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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

5 years ago

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#10479 3 years ago

I want one of these.....Anyone have $8k they don't need?

#10503 3 years ago

I have this game on my radar and have a rule question. I've only played it a few times, but it appears to be a game I'd enjoy.

It looks like there are 4 major Villains each with 3 levels. It appears as though you can decide to capture the villain at either level 1, 2, or 3. So in essence, it's one mode for each villain, but with an increasing risk / reward.

I see there are also minor villain modes, or what appears to be TV modes. Does anyone know how many of these modes there are? I was watching some video, and saw grayed out silhouettes when someone would choose a mode. It made me think that either they need to be unlocked, or are still being coded.

One rulesheet I found indicated that their was a mini wizard mode following capture of all 4 major villains. Is that the only wizard mode? Does anyone know if there will be more?

I'm most interested by this game because of the artwork and the fact that it's being coded by Lyman, who did such a phenomenal job on TWD. It also appears to have a huge number of TV show clips. I never watched the show (it was before my time), but I always like games that make good use of the screen.

9 months later
#13377 2 years ago

Can someone help me with the rules?

1. How do you know when you finish a minor villain?

2. Is there a way to switch between screens? For example, when you stack a minor villain with multiball, you get two screens, a large one and a small one. Is there a way to switch them on the display?

#13379 2 years ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

1. You should see the villian behind bars animation on the screen.
2. Hold the lockdown bar button for a second or so and it will switch through your active modes, including bat-turn.

Awesome. Thanks!

Speaking of Bat-turn, what exactly is Bat-turn?

#13380 2 years ago

On a complete side note, I ordered my Batman '66 Catwoman Edition from Cointaker yesterday, so I'll officially part of the club in a few weeks!

#13401 2 years ago

How is the shaker motor use in this game? I was planning on buying one depending on how well it was used. I think I might steal the sub from BBH and move it over to BM66 when it gets delivered.

#13428 2 years ago
Quoted from DrBanner:

New club member! Love this game!

Nice. Mine is supposed to be here in the next week or two. This waiting thing sucks!

z9c83 (resized).jpg

#13429 2 years ago

This game has 6 balls, right? If so, why does the Stern features matrix say "8 ball multiball"? Is that just a typo?


#13431 2 years ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

You didn't add the extended trough and the two extra balls after the 1.02 update????
i kid--- its six buddy. Typo

Mine is still on order, so maybe it does have the extended trough.

#13442 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

It's a little disappointing that the cards they gave to Julie to sign weren't pre-sorted to be the ones with catwoman on them. Seems like an obvious thing to do but I guess they decided it wasn't worth the effort.

That caught me off guard too. Kind of stupid that they didn't to be honest...

1 week later
#13515 2 years ago
Quoted from TronGuy:

Looks like i have a tiny chuck torn up on my playfield.[quoted image]

Damn. I'd be pissed.

On a side note, I'm totally jealous. I haven't gotten mine yet. When did you order?

#13553 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

All Catwoman Edition games will include a signed card, not just the first 100.[quoted image]

That’s a kick in the d1ck.

#13628 2 years ago

I just found out I'm not getting my Catwoman until Thursday.

It was supposed to be tomorrow. I took off work and everything.

#13647 2 years ago

36 hours to go until delivery...

I have my shaker motor all ready to go and my custom Catwoman badge is in the mail!


#13653 2 years ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

What shaker motor? I got my Catwoman on Friday.... but did not order.....?

No sure what you mean? I bought a shaker motor for Catwoman and got it before I got the machine.

#13656 2 years ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Where did you order? From Stern? I really didn't know it was a option....lol

The machine I ordered from Cointaker. The shaker was ordered from the Stern store.


#13658 2 years ago

Question for people that have the Chrome Candy Bat Emblem......Did you just yank off the factory sticker? The description says "Mostly covers the original sticker", which doesn't sound like it offers the best look.

#13667 2 years ago
Quoted from jetspeedb:

You get a sig edition ?

Most definitely.

#13693 2 years ago
Quoted from HemiOrange09:

If you interested in any of my upgrades just send me a PM...

PM sent.

On a side note, I don't even have the game yet.....does that mean I have some sort of problem since I'm buying mods before I even get the game?

#13708 2 years ago

EEF43149-3E48-4CF2-B447-A3785E55AE24 (resized).jpeg

#13712 2 years ago

E3E81A2F-9996-4FA0-B651-E0E2C351047C (resized).jpeg

#13713 2 years ago

Anyone know how Egghead works? I finished him during the ball. When I drained I had about 200 million. The bonus counted down and was 157 million. Then it showed Egghead bonus of 100 million.

But when it tallied my score, I only had 357 million when I should have had 457 million.

#13732 2 years ago

Has anyone installed a OEM shaker in their machine? I went to install mine last night and the screws they gave me to mount the shaker are too short. They don’t even reach the T-nut.

The T-nuts are flush with the bottom of the cabinet.

#13748 2 years ago

Not bad for owning it less than 24 hours.

