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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

4 years ago

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Post #366 Adding the Batsignal to LE Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #402 Very detailed review Posted by MT45 (3 years ago)

Post #457 DocQuests Helicopter comparison. Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #463 Docquest's vehicle comparison Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #501 Version 0.65 Code released Posted by PiperPinball (3 years ago)

Post #564 Docquest's helicopter install. Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #1159 Adjusting the Magnet Posted by PiperPinball (3 years ago)

Post #1234 Helicopter attachment. Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #1314 Photos of Episode 111 Machine Posted by iceman44 (3 years ago)

Post #1322 Version 0.68 Code released Posted by ATLpb (3 years ago)

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#260 3 years ago

Played a premium tonight. Super fun pin. Shoots very well even on basic code. Going to grow into a fine pin overall.

The premium does in fact have the 2 pin connector already there to hook up a bat signal toy in the back right corner.

IMG_0746 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#604 3 years ago

I'm in today as well.
Premium. 1st game screw from under batmobile and washer went flying lol.
Get those screws glued in guys, only matter of time
Can't wait to put more time on this.

#606 3 years ago
Quoted from Chrizg:

Is your apron card signed by Adam or no sig ?

no sig.

#752 3 years ago

Anyone else think the stock blue shooter spring is just not strong enough? Tonight I plan on replacing with a standard shooter spring to see how it feels. That blue one just feels inadequate.

Hopeful someone comes up with a better airball guard protector on the left cat ramp. I'm going to pitch the game steeper tonight to see if it cuts down on balls launching off it going from left to right around the back. Either a different design or a way to anchor the free floating side down, so balls don't go a flyin so much!

Batmobile toy on spinner sure loves coming off it's mounting screws. Going to really glue that sucker down tonight.

Otherwise, having a lot of fun playing!!

#800 3 years ago

Swapped the shooter spring out for a stiffer one, much better on plunge now.

Game is pitched at 7 and I'm still having a ton of airballs flying off the left ramp shot and ending up in the saucer. What else can be done to stop this?

Quite often getting the ball stuck on the back edge of the batmobile spinner. Have to wait for ball search to knock it free. Is there a leveling adjustment hidden underneath somewhere?

#805 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Do you not have the plastic covers on your ramps? How are they not stopping the air balls?

Yes I have the clear plastic guards over the ramps. The right ramp has been fine. The left not even close. It's flimsy and seems like its elevated too high up in relation to the path of the ball. It does a lousy job on preventing airballs.

It really should have been a fully enclosed wireform at least halfway around the bend. This plastic is just not going to work. *Maybe* if it extended around to where the wire gate is it would help a little more, or had an attachment point where it currently ends at to help knock the ball down. But I suspect the ball would still be moving wildly enough to come off the wireform

On any shot up the left ramp, with good force, I was seeing about 50% airball ratio last night.

#842 3 years ago
Quoted from Cserold:

Did several things this afternoon to try and help "clean up" the left orbit and left ramp shots. Was mainly having really bad issues with horribly rattled shots in left orbit (at multiple locations on the orbit) and balls flying off the left ramp. These changes really helped, so I thought I'd share. Thanks to my buddy pigpin for the help and creative direction .
1. Pitched the game up to what is probably like 7.2 (see level guide below for general idea)

2. Put a rubber gasket on one of the left ramp screws to try and give the ramp a little steeper pitch as the ball moves up the ramp (see pic below)

3. Double-stacked two pieces of pinball foam and put them between the left ramp wire form and the orbit gate (see pic below). This has also seemed to make this ramp shot LESS "rattly."

4. Cut off the zip tie attaching the wire to the left ramp. Some of my left orbits shots were hitting this zip tie/wire. Then was able to zip tie the wire to the little rectangular metal post behind the ramp thus getting it 100% out of the way. (see pic below)

Great post right here! I came to the same conclusion and saw you did too!!!
I did all of it except for adjusting the back left corner plastic. World of difference.

So the left ramp airball problem... The wireform on my pin has a ton of slop/play in it. Where the wireform and top of ramp meet, you can slide it around a lot in and out. The plastic guard is static in a fixed position but as you push the wireform deeper into the ramp exit, the higher the plastic guard became in relation to the ball path. Caused way too much gap and allowed uncontrollable airballs. I pulled the wireform out a bit from the ramp exit and it closed the gap.

I also added one additional washer to the right hand mount for the ramp. Where the bracket is attached on the back wall I took a flipper rubber and folded it flat and wedged it in there. Same fix and result as Cserold. The slop in the ramp was gone for the most part now, the gap between ball path and plastic guard much better and after a few games, and a couple dozen left hand ramp shots, not a single airball!!! Buttery smooth around the bend now.

Same thing with the cat lights wire. Snipped the zip tie and tied it with a new one to the metal wire guide underneath the ramp. Much better left orbit shot, not perfect, but worlds better. The inner ball guide is too short that leads back around the turntable edge. It should've come down towards the ramp another half inch or so. What happens sometimes is the ball will end up smacking into that edge (underneath / behind the ramp) and get rejected.

Making progress guys. Still need to figure out the leveling of the batmobile spinner yet...

#1092 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Flipper fidelity has a specific spike 2 sound replacement good for premiums and LEs of Batman. I imagine the Jensen on the SLE is fine. Anyways Installed mine yesterday and as usual it makes a dramatic difference imo. I installed on the "high" bass side for this jazzy/big band music.

Sweet! Was waiting to hear whether it was a noticeable improvement. thanks!

1 week later
#1311 3 years ago

.68 code live on stern page. go go go!

#1454 3 years ago

Did you guys notice in the latest walk through video they picked up and showed the bottom of the batmobile mounted to the pink plastic disc. It didnt look like just two plain screws that our early games have shipped with.

Maybe they have improved this for newer games going out now and there will be less launching cars

IMG_0794 (resized).JPG

#1526 3 years ago

That new one looks like it extends way farther around. I'd guess maybe 3 inches longer.

#1528 3 years ago

So a newer airball guard and new mounting method for batmobile onto spinner plastic so far that we've caught.

#1542 3 years ago

Is it code Tuesday yet?????

#1549 3 years ago

yep just dropped off the Franchi "Villains" print today to get framed. Its stunning and will look great next to the pin

#1576 3 years ago

Steep. About 7

#1604 3 years ago
Quoted from pauloz:

So much for everything working fine.
Batmobile keeps falling off so I took it off and will fix it another day.
After about 10 games the right flipper died.

