custom plate soon. All still on track as promised. Thank everyone for their interest.

Direct Link to "The Mod Couple" Pinside market store:

IMG_9220 (resized).jpg

#4754 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I thought the same ages ago, laser cut or waterjet replacement Plastics in acrylic or something super strong with a silvery tint to it with the red edging on, from what yelobird has shown so far with his mods I think he's the guy for the job and could make an awesome replacement!
I'd also like that horrid orange plastic that the Batmobile is riveted to replaced with something more show accurate or just better looking. yelobird batmobile and batboat mount is awesome with the little bat sign cut into it, if he could do one like that for the spinner that would look awesome!!
What do you think yelobird? Have you given any thought to replacing the atomic pile during your SLE upgrade quest?

I appreciate the kind words J85M, thank you. Yes I agree on the Atomic pile, seems kind of last minute. I am working on a concept for that now but remain focused on my commitment to get the Illuminated speaker SLE kits out on time and wrap up the Batmobile mounts to ship ahead of schedule this week. Thanks and I will keep all posted and Do appreciate the feedback on what people would like to see. Creativity inspires creation!

#4833 3 years ago
Quoted from taz:

Hey, I thought of something kind of upbeat tonight. As I installed Modfather's Sewer Decal on the magnet and cleaned up my PDI glass a bit, and then marveled at how beautiful my BM66 playfield looked, it hit me. You know, our BM66 pins sitting and not getting played too much while waiting on code for this past loooong year, has allowed our clear coats to cure longer with minimal playfield stress. Compared to our go-to pins with decent code of course, like in my case a fun pin like Iron Man which has been taking much of my playfield hits since I got BM66. So, just FYI on a way that we can think positive about BM66 until we finally get to Beta code in October. At least it'll keep us from lighting them on fire.
I wonder if all of the inserts will work after the next code drop? Will Batgirl finally have a mode? Will the minor villains do something, anything? Will gadgets be worth taking up so much real estate on the playfield? Will the best topper ever invented, actually do something during game play? Will I no longer scream in agony after listening to Joker music over and over again capturing and recapturing him for nothing? Will I finally have something to shoot for besides Bat Turn?

The Modfathers decal? I thought I sold you that... lol I to hope for a deep yet much more complete code. Until then all we can do is improve, modify, and gaze at the beautiful playfield. Its actually a pretty great game as is as long as your a crappy player like me. lol Should have an update with photos on the speaker illumination kit this week and production is still on track for 1 week completion.

The Mod Couple

#4834 3 years ago

Sorry I may just be to lazy to read all 97 pages again but what was the fix for the stuck (sticking) joker target switch? Pulling the glass to pop it out every 10 plays seems counterproductive. Any advice would be appreciated I'm certain I seen this asked before just couldn't find it. Thanks.

#4844 3 years ago

Thanks to all on the Joker adjustment ideas. I will give it a try today and hope this goes away.

#4846 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Any idea when you will have something to show for the modded Batmobile spinner and Atomic Pile? Ideally I want to order your stuff all at once and there is more than one of us in the UK that would like to do the same to make a bulk order.

I appreciate the interest thank you. At this time we are focused on getting the Illuminated speaker kits completed on schedule then the Atomic Pile as well as a few other concepts will start progressing. Over promising and under performing is the last direction we want to go. I assure you we will be working on additional titles and refining current products. Currently Black Knight, Hobbit, MM, BM66, and FH are complete. Thanks again for the interest, we appreciate everyones input and business.

The Mod Couple

#4852 3 years ago
Quoted from Zdoor:

installed the vehicle mount and villain cars. Still want get a light on them. Played a quick game and got villain escape and 1.2 billion. So, decided I liked the mod lol

Love those villain cars! How did I not find those! Sweet. Are those in the same Hot Wheels classic series? Really appreciate the new idea I may choose to go your direction now. Maybe the riddler car chasing the Batmobile??

#4857 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

If you want villain cars from the actual TV series, eaglemoss produced a few. They did a joker mobile from the surfing episode in season 3, a catmobile that eartha kit drove around in season 3, and a batmobile after penguin stole it and pimped it out to be the "bird-mobile" from season 1.
The eaglemoss cars are a little bigger (maybe 1:43 or 1:50 scale) but very detailed. Hot wheels also put out a penguin bird-mobile at one point as well.

Thanks Doc, cost me more money. After seeing your pics I opted to buy the Joker Mobile Surfer along with the Penguin Batmobile for the mount plate. Already have one batmobile on the playfield so I thought those would look better than my Boat... Thanks for the direction.

#4861 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Anyone know where to buy the Joker surfer mobile? It doesn't seem to be available anywhere.

I ended getting mine off EBay NIB for $24. The OEM is out of stock at this time per website.

#4863 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

You must have gotten the last one. NO ONE has this available.

Here is one though it is $33 it offers a "Make offer" which is what I did to get mine for $24. Good Luck!


#4885 3 years ago

An update to all that inquired or are interested. I have updated my Batman 66 Clone Super LE forum post with the photos and current status of our Batman Speaker Illumination kits which are still on track to complete for shipment this Saturday. For anyone interested or wishing to see additional photos you can follow the post below. Thanks

The Mod Couple

IMG_9325 (resized).jpg

IMG_9324 (resized).jpg

IMG_9326 (resized).jpg

#4978 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Anyone install a pinstadium lighting kit in their Batman66? I'm in the preorder list and finally got my shipping notification today.
I'm getting the base kit with GI control and the UV flasher option. Trying to decide which of the 8 flashers would be the best one to trigger the UV glow with.
I was originally going to add some spotlights to try and brighten up the overly dark playfield but when I heard about pinstadium that sounded like a better approach.
I'll be sure to do some before/after pics once I recieve it and get it installed.

Doc, I would Really appreciate your R&D results on how and where you hook yours up. I have the same kit on order just after you. I was told if I don't get it this week I could pick it up at Expo next Friday. Hoping to follow your lead and guidance on setting this up on this theme. Thanks.

#4999 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Providing what has been said is true and actually comes to fruition BM66 release should be v1.00 or higher when it drops next week.

Hoping for you and us but unless I missed that post/writing from Stern the only ones saying it Will be v1.0 and dropping next week is this forum. lol So many hopes and speculations over the past many months has proven disheartening. I do Believe this Will be a great finished product but not until the OEM actually makes these statements and claims. Managing Expectations so to speak.

#5038 3 years ago

The Mod Couple is Pleased to say we have completed the Batman Super LE illuminated light kits On time and are available to ship starting Monday! Limited run this first batch but we wanted to stay on our commitment and promise. Info as well pricing and additional photos are available via our Batman Super LE Clone thread below. Something to keep you guys/gals busy while we wait for the big code drop next week!! Thanks all for the interest! PM after reviewing other post for interest. Thanks


The Mod Couple

IMG_9388 (resized).jpg

IMG_9391 (resized).jpg

IMG_9376 (resized).jpg

#5041 3 years ago

Because we just couldn't wait for the code we decided to throw out one more new MOD for Batman 66. As simple as it looks is just fits the look and theme Perfectly! The KG Bird crane mod! A Penguin purple translucent umbrella complete with hand painted details and 3D penguin emblem! 1 minute install with no parts to remove from your game. Looks great and color matched to both playfield and KG Crane. These will be available this coming weekend (sorry need to get some Expo in!) shipping Monday. Appropriatly scaled to protect his fiendish feathered head. PM for interest. Price at this point has not been calculated as Ms Mod Couple hasn't calculated the hand painting time.... Thanks for looking, hope we provided a new theme spin.
The Mod Couple

IMG_9416 (resized).jpg

IMG_9415 (resized).jpg

IMG_9411 (resized).jpg

#5045 3 years ago

Lets all join hands and count down together in hope and confidence that Thursday is The day for the Bat-gasm awesome software code spectacular!! 3 DAYS to Show!

#5050 3 years ago

Illuminated Speaker kits packed and shipped today as promised. (Not a fun Sunday) First production run sold out in a few hours though our second run is set to complete Wednesday so there is minimal delay to buyers. Thanks to everyone for your interest and purchases. We love what we do and appreciate your business! Thanks

The Mod Couple

#5057 3 years ago

The "One Mod" we can not create but we are all drawn to....
"My Precious Empty Zip Stick" lol Waiting are ready to go!

IMG_9421 (resized).jpg

#5094 3 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

And it shows how? Statements like this always get me....you are making a huge assumption and stating it as a fact. All you know is you haven't received BM66 code. Lyman may be working on the machine after Elvira, maybe he is playing checkers in the back of the plant for 6 hours a day, or maybe he is working on BM66...the truth is that none of us know. Unless there is someone here that I don't know about, none of us have ever coded a pinball game, let alone a pinball game with an LCD screen and several years worth of material to try and incorporate. All we know for sure is we have waited a long time for the code.....none of us and I mean NONE of us have any idea how long the code actually takes to develop. There are a lot of folks here that think they do, but none of them know the timeline as a fact.

I totally agree with your post and have thought the same myself. Also, as not a huge stern follower isn't this the first time Stern has used the copy, edit, modify, live film/video process in one of their games like JJP? To me that is Way harder than the old style make a bird in dots and animate him to fly so to speak. Add to that, while not torture Lyman had to watch ALL 120 Batman 66 episodes memorize and cut where each statement/scene applies and edit that to make pinball sense. He's basically a film director now on top of a programmer. Just trying to understand this undertaking is Not as simple as past Stern/other title challenges they have taken on. Maybe they underestimated the time/effort needed to do something like this (think JJP titles) but my Hope is the result and efforts will be Amazing on an Amazing title!! If only Lyman had a Bat-Analizer......

