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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

5 years ago

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#9537 3 years ago
Quoted from frankmac:

New to the BM66 party. I was wondering if anybody can take a look at the photos attached and tell me if my inserts look a little strange ? The majority of them are clear but some of them have this not so normal cracked look. It would be great if somebody could post a picture of their inserts like the one I have with the jokers K illuminated as a comparison. Thanks

Our machine is like that too. Nearly every insert. I have noticed that nearly every BM66 has it. Our original GBLE playfield had it, the replacement GBLE did not. It bothers me a bit, but my wife tells me that I have to get over it, it is her machine, BM66 is staying in our collection for ever...

#9576 3 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Fricken LOVE this game and it just keeps getting better!!! On a side note I must vent. I install Awesome Cliffy's on most of my games as habit but I must say installing them on Batman yesterday was a test of patience! Product is great but to install them especially on the Penguin hole was like destructive surgery! You have to practically take apart the entire machine to get them in!!! Add to that dialing in the rear protector on the mystery hole took an hour to dial in that switch properly..... Vent off just sayin Bravo to anyone else that installed these. So worth it in the end but last night I wanted to roll the game out and quit. One question note for anyone that did install these. I completely had no luck with the lane protector he provided? Am I to believe he wants us to yank the press fit rail to get this in? No thanks if that is the case. A simple slot at that location would have been Way easier so I skipped them and opted for a simple mylar.

The cliffy is not that hard to fit. Patience and care. Lightly lap down on the wireform and make sure the wireform in not stuck in the clear. Cut a small piece of plywood and put in between the wireform and the playfield, as close to the end you want to lift as you can. Put a screwdriver in between the wireform and the wood and lever it straight up. It will come straight out. If you pull a bit of clear with it when you install the cliffy it will cover it up anyway. We put Cliffys on everything before we plunge a ball.

The mylar will eventually break up in the shooter lane.

#9581 3 years ago

Anyone having issues with the new code? I cannot get it to load, download error retry? Everytime we retry.. shit. I have taken out the USB, formatted and reloading the code on it. If I cannot get it to run, I will put the old code back in. Machine comes up "load code" if we turn it on. Bummer.. my wife really wants top play it!

#9583 3 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Take your time. Consider trying a different USB stick as they Can get finicky. Simply drag the 3 files to the stick and done. Insert usb, turn game on and hit far right button 2 times. Leave it alone and give it time to load. Don't give up, there are Villains to catch!!!

All good, I have done that, we have plenty of machines. I am interested if it is just us or not, I accidentally put a back up USB from my computer in BM66. I removed it and played the game, but I could have done something as there were pdf files on the back up USB. Could save me plenty of time. Did you update your game successfully?

#9585 3 years ago
Quoted from Sethman:

Download and update were normal.
What OS are you running and what did you use to unzip with?

Thank you. I am on Windows 10. I know everything is ok as I updated a SW machine with new code last night. I formatted the stick (like every time) and reloaded it with the new BM66 code. Now That I know it is not the code, I will see what I can work out at my end.

Thanks very much for posting.

#9586 3 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Take your time. Consider trying a different USB stick as they Can get finicky. Simply drag the 3 files to the stick and done. Insert usb, turn game on and hit far right button 2 times. Leave it alone and give it time to load. Don't give up, there are Villains to catch!!!

Thanks for your help. We have the new code in. My wife is testing it out now!

#9674 3 years ago
Quoted from Macca101010:

Updated the code but can't seem to activate "Surf's Up! Joker's Under!" etc. Can someone explain it a bit better as I was keen to give it a crack?

Has anyone worked out how to activate this? My wife absolutely kicks my arse on this game and I need all the help I can get.

All I have worked out is you hold the left flipper before you plunge (I think this only works on the first ball) and then I do not know what happens next.


#9678 3 years ago
Quoted from Sethman:

Before ball is in play, with no major villain modes running... hold in right flipper and then hit left flipper. It’ll switch catwoman’s episode. Let go of right flipper.
Hold in right flipper again, hit left it’ll change Joker’s episode. Rinse and repeat for any and all remaining villains. Then it’ll cycle back through to catwoman again and so on if you keep doing it.

Quoted from TimO:

Took me a while to figure it out. On your first ball before the plunge hold down the right flipper button until an episode title appears, press the left flipper button once to make the new show title appear. Let go of the buttons and repeat the process to select the other new episodes for each major villain.

