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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

3 years ago

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#13326 5 months ago

I haven’y owned any pins for several years, though I love to play. I have 20 arcade games in the garage.

I just paid for the catwoman model. I am pretty pumped!

First thing I want to do is get a few “necessities” .

Plastic protectors? Mezelmods has a set for $30 or less.
New pinballs? I can’t remember who I bought from in the past. Though I thought people said to get good ones, don’t use sterns.

I am probably not modding this up right away, unless there is something as cool as the flasher mod on stern star treks center shot. (I forget the name now).

#13328 5 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

Ball Baron for carbon steel balls
Atomic Pile by Mod Couple to replace that silly stupid pink thing on the turntable , is an absolute must and #1 mod.
Penguin Crane looks so much better with the pink umbrella mod and the undercarriage bracing.

so go with the carbon steel balls at $1.15 each?

reading earlier in this thread, I seemed to see some guys talk about magnet problems. I assume you are telling me to get these based on that knowledge?


edit: seriously I have to buy the $180 shipped mod? hahaha. I was (just remembered the name) thinking vengeance mod like on star trek. $20 .

2nd edit: and when you say "penguin crane" is that the $50 crane mod from mezel mods?

3rd edit: so I went with the shooter lane protector, crane upgrade, and plastics protector from mezel mods.

I'm going to hold off on the high end mod until I get the pin.

#13331 5 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

You’ll regret not having the Atomic Pile mod.

I can order it later.

I did get a shaker motor as well.

#13350 5 months ago

hey guys maybe this has been covered, and maybe it's truly the opinion of each owner, but what are you guys doing for pinblades?

I see a few out there.

I don't need 10 links I suppose, I have found a few. I see one style from pingraffix that looks like the city of gotham, and another style that looks similar with some POW , WHAM, BOP, type of words on it.

#13353 5 months ago

thanks, I think I'll order the set and the headphone jack from pinballlife.

#13358 5 months ago

I find that if I spend $20-$200 a day it doesn't seem like I'm putting $9k into my machine all at once.

What are you guys doing (if anything) for button protectors (hand wear)?

I think when I got my star trek pro 6 years ago I bought something clear plastic sheet that stuck to the cab. Is there any super cool batman themed button wear protectors out there?

edit: also are you guys installing those plastic leg protectors on all new sterns automatically? do they come from stern with them? Sorry for being a newbie clown, I just haven't been in the pin-owning scene for awhile.

1 week later
#13460 5 months ago
Quoted from matbkk:

I am happy to join the club with a NIB Catwomen signed delivered yesterday !

geez, guess I should live in Bangkok and maybe I'd get mine faster.


My local deliverer called today to deliver tomorrow. I wasn't home, my wife says , nope how about next friday. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

I gotta call them tomorrow and see if I can get it here tomorrow somehow.

#13474 5 months ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

I'm still waiting on the proof of the final plastic version but I went ahead and did a test print as just a vinyl decal to make sure I have size correct etc. I think it turned out well and honestly the decal would probably be just fine but it does lack that shine a plastic one will give. For those that reached out, I will circle back once I see the first one off.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Sign me up for one please. Great work!

#13475 5 months ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

Hay,TronGuy; any chance you would bring that pin to PAGG in October so we could all see one of these,please????

Possibly. I am out of town a good portion of Oct. and may not be able to attend.

#13502 5 months ago

Ok, its in the house. The only damage to the box is that little wrinkle in the bottom corner of this pic.

I’ll report back later.

4E296EA2-E197-4E8B-82A3-D011AA0BAD1C (resized).jpeg
#13504 5 months ago

So i am about 30 minutes into my first plastic protector for the left/right slings. Anyone have insight?

It appears that I need to remove the dome and led strip below it? It wont unscrew. I’ll keep trying.

Edit: got em on. Now on to cliffys, inner side art, or headphone kit.

50A1B04B-A140-4A0D-8F37-4530374B8842 (resized).jpeg
#13505 5 months ago

I could use some insight on installing the penguin scoop cliffy.

#13506 5 months ago

Looks like i have a tiny chuck torn up on my playfield.

C90A94CC-9EEE-4A43-8262-9343277109F3 (resized).jpeg
#13507 5 months ago

This is the kind of stupid shit that has been happening all day. Either the bolts sent with the shaker motor are 1/4” too short, or I need to move this ground strap, from under where it appears the shaker motor goes. Honestly I may need longer bolts anyway. When I drop them in their holes for testing, 1 or 2 turns and they are tight. When I attempted the shaker motor install over the ground strap, only 1 bolt would tighten. The other 3 spun freely.

F0B1E331-8CD0-43FF-87BD-C057EE5E261B (resized).jpeg
#13508 5 months ago

I had some longer bolts on hand and went with those.

Any reason I would need this conn3ctor with a capacitor ?

C19973FB-38ED-4E38-8F45-49F8565B1DFB (resized).jpeg
#13510 5 months ago

Ok, I’ve owned the game for 8 hours. It is time to power it on. Got the side rails, most cliffys (gotta do the shooter lane still), plastics, inside side art, crane add on, speaker kit. Maybe more, I’m tired. Gonna play for a bit.

