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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

3 years ago

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#117 3 years ago

^^ is that real ?

#122 3 years ago

when i was a kid, growing up in a crappy country town in 100+ degree texas heat, watching the batman shows during the summer afternoons was a blast. The tv show line-up was something like:
a) wait for stupid soaps to end.
b) bewitched (black & white, don't remember if in color too). No action. Watched, but a bit boring. At least she was cute.
c) i dream of jeannie (black & white, & color). No action. Watched, a little more interesting. She was very cute.
d) gilligan's island (added more humor to the mix). Not much action and great theme song.
e) BATMAN ! Could almost always count on ( ((ACTION)) ) and lots of attractive actresses & wild bad guys. Can't pull my eyes away from it, or might miss something. Loved the bright & vivid colors and the over-the-top sound fx.
f) cartoons would then start up.

I don't think there's much of a younger generation (people in the 30's or younger) who will have any affinity for this pin, although they may like it, it may not be as strong of a connection. But, hopefully done well, this will be much more of a childhood nostalgia game, much like the 70's & 80's arcade video games are. I think the buyers of these might (generally) have that same kind of connection with it.
It's like having a time machine & going back to play a game in the late 70's that should have existed back then. I give it at least a thumbs-up for brand selection.

batman66-2 (resized).jpgbatman66-1 (resized).jpg

#129 3 years ago

Why is the flyer tagged as nsfw??? In the other threads the flyer has not been tagged. What's goin on here?


#140 3 years ago

Would be great if they have a subway on this new game, as the batcave

#147 3 years ago

not sure if this is real, but here ya go:
Batman66 listed in Nov 2016.


Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am again writing to update you about our production plans. August was our largest month of production for a decade.
We plan to produce games or have in stock games as follows:

Available now in the USA
Star Trek Pro and Premium. Last call. Our license to manufacture is expiring.
Kiss all versions, but not many
TWD Premium

September in the USA
Ghostbusters Premium – fill many backorders
Spiderman VE – fill many backorders
TWD Pro – fill back orders, some more available
GOT Pro – fill most backorders
Whoa Nellie – fill backorders

October in the USA
Ghostbusters Pro – fill back orders, some more available
Ghostbusters Premium – fill most backorders
Spiderman VE – fill back orders, some available
Metallica Pro – fill back orders, some more available
Whoa Nellie – some available

November in the USA
Ghostbusters Premium – fill back orders, some more available
Metallica Premium Monsters – fill back orders, some available
GOT Pro and Premium - some available
Batman66 – LE’s and some Premium

Best regards
Gary Stern
Stern Pinball, Inc.

2 months later
#152 2 years ago

I have an LE for sale, as I'm buying an SLE. PM here...

YAY Batman

#155 2 years ago

i'm looking for SLE mods.
also, think there's playfield space to add a batcave ?

#157 2 years ago

#159 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Can't get these images of labnip preparing to play his BM66SLE outta my head!

my bat-spandex bottoms are much shorter than that

1 month later
#166 2 years ago

bump for more positive thread

#167 2 years ago

dec 20, 2016.

pix from video:

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 3.20.52 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 3.22.03 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 3.21.06 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 3.17.47 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 3.25.16 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 3.23.34 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 3.24.29 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 3.25.39 PM (resized).png

2 weeks later
#215 2 years ago

got email, pin shipped last friday

#239 2 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

The amount of bondage on that show is simply stunning. Ha!

yes. yes it is

#261 2 years ago

delivery tomorrow between 10a-4p.

#272 2 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

The batmobile would be the best. I didn't think about that one. Surley the utility belt isn't one of the gadgets though? It carried the gadgets.
I'd like the bat lab one too.

bat lab nip 1 2 ??

#304 2 years ago

( ( (( BAM )) ) ) ( ( (( POW )) ) )

batman-sle-1 (resized).jpg

#308 2 years ago


the extra elevation isn't getting the ball into tight spots anywhere or hitting targets slightly off desired point?

#334 2 years ago
Quoted from MT45:

No this is really thin stuff. 0.020" or just over 1/2 millimeter. It's super stiff though and after a dozen games I cant see a single dimple. Time will tell. Before I started I cut a couple of small sample pieces and shoved them under the ball on the crane at each stopping station to see if there was clearance. I could fit 3 sheets under the crane ball at "park" and as the crane moved to the left, I eventually could park a bus under there - so no worries with the crane at all.
Crazy too that the ramps are NOT attached to the slings like in 99% of games ... this makes it incredibly easy to both work on and to add something like this. I just popped off the flipper bats and I could (with care) slide my paper template off the PF and then slide my created PF protector back in it's place without removing any more PF parts than the flippers.
I ordered the PET-G material from Amazon. Link below. It was enough to do 6 or so machines I think! When the big roll of it came, I quickly unrolled it and cut it into 19" wide sections so I could store it flat under a spare bed. Keeps it from getting a "memory" and not laying as flat as you would like.
amazon.com link »
You will also need a set of these punches from Amazon
amazon.com link »
Her's a couple pics with the blue protection film on so you can get a little better idea of how thick it is

great info. thanks.
what do you think about the difference of color & use of lighting with this PET-G on the playfield?
colors duller/darker?
lighting having any side-effects (under playfield coming up, above playfield bouncing down) ?