Thanks very much! I will have another go at it tonight.

#9679 3 years ago
Quoted from Macca101010:

Hi Con,
Looks like Sue is a batawesome player Yeh as per the previous 2 posts, took me a while to figure out as well.

Hey Macca,

Sue (rskb41) is holy smoley bat awesome.. and then she plays the pinball machine! She is getting scores over 2 bill and I cannot even get bat close. It is only a matter of time before she puts some bat gigantic score on the machine. We have made the game harder too. Increased playfield angle and put very small titans on the outlanes.

1 week later
#9739 3 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Sitting here, keep pushing the reload button on the shipping company's tracking webpage every 15 minutes or so, waiting for the truck from Chicago to show up here, carrying my BM66....

Welcome to the club!

#9807 3 years ago
Quoted from drummerboy71:

When it drains, machine still thinks that the ball is somehow in play (so does not go in EOB bonus) and starts searching......

It does sound like a switch issue. It could be in the ball lock or the trough. Make sure you check the operation of the switches with a pinball, not your fingers. Good Luck!

#9846 3 years ago
Quoted from DVDA:

wow what a game, the best game I’ve had on this game hands down.

Holt shit Batman!

2 weeks later
#9977 3 years ago
Quoted from drummerboy71:

After Some mails with Stern, still no solution for my strange behaviour when locking 2 balls and draining then the third......
My distributor was following the case closeby. Now he offered to pick up Batman so he wil take care of follow up by himself. As compensation he brougt a Star Wars premium, so I can still play! Hands up for this great distributor Carl from Belgium!!!

That is great service from your distro.

1 week later
#10025 3 years ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

Can anyone direct me to where to buy CLEAR plastic protectors? Ive got the fluorescent ones and I think they look bad, icant seem to find just the clear ones.



We use them for our machines. If they do not have what you want, you can email them and they will make you what you want.

Good Luck!

#10090 3 years ago
Quoted from cadmium:

There's a setting near the end of feature adjustment menu to turn this off.
#209 Credit Pricing w/ Free Play

Thanks very much for posting this! I have changed the setting straight away.

#10091 3 years ago
Quoted from airplanequartet:

Hey all, I’m having trouble updating the 0.92 code. I called Stern and they are sending me a new SD card. Next step is a new board if the update doesn’t work after the card change out.
Here’s what I’ve done so far. Symptom of the problem is that the machine is ignoring the flash drive. It boots up normally even with the flash drive plugged in.
I’ve tried both slots...
I’ve reformatted and reloaded the drive twice...
I’ve re-downloaded the update twice...
I’ve verified that the drive is formatted correctly, FAT32...
I’m going to get another USB drive tomorrow and see if that works.
I’d appreciate any other suggestions.

Have you checked the USB drive size? We use 16GB Min now Fat32 Formatted.
Check you can see the software (unzipped) on the USB from your computer before you put the USB stick in the machine. There should be 2 files
The pinball machine will not recognise a zipped file.
Turn machine off, insert USB and then turn machine on. If the machine is on it will not recognise the USB stick. When code is loaded, turn machine off, remove stick and then turn back on and wait.
Silly thing, make sure the USB stick is pushed all the way in
We have had issues loading code in to BM66. Patience!

3 weeks later
#10192 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

BM66 SLE/LE owners or Premiun owners who added a Stern shaker motor might want to check out this thread:
Stern has another cap kit fix kit for the cabinet node board of you are using a shaker. It's not clear if the cap kit part is the same as the node board 8/9 cap kit fix. The service bulletin pics show its the exact same as the node 8/9 kit (cap leads to pins 1 and 5). However someone posted a pic of the cap kit and it was wired slightly differently (cap leads to pins 3 and 4).
When Stern sent me the node 8/9 cap kit they sent me 3 of them instead of 2. So I have an extra one but I need to confirm how its wired before I use it on the cab mode board.

I chased that up with Stern. The capacitor is the same as what went on the playfield node boards, and is fitted the same. This stops the electrical noise from the shaker activating the slam tilt. If you have spare capacitors from your playfield node board kits, you can put one on the cabinet node board.