How d9 I set it for freeplay?

09FF1AD1-C85C-4CDD-8F16-6A9B92FDEF6A (resized).jpeg327EA213-216E-413F-9606-1779423D0B2A (resized).jpeg96CDA632-79A7-48EB-AB8F-E38E9F8B760D (resized).jpeg9D0B4B9E-4BA5-454A-9937-52936DC6E8FF (resized).jpegA981971F-2A06-4291-921D-1FA892B9B242 (resized).jpeg
#13512 5 months ago

I installed a shaker motor. It does not currently any capacitor, diode, resistor between it and its connection to power.

#13521 5 months ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

OK,this is the first one I've seen,and no pics of the backbox art!!also a Julie Newmar signed Batman Card! So,Stern could possibly put out a Joker,Penguin,Riddler,model with accompanying signed cards!!And by the way,TronGuy,a lot of us got our games totally fubar,right out of box!! I couldn't play mine for three weeks after it arrived cause the turntable was totally broke,among other things!!! Good to see Stern still has NO QC at all!!!! Go Stern

I will get a pic of the side art. The backglass has some fine print saying something to the effect of:


#13524 5 months ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

Im curious, for those who have the Catwomen edition, do they all have signed cards by Julie Newmar? Or is it just a select few? Also, did they take the catwomen scenes out that have Eartha Kitt in them?

The first 100 were to get autographed cards.

#13529 5 months ago
Quoted from beefzap:

What method did you use to install the inside side art? Did you remove the playfield?

No, I an a risk taker. I cleaned the sides of the cab with some rapid tac and a paper towel.
Then I pulled the backing off of the pinblades and sprayed the sticky side pretty heavily with rapid tac. Shoved them in the cab with the playfield down and figured it out. I had a hand squeegee ready when needed to flatten the art. At least twice on both sides I yanked it up after 5 minutes because I wasn’t happy with the placement. Another spray down of rapid tac and back in it went.

#13531 5 months ago

What does this mean?

66FC58E0-1DDA-4232-92C2-D8F31629A84F (resized).jpeg
#13532 5 months ago

Technician alert on 1 ,8,9,10 not initialized.

FAC0016E-DA8A-4C63-ACD2-FE13A32467FE (resized).jpeg
#13533 5 months ago

Oh yeah, pic of back box .

C8FE0D92-9214-4C6F-9FD4-C13F95D26C33 (resized).jpeg
#13534 5 months ago

I also have an : OPERATOR ALERT


The ball isnt registering up in that top scoop.

#13536 5 months ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Sounds like maybe a larger molex isnt seated properly.

In the back box I assume?

I’ll check.


I fixed the rear captive ball. The way I installed the tiny square cliffy may have been off. I tweaked the lever to the microswitch as well as installing that cliffy a little better.

#13538 5 months ago
Quoted from treborlicec:

Have you reported this to Stern. This would be a big deal to me.

I sent a picture to classic game rooms (place I bought it from). ignored. He responded to other things.

Maybe this will be obvious to some, but the node boards not responding is because the coin door was openwhich shuts off some HV. When I pulled the interlock (with coin door open), all was back to normal.

#13543 5 months ago
Quoted from Midway-Man:

Strange... Does your game have an interlock switch? They removed those switches starting with GOT. My friends Batman does not have an interlock.
Please post a picture of it. Did it came that way from factory? Whats your build date?

I can’t find it now , but I thought I saw a build day of may, 2019.

82ACC1F6-31BD-4C4F-A72E-47330D3B9C3A (resized).jpeg
#13624 5 months ago

I think my machine came with code update


Is that the most up to date?

#13631 5 months ago

Can anyone enlighten me on the Titan rubber kit. They have an LE batman66 kit.
That should work for a premium huh?

Or if anyone has better insight as to how I should put an order together, i am interested.

#13643 5 months ago

Playin with the wife. Decent first ball.

32F96A55-AB11-4A85-A4FB-F9CD95432B8C (resized).jpeg
#13668 5 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Now put the glass back on

nope, legit score. I only made another 300 million on the next 2 balls. But my previous best was just over 1 billion.

Quoted from WizardsCastle:

What's your strategy to get a score like that?

don't die

I went through a lot of modes, jailed all of the villains, and made it to the wizard mode (I think).

#13731 4 months ago

I just received my Titan rubbers . Again, I am inexperienced in play field maintenance.

I think I can figure out where all of the bug pieces go. I am showing pictures of a dozen or so rubber “post covers”? And a couple thinner looking green post covers and one with a round cap.

The first picture I have a rubber post sitting next to where I think it may go? Am I correct?
If so I figure I can work my way around until I figure it all out.
37AAD4B9-4E23-4D36-B258-98FC3700A8A5 (resized).jpeg390AA8A6-5786-40C1-A2FD-8A080CD11711 (resized).jpeg

#13738 4 months ago

Thanks guys.