#346 2 years ago


#371 2 years ago

batman-sle-card-1 (resized).jpg

#372 2 years ago

IMG_6325 (resized).JPG

IMG_6329 (resized).JPG

#373 2 years ago

Anyone getting this screen during some of the boot up processes?

IMG_6341 (resized).JPG

#393 2 years ago

any ideas for the red trim striping on the lockbar, yet?

seems like that's going to rub off in a matter of days of playing. hands go right on it, for use of flippers.

#394 2 years ago

anybody's plunger a bit on the really wimpy side?

(can't believe i wrote that )

maybe tighter spring needed?

#399 2 years ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

2mm is the thinnest I can cast and still add color.
If you cut a metal plate it has to hug the bottom of the lock down up to the cast slant toward the glass.
I would like to still keep the overall large visual and not compromise the area covered.
I plan on and (we are testing with the TF emblem) compensating for the slant.
All still in the works ...we will see how TF goes first.
You will find I dont make lists of mods I am going to make, I just make them and take pre orders about a month out.


shot-across-the-bow (resized).jpg

#434 2 years ago

looks good !

#477 2 years ago

Batman SLE topper NIB for sale, only $14,000 USD + shipping

IMG_6372 (resized).JPG

#487 2 years ago
Quoted from bjorg:

It arrived at last! #1999! Couldn't be happier with the number and card!

you got a great card !!

#506 2 years ago

going to download tonight !

#535 2 years ago

any new code feedback from anyone?

#537 2 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I'm in the club finally!

about time... what took ya

#664 2 years ago

wow. code download took for-ë-vaa time to upgrade the 300bps modem...
but, time to install

#700 2 years ago

will mylar protect from these craters ?

will mylar weaken the use of the magnet?

#736 2 years ago

Any concerns (effects) of putting Mylar on clear?

#738 2 years ago

Any truth that new clear needs like 3 months to cure(sp) before it's stronger (less soft = more dimple resistant)?

#776 2 years ago
Quoted from leaffan67:

I am in the club. LE#40. However, I am leaving mine NIB for the time being. I will wait til the code advances a bit more before I unpack and set up. I have a bad habit of getting mad at how crappy the early code is. This anger has impacted my longer term enjoyment of the game. For example, I still don't really play TWD. I am still mad at it. It all started with Xmen! Man, that was a long wait! Should have left that one NIB for over 2 years!! Live and learn.

mine is set up, but i'm not playing it (much) for similar reason.

#782 2 years ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

Anyone who thinks the clear coat needs more cure time.. go out to your car bonnet and bounce a pinball on it.. did it stop the bonnet from dimples? Lol

well great, now i have to look up "car bonnet"

#784 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I'm going to go home and drop a pinball on a piece of stock construction grade plywood and then on the hood of my neighbor's Mercedes and see which is more resistant to dimpling.

think i did that in science class for a project ages ago

#787 2 years ago


bert-bonnet-1 (resized).jpg

#790 2 years ago

bam-1 (resized).jpeg

#826 2 years ago
Quoted from Cserold:

I'm sure this has been talked about but is there an explanation for the 3 holes on top front edge of the back box?

it's for special signs i'm making

#827 2 years ago
Quoted from crlush:

If that was true than why is the clear chipping off on the shooter lanes?

i dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
maybe a separate chemical compound issue or application issue?

#833 2 years ago

i'm planning to bring SLE to texas pinball festival (TPF). so we're looking at like 300+ plays over 4 days (maybe?).
think i should just put down a smaller piece of mylar at the top area for TPF, then remove it when i get home & then do the full sheet (or another new small piece) ?

#846 2 years ago
Quoted from Cserold:

Pretty damn impressive. Begs the question then...why in heck aren't they installing these at factory on the games if they are having continuous problems with the soft wood? Or at least give folks the option to request it be installed when buying. Sounds JJP may already be doing this, right?

i probably would have paid for it, if given the option.

#867 2 years ago

Who's playing tonight ?

