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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

3 years ago

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Post #366 Adding the Batsignal to LE Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #402 Very detailed review Posted by MT45 (3 years ago)

Post #457 DocQuests Helicopter comparison. Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #463 Docquest's vehicle comparison Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

Post #501 Version 0.65 Code released Posted by PiperPinball (3 years ago)

Post #564 Docquest's helicopter install. Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

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Post #1234 Helicopter attachment. Posted by docquest (3 years ago)

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#1942 3 years ago

With the introduction of the right orbit loop in code .69, I find that upon completing the loop twice consecutively that the 3rd time around the ball has picked up so much speed that attempting to hit the loop again causes the ball to kick up and hit the glass. Makes me wince every time and I've learned to hold back on hitting the loop more than twice. Is anyone else having this issue and what can be done about it?

1 month later
#2498 3 years ago

Adam West smudged my card! Could it be worth more!?


1 week later
#2525 3 years ago

Not necessarily Batman-related, but how would one put their pinny into a single-player-only config? I want to disable multiplayer for a party so that kids can't keep pumping the 'start' button when it's on free play. Thanks.

#2532 3 years ago

Just wanted to share this shot of my premium with a 3D-printed Batsignal. It's being powered off the USB port on the mainboard in the backbox. Can someone confirm if this setup could cause any issues?


1 week later
#2626 3 years ago

The missus made me this Bat-acular cake for my birthday...



1 week later
#2700 2 years ago
Quoted from cadmium:

I wanted to share with y'all some mods I put on my premium. I was inspired by what others have shown in this thread and their guidance.
The batcopter is mounted on some bendable craft wire I picked up at Home Depot. When the shaker motor kicks it's titled just so that the vibrations make the blades spin. I mounted the batmobile+batboat on a piece of cut plexiglass. The LED drain, purple flipper rubbers, and flat purple LEDs under the slings add so much to the theme.
Thanks again pinsiders!

Cool mods, dude! Where did you get the blades from?

1 week later
#2853 2 years ago

I got this Batman head plunger for my birthday. I've never replaced a plunger before. Can someone offer some instructions/tips on how to do it, or point me to a good vid? Thanks.

batman_plunger (resized).jpg

#2860 2 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

It's easy.
Pull off plunger rubber
Remove circlip with a small screwdriver. Don't let it fly off into oblivion.
Slide off spring
Slide out old rod
Slide in new rod
Slide on spring
Pull spring back and put on circlip
Put rubber back on.

Cool, thanks. Thought it may be a little more tricky since Batman has the Bat Gadget button shooter as well.

#2865 2 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Ummm no? The button isn't attached to the shooter rod.
You know how to remove the lock bar and slide the glass out etc? (Serious question...)
The lock bar button isn't attached to anything (except the lock bar). Just lift it off as per normal, remove the glass, lift the playfield and access the shooter rod from above.

Yes, I do. I meant I wasn't sure if I had to do anything with the auto-shooter that the Gadget button probably just operates.

1 month later
#4004 2 years ago

The crane bash toy on mine isn't registering hits as well as it used to. Any tips on improving the sensitivity of it? Thanks.

2 months later
#6329 2 years ago

My penguin crane is not registering most hits. Any tips on adjusting the sensitivity of it? thanks.

#6362 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Villain vision taunts would have to be before you actually start a villain since that's the only time the TV is facing (other than during multiball when the TV is already used). Unfortunate they can't taint u from the TV when you are actually fighting them.
Maybe if if the particular villain taunts u each time you hit his/her particular shot before they are activated. I.e., hit cat woman ramp when trying to qualify and she taunts you. Hit penguin scoop and he taunts you etc.

Because of the location of the TV, I believe Villain Vision would most likely be for the minor villains only.

2 weeks later
#6852 2 years ago

Does anyone have these Batman Intro blades and can share a photo of how they look in the game? Can't decide which blades to buy. Thanks!

file (resized).jpg

#7023 2 years ago
Quoted from Bond_Gadget_007:

I think the crane is one of the best toys, ever. But is it worth shooting for given risk/reward in it’s current state? Noticed most people try to avoid it. Will Lyman do more with the crane?

My crane rarely registers hits, so no it's not worth it for me. Such a shame to not want to shoot it. Using my finger I can have the pendulum register the hit in the switch test every time but it requires it to be pushed way back.

1 week later
#7342 2 years ago

I really wanted an LE but was too slow so had to settle for a premium, though I was early enough to get an Adam West-signed card in mine. I believe he signed 500 cards for Stern. As there are 80 SLEs and 240 LEs, that means I got one of the 180 premiums that were signed by da man.

1 week later
#7569 2 years ago

Merry West-mas, old chums.

DSC04556 (resized).jpg

#7593 2 years ago

I know a couple of people here were having issues with the crane sensitivity. In my case, the crane was not registering hits on the 3 left-most positions. Turns out there was a split cable to the metal cage housing the pendulum (pictured below). The crane movement and the tight cable-ties were pinching it. Had to split it, strip it and twist it back together. Crane now registers every hit!