And I too had to use longer bolts to mount my shaker. The ones provided were too short.

#13739 4 months ago

Pic of one I replaced with one about to be replaced. The titan one are slightly fatter and shorter, but this appears to be the spot(s) you guys were referring to.

D8915C3A-B340-47FB-85CC-06D23F725236 (resized).jpeg
#13742 4 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Any idea what size....? My shaker motor on the way.... will go buy in advance...

No, I just took one of the short ones with me and matched it once I got to home depot.

It appears that a lot of these rubbers go up on that “spin table”, is there a way I can make it spin freely so I can access each section?

#13743 4 months ago

So seriously? It looks like the entire right catwoman ramp has to come out to install a 3/4” rubber ring?

Also, I’d love insight as to how I can gain freedom of rotation on the spinning playfield so I can change all of the rubbers on there.

#13746 4 months ago

Geez, some of this shit is frustrating. I am trying to install the new back box hinges, and I have to disassemble the entire #$&$@#$ing back box internals to get to a bolt? Come on.

Edit, looks like I have to remove the power cord and assembly as well for the one on the right.
8C4ECEFD-7645-4E46-8566-F9548BEF139B (resized).jpeg

#13747 4 months ago

Ok I am done with my tantrum. I just had to get the shield off of the AC in power section.

5F70EA44-11B4-4CBD-B20E-B640B5E8CB64 (resized).jpeg
#13754 4 months ago

maybe this is the wrong place, but these parts did come off of my batman 66.

Is there any resale value in the side rails and back box hinge metals that I pulled off of the game?

#13779 4 months ago

yeah I ended up loosening the lower portion of the wire ramp and centering it a bit, so the ball wouldn't continually drop onto the plastics.

#13795 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

We put a playfield protector on everything we own too. Modern games have far too many playfield issues.

Seriously huh?

How difficult or easy is it?

I can’t believe the game plays the same. I’d love hear some competitive players input on this topic.

#13810 4 months ago
Quoted from jetspeedb:

Whoot in the club. [quoted image]

nope.......you are not in the club until that game comes out of the box!


#13835 4 months ago

I am attempting the atomic pile mod install. Any insight as to getting the 2 pin molex disconnected?

There is not a single person on the planet earth with small enough fingers to get in there.
1E58958A-11A3-4145-A31A-658CC41FE740 (resized).jpeg

Edit i got it with 2 sets of needle nose. Not sure I’ll get the new wires plugged in though. I will report back with success hopefully.

#13836 4 months ago

And so I am clear. Do these 2 fromt “legs” just sit in the air as the new pile rests on the bat phone?

4E17E112-16F9-4B5B-9B1D-9C4654357E07 (resized).jpeg
#13837 4 months ago

At power up I am getting no light to the pile. Maybe during game play?
8ADDA7BE-9817-4572-AFF4-42FC3F6831BA (resized).jpeg

Edit: nope.

Double checking my connections now.

Double edit. Doesn't work. Maybe at some point during gameplay? I’ll play a game i guess.

Triple edit: It flashes during some of the attract mode, so good enough.

It is my opinion that the tv should be removed during this install.

#13838 4 months ago

On a side note, has anyone had the nerve to change the rubbers on the spinning play field?

#13840 4 months ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

I just plugged my Atomic pile into the stock wiring. I didnt re route the line. Everything works. I just had a little extra wiring that i tucked under the pile. Am I missing something?

Installing mods is supposed to be difficult and make you question if you even want to keep the stupid machine.
You are robbing yourself of this crucial experience.

#13842 4 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Yes it only works as the stock one during modes and per the instructions you are supposed to remove the TV if you want to install it. Looking great!

Yeah I am in business now!
At9mic pile, new plastic selector thingy, magnet decal. I am somewhere way over $1000 in mods. I am going to stop now.

#13875 4 months ago

So, dead serious here. Has anyone had the nerve to dive in and change the rubbers on the upper spinning play field?

When installing the rubbers for the bonus multiplier, I accidentally released one of the rubbers behind the right catwoman ramp.

So I need t9 remove that ramp to reinstall that stupid rubber. I’d ignore it , but the ball seems t9 c9me to rest there 100% of the time it goes through the left slot. I may install new rubbers in that spinning play field while I am at it.

But it absolutely looks like it would be easier t9 desconstruct and reconstruct a playfield by memory, than change those rubbers.

#13877 4 months ago
Quoted from pintechev:

Yes. I had one snap so I changed them all to Titan. It wasn’t bad at all - 30 minutes and it really isn’t as complicated as it looks. Go slow and you’ll be fine.

So is a complete disassembly of the parts on that spinning play field required? (From the top )

#13880 4 months ago

My questions appear to be endless. This is the last cliffy I need to install. I think it goes under the right rail, but it looks way longer than the piece used in the link of cliffy install pictures I received.
C24A2449-0AB4-4B7F-AEF7-1B23B3C579E7 (resized).jpeg

I assume right under the area with black outline and yellow dots inside?

D040DC00-D607-4407-A80E-E5BB89439F2B (resized).jpeg
#13882 4 months ago

I think I got it.