IMG_6525 (resized).JPG

#960 2 years ago

small nits... mods maybe?

the red bat-phone toy on the turn-table is all red. But, if you watch the LCD, the videos of the red bat-phone show it having a black center piece. think the toy should be colored black too in the middle?

on the turn-table, the side with the bat-tv. The 2 targets under it are extremely dark & hard to see. Maybe put some light(s) behind the targets to make them visible? Even cast a light out from behind them (aimed downward to not blind the player) onto the playfield in front? Or maybe a light hidden under/behind the tv, aimed down to the 2 targets?

1 week later
#1232 2 years ago
Quoted from Chrizg:

Buy piano wire and bend yourself.

hmmm... too much work. probably easier to pay someone & ship it

#1342 2 years ago

code downloaded, will try to install on wed.

#1432 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Looks like i'm getting a new mech assembly and node board for the flippers.
So i get to tackle installing that monster. Supposedly the sheared wiring is tied to the mech, drop it out, drop a new one in and boom boom its play time!


#1483 2 years ago

Lloyd reminded me to order the playfield protector. Ordered & shipped. Hope it comes soon.
Anyone sell a pre-cut wireform cover?

i'm planning to take the BM66 SLE to texas pinball festival. So trying to get it all armored-up for battle.
Any recommendations for the lockbar? (pen stripe will probably be gone by end of show if I don't do something).

Wish there was like a mylar-lite that I could put on & then safely peal off after show.
Or maybe find an alt lockbar to swap out for show?
I dunno...

#1553 2 years ago

Just got playfield protector from Germany...
Damn it!! Already has dimple issues & haven't even played on it yet
I'll try to get some close up shots with the light hitting it just right...
Maybe with enough dimples it'll even out.

IMG_6646 (resized).JPG

#1556 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

labnip you better order the protector for the box of the protector.

i might make a template for it, then ship it off for a company in japan to make & sell them for $260

#1558 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

LMAO!!!....those look deep...I believe the cardboard was not aged properly...dammit!!!

i'm going to flip it over and test to see if the underside dimples as easily as the top.
stay tuned for full pictorial update

1 week later
#1699 2 years ago

i'm liking the new code. wish it had some voice-overs / call-outs. Also, the choppy clips of the joker are odd as they loop.
it's more fun to watch the color display now when someone else is playing. find myself watching the display more than the playfield at the moment.

#1726 2 years ago

my pins have started punkin' each other

tron-bat-signal-1 (resized).jpg

#1746 2 years ago


IMG_6724 (resized).JPG

#1754 2 years ago


#1756 2 years ago


IMG_6731 (resized).JPG

#1758 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Is that all from Stern?

Tape measure & dog sold separately

#1760 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

If anybody that is installing the new ramp guard doesn't need the original, pm me, as I may end up needing a spare or two.

How many batman pins did you buy?

#1768 2 years ago

i lick my pins too

#1770 2 years ago
Quoted from SMI3:

My Le with playfield and shooterlane protector.
Love the new screen.
Think this will be a super hit.

your episode 51 badge is a cool one !!

#1779 2 years ago

Will respond to PM's in just a bit.
Sorry, got busy

#1780 2 years ago

Pin mod update prep for TPF:

Added Car Bra wrap on batman66 SLE lockdown bar, to protect pinstriping. Taking to Texas Pinball Festival in a few weeks.

Looks great.
Feels great.

Had flash on. Might be some reflections.

IMG_6736 (resized).JPG

IMG_6734 (resized).JPG

IMG_6735 (resized).JPG

IMG_6738 (resized).JPG

IMG_6740 (resized).JPG

IMG_6742 (resized).JPG

#1781 2 years ago

Can't tell it's there & it is self healing when scratches, rings, bumps happen.

#1783 2 years ago

hope we get another software update before TPF (march 23-26).... hint...hint...

#1794 2 years ago

kinda feel like I'm heading in this direction with the batman pin

plastic-couch-1 (resized).jpg

#1796 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Do what you have to do man to protect her, I think it's awesome your taking your SLE for others to play, have it in a dust free booth if you need to
I'm sure everyone will appreciate you bringing it in the first place, even if you make them wear white overalls, dust mask and gloves

here's my TPF booth setup for the pin. overkill ?

batman66-bubble-1 (resized).png

#1798 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

That is literally what I had envisioned, you work fast man

would have posted sooner, but took forever to blow up that ball...

#1817 2 years ago

so many jokes...

#1821 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Here you go direct to the man himself http://www.passionforpinball.com/btdk.htm


if we put on the full playfield protector (overlay), do we also need the cliffy protectors? or no?

if we did need both, i'm guessing the cliffy protectors would go on first, then playfield protector.