I'd give Stern a call. It looks like they've updated the mounting solution for the batmobile on the spinner. Now looks like its riveted on vs 2 screws like the early shipped pins. Which do you have?

#1606 3 years ago

See if they'll send out an updated replacement. Let us know.

#1629 3 years ago

are you guys talking about the entire turntable, the whole big mech, or the mini turntable (batmobile spinner) section?
I still need to go under the PF and see if I can ever so slightly lower the level on the base of batmobile spinner section. Still get balls hung up on its back edge (center area of the big mech)

#1664 3 years ago

It's starting to take form. Early form but you can really start to feel it. It's going to develop into a fine pin

#1702 3 years ago

Any le owners want to sell their topper and the control boards for it?
I'd like to get it working on my premium.

#1704 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

I'd check first if premium software supports it.
LTG : )

Software so far has been identical between all models.

#1722 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

I just got my topper installed and working, just confirming with others, I don't see it active yet during game play, just during attract mode basically?

teasing me !!!! Must be an LE owner who wants to part with it

2 weeks later
#1902 3 years ago

That's fantastic!!!! Thank you for sharing the story. very cool and sounds like a great couple days

2 weeks later
#2006 3 years ago

Love me some metal upgrades!
Hinges are my fav.

Should see some code today too

IMG_0887 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#2114 3 years ago

I know it was mentioned earlier in this thread or one of the others.... what did you guys end up doing to fix the joker switch getting stuck?

Mine had been fine never an issue until tonight. It got jammed multiple times during a long play session. Total buzzkill to a good game when you can't engage the joker at all.

#2118 3 years ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

sethman I put a small piece of sticky-back neoprene back there. PM me if you need some more info.

Thank you BrewinBombers. I'll give that a shot today. I assume behind the upper left corner which is where it pinches. Or behind the whole target?

#2122 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

I have a new bracket on the way. I hope that does the trick.

Did you call in to Stern and was that the suggested resolve? keep us posted

#2129 3 years ago
Quoted from Lilpro66:

Are the only current voice call outs in the villain mode just for the cat woman only

Correct. Just cat woman at this time

2 weeks later
#2292 3 years ago

We all certainly hope so! Better be a whopper of an update.

#2302 3 years ago

no code today.
I asked George. He said newest version goes into testing today. With a hope for a release early next week.
He said there's a lot in it. No other details, but its not coming today fellow owners.

#2341 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

5 weeks since last update?


#2438 3 years ago

If you have an LE then you should definitely have a colored left ramp wireform.

2 weeks later
#2550 3 years ago

Today's Stern FB walkthrough video showed them working on what appears to be Batsignal projectors.

One could assume they are working on some of the accessories to put up on the shop in the near future? I inquired about an update when some items would be available and didn't hear back.

#2555 3 years ago

Hope tomorrow!
No insight, just hope.

#2557 3 years ago

Going to download now. I do have a question about those new timer settings : defaulted to off. Are they unlimited by default and you can set a timer or completely disabled right now unless you put a timer to them?

#2591 3 years ago

I'm glad to finally have some video and callouts for 2 more main villains, but I hope they all don't end up being as "thin" as they are currently.
Hoping there's several different combos of vid and audio that can happen for each villain where its randomized a bit.
Battling them to capture should be a little more involved and the eye and ear candy a bit more extravagant.

Definitely progress but I'm hoping for much more out of them.

#2602 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Reloading AGAIN the code from Stern on a different USB. Download gets to 85% and is stuck there. Jesus Christ I'm really starting to miss the DMD updates. So much faster. It shouldn't take almost 24 goddamn hours to update a machine.

when you're about to initialize the update, which settings are you using? Update type: Quick or Full ?
Verify: on or off?

These can definitely lengthen the update time depending on which combination you were using. I've been just using the default "Quick, no verify".

#2606 3 years ago

Which USB port on the board are you using and is it the same one always used?
If always same, try switching to the other and see if you have any better luck.
Left one is what I've been using.

#2608 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Trying to debug my node board error after updating to the 0.75 code yesterday.
For anyone who did it sucessfully, if you go into the diagnostics menu and run the node board test what version number is shown for each board? Is it 0.1.0 or something else?

Node 0 CPU is 0.1.0 all the rest on mine now show 0.20.4

#2609 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Yep I've tried both. I know ur not supposed to drop and drag the folder. Are you supposed to extract all files before the usb transfer?

I've done it both ways. I've extracted the file from zip direct to USB stick. No folder.
And also extracted to hard drive on pc and then just dragged over the file to the stick and both have worked fine.

I'd say try extracting the file to your pc hard drive 1st. Then copy just the file over to the stick and see if you have better luck.

#2611 3 years ago

Just spitballing here. You've tried other USB sticks? Still have the .71 code downloaded? Try putting that back onto the stick and see if it still locks out the service menu buttons or behaves differently if you turn it on with that on it.

Tried putting in a blank USB stick and see if the service menu buttons lock out if you go into the menu even with it blank?

Working through the different variables on this one

#2616 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Thanks. Thats what I have on mine except for node 24 (villain vision lcd node board) it just says not initialized. Was working fine before the update. Makes me nervous that an update can cause a board failure.
It seemed odd the CPU node had a different version than the others so I thought that might be part of the problem but it looks like thats what it should be.
My distributer is arranging to get a replacement sent from Stern. Hopefully this doesn't happen in the future (post warranty) since they are so expensive to replace. Based on the number of node board failure threads i've seen in pinside, it seems to happen quite a bit.

Agreed, a bit unnerving that the update process can knock them out that easily.
Loading future updates will really feel like Russian roulette!

2 weeks later
#2728 3 years ago

RIP Adam West.
Goodnight caped crusader. You will be sorely missed

#2775 3 years ago

Ya, large boxes. So what all is in there I wonder

1 week later
#2907 3 years ago

If they abandon the code and pull him off it soon, I will never buy another new Stern again. Period!
I don't care if its Elvira or whatever else they cook up. I'll be done and they could kiss my ass. Leaving us with a half baked ridiculous overpriced paperweight would be the end for me.

Now, on a happier note, let's hope that was all just unsubstantiated hearsay and more great code will be coming any day now

1 week later
#3100 3 years ago

Losing hope on a pre-holiday code drop

#3104 3 years ago

wont see it tomorrow. They no longer do code on fridays.
Depressing, new record. And not a record any of us are glad for.