62D8E400-AE5F-4628-A439-5148566A2705 (resized).jpeg
#13885 4 months ago

So I need a key piece of insight. I have mentioned this before, and not received any specific responses. Possibly because it is a fool’s errand.

There is a small rubber that connects between the right catwoman ramp and the left bonus rollover. I now know this because when installing the post rubbers onto the bonus rollovers, I released this specific rubber and it CANNOT go back in place without, what I believe is the removal of the right catwoman ramp. This rubbers purpose (I surmise), is to stop the ball from coming to rest up there near the left-most rollover, causing a near tilt to get It back into play.

C9E69CB6-E030-4C0A-8521-16D4A0EE0849 (resized).jpeg
#13888 4 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

The ramp isn't difficult to remove, so might as well get at it.

Guess I’ll have at it. It looks difficult. If you know off hand....is it like 3 or 4 screws/bolts holding that thing in?

#13893 4 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Close, it needs to come a little left, closer to the channel, so that the edge of the Cliffys is even with the groove. That edge of the groove is what takes a beating....

that is what I kind of thought, but those bolts hold it virtually it the position it is in. I don't think i could get it squeezed any more over to the lane. The right one, I could possibly wiggle a few millimeters out of.

#13902 4 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

I am installing mine now.... how did you "bend" that rail up to install the eject protector....?? mine does not want to budge...[quoted image]

It was WORK. I wiggled it back and forth a ton. Got my hand underneath and kept attempting a powerful yet controlled lift so I didnt yank it to the ceiling. Did that for about 10 minutes and it finally came out. Reinstallation was very simple.

#13915 4 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Video...? I dont see the holes for these screws...?[quoted image]

those screw in pretty easily. No drilling required. removing that coil or whatever it is, next to that area makes it much easier to install

#13933 4 months ago

Ok so holding down the left flipper at ball launch, is now NOT opening the gate for the super skill shot.

I go take a look and the gate seems flimsier than I think it should be.

I look underneath, and I believe I am missing a screw/bolt?

The bonus the the fucking rut being dug into my play field due to the flimsy gate.

922CDDAC-645D-4942-957F-A2FC98BB4190 (resized).jpeg0B994FA3-1749-4AE5-83D8-0F7765CD3115 (resized).jpegE0A1AD2D-72DB-4B47-8ED1-012FE2F02793 (resized).jpeg
#13934 4 months ago

I found the missing screw in the bottom of the cab.

I reinstalled it, but it is basically stripped. It is in there, and “mildly” snug, but its going to fall out again,
In my opinion.

#13936 4 months ago

That is happening with mine as well. I assume it is because I inadvertently removed a rubber from there during other rubber installation. I am now leaning towards getting a huge round rubber ball or something to slam onto a post to keep it from getting stuck.

That pic looks like you are missing the same rubber that I am.

#13940 4 months ago

Yeah I was going to do something. Maybe a piece of double sided tape over the screw and screw it in.

My concern is the dry river bed in my playfield from that door malfunction.

#13941 4 months ago

so I got the swinging gate mounted properly again, but my super skill shot still isn't working. HOlding the left flipper does NOT open up that gate (different gate than the one that ruined my play field).

#13943 4 months ago

Maybe someone can tell by looking at my pic. Did there used to be a connection the swinging gate, and the little gate that lifts to let the ball through for super skill shot? If so, some piece of metal is broken off and lost somewhere on my playfield.

AA477F26-8E3A-4319-B162-8C27C5FA0CF5 (resized).jpeg
#13945 4 months ago


I guess I have a separate issue with that little black door not opening up then. sweet

#13946 4 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

Does it open other times during gameplay or during diagnostics test?

guess I need to go find out.

#13948 4 months ago

ok the small black gate lifts in test mode (and I think it was working fine in game play as well).

The playfield destroying ( ) gate works in test mode as well.

The small black gate doesn't lift when I hold the left flipper now, for some reason.

#13955 4 months ago

that is the first I' ve seen of these ramps. How much and are they currently available?

#13963 4 months ago
Quoted from DrBanner:

Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could help me with a solution to this problem on my BM66.
Almost every time I get a 6-ball multiball going, I get a stuck ball just below the top left lane, above the pop bumpers and underneath the back of the top right ramp. There is a little gap there that a ball always manages to nestle into, and then it blocks the rest of the balls from passing through the top left lane and they all get stuck there in a traffic jam. What do I need to adjust to stop the first ball from getting stuck in this spot?
I'll attach a couple images for you, taken from different angles, but both show the spot I am referring to. Sorry they are out of focus, but this should illustrate what I am talking about. The first image is taken from the back of the machine and shows a ball stuck in that spot. The second image is looking into the gap that I am referring to without a ball in it. I can post more images for you, including one with a log jam of balls, if that would be helpful.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this keeps requiring me to interrupt wizard modes, remove the glass, dislodge the log jam of balls, and ruin my great games. Thanks very much.
[quoted image][quoted image]

I can’t tell from your pic for certain, but I think it is the same issue I had with the ball resting up there. I f8nally got my catwoman ramp out and replaced the rubber that I believe will stop that ball from resting near that left bonus rollover.

