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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

4 years ago

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Post #366 Adding the Batsignal to LE Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #402 Very detailed review Posted by MT45 (3 years ago)

Post #457 DocQuests Helicopter comparison. Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #463 Docquest's vehicle comparison Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #501 Version 0.65 Code released Posted by PiperPinball (3 years ago)

Post #564 Docquest's helicopter install. Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #1159 Adjusting the Magnet Posted by PiperPinball (3 years ago)

Post #1234 Helicopter attachment. Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #1314 Photos of Episode 111 Machine Posted by iceman44 (3 years ago)

Post #1322 Version 0.68 Code released Posted by ATLpb (3 years ago)

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#198 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Fingers crossed it comes home to me, it would be hilarious and so cool to have that particular LE

Who you getting yours from Jon?

#274 3 years ago

fantastic, loving the gadgets/shows/cards on these machines.

Can't wait for mine!

#409 3 years ago

holy loose screws batman

2 weeks later
#1116 3 years ago

hmm riddle me this batman. I wonder if that RF cage is why the European machines are here yet...

has anyone in Europe taken delivery?


#1117 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Please have clips from the movie in there, there would be no better mode/s than a "some days you just can't get rid of a bomb" and "Robin! Hand me the shark repellent bat spray" hidden wizard or hurry ups

they better have some sort of shark thingy in the game, after all the code name was shark!


#1155 3 years ago

That's mighty annoying seeing a machine in OZ but still no clue on arrival of machines here in the U.K.

#1270 3 years ago
Quoted from stangbat:

Regarding the rubber pads at the ramp entrances, it stinks that Stern used those thin ones. BDK originally had thin ones and they don't hold up well at all. They later released a thicker version that holds up great. They are also angled down to prevent airballs.
Unfortunately, the thick ones probably won't work on BM66 as they'll get in the way of the left orbit shot. They'd probably be fine for the center ramp and probably OK for the right side of the left ramp.
Here's a pic of the thicker ones on my BDK. You can see how bashed up the right side of the ramp was when the thin rubber broke and wasn't replaced.

Thanks - There is one of them on ghostbusters that if they had used this part it would remove one of the huge airball generators - don't they talk to each other in Stern?!

1 week later
#1571 3 years ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Batbomb mod. (The redish orange led flickers like its on fire). Plan to paint the led wire white to match the fuse.

i think that mod went off under ice's game!

#1580 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

So i was digging around underneath the PF tonight, parts were shipped friday, was surveying the situation and the wires sheared off don't have anything to do with the mech as i follow them up to the front of the PF.
Probably why my flippers don't work.
So it won't just be popping out the table and fitting the new one in. I've called a local guy tech to get him involved. Need to get wiring harness replaced and run correctly!

you should be sending it back mate and getting a new one. There is no way I'd accept your situation.

#1581 3 years ago
Quoted from MT45:

2 things ... got my Chris Franchi prints in and hung the movie poster size in the entrance to our theater. Looks really nice.
Also finally got my Mondo prints hung in my office in a stacked fashion - love them!!

stunning mate absolutely stunning!

2 months later
#2338 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Awesome glad you like my solution
They arrived in the UK last Sunday reached Distributor this Thursday gone (EDIT: yesterday in fact ) should be delivered next week, if the code hits early next week and its a content heavy update, it will be a great week to finally get BM66 in the house!
Now about that plaque my address is ......

mine is being delivered tomorrow!

#2347 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

One day too early Neil, code doesn't come till Thursday

That's cool I can update it in time for my twitch stream at 21:30 UK time (UTC+1) on Friday! Http://


#2404 3 years ago

for those desperate to see the long boring update in progress

Sorry about the wrong link and thanks Lloyd for pointing it out!!


#2410 3 years ago

So my game arrived Wednesday I have two games with .61 code on it then updated yesterday to .71 and did this stream last night - need practise but the game is epic - now sure how anyone say this is clunky - you can start to see the complex rule sets beginning to come together! Still a couple of niggles but nothing major.

#2412 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

LTG : )

Doh - now fixed!

#2434 3 years ago

can anyone explain how the X shots and X lights work? makes me think of multi kill

#2476 3 years ago
Quoted from Sutol:

Just noticed on my LE that the left and the right ramps are both chrome. I was under the impression that the left ramp was red.
Do I have a premium dressed in an Le dress??

to be honest I'd have preferred that. I think it looks stupid one red and the other chrome...

