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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

3 years ago

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#929 3 years ago

Question for you guys. I'm in on an LE #99 that I just unboxed. Haven't powered it up yet as I'm going in and doing a thourough check of playfield etc. I noticed that my magnet by the spinner looks sunken in by about 1/8 all the way around. Assume this should be touch with the playfield??

Also, my batmobile looks like it has bat shit all over the windshield... it's pretty rough looking. Anyone else have the same thing going on?

IMG_0108 (resized).JPG

IMG_0110 (resized).JPG

IMG_0109 (resized).JPG

#931 3 years ago

Thanks Chrizg. Will see if I can flush the magnet. The batmobile looks like shit for sure. Looks as if glue completely dissolved the plastic on the windshield.

#947 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

That magnet is way too low. Should be flush or a fraction above to prevent wear on the edge of the pf. It's a pretty simple adjustment but you'll likely need a big wrench to loosen the nut under the PF, and a big flathead to twist the magnet.

Thanks for those that provided some help. Lifted the table and noticed the big bolt was loose. I tightened it by hand then used a big wrench to seal the deal. I think they may have missed it during the QC check. Not a big deal...it's fixed. What I was bummed about and why the batmobile was trashed and come to find out it was because the center flasher broke. While loose it rubbed on the batmobile scuffing the plastic and chipping the paint. The wires stripped from the led likely from the weight of the mech moving around while it was being shipped. Contacted Stern and my distributor...hope to have some replacement parts sent soon. The game is still playable but could definitely use the flasher that's broken. Really liking the game so far. I'm stoked Lyman is on this game. For as early as the code is...I would have to say they knocked it out of the park with the launch of their first LCD game.

IMG_0115 (resized).JPG
IMG_0119 (resized).JPG

#1054 3 years ago

Question...installed my topper on my LE and updated the software again. Cycled power off and on and the topper but is not turning on. Am I missing something that the manual does not explain to get it to turn on?

Thanks in advance.

#1056 3 years ago

I figured it out. Checked all of the cables and found that the one cable that was plugged on the left board into CN1 was off by one pin. Not sure if Stern purposely did this because the topper shipped seperately or what. Anyway...glad it's working!

IMG_0133 (resized).JPG

#1099 3 years ago

While I wait to replace some parts on my LE...can someone start a BM66 mods thread? Looking for some good stuff as I know Mezel Mods is working on a few things along with a few other mod makers. Like to go to one place to see up and coming or links to a store with items available or coming soon!

#1170 3 years ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

Hello,All,as you may know by now,my B66LE #53 was delivered last week,completely broken!! Stern is replacing the entire turntable assy.The metal shaft that is welded to a metal plate that turns the assy,was broken at the welds!I don't think you can grasp the disappointment. and anger I feel on this!! They are also taking there own sweet time sending it back!! I just called for a update and was told that are waiting for some ass reason,with apology they said they would send part tomorrow!! BEWARE !! We shouldn't be having ANY issues with this pin ,and look at all the posts about issues! And the aftermarket is starting to dump this title!!

Sorry to hear about your troubles with the pin. Had a similar issue with my LE...the whole flasher assembly broke off from the spinner and ended up on the ramp towards the backside of the Playfield. Damaged the batmobile but luckily no other issues. To say the least my pin is down and will hopefully be back up and running when parts arrive and and a new code update is available.

The crappy part of all this is not that the part broke...shit happens while in shipment. But that I contacted customer support on Sterns website twice and I have not heard back from anyone. I contacted my distributor and he was able to confirm that a new part was going to be shipped. What's the point of having a contact us page if the company doesn't plan to use it?? Really is frustrating that the customer support has fallen through the cracks in recent years. Just another reason not to buy early or to buy from again in the future, a major turnoff.

1 week later
#1501 3 years ago

This might Not be the bad-ass mod everyone must have but I think it fills in the plain black plates where the speakers are nicely at least until Stern has something for sale on their site. Found these on Amazon. They are basically plug-n-play. just magnets.

Link is below...takes a week or two to arrive, not prime.

amazon.com link »

IMG_0223 (resized).JPG
IMG_0224 (resized).JPG
IMG_0228 (resized).JPG

#1510 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Looks cheap and kinda silly, however I gave you a thumbs up because you just gave me a killer idea for a speaker grill mod!!

Thank you! I agree, it's silly and not something I normally tag my games with nor would post on Pinside knowing it would receive or deserve some thumbs down! Hopefully we see someone sell something for these panels...Thought Stern did a nice job with the SLE's.

1 week later
#1622 3 years ago

Need some help here. Just received a new rotating assembly from Stern. After installing it, I noticed that the front part of the rotating disk facing towards the player isn't flush with the playfield. Ball at times will get stuck on the left and center lip which at the moment is about 1/8 - .25 lower than it should be.

Called support and they tried to explain that there is a way to adjust the mech. Still confused on where to change the height. If someone has expierenced the same issue can you post a pic showing which screw(s) to adjust. Thanks in advance!

#1634 3 years ago

I left Chaz a message with hopes that he'll send a pic of which bolt(s) to adjust to change the pitch. If he does, I'll be sure to share it here as it seems I'm not the only one trying to figure this out. They sent me a whole replacement so I've had the opportunity to look over the turntable outside of the game. Chaz said the adjustment is not where the assembly mounts to the underside of the playfield, rule that out as an option. The same brackets that mount to the playfield connect to an circular metal frame with with 3 L shape like arms that require a Philips screw driver to loosen. It seems like the only possible solution to fixing the pitch, but when I attempted this the assembly did not stay tightly together, it just slid back and forth until I tightened it back as before. Only option I see is to take the screw(s) all the way out and place some washers in between the bracket, add as many as needed to raise the turn table until the right pitch is desired. Place back in the screw and problem might be fixed. Chaz never mentioned I would have to go through so much work...so I'm assuming I'm still looking in the wrong place. Keep you guys updated if I hear back from him...