9F3AF1C9-7587-43F4-B906-570EBF10B6E6 (resized).jpegC0C05F1C-D293-46B4-9471-36051DEB3B9F (resized).jpeg
#13998 4 months ago

So a couple of things.

My COMPUTER target doesnt register unless hammered, and thats 50/50. The other one (crime analyzer?), is properly responsive.

I didnt look in there yet. Is that as simple of an adjustment as most leaf switches?

The problem that bugs me most still, is that my left flipper being held at ball launch does NOT open the gate and activate super skill shot. (It used to ). And....... if I hand plunge us8ng the plunger instead of the gadget button, about 1-2 seconds after I launch the ball, the auto launch fires, like it thinks a ball is there.

Any ideas?

Edit: I thought I’d add that in self test all gates seem to work properly. As well as during game play.

#14001 4 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

Does the switch in the shooter lane seem to work properly in diagnostics?

Do you mean the one that launches the ball into play? I will go check. It works in every other scenario I believe.

Edit: all seems perfect in test mode. I am also noticing the right of the 2 joker targets is dead. Looking at that now.

#14003 4 months ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

When you enter the service menu do you have any Switch Alerts?


The left computer target seems imposs8ble go adjust. The right joker target on the spinning play field doesnt work at all. During game play or test mode.
The game is almost unplayable as is,right now. I mean a hack can monkey flip the ball around the play field.

Fucker at stern has gone dark since I showed him the trough in the play field from that faulty upper gate.

#14006 4 months ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Reason why I asked is I had a really strange issue with my right Joker target. After making sure it wasnt stuck behind that metal support I noticed that the switch was set to "Out Of Service" in the service menu. I have no idea how it happened. Once I set it back to "In Service" my problem was gone.

I suppose that is possible, but I do NOT have any issues or operator alerts in the service menu. I guess I need to figure out how to see if it is indeed set to "out of service"

#$9000 paperweight

edit: just double checked. Both joker targets are IN SERVICE. One switch (of the 100 or whatever) was out of service. Switch 3. I am not sure what it does, but I played a game with no discernable difference.

#14007 4 months ago

I want some advice on how to proceed, (or if I should even be doing so...maybe my expectations are too high?).....

The small trench in my play field from the upper gate having a manufacturer flaw is a deal-breaker for me. I can't get past it. The screw fell out on the bottom of the swinging gate and it fell onto the play field and went back and forth many many times....and the wood is stripped, so I got the screw back in there, but its a mickey mouse job.

The right joker target doesn't work. It is "in service" but doesn't work even to the touch with the glass off.

Previously I overlooked the little chunk out of my play field (because the cliffy pretty much covers it, penguin scoop), Chas Siddiqui sent a clear coat repair kit.

The computer doesn't register, though it will if I push it hard. Working on that small spinning play field is virtually impossible. Normally I'd think I could adjust something like this, but I cannot unless I remove that spinning play field?

The super skill shot doesn't work any longer.
If I plunge the ball with the shooter rod, the electric launch kicks 1-2 seconds later like it thinks a ball is there.

Am I supposed to ignore all of this? The machine has been in my house for a few weeks.

If my expectations are too high, I will accept that coming from guys on here.

#14009 4 months ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

You have put up with far more than I would have my friend. You are well within your rights to have your distributor get with Stern and remedy most if not all these issues. Perhaps they will send you and entirely new, populated play field that should solve all your issues in one fail swoop... or at the very least, they should be able to resolve all the mechanical/electrical issues you agree having. The cosmetic issues might be a tougher fight but I would ask that it all be addressed. In either case, the machine is under warranty for a full year. Be firm about your expectations but polite in you plea for help.

thanks. I emailed my distributor for the first time today about all of the problems. Chas Siddiqui is basically ignoring me. When I present 4 or 5 problems, I get a response that doesn't even properly address one of them. Ignoring the rest.
A new play field sounds like more work than its worth, unless its a blank and I can keep both and do the swap at my convenience.

I just want my freaking problems addressed in a timely manner. I am not currently getting that. Maybe the distributor can help.

thanks for the advice.

#14011 4 months ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

In the past for some cases, Stern has sent new, fully populated play-fields, meaning all of the parts are already there and connected. All you have to do is unplug the main harness on your current and switch with the new. Hopefully eliminating both your cosmetic and electrical issues. That is what I would push for.

I hear ya, but I have installed:
cliffys (pain in the ass to install, probably easier to remove)
plastic protectors
bat copter
bat signal
titan rubbers (guess I just let those go)

maybe more I have to think about it.

some things are easy to remove some are a pain, some aren't worth the time.

I suppose I could live with that outcome. But I absolutely would NOT send them my playfield first. I'm not being without the game for several weeks. I'd probably pay for the 2nd play field up front and get refunded after mine got sent back.