#5099 3 years ago

Hands together only 2 more days. The downside to this is I fear this forum post will become a desert wasteland of silence.... Everyone huddled in their basement/game-room analyzing every amazing dialog of code. I will miss the creative and detailed feedback this Long thread has provided. We are Almost there........

#5110 3 years ago

The Batman 66 "KG Bird Crane Umbrella" mod is Complete and ready to ship!! We made several fine adjustments to make the appearance, strength, and translucency even better than the original prototype. The 3D penguin figure is now more pronounced with additional hand painted detail!! The translucent lens was also strengthened to give it a more rigidity and a smoother finish. Looks Amazing and the install is Extremely simple without tools. 1 minute install. Looks great illuminated or off and matches the theme and coloring of the feathered fiends crane perfectly. Have a look at the pictures, I hope others like the upgrade as much as we enjoyed creating it. PM for purchase. Available for $24.75 plus $4.25 first class shipping. Thanks for viewing another Mod Couple Bat-Exclusive!!!

The Mod Couple

IMG_9430 (resized).jpg

IMG_9428 (resized).jpg

IMG_9423 (resized).jpg

IMG_9425 (resized).jpg

#5126 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I was thinking about replacing the ball deflector on the bottom of the batgirl plastic with something more interesting but was still functional.

There is a Batgirl cyle out there I could use but who knows if she'll ever be in the game or not. I was thinking about using this since it has a fun mode in the game and it looks cool.

Also thought about putting it on a bumper cap as an alternative location.

OK, only so I don't feel like I'm taking your idea lol that ball diverter is my next project. Done but not ready to throw out. My direction was (feel free to make your own) to make the Stern supplied diverter into the hazard road block barricade that block the entrance to the Batcave. More of a decal kind of simple option but that is the direction I was going and it was a key highlight in the shows intro. Shows how similar we think at times lol.

batbarriergatefence (resized).jpg

#5180 3 years ago

One more day. I will miss all the code banter while we are all huddled around our games soaking in the code. It feels like the day before Bat-Xmas....

#5182 3 years ago

Since we have time and all, sorry my first time on a Stern Spike 2. How does one do the proposed code update. Is it similar to a JJP system? I assume, download code, extract zip to appropriate zip drive, and update.

#5215 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Anybody look into this do it yourself kit yet?

Don't have that one but I Did print some Blue decoder rings with anticipation for the New Code drop! lol I have too much time on my hands. lolol

IMG_9433 (resized).jpg

#5217 3 years ago

On a lighter note..... A sincere Thank You to all for your interest and business with our Batman Mods. ALL items including all KG Bird kits have shipped and will arrive soon for your complete code update! Thanks to all.

The Mod Couple

IMG_9430 (resized).jpg

#5243 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

If anyone has has questions to ask during Q and A post them here.

Can you please ask them what their position is on global warming..... and if you have time, Where be the code! Lol

#5493 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Installed Yelobird's SLE speaker light kit today. What a fantastic mod and one of the most satisfying mods I've done to a machine yet. Need to add that if you have a PRE with a PRE topper you will not be able to connect the speaker kit to the CN6 plug on the power distribution board. Right now my topper is unplugged as I'm enjoying my light kit more. Not quite sure what I'll need to get both connected so if anyone can direct me to the proper Y splicer etc I'd appreciate it. Electrical is not a strength of mine. Thanks for a great mod Yelobird!!!

Thunder, Thank you very much for the review and positive comments. It was learned later that the secondary market Stern plexi topper is also using the 12v plug for an LED purpose. I will have an edit for this with a simple "Z" splice and secondary plug shortly. I will be sending you one at no cost and Thank you for helping us improve the product for All. I will be in touch shortly with the part and get it out to you asap. Very glad you like the upgrade!

The Mod Couple

#5496 3 years ago

To Brighten the software mood Temporarily I thought I would interject some an Awesome light of joy to the Batman dialog. I purchased the Pin Stadium light kit available from Scott and all I can say is WOW! Looks incredible on Batman 66 and the installation was Incredibly easy!! I ordered my kit (a few weeks ago) and Scott was kind enough to hand carry it to Expo so I could get my light on so to speak asap. So without further a due.... Below a few Before and after pics but I Assure you the result is Far better in person. I have never played this game in a lights out room before today. The beautiful color and art of this machine come Alive (more so than the software.....). Note that my color tones, mount point, and brightness are to My liking. With his incredible easy app its as simple as moving your finger to get the color, balance, everything, easy-peasy! I included photos of where I believe the connections and flasher connection work best for me but that is also a personal choice. I feel the results look Great. I connected the simple kit per his step by step instruction and made my preferred GI connection along the right side of the playfield (as shown) for simple secure access. The Flasher to me of best choice was the pop bumper area center bulb. Give a Cool lighting effect and the strobe is nice yet Not strobing while the ball is in the lower play area which would be for me a nuisance. I stripped a Very slim amount of the Stern heat shrink tubing to expose the connection and clamped away. I will make a permanent solder connection later when I feel 100% certain in my position decision. For now it is Beyond what I expected and the service, support, quality, and effect is priceless. (well not priceless, but worth the cost!!) Let me know if there are any questions and Highly recommend to all for all games!!!!!

The Mod Couple

IMG_9509 (resized).jpg
IMG_9512 (resized).jpg
IMG_9504 (resized).jpg
IMG_9506 (resized).jpg
IMG_9496 (resized).jpg
IMG_9494 (resized).jpg

#5497 3 years ago

Forgot to add a pic showing the area I ran the Pin Stadium lights neatly. GI bulb on Right, (see Black clips) and Flasher below (with Red clips. Also, for raising the playfield simply remove from magnets, carefully position straight down playfield and position end just under sling rubber so they stay put while raising the playfield.

IMG_9497 (resized).jpg

IMG_9491 (resized).jpg

#5500 3 years ago
Quoted from Rolls-Royce:

I apologize to ask this (I know this was asked before), ... but, what is the scale of the Batmobile and Boat of the SLE please?
It is too big a 1/43 Batmobile to put it on the mounted plate?
Thanks in advance fellas
Paulo JC

Paulo. Stern uses the Hotwheels 1:50 scale toys on the SLE. You could use the 1/43 but they may look a bit wide for that area (shooter lane). Personally I have the Hotwheels as shown below and they look great to me.

Bats (resized).jpg

#5546 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I never add mods expecting to increase my pins value. I do it because its fun and gives me a creative outlet.
Plenty of other Stern LE's and others (Hobbit) have lower resale value than they were NIB so thi isnt a Batman thing. Not every game will appreciate in value less than 1 year after it comes out.
Speaking of resale, I noticed the Batman66 SLE for sale in the free play room was gone fairly quickly. Anyone know what it sold for?

Love to know myself but I will say that game had some minor issues. Not sure but it seemed like the spinner switch was stuck on and as long as you sat there you kept getting points. Add to that the rotating playfield had some issues and the ball lock did not work and the lock bar pin striping was starting to slide. Nothing major but that is the cost of Expo testing. I was amazing someone would bring a game of that prominence and $$$$$ to an Expo to be beat to death. Hope the new owner can polish it up and give her a new home. Great to meet the Doc and several others at Expo this year. Put a face and Real name to the characters on this forum. lol

#5561 3 years ago

Doubt this will make anyone feel better but it Really could be worse.... I paid Full price for a BBB and waiting 3 Years to get a Game let alone the software. What about the poor TBL buyers? They paid this much and More 4 Years ago and in my view that deal looks more like a Berny Madoff game than a hope. Just saying, we are All disappointed Stern Way over shot our Expectations but it Really could be worse. Plus I have only had my game for one month so....lol JK!!

#5597 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Im not sure what info they would be collecting from the audits that would be useful to finishing the remaing modes.
The part of that post I find a little weird is the line "... while also implementing player feedback that was supplied directly to the team at this years show..." what is that all about?
I didnt see anyone from Stern by the games asking opinions or having players filling out comment cards. Did anyone who played the games at the show get asked about code?

Only the Stern Army was interviewed! lol Didn't you get your recruitment papers? I think #JHF is just upset he wasn't enlisted in their awesome army to spread pinball joy across the planet! lol Just Kidding!!

#5613 3 years ago

Just a Minor update from The Mod Couple. While not for everyones taste, the Batman 66 "Atomic Pile" plug and play kit is coming along Incredibly well!!! It looks Awesome and the detail and fit is spot on. I am hopeful everyone will appreciate the detail/precision this upgrade offers. It was crazy how many hours went into engineering and modeling this assembly but the results were worth it! I am Hopeful to have final assembly pictures up in the coming week thought the wiring is still in process. Loved this challenge.

The Mod Couple

#5616 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

installed the mod couple light kit for batman '66. It looks great but unfortunately hard to centre perfectly owing to the design of the machine but very happy with the kit. Feedback for Yelobird is that the brightness adjuster is a bit hit and miss and also when installing some of the two pin connectors was fiddly but cool mod.

Agreed, the brightness adjuster is a Slow delicate screw but luckily once you set it you are done. Yes, I agree it upset me that the position Stern put the speaker hole in does not allow for absolutely perfect left/right alignment (I mentioned I have OCD?) but pretty hard to see when installed unless you look for it. Your install looks Great and we greatly appreciate your feedback and interest in our products!!!

The Mod Couple

#5636 3 years ago
Quoted from twenty84:

If anything the yelobird mod needs to be more off center to look authentic... I look forward to getting mine.