1 week later
#10276 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

I'm a huge fan of full playfield protectors. They almost eliminate the dimpling. I put one on my BM66 from day one and my playfield is near flawless. I highly recommend one for BM66 as the area near the Joker magnet takes a real beating. Not all people like them. But considering Stern's playfield quality of recent years and the cost of a new pin it helps me sleep better.

Definitely for us too. We have a playfield protector on every machine we own. Playfield protector on every new machine before we plunge a ball! For us, definitely worth it.

2 weeks later
#10367 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Season 3 had 1 official 3 parter (The Londoninium episodes described above in previous post). Season 3 almost had an Olga and Egghead three parter. It was written as three episodes but when it was time to film it was divided up in a two parter and a single episode.
Season 2 had 2 three part episodes. The first 3 parter featured Joker and Penguin and the episodes were: "The Zodiac Crimes", "The Joker's Hard Times", and "The Penguin Declines"
The second three parter feautured Penguin and Marsha Queen of Diamonds and the episodes were: "Penguin is a Girl's Best Friend", "Penguin Sets a Trend", and "Penguin's Disastrous End".
The Zodiac Crimes is the best of the three parters. It even features a getaway by the Penguin using a crane. So you could argue that the crane in Batman66 actually references something from the show.
In the "Zodiac Crimes" Penguin taunts the Dynamic Duo and runs outside to a waiting crane truck. He hopes onto the crane and and is driven away. Batman and Robin run onto the crane to catch him but Penguin uses his umbrella to hook onto an overhead wire and escapes while Batman and Robin are still on the truck.

For the Pinsiders in Australia, the original BM66 series is screening now on Foxtel Sy Fy channel. My wife and I have been watching them and get a great laugh from them.

2 weeks later
#10545 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Don’t worry Stern are releasing a rules book for BM66, the first draft is currently being proof read.[quoted image]

I thought that was for the season 1 part of the code!

Every time I speak with someone about this game, they explain to me a different way to play it. Coding is awesome!

#10551 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Oh it is the complete season 1 to 3 is taking a lot longer to proof read [quoted image]

That made me laugh! That just about sums it up! Great game, we love ours.

#10574 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

It’s an amazing game considering the similarities with BDK the games couldn’t feel more different physically and especially in code.
Lyman said in a couple of interviews because the layouts where so similar/recycled he wanted to make sure the code was completely different as he didn’t want to do something he has already done, which he kinda has by creating “another” masterpiece after TWD!

TWDLE and Lyman are my all time favourites. Code makes the game for us. My wife and I normally prefer harder games with shorter ball times but we have warmed up to BM66. I just love the theme.

1 week later
#10700 3 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

So has most everyone moved the blue rubber bumper from the left outside of the left ramp to the inside of the left ramp to make the left orbit shot easier?

Not us. We have left it how it is meant to be. Shot is meant to be tight.

1 week later
#10839 3 years ago

We are having issues loading the 0.94 code. Is anyone else having any issues?

Our machine is coming up code update failed.


Edit: We got the new code installed successfully. We had 2 faulty USB sticks. Both have gone to be recycled!

#10841 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Nope. Loaded cleanly.
Try another stick or reformat and try again.

Thanks very much. Just making sure the code is ok. Yes we have just got back from the shops with a few new sticks!

#10868 3 years ago
Quoted from tonyoz:

Did you notice this on the download page?
Note: It has come to our attention that some customers using Windows 7 have had difficulty extracting the latest Batman code release. The native extractor in Windows 7 has difficulty dealing with the file size on certain Windows 7 machines.
Please download the free open source archive extractor. 7-Zip from this link http://www.7-zip.org/ and install before unzipping the game code ***

We did notice that. Turns out a new USB stick did the trick.


3 weeks later
#11057 3 years ago

I have downloaded and updated our machine. Took a while to update the machine, different language. Everything is all good, looking forward to putting a few games on the machine.

1 month later
#11531 2 years ago
Quoted from TomN:

Wonder what "Some custom SLE speech" is? I had heard it was to be the name of the SLE owner at some point. Congrats to the SLE owners as someone mentioned.

I have thought about downloading and installing the SLE code in to our premium to see what the differences are!

#11542 2 years ago
Quoted from Macca101010:

ok Con you're up first

Maybe tonight Macca.. Sue and I will be having our own Pinfest!

I believe all the code is the same except for an extra call out for each person that has a SLE.