Anyone hear anything on it? Talk to George recently at all?

#3106 3 years ago

Its a matter of support. Personnel to get it uploaded to the site (scheduled) and having staff around to deal with any unforeseen issues. Emergency code fixes etc with weekend would be a problem.
That's what George said a couple months ago at least.

1 week later
#3207 3 years ago

This has been a horrible gap between updates.
Really sucks. Bad enough was once a month (end of month) but to be into middle of next by this time next week blows with no code.

#3223 3 years ago

Double wow. Not a single one setup to be played and holy crap you still didn't get that replacement board yet!?! Sorry man

#3235 3 years ago

So I'm here playing Star Wars pro at a friend's house on .83 code and it's pretty painful seeing how much deeper this is compared to batman right now. Just another reminder that we barely have half a game. It hurts seeing the code disparity. This better be some whopper on the next drop.

#3303 3 years ago

Where the F*!*! Is the code?

#3327 3 years ago

I don't want to burn out playing such an incomplete version. When the prior updates were released, I'd play it that night and a couple days following. Then it would sit off for an entire month waiting for the next update.

Hasn't been turned on since May 30th

#3402 3 years ago

I'd like to track down one of these and see how it works with a modified correct style insert. Says its good to 15ft.

Shines on buildings so as long as its adjustable would have plenty of brightness for the gameroom

#3421 3 years ago

We need code!!! Please !!

#3436 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

I'd take a Batman'66 bugfix every 7 days over nothing for 56 days. No problem.

Anything would be tangible progress. Nearly two months of nothing blows hard.

#3438 3 years ago

Happy belated bday!

#3454 3 years ago

crap, now I have to check tonight too when I get home!
a coin door decal would've been nice.

#3457 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Whats the coin door decal people are referring to look like?

the horizontal decal that are on a lot of Sterns. Like Tron or ACDC have. Would've been nice to get a decal with some Franchi artwork on the coindoor

tron (resized).JPG

acdc (resized).JPG

1 week later
#3582 3 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

with full Batgirl strip mode

can we stack that mode with Catwoman for double scoring!?!??!

#3636 3 years ago

Are we going to have a joyous Thursday or another torturous reminder of another week gone by?

1 week later
#3757 3 years ago

As this draws out, I'm keeping my expectations more and more in check. Expecting less and less. While I too hope it becomes a masterpiece (theme and content alone gives it high probability) this wait SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

#3804 3 years ago

Most interesting!

Capture (resized).jpg

#3815 3 years ago

Another week.....same disappointment

#3871 3 years ago

manimal I think you should drop in the office and give some people a swift kick in the ass. Code soon, where
I think I'm on team Vireland now.

#3873 3 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

As you say that, I am working on a trip over for a different reason, so I will see what I can do. I will admit, I was never given a timeline, but based on my conversations, I would have bet it would have been before now. I am assuming they just decided to keep going more towards the finish line to get more of the modes completed, but then again, maybe everyone over there said the hell with the code and are in the back room playing poker.... lol

LOL thanks man, appreciate it.
Just massively frustrated, like many others, how this has played out.

#3875 3 years ago

very true. Expo could get ugly

#3880 3 years ago
Quoted from TimeWellSpent:

I experienced this last night. I knew there were some posts here about it, so I came searching. I will have to try this fix and hopefully correct the problem.

I added a small piece of foam onto bracket that's between / behind both targets. Helps to keep the inner edge of the target from getting caught in the bracket edge.

#3882 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

No, you're just banging the same old tired drum and still not taking responsibility for your own actions when you ignored that the game shipped with alpha code.
For a self-proclaimed programming expert you continue to show a complete lack of understanding of the process. Screaming "go faster" helps no one. There is only one Lyman writing code and only so many hours in a day.
I want the code finished to Lyman's vision. I don't want him rushed or pressured to meet an artificial time table. That never ends well - a project may be "finished", but it's a hollow victory if it's not really done.
Stern won't get away with anything - if they don't complete Batman as promised, not only will Stern has lost the good will of Batman 66 customers but anyone considering buying a NIB Stern game in the future.

It was alluded to in gomez's responses about issues on the spike platform. They are still very much working out kinks of the platform. Specifically when they mention a more robust diagnostic interface to deal with node board troubleshooting. I would wager Lyman is heavily involved in those aspects still. While indirectly it means he's working / improving BM it's also for all their other spike games etc.

Coming up on 3 months, 3 freaking months!!! Of nothing released! there is no pass on this, good will expired. I read others shared wisdom "wait 6 months, wait a year" to see where code is on other titles. Well I learned my lesson with this title. 8k approx sitting dormant for 8 months because it's questionably half done. Won't make this mistake again.....

#3889 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

It's comments like this I don't get. The game is still fun with the .75 code. Have you really not played the game all year?

Its fun, but its half a game! Literally half of what's there does nothing.
Minimally. I'll play a couple days after a code drop, but then it sits off typically until the next code drop. Or friends come over to play it a bit. Personally I don't want to bang against the same incomplete code over and over and burn out on it.

#3968 3 years ago

I was amped up the past 3 Thursdays, thoughts of a code drop helping me get through the week. That's long burned out. Just another day.....

#4035 3 years ago


2 weeks later
#4373 3 years ago

O Code Dropeo, Code Dropeo!
Wherefore art thou Code Dropeo?

#4377 3 years ago
Quoted from PinBalt:

I would agree that a pre Expo code drop is necessary to avoid a lot of headaches

or riots!

#4417 3 years ago

In all likelihood, Expo is THE drop dead date for this major code update. If they don't have a code release by Expo, I hope those who can attend, give them some MAJOR SHIT as they very much deserve it for such a terrible release / rollout.

On the brighter side, Expo starts Oct 12th so we have just over 1 month remaining of wait "hopefully"

#4419 3 years ago
Quoted from xfassa:

As an SLE owner, I have one simple question. Assuming the SLE brought in pure profit of $5k/machine, that would equate to $400k into the Stern coffers. What happened to the $400k? This was not invested back into the company to help add "resources"? Again, I wish Stern the best and appreciate all they do for the hobby. However, statements like these (see above) suggest Stern has much bigger issues. Hopefully, these statements are true and code will arrive shortly as BM66 is an absolutely fantastic looking machine.