I Really wanted to custom make the inner metal Stern mounting plate to relocate the speaker to true center but at a certain point a the customization becomes a new and costly creation. I wanted to provide the most authentic and quality kit we could produce without having the owners Completely rebuild the game. For the record, Stern not only moved the speaker closer to the outer edge from the SLE model but also moved them Up! I realized this when my first assembly of Bats was off the grid so to speak. You can verify this by counting the dead honey comb rows on an SLE vs a Premium or LE. All good. We think the kits turned out great and the feedback has been wonderful. I am VERY certain to raise the bar High with the "Atomic Pile" replacement mod very soon. I will say at this time probably my most complicated and detailed toy creation to date!! We appreciate you.

The Mod Couple

#5640 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Care to share some details of what we can look forward to?

Lol, JFH. All I can say is I am doing Everything I can do give my (others) games a look similar to the picture below! In a Very miniature version. lol I will Promise it looks Way better than what Stern put on the game and as always this will be a Completely plug and play remove old assembly, install new upgrade type kit. 2 screw, 1 plug, Play! I do think you will like it and I promise as always to share the Completed product as soon as it is ready! Our estimate is this weekend. (And no, there will not be any villain bodies on ours!)

Batman-0002 (resized).jpg

#5647 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

As soon as I saw your shooter lane mount I mentioned you doing the Atomic Pile, specially with your good lady pinstriping/painting the edges like she did on the Batmobile/Boat mount, pretty certain it's going to look awesome and very much looking forward to the reveal this weekend!
Any chance you could also do a new mount for the Batmobile spinner? The factory organgy/red mount looks like sh*t, something show accurate or something like your Batmobile/boat mount with red edging and the Batmobile bat symbol cut out in the middle with more red edging would look awesome!!

We thank you for the suggestion and yes that is something I was considering after the Atomic cool Pile is done. From request however I plan (very quick sneak in product) to add a second variation to the Batmobile mount plate to allow for the Eaglemoss 1:43 scale models to fit. As doc showed the detail on them is Spectacular and they offer some Really cool villain cars which to me (and others) fit better since there is already a Batmobile on the playfield. I will offer both variations but many have requested the slightly larger version to accommodate the other toys. Myself included! Made a last minute color change (OCD perfection) to the Atomic Pile today but still on track to complete this weekend. Thanks again for everyones interest!

The Mod Couple

#5680 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I posted some ideas previously:
Mr Freeze - Freezes your timers or a specific timer of your choosing with the action button?
Shame - Randomises a modes shot pattern?
Bookworm - Could force you to make mode shots a set number of times to light up shot multiplier inserts
Tut - Changes up the number of shots required on a particular shot in order to progress to SJP
A perk/bonus that matches the villians personalities from the shows would be cool which is why I thought of the things above to best match their characters.
Seasons would be great as mini wizard modes and would be awesome if the main villain modes changed up their shot requirements and patters season to season similar to how ST modes work/change from level 1, 2, 3.

Cool ideas hope they are reading. It is fairly sad though that we are Imagining what this game Could do instead of it just doing something. lol

#5692 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Why not? We all have games we prefer more than others, imo BM has the potential to blow a lot of Sterns recent releases away.
I'm also hoping JJPs POTC has given Stern a kick in the ass to up their game.
So have you joined the BM66 club hazoff with your first post here? Prem? LE?

Batman Blows at this point but just not in a good way! lol My opinion and fear is the only thing Stern carried away from the JJP unveil is their pricing structure. SW, BM66, I hope they are Both great and finished within our lifetime!

#5701 3 years ago

Well this Club is awful quiet?? How about a "Atomic Pile" Mod Couple style to wake things up! As promised, the prototyping, design, and Endless test runs are now done and the Batman 66 Atomic Pile is now DONE! (not for sale yet but Very soon!) I think the design came out Very nice and Much better fits the theme, scene, and Class this pinball machine is in. While Stern made a very nice attempt our creation we feel really compliments the Batcave as it should be. All kits are currently being designed as a plug and play. You remove only the plug and 2 screws holding your Stern Atomic plastic and your done. The fit of this setup as you can see is like a Glove! I did have to make one concession and raise it .25" to accommodate the Stern squishy dog toy phone. If you have the slimmer aftermarket one you can simply remove my provided spacer though I actually Really like is just a bit higher so it covers the TV when the Batcave mode is running. (rotated) Also, with it raised it nicely shows the upper deck and applied warning stickers. I did need to keep it slightly still a Pinball theme so the silicone rings are used instead of the steel rings seen on the actual Atomic Pile. These rings also act as the replacement buffer behind the TV perfectly since the old ones will now be gone. Have a look at the pictures, we would love to know what you think! Love or hate, we do this because we enjoy it and love the 66 theme. (plus theres no code anyway!) I am Hoping to have these available in About a week. Please note that this mod takes an Insane amount of time to fabricate, assemble, paint, detail, etc so they will not be a shelf item but we will build them as fast as we can if there is interest. I will update all on pricing and availability for anyone interested. Thanks for all your interest!!

The Mod Couple

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.07.02 PM (resized).png
Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.05.09 PM (resized).png
Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.08.48 PM (resized).png
IMG_9567 (resized).jpg
IMG_9563 (resized).jpg
IMG_9565 (resized).jpg
IMG_9566 (resized).jpg
IMG_9573 (resized).jpg
IMG_9577 (resized).jpg

#5704 3 years ago

I failed to note that this entire Mod "structure" is made from ABS durable plastic. Not cheap PLA plastic which would break in this environment. Minor detail but we can't have the atomic generator breaking down!

#5705 3 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

I’m in. How much?

I am working on that just burning the midnight oil to get the part CAD models done and display a finished product on time as promised. As mentioned, I will update everyone when they are available and what the final price will be very soon. Thanks for your interest!

The Mod Couple (up late to pull this off)

#5732 3 years ago

Thank you All for the comments, suggestions, and feedback! It feels great to know your concept and direction didn't take a left turn so to speak. With that said there were a few Appreciated comments I wanted to cover. First, I failed to note that this was my prototype assembly so I did not miss my commitment to display by weekend. In making the first product the first thing that hit me was I did not like the color or finish of the blue parts. They were a touch to "plasticky" and the powder blue just did not do it for me. I am going with different color on the blue parts that I feel many will like much better. (plus it will calm my OCD lol) Second, while not called out I did decided to have the Core lens image of the Pile professionally printed to give it darker and more defined detail. I enjoy rushing to meet deadlines but not sacrificing the best possible result. These are very Minor edits and should not delay us (Amazon is open 24/7)! Thank you all again for your interest, feedback, and support!! We will update soon with final results/edits as well as availability! Minor tease... I think everyone will like what we are doing (not done) with the Batmobile spinner table!! I think the results look Awesome but these are Not done and will take a while do to the Atomic interest.

#5738 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Okay this needs to be shared here, just stumbled across this on google, maybe a couple hundred dollars less I would be all over one of these.

Soooo your saying you would pay close to $800 for a model??? lol No chance mine will cost anywhere near that Promise! Also, yes technically to scale the Real Atomic pile acually had a third level deck though the Batcave was not limited to a Pinball Glass Ceiling as I am. lol You are very observant and we hope to make some of the fine tuned updates quickly. Have one new update to add also in a few minutes...

#5743 3 years ago

Few minutes are up! We promised a few days ago due to Many requests to update a second Batmobile custom mounting plate to accomidate the Awesome but scaled differently Eaglemoss replica cars. First a Huge thank you to #Docquest for his recommendation to consider their cool Batman 66 villian cars. They are Incredibly detailed and offer several really cool and affordable options. While I originally went with the original Stern SLE hotwheels look there just in no sense to have another Batmobile on the playfield! Following the theme of the game the Eaglemoss villan cars look Awesome. I went with the Penguin Stolen Batmobile and the Joker Beach car. They are extremely authentic to the show and look great. The new Mod Couple option is the "Batmobile Custom Eaglemoss mounting plate". The plate is slightly longer and the shape is changed in width and other variables. Also, since the plate is longer do notice the slight offset towards the top should you already have the Gotham City post sign. (Can't have mods fighting mods!) Hand painted mod kit is hand painted and includes the standoffs needed like the other kit. Unfortunately my material layout yield was off with the additional sizing so the the Eaglemoss kit will be $2 extra sorry.... Cost for the Eaglemoss kit is $27.25 + $6.95 shipping. PM for interest, both sizes are currently available!! Minor cool note, the Eaglemoss cars include mounting screws in the bottom so install is as simple as picking a car(s) and drilling (2) 1/8" holes for a permanent mount. Thanks to all for the request and interest.

The Mod Couple

IMG_9581 (resized).jpg

IMG_9583 (resized).jpg

IMG_9582 (resized).jpg

#5744 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

DO you think we could just swap the whole turntable out an stick one of these in there?

Pretty please, give the Mod Couple another week(ish) to show you what we will offer for the current "Pink" bat car spinner. I think you'll like it and it's fairly simple and low cost. With the New Atomic Pile addition that florescent pink disk just doesn't cut it anymore for me. Stay tuned, same bat-channel............

#5746 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Do you have any other games? I notice you don't display your collection on Pinside. Reason I ask is, I am hoping you own some more of the games I have for future mods
Looking forward to seeing the spinner mod you have, so far every mod you have made for BM66 has been a homerun!