401C39E9-CDB5-4A50-8804-B2D63C365149 (resized).jpeg

#13751 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

These high scores....looks like I need to pull the glass to "check" all the switches

No glass pulling here, just a lot of minor villains. Both outlines are wide open and all the settings are factory.

#13760 2 years ago

Got my Catwoman badge yesterday. It looks awesome and is very well done. Totally professional. @jp335i nailed it.

A02A1A17-8552-4ED4-BCB4-1D6E68D0EFE3 (resized).jpeg

#13783 2 years ago

Is anyone else getting a crazy amount of dimples in front of the crane ball? There is a big line of them right in front of the ball at each umbrella. I'm getting a little worried that I might start losing chunks of the playfield at some point. None of my other games have this many dimples.

#13785 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

How old is your game?

I got it Thursday night, so about 3 days.

#13788 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Typical Stern build quality of the times unfortunately. That's why I always stress the use of playfield protectors.

Do you notice a playability difference with the protector? I guess I could install one to mitigate the damage.

#13868 2 years ago

Damn. Almost caught WildBill!

D04E9670-AA66-4AAD-9D20-E9864327D7EC (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#14024 2 years ago

Did this yesterday. Cashed in an Egghead for a little over 17 billion.

2AAD9AE2-FCFA-45F8-99FB-DEDC2D76CDE3 (resized).jpeg

#14047 2 years ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

Trying to catch you [quoted image]

It doesn't take much to go from 60 billion to 110 billion. I had a few chances to look up at the screen and was seeing shots for 1 - 2 billion at times.

Too bad I didn't have the cameras set up at the time. I would have liked to see where I was getting all the points.

1 week later
#14199 2 years ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

PM sent sir. I'll take em.

Shit. I'm an hour late.

2 weeks later
#14351 2 years ago

I turned mine off. It was rattling the glass and I thought the house was going to collapse. It was the factory Stern shaker.

#14371 2 years ago
Quoted from Beez:

Really close to pulling the trigger on a Catwoman! Watching all of your posts really makes me want this pin ... I played it a few years back and enjoyed it but have never played it with the new code so I’m sure it’s amazing!

It's totally worth it. The code is phenomenal and so are the shots. You can play it a bunch of different ways. I play the one at my house with a completely different strategy than I do when I'm at leagues.

Sometimes it's just fun to see how high I can run the bat phone hurry-up.

4 weeks later
#14462 2 years ago

Looky what I got....

IMG_7568 (resized).JPG

#14468 2 years ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

Nice, do they have more and how much was it? If you dont mind me asking

Unfortunately, my understanding is there was only one. It was actually free.

There was someone selling one here, but I'm not sure if it sold or not. I'll see if I can dig up the link.

EDIT-> It's not marked as sold, just no longer for sale, so I'm assuming they still have it.


1 month later
#14667 2 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

A square shaft and a round gear.

And they say you can't put a square peg in a round hole.

#14694 1 year ago

My Catwoman only grabs it every once in awhile.

4 weeks later
#14959 1 year ago

I won B Division over the weekend at a tournament on BM’66 with just under 1 billion. I started ball 2 with about 4 million, no major villain and no progress on the TV targets.

Pulled it out with a big Season 2 Egghead / Villain multiball cash out and a hold bonus mystery award that carried 176 million to ball 3.

2 weeks later
#15136 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Node boards can be repaired by people with the right knowledge, skills, and equipment. The schematics have been released.

From what I've read in the node board thread, no one has figured it out yet. It would be awesome if you helped out those with dead boards by providing the name of the person doing repairs.

1 week later
#15177 1 year ago

I'm hoping someone can help me with an upgrade. I'd like to purchase speaker lights and upgraded speakers. I'm getting a little confused.

If I go to Flipper Fidelity's website, they have about 10 different options for BM'66. With Coax, without Coax, etc. I'm not sure which one I need?


I want to replace all three speakers. I see I also have to choose the "I have speaker lights" or "I don't have speaker lights" option before checking out. I guess I would just choose that I have speaker lights and then they take care of reducing the spacer ring?

Any suggestions on speaker lights? I want them to be purple and don't care about any other colors. I'd also like an acrylic batman logo that you can see through the lights.

Anyone have any experience with this type of upgrade? I just hate buying stuff and it being wrong or I find out I don't have all the parts.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

#15185 1 year ago

If I go with the ones from speakerlightkits.com, what do I need as far as spacers? When you checkout with FF, they have a drop down if you have speaker lights or if you don't.

I'm assuming if I bought the ones from SpeakerLightKits, then I would just choose the "I have speaker lights" when ordering from FF?

I was looking at this set of speakers and this light kit along with the BM66 acrylic speaker insert things.:



#15240 1 year ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Sorry for the back to back posts.. Part of my trade I got two great banners. I have a cat women one that I dont need as I am using the other.
Any idea on what it's worth? maybe do a trade for something or am I SOL!!. HAHA[quoted image]

They go for between $200-$250, unless you know someone.