#2477 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

We have only just got our games in the UK, watching neilmcrae stream for an hour and a half I didn't see a single airball off the ramp, maybe because it took so long to get our games they come with the fix already installed? or does sutol photo above show his ramp without it??

games were made back in January, and i think miss alot of these upgrades.

#2480 3 years ago

are folks installing a cliffy on the super jackpot saucer? is there one available?

#2492 3 years ago

ordered the TDK one from Cliff.

#2494 3 years ago
Quoted from Bond_Gadget_007:

"Really enjoyed the new music"
This pin is growing on me, but am I the only one who notices lack of voice callouts? Its literally just lounge music from the 60's in the background while you hit the ball around. Where's Adam West, Joker, Penguin laughing/taunting you? Huge miss and such an easy fix!

agree, there is some there but it needs much more.

3 weeks later
#2649 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

I couldn't get that far. When I try to update the machine and all 4 service buttons don't function and a strange faint buzzing comes from the speakers. Copying file to formatted usb is almost done. I'll try a 3rd time and see what happens. Meanwhile while waiting I did have one epic 5 ball game!!

i had this same problem.

I think its related to the underlying filesystem on the memory stick. So I had .75 on mine but when I booted it said upgrade to .71. Checked it then tried the install. it would just hang:

jump to 31:11

tried copying it over again but didn't format the memory stick - which is what I should have done. still nada, but this was a memory stick that I'd used to put .71 on.

so used a different memory stick (which was also USB3) and *bosh* all ok.


3 weeks later
#2867 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I'll be asking Stern for this and the ramp fix but I doubt I'll use it, I plan on laser cutting a replacement out of clear or smoked PETG, not a fan of all that red/pink plastic Stern used for the turntable and atomic pile, plan on doing something much more show accurate - silver/grey with red edging if possible and not too much trouble.

i'm in for one of these

#2904 3 years ago

I was worried about this when Lyman did some tidying up of the last release - I have to say though that would be a catastrophic move.

#2957 3 years ago

Great job asking

1 week later
#3166 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

If we do get new code on the first day of the show, this Gomez Drop gap will still be the longest ever at 42 days. Not a good sign for a machine nowhere near 1.00.

George loves you man! He sent me this lol

IMG_0406 (resized).JPG

#3167 3 years ago

I'd rather wait for code that's good than two week upgrades that would obviously suck.

As long as we know code is coming that's all that counts and Stern pretty much confirmed that Lyman is still working on the code.

#3170 3 years ago

I don't recall it being so different for Walking Dead.

#3172 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Having software that sucks initially (Walking Dead) but is complete, then waiting for it to get good is COMPLETELY different than having software that's nowhere close to complete 7 months after release. Walking dead shipped with 1.11 software. Batman '66 shipped with 0.57. Big difference.
7 months after release Walking dead was on version 1.25. As we approach the 7 month marker, Batman'66 is on 0.75 - not even at 1.00. So no, not the same, or even close.

TWD was no where near complete!

i think you are comparing versions and assuming too much. Since TWD Stern have gone through two platform changes, and often the starting point is in the eye of the beholder.

#3173 3 years ago

oh and TWD shipped with 1.04.


#3176 3 years ago

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 22.23.19 (resized).png

#3178 3 years ago

1.28 to 1.56 took over 4 months... on TWD and 1.14 to 1.28 almost 7 months...

#3180 3 years ago

October 2014 to Xmas 2015 but its clear they started earlier with TWD and didn't have to worry about Spike 2 or video etc. I have a lot of sympathy for vireland's points and I'd like the game finished also as quickly as possible but for the moment I'm cool with being a little patient.

#3188 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Neil did George reply at all or simply like your post?

no reply Chekov!

#3189 3 years ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Looks like he simply liked it, I mean.. commenting could be risky as he might go out on a limb and tell everyone there's gonna be code updates every 2 weeks, then regret it.

i suspect there are code updates everyday


#3194 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Thanks Spock

not Spock, Kirk (ST:III The search for spock)


#3236 3 years ago

So I have to agree on that about the code. If you consider the last GB code was the same week of .65 then both Dwight (and incidentally I'm the chump that asked Dwight when the GB code would be finished at the start of the Star Wars deadflip video LOL) and Lyman have been working on it roughly the same amount of time. We need a big release this week!