#7628 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Yes. The topper does nothing but light up. You'll need the Stern projector to make Docs projector interactive.

So what's the difference between Stern's projector and Doc's projector? I have a premium and am looking to get an interactive projector.

1 week later
#7768 2 years ago

I'm still waiting on Villain Vision to actually show video footage of villains (taunting the player would be awesome!), but the further along in code we get the more I feel that the TV will only be used for still images rather than video footage. Does anyone have any inside knowledge/rumours on what the final use for Villain Vision will be?

#7832 2 years ago

Forgive the newbie question. Was playing today (after upgrading to .85 code and playing all last night) and the game shut down in the middle of play and now won’t turn back on. When turning on the power switch the LEDs on the CPU board come on for a brief moment and then fade out after a few seconds. Nothing on the LCD screen, no lights on the playfield, no noise at all.

I’ve tested the main power fuse and it’s ok. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

#7834 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Grab a multimeter and check the power output from the power supply in the backbox with the power switch on.

Ok, i’m guessing I need to test on this connector (pictured). Any idea on which sockets on the connector I need to hook the multimeter to? Like I said...newbie. Thanks.

7858BA8E-9220-4241-AB27-1357D4F40963 (resized).jpeg

#7952 2 years ago
Quoted from PinsOnly:

Hi everyone, I am looking to pick up a BM66, just wondering if the game play is the same in all 3 versions? It looks like it is the same and the differences are all cosmetic and Limited of course. Is this correct?
Thanks, Dave

Yep. Gameplay is exactly the same on all 3 versions.

#7954 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Except in Australia where the ball rolls backwards. Or is that bowl? Lol JK

ha! I have the Crocodile Dundee SLE...


1 week later
#8048 2 years ago

Dead power supply in mine. Just a day after I put on .85 code and was ready to play the hell out of it . Organising a replacement. Has anyone else had this happen?

2 months later
#9246 2 years ago

Does the Stern Batsignal for the Premium require the topper to connect? I just bought one and I can't see where it can connect to (I don't have the topper). The instructions show how to connect it to an LE topper so perhaps I got the wrong Batsignal? thanks.

#9253 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

They offer 2 different options. One with the needed control boards for Premium ($50 more) or the one only offered for the LE model which has the boards stock. Personally the one #Doc sells works on all machines and looks much better at 1/3 the price.

Thanks. So the premium batsignal will mount and work even without the premium topper?

#9270 2 years ago

In case anyone here was wondering what Batman looked like with mirror blades. I rather like them, although I haven't seen the default SLE/LE blades in person so cannot compare. Batman lends itself well to blades due to the amount of exposed sidewall. The mirrors brighten the edges but the centre remains pretty dark still.




3 months later
#10224 1 year ago
Quoted from drewski28:

Is there a way to adjust the penguin crane to detect hits better? I slam that thing and it doesn't register hits sometimes.

Might be a pinched or split wire leading from the metal pendulum housing at the end of the crane. I had the same issue. Found a split in the wire so I snipped it, peeled back the sheathing, twisted the copper together then taped it up. Crane hits register every time now. You may want to also loosen the cable tie at the base of the crane so that it doesn't pull on the wire as the crane moves.

In the service menu, you can move the crane to all positions. Whilst in 'Switch Test', use your finger to push the pendulum against the metal box housing it to check that it's registering. Good luck.

#10228 1 year ago

Darn it all to heck!

F5AC4A54-8101-4BC3-AF19-7D1819B63563 (resized).jpeg
#10243 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Oh crap! I hope this rectifies itself with a couple power cycles but I am sure you have already tried that?
Have you tried unplugging the board, clean the contacts and then plugging it back in?
Either way hope you get this sorted ASAp.

Thanks. Yes, I've tried cleaning all the contacts. My distributor has a spare node I can try out.

3 weeks later
#10392 1 year ago
Quoted from Ramzr1:

I must be late to the party, but what is the BATUSI mode and how do I get to it?

Defeat a minor villain from each of the 3 seasons. Then shoot the left orbit into the bat signal. Then BATUSI multiball wizard mode!! (as Robin waits in the Batmobile).

2 weeks later
#10614 1 year ago
Quoted from PismoArcade:

Quick question;
So I just played a game and completed all four main villains. Batman was flashing but I wasn't sure what I was supposed to shoot at.
Any ideas?
[quoted image]

Shoot the left orbit into the Batsignal in the upper right corner of the playfield. Then, you'll get to play the Villain Escape wizard mode.

1 month later
#11202 1 year ago

I'm happy we get another multiball mode, but it's a shame that these modes will hardly ever be seen due to the difficulty of defeating a minor villain from each season. Any first-time or novice players will have next to no chance of getting to them (or even knowing how to get to them). I almost wish that the multiball mode choice was available after the standard locking of 3-balls into the turntable.