#11543 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

If it’s like all the prior releases, it’s the same code regardless of model. The model differences are handled by the code.

Have you tried it? I do not know anyone who has on a BM66. Normally we would not do it. There has been so many code updates on this game I have lost count. Lets put in the SLE code and see what happens. There will probably be another update before Christmas!

#11544 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Think this one is a bit different for SLE...says in the notes to send a pic of your SLE and serial # to unlock callout specific features.....

Ahhh.. You have just answered all our questions.

Great pick up. Thanks!

We will put in the poverty pack version as we only have a premium.

#11548 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I did a compare on earlier versions but not recently. But it should be an easy test. If the SLE adjustment is in the Premium or LE 1.0 code, then they are almost certainly the same. The adjustment just won’t do anything on those models. If they are different then only the SLE code will have the adjustment.

Thanks! Saved me a lot of time uploading the SLE code that will not do anything!

Have a great night.

1 month later
#12052 2 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

its ok found what I needed.

Did you get on top of the issue?

2 months later
#12860 2 years ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Can you buy just the node board for this ?
(Already have the projector)

If you have a genuine Stern projector it plugs straight in to the boards in the back box. I can get a photo for you if you need one.

#12863 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Yes if you have an LE.
If you have a premium and want the signal to turn on and off during gameplay you need the node boards along with the projector.
If you have a premium and get the batsignal without the node boards then it will not turn on and off during gameplay. It will just be on whenever the game is on.

Dude, we have a premium with the Stern batsignal pictured above. Plugged straight in to the back box, interactive. Turns on and off when the batsignal in the back of the playfield turns on and off. Stern helped us purchase the correct one. The projector with base will work on any premium without the Villians topper. If you have a Villans topper, projector without base is what you need.

I am not sure about the LE and SLE. Some one that has one may enlighten us.

#12866 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

In that case the stern projector you bought must have been the version came with the node boards than.

Not to my knowledge. If you have a game are you sure you have the cable plugged in to the correct port? We initially plugged ours into the incorrect port and the projector stayed on all the time.

I took the projector apart. The only difference between base and no base is that the projector clips in to a base with a power cable and a cat 5 lead. If you do not use the base, projector clips in to the villans topper. It is exactly the same projector.

Could you please post a photo of the extra node board you are talking about? I have just had a look at ours. The power lead for the projector plugs in to C7 for the power and a cat 5 cable plugs straight in to the CPU board. No extra node boards.

#12867 2 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I'm quoting my own post from earlier.

Where is the node board? Could you please post a photo. I think you are talking about the tiny driver board inside the light with base.

#12870 2 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

It's inside the base
[quoted image]

Yes, Thank you very much for clarifying that. I understand what you are talking about.

#12873 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Heres a pic from another pinsider showing what came with his batsignal topper that came with the node boards.
Here how I interpreted what was going on. I could be totally wrong though as I was just going by what I could figure out from the pics.
There were three boards. First board (top of pic) was right under the projector and it had a relay that when toggled it could turn the projector on and off. I think it needs the relay because the lamp Stern uses need 48volts so the relay let's you control the 48v via a lower level 5v signal.
The second board (middle of pic) was an intermediate driver board that recieved commands as to when to turn from the node board and sent signal to some drive transistors.
The third board (bottom of pic) was the node board. This node boards interface with the CPU via a cat5 cable. The communications on the cat5 cable are what contains the signals to turn lights, motors, relays, etc on or off during game play. The node boards job is to decode those signals and then output simple on/off trigger signals to the driver boards.
I think the relay board, the driver board and the node board could have be combined into one board. I'm assuming Stern used 3 boards because they had those boards readily avail and it wasn't work the effort to make a custom one just for the topper signal.
Maybe the latest version of the stern batsignal has combined all these into one?
[quoted image]

Thank you very much for clarifying that. Is that from a Villans topper or a LE/SLE topper?

If you would like a photo of what is in our projector please let me know and I will pull it apart again and post a photo.

Keep smiling!

