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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

3 years ago

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#8587 1 year ago

My day today, joined the club:

5415FA13-C93D-47B2-9360-6C58145E10A7 (resized).jpeg

DDB383DF-C70E-4EF2-A08F-49746F8EBA3A (resized).jpeg

#8589 1 year ago

My machine came with .69 code I believe and is taking forever to load new code. Been stuck at 11.104/11.249kb for a good 15min now. Normal?

#8591 1 year ago

Yep. Had to start and stop a few times to get updated. Working great and having fun!

B3DBFDAB-F29A-4DB3-BE45-95B23CE41561 (resized).jpeg

#8615 1 year ago

Day 2: Added the Bat Signal Topper. I sold my upcoming TNA spot for this game and was worried about my decision. TNA is a great game but no doubts I made the right decision for me-

CA493425-2B53-4D1A-AEF8-2578B9CB8FBD (resized).jpeg

C3F46F00-737A-4505-A645-A5CCA6B4539C (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#8813 1 year ago

D0EE4DF9-3830-41FC-96AC-E822E08972EE (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#8951 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Alright bat heads, I’m biting. What’s going on with BM66? When I played this game a little over a year ago I wrote it off. Not just cause there was no code, I know better...or at least I thought I did; but I wrote it off cause the shots were a complete clunk fest turd. I had no desire of wanting to ever play the game again - no matter if/when Lyman sprinkled his magic on it.
Fast forward to last night; I go play some pins on location; Mind you where I live, the best location Pinball is 2 hours away from my home - So I don’t get the luxury of playing modern games in good working condition on location very often. But luckily I was working on a project near this location (Ayce Gogi) so I broke away to get some games in, primarily to play Houdini and TNA. I got 5 games in on Houdini and about 10 on TNA. I then gave SW PREM a go followed by Dialed In (which are 2 games I’ve played and enjoyed in the past). It was time for me to leave, I was running late to get home to the wife and kids. But, I still had a few quarters in my pocket and BM66 was staring me down. I say, what the hell I’ll play a ball or 2 just to see how the code has progressed.
Holy shit Batman! This game just stole the show. I had fun on it; the main mech which was a complete turd last time I played it actually worked; it was locking balls, flinging balls with magnet, registering hits, and the tesserect spinner thing worked really good too! Wtf just happened. Even the shots started feeling good. It still felt a little clunky compared to all the other pins I played that day, but it wasn’t as clunky as I remembered; it was more like LOTR clunky (which is one of my favorite games). The music and call outs were fascinating, the rules seemed very Lyman’esk and good. I have nothing bad to say about BM66 except I wish I had more time to play on it. One game turned into 4 and it would have been more if I didn’t have to get home on what would now be a 2 1/2 hour drive home in LA traffic.
So yea, I definitely need to get more time on this game now. But a few questions and thoughts. I’ve always been a believer that code can make or break a game; and just like TWD, Lyman made that game one of the best. But I truly believed the layout and design of BM66 had no hope and was a waste of resources to put Lyman on. Did Lyman turn this turd of a game into something magical? Or did I just happen to catch this game when it was dialed in and working? Are there issues with this game as far as setup and dialing in mechanical features and ramps? How does this game compare to other recent release games like TWD, GOT, SW, AC/DC, MET, etc... one good pinsiders friend told me he still prefers his SW PRO to BM66 and that BM66 has long ball times. The one at Ayce was brutal and getting lots of outlane drains, but how are the ball times and how quick is the progression through the game of BM66? Is grindy like MET? Or breadth and quick like GOT?
Sorry for the long post. But I need to have the scoop on this pin.
And FWIW; if I had to rank my experience yesterday...
Most fun pin goes to:
1. BM66
2. TNA
3. Dialed In
4. Houdini
Most want to own pin goes to:
1. BM66
2. Houdini
3. TNA
4. Dialed In

I feel very similar. I first played BM66 at Pin A GO Go last May and totally wrote it off. Couldn’t believe how horrible it was. Loved the theme however.

Flash forward to November: I have A TNA on order. I went to my local dist. Warehouse for an open house. Played some Walking Dead, GoT Pre, then decided to play some Batman 66, why not? Couldn’t believe how much fun and better it was from last May when I had last played it. Could’nt stop thinking about the game through the holidays and ultimately decided to sell off my TNA spot to buys BM66 from my local distributor. Extemely glad I did.

#9044 1 year ago

I want some Milton Berle in a code update.

BF69CDC9-E54D-4337-9B78-6CB329585942 (resized).jpeg

#9070 1 year ago

Just had an idea, playing my Premium with my friend, how many Pre/LE owners would pay Stern 100-250+ for a custom Burt Ward call out? I would.

1 week later
#9157 1 year ago

Saw those in a pic of his table at TPF. I want a set bad!

#9174 1 year ago

Some Batgirl and Surfin’ Batman and Joker!