Yea, where did all that pure off the top profit go?
Is the hold up code? Is it creating the content or massaging existing and making it look right for the display? Whichever the holds up are attributed to, they need another additional team hired for it. Their release schedule of 3 + 1 with current staffing is beyond inadequate.

#4421 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I would love a code drop by Expo. However, if the code is still buggy or not finished then they shouldn't release it just because Expo is going on.
If they dont release by Expo a lot of us will be disappointed but I dont think Stern is too worried about us making a "big stink" about it at the show.
If its not released by Expo I would imagine someone at the Stern presentation would ask where the BM66 code is. Gary or George will give the same thing they've already said many times: "We are hard at work on new code, it has new exciting features and modes, we are committed to finishing the game and it will be coming out soon".
Then they will show the next shiny new game (Guardians of the Galaxy?) And everyone will forget about Batman66 and jump over each other to order the new game.

Sad and depressing truths.......

#4491 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I'll start a list for can post or PM me...

Put me down on the interested list.... pending final design and price.

1 week later
#4689 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

ok who’s the desperate pinsider trying to hack stern looking for batman code?!

can't hack what's not been written.........OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

but really

2 weeks later
#5052 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

They must be pretty confident in the stability of the code to be cutting it this close to expo.

Or there won't be any code released at all for expo. Is the other scary possibility.....I have no sources just rumblings.
Optimism is gone, they've made me full on pessimist / skeptic.

#5135 3 years ago

we need graphs stat!

#5189 3 years ago

Rumor no code at show and not until end of month.....I hope someone will be the voice for us frustrated owners and make it blatantly clear how pissed off we are at this situation.

I've absolutely shifted my current and future dollars to other places.

#5403 3 years ago

Did anyone attend the Franchi and Freres session?
Was it recorded or streamed? The one bright spot for us is art.

#5576 3 years ago

I have zero sympathy for Stern about the financial concerns of keeping Lyman on the pin until its properly done. All of us owners have more than paid that due with the prices these went for! I have never had ill feelings toward Lyman throughout this ordeal, he's simply caught in the middle of a string of bad decisions by upper management.

I've typed so many follow up comments to other posts the past week or so. And just delete them cause it'll do no good, for me or us as a group

The update better come out this week. And it certainly should have more content than what was seen on the show floor. If they drag it out to Thursday again or *gasp* longer, there better be a damn good reason.

Expo was the drop dead date for us, and it passed with nothing new in our games.

#5621 3 years ago

I believe Yelobird mentioned that Stern lowered the speaker placement in the SLE just slightly compared to LE and Prem panels. Might be just enough to cause the honeycomb pattern to line up better for mounting the bat symbol? Just a guess...

#5650 3 years ago

Maybe Thanksgiving?
This is ridiculous.

#5667 3 years ago

100% agree jfh.
Something is seriously off with this situation.
Either its on the backend of Spike 2, or the layout in this game is just not lending itself to good code design and fun. Something....5 months and nothing to show is f#cked

#5713 3 years ago

That looks outstanding!
Like it should've been there, like that, all along. Big thumbs up!!!

#5769 3 years ago

I used Flexible Loctite that's designed to be used with plastics. When my batmobile flew on the third play ever back in January, I snipped off the tips of some black zip ties. Added some loctite and jammed a couple pieces in the holes. Let set for about 4 hrs and then added the same loctite to the screws as I added them back in. Has held up since. Sort of the wood pf screw repair method only with plastic

#5788 3 years ago

I'm feeling more confident for a drop this week than I have the past 2 months.
But we've all heard this before

#5871 2 years ago

Almost never. I've given up hope...

#5887 2 years ago

we have about 3 hours left for a code drop...........

#6007 2 years ago
Quoted from DVDA:

has anyone noticed since the update when you hit the crane ball the first couple of times the shaker motor doesnt work?

Yes noticed this as well. And the flashers in the slingshots no longer seem to go off with a crane hit either.

#6021 2 years ago

im digging the dim lighting when super jackpot gets lit. And the up tempo music is badass!

#6105 2 years ago

so not to sound petty, but why does GotG get a really nice metal surround for the apron launch button, and we got a red sticker? I mean really, the sticker pisses me off every time I look at it when it should've been a nice metal accent of some sort.

#6133 2 years ago
Quoted from tonyoz:

The special thing about Batman is there seems to be no restrictions with the licence - Lyman can pick and choose from anything from the series. This is unique imo - look at GotG for example, it is missing the songs from the movies.

Now that we see how the cliffhanger - episode approach has been implemented, do you think they could/should randomize which episodes play in what order for the main villains? I'm not sure if they are going down a path where there's some sort of series progression regarding each villain, but it would be kinda nice to have the order they play out random so we aren't seeing the exact same order of scenes every play through.
Thoughts and hopes?

#6178 2 years ago
Quoted from jsa:

Stern says I have to replace Node Board 9 and the magnet now. 24 hours in, already swapping boards. Bummer, but at least they are fast to help.

I'd also recommend looking at the wiring in the pop bumper area, underneath the playfield. They routed one of the wires through the pop bumper mech underneath and has a chance of getting caught up and maybe severed. I know on my early premium I needed to reroute it slightly and zip tie out of the way. just an FYI

#6266 2 years ago

Version .81 up on the site ! Bug fix patch it looks like

#6267 2 years ago

V0.81.0 - Nov. 7, 2017

- Added instructions for the major villain modes.
- Reworked Bat Turn mode instructions.
- Rebalanced sounds, speech, and some music.
- Added penguin VUK shot to the list of shots lit when the crane is hit
during the penguin mode.
- Added double quote character to the Batman style font; it was missing.
- Added sounds for hitting the flipper button during collect/continue.
- Added score stinger sounds for major villain score awards.
- Fixed issues where the joker last stage and the penguin last stage
collect/continue was not holding up the penguin VUK kickout.
- Fixed an issue with the super skill shot where the mode RGB arrows
would not show when the ball was sitting in the shooter lane.
- Bat turn and multiball start will now move in front of most effects
in progress.
- Main multiball was not honoring the "Multiball Scores nX" for completing
the GORDON target before the first shot is made during the major villain
modes. This has been corrected.
- Major villain mode start effects are killed on the first shot/award.
- Reversed the order of the batphone hurry-up and the major villain mode
start display effects so they appear in the correct order (batphone
FIRST, mode start SECOND).
- Reworked major villain modes to give the batcave sequence priority over
the main shots.
- Forced batphone hurry-up awards over all other foreground display
- Made sure orange batcave sequence arrows show on top of major villain
mode arrows (riddler was not honoring this).
- Terminated magnet hold cycle when batphone hurry-up award display
effect is finished.
- Added magnet pulse to penguin magnet stage during the penguin mode.
- Fixed a bug with the magnet where certain sequences would be terminated
- Added clips/stills for joker and penguin modes.
- Removed dim non-selected icon/text from collect/continue when an action
is taken.
- Fixed issues with multiple awards coming through on one shot for the
GADGET targets and the TURNABLE targets.
- Added fight sounds to the fight sequences for the major villain modes.
- Added a setting to help clean up the interaction of the VILLAIN ESCAPE
wizard mode with the major villains. The default is that when VILLAIN
ESCAPE is able to start, the player will not be able to start a new
batphone hurry-up (major villain). The other behavior (not the default)
is that when VILLAIN ESCAPE is able to start, the player will be able
to start a new major villain mode, and if they do, then VILLAIN ESCAPE
will not be able to be started until the batphone hurry-up / new major
villain mode ends.
- Removed the batphone hurry-up award from the top eject. This is not
needed anymore now that the lockout adjustment has been implemented.