#12877 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I'm assuming your setup has the same 3 boards from the pic I posted. One board directly mounted under the projector and then the two other boards mounted in the base.
I dont think I've even seen those individual boards for sale anywhere by themselves. Surprisingly Stern isnt charging that much for them when you buy the projector. For $250 you get the projector with the three boards. I think most of the other node boards you can buy are around $200 just for a single node board alone.
Compared to the batman villains topper for $400 the bat signal for $250 ($200 if you have an LE) is a much better deal. The villains topper has no interactivity with the game, it's just on whenever the game is on. Having the bat signal flash on at the start of every game, whenever the phone rings, dur9ng start of wizard modes, and during bat-turn mode is so much cooler. Plus who knows, maybe Lyman will have it come on at other times as well with future code updates.

Please see photo of what is inside the projector with base. Purchased this time last year. I think it is the same as what you posted.

1554771486980283354042331512633 (resized).jpg

15547718026523542089894238495232 (resized).jpg

#12882 2 years ago
Quoted from Wotto:

So.it would appear I require 2 x more boards then....? ( refer post 12869 above )??

Did you get the Stern Batsignal with base?

1 month later
#13280 2 years ago
Quoted from kingau:

Just join the club on Saturday, it took me hours to add cliffy’s and plastic protector and mods!
special thanks to:
docquest - for the Batman bat signal mod!
cadmium - sling protectors and bottom lane protectors, they look amazing.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]


Welcome to the club.

2 weeks later
#13417 2 years ago
Quoted from andrewket:

Really enjoying BM66 so far. It’s addictive.
Question.. has anyone created a mod for a bat signal projector that triggers on the prem edition? I see a mod on the pinside marketplace, but on the prem it’s on all the time.

BM66 is an awesome game.

If you buy the correct batsignal projector (depending if you have a topper or not) from Stern, it turns on and off and is interactive with the game for the premium version.

#13420 2 years ago
Quoted from andrewket:

I didn’t realize I didn’t realize stern sold one as an accessory... will go look. Thanks!

Maybe they have run out for now, I cannot see any on their website. If you have a premium you will need:

If you have a Villians Topper, batsignal no base
No topper and you just want the light. batsignal with base.

Good Luck!

#13421 2 years ago
Quoted from Macca101010:

I knew i'd eventually hear you say its awesome Con

You are right Macca.. The more I play it the more I like it. We are looking for a decent powder coater in Newcastle to do the rails, legs and lockdown bar. You know what happens if we spend money or put mods on, they end up in the keeper section!

#13426 2 years ago
Quoted from DrBanner:

New club member! Love this game![quoted image]

Welcome to the club!

2 weeks later
#13794 2 years ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

I have not seen any difference other than the ball plays smooth all the time without having to wax or clean the play-field. I have installed one on every pin I've owned.

We put a playfield protector on everything we own too. Modern games have far too many playfield issues.

#13800 2 years ago
Quoted from TronGuy:

Seriously huh?
How difficult or easy is it?
I can’t believe the game plays the same. I’d love hear some competitive players input on this topic.

We have been in the hobby for a while so fitting the protector is not too hard for us. If you are unsure, do not attempt it.

You can alter how a game plays simply by polishing and or waxing a playfield. You can also alter how a game plays by using different polishes and waxes. We have a few games and I am not a fan of polishing or waxing. You can also alter how a game plays by changing the slope. Every game plays different. I am fussy with our games, I do not like the playfield chipping, scratching or dimpling. My issues so I do what I think is best for me.

Every time we drop over $10K on a game and we want to protect our investment, that is up to us. We love the hobby and we love our pinball machines.

If a playfield protector is not for you, do not do it. They are not for everyone.

2 weeks later
#14012 2 years ago
Quoted from TronGuy:

I want some advice on how to proceed, (or if I should even be doing so...maybe my expectations are too high?).....
The small trench in my play field from the upper gate having a manufacturer flaw is a deal-breaker for me. I can't get past it. The screw fell out on the bottom of the swinging gate and it fell onto the play field and went back and forth many many times....and the wood is stripped, so I got the screw back in there, but its a mickey mouse job.
The right joker target doesn't work. It is "in service" but doesn't work even to the touch with the glass off.
Previously I overlooked the little chunk out of my play field (because the cliffy pretty much covers it, penguin scoop), Chas Siddiqui sent a clear coat repair kit.
The computer doesn't register, though it will if I push it hard. Working on that small spinning play field is virtually impossible. Normally I'd think I could adjust something like this, but I cannot unless I remove that spinning play field?
The super skill shot doesn't work any longer.
If I plunge the ball with the shooter rod, the electric launch kicks 1-2 seconds later like it thinks a ball is there.
Am I supposed to ignore all of this? The machine has been in my house for a few weeks.
If my expectations are too high, I will accept that coming from guys on here.