#1833 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Completely agree!
Just noticed while watching BM66 on blu ray there is an odd error at the end of episode ten of season one "a death worse than fate" it says next week batman faces the joker, yet episode 11 is "a riddle a day keeps the riddler away" no joker in sight, just thought it was odd and worth sharing

that's it !
i'm selling my pin

#1835 2 years ago
Quoted from pauloz:

Sure, just ship your SLE over here.

i'll roll it over

#1844 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

How do you get it off?


but if needed to, the guy that put it on can. he puts them on/off cars.

#1846 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

So this isn't a self-install and removal situation?

could be. but i had a car guy who installs this stuff on cars all day do it

has UV protection too

#1848 2 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

You're the funniest person on pinside.

#1850 2 years ago

kinda reminds me of a bat-boomarang

#1855 2 years ago

#1888 2 years ago

hope there's a new code update before TPF

#1905 2 years ago


#1927 2 years ago

any news on new code coming soon?

12 days to TPF

#1946 2 years ago

9 days to TPF... hope there's a new code update coming before the big show

#1972 2 years ago

6 days to TPF... hope there's a new Batman66 code update before show

#1979 2 years ago

does it seem weird that aerosmith is at v1 already?

#1999 2 years ago


#2004 2 years ago

code ?
code ??

1 week later
#2100 2 years ago

discovered a sound problem on SLE (maybe all?).

had the SLE at TPF this last weekend.
the show is so loud that I turned the sound all-the-way up.
after a few hours of constant play by folks (had a line on it all day/night, every day), the sound would go 100% out.
had to restart game each time to get sound to work again.
would happen several times a day.
i'm not sure if it's triggered by something going on in the game, or just a factor of time/use, as I wasn't at the booth each time it happened.

anyone have any ideas, or put their game into this kind of use to experience this issue?


#2104 2 years ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

Is your fan working?

i'll check. thanks

#2143 2 years ago

#2147 2 years ago

need a purple hat & cigaret holder topper

#2224 2 years ago

Code freaks, please slowly step away from the ledge

IMG_8639 (resized).JPG

#2240 2 years ago
Quoted from kettchxxii:

Our crane motor took a dump @ MGC this weekend. That said its a great way to meet some stern employees... Hoping to have it up and running Tuesday, stern is overnighting a new motor. Will report back!

hope they get 'er all fixed up for you.

#2245 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Someone screwed up on the Stern download page. Version 0.70 is listed as a Feb release when it actually was Mar 23rd. It's like they put the 0.70 release in the old 0.69 release slot. That's not the way it was when 0.70 was first put up, so it must have been changed in the past few weeks.

Stern should let me manage their site.
(hint hint hint)

#2251 2 years ago

Holy Hoppy Easter Egghead

eggs-2 (resized).jpg

#2288 2 years ago


#2301 2 years ago

preparing for new code update

beer-snorkle-1 (resized).jpg

#2326 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Why wouldn't he want to send you a print to Australia?? You're paying for it.

kangaroos have a history of eating them before they can get delivered.

#2346 2 years ago

batman-snail-1 (resized).jpg

#2352 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

I'm telling you if the next update is labeled 0.71 I'm gonna be pissed!

guess what

1 week later
#2504 2 years ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

Was playing yesterday and all of a sudden my crane started to go left and right and did not seem to stop in time. It just went against the wireform on the left and the plastics on the right.
After test in servicemenu it seemd that the two optos on the right and the last opto on the left did not work.
Lifted playfield and had to unscrew a metal plate to get to the optos. Then tested optos and they all worked. I had to bend the metal plate that runs through the optos a little inwards and then the crane worked again.
Just wanted to share this if anyone gets the same problem.

thanks for the info

2 weeks later
#2554 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

While we wait for the next code drop you can check out a decent interview with Batman66 artist Chris Franchi here:

did someone say "next code drop"

2 weeks later
#2721 2 years ago

Here's our little video submission for the Batman 66 SLE pinball machine.
You brought great joy & excitement to my otherwise poor and boring childhood.
Farewell caped crusader

#2725 2 years ago
Quoted from taz:

Nice video and well done!

thanks, had the kid do the camera work, so a little wiggly. wanted to make it a family project.

#2727 2 years ago


#2732 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

"re-unboxing" ???
Is that where you break down the machine, put all the foam packing blocks on it, slide it back into the box, tape it all back up, then wait a day or so and then pull it back out to re-live the feeling?

are you implying we shouldn't be doing this each day ?

1 week later
#2851 2 years ago

any code news ?

#2871 2 years ago
Quoted from Macca101010:

Was playing BM tonight and noticed a typo on the screen. Umbrella was spelt incorrectly as per below
I've played this so many times and never noticed before....

is that Stern art or is it original BM66 TV show art ?

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