1 month later
#15420 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

I agree with everything stated above except the longer ball times, I wish I can keep the ball in play longer then I do lol. I also loved LOTR but those ball times were like going to work, when I'd go down and play a game my wife was like see you in an hour or so.... but on BM66 I go down faster then an old man who ran out of Viagra!!!
Just an awesome pin all around and one of the best integrated themes ever!!! LOTR is long gone but the bat is here with no plans of moving it.

You can move the out lane posts to their closest position which will help with ball times. Also, when you shoot the orbits, does the ball feed the flipper, or does it hit the top of the sling? We had one in leagues that hit the top of the flipper. Giving the machine a hard enough bump to get it off the wall would get you a tilt warning. It made the game crazy hard. I'm not sure if there is adjustment under the plastic for the metal guide or not.

There are also super bands to make ball control easier and you can even go so far as to adjust the slingshot switches to reduce sensitivity if you're getting a lot of side to side motion.

I'm recommend setting it up so you enjoy it and have longer ball times. The game is so deep with so many cut scenes, it's worth it so you can play longer. Other games are really shallow, so you don't really lose anything with short ball times.

On a side note, I heard rumors about a potential code update. I'm hoping they add more call outs. There are a lot of cut scenes with no sound. I'm wondering if you can add call outs in places where there aren't any with Pinball Browser?

1 month later
#15615 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Message "biglaw" here on the forums.

I didn't know they were for sale. Nice!

I'm not really a mod guy, but they look great.

5 months later
#16090 1 year ago

My wish list would start with more call outs. There are a lot of video clips during the minor villains that don't have any audio associated with them.

1 month later
#16209 1 year ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Side Blades available from Stern..


I saw your post, added them to my cart this morning, got called into a meeting, came back and they were showing Out of Stock.

#16215 1 year ago

Unfortunately, they aren't the same ones, but thanks for the link. I want the ones from Stern that have the characters.

#16224 1 year ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

Pinball Pro lists them as in stock... to me, they are by far the best of all the oferings.

It sucks that I have to post this again, but.....


#16225 1 year ago
Quoted from desiArnez:

I ordered those directly from stern and, post shipment, got a voice mail that the online image was wrong.
Weird, huh?
In retrospect I think more images of the characters would have been redundant and overkill.
Honestly I wish I had gotten these:[quoted image]

I was looking for the limited edition ones. Perhaps they threw up the wrong image on the Stern site and I wouldn't have gotten the limited edition ones?

#16236 1 year ago
Quoted from GeekedOnPinball:

Thanks I think I will look into the Mylar thing. I’m happy to hear it shouldn’t spread. Still a bummer I didn’t see it first or I would have hit him up on the price a bit more. I can’t imagine he didn’t know it was there. Still love the game though, I can tell its one we will hold on to. It seems like it has a ton of content and stuff to do and man what cool artwork. Thanks again!

Sorry to hear that you didn't see that before buying. Mine has the same chunk missing, along with missing pieces in other places.

Anyway, I'm wondering if a small amount of clear over the area might lock it in? I haven't done anything with mine, so I'm curious to know the answer as well.

1 week later
#16259 1 year ago
Quoted from MANTO1975:

Has anyone had there playfield replaced by Stern for severe pitting to the playfield.

Good luck. I have chunks falling off mine and I'm getting ghosted.

2 months later
#16455 9 months ago

Bowen always does kick ass tutorials too.

1 month later
#16552 7 months ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

Just a quick update... I have had a few Batman owners ask me if they can purchase just the left card since the right card is the collector card. If anyone has interest, I have added that as an option in my store to purchase just the left card.

I just ordered the left one. They look pretty cool. I'll be interested to see how it looks in person.

Wait, is the left one the instructions? I can't remember.

4 months later
#16756 3 months ago

Don't discount Egghead, especially Season 1. My largest cash out was a little over 17 billion on that mode.

#16761 3 months ago
Quoted from Scotty_K:

Actually, all of the Tut modes behave the same; save minor villain progress AND add multipliers.

Are you sure about that? I was positive that the first one only gave you the minor villain progress and then the subsequent ones gave you a multiplier on whatever was on the main screen.

#16763 3 months ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

That's how mine works.

Interesting. Even the Tilt forum says otherwise. Are you guys running an older version of the code?

From Tilt;

The first Tut completion awards “save minor villain progress” for the rest of the game. This power even works retroactively, so if you made a number of shots toward bookworm on ball 1, then complete Tut on ball 2 and play bookworm again, your ball 1 progress is applied to your second attempt. (Provided you have a way to play the same minor villain again)

Subsequent completions of King Tut award a +1X main channel multiplier (starts at 2X) until the end of your ball. This award multiplies all scoring in the mode that is running on the main channel.

2 months later
#16866 15 days ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Stern, if you're reading, please fix the remaining bugs and clean up the code. Most importantly:

Unfortunately, with Lyman gone, I don't think we'll ever see anything relating to his games come through.

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