#3237 3 years ago
Quoted from davidSpumpkins:

I tried that, and it didn't help. Something is really messed up. It used to at least behave properly most of the time, but now it always releases locked balls after any villain capture.

Looks like a potential bug, might be worth letting the stern guys know.

#3252 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Best I understand, at Expo last year Lyman had been on BM66 for 4 months, which was too early to let the public play it. That would put the start date around June 2016 for his work.
So we're around the 1 year mark on BM66. I am not sure how long a game typically gets, and how much is supported by other coders as opposed to the main coder.
Was BM66 hamstrung by the frequent public releases, where the game would have to be frozen and tested for each release, as opposed to just knocking it out?
All of this is moot if the BM66 code could be wrapped up in a satisfactory way.

I think the confusion here is Lyman was working on the critical underlying operating system needs for Spike 2 not just Batman code. Lyman works on the tooling and system stack for the games also. I find it hard to believe that at expo there was 4 months in the pure batman code but in all honestly I have limited knowlege on what the basic requirements are just to make the Lights flash, the ball search and scrolling the LCD screen which was all the game did at expo.

Looking forward to a significant code upgrade this week and crossing my fingers for it


#3264 3 years ago

Agreed and maybe reinstall the code on the machine. I think getting the node boards to reload their code is something that would be useful also.

Failing that give Chaz a call at Stern he's a great guy and will help you worth through it.

#3300 3 years ago

So same bat channel same bat time for new code

#3392 3 years ago

Give manimal a break guys. He has stated that he has seen Lyman working on BM66 - thats all the news we should need.


#3410 3 years ago

lol bob from idaho!

#3411 3 years ago

so hoping this thursday for code please Lyman so I can stream Batman 66 on Friday night

#3419 3 years ago


#3446 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

I will chat with Lyman about code in Pinburgh next week. I'm usually fortunate enough to snag him for a cpl mins between games/rounds.

I was going to look for him too LOL. I sent him a cheeky email, not expecting a reply but you never know

#3461 3 years ago

Yeah well I believe if you don't ask you don't get!

#3463 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Goodie bag or coin door decal? Pretty sure Stern haven't made a coin door decal for BM.

i meant the email to lyman

#3477 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Went with Mezel on this one. Pure purple, and a nice tidy mounting setup ( in aluminum channel that uses (2x) brackets w 2 small screws to hold it secure). Turned out great
I did (4x) 2' sections, 2 under, 2 on the back.
I always install a dedicated 40amp, 12v power supply in all my machines to handle my led fix ( underglow, shooter rod, buttons, etc. ) distributed with the DK board. Gives me peace of mind that Im not taxing the main games PS.

What PSU are you using?

#3482 3 years ago

love that space themed games room, very nice!

#3566 3 years ago

Lyman is at pinburgh doing his thing so doubt there will be any code this week!

1 week later
#3654 3 years ago

17b7e492940e1fdaf43e130541f55f59c438125226c132c75c03c4aa2481f28b (resized).jpg

#3698 3 years ago

Same thing happened with TWD - sales slow to start with then the Lymanator came along and it was hastalavista baby and the orders flowed.

#3719 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

But those didn't have the burden of a $700 - $900 MSRP price increase compared to other premiums it was competing against. Maybe dealers can mark BM66 price down to match the other premiums? Not sure if Stern allows them to do that though.

totally agree doc, I don't think there is enough margin in the machines to mark them that far down? However, I believe if the game has strong theme, which batman has, and strong play, then its going to be a winner. We just need the strong play part.

#3720 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I don't know about the end for Stern, they have certainly pushed away a lot of their most loyal customers with all the QC issues and the it's an acceptable part of normal production BS!
Add on top of all that non communication of code updates with their first and hugely failed imo venture into boutique/SLE runs, they have certainly made going forward harder for themselves than it had to be.
Biggest case in point is SW! If your struggling to get SWLEs physically sold out at the distributors and into customers hands there are big problems, there are not many licences bigger than SW it should be an easy sell, but a lot of Sterns previously loyal and routine NIB buyers have backed out of SW, at the end of the day that shouldn't be happening.
Stern can win us all back, worryingly though do they even know how and will they even try!?

this is what irritates me about Stern. There is simply no reason for them not to talk to us. I'd love to know who really pulls the strings and decides not to communicate because it makes zero sense. If someone came to me now and said hey Neil saw your pinball thing and want to get a machine who do you recommend? Honestly right now it would be CGC and they've only been in the pinball making business for a few months - what an indictment on Stern!!