Thanks for the kind words. Yes we have about 14 games in our collection with JJP POTC and Houdini on their way. We do offer mods for other titles (MM, Hobbit, BK, FH, TZ, etc) in our Mod Couple Pinside store. Truth is for us some games are very personal to us an Deserve a special treatment. We try not to make a mod that is just stick an LED into toy and sell type. Not all mods are for everyone and Totally respect that. For me, if it adds a creative value or adds quality I think mods are safe. TZ as an example "Jumped the Shark" so to speak which is why I got out of that mod game. I started this 14 years ago with a simple TZ Slot machine and TZ lamp and since then that machine has been pimped by anything people can stick in it. Again, not bad just not my taste or interest. Thanks again for your compliment and interest. We love BATS! lol

#5756 3 years ago

Hmm, thats something I need to take into consideration for the batmobile spinner.... If some are riveted that may be an alternate concern I need to work around. Don't feel like buying everyone a new matchbox car. lol

#5757 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Agreed....that turntable ( underside) has a lot going on, and many areas to hide. I changed my Batmobile out to one of the cool, shiney versions. Drilled small holes and used JB Weld to fuse the screws to the underside of vehicle. Not going anywhere, and I can unscrew it and rivet at a later date to a new disc that is rumored.....

Can you share what kind of Shiny new batmobile you upgraded to? Worst case scenario I may need to upgrade everyone and offer this as a complete riveted assembly unless people are attached to theres...

#5773 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I mounted her from behind
<play ba-dum-ching drum sound here>
I drilled a small hole right up her poop chute. Then I put some harbor freight piano wire in the hole. The other end of the piano wire had a little loop on it that you attach under a screw by her feet. On her feet I also added a couple of glue dots from the craft store.

Ok that made me nose blow coffee. To funny.... You really need to consider selling her. Please, I love what you did on that one with the lit jewel. PM me if you would sell!!!

#5775 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I'll take a disc without a Batmobile will screw with locktight, haven't had any need to use my riveted replacement since using new screws and locktight.
Maybe offer both versions?

I think that is the direction we are going to need to take on this project. I hate to sell people a car they don't need but I will not exclude people that received the improved riveted option. Just need to lock down on the Batmobile car people like best for the w/car option. I hate when an OEM has multiple variations, makes life complicated lol.

#5780 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I preordered it way back when from their website when they were first announced. They had quite a backlog but I think they are caught up now. I talked with Scott for a while at expo and he's a great guy and did a great job with this mod. The phone app to control and tweak the color and fade effects is really impressive.
He said almost all the people who order opt to also get the flasher and GI control options with it. You dont have to add those options to get the better overall lighting but these add ons definitely add a lot to the wow factor. If I didnt get them I probably would have regretted it as I dont think they can be added later. I'll probably be adding a set of pinstadium lights to my Ash Vs Evil Dead retheme pin next.

Not sure but I believe you and I also got the UV option when ordering. I know I did and Strongly suggest it. Looks Awesome!! Love the Pin Stadium lights on Batman 66. My post also shows my pictures and how to.

#5790 3 years ago

Does anyone have a picture (bottom) of the Replacement Stern riveted Batmobile replacement? I can easily rivet them but wanted to see what I am facing for people that don't want a car. One option I came up with that would save money (buyer) as well as hunting for 100 out of production batmobiles is a threaded base plate that would bond (very well) to the existing car. So you could use the plate with stock holes, drill out your rivet heads and use my mount and your car, or use my mount and the car You like and save some $$. A picture would be Awesome if someone would share.

#5803 3 years ago
Quoted from 82Trooper:

So maybe I am an idiot....what did I do incorrectly here?
The other pictures I see posted the led ring is centered in the grill...mine is offset to the left (facing the machine). It is centered properly over the speaker hole...so I am not sure how to adjust this.....

Unfortunately we are at the mercy of where Stern placed the metal hole cutout for the speaker. There is no way to relocate the speaker closer to center unless a completely custom internal mounting plate, studs, support, etc were created which would make the kit a bit less affordable to accommodate the 3/16 error they supplied us. Yours looks great and you did a perfect job! When lit it will hardly show but it will be slightly off as you note.

#5804 3 years ago
Quoted from Zdoor:

I also have factory speakers and ended up moving the mod toward the monitor about an 1/8”. Your eye doesn’t really catch that it’s off with the blackground and lack of tweeter on the factory speaker.

Thats a Great point and recommendation #Zdoor! I never thought about it but you could easily and simple apply the kit LED ring Slightly (1/8") off the center alignment towards the monitor and problem solved. I went with line up hole to hole to keep it simple to understand but I will add your suggestion to the next install document. It's not Nearly long enough!! lol Thank you Sincerely for the tip, we Love making this Perfect and Everyones help gets it there!

#5817 3 years ago

soon.! lol sorry

#5822 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Super quiet here. I guess everyone is holding their breath hoping for a code drop this week.
Lots of people complaining about length of code development time and insisting Lyman is being put on other projects. So from a historical perspective, I wanted to see what the time frame was from the initial code release to last release for the most recent Lyman coded Stern games.
I looked at: Batman Dark Knight, Tron, ACDC, Metallica, and Walking Dead. Here's what I learned looking at the readme files from his previous games.
BDK: 647 days
Tron: 630 days
ACDC: 854 days
Metallica: 1146 days
Walking Dead: 435 days
Batman66: 314 and counting
Average duration is 742 days or about 2 years.
From a code quality perspective Lyman games are prety.much universally acclaimed.but he is not know for quick development time as shown by the numbers above.
His quickest game was Walking Dead at about 1 year and 2.5 months. Metallic was longest at about 3 years.Plus keep in mind that some of those games had feagure complete code becore the last release.
Some have been complaining about length of time since the last BM66 code drop (153 days so far). If we look at other games it can be even longer.
Longest stretch between code drops:
BDK: 402 days
Tron: 458 days
ACDC: 384 days
Met: 423 days
Walking Dead: 178
Batman: 153 days so far
Metallica was the worst as it had several long stretches between releases:
Vers 1.22 to 1.50 - 205 days
Vers 1.63 to 1.64 - 233 days
Vers 1.64 to 1.70 - 423 days
So based on this data, the length of time on the Batman66 code isn't out of line with development time on Lyman's previous games Plus factor in that the added video assests for a Spike2 game will make it a little more complicated than the older DMD games.
Lets hope Batman66 ends up being on the shorter end of the spectrum like Walking Dead.

Freaken awesome perspective and effort to manage everyones expectations! Bravo. Add the New OS system and countless exploding board emergencies and we can see it will just take time. Thanks Doc!

#5828 3 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

So, how bout that atomic pile?

Glad you asked! Actually, with the complexity of this assembly I wanted to make Certain it was Perfect or as close as I could make it in every way including appearance, function, installation, and even service! This week I redesigned the LED illumination setup since (as shown) the Stern setup was fixed meaning you could not remove, replace, or change the LED color. I redesigned this with a removable LED cap so the owner can replace if ever a problem, change the color to something more personal or exotic (except Purple!!), and also changed the assembly to a Plug in mod so not only is it plug and play, but you also don't have to dig into the Crazy lazy suzan of mechs and boards should you wish to service or remove the mod! (Now setup with Quad LED!) Makes installation WAY easier!! I found what I believe to be the Perfect color of Slate grey to replace the prototype baby blue I displayed in the first images. Looks Spot on to the original and No shiny Barbie Doll looking plastic texture! I think everyone will like the attention to detail. Along with professional laser printing the Atomic Core cylinder for better clarity. I should have the FINAL result and images displayed Tonight along with pricing and availability. We appreciate all the interest and Very hopeful everyone likes the end result!!!

The Mod Couple

IMG_9541 (resized).jpg

IMG_9584 (resized).jpg

#5840 3 years ago

As promised.....The "Batman 66 Atomic Pile Custom" is officially DONE! As previously mentioned, we took a few days to review the prototype from top to bottom, consider feedback, adjust specs, fitment, lighting, color appearance, end user installation, and we feel confident the time was well spent! The biggest change was the hunt for the Exact slate blue accent color to make the mod(el) a perfect match. I think we found it and it looks WAY better then the original test part! Many improvements especially in the wiring and installation documents which I noted earlier. I present now the Finished Atomic Pile!!!! We are collecting orders now in the order received from this point for the first batch of 12 units which will ship Monday AM! This kit is 100% plug and play to the Stern connection. Also, the original Stern Pile is Not effected or harmed so it can be replaced should you decide to reverse (WHY) your decision or sell the game. There really is a Lot of components, art, fabricating, hardware, & time that goes into each of these hand crafted Atomic mods so please understand we did what we could with the price. Complete kits are $163 + $7.25 shipping US. We Sincerely appreciate Everyones input and support!! We love this hobby and we are Batty for the Batman 66!! PM for interest and availability and Thank You!

The Mod Couple

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.08.48 PM (resized).png

IMG_9612 (resized).jpg

IMG_9610 (resized).jpg

IMG_9606 (resized).jpg

IMG_9600 (resized).jpg

IMG_9613 (resized).jpg

#5844 3 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

Where do I order? Who do I paypal? Im in.

Simply send me a PM and I will confirm all orders and make sure there is no line jumping...

#5847 3 years ago

I am Sincerely sorry I was not clear in my post. The first Dozen kits will be complete to Ship Monday morning via Priority USPS. The second run will be done Next week. Simply send me a PM for interest and I will provide Paypal info and Confirmation that you are in the first or second run. Don't want to delay anyones expectations. Thanks All for your interest!!

The Mod Couple

#5849 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Quick question before you hit full production on these. Is there any way to get some more light near the top of the flasher? Maybe an extra hole or two to let some light near the top? Just a suggestion. Fantastic mod and can't wait to get this into my game. Thanks again for all your work!