#11219 1 year ago

I've completed Bookworm before, but don't recall if there was any trick to it other than making a sh*tload of shots. I got to Gas Attack tonight. It's a compilation of all the times a coloured gas was used in the show. Not as fun as Batusi or Holy Robin wizard modes. Also, not as lucrative. I was in the wizard mode for a good amount of time but only managed about 1b out of the mode. I ended up with 4b on a 3-ball game. The Holy Robin mode has been the most lucrative for me.

#11233 1 year ago

Defeating King Tut (saves minor villain progress) and Mad Hatter (allows replays of minor villains) before starting Bookworm might be the way to go. That way you can beat Bookworm over several goes. That’s assuming that defeating King Tut allows you to continue Bookworm from where you last drained.

#11235 1 year ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

If you drained, you lose the minor benefits (otherwise bookworm wouldn't be there)... so you have to replay bookworm in the same ball after you played/completed mad hatter and king tut

Yeah, good point. That almost renders King Tut useless then, doesn't it? His benefit is only useful if you run out of time in a minor villain mode and then get to start that villain again from the same progress point on the same ball (or if you've defeated Bookworm, on another ball). Of course, you'd have to have defeated Mad Hatter to be able to start the same villain again first.

1 week later
#11286 1 year ago

Much easier to defeat Bookworm now. My strategy was to defeat Bookworm and Mr Freeze early, then get to Holy Robin wizard mode with the 5x multiplier frozen.

27AA69F2-2965-43AC-9D76-085350EA13C1 (resized).jpeg
#11312 1 year ago

One thing that is missing from the game that everyone (even non-fans) know from the show is the voiceover and music for the cliffhangers - "Is this the end of the Dynamic Duo?! How will Batman and Robin escape?! Tune in tomorrow - same Bat time, same Bat Channel!". Even just saying it aloud now brings back the excitement and trepidation I would feel watching reruns after school. It would be so cool if this was somehow incorporated into the major villain cliffhangers, or at the end of the game. The only place "same Bat time, same Bat Channel" is mentioned is on the outlanes on the playfield.

#11328 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

This is all great stuff guys to add to the list for Lyman and I’m learning from you all about my table and how to be a better player. Now can you help me figure out how to get rid of the balls that go STDM?? Pull out of the utility belt a Batman gadget of say bigger Bat flippers?

For me, the danger spots for STDM are the Joker targets and sometimes when the ball comes out of the pop bumpers. Hence I don't deliberately go for the Joker targets unless I have a ball save. Other than that, all of the other made shots should feed safely to the flippers. If, like me, you have your pinny on heavy-duty felt pads on floorboards, a timely and stern (pun intended!) nudge/slide should save most STDMs.

1 week later
#11439 1 year ago
Quoted from jsa:

I'm always impressed with everyone's different ways of achieving high scores on this game.
Here's a question: Say you have a novice player that you want to give advice to..the goal being that if they score really well, they will be more likely to play again. What would you tell them to do? Remember, complex stacking makes novice players run screaming.

I view the game as having 2 routes - the major villain route and the minor villain route. Focusing on the major villains is easier, simpler, more obvious and more intuitive. Hence, I suggest this strategy to novice/new players. Basically, I tell them that they're Batman and Robin. Each major villain has a section on the playfield. Hit this section enough times (usually twice) to enable that villain. Commissioner Gordon will call the Batphone. Answer the Batphone to reveal the Batcave. Hit the lit shots to defeat the villain. Defeat all 4 major villains to reach the wizard mode.

If you want to blow up the machine, the minor villain route is the way to go. It is, however, more dangerous (TV targets will make the ball wild), difficult (minor villains are timed and need to be restarted if you fail) and complicated (benefits of each villain and the strategy to defeat one villain in each season needs to be explained). Not a great strategy for noobs. The minor villain awards and access to the 3 awesome wizard modes is the reward for taking this riskier route.

I think Lyman's done a fantastic job on balancing risk and reward.

3 weeks later
#11684 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Is anyone else experiencing after update 1.0, the extra ball is now not awarded, even if you hit the saucer from left orbit? Is there a fix to get it working again? After completing two main villains, the animation comes on to indicate extra ball, then hit left orbit and saucer, but no animation showing or collecting extra ball award as in prior code. Anyway to fix this or is this a new bug?

Yes, I noticed this during a game last night.

4 months later
#12926 1 year ago

The under-use of Villain Vision saddens me. I was really excited when it was announced. It's the main thing I look for when code drops.

10 months later
#15604 85 days ago

I'm thinking of adding a subwoofer to my premium. Does it make much of an improvement? Any tips on the best way to hook one up or what sub to use? I was just planning on alligator clipping from the cab speaker to the sub, however I've been told that doing it this way would just be getting the amplified signal and that I'd be better off getting the signal direct from the source. Thanks.

#15608 84 days ago
Quoted from MadPole:

You should seriously consider checking out pinwoofer.com (pinwoofer). It's so much better than wiring up an external sub woofer. I've installed them on 3 of my pins and they ROCK!

Thanks for the response. I would love to get these but I wasn't looking to spend this much. With the conversion it'll cost AU$360 without shipping.

#15609 84 days ago

Thanks! I'll look into this.

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