Stern say they want more people in pinball and the biggest channel they have is existing pinball geeks like us lot. I couldn't and wouldn't recommend a newbie into pinball via stern right now. Go look at the AFMr thread and all the updates Doug is giving, its nuts. Word of mouth and net promoter score is like the number one way of winning business these days unless you are Stern!


#3721 3 years ago

double post.

#3754 3 years ago

NEW BATMAN CODE DISPENSER is the label I'm looking for surely it's this week!?

#3801 3 years ago

I think in the video there are some valid
and less valid issues. The Spike boards being specific and more failure prone in my view is an issue. With custom hardware ICs etc and no circuit board diagrams it will be hard to make them available if stern stop making them. And the price Stern charge for the boards sees excessive in my view with a warranty that's worse than than the half life of a good steak sandwich. I can imagine back in the day ops swapping boards in BW games to keep them running but if you have a specific GB failure then you are either carrying a complete set of spares ($$$$$$) or the machine sits in a valuable location powered off. Imagine ten years from now trying to get the board that drives the Rotisery in batman '66!

I also thinks he overlooks the ghosting issue which is clearly not resolved at all!


#3853 3 years ago

have you aligned the turntable?

#4042 3 years ago

yellow submarine would be a terrible theme for a pin.

#4044 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Until you learn it comes with monthly LSD hits for the authentic Beatles experience.

i'd rather a pin that doesn't require drugs to get excited about!


#4056 3 years ago

now so wishing I'd asked you to get a Robin card!!!

that looks like an epic show!

#4079 3 years ago

i thought code would drop today as I'm away from home!

#4115 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

What was wrong with your playfield that you needed a new one? Btw thanks for the graph Manimal! I spit my drink out from laughing so hard.

couple of guys with LE's in the UK got machines with premium play fields, unsigned... taken a stupid amount of time to be resolved in my view. Of the 4/5 LE's that were shipped to the UK I was one of the lucky ones were my play field was LE and signed! Still waiting for my disty to tell me what Stern are going to do about my ghosting ghostbusters though...


#4147 3 years ago

Joe Kaminkow posted on my Facebook that code is coming soon. fingers crossed.


#4148 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Batman66 was my 4'th Stern NIB in the last 5 years and will be my last. I've learned my lesson. If I like a future Stern title i'll wait until the code is done (or at least appears to be complete) and buy it used.
Stern should pamper customers who spend this kind on money on their games but they cant even be bothered with some of the most basic types of communications that were described in the prevoius post.
It appeared there Stern was on the right track with the whole "commissioner gordon" email sign up sheet thing that came with the game. I only got one email update via that and then nothing.
I thought I read that it was easier for companies to retain and cater to loyal repeat customers than to recruit new ones. Maybe thats not the case in the the 8K+ LE pinball market.
I still like their games and want them to thrive but I wont be a beta tester on future releases.

+1 dealing with ghosting on my ghostbusters for two months not heard anything, no more NIB Stern for me.

#4162 3 years ago

I'm streaming Batman '66 tonight folks from 21:30 UK time, 16:30EST ->


#4173 3 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

Why? So I can watch incomplete crappy code on Twitch?
I can already do that at home. Lol.

I was thinking joint therapy LOL

#4228 3 years ago

Good luck to all you folks in Texas and Houston / shocking scenes.

#4344 3 years ago

me also!

#4364 3 years ago

yellow is way too much, chrome would be great.

#4413 3 years ago

I think Lyman also does the underlying system and OS work so if any of the new machines need that I think he does it. I think he will be working on new stuff, it wouldn't surprise me but I am confident we are going to get a whopper of an update - at the moment i'm ok to wait but its getting close to the end for me and by the sounds many of you. I think Stern in the end do look after us though.

#4556 3 years ago


this is nuts now.

#4569 3 years ago

lol yeah I know. it made me feel better for all of 4 seconds.