Good question. I actually used a 4 LED setup to distribute more light and the light and color are removable should you wish to change it. I should have noted, in the pictures I am also running the Pin Stadium Lighting setup (Very much recommended) so the flash is somewhat muted since his lighting kit truly lights it like a stadium! The internal light column (The Atomic Reactor!) is completely hollow from base to Batman 66 decal on top. (yes you can remove that if you like.. I liked it!) Overall it gives the game and theme a Really cool look when the Reactor powers up! Love it!

IMG_9615 (resized).jpg

#5860 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Any concern about the extra weight of the mod on the turntable?

No, it weighs hardly Anything for this mechanism. Almost a wash compared to the Stern. No harm to me. The people have spoken. We will remove the sticker from the top (Bat 66 logo) on all of them. For what it's worth my wife hated it also. I just love the old school logo and how else do you dress up a Pinball part on an Atomic reactor! lol. Alway, all gone and we love the new look.

The Mod Couple.

#5863 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Did you include a little Jill St John skeleton to go inside of the atomic pile?
» YouTube video
One of the funniest scenes in the entire series.

Toooo funny you say that! Mama Mod Couple bought me this to stand at the rail on ours Atomic Pile. She said we Had to have at Least one special element to stand out! Corgi Batmobile Batman figure. Ebay $5. I plan to heat him up from the back side (did I just say that??) and stand him upright!

Batman (resized).jpg

#5868 3 years ago

An OCD question. How many times per week do you guys check the Stern website for the long awaited code update? 2-3-......30? Or do you just wait for the Batman 66 thread to light up? I do hope today is the day. I could use a breather to enjoy some (little) new Batman entertainment and challenges.

#5876 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
At the first part of the year, I checked every few weeks. These days I'm mostly watching for mod news from Yelobird and ramp news from mk6pin ... if code does drop the thread will blow up and vireland will put out an Amber alert.

To funny. Mama Mod Couple asked me that question laughing that we may have done more creatively with the Batman 66 theme in 1 month then Stern has put into it in over a year. lol Just a mindless question will I assemble and check the Stern site repeatedly! lol

#5879 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I've been trying to do more cardio training lately. That way when I go to the Stern site and see that new code is avail to download I wont go into cardiac arrest.

lol. Do Squats cause thats what you'll find on the Stern site!

#5884 3 years ago
Quoted from jsa:

I just hope it isn't simple to get root.
Apparently my company is their landlord now as well. Maybe I'll get them another year of their lease for faster BM66 code updates.

Heck with that. We need to go to the Source of our solution. I want to know Lymans landlord!!! lol

#5893 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

My hope is the delay is to really have more than what was at expo, but I'm feeling we will be disappointed because in 5 months, we should expect more than a minor update

Hopes and Dreams are Rarely the same result. See you all next Thursday. At least everyone will (if I keep up pace) have time to install their Atomic Pile before Code! Optimist! lol

#5985 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Damn. I really thought we would see the new left ramp and Atomic Pile mods delivered before we saw new code.
Thanks for disappointing me Stern...

Atomic Piles as Promised are moving along on schedule and look great! Hmmmm should I play the New Code all weekend or finish making all these Atomic Piles..... Ahh Let mama Mod Couple work on them while I do Preventative Product Testing! Thats it! I will update all when complete but at this point we are still committed to the Mod Couple deadline promise. (Not a George Promise! lol) Need to catch up on the Atomic Pile before the Batmobile spinners are done. We Need to complete our commitments without sacrifice before attempting new project releases. Managing expectations and such. Yeah! Code, Code, Code, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, na......

#6046 3 years ago
Quoted from Hawks:

I'm digging this game even more now, however I'd love it if the upon answering the bat phone that the magnet would always grab and hold the ball for a couple of seconds
It seems to only hold the ball on soft strikes to the phone, otherwise the ball flails wildly leading to unfair drains
Do you guys think this is a code issue? I'd love to see this rectified

Not dissagreing with you on the magnet but a magnet was Meant to throw the ball wildly and unpredictably like every game. Pinball is a game of skill and luck so yes sometimes it can seem unfair/unpredictable. Mine does about the same, I rather enjoy keeping on my toes not knowing what will happen.

#6048 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Throwing the ball wildly when you hit for Joker is fine. When hitting the Batphone, it is nice to have that momentary breather the ball grab gives you.

Theres no resting in Pinball! lol Thats what slot machines are for.

#6059 3 years ago

Holly Atomic Piles Batman!! The march of the Piles is on track and actually Ahead of schedule!! While we ended up Doubling the production goal for batch 1, Mama Mod Couple was a trooper and painted/assembled by my side all day all weekend. We should have most every Atomic Pile order out Monday as promised as well as moving several of the group 2 orders Up! Full color instructions with photos are included for a seemless installation. I would Estimate (depending on how big your fingers are) they install swap will take around 30 minutes. Thank you ALL for the feedback and your interest in our products!! We are hoping to catch a breath this week and be back on production schedule. Thanks again, we appreciate your business!

The Mod Couple

IMG_9626 (resized).jpg

#6064 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Make sure the one in the front row on the left gets its rings.

Nice eye. That was Suppose to be a where's Waldo game for later. Lol All soldiers left with their strips. Regarding #MK6PIN I did not use 44 or 555. Stern Spike 2 uses 5V for the flasher circuit now. I used an off the shelf 4 LED ring so the owner can change color if they choose later. As I put in my instructions, if you Choose to have a Blazing Sun look you always have the Original wire harness and bulb Stern provided for in your soon to be removed BatPile. Personally I think the light we used looks great and the effect of the Pile lighting up more is a perfect setup. You can very easily change it to your liking later which is why I made my kit with a Removable LED clip!

The Mod Couple

#6070 3 years ago

Well that a "Wrap" for this weekend. Literally!! 2 Mountains like this in the kitchen and the Majority of the Atomic Piles are on there way to Bat-Caves around the world Tomorrow! Thanks again to all for the interest and your support. Rough deadline on this one but we think the results turned out great. Someone is going to HATE me at the post office tomorrow!!

IMG_9687 (resized).jpg

#6090 3 years ago
Quoted from chet218:

Just curious how complicated is the installation for the atomic pile mod?

2 screws and 1 plug! Plug and play with complete instructions including color pictures should you not wish to read my BS. lol

#6095 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Did anyone find out the exact powder coat colour/finish of the LE/SLE armour (the black speckle)?

Not a powder coat but the results came out Spot on for a DIY if you interested you can follow my step by step guide via the thread I created below. Good Luck!!


#6114 3 years ago
Quoted from Sethman:

so not to sound petty, but why does GotG get a really nice metal surround for the apron launch button, and we got a red sticker? I mean really, the sticker pisses me off every time I look at it when it should've been a nice metal accent of some sort.

Ummm, so The Mod Couple can create an Awesome Bat launch button apron! JK That is number 4 on our list....

#6131 3 years ago
Quoted from Rolls-Royce:

Yelobird, think about this......a yellow Bat-belt, 4 pockets(2 and 2), golden logo on top of the launch.

Not sure a belt would look correct in that spot though I do have a belt concept in the works that I think looks Awesome though it is turning out a bit more involved than I anticipated. For the bonus button I am looking to create something more with the bat theme as it looks great unfortunately the sticker solution or flat solutions just don't cut it for me. That position is the hood ornament of the game. It needs to look Proper and fitting of the theme. Batmobile spinner is next followed by my in the works Batbelt custom. I do appreciate the concepts and feedback though! Many of you have provided Wonderful suggestions to make products Better and I always love a challenge! Thanks

#6135 3 years ago

At this time as is traditional with my creations I am trying to stay plug and play. Meaning, I was going to stick with the general Profile of the stock decal so the owner did not have to destroy the original (art??) rather go over it. I really like (as do many) reversible creations. Never know what the future holds.

#6159 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I received mine. Great job on re-creating a complex design thats not only looks great but is also plug and play both electrically and physically within the game.
The mod is well made but I can confirm that it is not 100% dog proof. The package was too big for the mailbox so the mail carrier left it outside the garage door. Unfortunately the dog found it before the kids did.
Are there spare parts available?

DOC. While I haven't heard that one since grade school you send me a PM and I will get you taken care of ASAP. No dog will stand in the way of your BM happiness!! PM me you know I still owe you for the Awesome spot light! I got you covered.

#6160 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Our dog is a total idiot but the kids like him so I guess we'll have to keep him.

Maybe the dogs don't like Bats??

#6170 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Where can I order these mods? The pinside.com store says they are not in shock.

Just send me a PM. Due to demand we want to keep shipping in order or request so no one waits longer than they should. Currently all items are available and though we are 2 days behind on Batch 3 Atomic Piles we are actually 2 weeks ahead of our forecasted production! Mama Mod worked every hour of this weekend (with my help) to work on these non stop. We have decided not to include Dog Treats in our shipping packages since it appears that was not a good idea! lolol

#6184 3 years ago
Quoted from jsa:

That would make sense, but I only have Spanish. Weird.

NO problem, here you go! lol

71Qhm5Xd4jL._SL1000_ (resized).jpg

#6186 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I was told Lyman has one and George plans to get one, which he said himself at Expo.

There you go, Believing Everything George says at a public function. lol Haven't learned have you.....

#6194 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I am pretty glad how it has all worked out on the mod front, a lot of the other modders showed their true colours when they realised BM was going to be a low production game, some even abandoned mods mid way through showing off prototypes.
And a lot have let their quality and creativity drop off a cliff face, every time I see a mod thread for the next new release its more often than not, copy and paste mods (backboard, scoop, under cabinet lighting), stuff just rushed through a 3D printer or the dreaded whack an LED in any $1 plastic toy you can find that might loosely resemble anything on the playfield/theme, to capitalise on the new game excitement.
Dave and Darcy, have come to the rescue of BM66 and given lazy modding a major creative bitch slap!

