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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

3 years ago

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#88 3 years ago

Hi all,
The LE will be limited to 240 pinballs. The game looks great. If you are interested you should probably get a hold of your distributor sooner than later.t I had lengthy conversations with Stern this past week and am confident that their QI is up to snuff. I have always had faith in the integrity of that company. I am excited to play the pin.


#95 3 years ago

Yes I am a proud distributor. I am proud to sell Stern. It is made right here in the good old USA and that makes me feel good. Sure they had an issue but they are proud of what they make and will make it good. I am trying to keep things positive. I not only sell pinballs, I am a big fan. I get such a kick when we restore a classic and it plays like new. I get a real high when a great pin comes out. You may not be a Stern fan and like everyone else have an opinion. From what I have been able to see, it looks like a great pinball. I am excited to play it. My post wasn't for you. It was for the Stern fans and just a heads up. In case you want to say I am trying to "sell" them my allocation is 1 LE and that has been spoken for already. You know I am of the age that I can remember waiting for the next episode of the 66 batman show. I loved Adam West as Batman and all the wonderful villains and pretty women in very fitted costumes. It seems like this pin has captured that flavor. Like I said, I can't wait to play it.


#100 3 years ago

Here is what I know. I want to say that I have not had issues with any of the machines I had sold. This is in no way a denial that issues exist. It just speaks to luck and that the problems were limited in scope. Stern has assured me that they have a handle on the problem. That any pinballs coming should be problem free. I asked them straight out. I also asked what if problems arise from machines already sold. Stern informed me that they would take care of the issues via distributors. That they would do what it took including replacing playfields. I understand that this will be more difficult with the LE's based on the logistical issues. I know lots of people have been hard on Stern over the playfield issues. I understand the frustration levels. You pay premium money for a product and you expect it will work as they always have. I sell more than just Stern products. There are some manufacturers that I worry about and keep a close eye on them. There are others that I have a long standing relationship with and never worry about. Stern is in that group. I know some people think that I am "selling" Stern. It isn't like that. I am just relating my experience. In fact the majority of my business is in selling restored pinballs. I guess what I am saying is if you are some of the folks who had trouble , keep the faith. I am confident Stern will make this right. Patience will be needed as this isn't going to be an instant fix. It may take a little time. That is probably the most regrettable part of the issue.
The other point I want to make is that these issues seem to be limited in scope. It is not widespread failure but instead a small percentage. I know that provides little comfort to those who have issues. I just hope Stern learned something from this process. In machines this complex issues are bound to arise. I hope Stern comes up with a better system to deal with issues. If you look at the big picture the pinball hobby has done well. We went from looking at no pinballs to having a major manufacturer and then some fine boutique pinball makers. All seem to be creating quality goods that I personally look forward to. Maybe I am more sensitive to how complex these machines are because I am working with them every day. When you get a chance give your favorite pinball a good once over. They are truly a complex wonderment. The fact that we have such wonderful toys never ceases to amaze me.

take care-Jerry

#101 3 years ago

I agree. If anyone has questions just pm me. Lets keep this thread about Batman 66. Like I said in my first post, I am one of those kids tuning in after school when ever possible. From what I have seen and know this pin appears to be about the 66 vibe. I am jazzed to play this one. I hope there is some quality LCD Meredith Burgess . AKA the penguin....WHa WHa WHa

#108 3 years ago

That is correct. We will sell between 40-60 NIB pinballs this year, as most of our sales are restored pinballs. I have been doing this for almost 50 years. I know many of the people at Stern for many years. I know them to be good honorable people. I know they genuinely felt bad about having issues. I guess the saying goes "Time will tell". I like giving people the benefit of the doubt. Life feels better that way. I do know they are really excited about this pin. It represents some pretty neat milestones for Stern. I am excited to see two LCD screens in this game. I am looking forward to the shin dig in October. I am hopeful they will have one or two of the 66's there. I was pretty excited to see the Ghostbuster pinball as it was a long time coming. I am more excited to see this one. I guess I am the target audience . I was in grammar school when the show was on air. I still have my batman lunch box and thermos. I had to save my allowance for two whole months! I also remember having a flashlight that would shine the "Bat Signal" on the ceiling. To keep this thread fun , I would love to read about other Bat Man memories or memorabilia.


#110 3 years ago

I loved the way Cesar Romero played the joker. He refused to shave his mustache. Instead just used makeup to cover it. Jack Nicholson was a great joker too.


#112 3 years ago

I have not received any pricing. The memo I did receive said the pricing would come in September. It did say there would be a bit more cost than previous LE's but promised that they would be spectacular. There will only be 240 of them. So I am sure they will all go. The memo also stated that the premiums will be in line with previous premiums. It reminds me of the Dodge Hellcat Challenger. If you are a big fan then it doesn't matter.

#125 3 years ago

It's funny to see the old ads and the tv line-up. It made me think. An I dream of Jeanie pinball could be fun!

#142 3 years ago

I was told that the premium pricing would be similar to current premium pricing. Slightly higher. I was also told that the LE would be higher than previous LE's. We are letting our customers hold pinballs with a minimum refundable deposit. If they don't like the game or price they can opt out without any issue. I am excited to see the game. I think it is a specific market and those folks won't mind a few extra dollars. With only 240 LE's being made I think they will be gone quickly. I have way more people in line than I have machines.


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