#6307 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Crane hits needs to loose that BDK sound effect and be replaced with Penguins quack when I hit the crane I want to know I’ve hit him and hear his reaction, was always great in the show when he would get annoyed with batman and go into quacking frenzy

Quite possibly the best idea I've ever seen posted and suggested!!!! I haven't gotten deep into penguin mode yet, are there any of his signature quack/cackles in yet? If not, having it for the crane hit would be genius!

#6365 2 years ago

Been meaning to ask the group....balls coming out of the right orbit, slow to medium speed, do they mostly hit the top edge of the slingshot plastic or do the balls typically feed nicely to the right flipper bat?

Fast shots definitely feed the flipper, but most other shots on my pin will hit the top of the slingshot quite consistently. Wondering if that’s normal on BM66 or do I need to bend the ball guide out?

#6371 2 years ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

Coming down the right orbit, next to the riddler scoop, I have to give it an Iron Man style nudge to get a clean feed to the flipper. It always clips some part of the sling rubber if I don't - but NEVER the plastic. If your ball is hitting the plastic, you need to adjust the sling plastic somehow.

Sorry, that's what I meant, it always clips/hits the top of slingshot rubber. Not plastic itself
Ok, so that seems to be the geometry then. Not a clean feed to flipper.

#6535 2 years ago

question for the guys who have updated their speakers..... so it seems like an 8 inch sub is probably the way to go (excluding going the external sub route).
But how about thoughts on Flipper Fidelity's typical high output sub vs his coax sub? Anyone have experience with those at all?

I have his other typical HO sub / kits in my WPC pins but this is the 1st time I'm getting some for Spike.

#6576 2 years ago

I’m definitely interested in a metal version but I can’t really say between version 1 or 2 without it actually on the pin
Put me in the interested camp but a working demo will help

#6578 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I’ll have prototypes in about 2 weeks just waiting for a space in the companies production schedule as he’s doing me a favour on the costing that way.

Awesome!! Excited to see how they turn out. Thanks for taking it on as well.

#6614 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Spoke to Mike at FF and showed him my setup in the pic below. He said the mounts will most likely fail in time. He also said that the large gap is causing the speakers to not function properly as they need to use the inside panel as a baffle. Right now there is barely any mid range as the sound in just kinda floating out in space. He suggested trading my speakers for the standard ones with the spacer ring. Which I plan on doing.

I’m glad you guys have been discussing speakers/ FF different versions as I want to pick up a set for BM and GoT. This has been valuable info for getting ready to buy. Thank you.

So FF is fine but get his normal set. I’m also going to try his coax sub instead of the high output version. A little more bass over stock but fuller sound with no crossover.

#6616 2 years ago

Yep have yelobird’s light kit and good to know on black surround for the normal kit. Will def inquire when ordering. Thanks again

#6625 2 years ago

Yea left out lane was wide open from factory while Right was set to mid. I matched the left one and set it to mid. Helped balance it out a bit

#6721 2 years ago

.83 is up!
Very small update, partial mini villain for (mr. freeze). Not all of them. Progress is progress!

#6722 2 years ago

Thank you Lyman and team!!

#6724 2 years ago

V0.83.0 - Nov. 21, 2017

- Added 4 mini-TVs to the LCD display to show effects and scores for
stacked modes. The most recently started mode is shown in the large TV.
Any previous mode occupying the large TV is pushed down to a small TV
from left to right, top to bottom.
- Added a first part for Mr. Freeze mode (episodes 53/54). Shoot 6 blue
(ice) shots to finish. Shoot red shots to turn them blue. Defeating
Mr. Freeze will stop most timed things from counting down (for the rest
of the ball, for now).
- Added a mode for Egghead (episodes 47/48, Egg Fight). All switches
score 250,000 and build a jackpot that can be lit on one of the shots
by using the gadget button. Once the jackpot is lit, the points from
the switches stop adding to the jackpot. The mode ends when time runs
out or when the jackpot is collected.
- Mr. Freeze "frozen" timers for villain escape will allow points to be
added from switches for the duration of the mode instead of terminating
that portion of the scoring when the multiball starts.
- Added minor villain modes to criteria for timed modes, so ADD MORE TIME
from MYSTERY works correctly.
- Reworked Bat Turn award display effect so it doesn't take so long.

#6773 2 years ago

I use gadgets for easy ball locks. Hit the mystery saucer, and just as its kicking out, use a gadget. Diverter pops open and ball lands in the lock Obviously must be used while in a villain mode.

#6777 2 years ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

Interesting, I've had limited success using the gadget to lock a ball off of a plunge.

Its hard off a normal plunge to get the timing for it. If you have a chance to try off a new plunge, what I also have had success with is: Plunge using the apron button using auto-launcher, on my machine its usually got enough speed where it'll hit the diverter up top and bounce over into the mystery kickout hole. Then use the method I mentioned above, just as it's kicking out of the hole you should be able to gadget open the diverter for an easier lock.

#6795 2 years ago

2-3 months ago that would’ve been an easier task. Not now, it’s getting good!!!!

1 week later
#6984 2 years ago

I love the little batman touches to the packaging for the spotlight. Can’t wait to tear it open and dig in tonight. Thank you

#7103 2 years ago

Looks great Yelobird. PayPal sent

#7105 2 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Haha the regular BM66 is fast becoming a 12k game with all of these great mods.
Yelobird needs a buy everything kit for those new to this

Tell me about it!
Once the floodgate opened it was all over.