#4608 3 years ago

I'm pretty sure Stern will have a new game at expo.

#4688 3 years ago

ok who’s the desperate pinsider trying to hack stern looking for batman code?!

1 week later
#4810 3 years ago

have you heard something from inside Stern vireland?

#4892 3 years ago

ok ordered the mod couple bat mobile and boat stand, the helicopter from hallmark and the bat mobile and boat today. The code update better be good! thanks to all who provided the know how on the best way to install this stuff. Getting quite excited in anticipation of the new code update - IN LYMAN WE TRUST

#4908 3 years ago

Looks good news to me! And good that stern are communicating!

#4945 3 years ago

Holy don’t believe we will see code thIs week batman

#4947 3 years ago

Rotordave can either be a hero for being the reason the code has dropped

Or be a villain for being the reason it hasn’t!


#4956 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

It's a great PR move. It's supposed to make all the BM66 owners run out and buy a SW as well.

ode to o-din

o o-din we love your happiness
o o-din we love your eagerness
o o-din we love your humour -yes
o o-din we love your supersensitiveness
o o-din we'll love your posthumousness

#4958 3 years ago

pie_chart (resized).png

#4960 3 years ago

20080915-piechart-thumb-625xauto-44857 (resized).jpg

#4963 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I don't know this one made me and a friend chuckle

LOL thats epic

#5095 3 years ago

I predict an announcement at Expo followed by the code being made available afterwards. They would be mad to have something big go out before its announced at expo. So I think we could wait until Tuesday next week if they stick to their no code release over weekends.

JJP did the same with hobbit last year (the announcement part not the Tuesday part.).


#5108 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

That's words, then action. That's what got them into this mess.
We need action, then words.
If it isn't released tomorrow, it should be a simultaneous release at Expo. If not, I hope Batman owners will grill Gary at 6pm Thursday.

I agree but if they do that they have nothing to show at expo! maybe it will be simultaneous...

#5435 3 years ago

I take is that they've completely binned the code we are running and have started again. The .8 was probably done 6 months ago but Lyman said, nah, we need to rethink this completely...

I just can't see any other explanation as to how little has been done if Lyman is truly working on this 100%

#5465 3 years ago

Gary was into batman - he dress as the penguin! This was an important release but sales wise the money is in the bank so everything now dilutes the profit!

#5598 3 years ago

waiting for code mods.

IMG_3920 (resized).JPG

#5600 3 years ago

the cabinet art is just the nuts on the SLE. sometimes I wish I'd ponied up for it

#5615 3 years ago

installed the mod couple light kit for batman '66. It looks great but unfortunately hard to centre perfectly owing to the design of the machine but very happy with the kit. Feedback for Yelobird is that the brightness adjuster is a bit hit and miss and also when installing some of the two pin connectors was fiddly but cool mod.

IMG_6324 (resized).jpeg

#5622 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Do the SLE's use a different speaker panel? Or are they also not aligned in the centre??

Different speaker in the SLE I think is the reason why it works.

#5700 3 years ago

the video after this one that covers the van is interesting also.

1 week later
#6040 3 years ago

Bat signal beacon and the topper light much more.

#6042 3 years ago

Short video of new code, not great but knocked it up quick, will try or do a proper stream later today Although it the wife’s birthday lol

#6123 2 years ago

My grandaughter went to a superhero’s Halloween party dressed as Batgirl - she looked so cute!


#6210 2 years ago

Never thought buying my Batman '66 machine would include such a cool community of Batman fans. I think this is the best fan club on Pinside.

#6263 2 years ago

trying to help a mate of mine, can anyone clone the image of the SD card on a premium and make it available for me to download?

Whilst upgrading to the latest code something bad happened and he can't get his machine to boot.


#6269 2 years ago

where is the GRAPH!!!

start the machine!!!

univac_wide-190d553fd0b628d79ccfe0e11d0f29e6bfb5e4f5-s900-c85 (resized).jpg

#6315 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Still has problems not lighting the yellow arrows at ball launch for the super skill shot sometimes.

I thought that but it doesn't

there are two skill shot modes. yellow when you have a villain running and villain colours when you don't, its a quick way to start a villain mode.