#1638 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

With regard to the turntable, I'm not talking about adjusting it up and down. I can't figure out how to adjust the front to back or side to side pitch.

I think we're all having this same problem. What's odd is that back-side of my turntable is flush with the backside of the playfield as it should be but the front is .25" too low. There's one center rod connecting all of the layered turntable pieces together...like a kebab. That being said, there's some give (slack) on the rod allowing the top part to shift ever so slightly but enough to throw it off alignment. If you look just under the table about an inch down there's 3 white colored plastics with a small lip that look to guide/support the circular metal plate as it rotates. I may attempt to mess with them this evening to see if adjusting them makes any difference. If it does work...it will be a real bitch to fine tune.

#1641 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I tried using some washers to change the angle of the whole mech where it attaches to the under PF but it made the front too high and the alignment seemed to be stressing the motor a bit.

This is what I was concerned about when the idea came to mind. Glad you spoke up with your attempt...all we need is fixed turntables with blown motors. The backside of the turntable can be lower than the playfield but not higher or the ball(s) will not be able to enter the 3 ball multiball chamber. As long as the front is flush, I have to say play on. Problem for some of is it's not flush with the playfield causing the ball to get stuck on the edge.

No call or text message from Chaz today...hopefully tomorrow.

#1649 2 years ago

Ok guys, Chaz came through with the pic as to what to what needs to be loosened in order to change the pitch of the turntable. He confirmed what I questioned and circled on the photo as the right screw(s) to loosen in order to change the pitch of the turntable.

Be sure the whole turntable assembly is screwed tightly to the playfield before preparing to adjust the pitch.

There are three of these brackets w/bolts that you need to loosen at the same time but do not unscrew them all the way. (See pic) You will know when it's loose enough as there will be some give allowing you to move the turntable up and down. I had the playfield up leaning against the head unit as if I were to do standard maintenance under the playfield. I then placed one hand on the turntable and playfield while looking at the underside of the playfield, using the other hand to push the turntable focusing first on front part until I could feel that the turntable was flush with the playfield. While holding the turntable flush with the playfield, slightly tightened the screws just enough so you can lower the playfield to check that it's aligned correctly. If aligned, tighten all 3 screws well. I was able to aligned the table on my first try...lucky I suppose.

Taking out the whole playfield and putting it on a turntable would be best if you have one. Unfortunately I do not and had to go the route as I described to get it fixed. Not ideal but it worked.

IMG_0318 (resized).JPG

#1651 2 years ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

rlslick Is that for the entire turntable or the batmobile spinner?

Instructions for the whole turntable.

#1653 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Thanks rlslick - so yours is flush now? If the fix is that simple, that's a major game "flaw" fixed.

Yes, my turntable is now fixed. I would have never guessed loosening these screws that there would be any give to raise and lower the table. I'm certain when the playfields were on the assembly line that all of them had to be manually adjusted this way. From a solution standpoint, glad it's there so I/we can fix it but I'm surprised they didn't come up with a better design in the end.

#1654 2 years ago

cooked71 - Your welcome, glad I was able to see this to the end. Owe it Chaz for his time and fantastic support!

11 months later
#8663 2 years ago

82Trooper - Check you front kickback side slings. I had one pop off just the other day. Located the bulb, removed it and superglued the plastic piece back on. Seemed to do the trick.

#8664 2 years ago

Assuming Lyman may tweak on BM66 all the way until the license expires. Anyone have an idea of when that day/year will be?

1 week later
#8907 1 year ago

Hey Guys, hoping someone can help me out. Just updated new code on my Premium. When powering on the screen shows that it can not locate node board number 8. Also noticed that half of my playfield lighting is not on. Anyone run into this issue and or know how to fix it?

Appreciate your help in advance.

Thank you,

E076EBAD-7DDF-4169-86AE-7F2201AD9D32 (resized).jpeg

6F5643FE-0DC1-4BFC-95A2-784DA50CA4A7 (resized).jpeg

#8914 1 year ago

Thanks guys...tried some of the suggestions provided but not having any luck. Re-downloaded the code, re-installed the code, checked all wire connections, checked to see that the node boards had power (they do) and still nothing. I’ll send a note to Stern support in the morning and request for the two kits. My build was April 17, 2017 and by looking underneath the hood i don’t see that a capasitor was fitted before the problem went viral. Appreciate everyone’s help. Hope to get back up and running soon so I can enjoy the new code update. Thanks!

3 weeks later
#9298 1 year ago

Anyone else waiting on a replacement node 8 board from Stern? I’ve been down for over a month now. Sucks...I see their sold out at Marco Specialties at well. Be interested to know whether some of you had to wait this long? Thanks in advance!

7 months later
#11547 1 year ago

Curious...if you’re the 2nd owner of an SLE, who’s voice do you think they will use for calling out the owners name?

And...If the game exchanges hands in the future after the update, how will a new owner be able to change the previous owners name to theirs?

#11557 1 year ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

I would think if you’re the 2nd owner and your name doesn’t match any from the list, you’re just SOL. That was a perk to the 80 NIB buyers.

Hopefully they just make it a perk for all current SLE owners. I would think this would be very short sighted on Sterns part to think all of the original SLE owners would keep their game forever.

I think when they came up with this idea originally Gomez may of thought it would have been integrated into the game much earlier rather than 2 years later.

Suppose we’ll see!

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