Dude, your expectations are definitely not too high. All the issues you have spoken about really should be sorted out with your distro. It does not sound too bad or very much wrong.

Screws fall out all the time, and a plug may have fallen apart. Your distro should be able to help you through your switch issues. You need those switches to work to enjoy your game.

I think a replacement playfield would be pushing your luck. Some help to get your game sorted should be offered. If Stern or you distro are not keen to help, take some photos and start a thread on Pinside. There are some awesome people on here and will be willing to help out.

Good Luck!

#14018 2 years ago
Quoted from TronGuy:

I’ve been through the bottom of the play field fairly thoroughly. If something is disconnected, I haven’t come across it.
A screw falling out I understand, I guess? A screw falling out because it will NOT adhere to the play field worries me a bit more. Said screw (being stripped), falling out, and causing the powerfully flipping upper gate to dig into the play field as it swings back and forth is not acceptable in my opinion. I don’t have an end game, or idea of what is the proper solution, necessarily, but I think one of those cocksuckers should be addressing my issues. Its like they are an insurance company and I am the guy who was injured that they are ignoring/trying t9 deny benefits.

Do not give up. Everything on a new machine should work and it is up to Stern and your distro to help you get there. We log calls on every machine from every manufacturer no matter how small the issue is. The manufacturer needs this feedback so they can improve their processes or parts for you, the customer.

Hopefully this will all be sorted out for you soon. I wish you well. I feel your pain. We spend so much hard earned cash on a pinball machine, that is why it becomes emotional when the thing does not work properly. Frustrating.

1 week later
#14111 2 years ago
Quoted from TronGuy:

The balls in my batman66 are magnetized and get stuck on the magnet after it releases almost 100% of the time.

Check to see you have your game set up at the correct angle. Maybe the game is not steep enough?

2 months later
#14529 2 years ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

Added a few things to mine recently.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

How cool are the art blades? We added a set to ours last week end and just love them!

1 week later
#14588 2 years ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Hi fellow Pinsiders!
Batman is my dream theme and I’ve finally purchased a Catwoman edition. I’m just wondering what you all think about my PF situation? I’ve purchased 4 other NIB Stern machines recently with zero PF issues.
I have a great distributor here in Australia that told me they‘d send into Stern to get their opinion if this should be fixed and I’ve not received a positive reply yet. Do you all think this is bad enough Stern should replace my PF with a new populated one? I’m not trying to make waves here, but this machine is a keeper and I would really like to have one that is in mint condition, as I’m a collector.
Here are my photos, what do yo all think? It seems all the machines without PF art under them have no problems. You can see how the art has slide under the sling posts. You can also see where the apron was over tightened and splitting the PF. Since this is on both sides of my apron is this going to be a problem down the road?
Also, how do I fix a glaring near white penguin umbrella insert that is suppose to be purple? It is quite bothersome playing, while all other Penguin umbrella inserts show purple and have one glaring white in my face. Do you think a purple gel will fix the issue? Or putting a purple gel under the insert will look obviously; that’s what’s been done? As expensive as these machines are, I’d like to have one that is in pristine as possible condition. What do you all think I should do?
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I feel your pain.

Remember to be patient, ask for what you want and be nice about it.
Remember that game is $13K of your hard earned dollars and you deserve value for money. Part of that $13K means the game has to look good.

Stern are well aware of the issue. Please keep us all updated on your progress.

Good Luck!

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#14811 1 year ago
Quoted from Lonzo:

It’s all about the node boards. They are specific to the game and Stern isn’t going to make them forever. Will someone else make them or will Stern even let them?
Older games are easier to fix. It will be interesting to see how it works out in the long run.

The main node boards are interchangeable between most of the games. A fellow pinsider has created a chart. As long as you can get node boards game will work.

#14812 1 year ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

You shouldn't have to worry about that any more with spike games. As far as I know all updates from now on will auto-save your high scores and settings adjustments.
It's been a while since I updated a spike game and lost my high scores.

We did a full code update on our BM66 last night and machine kept all the settings, high scores and lifetime play count.