#6316 2 years ago
Quoted from applejuice:

Anyone know if the riddler mode can be continued like the others? Every time i play it i can't continue it like i can with the other 3. Have i missed something?

yeah same happened to me.

#6317 2 years ago

I think the update is superb. The polish is really starting to show and the sound was so much better.

Just need to get better at hitting the commissioner gordon target, struggle with it!


#6405 2 years ago

Oh yes to the penguin squawk!!

1 week later
#6598 2 years ago

jon: I'd be in for a option 2 version please.

Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Looks like Cliffy’s will be available shortly for this game.

yeah he told me they are at the laser cutters now.

2 weeks later
#7083 2 years ago

as I understand it a lot of the 1.60 TWD code was done before Batman '66 - there was some beta's floating about.

#7146 2 years ago

Lol many thanks! I’ll try and get some real beer one day - I have thought about 5 balls but I play tourneys that are 3 balls and always try to play as if I’m in the tourney (and they have need for someone in last place ) after my epic TWD stream which put me on a high for the weekend I’m thinking B66 this Friday. Need to clear with Wonder Woman first


#7225 2 years ago

we just need odin back in the club and the band is back together again

#7363 2 years ago

there is one SLE in the UK (not mine).

#7449 2 years ago

I told Chris Franchi about the atomic pile on facebook.

1 week later
#7617 2 years ago

have you got the crappy plastic cover?

#7624 2 years ago

ive had the ball fly off that ramp a few times.

#7679 2 years ago

option to turn on stacking villains in setup options.

#7680 2 years ago
Quoted from Sutol:

I've just checked on mine and it has capacitors fitted on both the node boards from the factory. Yours will definitely be the same Jon.
The cable tie fix for the core node stabilization wasn't done so we just missed out on that one.

same on my ghostbusters replacement playfield.


#7682 2 years ago

I've never tried it

#7791 2 years ago

bug also fixed of displaying money needed when on freeplay

#7851 2 years ago

new mini villain mode

#7854 2 years ago

pick up the three TV buttons on the right hand side, then send the ball round the left loop and select shame on the TV Screen.

#7915 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Here's one of Neil's from a month ago. I'm sure he's working on a new video as we speak.
» YouTube video


Not for about a month sadly. All my machines tombstoned whilst I build a new pinball room, although good news is I'll have LOTS more room for more pins

#7985 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Use hangar wire if don't want the coptper move at all when you nudge the game. Use the thinner lock wire from Harbor Freight if you want the copter to bounce around a little during gameplay.

I used something similar to the harbour freight stuff and its cool when the ball hits that ramp the chopper wiggles a bit. Sorta like the tie fighter on Star Wars (oops did I mention a sore spot )


4 weeks later
#8577 2 years ago

missing playing this game massively. atleast two weeks before the new pinball room is ready and I can get back into it.

#8723 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I hope that’s not a sign that he’s tidying everything up before he goes!
Wtf is right. That would be a HUGE blow for Stern

and where ever he goes would become the most hated company by pinballers!

Gary needs to make him an offer he can't refuse, even if this is all BS! But Lyman's been doing the pinball thing for a while; it would be very sad to see him leave working on pinball but at the same I'd be really happy for him in doing what ever he ends up doing after giving so much goodness to our games. Hopefully this is just another BS rumour though.

#8724 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I got some very serious health news yesterday not sure what is in store for me now but I may be selling all my games soon including BMLE. My wife wants me to keep them because they make me happy but if this is worse case for me then I don’t want to leave her with pinball machines to deal with. In the mean time I could use all the prayers I can get, I’m going to see a neurosurgeon on Monday.
I am walking around in a daze thinking of my wife and young daughter, cherish every moment guys.

I'm very sorry to hear that and I'm sure all of us will be thinking of you. Best wishes to you and your family in what must be a very difficult time.

#8725 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I am 49 years old and don’t want to be greedy but had hoped someday to dance with my daughter at her wedding (she is 16) and meet my grandkids someday.
I believe god has a plan for us all just trying to make sense of this right now.
Now you guys get back to talking about BM and I will power thru this, heck maybe Lyman will have us to 1.0 code by the time I thru my surgeries

absolutely nothing greedy about that. hoping for the best.

#8735 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

On a lighter note, I'm enjoying your arcade room build videos on YouTube Neil.

thanks, should be done next weekend and then the back breaking pin wheel in!