Quoted from cooked71:

Gotta say how lucky we are Yelobird owns a B66. The other modders gave up when they realized there wouldn't be many b66 made. Not yelo.
He's not going to stop until he gets us there.....a new mod every two weeks.

Thank you Sincerely for the kind words. It really is inspiring for us both when hours of assembly and design (I mean quality time together) result in others appreciating or enjoying what we created! We try not to rush but we do try to offer something creative in a committed time frame. There are Many really great add on (mod) creators out there it really just depends on your individual taste, budget, and passion for the game title. This title for me is very personal and quite enjoyable to find inspiration. I also believe the followers (owners) of this particular title also have a personal attachment in some way to the theme which furthers the enjoyment. Thanks again to all for your support and for allowing us to contribute to your Awesome BM66 machine!! Much to come for this and other titles in the works.

The Mod Couple

#6198 3 years ago
Quoted from davidSpumpkins:

How much was it if you don’t mind me asking?

David, You can send me a PM for all pricing and availability. Everyone pays the same price (Except international shipping...) No favorite treatment to anyone unless your mama Mod Couple. lol We do appreciate your interest.

The Mod Couple

#6199 3 years ago

Holly Stalagmites Batman!!! The "Batman 66 Batcave Spinner" is finally Done!! This mod took me a bit longer because it introduced Several variables that I needed to consider for All interested. As we know the Batmobile Car (toy) mounted on our stock disk comes in MANY flavors, colors, makes, etc. Add to that Stern had a revision which implemented Permanent mounting of the car to the plate via a set of non removable rivets! With those variables in consideration I believe we came out with a solution that supports everyones needs and I personally think looks Darn Cool!! The kit as shown includes a diamond plate Translucent mask decal for the top or base of your Existing spinner disk. So if your car is mounted, custom, or other this will still work! The mask really accents the Batmobile parked on a mechanical type platform while still offering a clear view of the turntable below!! Then to highlight the Batcave look we have a Hand Painted set of rock walls (cave stalagmite forms) accenting the turn table similar to the Real Batcave. In Mod Couple fashion Please also notice the Very subtle raised and detailed Bat Logo in both walls of the Batcave for that Finished look!! Reminder, NO 2 rocks are the same! Each rock is hand painted and unique. While not the most extreme mod upgrade the simplicity in our view fully completes the Batcave look Especially if you have the Awesome Atomic Pile in the background! Minor note, we did not like the shiny stock screws so Black replacements will be included in every kit. Kit includes (2) Custom Batcave walls, (1) platform diamond plate decal, (2) Black finish screws, and of coarse my Detailed color instruction manual! lol If interested we are selling these Today for $29.50 with Free US shipping. Note that they will be shipping in the order of order receipt and first batches will go out Next week Monday! Thanks again to all for your interest, we appreciate your support and business!!

The Mod Couple!

IMG_9724 (resized).jpg

IMG_9729 (resized).jpg

IMG_9728 (resized).jpg

#6201 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

This looks really cool!! Will there be 2 decals sent? One for top mount and one for bottom mount for those with riveted Batmobiles? My Batmobile is riveted. How will I use the decal on top of the platform? I'm also concerned about breaking the rocks when tightening the screws. I have to crank my screws pretty hard to keep the platform from flying off the posts.

As noted everyone will get (1) diamond plate decal to go on the top Or bottom depending on your situation (rivet, no rivet) though both look great since its a translucent disk. No fears on Cracking rocks since I am also doing one additional and Very much required step for All kits. Both screws will have Pre-applied removable locktite on the threads so you no longer have to tighten the Holly Wow out of them to keep it secure. I assure you the rock walls are not that fragile. There will be no flying rocks in my game! lol

#6204 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Love the little Bat logos on the rocks that a great touch and typical of your attention to detail.
But does this mean you wont be making a replacement mount? The pink/orange is the whole reason I wanted a new one making to get rid of that silly colour that Stern went with. If it’s something you could do as a custom order let me know.

At this time we decided this was the best route for the Majority of interests, simplicity of install, and lowest cost to user. Truthfully so much Additional detail added the pink is Barely an accent at this point and Very much muted by the decal and grey rock. The edge light is Almost reddish now. This is our current solution we hope you understand. It really does look Awesome!

The Mod Couple

#6208 3 years ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Also agree, but this is HUGE, low-cost improvement until someone can sweet talk David into making an alternative that replaces the entire spinner (likely with batmobile for those of us with the riveted one).

Appreciate your understanding. For the record, Should we catch up and consider making the clear disk the Same Spinner mod kit would work with it. The disk, (if we make it) will be sold seperately for those few individuals that wish to create their own look. This solution we felt supported the Majority of owners without leaving anyone out or requiring them to buy a Batmobile car of my choice instead of their liking. It really does look great!

The Mod Couple

#6209 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Thanks for the reply Dave, still plenty of your mods I’ll be ordering, do you have anything else planned for BM66 at this point or is that it?
Reason I ask is I simply want to make one single order with you for everything I want, that way it saves me big time on shipping. Cheers Jon.

I would order now as it will be Some time till we catch up and we refuse to create things we can't ship punctually. Add to that, with the holidays coming we are going to be very focused on family events soon. You have held off with each new release, now would be your time to step to the plate. lol

#6213 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Do you have anything else in the pipeline Dave? I have been holding off because you have been pumping out great mod after great mod, anything else coming off the Mod Couple production line?

I answered that in post #6209 above directly to you. No, at this time this is our lineup for now and winding down so if you have an interest in any of our products now would be the time....lol

#6214 3 years ago

Minor note and Thank you to all the orders and interest in the Batcave Spinner kit! Looks like mama Mod is motivated and does not want your orders to wait the week so she is double timing the paint hours to start getting them out This week starting Tuesday! (1 week Early!) We love to beat our forecast and it is never to bad to send it to soon. Thanks again Everyone for your support and interest in our products!

The Mod Couple

#6227 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I just noticed my joker standups aren't triggering. I know there's been discussion about them in the past. Has there been consensus about a reliable fix for them?

That means (usually) that your Joker center target or targets (Usually the right one) is wedged behind the center support bracket. Pop it loose and you should be good till it gets stuck in 1 day. lol Read more in this thread on how to prevent this. I think the bend it slightly to the right and add foam tape works best. Good Luck!

#6237 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Thanks for the pics
That looks like its under the metal cover behind Batman? When I'm home tonight I'll probe that connector and see what kind of signals and voltages are there.

Very interested to see what you come up with Doc! Need a better solution but not a 300 Stern version.

#6252 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Nuts. Now I may not even want to take it out of the package ...

Lol I was going to say the same thing. Doc made the packaging as cool as the Mod! Decisions, decisions, to open or not to open... As usual, an outstanding job and attention to detail.

#6363 3 years ago

Huge thanks to Doc on the Batmobile Parachute pickup van!!!! Looks AWESOME and his attention to detail from package to product is spot on! I installed it front and center replacing the bland Stern ball diverter metal plate which looked completely out of place. (Granted I have yet to ever see a ball travel up there?) Thanks again Doc, a work of art and effort.

IMG_9743 (resized).jpg

IMG_9744 (resized).jpg

#6376 3 years ago

With everyone Finally enjoying the steady stream of code updates i wanted to provide a product update from The Mod Couple. Due to many feedback requests (and Appreciated!) we have decided to also offer the Custom Batcave Spinner with hand Pinstrip as an Ala-cart. The Batcave Spinner upgrade is still offered as previous and if you wish simply add the Clear Custom pinstrip disk as an upgrade if that is your preference. The Batcave Spinner upgrade kit is still $29.50 free shipping. If you wish to add the Custom Clear disk option that would be $12.25 extra. $41.75 total for the kit. If you prefer to Only purchase the Spinner Disk (includes the Diamond Plate decal!) the cost is $17.25 free shipping. With this setup you can choose what you like. Thanks to All again for the feedback and interest in our products. It is wonderful to know your efforts are appreciated and we hope to continue to impress as we move forward! PM for interest or purchase. All items are currently IN Stock and ready to ship.

The Mod Couple

IMG_9746 (resized).jpg

IMG_9724 (resized).jpg

#6378 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

So the $17.25 option is for the clear, pinstriped disc with the decal correct? I already purchased the previous $29.50 upgrade. Just curious why those who already purchased the spinner upgrade pay $5 more if they want the clear disc option?

Thank you for that note and input. You are 100% correct and I apologies for not including that in my write up. Yes, if we have you listed as previously purchasing the Batcave Spinner rock set upgrade you will only pay $12.25 for the disk. Sorry for missing that point. For the record, the reason the stand alone disk costs more seperate is because the print Diamondplate decal, box, and shipping is already included in the Base Spinner kit. Since the Disk stand alone needs to Also come with those items we need to cover costs. Hope this makes sense.

The Mod Couple

#6383 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Love all the mods, they are great! Tired of F ing talking about them and installing them.
But gotta say, BM66 is coming together VERY nicely!
I have to tell myself again that "In Lyman we trust" because sometimes the patience meter wears a little thin.
And this pin is becoming my FAVORITE PIN guys.
Can you imagine what it will be on Dec code?
It's Lyman genius.

Hey! Lyman paid me to keep all of you busy working under the hood of your game to run interference while he works on his masterpiece! lol So agree with you on Favorite. While I am biased simply loving the theme alone the animations, shot combinations, and depth potential of this title for me makes it a top 5 favorite for sure. Remarkably I only have to ask my wife one time if she wants to play and as long as it's Batman she is in! Even after sitting at a bench assembling parts all day she still loves the game! Lol

#6395 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Instruction picture.