#7116 2 years ago
Quoted from Bearcat:

My replacement Premium is in the house, loving it! Is there a better alternative to the Stern topper?

I wonder if someone could convince Tilttopper to come up with one for premium owners. His toppers are really cool and well built.

#7157 2 years ago

Question for owners who have upgraded their cabinet speaker.

I bought a flipper fidelity 8” coax speaker for the cab. Opted to try this over their typical subs. But there is no way possible this thing will mount in the cab.

THe stock stern cab speaker has basically no foam padding on the front that mounts against the cab floor. The upgraded speaker has a lot of padding. The threaded studs aren’t nearly long enough to mount this. I’m going to contact Michael tomorrow but wondering if anyone else experienced this with their sub upgrade as well.

#7160 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Sethman. Are you sure you got the correct kit? All of the FF speaker kits I installed came with a plug and play wood adaptor. The provided wood ring fits perfectly over the existing screws with counter bored holes. Simply install and the new larger speaker fits perfectly to that plate. I would call them.

That’s how all of his high output kits work yes. They come with an adapter and a sub to go into the cabinet. The coax kit is different. It’s not a sub for the cab, but an 8” coax speaker. No wood adapter which I believe is where I’m running into the issue. I’ll give him a ring today. Thanks.

#7163 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

It will mount. Push on the sub lightly to get the screws threaded. Once you start tightening the foam will compress down. Stern shortened the stud length for some reason. Mike said his future subs will have a slightly thinner foam on them to aid in installation.

Are you using his coax speaker in the cab or the usual dedicated sub? The other issue is the coax has a larger surround in general. His dedicated sub is a slightly smaller overall diameter I believe, will confirm when I call him later. So its hitting the wood cross member support pretty badly and that's also not helping it.

#7165 2 years ago

Talked to Michael @ FF. Yea Stern shortened the speaker nails (mounting studs) on these most recent Spike games (think GB moving forward). That plus this coax cab speaker (a different speaker from his normal woofer) having a thicker gasket is my issue. Going to try softening the surround gasket tonight with a hair dryer to where I can get more compression on it and will report back

#7181 2 years ago

Sound seems to be the hot topic atm.
So to update my status from last night.
I took a file and cleared out all the extra surround material in the holes where the 8 inch coax speaker was going to be mounted. Heated the foam surround for a minute with a hair dryer and really pushed down on each mounting corner. One by one I was able to get a nut to grab thread and success.

I’m enjoying these 8 inch coax speakers Michael was experimenting with. As far as I can tell the sound coming out of the cab speaker is identical to the audio out of the back box ones. Getting a fuller, slightly amped up sound now with new speakers. It’s not THX /DTS quality and some of the mixes blew my eardrums out :p but I’m pretty happy with the slight bump.

1 week later
#7357 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

ah ok. Crap...Tough decision.
On a related note, is anyone willing to publish their settings? I am looking for 'fun' over all else but nothing silly like '1 target to start multiball' as I dont want to get bored quickly..thanks!!

This is a rather personal choice on what's "fun" but honestly the factory defaults for settings don't need much changing.
The only things I change from factory default is: obviously free play on.
I turn the slingshot kicker power from 32 down to 28 because the stock kicker level is kinda crazy 28 is plenty lively without it being nuts.
and the biggest is reducing the turntable motor lag down BIG TIME! I think stock is like 1250ms. I reduce mine down to 300ms and I've found the turntable to be much more responsive and get far fewer weird ball strikes against posts or getting the ball stuck in areas of it as it's moving from face to face.

#7380 2 years ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

I bought a BM 66 LE...a few questions...
after a succesfull update my game did a nodeboard update but I got a update failed message. Is that a problem? The game plays good.
the spring from the shooter is to soft. I can't make it to the rollover lanes. Replace it?
Is that adam west signature real?

Node boards do seem to fail around when updates are performed as it exposes any marginal communication that may have been lurking. I thought I read somewhere the newest code has deeper Node board diagnostics in place to help identify or re-test them.

The original spring from the factory on early run games was too soft. They sent out a stiffer spring as part of the update kit so yes you can either request one from Stern or buy your own and install.

The Adam West signature is real

1 week later
#7529 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

How/Why are some of you getting air balls to the phone and AP? Are they falling off the ramps?

I was going to ask the same? the left ramp where it bends back around down in front of the turntable does a fantastic job knocking potential airballs down but I've never had anything up on the turntable take a whack.
I've also never had a ball end up on batgirl plastic so never bothered with the deflector. Was curious how you guys were managing to get a ball up there

1 week later
#7694 2 years ago

new year 2018 so do we think the code drops this week or next?

#7732 2 years ago

yes put all 3 (or however many files are inside of the zip as it can vary update to update) directly onto the root of the USB drive. Making sure you only have those files on the drive. no zip or other files as they can interfere in the update.

#7765 2 years ago

Feedback from you guys : ever since the Joker mode got fleshed out a few updates ago, I’m finding it very difficult to complete both orange shots as soon as his mode begins. The batmobile spinner counts as a qualifying shot in his mode progress and cancels out any orange shots available. Since the entire turntable has to rotate once you start his mode, I can stand completely away from the machine and not touch it, and the turntable moving into position will jar the batmobile spinner just enough to almost always register a hit.

We all know that it doesn’t line itself up correctly very often so any slight movement or bump will cause it to register a hit and cancel the orange shots.

If Lyman reads this, might I suggest removing the batmobile spinner as a valid shot on Joker mode until after one other purple qualifying shot is hit and turn spinner back to valid. It would eliminate all the spinner registers killing orange shot chances.

#7787 2 years ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

Can someone check this?...
During a mode, there's a timer in a circle above your score.
On my game, that circle with the time is flickering. It looks weird.
Has other BM66 owners this also (new software)

I was just going to mention's new. I think just added yesterday with .85
I actually like it! Makes it far more noticeable

#7789 2 years ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

It looks like a bug

It makes the countdown timer far more noticeable when it was easier to lose track of the countdown timer in the sea of other visual stimulation.
But of course that's a personal preference, I like it

#7962 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

My joker standup target is getting hung up on the bracket again. Was there a consensus on best way to permanently fix this issue?