#8787 2 years ago

that sucks.

#8790 2 years ago

have you got the metal inside strengtheners?

#8836 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Looks like another great update and still only at 0.88. Can't wait to see what else is in store for us on the way to 1.0.
Looks like George and Lyman are both scheduled to be at TPF this year. Maybe they will give us a tease on what else is coming in future updates.
I'll be at the show, any other Batman66 club members going to TPF?

I'm going Doc and I really want to meet up and buy you a beer!

Maybe we should have a batman henchman/goon squad contingent meeting ?


#8884 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Holy bat scar fellas.. quick update on my condition they removed my brain tumor and I woke up still thinking about pinball so I’m still me. My head hurts like hell operation was a success now the wait for pathology reports on the tumor (scary). If bad news I’m ready for a fight! If you have any extra prayers please send them my way.

so happy to hear that! and hoping the results are good!

1 week later
#9002 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Ok last health update on me here on this my favorite Pinside thread. After a successful “craniotomy” last Thursday (tumor removed) I got the call that I had been stressing about since my diagnosis.. my pathology report, It turns out my tumor which was the size of a lemon was a benign grade 1 tumor (not cancer) which was the best possible news I could have received. I was able to sit down with my Daughter and tell her that her dad didn’t have cancer which was a pretty special moment. I can’t begin to say how lucky I feel and considering that 1 week ago I was in ICU recovering from brain surgery and today I am resting at home. I am still struggling with my speech a bit as it can be difficult for me sometimes to put my thoughts into words and I am dealing with some serious headaches but all things considered I feel very very lucky!!
Fun fact I got off of my anti seizure meds 2 days ago and finally me and my Bat Dog (Noah) went and played my BM66 and I beat my all time high score! The thing is that I have never been a great pinball player and have always struggled with making consistent shots, it seems that this tumor was pushing on an area that affected my motor function because I am hitting shots and playing better and more consistently than I ever have!
On a side note I am probably going to have to think about a different hairstyle.

so happy for you and your family. life is short, live every day like its your last.

#9012 2 years ago

such lovely artwork! soon be able to play again!

IMG_8789 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#9146 2 years ago

I had a great chat with Lyman and thanked him for his excellent work. He said he's really enjoying making the code for the game but admits its much more challenging with the video screen and timing of the video to the game play. He's a huge Batman 66 fan and has a machine in the office and a machine at home and he works at home on it as well as at work. He says there is still a lot to do and I got the sense he is committed to doing it and mentioned there is a lot of polish to be done once the game rules are done. I didn't ask him on timing. He also noted that sales of the game have increased as the code has got better.

Chris Franchi was selling special limited edition batman translite artworks and I got Chris, Lyman and George to sign mine

uploads.tapatalk_cdn.com_20180317_ebf565bfecb22beb2f3419a28dfdf201 (resized).jpg

#9147 2 years ago

hey Batfans at TPF, lets all meet at the same bat time 14:00 on the same bat channel the Marco stand Hope to meet you guys there!


#9196 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

So when you select the Major Villain episodes, does it change the mode play at all?

I dont believe so.

This episode select at the start is simply the nuts. in the DF video you'll see me doing it when I play.

#9205 2 years ago
Quoted from twenty84:

Any word when this new code will be available for download?

I dont think it will - its a beta, will need a bit more work.

#9209 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Was villian escape still the same blackout scene Neil - invisible/lights out fight from season 3?

can't remember; to much beer

#9268 2 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Dead Flip BM66 streams from TPF w/ latest code preview up on YouTube now:
» YouTube video
» YouTube video

In the first stream I genuinely think that was my best score on batman on that stream with Jack and co. Then to play against Lyman, I was winning until the last ball!

BTW docquest it was fantastic to meet you at TPF! made so many great friends at TPF it was fantastic - really enjoyed it!


#9269 2 years ago

have been in Austin this week and pinballz just got this game and its been the most played game this week for sure... people love it.

#9337 2 years ago

batman is nothing like LOTR, buy with confidence.

#9348 2 years ago

Thank you docquest your Bat Sign projector works lovely in the U.K. with a 220->110v stepdown!