#14013 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Dude, your expectations are definitely not too high. All the issues you have spoken about really should be sorted out with your distro. It does not sound too bad or very much wrong.
Screws fall out all the time, and a plug may have fallen apart. Your distro should be able to help you through your switch issues. You need those switches to work to enjoy your game.
I think a replacement playfield would be pushing your luck. Some help to get your game sorted should be offered. If Stern or you distro are not keen to help, take some photos and start a thread on Pinside. There are some awesome people on here and will be willing to help out.
Good Luck!

I’ve been through the bottom of the play field fairly thoroughly. If something is disconnected, I haven’t come across it.

A screw falling out I understand, I guess? A screw falling out because it will NOT adhere to the play field worries me a bit more. Said screw (being stripped), falling out, and causing the powerfully flipping upper gate to dig into the play field as it swings back and forth is not acceptable in my opinion. I don’t have an end game, or idea of what is the proper solution, necessarily, but I think one of those cocksuckers should be addressing my issues. Its like they are an insurance company and I am the guy who was injured that they are ignoring/trying t9 deny benefits.

#14025 4 months ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Did this yesterday. Cashed in an Egghead for a little over 17 billion.
[quoted image]


I am going to have to read up on the rules someone posted (somewhere).

I play for 30 minutes some games, and only get 1 billion.

#14093 4 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Standard Carbon from the Ball Baron don’t magnetize and are plenty shiny....


The balls in my batman66 are magnetized and get stuck on the magnet after it releases almost 100% of the time.

#14105 3 months ago
Quoted from pauloz:

Have you got anything over the magnet? Mylar perhaps?

ha, yes

that modcouple mod I think. ( I believe its referenced after both your and my post)


I'll get some for my guns n roses as well (soon)

#14125 3 months ago

Has anybody had luck in adjusting, measuring,working on things in the spinning play field?

Stern is telling me to test a few things , in particular one of my joker targets doesn’t register.

Seems virtually impossible to get a meter in there and do testing?

2 weeks later
#14288 3 months ago

So some of you have seen the issues I've had with my catwoman edition batman 66.
Gouge in my playfield near the penguin scoop, straight from the factory. The fucking upper swing gate screws fall out from under the playfield and the gate falls over and starts gouging a fucking ridge into my playfield every time it opens and closes. I finally realize this and mickey mouse their substandard craftmanship in that area and get that gate to quit destroying my playfield up top.
The entire time I have never had the right joker target working. It doesn't work to the touch with the glass off. The computer target doesn't work.

The super skill shot doesn't work. When I plunge the ball with the plunger (odd fucking concept huh?), 2 seconds later the auto launch attempts to kick a ball out (which obviously isn't there).
Everything tests fine in test mode.

edit: oh yeah

I play several games tonight, and the entire time (20 to 30 times), I hit the targets to hit bat phone. I get it up to 50 million as the reward for hitting the bat phone, only the fucking play field will not rotate to put the bat phone into a position to hit. About a 30 minute game and I never got a chance to hit the bat phone.

#14314 3 months ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

So here is the set I made... its a decal for the Left, Right and Back side of the scoop. vinyl printed decal with poly-carbonate overlay just like graphics on the apron. I actually added a purple scoop illumination to my machine and having that area lit up really highlighted the wear from the ball. I had to come up with something to cover it so it wasn't staring me in the face while I play.
[quoted image][quoted image]

that is cool!
sign me up for a set with your next run.

#14318 3 months ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

I'm sure I can get them down to $10 shipped if you all are interested... could get them made during this week and ship by next if not sooner.


It was just a wishful thinking suggestion on my part.

sign me up

#14332 3 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Can any Catwoman owner tell me if you have installed a bat signal near the riddler scoop and plugged into the underneath open cable? Does it light for you?
I ask, because i don’t know if my bat signal I just purchased is defective or if a code update makes it not work on Catwoman. I would think it is defective. Please confirm if you have the extra grey toy LE/SLE bat signal working on your playfield.

I did, and yes it works. Though not in every mode. I thought it wasn’t working at first, but I sat and just watched the game for awhile and it kicked on. I would think going into test mode and testing all of the lights could do the job as well?

#14338 3 months ago
Quoted from TronGuy:

So some of you have seen the issues I've had with my catwoman edition batman 66.
Gouge in my playfield near the penguin scoop, straight from the factory. The fucking upper swing gate screws fall out from under the playfield and the gate falls over and starts gouging a fucking ridge into my playfield every time it opens and closes. I finally realize this and mickey mouse their substandard craftmanship in that area and get that gate to quit destroying my playfield up top.
The entire time I have never had the right joker target working. It doesn't work to the touch with the glass off. The computer target doesn't work.
The super skill shot doesn't work. When I plunge the ball with the plunger (odd fucking concept huh?), 2 seconds later the auto launch attempts to kick a ball out (which obviously isn't there).
Everything tests fine in test mode.
edit: oh yeah
I play several games tonight, and the entire time (20 to 30 times), I hit the targets to hit bat phone. I get it up to 50 million as the reward for hitting the bat phone, only the fucking play field will not rotate to put the bat phone into a position to hit. About a 30 minute game and I never got a chance to hit the bat phone.

ok so Jason at classicgameroom has been working with Chas at Stern and they have agreed to send me a new mini spinning playfield. (deposit required of course). This should take care of the issues I have with the computer target and the joker target. Chas also is sending me a new switch for the ball lane where it sets at the beginning. Hopefully this takes care of the "playability" issues I have.