71A65924-A2EE-4278-98AC-9B06F89D6F91 (resized).jpeg

3A369370-9725-4512-881B-02C0ECB2B801 (resized).jpeg

092CCFF3-8B94-45C1-ADE9-405780FFE703 (resized).jpeg

#9178 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Any info on whether those are additional or replacement Catwoman and Joker modes?

The surfin’ Batman and Joker were replacement Joker Mode and the Batgirl seemed to pop up when you capture villain.

#9180 1 year ago

Penguin mode did not look different but could be wrong-

#9183 1 year ago

I noticed that. Seems that you can pic different episodes?

#9198 1 year ago

Eartha Kitt Catwoman-

Also seemed to be a lot of Batgirl in this version of Catwoman mode-

7C7FC399-F7C9-434E-8C50-B100A1203228 (resized).jpeg

#9303 1 year ago
Quoted from docquest:

You cant see it in that pic but there is a long flat base plate that covers the whole top of the back box that's about 28" long. It needs to be that wide since there are tapped bolts holes at the ends of the backbox that the topper bolts into. The rectangular black box you see in the earlier pic is attached to the base plate.

Here’s some pics of base plate for bat signal topper without the Villians topper attached.

DAFDED80-0B5C-4102-BD82-FBA1FDD92BA7 (resized).jpeg

046754AD-C71F-48BA-8A5A-05DC833669B5 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#9498 1 year ago

I sold my TNA spot to buy a BM66.

#9608 1 year ago

Surfin Batman and Joker Mode has some bitchin surf music-

3 weeks later
#9930 1 year ago

What topper is that? A one off?

5F78566A-0DD9-4D00-A8F1-A0563FA3BA74 (resized).jpeg

F3CB71AF-6772-483C-899B-02E5D988BDA1 (resized).jpeg

F39E9103-605D-4F3B-BEAE-743E562CE14E (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#9960 1 year ago

This episode needs to make it into machine:

100925CB-5609-4957-BEB9-7BC4201B8C86 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#10066 1 year ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

***Just wanted to give a heads up if you have not checked any of your screws on the top side of the revolving Batcave, do so,,,,every one of mine were in need of tightening including the plastics. Do yourself a favor and give all of them including the two under the car a twist***
….oh BTW,,,,new code rocks, 2,684,xxx,xxx first game

Just last night I had to do this! My batmobile came flying off during a game! Easy fix tightening everything up-

#10083 1 year ago

My update kept timing out yesterday over and over again until I tried a different flash drive. The second drive gave me no trouble at all.

#10098 1 year ago

Had a productive night installing Art Blades on my Premium.

2BB66307-2DF6-4E40-8006-00D814D42D44 (resized).jpeg765B1078-6F83-4BA8-833D-3CB111DF6A43 (resized).jpegBC20F7DE-AC16-45E3-8A76-7E37D9D73498 (resized).jpeg
#10104 1 year ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

So what’s the trick to installing blades on a pin, did you do the “wet” install?

I just took the playfield completely out, lined up the decals and applied. This video helped, pretty much did exactly as shown:

#10105 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Are those official Stern LE inner artblades?

Yes, bought them from my local distributor.


6 months later
#11859 9 months ago

Stern posted this Franchi art yesterday. Man I would love to have that as a translite for Xmas time every year!

0FD19CCD-2AA9-4DA1-BB74-1CB6E320FB08 (resized).jpeg
#11873 9 months ago

My Xmas gift, now for the install...

91A7FB96-CD45-4D82-A92C-E03E5802A026 (resized).jpeg
#11878 9 months ago

Villian Topper and Bat Signal topper fully integrated. Of course I had to slip up while gutting the original Bat Signal housing and knock off the smallest capacitor ever with my nut driver. All soldered and fixed now. Working great.

40031D16-CD4E-4728-9CDB-57E6673A2E84 (resized).jpeg
2 months later
#12606 7 months ago

My initial game has been on point lately. Not looking forward to erasing them all

3 months later
#13542 4 months ago
Quoted from beefzap:

What method did you use to install the inside side art? Did you remove the playfield?

I found that removing the playfield makes it much easier to install the pin blade art. I pretty much watched the below video and did exactly as shown. It was really easy-

#13597 4 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

How difficult is it to remove the playfield..? Never done it...

Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Unplug 1 cat 5 wire and 2 molex connectors.
You’ll need to cut the zip ties holding the cat 5 wire.

Exactly. Just make sure yo cut the zip ties and put new ones on after.

2 months later
#14353 60 days ago
Quoted from Jakers:

What are your thoughts on a shaker motor for this game? For the people that have one, what points in the game is it activated?

Shaker motor seems like no effort was put into it as far as how it interacts with game play. It just shakes the machine like crazy when you hit certain villain shots during modes. Wish the code dealt with this.

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