A5FA9B97-69C5-4772-8ED6-3CF64578B334 (resized).jpeg

#9349 2 years ago
Quoted from dts:

Sounds fixable! Thanks!

welcome to the coolest club on pinside! worth checking out the key posts on this thread:


#9360 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Perfect attire to wear while playing your Batman66! I think Ted needs one of these.
You can find these at Kohl's here in the US. Use coupon to get it for $19.99

Wow that’s truly the most bizzare batman related thing I’ve ever seen! But I love it!

#9364 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I think you need to grab one of those Neil and wear it during your next BM66 stream

We’re very sorry, this item Men's DC Comics Batman Floral Button-Down Shirt is out of stock.

from their website - they do it in various colours too!

#9365 2 years ago

Holy quality parts twenty84 Batman! Chrome Candy have smashed it!

it is absolutely beautifully made! Really finishes of the game.

IMG_9198 (resized).JPG
IMG_9197 (resized).JPG

#9394 2 years ago
Quoted from airplanequartet:

All I did was show her a pic, give her the coupon and my woman DELIVERED!!!!!

man I so want one of those LOL

#9417 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmike:

Which Batman model is the one that has Catwoman on the side art on the cabinet?


IMG_8789 (resized).JPG

#9451 2 years ago
Quoted from twenty84:

Interestingly in these pictures the start buttons are smaller older style ones I would guess these are pre-production examples or renderings.

yes the originals that stern had at the factory for launch.

#9452 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

so how's this pin shaping up? I know it's fun and good. But how is the replay and ball time factor for a small pin lineup? Still need more code to flesh it out? What are current market prices on a premium and does the premium come with shaker motor or any other ads, or is it basically an inflated Pro price game? Might sell my GOT, and wondering what I should get to replace it. If I flexed the budget and went into BM66 premium range, we're also venturing into the Dialed In (Standard) ball park . So kind of a hard decision. Then there's TWD Pro and not having spend any additional $ and get one of the best pins ever coded such dilemmas we sometimes have in this hobby

this is a perfect small Line up game.

#9471 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmike:

One model only,Would you find a TZ in 3 different models??Nope

no but plenty of different states.

I have no problem with the three model system stern use - but its not really a discussion for the batman club.

#9525 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

No worries I was just pointing out that POTC did in fact have a camera and wanted to make sure you were aware. Not a fan myself but welcome to technology... Talking to Joe at JJP he said they had some ideas on how they were going to implement it more than likely for the score leaderboard capture but who knows. Maybe it will be app based and show the player with a pirate hat. lol

keefer said they we're considering a way to opt out on DI and I guess other games to turn the camera off if you didn't want your picture.

#9538 2 years ago

does anyone have or can take a picture of the connector to the Batman 66 display please?


#9557 2 years ago

I have a theory.

I don't think Stern have the rights to use Burgess Meredith voice. So all the other voices are in the game except the Penguin, or am I wrong?


#9565 2 years ago

this should be the end of game scene...

#9566 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Is there a lot of speech from the other villians I really havent noticed!?
Any of you guys with Facebook or Twitter able to ask Stern direct about the voice/callout aspects of the licence via one of their social media pages?

I asked - all other villains have speech I'm pretty sure

#9568 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Is that actually in the game Neil?
Any plans for a new stream Neil?

no! - next week yes.

#9570 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

That would be a great scene if you have a really crap Penguin mode, I am still hopeful Villain Vision hasn't been dropped and will come by the time we get to V1.0, that would be a great scene to use to mock us when playing.
Awesome Neil, looking forward to that, I take it the new gamesroom is complete?


#9572 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I'm pretty sure they do. Actors' contracts reserved very few rights in the 60's so I'm pretty sure Fox and Greenway (Dozier) had the rights to everything in the series, including the dialogue as spoken. Warner did some licensing deals for character merchandising a number of years ago with West and others but I think that had to do with likenesses for toys and such.
I think the initial Penguin episode has Meredith as Penguin when Bruce Wayne gets trapped in the net, but would have to play it to see if it's there.

oh yes - I remember.

#9593 2 years ago

just did the upgrade. this game gets better and better and better. Its freaking ACE!

#9615 2 years ago

villain vision could work in multi ball.

#9640 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Yes. And there is some Penguin dialogue in the new episode as well.

I don't hear him say anything but see that there are alot of other dialogue in the code.

#9645 2 years ago

ok ok the penguin is in.