#14822 1 year ago
Quoted from Scotty_K:

Yes, I noticed this too, and was somewhat surprised. I saved my settings to a USB prior to doing the update, but after doing the update, my high scores and settings were still there, so there was no need to load them back on. Is this something new?

The previous update had all the coding to keep your high scores, settings and lifetime count. This is in all the recent code updates

#14836 1 year ago
Quoted from rs812:

Same here. Was about to pull the trigger on a nib JPLE, but I’m out. Releasing updates that fry node boards and then refusing to stand behind the product is too much.

You want to buy a game that you rated at 2.653/10? Is that a mistake in your ratings?

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Or maybe a premium is better?

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#14864 1 year ago
Quoted from ChippyWonka:

Wow. Another douchebag pinsider! Opinions change. But pimply geeks don’t. I bet you got stuffed in lockers in school. Have you touched a vagina you didn’t pay for yet?

Welcome back! Great to see all your positive thoughts towards others and respect for the BM66 owners thread.

#14867 1 year ago
Quoted from Motorcitypinball:

Delivered Yesterday. I Love this game!! Batman 66
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Welcome to the club!

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#15087 1 year ago

We do the same. You can use Novus No2 on it as well, takes out most of the scratches. However, makes the game play like lightening!

#15099 1 year ago
Quoted from Jahkub:

Novus 2 will add micro scratches to a PF protector FYI.

Appreciate for the feedback. Respectfully, not sure I agree. Novus No2 was developed to remove scratches from plastic. We have been using Novus No2 on playfield protectors for years to remove the scratches. You can use wax if you like as well. playfieldprotectors.com are extremely helpful if you have any questions. Biggest issue with using No2 or wax is it makes the game play too fast.
15755812303958123643281727273042 (resized).jpg

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#15301 1 year ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

I glued and cleared the chip that fell off. Luckily the ball can’t physically roll over this spot so it should be fine. I played 20
Games on it and no issues. I think this is my last NiB from stern.[quoted image]

Great job on glueing the chip back in. We have done that before using super glue. The chips never came out and are still in the game today. It is so disappointing.

#15304 1 year ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

Thanks, that’s good to know. I kind of want to sell it now though but I’ll probably lose my butt. It is very disappointing

We have learnt just to keep playing the games until we are finished with the game. The more you play it the less it hurts. Time helps heal the wounds!

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#15400 1 year ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

I must be missing something, I can never reach these scores.
Well Done!!!

We cannot either so you are not alone! My wife has best score on our game 5 Billion..

#15404 1 year ago
Quoted from Bartzenegger:

So I’m considering this pin and want to know...... Long term does it get to easy ? And if does. Does it stay fun or does it start to collect dust ? Shots seem like maybe they would get a bit old?

For us game is fun and my wife and I absolutely love the theme. There is plenty in the code to explore and find different ways to play the game.

Only downside for me is the long ball times.

#15412 1 year ago
Quoted from Bartzenegger:

Thank you that’s what i was figuring !

All good. We have our game set up at 7 degree pitch with the out lanes all the way open to help reduce ball times. If the ball times are still to long you can set the ball save timer to zero.

Good luck!

6 months later
#16056 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

I sure wish there was a way to get a topper like that. It looks just like a Stern original?
Or if someone at least had the plans to purchase, so we could make it ourselves.

There are a few copies floating around. I would love to be able to make one or buy one that looks like that.

#16058 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Even if someone had the parts for sale and we assemble. So many people want the topper. There has to be a way to make one. Any ideas?
If I had access to one to get the measurements etc. I’d draw up the plans in CAD and share the file for anyone that wants to build, but alas, no one I know has one. Could change it 10% to avoid infringement, that’s all it takes.

If I could make one or had the info, I would have already shared the info on Pinside. I am not sure what you are talking about with the show. I just like the pin.

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#16229 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

MASSIVE THANKS to docquest for going out of his way to get me the 2020 Hallmark Penguin & Batmobile, and sending it across to the UK.
docquest you make Pinside a better Place!
Thanks again

There are some great people on Pinside and a little gratitude goes a long way. This is just another great example of how good people can be.

Every time we have an issue and I cannot resolve it myself, I go to Manufacturer, Distro then Pinside. Pinside outperforms the other two every time. Most times Pinside has put me well on the way to resolution before anyone else (except Chas RIP) even bothers to respond. Help on here is outstanding.

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