It does NOT, however take care of the play field issues I have mentioned.

IF the game becomes "playable" , I will probably be happy. I will report back.

3 weeks later
#14411 75 days ago

Has anyone here removed the mini spinning playfield?

I cant get it out. I tried the 6 nuts holding it to the playfield. That didn’t work. I called stern, they said
to just remove the 3 bolts that you’d use to adjust height.

Well that doesn’t work either. That bottom coil is in the way. I can’t see how that is removed because its connected to the metal swinging gate on top. (Yes the same one that gouged a trench in my play field when it malfunctioned).

#14415 75 days ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Remove the ball lock gate arm by loosening the set screw on the shaft and pulling the shaft out of the playfield (do this first!). Then you can remove the turntable by removing the 6 locknuts.
Be extremely careful with the opto assembly at the bottom of the unit. When you pull the big assembly out, I recommend removing the opto assembly (2 screws and a connector) so it doesn't get broken.

I have to go back and look. I assume the set screw is underneath? Then remove the gate and bar from the top, then remove the coil thats in the way. Then the spinning play field. Thanks for the insight. Doesn’t matter now.
Stern is either replacing my entire play field or I’m doing a chargeback and getting a refund.

#14423 73 days ago

So my game still isn't working properly.

The main things that bug me are the fact that the super skill shot doesn't work. If I hold the left flipper , the gate doesn't open to let the ball come around the orbit.

If I hand plunge the ball, the electric plunge attempts to fire the ball again 2 seconds later.

In test mode when I test that gate, it fires. Or lifts. But is does NOT stay up.

Can someone go into test mode and test that upper small black gate, and tell me if it stays open or just clicks open and shut in test?

#14426 73 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Sorry I did not look back at what you have tried in the past, but this really sounds like a plunger lane switch issue to me. Check the switch itself, any diodes it may have (not sure if there are any), and possible shorts, and possibly the entire switch matrix row and column associated with it.

I swapped out the switch with a new one from Stern yesterday, no change. In test mode everything seems to fire the way it is supposed to.

I will explore the wiring chain down the line.

In the mean time if someone can go into test, and check to see if that upper orbit gate stays open, or just flips open and shut during test, it would help me eliminate that portion of my problem.

#14428 73 days ago
Quoted from Scotty_K:

I just went into test mode; I'm assuming you are referring to the coil test 22, "control gate". It would seem that the gate opens and then closes rather quickly during the test mode; it does not stay open.
I also tried holding the left flipper for the skill shot a couple of times, just to see what's supposed to happen; it would seem that the switch that the ball sits on when it is waiting to be launched needs to open, and then immediately be followed by the closing of the switch that is just before the skill shot lighted arrows in order to make the gate at the top of the orbit open.
My guess would be that something might be amiss with one of those switches.
I hope this helps.

So my gate is good. Maybe its the 2nd switch up the line. Thanks!

#14441 72 days ago

See if this will post. In switch test, the shooter lane, skill shot, and #22 upper gate all work. Ball still won’t go through.

Forget it, I cant load video for some reason.

#14445 72 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Do you have a shooter lane protector installed? Or if your shooter lane switch is not seated high enough (meaning it must engage the underside switch fully when the ball flies over it) when the ball transverses over it, it will not properly engage and tell the gate switch to open. Gate switch is fine, it is the shooter lane switch that is your troubled area. Adjust that to protrude higher and you’ll have a gate opening when holding left button for super skill shot.
The gate will not stay open unless beforehand the shooter lane switch has been engaged, while left flipper button is held down.

Yes , shooter lane protection installed. Maybe only 1 of these pics is useful, but the actuator arm is flush with the bottom of the shooter lane. It seems to be maxed out as far as upwardness, sticking out the top.

50431E2E-42BE-4A4D-92E2-A6C3B05E18F7 (resized).jpeg7E1BA05B-3BAA-4A85-9D8C-A4F88FE7D727 (resized).jpegB4FC925E-BA60-4D06-890E-61F352FA7954 (resized).jpeg
#14449 72 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

When you were in test mode and tested the switches which all registered, did you use your finger or a ball? If you used your finger test the switch chain again using a ball to roll over the contacts to see if it is fully depressing it to register.

Finger most likely.

Quoted from Thunderbird:

Shooter lane protector is why it won’t engage underneath. It isn’t about the wire high on top, it is the contact point below at the switch being bent toward the switch itself higher, so contact happens when the ball rolls over topside. To test, take your shooter lane protector off and plunge a ball. The back gate will open for sure. The shooter lane protector is your problem. Adjusting to compensate for adding the extra thickness up top is what you need to do.
My gate wouldn’t open either till I made the underneath adjustment, after installing a shooter lane protector.