I put a piece of foam on the metal bracket that the target gets hung up on. The little foam block you put behind standup targets. Hasn't happened again. Was just enough to persuade it to not get hung up

#7966 2 years ago

Default slingshot power is 32. It's rather strong to say the least. After each update I drop it down to 28 to help soften them just a tad. They are still crazy powerful, but takes just the edge off. You could try that to see if the airballs lessen or stop altogether.

#8055 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

New code today according to George G.

That sure would be a nice surprise!

#8088 2 years ago

docquest any tasty tidbits added behind the scenes in this release?
New video clips or anything cool?

#8113 2 years ago

Getting the minor villains in and active was a good hurdle to get over for them and us.
So that leaves us still waiting to see implementation of Batusi and how the Seasons affect things right?

Definitely need something else for the crane though. At current code, its not utilized nearly enough for its space and BOM impact. I'm hoping there's some dedicated, additional mode tied to it, that gets dropped on us out of the blue. Similar to how Bat Turn took the underutilized batmobile spinner and made it interesting and useful.

#8118 2 years ago

I know some mentioned they're not fans of the new sound effects for the crane hits. I actually like the new ones better. Less jarring. Just opinion and they sort of vary and scale a bit depending on number of hits it seems.

Crane needs to be involved a little more. I do miss the slingshot flashers going off with crane hits. But given what's happening on the screen for that mode the flashers going off don't quite make a lot of sense. Maybe with additional crane mods, the flashers could be tied back in where they would make sense with major impacts to the crane.

#8120 2 years ago

I still can't utilize "To the Bat poles" shots when going into Joker mode. Am I really the only one who suffers from this? 1st Joker shot is batmobile spinner/turntable. Soon as any villain mode shot is made the orange batpole shots end. Every time the turntable is moving into position from phone answer to 1st Joker shot, the spinner moves just enough to register that 1st hit and cancels the orange shots before I can even attempt them

#8210 2 years ago

My scores have been typically getting worse as the code matures
Maybe because I'm just flailing more trying to see all the cool new stuff.

#8265 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

dumb question but do the small numbers on the gadget targets represent?

I think those are the plastic or decal number for each item in the set.
You'll see those numbers on a lot of stern decals and plastics.

#8329 2 years ago

Factory default settings you can replay major villains after capturing them. There is an adjustment to lock them out once captured where they stay captured and cannot be restarted until all the others are completed as well.

If you so choose

#8370 2 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

It was pretty grim around here just a few months back. Glad things have tipped over for this title.

You aren't kidding......Summer of '17 was grim!!!

Loving the frequency of the updates as well as their .01 adjustment level.
Plenty of room yet for more awesome. At some point they do need to get in there and flesh out a lot of the missing sound bites for deeper clips.
Much thanks to Lyman and team.

#8513 2 years ago
Quoted from BSavage:

Anybody had the machine reboot on bookworm? I was 700M+ into the game and almost done and it was in this mode, machine froze and then rebooted. We need a better trap rather than REBOOT! Could you at least have it go to game save if the code freaks out instead of reboot? UGHHHHH! And I was going to compliment how much better the entire game play is now on .85.......

Latest code is .87 is that what you meant or are you actually on .85 still?

2 weeks later
#8742 2 years ago

I’m hoping the next few updates focus on tying in more of the assets already in the code. Primarily, audio missing on a lot of the video once you get past the initial layers.

Also, since a lot of the recent updates have been more like snippets adding in items that were visually still not active or missing. It kinda feels like it’s lost a bit of its mojo / personality in lieu of getting “stuff” in there. Need more quality sound bites in there. Iconic, quotable lines that make you smile when hear them.

#8823 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

I noticed there are new sound settings in the Utilities tab. There are now Balance and separate Bass and Treble controls for the cabinet woofer added. Pretty cool!
"Added some code to ignore the BATMOBILE SPINNER for a period of time
shortly after the TURNTABLE stops moving". I know this was a problem for some at the start of Joker mode. Glad to see it fixed.

Yes I am very happy to see this added into the code. Downloading it now. Can't wait to test if it fixes the issue of the spinner always activating and canceling bat poles for Joker mode. ***update *** great bug fix, can now enjoy trying for bat poles on Joker mode again. Thanks Lyman!

#8837 2 years ago

I noticed much improved magnet activity on .88
It was really grabbing and flinging around now.

#8874 2 years ago

^^^will do my man!!! Continued good luck on recovery

1 week later
#9040 2 years ago

From Stern of the Union today, a new preview code release will be shown at TPF next weekend. Those in attendance report back
Sounds like our next update will be a few weeks off yet.

#9063 2 years ago
Quoted from taz:

Yes to Batgirl. My current wishlist to wrap up code includes:
- Finish Season 3 Minor Villains
- Add a Batgirl mode or maybe add a way to get her help in other modes
- Improve Gadgets....a lot (weakest part of game IMHO)
- Add villain taunting if that’s still in the plans
- Some additional TWD like mini wizard that’s achievable for middle skill players
- General code polish

Good hit list of items.

-The mini tv screen is fairly useless still. Sincerely hope villain taunting is still going to be added. Otherwise that screen is a colossal waste.
-All that artwork done for the gadgets, to end up being a tiny plaque and otherwise rather unspecific and generic in the software. Need to be fleshed out more.
-It does need another side mode or two. Batgirl specific would be great. Definitely need to do something additional with the crane as well.
-Tons of work remains on the audio side of things. Lots of clips (once you get past the surface) that aren't hooked up with any audio.

At .88 currently, it leaves Lyman and crew ample update space to get those features in. Let's hope they cross the finish line in good form with this project.

1 week later
#9169 2 years ago

Batgirl confirmed!

#9171 2 years ago

Gomez said batgirl was coming/will be in there. In a quick fast comment.

#9181 2 years ago

So joker clips we've been used to were replaced with the surfing scenes?

#9182 2 years ago

Oh.... it sounds like you can change what set of episodes play then now but the interface needs to be cleaned up yet?

#9214 2 years ago

The Penguin's signature cackle is in the code right? Is it used in the game currently at all? I typically don't get deep into Penguin mode, so if its in there let me know. Otherwise, we need more Penguin cackle

#9233 2 years ago

I think they decided to glue on every single BM66 toy from every kit ever released.

1 week later
#9385 2 years ago

Hope that next code drop is coming soon....