Just send me a PM for questions to help you quickly. Yes, for some goofy reason my previous supplier of that Spike cable flipped a coin on which color wire to install in that harness. lol You will be fine as my plugs are keyed from that point. PM me if you have any trouble. Sorry for the confusion.

#6397 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

I wanted to get an answer quick, but will PM you. So I assume the Grey on the top is okay and that's the power.

I sent you a PM.

#6422 3 years ago

A few have requested an updated photo showing the Complete Batcave Spinner kit with the upgraded Clear pinstriped diamond-plate disk installed. Hope this illustrates the kit better. Thanks again for all the interest. PM for availability or purchase.

The Mod Couple

IMG_9773 (resized).jpg

IMG_9769 (resized).jpg

#6426 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I have a riveted Batmobile, but want to use the Mod Couple clear disc, so I need to buy a replacement toy.
My notes say the car needs to be 80mm, 1:64 scale. To those that have put a more detailed model on the spinner what did you use? There is some discussion from earlier in the year, but I didn't see anything definitive. I ordered this one which sounds good, but won't know until I have it.
I'd like the most detailed model (preferably with a metal bottom) that will fit on the spinner. Advice on mounting options welcome. Like many, my original Batmobile came flying off the assembly. When I put LocTite on the screws the bottom melted. I presume rivets are still the best, but don't have the tools to do it. Are people comfortable with using screws? What size are needed?

A riveted Batmobile is not really necessary. Stern simply chose a hardware solution to make the mount. Yes, Loctite on plastic will never work as it is not designed for plastic! I simply drilled the same 1/8 hole as Stern did originally (or use your old car) but this time I injected Gorilla glue Into the hole making sure some went into the car itself. After injection, mount car with 2 screws and let set for a short while to allow the glue to do its work! The internal glue drastically adds bite as well as thickness to the thread bond which was Not preasant in Sterns first attempt! Mine is rock solid even enter removing the screws several times for photo/upgrade purposes. Epoxy with the same method would certainly do the same as Gorilla glue. Hope this helps!

#6429 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

How wide and long should the screws be?

I used the stock ones Stern had screwed into the cars originally making sure to also use the 2 washers on each screw under the car so you are compressing the bottom of the car to the base rather then pulling the base (compressing the wheels) which would pull the screws out. I believe any 3/8" self threading screw would work fine even the hex head ones used in the bottom of any playfield (as shown below).

IMG_9774 (resized).jpg

#6432 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Doc did a really nice conversion using off the shelf items.

I agree, Doc did an Awesome job and write up on this. Fairly simple and not much for me to produce. I am doing mine the same though the Clear type phone alludes me still. Have the other parts though.

#6434 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Man, do I love this Mod!!!! yelobird or doc, do you know if this Mod will actually clear the base of the Mod couple's new atomic Pile? It looks amazing, but "squishes" the top of the phone chew toy, due to the larger base. If it clears, then I'm definitely going that route........thanks....

It will fit and while not done that is the current Mod I am doing to my machine. Keep in mind for perspective the Doc phone is significantly smaller than the dog toy phone. With it roughly 1/8" over the front edge like the Stern toy it fits perfectly. As mentioned, you actually need to get two different kits to create that look. The phone that comes with the Glass Cake dish looks like crap as Doc pointed out in his post which I agree. Finding the more transparent solo phone as he used is harder to find.

#6447 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I have no idea how I missed that post. Thanks.

Last he PM'd me the SLE set was still available. Hold your shorts though as this is not your average cost sticker set. Not saying in Any way that he wasn't fair just a little outside my comfort zone and the Thought of scraping down my New LE to properly install these made me shiver. PM him if your wanting the ultimate Mod.

#6449 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I didn't do much of a write up on that one since there wasn't much to it.
You get the "cake pan" to go over the phone here for a paltry $6:
It comes with a bat phone but the detail on it is a little lacking and its not as translucent as you'd like.
This same company also sells a nice sized version of the Shakespeare bust also for $6:
So you can get a better bat phone as part of this play set for $25:
Unfortunately I never saw a source of just the phone by itself so you gotta buy the whole play set to get it. Amazon has it too but it's $10 more right now. It comes with a cool action figure and a bunch of gadgets though (even a Bat-Zooka!). It also includes a Shakespeare bust but its a bit small and not as nice as the other one linked above.
So you basically need the cake pan and the Shakespeare bust from the figures toy company and the phone from the batcave play set.
Then I just put a red LED in the round black base of the cake pan under the phone that lights it up quite nicely. You might be able to use the same LED stern uses it you trimmed the board its mounted on. I think my phone LED board might have actually been a RGB LED board with just the red lead hooked up. I stuck the phone and bust on via those little glue dots from the craft store. I put a really small drop of super glue on the base of the clear cake pan to hold it to the base. Be careful though as too much could make the base of the clear cover cloudy.
Here's a link to my old post showing some comparison pics of the bust and phone:

Thanks for the reminder on the ToyRus connection for the translucent phone. Stinks that you have to buy a complete set to get it but what can you do. With that said, if anyone else has attempted to use the ToyRus website bravo to you! That has to be the Worst format and execution of a buying website I have seen since the early 90's. Phone is on the way and secondary Cake Pan parts are already in house. And No to anyone that asks, we do not plan to make kits on this! lolol.

#6450 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

So I was thinking about what signals to use to trigger the topper bat signal projector I'm developing for Premium owners.
LE owners have the node boards already for the batmobile topper so there is already a separate jack with a CPU controlled on/off signal for the projector that can be used. For example it comes on during start of each villain mode when you do the Commisionner Gordon bat cave sequence.
Even if Premium owners buy the premium topper, it doesn't come with any node boards because that topper is just a static display that is always on when the game is on.
So would people be OK with the batsignal projector mod always being on when the game is on?
I tried using the existing batsignal projector signal for the upper right playfield (for the mini bat signal that's on the SLE's). All premiums owners have that connector but its on/off signal come the same times as the LE batsignal topper projector. For example it flashes during attract mode which doesn't look right for the projected batsignal. It also doesn't come on during the Commisionner batcave sequence at start of each villain mode like the LE one does.
I thought the projected signal looked best when it was steady on during attract mode.To have it go off during game play I would need tap a existing lamp that tuns off during game play which I couldn't find.
So if it bat signal projector mod was on all the time whenever the game was on would people still be interested in that?

For clarification (very interested in your work or offering on this) that the LE units you have figured out no issue its the Premium units that you need to get creative? Seems like leaving it illuminated constant would be rather cool in my opinion. If the game is on, Batman is in the House!

#6458 3 years ago
Quoted from PBMAN:

Yelobird. What did he want for those Decals. I was thinking a blow dryer might soften current decals enough to just peal off.

To be respectful of the seller you can PM me and I will let you know otherwise you could just PM him directly. Seemed like a nice pinball guy.

#6466 3 years ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

Does the shaker add much to Batman so far? I don't have a shaker, but thinking about it. Mod Couple's stuff is also so freaking tempting.

I am on the fence with shaker motors on games personally but for Batman I think the integration and effect is a spot on and highly recommended if you don't have one. I have a few games that it doesn't really make sense on but on this title I believe Lyman will fully utilize the add on to a valuable asset. Thank for the compliment! We do appreciate knowing our work is enjoyed and that means a lot especially the feedback to Improve our efforts! I was just in Shawnee last week after a stop in Olathe ... Small world. lol

#6488 3 years ago
Quoted from Bearcat:

Well, my game arrived today...

Crap that S*&Ks. That to me looks definitely dropped Somewhere along the way. I sadly know this because I dropped a game and the exact same thing happened. NOT saying to do this but it is actually a fairly easy repair Provided your distributor or Stern can make it Really worth your while!!! If say they gave you a $750 ish refund I personally would just fix it but Not for less then $500 depending on your financial situation. Dribble high strength carpenters glue down the seam and be prepared with a helper to install at Least 4 wood clamps and block to protect at the corners. Clean with a damp cloth as you clamp and it will be invisible. Especially since the decals were not harmed. Again, I would not do Anything until you see what they will offer to make this blunder right!!! $500 refund Plus a New complete decal set which you could flip to a Premium user for $700 might make the pain lesson. lol Just trying to find a positive in this tragedy. Poor beautiful Batman...

#6489 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Probably one of the coolest mods for the game. Everyone made fun of the "useless lazy susan" at launch (not me)...its going to be one of the most creative toys, and really stands out as a nice centerpiece w yelobird mods. A great, great, interactive area of the playfield, and will only get better as Lyman perfects the code.......
(I really enjoy the shaker, btw)...

Quoted from cooked71:

Mod Couple are very professional - packaging, instructions all top notch. Got the Atomic Pile installed over the weekend. Was a little worried about the look of the 3D printed stuff, as I'm not usually a fan of 3D print (ridges/lines/flat looking), but this has come up a treat. Looks stock and such a HUGE improvement on the Fluro Perspex/pop bumper Stern model. Thanks again Mod2.

Quoted from BrewinBombers:

I was totally fine with the pile and spinner until I saw the pics of it installed. Now I'm a somewhat sad panda. The phone and TV still bug me a bunch too. yelobird what's the deadline to order the pile mod and spinner mod?