So the ball sitting (1mm) higher is not depressing the switch deep enough? Its too much work to remove those protectors for the test. I’ll take your word for it.

What adjustment needs to be made?

#14450 72 days ago

Ha! I slid the right shooter lane protector in a bit and I’m back in business.

For the record, using a ball in test did NOT activate the switch (as previously suggested).

Thanks guys, I’m back in business.

#14453 71 days ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Remove the ball lock gate arm by loosening the set screw on the shaft and pulling the shaft out of the playfield (do this first!). Then you can remove the turntable by removing the 6 locknuts.
Be extremely careful with the opto assembly at the bottom of the unit. When you pull the big assembly out, I recommend removing the opto assembly (2 screws and a connector) so it doesn't get broken.

Well this was a good idea, in theory. The set screw is so tight it will budge. It is stripping the edges if my new allen wrench.

I see Another wasted email to Stern with very little attempt at help in my future.

1 week later
#14496 59 days ago
Quoted from Scotty_K:

Glad you like what I did; it was a labor of love...lol!
Actually, I've had a couple of inquiries regarding this. I hadn't originally planned to make and sell these, but I suppose I could run off a couple of sets if there is enough interest. It may take a few days, however, as I do have a full-time gig and this would be a spare time project.
I'll sit down soon and figure out what needs to be done and what it might cost, and I'll get back to you.

I'll get on the interest list as well.

1 week later
#14519 47 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Put my set on tonight....HIGHLY recommend!!!! looks amazing...like the back of the machine should be. Great job!!...mark

I received mine today as well. I can’t wait to put them on this weekend.

Quoted from MK6PIN:

Nice to know new BM66 code in the works.....now if I can only get past all 3 seasons.....

I don’t even know how to progress through 1. I think I’ve been on season 3 before but didn’t understand how I got there.

#14525 47 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Light the 3 TV targets, shoot left orbit to the saucer, pick your poison.....

Does that mean I need to play/finish all of the minor villains to get to season 3?

1 week later
#14590 37 days ago

I am looking for some advice/insight. I finally got the part from stern
so I can finally change the small spinning play field. It won’t come out unless you remove the coil that swings
that gate open and closed , for the skill shot, etc. yes the same one that crap workmanship and quality control, broke on me and dug a trench in my play field.

Anyway the set screw is stuck. I am stripping allen wrench after allen wrench trying to get it out. It took 5 weeks but stern finally sent me a replacement coil (arm?, not sure what its called). The intent is that I’d probably have to destroy this one to get it out.

I am sick of this, I have never played the game as it is intended since I bought it 4 months ago.

Anyway here is a pic. How should I get this out? I’m nit really on board with shooting wd40 in my cab.

C3A04D9E-3B23-4F8F-A5A1-6CF3054795E9 (resized).jpeg
#14592 37 days ago
Quoted from Skeets:

Can you remove the coil that fires this plunger, then just let the plunger and hang free, this way you can get the thing out of the playfield to deal with the stuck set screw?

That would be a big nope.

3AC42BAD-DC26-48C4-8A2D-781E06576AD5 (resized).jpeg
#14594 37 days ago

Well I forced the old turntable out. (Deal with the repercussions later).
The new one doesn’t ‘center’ very well. I’ve adjusted the heck out of it. I’m afraid to power it up
the way it sits right now.

AE5EB170-C0A3-482E-AD5A-6A2465812D12 (resized).jpegFF00B1F8-789F-4ACE-B754-1B32C991BF35 (resized).jpeg
#14595 37 days ago

Well, this "new" play field is worse than my original. IT has too much play relative to the centering pin. That is why it won't center.
It does not spin in test mode. One little board was damaged somewhat in shipping, this could be the cause.

Anyway, now my machine went from playable but not perfect to completely unplayable.

Stern is sending me another mini spinning play field. So I get to change the fucking rubbers on a new playfield , atomic pile, etc. and.. I still have a trench in my play field from the first quality control malfunction and a chunk o fart missing near the penguin scoop.

awesome. IT's a good thing I"m not going to pagg, some stern guys would be spitting teeth.

#14609 35 days ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Hey guys. I received a BM66 from stern. I went to go install my speaker light kit mod, but I noticed that the little mini screws they holds down the LCD screen are basically all stripped from the factory! I was able to work 1 out after 20 minutes but I’m afraid if I even try the others after seeing how tight the first one was, would completely ruin the heads.
Does anyone have any advice? I want to put my new kit on there to match my other games but it doesn’t seem possible.
Should I call stern to complain? Will they send me a replacement folding down lower panel if I send them back the one in my game?
What happened to hand tightening such a small screw?
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Stern is a joke and their quality control sucks. Not surprising. I’d recommend emailing them for 4 months and Accomplishing nothing.

1 week later
#14688 23 days ago

I have the catwoman edition. 100% grab by the magnet. I also have some sticker mod laid down.

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7,200 (OBO)
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Topeka, KS

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