#9406 2 years ago
Quoted from marksf123:

I will be moving in a couple of months (Baltimore to West Palm Beach, Yay) and need to pack up BM66LE for shipping. I have the Stern pinball Amour that works great but I am concerned about the topper. Should I remove the topper before I move? How hard is it to take off and put back on? I would hate for the topper to get ruined.

I’d be happy to take that topper off your hands for a fair price then you wouldn’t need to worry about shipping it

#9432 2 years ago

I believe that's referred to as "crazing" on the inserts. Correct me if I'm wrong. Lots of mine have that as well. Its when the sander went over the playfield to level the inserts to wood surface that it picked up those micro-abrasions and not glass-like smooth.

It drives some people "batty" :p others don't mind as much. It technically provides a better surface area for the clear to adhere to, so less chance of it ghosting.

#9479 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

And maybe Maiden has caused a little delay, code on that looks great and there’s no way Lyman is going to let Keith take his coding crown

Funny you mention that.....the visual appearance/approach on Maiden (fonts, screen transitions, etc) come off as way more advanced/polished compared to whats currently in BM66.

I hope that sort of cleanup/enhancement is yet to come, near the end when like was mentioned before. Once all the rules are in place. Don't want to let Keith show up Lyman on his debut outing now do we

#9487 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I think the visual appearance of Maiden vs BM66 is going to very different. Batman is a TV show from 1966 and the art style , fonts and transitions are thematic to the content. Having a glossy video game look wouldn't transition well with the video assets and overall appearance. I think the style looks great with Batman and the new glossy slick videogame style works for Maiden. Different styles, one isn't better than the other necessarily.

In total agreement that the approaches should look very different given the content between the two titles. A little more pizzazz maybe.

#9562 2 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

I have a theory.
I don't think Stern have the rights to use Burgess Meredith voice. So all the other voices are in the game except the Penguin, or am I wrong?

That would suck BIG TIME if it turns out to be true
I've been waiting to hear his iconic speech.

#9564 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Is there a lot of speech from the other villians I really havent noticed!?
Any of you guys with Facebook or Twitter able to ask Stern direct about the voice/callout aspects of the licence via one of their social media pages?

There’s a decent amount of spoken dialog (at least in the 1st couple layers) of the episode content. So far. To not have penguin would be a major letdown.

#9584 2 years ago

Download and update were normal.
What OS are you running and what did you use to unzip with?

#9597 2 years ago

Only got a chance to play a couple games last night but the new joker content was zany.

This pin will probably go down as having the most eclectic stock music of any pin ever!

#9623 2 years ago

Don’t forget the crane!!
I’m still hopeful there’s a dedicated mode coming strictly involving the crane.

#9626 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

How would that be different from the Penguin modes?

I don’t know, but it needs to be used for more than it is now. It’s second only to the mini lcd in being underutilized.

#9646 2 years ago

yep, was relieved to hear Penguin dialogue when you capture him in the new episode content. Right now, he is represented the least of all the villains with screen time / dialogue. Maybe Lyman has something up his sleeve more Penguin focused with the crane since that's his area on the playfield/mech.

Possible bugs:
Noticed that the jail doors closing, slam effect, was missing. Didn't have chance to try it on all villains, or old vs new episode content, but I didn't hear the door slam anymore.
After changing episode selection before ball 1, Holding in left flipper for super skill shot was not turning the arrow inserts yellow. They remained the default villain related color. The ball would go all the way around the orbit but the arrows didn't indicate super skill shot was in effect.

#9650 2 years ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

Super skill shot on ball 1 is never yellow, it flashes the villain colors to start the batphone hurry up immediately if you make a shot

Good to know! Thanks David

#9651 2 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

Hi, I'm new to this thread as I am giving serious consideration to buying a NIB Batman 66 Premium now that JJP is having issues with Pirates.
Care to share any recommendations? Is the play on the Premium the same as the higher end versions? Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Hi Jim,
Now is a great time to jump in. Code is in a much better place. Lots to do now.
Gameplay is the same between all 3 versions. (As Stern should do for all titles, and make the models about cosmetics only, but I digress).

#9675 2 years ago

Before ball is in play, with no major villain modes running... hold in right flipper and then hit left flipper. It’ll switch catwoman’s episode. Let go of right flipper.
Hold in right flipper again, hit left it’ll change Joker’s episode. Rinse and repeat for any and all remaining villains. Then it’ll cycle back through to catwoman again and so on if you keep doing it.

#9689 2 years ago

I'd be cool with a menu option that can be set to randomize which villain's episode plays each game. Keep me guessing what I'll see 1st time through, as the 2nd time starting them will automatically play the other content.

#9699 2 years ago

Right flipper held in, tap left flipper. Let go. Right flipper in, tap left, let go. rinse repeat. Each time you press the right flipper in, it'll be the next major villain in the list. If you want to go back to one you already changed, you'll need to cycle through the remaining and it'll start back over again.

1 week later
#9830 2 years ago

That certainly looks different.

2 weeks later
#9990 2 years ago

"where's the code?"

#9998 2 years ago

Approaching 1.5 months since last update. Let’s get the lead out already.
GoTG and IMDN getting updates left and right, we’ll be at 2 yr anniversary and not done.....

#10034 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

That one is for the whole turntable, I'm looking for info on the batcave spinner subassembly and how it sits with respect to the turntable....

I don't think there ever was a definitive good way to deal with this one. Having the pin pitched steeper seemed to help lessen the hangups. I know when I had the whole Atomic pile torn down to install the awesome mod collection from ModCouple I played around with the ball gate that's in the center a little. Not much you can do overall. I still get occasional hangups on a softer hit ball. The batcave spinner itself (floor) has a fair amount of slop where you can rock it back and forth. I thought about maybe putting a piece of mylar down on the edge more inside the Atomic Pile in hopes it would create a flatter surface on both sides. If I take the cave spinner posts out sometime, maybe I'll try.

1 month later
#10237 2 years ago

Hoping we hear some news about code etc from Lyman and George @ Pintastic today.
Maybe docquest can pry some details out of them

#10242 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

So has there been any news regarding BM66 discussed at Pintastic yet?

Not heard a peep.
Really wanted to watch Gomez’s talk but unsure if it was recorded or not.

#10267 2 years ago
Quoted from Macca101010:

Stern of the Union update on BM66 code - no change....
Batman ’66 – We are still working towards our next release later this summer.

That sounds like “months” until we see another update..... not exactly thrilled with summer doldrums in code again like last year.

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