We REALLY can't thank everyone enough for the feedback and kind words. Truth be told, I Convinced my wife (stay at home mom) that she would enjoy sharing her creative talents and with my access to basically Any high tech manufacturing equipment those creations could become real! While she won't admit it she gets all emotional and proud when she reads your feedback. When and we do, make a mistake or delay she as do I feel bad that we let down a supporter. Thanks again and sorry for the mushy response but it really is uplifting to feel like we are doing something in a hobby we Both enjoy that others appreciate! If we ever let you down, let us know. If you have a creative thought or suggestion we always listen. Thank you all!

To #Brewinbombers, we agree on the phone. So not the right fit for this game with or without the Atomic Pile. While we do not plan to offer a kit we do plan to do a write up using the support #Doc has already provided so each of you can create your own Proper Bat Phone addition with direction and what you need to get. The Stern dog toy will go to our Bulldog for minutes of tasty fun!

The Mod Couple

#6492 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Does the board mounted under your beacon have a 3 pin connector on CN3 that has a red and yellow wire on it?
If so, I think that one is the signal to toggle the projector on and off. If you have a voltmeter it should be easy to check. It should read 5 volts dc when beacon lights and 0 volts when its off.
I ordered all my parts today so hopefully I will get everything in by the weekend to start building them.

And unless a line has already formed I call DIbbs on being your first customer!!! lol

#6495 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Lets just hope my dog doesnt get a hold of my incoming parts before I do.

I got you covered with the package I'm re-sending you tomorrow. lol

#6500 3 years ago
Quoted from cadmium:

I was flooded from Hurricane Harvey with 2 feet of water. We were out of town, but my kids were in the habit of keeping bean bag chairs under our BM66 for storage. This luckily created a floating barge/seal that lifted and protected the game just enough to keep the water off the cabinet. Thank heavens for little things.
Unfortunately all my BM66 paperwork was flooded including the replacement stickers for game targets. I've emailed stern a few times but received no reply. Does anyone know where I can get replacement stickers?
Also, the rubber gasket behind the Commissioner Gordon shot has totally disintegrated. Does anyone know what replacement part that is and how to remove the Commissioner Gordon shot target to replace it?

SOOO sorry to see this for you, your family, and more importantly your Home! The game will live on but the horror you have to clean and contend with moving forward is tragic. Sorry and best to you and the family. Stern will get them or I'm sure other resources like Pinball Life can get them.

#6513 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

How does it work with cliffhangers now?

What do you want a Spoiler? lol Go play it and find out!! lol just teasing.

#6523 3 years ago
Quoted from Bamatami:

Good, I thought I was missing out on something? Am I?!
And, regarding the decal on the lockdown bar, didn't The Mod Couple aka Yelobird say he was thinking of coming up with a mod for this? I might be wrong but I remember a post recently about it.

Yes, in the works soon I promise!

The Mod Couple

#6528 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

It truly is quite fun...alot to keep up with...Im hoping to get through all of them and see what happens...I just dont play good enough...yet

As crappy as I play I may never see the cool factor but dam if you all didn't convince me to try! How do I set it to 8 ball play again??? lol

#6530 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Were you able to measure the voltage at that connector during attract mode when projector should be on and then again during gameplay when projector is off.
Can you (or anyone with a premium) confirm if there are mounting studs in the upper back of the back box? My LE had them for the node boards so I assume the premiums have them as well even though there are no node boards there. Also assuming there is an existing hole in the top of the back box for topper cables?

Someone with a Premium Please step up and Help this man so I can get his Awesome projector Mod already!!! lol Worst case you could always use the vent screens in the back of the backbox as a wire route? Just start your product line for us LE owners and I am Certain the Premium owners will step up with details soon after they see your work....

#6532 3 years ago
Quoted from jsa:

Installed yelobird's Atomic Pile, Speaker Mod and a couple of modfather's Pin Cups. Also put in a Flipper Fidelity speaker upgrade. I did the Stern replacement batmobile/disc and left ramp diverter and ramp ball deflector.
As usual, yelobird and modfather's stuff look amazing. (Photo's below.)
For years, I've done my own speaker upgrades, and I'm a bit picky. I typically follow this process:
A couple comments on the 10" "Speaker Light Option" Flipper Fidelity kit. While the Flipper Fidelity set sounds excellent, a couple things bother me. First, the 5/8" standoffs are way too long, and the backbox speakers, which only rest on two screws, are precarious at best (particularly when you consider the additional speaker panel depth created with the speaker light mod). They use these standoffs because the coaxial part of the speakers project significantly beyond the surface, and thus need clearance to not press into the speaker grill. That being said, they don't need THAT much clearance. Also, the new height interferes with the cable that the speaker panel hangs from. If it gets caught somehow on the speaker, it will bend the speaker mount points when opened. Given the precariousness of the mount, I'll probably move to a two-way coaxial (such as produced by Kicker) that I've used in other machines where the coaxial depth doesn't proceed beyond the speaker surface.
Secondly, shame on me for getting the 10" cabinet speaker. I think I literally had a brain lapse when I ordered that. 10" is completely ridiculous. It's fine for LFE in a home theater, or perhaps shaking your car, but for your pinball machine (particularly one with a shaker motor) anything beyond 8" is silly. If you want a sub, I'd probably get an external sub (maybe with the Pinnovators mod) and go that route. I typically cut a larger hole on WPC machines to accommodate the 8" throw and create a new mounting plate. This machine already has an 8" hole. In this case, you get a mounting plate adapter so you can mount a 10" throw over the 8" hole. A woofer throws air, so if you obstruct the surface too much, you're kind of losing the point. Still, the mounting plate makes connecting this enormous speaker easy, but again, it's partly obscured. The instructions with the Flipper Fidelity kit talk about adjusting the backbox volume, which I assume is the "Speaker Volume," and bass volume, which I assume is also known as "Bass." It reads like there should be a potentiometer like I install with the WPC speaker upgrade work...but there isn't anything like that.
This all being said, once I installed the complementary rattle tape on the playfield glass and turned down the bass a bit (I also had to turn down the treble significantly and balance out the volume, though I suspect some of this will be resolved with more music/call out level normalization in future releases), it's like my machine is explosive. I'm not going to lie, it's hysterically fun, in deep bass moments it's almost like it's the shaker motor going off.
Just some thoughts on this process.

SO agree on the 8" over 10". Truth be told I don't think I have ever had the volume over 12? Mama like to play but not with ear plugs. Rules....lol Thank you SO much for the bit about the roll strip of?? My kit had no instructions and while simple to install for the life of me (dingus) I couldn't figure out what the roll of tape was for! Guess I'll be doing that this weekend now since its sitting in the coin box. Still love the Flipper Fidelity kit though the only issue I had were the Aluminum hex studs they provided. Just one extra turn and they break. Guess thats why they give you spares.... Thanks for the kind words and write up. Looks Awesome!!!

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Just a Teaser post since everyone is so quiet playing the snot out of their Awesome Batman with Code (ish). The upgraded lockdown bar Bat utilities button Mod will be released this weekend! Final fine tuning of prototypes and color adjustments are now to our liking and almost ready to present. Again not a mod for everyone but if you aren't a fan (like us) of the last minute Stern sticker bat solution you may like our creation. Stay tuned, Same Bat Channel......

#6547 3 years ago

To heck with waiting for the weekend! Early is better than on schedule! The Batman 66 "KaBoom Bar Badge" is Done! After receiving our Awesome LE the one Stand out what the &^% for us was the boring lockdown bar sticker with elevated button. Just seemed out of place and a last minute detail addition. Sooo, in Mod Couple fashion we decided to create our Own theme correct variation! The KaBoom Badge is Completely plug and play as always. Goes Over your existing Stern sticker to keep your games purity (or SLE value) and fits like a Glove with the Exact same button and bar socket profile as the original black spacer. 5 minute setup tops. 3D profiled with random raised lettering each hand painted to Batman styling. Badge is also angle shaped to match the lockdown bar profile on all sides! For the final small touch, a clear print "KaBoom" decal is included to accent your existing mechanical button for a uniform authentic look! The plastic used was Translucent though the badge only slightly glows in a darker room. Really turned out nice and we hope others will like it as well. The are available now for sale and begin shipping Monday AM! Price is $29.25 Free US shipping. PM for availability and purchase. Thanks as Always for everyones support and interest in our products. We Appreciate you All!

The Mod Couple!!

IMG_9808 (resized).jpg
IMG_9795 (resized).jpg
IMG_9794 (resized).jpg
IMG_9802 (resized).jpg
IMG_9805 (resized).jpg

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Quoted from jfh:

I have all the other Mod Couple mods, but going to pass on this one.
I'd prefer to see a metallic upgrade.

I considered metal as thats what I normally make but the cartoonish theme of Batman 66 just didn't look right with a metal flat badge. Looked to much like a patch for me. I do appreciate your feedback and Very much appreciate all the support you have shown us! For the record it really does look awesome on the game though taking photos is difficult to show correctly.

#6554 3 years ago
Quoted from Batman60:

On the fence, maybe I just need to see it from further away. Creative as usual and love the idea.

Further away enough? lol It really is a need to see kind of mod. For me it adds that missing "hood ornament" this game deserved with a little flair!

IMG_9813 (resized).jpg

#6555 3 years ago

To show how confident we are you would see this as an improvement I will reduce the price to a fixed $29.25 (free shipping) and leave it there till Xmas. (need to explain this one to mama in the morning). While not the most elaborate mod it really looks good but after we talked about it I may have over valued the improvement in all honesty. And to anyone that is about to PM me, Yes I am sending each of you a $10 refund because I would Never be that disrespectful to your support!

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Just a heads up for anyone considering the Eaglemoss Villain cars or authentic definition Batman vehicals. Eaglemoss is having a 30-50% off black Friday sale on internet purchases!